Everything lost.....what else left to gain?

Tranquility is an drama crime thriller-action film released in 2018. Warner Bros. Pictures will distribute the film along with Legendary Pictures producing the film and in association with Village Roadshow Pictures. The film will be directed by the original director behind "Nightcrawler", Dan Gilroy.

This film features Jacob Latimore as the main character along with Josh Hutcherson, Kyle Massey, Zendaya, Chloë Grace Mortez, Hayden Christensen, Wesley Snipes, Tika Sumpter, Jude Law, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Christian Keyes, Kimberly Elise, Aaron Paul, Adam Devine, Zac Efron, Cameron Diaz, Bella Thorne, Alyson Stoner and Sigourney Weaver


18 year-old Ryan Geraldo had everything going for him. Despite his upbringing growing up on the streets of Detroit, he moved to Wisconsin to a new home, new friends, new girlfriend and the world on his shoulders. However, all of that is seemingly stripped away from him when both of his parents are killed in the middle of the night. And if that wasn't bad enough, the authorites place the blame on him. While his friends and girlfriend are the only ones who believe him, he struggles to deal with the realization of WHO would want to see his parents, or himself, dead. With help on his side, Ryan now has to go out of his way to clear his name and find out who the real perpetrator is in order to reclaim what was stolen from him: peace.

But what if his greatest enemy was even closer then he could've guessed?


  • Jacob Latimore as Ryan Geraldo
  • Josh Hutcherson as Sonny Roberts
  • Kyle Massey as Austin Reeves
  • Zendaya as Britney Jensen
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Ashlyn Malcome
  • Hayden Christensen as "Kingpin" Vincent Morris Geraldson
  • Wesley Snipes as Henry Geraldo
  • Tika Sumpter as Sophie Geraldo
  • Tisha Campbell Martin as Detective Janet Jensen
  • Jude Law as Detective Wilson
  • Aaron Paul as Red
  • Zac Efron as Mac
  • Adam Devine as Todd
  • Alyson Stoner as Murrey
  • Bella Thorne as Jess
  • Kimberly Elise as Riley
  • Christian Keyes as Detective Kevin Morbus
  • Cameron Diaz as Joan Malcome

  • Sigourney Weaver as Willow






The constant, repetitive patter of feet pushing up against the floor just echoes out through the entire hallway in the Jackson Correctional Institution prison center. There, an entire lineup of all the individual prison cells are shown as a guard looks and passes through the other inmates and makes his way to Cell 007. As soon as he reaches the cell, he knocks on it alerting the prisoner inside it.

Guard: Geraldo.

Soon enough, the figure outlining and shadowing the body inside the cell begins to move forward......towards the bars.......until eventually.......18 year old "prisoner" Ryan Geraldo gets up in his face and looks up at the guard......with a blank stare,

Guard: You have a visitor.

Ryan raised a eyebrow at the response because he wasn't really......expecting anyone to visit him. Not after what he had done. But soon enough, the guard moved out of the way and like he said......Ryan's visitor appeared before him. wasn't an average guest.

It was Ryan's girlfriend, Britney Jensen who came in to visit.

The cold hard stare from her eyes tell it all in his sense of the word. Something serious had happened prior to this event that forced Ryan into the position he's in now, but not for the traditional reasons.

Britney: Mind if I go inside?

Guard: That's restricted here, miss.

Britney: It won't be long. I promise.

Guard: Ma'am......

Britney: Please.......

The guard knew he was possibly breaking one of the few of the many rules that lied inside of the complex, but ONE TIME isn't really a potential consequence. Eventually, he gave in to her wish.  As he opened the door with his key, he briefly started.....

Guard: Three minutes.

Britney just nodded slightly and the guard began waking off. But unaware, that his key was missing and now in HER hands as she got through the cell door, swiftly at no extra charge.

But, this was more than a typical visit.

Ryan: Brit?

Britney: Yeah, I get it. It wasn't you. I know......No need to sugarcoat things.

Ryan: But how?

Britney: How? I didn't. I just realized that I already knew. But I DO know for a fact that you'd have to be mentally fucked up or asking for trouble if you were to do anything like that. Then again, the question isn't so much "Why" as it is "Why WOULD you do something like that anyways?"

Ryan: I bet that's exactly what they're thinking right now. Too bad they've been given nothing but dogshit to actually feed into. The way it looks though, I have yet to get sentenced. But they're probably gonna confine me like some god-damn cannibal for life or even put me in the electric chair, lethal injection, you name it. Like....what's wrong with the 5-0 these days?

Britney: I can't answer that. But look....let's just forget about that for now.......

She forcefully pushed him back up against the wall, eventually tossing the keys aside.

Britney:......and let's focus on us.

She puts her hand on the wall beside him.

......seemingly unaware of what was happening on the outside adjacent the wall. As two black dudes in black trench coats and ski masks crowd around to that specific wall, the whip out two book bags, zip 'em open....... some devices on the surface of the wall.......

.......and just take off running.

Back on the inside, Ryan pauses in his thoughts and sinks VERY DEEP into his memory of the night when it all went wrong. Ever since it did, he hasn't been the same person since. It's not like he ever MADE the choice that day, but it just happened. And it was over before he even had the slightest idea on what to do.

Britney: Ryan?

He eventually shakes himself out of it and looks at Britney again.

Britney: Ry.....look. I--I just miss how things used to be.

Ryan: You know I do too.....but....

She shushed him by pressing her finger up against his bottom lip and once again pushed him back up to the wall again, still glaring over at the wall just on the right of her......for she had something cookin' up for later.

Britney: Again, lets just focus on the future.....when you get out of this hellhole.

At that moment, she looks square at him, burying herself deep into the flashing light in his eyes. She pressed herself forward and soon connects her lips with his, kissing him effectively.....that is, until.....

Guard: Ok, lady. Time's up.

Pulling off the soothing kiss, she hears the voice just from outside the cell as she then looks up at him and sighs heavily. 3 minutes is what she wanted and that's what she got. But fortunately, she knew this wouldn't be the last time she would get the chance to glimpse at her knight in shining armor.

Britney: You'll be alright, ok?

She kissed him on the cheek and SLOWLY walks out of the cell as the guard escorted her out. But not before she stuffs his key back into his pocket.....and he feels the difference as he scurried through his pocket just to find it.

The guard looked confused as he had no idea what just happened, but as soon as Britney got out of the prison complex, she quickly looked at her Apple Watch and swiped to the right a few times to make a few contact calls and fast.

Britney: Please tell me you're ready.

We've been ready for this.

Yep. So far, it'll go down in about....

As Ryan sits down and continues to look at everything around him, including the inmates across from him, he hears some ticking sound, not so similar to a metronome, which forces him to look around to see for himself.

Unfortunately, the ticking only went by seconds faster as he then got a glimpse as to what was happening now. As he slowly turned towards the wall, he sees......


But he can hear the ticking, although it's very faint, from what appears to be on the other side of the wall.

