Travel Back in Time is 2018 science fiction action thriller. This film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. This film stars Danielle Panabaker, Anne Hathaway, Kay Panabaker and Timothy Olyphant.


A 19 year old girl found out somebody change the past, make evebody think her mother is dead. She have to travel back in time to save her mother's life with the help of her 17 year old sister to stop somebody name David Hancock plan to kill her.



  • Danielle Panabaker as Katie Banks
  • Anne Hathaway as Young Michelle Banks
  • Kay Panabaker as Andrea Banks/Katie's sister
  • Timothy Olyphant as David Hancock/Who plan to kill Michelle in the past
  • Bobby Campo as Young Robert Banks
  • Amber Heard as Young Rachel Albertson
  • Ellen Wroe as Young Lizzy Stein
  • Mia Talerico as Young Katie Banks
  • Jessica Tyler Brown as Young Andrea Banks
  • Mark Wahlberg as Robert Banks/Katie and Andrea's father
  • Naomi Watts as Michelle Banks/Katie and Andrea's mother
  • Emily Perkins as Rachel Albertson/Robert's ex-girlfriend who hates Michelle
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Lizzy Stein/Michelle's best friend


Katie and Andrea go to 25 April 1994

  • Andrea: Ok, This is not earth.
  • Katie: I know, will you shut up.
  • Katie: I got it.
  • Katie: 25th April 1994.
  • Andrea: That is 1 month after I was born.
  • Katie: Yes, you was born in 16 March 1994.
  • Katie: I know everthing about you.
  • Andrea: Wow.
  • Katie: Yes, We come back for time for your 18 year old's birthday.
  • Andrea: Good, I wish Mom be here not our stepmother.
  • Katie: Or Dad's ex-girlfriend.
  • Katie: Here the date, 29 april 1994, where Mom was shot to death.
  • Katie: Oh my god.
  • Andrea: What.
  • Katie: David Hancock travel back in time to kill Mom, we are go to stop him.
  • Katie: And we are lucky, to come back, 3 days to your birthday.
  • Andrea: That mean, 3 days to Mum was killed.
  • Katie: Yes.

Katie and Andrea meet the young Michelle and the young Lizzy in 25 April 1994

  • Katie: Michelle.
  • Michelle: How you know my name.
  • Andrea: She is young.
  • Katie: My name is Katie Banks, this is my sister, Andrea.
  • Katie: You need to listen to me, we are your daughter but that is at the future.
  • Michelle: Yes, but you two to be careful in the past.
  • Michelle: I don,t wanted people know you are both, my daughter and in the future.
  • Katie: You got some clothes.
  • Michelle: Here for you.
  • Katie: Thank.
  • (Katie and Andrea wear the clothes who Michelle give to them)
  • Michelle: Let go.
  • (Door of the car open and close)
  • (Michelle drive the car with Katie and Andrea)
  • (Michelle open the door of the car)
  • Michelle: I be right back.
  • (Michelle walk)
  • (Door open)
  • Andrea: Katie.
  • Katie: I be right back.
  • Andrea: Great.
  • (Door open then close)
  • Andrea: Katie, wait.
  • Katie: What.
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