Legacy Era




Dark Future (If Darth Grievous wins the war)


10000 years after the clone wars




The Star Wars and Transformers Universes


Autobot/Jedi Victory
Golden Age of the Transformers and Star Wars Universes begins
Evil is destroyed forever

Major battles

The Transformers Wars


Galactic Alliance

Darth Grievous's Sith Legion
20 Great Demon Generals
3 Evilleros


Optimus Prime
Various Jedi
Autobot High Command

Darth Grievous
Darth Darkblade
20 Great Demon Generals
3 Evilleros

The Transformers Wars (Many years), also known as the Transformer War and the Great Transformer War, was the name given to the major galactic conflict fought between the Autobots and Darth Grievous's Sith Legion. The war was named after the Autobots work together with the Jedi against the evil forces of the battle droid, Sith, monster, Dragon, hybrid, demon, Seeker, undead and Kaleesh forces of the Sith Legion. These armies were two of the largest ever pitted against each other in galactic history, and the fighting between them rapidly spread to countless inhabited worlds. Both sides scored significant victories over the other, and at different times during the war either seemed likely to triumph. The death of Darth Grievous, deactivation of the Droid armies, and the Matrix of Leadership lighting the Autobots Darkest hour brought an end to the fighting. At the time, it was the largest galactic conflict to date.

The War Begins

After 10000 years of the Clone Wars the Jedi lived in peace. The Jedi defeated both the Sith and many other opponents that oppose the Jedi. But things turn after a robot team explores an abandoned and ancient shrine known as the Lair of General Grievous during the Legacy era. The Robots went trying things out like putting on Grievous's cape testing the lightsabers that are stolen and even witness cool looking Kaleesh statues. Unfortunatly the Ghost of General Grievous haunts the place and possess a droid that is wearing his cape and wrapped the robot in a big black Chrysalis. The other Robots fell into booby traps and were destroyed. After 10000 years after the Clone Wars the Chrysalis hatched into a demon monster and Sith Lord known as Darth Grievous who did a loud dragon like roar followed by an evil laugh and his cape blows in the wind as the sith lord emerged from the darkness of his Chrysalis covered in a dark aura. A big gigantic dark and purple sombrero then lands on the Sith lords skull like head and stays attached to it thus making Darth Grievous more powerful at the cost of his soul and made him 100% evil. The evil Dark Lord used the Chaos Crystal to revived the Confederacy's army and used his demon summoning powers to build up his military and after hidden many years from the public the Sith lord begins his reign of terror. The Dark lords armies strike with fear and tooken over most of the Galaxy and the Jedi are on the run and went into hidding building up an army to defeat the Sith lord.

Meanwhile back on Cybertron the Transformers were victorious after the great Cybertronian Wars and lived in peace and quelling the Seeker uprisings. The Transformers later realized that Cybertron, Skyfire and Breakaway were ended up in the Star Wars Galaxy because of the dimensional wormhole and Grievous's Space Pylons. Both sides gain additional allies like the Stunticons, Constructicons, the Combaticons and the Seekers ended up teaming up with the Sith Legion while the Autobots ended up teaming up with the Jedi. The Autobots used many old Clone Wars era ships including the Venator Star Destroyers and the Acclamator Cruisers.


The War begins when Darth Grievous conquered many planets and the Jedi and their armies were decimated when Darth Grievous killed to many Jedi. The Jedi has been facing battles on multiple planets and helped the Autobots liberate them. Darth Grievous's former home and now a starship the Lair of General Grievous was destroyed by the Aerialbots and the new Autobot Venator Star Destroyers.

During the War both Sides cloned a member of each others team. The Autobots captured Starscream to created a clone that will act as a spy which is the Starscream Clone while Darth Grievous made a monster clone named Nemesis Prime. Nemesis Prime lead the Dark armies to conquer many planets, killed many Jedi and set up a big base on Utapau but the real Optimus Prime retaken those conquered planets and fought Nemesis Prime twice. One was on Ryloth where the Nemesis Prime made an escape and two was on Utapau where after shooting his spark several times the Prime Clone dies.

Starscream got liberated along with the Stunticons, the Constructicons and the Combaticons by an attack from Darth Grievous and Darth Grievous later killed the imposter Starscream.

On Kalee the Kaleesh needed help so Darth Grievous along with Thundercracker and Skywarp went to helped Darth Grievous people to escape their Economic problems and the Huk requested the Autobot Silverbolt and several Jedi to help fight the Kaleesh Warlords. Silverbolt and the Jedi fought Darth Grievous and Silverbolt had to make a retreat against the Magnaguards and the Kaleesh Warlords when the two Jedi died.