As Ryan moves in closer to the wall to get an actual idea on what the noise was, BOTH devices from the other side of the wall reached down to 2 seconds......

then 1......

and then......


The explosion blew Ryan back towards the sidewall as it knocked him out almost immediately and also crushed most of the cell door and the walls around him. The alarm goes off as the guards wonder what the hell is happening. Prisoners in there were hysterical as the smoke covers more of the facility and Ryan, somehow, manages to will himself and bring himself up through the contents of the smoke.

Without thinking, he looks back at the carnage displayed and just stumbles out of the wall, to the outside.

As sirens fill the outside of the faculty, through the fences and doors, Ryan just pants and looks around as he realizes what's occurring around him and gets somewhat jittery in his arms and legs.

But it didn't matter now. He got busted out and the first instinct on his what kids always do next.

He runs.

What worse feeling could you possibly have then to be have everything you needed in your life......gone? To be proclaimed as the pinnacle of their profession.......only to have it all stripped from you? Your blood, sweat and tears forgotten and taken out clean in front of you without a warnings notice? You could say that Injustice after injustice has forced me to go to a place that I wasn't proud of. But only if you knew......ONLY if you knew what it felt like......


My name is Ryan Geraldo......I was incarcerated for the first degree murder of my parents.......And I was innocent. No, screw that. I AM INNOCENT.

The screen cuts a flash of white and then.....

But that's for another time......let's go the beginning.......

August 10th........1996.......

......the day considered by my Mom and Pops to be "the greatest moment to be embedded in their entire lives." The day I....was brought into the world. It'd be more memorable, though......if it wasn't in such a infamous place. Detroit, Michigan......the home town of such famous people like Big Sean, Tim Allen, Eminem, the list goes on and on......Now....lets just say I knew I wasn't gonna be famous for anything SPECTACULAR. But it's just.....I saw the world as a land of opportunity at that time. It all seemed so easy......until I found out that it wasn't. My father had told me, one time, what he was doing for his job. Apparently, he was working for some bad people in the wrong place at the wrong time in his life. But.....I didn't know much back then. I didn't have a macho sense of what was right and wrong.

So I though what he was doing wasn't a bad thing at all.

But.....then it hit me.


Headlights......blindness.......endless all hit me.

But the next thing I know.....I'm in the car, wrapped with a freaking bandage on my forehead, and my parents whispering in my ear: "Welcome to your new home".

2006 was the final straw for them. And for some reason......that's when my father told me what I just told YOU. After everything that I was led to believe, it didn't feel much different. In fact, it turns out he was what became my inspiration to be the best I could be.

To be BETTER than what he turned out to be.

I never really told him that, face to face. And we haven't really seen eye to eye since.

But as soon as I made that oath to myself, things started going, surprisingly, my way. New girlfriend......a new clean slate......

But it only goes to show......that even the mentally strong aren't immune to the imperfections that come forth in this world. In the end, it meant jack shit if I was a part of my fathers life behind the curtains.......

His past would've found me anyways.....and it destroyed me in so many ways that I'd never anticipated.

*sighs*.......Now......lets go back to where AND when it ALL went wrong.......

~3 weeks earlier~

June 28th, 2015.

Days before I graduated, I received a tip/invitation to this afterparty of some sort. No way I was gonna turn it down. It'd be the official start of my new chapter in life......The day after my last day of high school as a senior, I brought two of my buddies along for the ride.

Sure as hell was a celebration.

As the camera clears up and starts to traverse, we then start out where there's this party in celebration for graduating from senior year. Music was thumping, people were prancing around having a good time and....everything was going the way it was supposed to. At that point, Ryan and his buds arrive at 9:45 p.m in time to make their presence known.

Ryan: Whoop-whoop!

Mac: Hey, ladies. The men have arrived.

Ryan: Yes, they have. Todd?

Todd: We. Are. Ready. To. Paar-taay!

Soon as they came in, jazz music blasted the room, with people dancing and prancing around as Ryan and his friends were having drinks, leaning towards the wall.

Luckily, nobody was getting drunk.

Mac:....This is preschool compared to what's gonna happens down the road. I mean seriously; just to think of what the college parties will be like......

Ryan: Bigger than this, I'm sure.

Todd: Check it, guys. My dad arranged four tickets to the football season next month to the National Championship! We got lucky to get the front row seats!

Ryan: I'll drink to that.

Todd: May the best of wishes..... bestowed on the best with luck.....

Ryan:.....and to those who wish to BE the best.


They made a toast to their drinks as Ryan looked over and saw Britney come in with her friends.

Ryan: Hol' up a sec, ok?

He threw his drink aside as his two buddies continued to drink it in and approached her.

Ryan: Hey, you're late.

Britney: Parents. My dad keeps giving me all kinds of trouble.

She kisses him softly, but effectively.

Ryan: What's up with your parents? They do realize you're not a baby anymore, right?

Britney: I know, but they really wanna keep it that way. It's embarrassing.

Mac: Tell me about it.

Ryan: Mac, you---*chuckles*--Stay out of this, man.

Mac turned back around as he took quick chug out of his cup. Ryan then turned back around to Britney.

Ryan: Seriously, it's embarrassing enough when they try so hard. But it's the fact that they even try at all that proves how much they care about you.

Before Britney could respond, one of her friends jumped in.

Jess (Bella Thorne): Hello? Are you gonna keep staring at each other or are we gonna get this graduation celebration started?

Todd: I wouldn't rush him, if I were you.

Murrey (Alyson Stoner): Who asked you?

Todd: I'm just saying. We all just graduated today. Now's not really a good time for conflict.

All of a sudden, one of Zendaya's songs, "Somethin' New" came over the speakers as the bass boomed through the entire room. It wasn't obvious that it was THAT song, but once the vocals came up, Britney immediately faced towards Ryan.

Gives off the impression that she really liked this song.......and considering the tone of the entire day so far......

......what better way to end their school year?

Britney: Come here.

He saw what she was doing. But a part of him knew he couldn't get away from this. Yet he still tries to fight it.

Ryan: What---I--no.

Britney: You know how much I like this song, babe. What's the issue?

Ryan: Well, YOU know that I'm not a good dancer.

Britney: What's stopping you then, huh? Come on.....

Despite his hesitation, he knew there was no getting out of it. But he didn't mind since he always was one for having a good time. He gave in kinda quickly as he eventually started to dance with her. The dance floor lit up a bright mixture between red, yellow, green, blue......and all other colors combined. It was such a magnificent thing to see, but to Ryan, it meant more that he was there with all of them........

........especially after Britney smiled at him briefly and leaned on Ryan's head.

About an hour or so later, and they were up on the balcony, with their arms wrapped around each other neatly. So far, the two were talking about their plans for the future......and more specifically how they got up to this point.

Ryan: And here I thought Margaret White was a bit of a nutjob.

Britney: *snickers* Please, tell me about it. But, hey......I guess after the summer, parent issues won't be that much of a problem anymore.

Ryan: You could say that again. Remember how insane my Dad went when I broke my retainer?

