Transformers: Robots in Disguise is a 2015 American science fiction action film and reboot of the Michael Bay Transformers film series, which was in turn based on the popular Hasbro toyline of the same name. It was directed by Zack Snyder, scored by Hans Zimmer, and stars Michael Cera and Emma Stone as two humans who get caught up in the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, rival Transformer factions from the alien planet Cybertron which was led by Optimus Prime, voiced by Liam Neeson, and Megatron, voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan respectively.


The film opens with US President Oscar Sawyer being called to an emergency meeting with his security staff. He speaks with NSA analysts Mona Beck and Mark Emerson, who explain that mysterious metorites are rapidly approaching Earth atmosphere. They do not appear large enough to cause any major damage, but Emerson openly claims that he believes them to be alien invaders, much to his colleague's dismay.

Next we meet Carly Spencer, who is on Skype speaking to her father Nick, who is a US Army Ranger in Benzheen. However, they lose their connection mid conversation. Nick is then called upon to lead a raid into a nearby cave system, where the military believe there are sonar disruption devices. Nick heads off with Sergant Kirk Norris and Corporal Eddie Mendoza. They descend into the caves in search of the supposed terrorist equipment, but are unable to locate it. Unexpectedly, the trio are attacked by a large robotic tiger named Ravage. They flee, but Mendoza trips and is killed by Ravage. Nick and Kirk make it back to camp and hide behind a rock as Ravage attacks the camp and kills all of the other men before disappearing.

The following morning, Daniel Witwicky goes to school and gets picked by on by bullies like almost every other day. While getting chased through the corridors, Daniel runs into Carly, who helps him hide from the jocks. Daniel takes the time to try and ask her out, but can't find the words. When he sees a sticker of a car on her locker, he tells her that he works at a garage and she could drop by after school. Carly tells him she'll be there the two part ways.

When school ends, Daniel heads to his job at the local garage, run by his dad's friend Derrick Duke. Derrick shows him a Chevrolet Camaro which needs to be fixed, and observes that he never saw the driver. Daniel examines the car, but finds nothing wrong with it. Carly arrives and Daniel tries to impress her, only for Derrick to walk by and start embarassing him. After Derrick leaves, the two get talking about the Camaro and Daniel tells her about it being in perfect working order. She decides to take a look, revealing that she also knows about cars. She then asks Daniel if he wants to do something crazy.

Although Daniel is reluctant, Carly persuades him to take the car for a joy ride. They do so and speed around town together, eventually parking at lover's lane. Daniel is embarassed and tells Carly that he didn't take them there; the car did. She laughs and the two almost kiss, until suddenly a police arrives. The cop approaches the car and asks for their licence and registration. While the officer is distracted, the Camaro suddenly starts up again and shoots away. The cop hops back in his car and a high speed chase ensues. Inside the car, Daniel tries to regain control of the car, telling Carly that he isn't doing anything.

The policeman eventually corners them and cautiously approaches the car. The Camaro's headlights flick on and it's engine rears. Daniel tries to desperately stop the car. Suddenly, the police car transform into a giant robot named Barricade and lunges forward, swatting the cop aside and charging straight at the Camaro, which takes off yet again and escapes by driving between the robot's legs. Daniel and Carly are left speechless by what just happened.

The Camaro drives to an abandoned Cold War-era missile silo on the outskirts of town, revealing a group of seemingly lifeless vehicles lying within; a heavy assault trailer, a Peterbilt truck, a jeep, a motorcycle, an ambulance and a Chevy Imapala. Suddenly, the truck transforms into a robotc and introduces himself as Optimus Prime. The other vehicles then also transform; the Camaro into Bumblebee, the jeep into Ironhide, the bike into Arcee, the ambulance into Ratchet, the Imapala into Jazz and the trailer into Ultra-Magnus.

Ultra-Magnus explains that they are Autobots, transforming cyberorganic aliens from the planet Cybertron. Cybertron was formerly a planet of great peace and prosperity, until a soldier named Megatron led a rebellion against the Cybertronian High Council. The planet was divided between two factions; the benevolent Autobots and the wicked Decepticons. Eventually, the Decepticons succeeded in driving the Autobots from the planet, but the war had taken it's toll; Cybertron was dying. The only way to revive the planet is through the One, an ancient life giving orb. The Autobots located the One during their exile, but they were attacked by Decepticons and both parties flew through a space bridge, transporting them to our solar system. In the battle above Earth, their respective ships collided and they crash to the planet below. The One shattered and it's shards were spread all over the planet. The Autobots have been using the Ground Bridge to retrieve the various shards, but the Decepticons have also been searching for them.

Meanwhile, Nick and Kirk are rescued from the desert and flow back to America, where they meet with Beck and Emerson, explaining what they saw. Reports of similar attacks are being reported across the world, which Emerson still attributes to alien invasion. Back with the Autobots, Bumblebee is ordered to take the humans home, while the others go out to retrieve another piece of the One, which has been located in Shanghai. Bumblebee drives back into town with Daniel and Carly, while Ultra-Magnus, Optimus, Ironhide, Arcee and Jazz head through the Ground Bridge to Shanghai.

In Shanghai, the Autobots find the pieces of the One, but are attacked by a gang of Decepticons, introducing Starscream, Sideways, Blackout, and Megatron himself. Megatron argues that with the One, Cybertron can be rebuilt, but Optimus refuses to a truce with Megatron. However, Ultra-Magnus tells Optimus that Megatron is right and then attacks him, knocking him to the ground and temporarily incapacitating him. Ultra-Magnus promises that he only betrayed the Autobots so that Cybertron could survive. He then gives the rest of the One shards to Megatron and departs with the Decepticons, much to Optimus' horror.