During the battle on Ilum Darth Grievous killed Huffer, Brawn, 6 out of 12 Jedi, Mirage, Hound, Windcharger, Gears, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker thus leaving 6 out of 12 Jedi, Air Raid, Jazz, Blurr and Kup to face Darth Grievous alone. The lightsaber fight between the two factions lasted for a long time until Slingshot and his reinforcements decimated the Dark Lords army and rescued the survivors. Back on Cybertron the Autobots morn the loss of their dead Autobots and they all said they will remember them. Meanwhile back on Ilum Darth Grievous has stolen the Dead Autobots and Dead Jedis Lightsabers and add them to his collection by putting them in the capes pockets.

Darth Grievous fought Optimus Prime and Silverbolt but was about to deliver the final blow on them until the two Autobots escaped his wrath.

The Malevolence II was causing the Autobot fleets many trouble with the Superlaser and huge Ion Cannons. The Autobots sneak aboard the ship and change the navicomputer to cause it to crash into the sun.

Darth Grievous in revenge of the destruction of his prized warship, the Malevolence II launched an all out attack on Cybertron and the Autobots were on the defense but despite their efforts the Autobots defenses were broken and the Seekers just began to conquer Cybertron. Reinforcements from Optimus Prime and the Autobot Jets had came by to turn the tide of the battle and destroy the infamous Sith Star. Furious at his defeat Darth Grievous made a star go Nova and destroyed a Battle Droid Commander with his fists.

Optimus Prime and all the other Autobot Leaders were battling the three upgraded Seekers, Gigatron and Darth Grievous's mega evolved form but he was badly injured by the upgraded forms of Skywarp, Thundercracker, mega Darth Grievous, Gigatron and Starscream when fighting to defend the Autobot city on Kashyyyk and the Dark Legion escaped with the Energon cubes and the Matrix of Leadership to be used against the Autobots.

The End of the War

The War spreads worst than the wars in the past like Galactic Civil War and the Clone Wars because both sides ended up defeating each other in various ways but during the final stages of the war Optimus Prime was still injured from the fight on Kashyyyk with his Matrix of Leadership stolen by the Seekers. The Autobots went out in search for the Matrix battling the Sith in various parts of the Galaxy and many Jedi were killed again, and the war gets even worst than before. On a mission on Hoth several Autobots were petrified by the new evil demon General Gigatron and that resulted only Jetfire faces Gigatron alone. After his defeat the Autobots were unpetrified. Shockwave was captured and wrapped in a chrysalis and hatched into a demon General that wears a cape but was killed by the Autobots in order to stop the undead dragons. Starscream beaten up, shot down and badly injured the Autobot Planes due to his new F-22 Raptor form. The Autobots prepare to conquer the planet Kalee and Korriban and a big battle between the Autobots and Darth Grievous forces had devastated both sides. The Autobots were sending Venator Star Destroyers lead by Silverbolt who is leading the Autobot Jets to battle the Sith Battleships, the Coneheads and the Seekers while Acclamator cruisers transport Ultra Magnus who is leading the Autobot Cars, the Protectobots and the Jedi to battle the Stunticons, the Constructicons, Giant Sombrero Droids and the Combaticons. Optimus Prime got repaired by the Matrix and had to battle through the Sith Legions troops and battle the mega evolved Darth Grievous and a reborned Nemesis Prime but Darth Grievous's powerful Sith Magic had wounded Optimus Prime and he uses the Dark side to injure all of the Autobots, destroyed almost all
Autobot Venator Star Destroyers, Blowing up half of the Minotaur class battlecruisers and killed 90 Jedi. Darth Grievous killed Trailbreaker and the Dinobots by ripping out their sparks and Nemesis Prime threw their dead bodies at Optimus Prime. Just when Darth Grievous and the reborned Nemesis Prime was about to kill Optimus Prime by choking him and crushing him Optimus Prime opens his chests and release the power of the Matrix to light the Autobots and Jedis darkest hour. The Matrix destroyed the Sith, destroyed the Chaos Crystal, destroyed Nemesis Prime and killed Darth Grievous and finally restored the planets damages and restore the golden age to the Star Wars and Transformers Universes.


The Autobots and Jedi were then hailed as Heros on both Coruscant and Cybertron and the Kaleesh were punished yet again for their warlike behavior. The Jedi and the Autobots rebuilt their peaceful civilization, built more Autobot Cities and Jedi Temples across the Galaxy, preventing the Dark Future from happening, gather the dead bodies of fallen Autobots and put them in a Mausoleum and celebrated their Victory over the Sith. The Magnaguards and the Giant Sombrero Droids were eradicated to the last robot, the Death Troopers and the T-773 death walkers become extinct, the Demon Generals were wiped out and at the ruins of Darth Grievous's fortress Darth Grievous as a cape wearing ghost said "We Shall rise again!" while his dark purple ghostly sombrero glows purple on his head. The Seekers however went into exile and hid on a planet to help rebuild their evil Seeker Jet empire to later overwhelm the Autobots in the future.

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