Britney: *chuckles*  Oh yeah, he grounded you 'till Christmas.

Ryan: Yeah. I had to miss Halloween then as well. But hey, when we're in college, you and me out in the more issues......hopefully.

Britney: Yeah. Then again, speaking of my dad, have you even talked to your father? You know since.....?

Ryan sighs heavily. He was offended by any means, but the thought had been circling around in his thoughts for a VERY long period of time for the past few YEARS. It was definitely already a long enough time trying to conceal it, but mustering the strength to speak out on it......

......that's a whole other ball game.

Ryan: No....

Britney: That isn't like you, you know? I mean, you're always up there. Up close and personal when it comes to speaking your mind or whatever,'s going on? Are you scared of--

Ryan: What?! No, I'm not. I mean—

He starts over.

Ryan: Y-Yeah. It's just the way we both grew up are just completely different and I guess I'm just afraid that a little part of what he's used to be is......still buried under that shell of a man. Even when I found out, a part of me was like......"Is that ever gonna come back to......haunt us?"

Britney: Do you even know for sure?

Ryan: No....but I ain't waiting another damn minute to do something about it.

Silence fills the air once more as the two just sat silently next to each other basking in the beauty of the night sky.

As it finally revolves to early that same morning......despite the sky still being around the nighttime, over at the Geraldo residence, Ryan's mother, Sophie Geraldo was taking care of some last minute business assignment on her laptop. Little did she know that one of Ryan's best friends, Sonny Roberts was watching from the corner of the wall.

Sonny: Hey.

Sophie jumped from the voice as she turned around to see him.

Sophie: *sighs heavily*  Geez, Sonny. What did I say about scaring me?

Sonny: You know, I can't help myself sometimes.

Sophie: It's more then likely you can. How long has this been going on?

Sonny: A few years.

Sophie: Give me a number.

Sonny: 5?

Sophie: Go back one.

Sonny: 4.

Sophie: Thank you. I'm just saying, you don't wanna go too far and scare someone away. And before I lose my train of thought, do you know where Ryan is?

Sonny: I was gonna ask you the same thing. I thought you already knew.

Sophie: I know WHERE he is. But I just don't know when of even IF he's coming back. It has something do with.....

Sonny: Yeah. I know.

Then there was silence.

Sonny: Ummm......if you.....if you want, I could go ahead and.....see if I can track him down for you?

Sophie: *chuckles* What are you now, Gatekeeper or what?

As he's about to exit, he turns back around towards her and simply says......

Sonny: Just an average ally, looking out for his buddy.

He smirks at Sophie and it makes her chuckle as she hears the door shut from the front.

Another hour passes by........

2:00 a.m to be exact.......

......and up on the roof of their house, one Henry Geraldo was just sitting up there looking up at the sun, just thinking about Ryan. Ever since the events of his past, he has since then blocked them out. But not a day passes by when he doesn't think about what would've happened if he had stayed and allowed that painful memory to haunt him for the rest of his days.

Upon staring, he reached deep into his pocket and pulled out a relic of his that has since marked his stance as a role model and a father.

And in truth, he couldn't help but to think to himself.......

What are you gonna do now....when I won't be here to shelter you anymore?

Henry then heard a quick screech from car tires from below him, as it caught his attention. As he looked over, he sees that Ryan had parked up to the house in his car and as soon as Ryan got out, he called him out.

Henry: Son.

Ryan heard the voice and looked up.

Ryan: Dad.....I'll be right up.

He walked inside to see his mother on the couch. He was gonna comment on it, but.....he knew better. The entire atmosphere surrounding the house felt mild and timid. The same as it always was. And that was just the way he liked it.

Ryan: Hey, Mom.

Sophie: Hey, Ryan.

She went over and kissed him on the cheek as they hugged and embraced.

Sophie: You had fun last night?

Ryan: Yeah......technically it was a few hours ago. But, it feels.....good to start this new chapter in my life.

Sophie: You should, its so Exciting! By the way, how's Britney?

Ryan: She's good; just discussing the future, like we all should.

Sophie: That's the way God planned it.

Ryan: And that's the way he wants it to be.


Ryan: What's Dad doing up on the roof?

Sophie: Oh, you know your father. Always staring into space.

Upon hearing this, Ryan cautiously rushed up to the roof and just stared at his father looking up to the sky. He approached him; yet with each step he felt a certain feeling overwhelm him.....that he couldn't explain.

But Henry must've sensed his presence, because he spoke out....

Henry: This is how I met your mother. I was always lying on the ground. Staring up into space. Actually, it was nighttime.....and I was staring up at the stars. She came up and thought I was injured or something.....*chuckles*......I don't know why, but I had this weird smile up on my face the entire time it was happening.

Ryan: Yeah? By what exactly?

Henry: I don't really know.....

Ryan sat down and started staring off with him as he changed the subject.

Ryan: Hey, ummm......I know it's been a while since we met eye to eye since.....that.....that thing, right? Right?

Henry: I know. You don't have to remind me of that. That's enough headaches on my mind......*sighs*......But there's not a day that passes by that.....

Ryan: That what?

Henry just sighed heavily and it became clear he was in no mood to finish said comment. As expected. But then, in a peculiar move, he just hugged Ryan tightly. It doesn't take Ryan long for him to embrace the hug from his old man.

Henry: I'm really sorry I failed you that day, Ryan. I'm so sorry.

Ryan: You didn't fail me, Dad. It's ok. In any case, you just made me stronger.

Henry: *sighs* I want you to remember this: if you ever have a dreaded taste for revenge.....just think to yourself: "Is it worth it? Is revenge or payback really worth what you want or need?" No. It isn't. The important thing is to follow your heart. To follow not what you DESERVE, but what you BELIEVE in, no matter how hopeless or how much the cost is. You win some, you lose some. But you'll still live to fight another day.

Ryan stores that into his head and swore to himself to remember that.

One thing that he had always taught me in my days was to ALWAYS do what YOU think is right. As time flew, I couldn't really fathom on what that meant. But.....up to now......up to THAT didn't matter after that morning.

Suddenly, there was a bloodcurdling scream and commotion coming from all the way downstairs.

Ryan: Mom?!

Henry then looks back down to his house and see's two more cars pulling up and screeching onto the pavement.

Henry: No....not you....

Henry immediately took Ryan with him downstairs with him as he rushed into his own bedroom and pulled out a suitcase.....containing guns and ammunition. One gun in particular, .380 Lorcin, was the one he pulled from that suitcase.

Henry: Ryan, you get out of here now.

Ryan: Wha...but Dad....

Henry: Do as I say, son. It's for the best. Now!

As Ryan did what he said and hightailed it out of there, to his displeasure, Henry rushed into the backyard to see his wife held by a random man in black. But he quickly sees more goons entering the door behind him.

Henry: Let go of my wife!

Sophie: Henry? What is this?!

Henry: How am I supposed to know?!

Goon: Shut up!

