Transformers: Aerialbots
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Star Wars and Transformers timelines


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Its the Aerialbots turn to save the universe.
~ Tagline

Transformers: Aerialbots is the newest transformers show that features the Aerialbots as the main characters and heroes and a spin off of Star Wars: The Transformers Wars. This is the fourth TV show made from the creators of Star Wars: The Transformers Wars, G.I. Joe (2016 TV series), Transformers: Shattered Glass, and G.I. Cop hunters.


Transformers Aerialbots! Silverbolt, Air Raid, Skydive, Fireflight, Slingshot, Ace Jetstream! Transform and take off! Transformers, more than meets the eye. Aerialbots, evil Dark Lords! Transformers. Robots in disguise. Transformers! Transformers! Transformers! Go! The Aerialbot/Seeker alliance wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the evil Dark Lords. Transformers more than meets the eye! Transformers! More than meets the eye!
~ Transformers: Aerialbots TV show theme song

Team Aerialbots are a bunch of rookie jet transformers lead by the heroic Silverbolt that face with challenges when all of the transformers are human sized, Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots went back to rebuild Cybetron, after defeating Unicron and when the dark forces of evil threaten the extinction of both the Jedi and the transformers the Aerialbots realized their goal as heroes of the universe and must struggle to survive the oncoming darkness. Training a new recruit named Ace Jetstream the Aerialbots go on an adventure to save the future and all sentient beings from extinction. General Grievous was revived from the dead and wanted power so he went to a dark planet to enter the Sith temples chrysalis where the general gets transformed into the evil cape wearing Darth Grievous. With his new Legion of Evil Sith army and Sith powers Darth Grievous then almost annihilated the Decepticons except Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp. The seeker trio then teamed up with the Aerialbots heroes and the Aerialbot-Decepticon alliance was formed to save all innocent life from the evil forces of Darth Grievous once after the Aerialbots saved the last of the Jedi that survived the demon Sith Lords wrath.


The Aerialbots

The Aerialbots are the main protagonists that seek to save the freedoms of every innocent life in the universe which includes annihilate all evil. Unfortunately they like all the transformers are human sized so they have to rely on their speed and jet modes to survive. Their Base of Operations is a Star Destroyer from the Clone Wars. In the later seasons the Aerialbots made use of their combined form Superion.

Silverbolt: The young Aerialbot commander that fights for freedom and his friends. His alternate mode is an F-18 super hornet.

Air Raid: Silverbolts right hand bot that turns into an F-22 Raptor.

Skydive: The Aerialbot warrior that turns into an F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Fireflight: The Aerialbot engineer that turns into an F-15 Eagle.

Slingshot: The Aerialbot ninja that turns into the F-35 Lightning II.

Ace Jetstream: The youngest Aerialbot in training that turns into an F-18 hornet. He wishes to make his fellow Aerialbots proud to have him on his team.

Other Autobots

Breakaway: F-35 transformer

Windblade: Female jet transformer

Powerglide: A-10 transformer

Stormshot: F-18 transformer

Jetfire: C-17 transformer

Stratosphere: An-225 Transformer that carries the autobot planes into battle.

Wing Saber: A-10 Transformer

Wingblade: A-10 transformer

Jetstorm: Autobot F-15 transformer

The Jedi Allies

The jedi knights are allies with the transformers because not only in the star wars universe where all transformers are human sized but also got attacked by Darth Grievous on his crusade to remake all life into monsters and enslave the universe.

The Decepticon allies

The Decepticons were at war with the Autobots until Darth Grievous went on an extermination campaign to get rid of all transformers causing Starscream and his two minions to form an alliance with the Aerialbots. Like all transformers the Decepticon robots are all human sized.

Starscream: Current leader and air commander of the Decepticons. Used to be Megatrons second in command until Darth Grievous murdered Megatron and almost all of the Decepticons which resulted he has only Skywarp and Thundercracker to command.

Thundercracker: An Air warrior that is one of the two minions that follows Starscreams orders. His sonic booms makes this Air warrior a force to reckon with.

Skywarp: Another Air Warrior that is under Starscreams command who like Thundercracker and Starscream survived Darth Grievous's wrath by escaping with the other two wingmates that he has. Skywarp's teleporting and cloaking powers make this black seeker jet a very hard opponent.

Other Decepticons

Megatron: Leader of the Decepticons until Darth Grievous kills him with his dark powers and turned him into an undead monster. Megatron transforms into a cybertronic jet like the one in Transformers Prime.

Dirge: A seeker that got defeated by Darth Grievous when he used his dark powers to pull Dirge down from the skies and made his undead army overwhelm him.

Thrust: A seeker that got defeated when the Darkness armadas ships outnumbered and destroyed him.