Bumblebee cruises through Daniels' neighbourhood. Daniel apologizes to Carly, and Bumblebee apologizes for ruining their date, but Daniel tries to argue that it wasn't a date and they're just friends. Before the conversation can go any further, Barricade appears around the corner. Bumblebee forces the teenagers out of the car and transforms, then charges into Barricade. The two fight in the middle of the suburb while Daniel and Carly look on in awe. Barricade gains the upper hand and pins Bumblebee down, until Carly shouts at Barricade and insults him. As Barricade turns to her, Bumblebee punches him and tackles him away, finally managing to rip Barricade's spark out, killing him. Bumblebee then transforms and drives away, taking Barricade's corpse with him.

The following day, Daniel is trying to build up the courage to call Carly, but is unable to. He is understandably surprised when she comes around to his house, and they talk about the events of the previous evening. They watch the news, reporting sightings of meteorites coming toward Earth and the mysterious attacks happening around the globe. Carly sees images of her father's base camp in flames after Ravage's attack, and fears that he may be dead. Daniel tries to comfort her, and once again they almost kiss, but Carly pulls away at the last moment and decides to leave.

Meanwhile, the Decepticon Soundwave exmaines the assembled shards and points out to Megatron that the One is incomplete. Simulatenously, we see Daniel trying to follow Carly, grabbing his jacket, and a shard of the One falling out. Ultra-Magnus states that he knows where the One is, and sends Blackout to retrieve it. Blackout lands next to Daniel's house just as he and Carly get outside. He comes right at them, when suddenly Bumblebee bursts out of the bushes and attacks Blackout, managing to subdue him. He tells Daniel to get in, and he does so, but Carly is reluctant. Daniel tells she'd regret it later and she admits that she would, so they drive off together.

The Autobots regroup and watch in horror as news reports flood in of the Decepticons appearing across the planet. Optimus declares that they must go to war with the Decepticons in order to save humanity, and they head off for Washington, brining Daniel and Carly with them. They arrive at the Pentagon, where Optimus reveals their existence to the military (and basically proving at least some of Emerson's theory true) while Carly is reunited with her father. The Decepticons then attack Washington, and a battle begins between the two sides.

Ultra-Magnus creates a forcefield around the captial with the One, while Megatron lands on the White House lawn and demands that President Sawyer hand control of the Earth over to the Decepticons. Swayer protests that not only can he not do that, he won't either. Megatron declares that he will kill every single human held within the forcefield. Ultra-Magnus appraoches him, telling Megatron that this wasn't part of their deal, but an enraged Megatron spins around blasts him through the chest.

Elswhere, Blackout attacks Carly and her father, cornering them. Daniel appears and distracts Blackout, saving Carly the same way she had saved Bumblebee earlier. Daniel starts to run while Blackout lunges after him, when Irnohide jumps over Daniel and shoots Blackout. Arcee then jumps onto Blackout's back and stabs him through the head. Optimus is attacked by Sideways, but Jazz tackles Sideways off and beats him to a pulp. Optimus then sets his sights on Megatron.

Optimus attacks Megatron and a vicious battle ensues between the two bitter rivals. Megatron begins to transform into his jet form and flies into the sky, but Optimus grabs hold of him and they both ascend toward the top of the forcefield. Optimus then tells Megatron that Cybertron had it's chance and blasts the One, causing it to explode. Megatron lunges toward it at the last second and is struck by the full extent off the blast. As the forcefield falls, Kirk is able to call in an airstrike to defeat the remaining Decepticons.

Optimus stands over the gravely injured Megatron, but tells him that he won't kill him because it would be the easy way out. Starscream swoops down and knocks Optimus aside. He warns him that the Decepticons will return, then orders the Decepticons to retreat, taking the wounded Megatron with them. Ultra-Magnus then gives Optimus the Autobot Matrix of Leadership and tells him that he is now the leader of the Autobots before dying. Sawyer thanks the Autobots for their help in repelling the attack, and Daniel and Carly finally share a passionate kiss. Emerson sees this and tries to recreate the moment with Beck, who instead slaps him.

At the end of the film, the Autobots are now worldwide heroes. Daniel and Carly are a couple, and Bumblebee has been “adopted” as Daniel's new car. Sawyer adresses the nation and once again thanks the Autobots, followed by a speech from Optimus himself. Daniel and Carly are seen about to go to lunch, but are met by Carly's father. Carly then leaves, revealing that the lunch is just between Daniel and Nick. The final shot of the film is that of the Autobots standing triumphantly before the sunset.



Michael Cera - Daniel Witwicky

Emma Stone - Carly Spencer

Nathan Fillion - Nick Spencer

Michael Chiklis - Kirk Norris

Denzel Washington - President Oscar Sawyer

Eva Green - Mona Beck

Tobey Maguire - Mark Emerson


Liam Neeson - Optimus Prime

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Bumblebee

Patrick Stewart - Ultra-Magnus

Tom Hardy - Ironhide

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Arcee

Roger Moore - Ratchet

Arsenio Hall - Jazz


Stephen Lang - Megatron

Jemaine Clement - Starscream

Keith David - Soundwave


The film was followed by two sequels; Transformers: Nemesis and Transformers: The Coming of Unicron.

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