He points the gun at Henry, but Henry shoots him in the arm, forcing him to let go of Sophie. She ran as Henry shot at the perps again. He kills one and tackles the other as Sophie hides in her room. They both struggle for a brief period of time before Henry grabs the perps arm, knees him in the face and leaves him knocked out.

As for Ryan, however, he didn't leave. He just couldn't.

But he didn't know what was going on, so he hid in the closet and peeked out; that way he can see everything.

Henry went to Sophie in the bedroom and found her on the side of the bed. He pulled her out and placed her on the bed and informed her....

Henry: Stay here and don't move. I got some unfinished business to take care of.

Sophie: At least, let me help.

Henry: You don't know what's happening here. I got this, honey.

Sophie: Promise?

He then tried to exit, only to have himself kicked back into the room by the goon. He then unmasked one familiar face.

Henry: Ugh......Red......

Red: You were always a man with promises, Geraldo. That's why the Kingpin picked you as his right hand man. Best choice he ever made, he said. Then again......I see you threw it all down the drain as soon as you walked out, huh?

Henry: Well, the Kingpin can take his bird and shove it up his candy ass. What'd you want anyways, Red?

Sophie: You know him??

Henry: It's a long story.

Red: The Kingpin still has high plans for you, Geraldo. Especially your boy.

Henry: You leave Ryan out of this. I almost lost him cause of you sons of bitches. If the Kingpin wants me, why doesn't he come out himself? He too much of a coward?

Red: He's on the line.

Red hands him his cell phone and Henry took it and put it on his ear as another voice answers. It just so happens that Red had the phone on the entire time which allowed the other person from the other side to potentially hear them.....kinda like a tape recorder.

Coward, am I? As loyal and gifted as you are, you were always one with the rants, Henry.

Henry: Vince, enough with the bullshit. Where are you?

THAT is irrelevant at the moment. What is important is that I have a HIGH propitiation that I KNOW you cannot refuse. Just think of it as a trip back down memory lane in which we can rebuild our own little empire.

Henry: Forget it. I don't work for you anymore.

A brief minute of silence fills up the room.....before the voice answer back with.....

As you wish. If that is the request you wish to make, then I will honor it.

Henry: Bout time.

But I cannot make the same promise about your....SON.

Sophie: WHAT?!

You're dismissed, Geraldo.

He hangs up and it leaves Henry emotionally reeling. He slams the phone down and sees Red reaching for his hip. It didn't take a second for Henry to know what he was gonna do.

Henry: No, you don't!

He was about to shoot Red again, but Red was a few seconds faster. He pulled out his 9 millimeter and shot him 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 times 'till the gun clicked as Sophie was just screaming hysterically.......looking at Henry's body drenched in holes.

And as for Ryan, from the closet, he immediately shut the door trying to block out the horror that just overwhelmed him.

Sophie: HENRY! OH MY GO, NO!

Red observes over Henry's barely dead body as he kicks him to either confirm or deny that Henry was gone. After no signs of movement by that point, Red picks up the phone again.

Red: He's taken care of.

He put the phone on speaker as another that seemed to be one of a different gender......came over it.

No witnesses. Kill them all.

Ryan: No......

Sophie: No!

Sensing his chance, Ryan gets out of the closet and just when Red was about to put an end to Sophie, he jumps on Reds back, attempting to blind him.

All it does is make a mess out of the hallway they’re in, giving Sophie a chance to make a bold run for the phone on her side of the bed and pick up.

She quickly dials 9-1-1 while the uneven bout continued.

9-1-1. What is your emergency?

Sophie: There’s been a shooting!

Red: Get off me, you cockroach!

He struggles to get Ryan off and as he pushed him back into a nearby cabinet, Red drops the gun. But then he throws Ryan over him and clocks him towards the door to his room......

......only to turn around to see Sophie on the phone.

She soon looks up, spots him and immediately makes a run to the bathroom, only to get bombarded with a bullet to the back of her head.

Believing both of his parents were dead, Red puts his other gun away, before picking up his phone again.

Red:....*Holds up the phone*......Boss, I got the boy. You want me to dispose of him?

No. We need him alive.

What? Are you kid--No. we need him out of our hair and permanently. You have no idea what he’s done to us.

Not really the way it works, sweet cheeks.

Oh come on. You seriously mean to tell me--

However, amidst the conversation, Ryan had attacked Red with the gun that he dropped and smacked him with it square across the face as he fell.

Ryan firmly held the gun in his hand, above Reds head......visibly shaken over what he had just done to his family.

But then he noticed something: Red's sleeve was pulled down and he noticed a tattoo. He seemed to remember that specific tattoo, so he took a quick the light flashed brightly and endlessly, at least in Reds eyes.

Red: AARGH! Don't shine that light on me. I'm sensitive to lights, you asshole.

Ryan: So says the jackass who put a cap in my flesh and blood. Now......WHO ARE YOU?!!!

Red: Ryan, Ryan.....*chuckles*....I....I can tell you what you want to know. But not here. There's business to attend to......

Ryan: What?

For some reason, that's when he heard an unanimous ticking coming from his kitchen, and something in his gut told him that whatever was there wasn't gonna benefit him in the best way. So without a moments notice, he quickly grabbed Reds phone and knocked him out again before heading to the kitchen...... and investigating the ticking. After looking around hopelessly, he pops his head in the microwave......

........seeing a bomb (Sticky bomb) wired on the turntable......

......STILL ticking down.

Ryan: Oh shit......

It got ticking down all the way to 10 seconds and like the Roadrunner on steroids, Ryan sprinted out of the house as it exploded and burst into flames with the bodies of his parents engulfed inside of it. But, little did he know that Red had barely escaped the explosion by crawling out the window as well as someone else......who was from their car, recording the entire event on camera.

And it only that, but he had a spare phone.

Red: *over phone* Did you get it, man?

We got the evidence, Red. We're done here.

Red quickly makes his way over to the van and they slowly drive off as Ryan tries his DAMNEST to get back up. But unable to fully reboot himself......he stumbles back down and lies on his back with his eyes.....SLOWLY.......

......slowly fading away....... everything just fades down to black.

The bad news hit me in the worst way I could've imagined. Seriously, I never saw that coming......which only made the rest of that week even WORSE.......

As the screen clears up to 3 days later......

......apart from the normal buzz circling around the recent events of the Geraldo murders, nothing really appeared to be happening........

......except for when Sonny is seen knocking on the door of Britney's house. He got worried since Ryan hasn't seen him or called him since the graduation party.

He had to knock twice before Britney finally answered.

Britney: Sonny. You know you're not supposed to be here.

Sonny: I know that. But I have to ask you: Where's Ryan?

Britney: What's it to you? I know you're his friend in all, but.....

Sonny: I'm desperate, ok? And so he is. He needs all the help he can get if he's still out there. Where is he?

No response was needed. She just moved over from the doorway, revealing Ryan behind her knocked out on the couch, still wearing the clothes he wore three days ago.

At least he was safe and sound.

Sonny just sighed heavily and nodded his head at her.

Sonny: Thank you.

She nods...

