Transformers: Chronicles is an American cartoon animated television series based on the Transformers franchise. Like Transformers: Rescue Bots, the series is flash animation, the series is not set in the same universe as the show.  


While hunting down the evil Decepticons and their leader, Megatron, who was trying to ruling Cybertron with a iron fist, the heroic Autobots and their leader, Optimus Prime find themselves crashes into an planet called Earth where they scan the vehicles of this plans while they trying the Decepticons when they plan on taking over this planet. While that, they encounter an 10-year-old boy named Spike Witwicky, who was in the caught in the crossfire between the two team where he helps the Autobots as their human allies where they become Earth's protectors where they must stop the Decepticons from taking over both Earth and Cybertron.  



Main Autobots  
  • Optimus Prime (Voiced by Brian Blooms): The heroic leader of the Autobots, he was chosen by the Matrix of Leadership to become the next Prime after his mentor, Sentinel Prime was killed by Megatron. As he leadership skills prove to incredible, he still leading his team to victory against the Decepticons. He transforms into semi-truck. 
  • Bumblebee (Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch): The Autobots' scout and youngest member,
  • Ratchet (Voiced by Tom Kenny): The Autobots' medic, 
  • Ironhide (Voiced by Clancy Brown): The Autobots' powerhouse, 
  • Jetfire (Skyfire in Japan) (Voiced by Troy Baker):  
  • Jazz (Voiced by Ogie Banks): The second-in-command of the Autobots,  
Elite Guards 
  • Ultra Magnus (Voiced by Jamieson Price):
  • Rodimus (Voiced by Matthew Mercer):
  • Perceptor (Voiced by David Kaye):
  • Hardhead (Voiced by Seth MacFarlane):
  • Cliffjumper (Voiced by Billy Brown):
  • Countdown (Voiced by David Kaye):
  • Highbrow (Voiced by Sam Riegel):
  • Grimlock (Voiced by Gregg Berger): 
  • Slug (Voiced by Patrick Warburton): 
  • Strafe (Voiced by Eric Artell): 
  • Striker (Vocied by Dee Bradley Baker): 
  • Scorn (Voiced by Peter Lurie): 
  • Silverbolt (Voiced by Patrick Seitz): 
  • Skydive (Voiced by Chris Cox): 
  • Breakaway (Voiced by Dee Bradley Bakaer): 
  • Airazor (Voiced by Lauren Tom): 
  • Windrazor (Voiced by Daran Norris): 
  • Ro-Tor (Voiced by Seth Green): 
  • Superion (Voiced by Seth MacFarlane): 
  • Inferno (Voiced by Adrian Pasdar): The leader of the Protectobots, he is adventurous, a big heroic, a bit brave, and sometimes a little bit overprotective of his teammates. But, when in battles, he completely led his team to victory. He transforms into a fire engine.  
  • Streetwise (Voiced by Ian Hecox): An Cybertronian police law officer who want to make that everything on both Earth is checked. In his spear time, he sometimes helps the police to catch some criminals. He transforms into a police car.  
  • Red Alert (Voiced by Anthony Padilla): Streetwise's partner and best friend, he always make sure that any Autobots is being fix after they nearly being killed by the enemies. In his spear time when they no Decepticon activity, he hang out Streetwise. He transforms into a ambulance.  
