Trappist is a 2018 science-fiction adventure film directed by Chris6d. The film takes place in 2098, where the recently-discovered (as of 2017) planets that orbit the TRAPPIST-1 sun have been terraformed and ready to sustain human life.


In 2017, scientists discovered seven Earth-like planets orbiting a sun named TRAPPIST-1, and three of these planets were said to be in the habitable zone, where life could possibly be found. In 2020, NASA sent the U.S. Newissippi to one of the new planets, but this failed. NASA as well as other space agencies tried for 25 years to reach these planets, but none succeeded. Alas, NASA got it in 2046 with the U.S. TrappEx46 (short for Trappist Explorer 2046). The TrappEx46 made it to the third planet, and stayed there for roughly eight years before returning back to Earth in 2059.

Fast forward to 2092, humans have already colonized two TRAPPIST-1 planets, and have started to move there using a hi-tech transportation system. I know this is super unrealistic, but it's a sci-fi movie, so just go with it. Anyway, at this point Earth's population has skyrocketed to 32 billion, rather from the 8 billion in 2018. Most of Earth's land and cities have been flooded, such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, most of Europe, Australia and parts of Asia and South Africa. So at this point more humans are living on Earth, with less land. The demand to live on other planets has skyrocketed, and ports around the world finally opened with shuttles to transport people to the TRAPPIST planets.

In 2094, the city of Chicago, Illinois was still thriving, but due to impending flooding from Lake Michigan, all citizens were forced to evacuate and never return, leaving Chicago an abandoned flood city like most other formerly thriving cities, such as New York and Los Angeles. A TRAPPIST shuttle port was built in St. Louis, Missouri, about 5 hours south of Chicago. One man, Davis MacGrath, was a Chicago native and was extremely sad and depressed that all of a sudden, the government was forcing him to leave his home with his wife and two kids, and get on a TRAPPIST shuttle and live on this shuttle for 2 weeks, until he arrived on the second TRAPPIST planet to start his new life.


And so, this film is mostly about Davis moving to a new planet to start his life. It seems a bit wacky, but the film is very interesting and won multiple Oscars and awards for best film, best sci-fi film, best coming of age film, best action/adventure film, best special effects, best soundtrack, and more. Most actors won awards, including Chris6d, who directed and wrote the film, and played Davis. The film grossed $1.6 billion worldwide.

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