Sometime later, Sonny is inside Britney's house, string across from Ryan and looking at him, briefly noticing the all of the bruises and recent cuts over him.

He was under the assumption that something rather serious had went down on his end and until he woke up, the only way he could get information is while still talking to Britney.

Sonny: So.....what he'd say about it?

It didn't take a while for Britney to get what he was talking about.

Britney: Umm.......he didn't say much about it. All he did say was that after he came home, his house was invaded and that his parents were killed. That's all I got.

Sonny: And he said he doesn't know?

Britney: No. He said he doesn't know WHY it happened. But then again, that's always the million dollar question, isn't it?

Sonny: Yeah, tell me about it.


They both turn over towards Ryan in the couch but by the time he comes back to consciousness and wakes up, he slips and stumbles off of the couch....

.....landing hard on the floor.

Ryan: Argh......

Sonny: You ok, buddy?

Ryan: I'm not deaf, ya know?  I heard everything.

Britney: Hey, sleepy head. Feeling any better?

Ryan: What do you think?

He finally stumbles back up to his feet and stands up.

Ryan: I'm bummed out, aggravated and I'm THIS close to pissing myself if somebody don't stop reminding me of......

Sonny: Ok, ok, ok, sorry. We get it. Go ahead.

Ryan: Thank you.

Britney just chuckled mildly as Ryan shrugged and limped his way into the bathroom when he finally slams the door shut.

At that point, the fact begins to run where water rained down over his hands as he washed his face and tries to relax himself.

Key word: TRIES.

Considering that he has no more home or future in store, it was almost muscle memory to not get a major overreaction over this.

Ok.....don't worry. You're alive. No need to freak out. You'll get to the bottom of this soon. Just let.....

He then hears a knock on the door.

Ryan: Argh! Yeah?

You alright in there?

Ryan: Uh....y-yeah. I'm fine.

Well, umm......Hurry up. Some men in black out here want to speak with you.

"Men in black"........I knew what he meant by that. As if it wasn't already obvious enough. Whenever anyone said "Men in Black"......

......that's another way of saying......

.......It was detectives.

Ryan: Oh boy......I'll be right out.

Few minutes later, Sonny had mustered the strength to go up towards the door and open it; to see two detectives, one white and one black on the other side.

Sonny: Detectives.

By the time that Ryan got himself out of the bathroom and towards the front door, both Sonny and Britney were giving him the common reaction whenever anyone gets worried: Anxiety.

Ryan was hesitant to say the least, but with the feeling of carrying the weight of the universe apparently holding a grip over his head, it becomes more apparent that he needed to handle this; regardless of what the outcome would be.

So he finally approaches to the open door and saw both of the two detectives, anxiously waiting.

Ryan: Hey......Detectives.

Wilson: Who are you?

As expected, some of the first words they'd ask you in any case would be your identity.

Ryan: Ryan Geraldo.

Wilson: You're Ryan?

Ryan: Ye--yeah. Whose asking?

Wilson: I'm Detective Wilson from the Wisconsin State Police Department and this is Detective Morbus. We're investigating the murder behind both of your parents, Ryan.

Ryan quickly turned towards the wall and looked away. He didn't want to be mentioned in any of that.....even more so when just THINKING about it made his head want to explode.

Detective Wilson: Ryan?

Calming himself.....he gets the courage to finally turn back around towards both detectives and prophetically said......

Ryan: I know what happened.

Detective Wilson: Excuse me?

Having to repeat himself again......

Ryan: I said I know what happened.

Detective Morbus (Christian Keyes): As in, you know who killed them?

Ryan: I wouldn't say that. But I know enough to say that this is more than what it seems.

Both detectives looked at each other with that certain look. It's as if they're were more than positive about the potential outcome of finding and solving this case.

Detective Wilson: In that case, you wouldn't mind coming down to the station and giving us what you know, right?

Ryan: Yes.

Britney: Whoa, whoa, whoa! He didn't do anything!

Detective Morbius: We appreciate your concern, miss. But I guarantee you that if we are to solve this case, we are going to need his cooperation.

Britney: The fu--No!

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey......

He grabs onto her hand and grips it tightly, which supposedly stops her from losing her temper any further.

Ryan: They didn't say I did anything, ok? Besides, I was there when it happened. I know what I saw.......please. This is what needs to happen.

Britney: You better come back to me.

Ryan: Trust me, you know I will.

Later at the Wisconsin State Police Department, sunlight was as far away from Ryan as it could possibly get. About a couple inches of thick, inaudible surface walls was what separated him from sunlight......and freedom.

The only thing standing in his way......quite literally.......was the detectives that brought him in.

It was only about an hour into the interrogation, so.....something was bound to go one way more than the other.

Morbus: So just to recap, a few minutes after you came back home, these random guys in black trench-coats invade the house you called your own.

Ryan: Yes.

Morbus: This man you have no idea who it is your parents with bullets and you saw all of it?

Ryan: I tried to stop him from killing Mom, but I wasn't fast enough....

Morbus:.....resulting in this same man, blowing up your house?

He nods.

Something about his testimony OBVIOUSLY didn't click right to both of them. They weren't necessarily ruling out that possibility but.....

Wilson just sighs heavily.

Wilson: You know......I'm inclined to.....rather dismiss the matter entirely. For all I know, NOTHING here is adding up.

Morbus: What IS the possibility that someone does something THAT ludicrous? Putting a bomb in the microwave, hoping to get rid of the evidence that way?

It was made clear that they either didn't believe Ryan or had SERIOUS problems questioning the validity behind his story.

Ryan: Guys.....I—it seems hard to believe, I know. But—I-I know what I saw, ok?

Morbus: We're not saying you're wrong. But at the same time......

Wilson:.....we learned a long time ago to trust NO ONE.

That statement just so happened to be proven upon the moment he said that statement as another detective just came into the room and just threw a plastic bag on the table.......

......380. Lorcin inside of it.

It didn't really startle the the three in the slightest, until the detective just blurted out......

Detective: Fingerprints were analyzed. That's HIS fingerprints on the gun.

Morbus: That's the gun used?

Detective: Yes.

Wilson: How positive are you?

Detective: To the equivalence of all other guns on the planet, THAT is the one used to kill Henry and Sophie Geraldo.

Morbus: heard that?

Ryan: I-I-I—*sighs*......

Cornered. The last thing he wanted to be.

Wilson: Oh and more thing.

It was unclear WHAT he as doing at the moment......until he pulled out his phone from his pocket and after a few swipes, he placed the phone on the desk for him to see.

Apparently, somebody (informal or not to the case) had enough time outta his or her busy schedule to  actually send a video privately to Wilson regarding info on the case. What did that video show?

It showed Ryan hauling ass away from the crime scene before and after the explosion........and as for the footage, it's more than likely taken from a car.

Fear was all that showed through Ryan's eyes as he flipped the phone back to the other side of the table, scraping the cover on the backside. Frustration......was sinking in for him at this point.

But then the same detective from a few minutes ago, come barging back into the room with apparent "urgent" news. Once again, all he said was short, brief and to the point.