  • Depth Charge (Voiced by Seth MacFarlane): 
  • Skyfeather (Voiced by David Kaye): 
  • Defensor (Voiced by Scott Adsit): 
  • Scattershot (Voiced by Eric Loomis): He may not only being the leader of the Technobots, but, the smartest Autobot ever to live on Cybertron, he still led his team to victory against the Decepticons. He make weapons and armors for other Autobots and even, his team. He transforms into a space crusier. 
  • Wheeljack (Voiced by Christopher Swindle): The second smartest Technobot and Scattershot's cousin. Like Schattershot, he make weapons and armors while helping him. He transforms into a sportscar. 
  • Afterburner (Voiced by Michelle Trachtenberg): The only female Technobot who is a bit of a hothead sometimes. But, she sometimes keep herself cool and clam when there no Decepticon activity. She transforms into an futuristic motorcycle. 
  • Lightspeed (Voiced by Sean Astin): An gentleman-like Technobot and Afterburner's brother who is a bit wise. Lightspeed sometimes hang out with his sister in their spear time when they are no any Decepticon activity. He transforms into a futuristic car. 
  • Crossblades (Voiced by Fred Tatasciore): ???. He transforms into a futuristic helicopter.  
  • Computron (Voiced by David Kaye): 
  • Landmile (Voiced by Daran Norris): The leader of the Builderbots, Landmile is a bit buffer, stronger, and tougher, and also, a bit of a ladies man to himself. But, he led his team to fight against the enemies. He transforms into a bulldozer. 
  • Grapple (Voiced by Seth MacFarlane): ???. He transforms into a crane. 
  • Mixmaster (Voiced by ): ???. He transforms into a cemert mixer truck. 
  • Scavenger (Voiced by ): ???. He transforms into a excavtor. 
  • Heavy Lord (Voiced by ): ???. He transforms into a dump truck. 
  • Landfill (Voiced by ): The combine form of the Builderbots, 
  • Slammoth (Voiced by Roger Craig Smith): The leader, the toughest, and the brain of the Maximals,  
  • Claw Jaw (Voiced by Tara Strong): The second-in-command of the Maximals,  
  • Cheetor (Voiced by Will Friedle): The youngest and the hot-head Maximal,  
  • Rattrap (Voiced by Daran Norris):  
  • Bonecrusher (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson): The muscle of the Maximals who is sadly, a dumb Maximals.  
  • Sonar (Voiced by Jeff Bennett): An Maximal who has train by the martial arts,  
  • Blackarachnia (Voiced by Cree Summer):  
Other Autobots 
  • Autobot X: The ultimate Autobot warrior from an alternate futuristic timeline where the Decepticons has already taking over the world and kills every Autobots where he was created by the last human scientist (who later shorty gets killed by the Decepticons) on Earth to fight back against the Decepticons. Than, when he travel back in time, he wanted to make scene that the Decepticons won't take over the world. As a four changer, he transforms into his main robot form, a dragon (hardly similar to Toothless from Dreamworks' How to Train your Dragon), a futuristic jet fighter, and a futuristic car. With all his four modes combine, he transforms into a jet dragon. 


