Trauma: Deadly Report is the 1st films of the "Trauma" series. Starring: phoebe tonkim, adam gregory, emma stone, josh hutcherson and anne marie deluise.


Jennifer is a reporter for the campus newspaper. When a series of murders begins, Jennifer becomes the main suspect, although her main suspect is Harris, her ex-boyfriend. Jennifer discovers that the murders are an exact imitation of massacre where  took place twenty years ago in another campus: Frodox. Now Jennifer has to prove her innocence and simultaneously, to discover the clone killer.

Main Cast

Phoebe Tonkin - Jennifer Prescott

Adam Gregory - Nolen Bronson

Emma Ston - Charlotte Powels

Josh Hutcherson - Mark Herlin

Anne Marie Deluise - Principal Marian Barouq

Andrew Elvis Miller - Janitor Robert Corvino

Adam Brody - Guard Elliot Giltr

Rober Sheehan - Harris Fard

Amanda Seyfriend - Rose Becker

Nathaniel Buzolic - Peter Orth

Brendon Jones - Androw Hibert

Michelle Trachtenberg - Kimberly Morrison

Sam Claflin - Roger Lewis

Alex Petteyfer - Eric Holems

Emily Browning - Anne O'hara

Body Count

No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1 Anne O'hara Stabbed in the stomach Robert Corvino Partly
2. Erik Holems Stabbed in the chest Robert Corvino Yes
3. Roger Lewis Head crushed by the wall Robert Corvino Yes
4. Kimberly Morrison Throat slashed Robert Corvino Yes
5. Andrew Lewis Throat slashed Marian Barouq Yes
6. Peter Orth Stabeed in the back Robert Corvino Yes
7. Elliot Gilter Unknown Marian Barouq No Found dead
8. Rose Becker Stabbed to death Robert Corvino Yes
9. Harris Fard Throat slashed Marian Barouq No Found dead
10. Mark Herlin Stabbed in the throat Robert Corvino Yes
11. Robert Corvino Head crushed by hammer Jennifer Perscott Yes Self defense
12. Charlotte Powels Pushed off the roof Marian Barouq Yes
13. Marian Barouq Pushed off the roof Nolan Bronson Yes Self defense


Jennifer Prescott

Nolen Bronson

Cast Gallery

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