Detective: Guy must think he's slick. His lawyers outside waiting for him.

Everyone turns towards Ryan and he immediately shoots back with a statement.

Ryan: No.

Morbus: No, what?

Ryan: I never called for a lawyer, and I most certainly don't need one at this moment. Trust me when I tell you that.

Wilson: You sure about this? This the way you wanna handle this?

Ryan: I promise you, I can handle this on my own. Solo concerto.

Odd. The fact that this guy turned down a lawyer that he may or not have called up to help him was rather a serious matter for the most part, yet none of them thought much past it.

With that being said, the detective just nodded silently and left the room for the final time, leaving Ryan once again in complete desperation and worry.

Ryan: C-could get a few minutes to get my head in the right place, ok? I just wanna be left alone right now.

Wilson: If that's the case then, would you mind offering to take a polygraph test? Because if you take it and you actually pass, then we WILL leave you alone.

Ryan knew how crucial this moment was going to be, cause he knew how close he was to getting his life screwed up at the worst possible timing.

He simply nodded.

Wilson: Alrighty, then. On with the polygraph.

Hours later, Britney and Sonny get a call from the police station letting them know to come over there.

So they went over and were later confronted by Detective Morbus and he let them know about Ryan.

Sonny: How is he?

Morbus: No worries. Everything is going to be fine. We've interviewed him and in the end, everything went smoothly.

Britney: Oh thank God.

That appeared to give off the indication that Ryan had gotten off scot-free from the potential charge.......


Morbus: He'll be out of your hair soon enough.

......Oh, how wrong they were.

As Sonny and Britney turn and look at each other to anticipate the worst, the news that they WERE NOT expecting to hear......

.......gets told to them anyways.

Britney: Wha---No.....

Morbus: I'm terribly sorry, miss......but your boyfriend is a murderer.

Soon as she heard the word "murderer", Britney lunged forward and tried to grab him, with tears drenching from her eye sockets but Sonny pulled her away......

Britney: NO! NO!

Sonny: Hold up, where's the proof?

Morbus: We checked fingerprints on the gun and his blood type. The computer doesn't lie. It's him.

Sonny: Stop lying. He wouldn't do something like that.

Morbus: They also brought the gun in for evidence and we offered him his statement. Nothing was really adding up in his favor. We even offered him a DNA sample and polygraph test. He failed miserably.

Sonny: So, you just go with it?! What's wrong with you?

They then hear a door opening as they see Detective Wilson escorting Ryan outside in handcuffs. He struggles in the cuffs as he takes a quick glimpse over at Sonny and Britney and looks ahead again as Wilson stuffs him in the cruiser outside.

Britney and Sonny look at each other again as the screen goes to black and then.....

~Present Day~

July 19th, 2015're probably thinking one of TWO things: either "A": If I didn't do it, I must be an idiot to willingly just turn MYSELF in; cause somebody set me up. Or "B": I ACTUALLY must've had something to do with that on my own terms.......

Except the answer is really the latter of which. Guess which one........


The first one, right?

But just put yourself into my shoes for a second: some deranged nutjob brought a bunch of gunmen to MY house, murdered BOTH of MY parents in front of me and tried to frame ME for it. That's a definite no-no. I could've done something about it and you would've done the same, yeah. But.....I really didn't know what to do.......until then.

One thing that WAS clear: I was not gonna stand aside. I was gonna find out who did this to them, come hell or high water. And ain't nothing was gonna slow me down.

Miles away from Memonomee Falls, it then cuts to the Marquette University College down in Milwaukee where Mac was walking over to his dorm room, completely unaware that a certain somebody was in disguise, watching him.

As soon as that someone caught a glimpse of him and saw him, he waited for his chance.......grabbed Mac from behind and dragged him into another room as he barged the door shut.

Mac: *muffles angrily*

Hey hey hey........Relax, pal. It's me.

As soon as Mac actually calms down to see who it was that grabbed him, Ryan lets go of him, giving Mac the chance to breathe.

Mac: Ryan??  Dude, what happened? I thought you were in jail.

Ryan: I WAS.....but I don't deserve to be there. The real people who stuffed me in that hellhole are still out there and they......I can't let 'em get away with it, Mac. I dunno who came at me again, but I DO KNOW it's not gonna happen anymore. Look, man......

He grips onto both of his shoulders.

Ryan: I'm gonna need all the help I can get with this, ok?

Mac: I-I don't know....

Ryan: Mac, I swear to wasn't me. I wouldn't even be standing here on my own two feet, telling you this if it really was me. They were the ones who set me up and they probably tried to get me again rarely days ago. And from the looks of it, I don't think it's just me they'll be coming after. C'mon, man....for old times sake.......

Mac then looks around and peeks outside to see nothing. He then peeks his head back in as he turns to Ryan.

Mac: Alright, bud......for old times sake. But, we better get you out of here before someone sees you. Then both our asses are on the line.

They carefully exit out of the room, looking left and right, hopefully that nobodys on their tail and made a run to his dorm.

They tried to get to his dorm, only to realize that multiple detectives were banging on multiple doors around them, looking for any possible key witnesses to who might've heard about the latest escapee.

It was clear they were sent by Wilson to try to find out where Ryan was.

Ryan: Damn it.

Mac: Back. Back the other way. Go, go, go.

So they went the other way and leaned on the nearest wall, once again trying not to anticipate the certain feeling of detectives stumbling across them or somebody grabbing them out of nowhere. But all of a sudden, that's exactly what happened. The two were both grabbed from behind with force and dragged into the nearest dorm room as the the door shut.

And needless to say, Mac freaked out.

Mac: WOAH! Alright, get back! Back! The hell is this?!

Cool off, Men In Black. You didn't do anything least, if I don't know about it.

Ryan was a bit shocked and surprised about who he saw from across him and Mac.......but then again, he had this planned out completely. He knew what and who he was but from the back, it was difficult to grasp the image.

He steps forwards in front of a confused Mac and exclaims.....

Ryan: I'm sure you've heard recently about what's been goin' down. Running away is the way people normally go about this, but it's not for me. Until I can fully prove my innocence, I'll need someone from the inside to feed me the yes and no's, the do's and don'ts.


Ryan: That's why I came looking for you.

From his roaring chair, the Shadow turns himself around and finally faces the two of them.

His old buddy, Austin Reeves, was sitting across from him with his leg on top of the one of your typical henchmen. Except he wasn't......

......he was an old friend.

Ryan: Austin.

Austin:.....My man. You made a wise choice.

Mac: Wait. You know him?

Ryan: Know him? He's an old buddy from middle school back in Detroit. He's always had this fascination with scanning and hacking along with concerns with the governments choice of actions from time to time......and with a few other things.

Austin: And not only that, I'm also a little bit pompous at certain moments.....although that's not really important.

Mac: That's obvious.

Austin: Yeah, thanks for dumbing it down. Now, I just so happened to "scan" what occurred with you a while ago, with your house getting destroyed and you getting pinned on your parents killing. All I can

Ryan: Yeah, horse-shit. I never did ANYTHING remotely close to what they think I did. All I'm trying to do is find out who did this.