Main Decepticons 
  • Megatron (Voiced by David Kaye): The Decepticons' supreme leader,  
  • Shockwave (Voiced by Corey Burton): The second-in-command and the brains of the Decepticons,  
  • Starscream (Voiced by Sam Riegel): The third-in-command of the Decepticons who is treating to be a little brother to Megatron, unlike any other versions of Starscream, he never thought of betraying Megatron and become the new leader of the Decepticons. He was once also friend with Jetfire before he become a Autobot. He transforms into a helicopter.  
  • Soundwave (Voiced by Isaac C. Singleton, Jr.): The Decepticons' communications officer who is very, very, VERY loyal to Megatron, he enjoys listening any kind of music in his spear time.
    • Laserbeak (Voiced by Frank Welker):
  • Astrotrain (Voiced by Nolan North): 
  • Bludgeon (Voiced by George Takei):
  • Jhiaxus (Voiced by Nolan North):
  • Shrapnel (Voiced by ): The Insecticons' leader . He transforms into a stag beetle.
  • Cicadacon (Voiced by ): ???. He transforms into a cicada.
  • Bombshell (Voiced by Clancy Brown): ???. He transforms into a Japanese rhinocers beetle.
  • Scrapper (Voiced by Tom Kenny): The Constructicons' team leader who enjoy putting he and the team masterpieces together, he is the most prefect designer everythings for them. Thought his designs are the best in the series, Scrapper is a bit ruthless of fighting the enemies. He transforms into a front-end loader. 
  • Wreckage (Voiced by Charlie Adler): ???. He transforms into a wrecking ball truck. 
  • Gravedigger (Voiced by Liam O'Brien): ???. He transforms into a dump truck. 
  • Steamhammer (Voiced by Bumper Robinson): ???. He transforms into a steam shovel. 
  • Quickmix (Voiced by ): ???. He transforms into a cemert mixer truck. 
  • Widelord (Voiced by ): ???. He transforms into a crane. 
  • Devastator (Voiced by David Kaye): 
  • Onslaught (Voiced by Brad Davidorf): Leader of the Combaticons who prefers to formulate strategies and tactics to defeat his opponents rather than sheer brute force, he would become a devastating force in a fight when he plan failed which can inspire him to violence. He transforms into a anti-aircraft truck. 
  • Brawl (Voiced by Fred Tatasciore): 
  • Vortex (Voiced by Rachel Kimsey): The only female Combaticon on the team, she would prefers to beauty which would make her to be a pound woman. She was originally an girlfriend Jetfire at fight sight during the time when he was a Decepticon till he become a Autobot where she has a hated for him ever since than, Vortex can also uses her copter wings as her blades. She transforms into a helicopter.  
  • Swindle (Voiced by Steven Blum):
  • Bruticus (Voiced by ): 
  • Motormaster (Voiced by Charlie Adler): The cold-blooded, merciless, brutal, and ruthless leader of the Stunticons. As he booms out orders to his follow Stunticons to his hollow, bottomless-deep voice of doom, his minions listen in very real fear. As he keeping being the cold, brutal, and merciless tyrant as he is, he has no mercy to any Autobots when they try to take him down. He transforms into a semi-truck. 
  • Drag Strip (Voiced by Grey Griffin): An female Stunticon who is obessed with victory and a love interest of Wildrider. Drag Strip sometimes challenge any Autobots to a race with her follow Stunticons or just do its on herself. She transforms into a dragster. 
  • Wildrider (Voiced by Travis Willingham): An psychotic Stunticon who is really crazy of destroying some Autobots that get in his or his team ways and Drag Strip's love interest. He transforms into a sportscar. 
  • Menasor (Voiced by ): 
  • Sky-Byte (Voiced by Troy Baker): The leader of the Seacons and an friend of Cryotek,
  • Tentakill (Voiced by Rick D. Wasserman):
  • Skalor (Voiced by Travis Willingham):
  • Jellyshock (Voiced by Hynden Walch): An female Seacon who is a bit of a ditz and sometimes pranks her follow teammates in her spear time. She can uses her stings to shock her enemies. She transforms into a jellyfish.
  • Terragator (Voiced by John DiMaggio):
  • Razorclaw (Voiced by Robin Aktin Downes): ???. He transforms into a fiddler crab.
  • Piranacon (Voiced by ):
  • Cryotek (Voiced by Andy Serkis): An merciless, brutal, and cold-blooded Predacon who wish that all Maximals should die so he and the Predacons can lives while Cryotek can rules Animatron with his ruthless iron fist. As a triple triple changer, he transforms into a dragon and a spinosaurus.  
  • Stormrazor (Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes): An Predacon with a Russian accent who is able to fly a bit fast and and altitude, Stormrazor can control and unleashed stormy weather at his targets. His wings are also razor-sharp which can cut or slice anything that gets in his ways. He transforms into a vulture.
  • Tantrum (Voiced by John DiMaggio): An gentle-like Predacon who can himself cool and clam at times. When in battle, he can unleashed his brutal strength on the Autobots. He transforms into a bull.
  • Iguanus (Voiced by John Kassis): The smartest Predacon who always making plan of how to destroy the enemies
  • Rampage (Voiced by Morena Baccarin):
  • Predaking (Voiced by Andy Serkis):
Other Decepticons 


Main Humans 
  • Spike Witwicky (Voiced by ):
  • Buster Witwicky (Voiced by ):
Other Humans 

Other Transformers 

  • Unicron (Voiced by ):


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