Ramjet: A seeker that got killed and turned into an undead minion by Darth Grievous.

Soundwave: A Decepticon communications officer that turns into a flying spy drone and got destroyed by Darth Grievous and turned into a zombie that obeys the Sith.

Acid Storm: Leader of the Rainmakers seeker planes but got killed when their acid rain has no effect on Darth Grievous and Darth Grievous shot dark pulses on the trio thus killing them.

Nova Storm

Slipstream: A Seeker captain that got killed by Darth Grievous who vaporized her with his dark powers.

Ion Storm




Sandstorm: A Decepticon jet that got killed by Darth Grievous and turned into an undead minion for Darth Grievous's undead army.

Vortex: A helicopter transformer that got killed when Darth Grievous blasted him in the chest with his dark pulse shots and turned into an undead minion for Darth Grievous.

Red Wing: A seeker that got killed when Darth Grievous stabbed his spark with his claws and turn him into an undead.

Nacelle: A Seeker that got killed when Darth Grievous ripped his spark out of him and crushed his spark.

Cyclonus: A helicopter transformer that got destroyed when he got shot down by Darth Grievous's dark pulse shots.

The Legion of Evil

The Legion of Evil are the main villains of the show constantly attacking the good guys, targeting the weak, powerless and the poor, taking over worlds, draining worlds of their resources, enslaving people, turning the dead into the undead, wearing capes all the time, nearly annihilating the Decepticons and the Jedi and finally doing nothing but do evil and nothing else.

Darth Grievous: The TV shows main antagonist and arch enemy of the transformers that seeks to create an evil Sith Empire by exterminating the Jedi and the Transformers. He was once General Grievous who died in the Clone Wars but somehow he was revived back from the dead and went to the Sith Temple on a dark planet to gain the power of darkness. He got cocooned in a chrysalis and was transformed into the most evil demon Dark Sombrero Lord of the Cape wearing Sith and wants to rule the universe and remake all life into monsters and his slaves.

Darth Darkblade: This sith lord is Darth Grievous's second in command who also has the power of the dark side. This sith lord was born when Darth Grievous layed an egg which hatched into a cape wearing sith lord and become Darth Grievous's apprentice.

Howard the Sithzilla: A massive sith-godzilla hybrid beast that causes nothing but destruction.

Sith Dragon: A massive dragon that is created by Darth Grievous in attempt to swat our Aerialbot heroes from the skies with its massive body and its flamethrower dragon breath.

Dragan the Half sith half dragon monster: An evil sith lord that can transform into a monsterous black dragon.

Darth DarkKatana: An evil sith lord that hunts Jedi as some sort of an Inquisitor.

Darth Apocalypse: This Sith Lord is an admiral of Darth Grievous's biggest Sith warship fleet the Darkness Armada.

Darth Armaggedon: This Sith Lord commands the ground troops of Darth Grievous and was created when Darth Grievous wrapped a Jedi into a chrysalis which transformed the Jedi into an evil cape wearing Sith Lord.

Darth Sithslinger: This Sith Lord is a necromancer Sith Lord who commands Darth Grievous's undead armies including undead flyers and undead warriors. This Sith Lord was created when a Jedi was wrapped in a chrysalis and transformed into a cape wearing Sith Lord.


New Aerialbot on the block

The chrysalis of vile darkness and the giant sombrero of the demons


The Aerialbot-Decepticon Alliance

Darth Grievous lays an egg

Stopping the enemy fleet

Darth Grievous's secret weapon

The rise of Sithslingers undead armada

Absolute darkness: The demon Sith Lords wrath

Absolute darkness: Enter Superion


Darth Grievous compared to the one in Star Wars: The Transformers Wars does not wear an evil sombrero. Instead he wears a demons crown and still never takes off his huge cape like the one in the Transformers Wars show. This is because if the makers of the show put a sombrero on darth grievous it would be considered racist and offensive to Hispanics and the TV show would be shut down because of that and a cape and crown are both less racist than a sombrero. But now in recent times a sombrero on a bad guy is declared legal so the show changes the crown to a sombrero.

Darth Darkblade compared to the one in Star Wars: The Transformers Wars was created when Darth Grievous layed the egg unlike the one in the Transformers Wars.

There will be no Car Transformers or transformers that have a ground or sea alternate mode in this TV show. Just only aircraft transformers as the main focus of the show.

This is a TV show about both Autobot and Decepticon Jets working together to survive from the Dark forces of the evil monster like villains not Autobots vs Decepticons.

Like in the show Star Wars: The Transformers Wars all of the transforming robots are human sized.

The TV shows theme song is similar to transformers cybertrons theme song.

The Aerialbots base of operations which is a Venator Star Destroyer is similar to the Hyperion from Starcraft games.

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