Tranzor Z The Movie: The Final Battle
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Director: TBA
Producer(s): Bunker Jenkins (Original Producer)
Release: 2018
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Tranzor Z The Movie: The Final Battle is an 2018 Anime film, which is an English dub of Mazinger Z: Infinity. The film serves as a "sequel" to the Tranzor Z series.

Apart from the new cast, Gregg Berger and Mona Marshall are the only cast members to reprise their roles as Tommy and Jessica Davis.


Italicized lines are new characters.

  • Tommy Davis (Koji Kabuto)
  • Jessica (Yumi Sayaka) (Note: Named only as Jessica instead of having a surname to avoid confusion of being Tommy's sister)
  • Toad (Shiro)
  • Bobo (Boss)
  • Jim and Chris (Mucha & Nuke)
  • The Three Professors (Sewashi, Nossori & Mori Mori)
  • Blade (Tetsuya Tsurugi)
  • Dr. Demon (Dr. Hell)
  • Devleen (Baron Ashura)
  • Count Decapito (Count Brocken)
  • Lisa (LiSA)


  • Tranzor Z (Mazinger Z)
  • Bobo's robot (Boss Borot)
  • Blade's unnamed Tranzor Z variant (Great Mazinger) (NOTE: Named as "Tranzor Z")

Changes from the original film

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Notes & Trivia

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