Mac: But you don't have any evidence

  • knock on door

Police! Open up!

As soon as they heard The commonly heard remark from the outside, all three of them just looked back at each other.

Ryan: Damn it, they've come for me.

Austin: The wrongfully accused can't catch a break here anymore, don't they? Both of you, get down.

Mac: You're really telling me to—

Austin: Just get down!

Unwilling to argue, Ryan just took Mac by the arm and dragged him with him into the nearest closet......despite the fact that it was awfully crowded in there.

Open up!

As soon as the two hid completely, Austin took his time to come to the door and open it.

Austin: Detective.

For the next few minutes, everything was silent for Ryan and Mac in the closet. They were trying their damnest not to make even the smallest reaction of ANY noise, hoping that if they're lucky, detectives won't come in and search through the area.

Nothing but silence happened for the next few minutes.

Until finally, the closet doors swung open, letting my all of the light in, blinding Ryan momentarily as he looked away.


Austin: They're gone.

Ryan: Oh thank God.

Mac: *sighs heavily* Jesus, man. Took ya long enough.

Austin: Its all about choosing the right words to say and how you say it. Now where were we?

Ryan: Mac was......saying how I didn't have much evidence to prove my innocence.

Mac: Not right now, you don't.

Ryan: Actually......that's where you're wrong.

Austin: Got anything I could use?

Ryan: I think I do......Here, I'll draw it out for ya.

At that point, Ryan took his time and actually drew out a picture of the tattoo he took off of Red. Just for reference, he had to look back at the photo to make sure it was an accurate depiction. A mere 30 minutes later, Austin was scanning the picture Ryan drew in conjunction to the photograph and once he processed them both through his computer......


.......they got a match.

Austin: And they say this work doesn't make easy money. Bollocks.

Mac: what do we got?

Austin: Give me a sec. Hol' up......O.K......*to Ryan*......Apparently, that tattoo you showed me in the picture was more then just a tattoo. A LOT more than that.

Ryan: You could be something close to gang-related at this point.

Austin: Actually, it IS gang related. Check it out.......

He directed his computer into map mode (or Google Maps, as it's now called) as it zipped down and showed the entire state of Wisconsin, before tapping in the image of the tattoo in its searchbank......

....and only ONE area on the map was shown as to where it is most likely to be found.

Austin: Jackpot.

Ryan dragged his finger along the screen to get a clearer picture of where it was, hoping and praying that he doesn't get the location messed up. But he didn't.....and eventually, he figured it out.

Ryan: It's downtown.....of course.

Mac: Why is always downtown?

Ryan: Beats me.

Austin: Wait a minute, Ryan.....hold on.

He had to look over the symbol displayed on the computer and compare it to the photo and the drawing, only to see theta they're all the exact same photo.......

......which also raised some suspicions.

Austin: Didn't your dad have a tattoo like that back when you were in the third grade? That is what you said before, right?

Ryan: Yeah....he did...although he never told me he was part of some freaking mob.

Mac: Wait! Wait. Hold on just a minute......are you saying this is linked to your Pops somehow? How could he be a mobster if no one knew?

Ryan: When I was 10, I asked myself the same question......because he told me otherwise before then. But once I found it......everything changed.

It then cuts to flashback mode as Ryan explained the details as to when he first found out about his fathers past.

One time, back when I lived in Detroit, I saw him mugging someone when I was on my way home from school. I didn't what to do or how to react, so I ran. But I ended up getting hit by the side of a road-raging car as a result......


BANG!!! THUD!!!!

.....and it broke my arm.

Not to mention a mild concussion.

God knows how I didn't get any worse injuries. It didn't take long for my dad to find me. My dad felt guilty not being there for me......and I guess that's what made him quit mugging.

It then splits back to the present day.

Ryan: From what I know, next thing that happens, I.....I wake up on my way to Wisconsin. And I've been here ever since........

Something about that origin story (if it's called that) struck through to Mac and Austin. Ryan hadn't gotten so deep about that or anything else for the longest time up until now.....and it sure was something else for them.

Ryan: *chuckles mildly*  I haven't been able to retract that image from my mind. It just stays there and carves into your brain, you know?

Austin: Why didn't you tell us about that? You said you got that from falling down the stairs back then.

Ryan: My dad couldn't forgive himself, so I kept his secrets. Even from Mom. I know I should've told you guys, dad wasn't a bad man. He was probably desperate. I mean, He....

Mac: Hey, dude......we understand. But I think your dad's track record might have something to do with your house exploding. What if the mobsters he worked for didn't take him quitting likely? Think about it......

Something about it made sense......but at the same time, there was the many sources of false news reports and scams that have different versions of the story that either confirm or go against the polices decision.

Speaking of news......

It has now become apparent that convicted murderer, 18 year old Ryan James Geraldo has escaped from his confinement in the prison before his sentencing. The head of the Wisconsin State Police Station has sent some of his top detectives out to hunt down the suspects whereabouts. He was last seen in the prison complex, awaiting sentencing for his involvement in the death of his parents, Henry and Sophie Geraldo after he was seen trying to flee the scene of the crime. The TV then shows cell phone recorded footage of Ryan, leaving his house right before the entire thing becomes engulfed into flames. The fact that this footage literally seemed to pop out of nowhere deeply infuriated Ryan, cause whoever took this footage (at least in his opinion) must've had a bone to pick with him, if not so much, his father.

It becomes apparent that the house becomes engulfed in flames as soon as Geraldo exited the residence and tried to escape. When asked for questioning about Ryan's arrest, fellow detective Tim Wilson had this to say......

"For what it is worth, all of the evidence had shown us that our suspect was completely 100% involved in said events involving his parents. A motive might just be out of the question for the time being, but until then, our top concern is finding him.....and bringing him back into our custody."

As far as explanations go, it doesn't get as specific as that. The top detective at the station is beyond certain that......

The TV cuts off. Everyone turns to Austin on the side who manually shut the thing off with a hacking device installed on his computer.

Austin:'s horseshit.

Ryan: If it is, then why are they after me now? And why get the FBI involved?

Austin: We have no idea. But let's not focus on that now. Lets just focus on getting your name cleared......*points to his computer screen*......and that.

As the computer switches back and forth between the photo image and said location of where it's was seen, we cross fade into the streets.

It cuts to later that night and Ryan decided to go downtown to investigate where he believed to have seen the tattoo earlier. But unwilling to take any chances, he brought Mac, Todd and Sonny along with him downtown to locate that area......

.....and to provide him with backup.

As for Austin, he stayed back at the apartment to monitor their movement from afar, like the typical guy in the chair.

They looked (scouted) everywhere, but they couldn't find it yet for the first couple of hours.

Until finally.......

Alright, hold up guys. Based on what I'm seeing here, you guys are getting closer than you think. I'd keep your eyes peeled if I were you.

Ryan: Thanks, broski.

He hangs off.

Mac: Nope. Nope. Nope, not there either.

Todd: Ry, you know I've always been optimistic about you ideas, right? Well, this seems a little over the top. Why not leave it to the professionals?

Ryan: Because as much as I know they want to deal with it, they're too occupied with other minor activities to focus on the main story here.

Todd: And you're absolutely positive that it wasn't you?

Ryan just stopped himself right then and there and turned his head around towards him.

Ryan: Let's just say that if it WAS me, I wouldn't even be here with y'all.

Mac: Point Taken.

Ryan: Argh. Hold on.

He taps back into his earpiece.

Ryan: Hey, are you sure this is where it was, man? It's been 2 hours.

Positive. My scanning device is satellite generated. It never lies.

Sonny: What's this about again?

Mac: It's more about righting a wrong.

Ryan: Thank you. Long story short: we think that my parents were murdered in relation with this tattoo I drew......

He takes it out of his pocket and shows him the tattoo covered in red ink.....almost as if it was redone in blood.

Sonny: Is that blood?

Ryan: If it is, then we're dealing with something much more serious. My father used to be a smuggler or something back in Detroit and he had that exact same tattoo on his back. But he left after I suffered an accident and I'm guessing that THIS is gang-related.

Sonny: So you think this tattoo is the official seal or symbol for their gang and whoever has this took him out as payback.

Mac: That's the story.

Ryan: Its all I managed to delve into. But luckily, I managed to snap the photo of the person who did him in and Austin managed to track its origin or whatever down here. So.....yeah.

It was clear that Sonny was understanding the story. I mean how could he not? It was obvious enough. But.....the fact that he was not briefed on how he got out of jail (oh really?) and was fed false information was just eating at him.

Sonny: Ok, I can understand THAT. But you kept this from me because?

Ryan: It's complicated.

Sonny: Uncomplicate it, then. You said you wouldn't lie to me.

Ryan: I didn't. There's a difference between lying and.......

The earpiece spikes yet again.

Heads up, y'all. I found it.

Ryan: What? Where?

He continues to look around from the windows until he had to look over Sonny's shoulder to get a glimpse of what he was looking for: that same familiar tattoo graffitied onto the wall in an alleyway.

Having reached the destination, Ryan parked the van nearby the alleyway. So they knew they were headed in the right direction.

Sonny and the others all got out of Ryan's van, albeit one at a time and cautiously, walk into the alleyway, with one behind the other.

As soon as they stepped into it, they were surrounded by other smugglers with semi-automatic guns and knives. Ryan and the others went back to back as they continued to anticipate what would happen next. But then they heard a voice.

Hold it, boys.

They stopped and all looked at another figure appear out of the shadows for he was their leader.......

.....and based on his appearance at first glance, he didn't seem to be that intimidating of a dude.

As he glanced over at Sonny and the others with some sort of disgust in his eyes, he sucked his teeth at the sight of them.

But once he looked right at Ryan, his pessimism went away as he smirked widely and took off his Shades.

Kingpin: Now what do we have here?

For Ryan, the way this guy looked was......somewhat of a mystery. Not too complex and not too simple.

Ryan: Hey....I know that guy.....some how....

The mobsters pulled them closer to this strange individual as he slowly approached Ryan ever so slowly and just stared at him.

Kingpin: Ryan Geraldo.....*chuckles*.....I haven't seen you since you were a boy, looking more like your father.

Ryan: Who the hell are you? You seem familiar.

Kingpin: Oh, we've met before. But you were just a few years younger back then. Vincent Morris Geraldson, at your service. I was a dear old friend of your father. That is until....he turned away from his calling card cause he took pity on his injured and pathetic excuse of a son. However, he should've known of the lines he'd cross.

"......lines he'd cross." I almost exploded when he said that.

Ryan: Did you do what I THINK you did?!

Kingpin: I'm afraid that's---

Ryan: Answer the question!

Kingpin turned around and smirked......before it faded. Something about Ryan's entire appeal just struck him as very, VERY altruistic......something that he didn't fair much for. However, he still saw a LITTLE bit of his Pops in him, in turns of how he found him. He then looks back at Ryan......with the smug smirk still on his face as he said......

Kingpin: Let's just say I needed someone to take the fall. And what better way to do that then use their own flesh and blood? Not to mention his track records as well. Shoplifting, drug dealers, illegal teen drinking......and of course, murder; you name it. Like father, like son......Growing up just like your old man, boy.

Anger was most certainly building up and Ryan wasn't afraid in any way to let it show.

Ryan: You son of a......Why?

Once again, he chuckles.

Kingpin: Let's make this sweet and simple, ok Jose? As THE biggest head of this syndicate in Wisconsin, I apply myself as one who doesn't deserve to be known or forgotten......unless anybody becomes interested for application. Whenever that happens, then there's an oath.

Todd: W-what oath?

As Kingpin basically chuckle mildly again and stepped back, one familiar someone appeared from his crowd of thugs and reared his ugly head back to all four of them......


And it was at that moment, for some bewildering reason, he basically rolled up his jacket sleeve over his right arm..... ......and it showed that red tattoo from earlier.

Sonny: Oh shit......

Furious after re-seeing this image and with pure confidence that he had found the true culprit, Ryan grabbed a gun from the pocket of a mobster nearby him before clocking him with the butt of said gun and shoots at Red, forcing him to back off and the other thugs to shoot back.

Quickly thinking, Ryan freed Sonny, Mac and Todd from the grips of the other few thugs holding them and thinking alike, they all ran for the Hills.

Despite all encompassing gunfire blasting all around them, none of the bullets were surprisingly hitting Ryan or anyone else. But the loud commotion of noise made it impossible for him to hear any of Austin's comments over the earpiece.

Oi. Hey, the hells happening down there? Ryan? Ryan!

Despite not being able to hear them, Ryan basically already had the gist for what he needed to do. After leading Sonny and Mac away from the alleyway, he goes back in to fire a few pop shots.......

......but then noticed Todd hiding behind two stacked cardboard boxes as cover.

Unwilling to leave him behind, he slid right beside him and got into cover with him.

Ryan: Now or never, Todd. We're gonna have to move!

Todd: They even see a pixel of my skin from out of the corner, I'm as good as dead!

Ryan: Hey hey hey, calm down! Listen, I need you to do something for me. Just one little thing, ok?

For mere seconds later, nothing had occurred apart from the constant ringing of bullets from the other side. Once Vince signaled his men to stand down for the time being, nothing else out of the ordinary happened.......

.......until a soda bottle came flying from over the boxes where Ryan and Todd were hiding and a look close shows an intense fizzing reaction from top to bottom.

In other words: MENTOS BOMB.

As soon as it hit the concrete beside them, the bottle best open and splattered a soda Geyser, drenching the entire group with soda and blindsiding them long enough for Ryan and Todd to make a move and try to escape.

But Kingpin was undeterred by the mentos bomb as he stepped through, grabbed one of the mobsters knifes and threw it......

.....directly at Todd......

......and it hits him through the neck.

As Ryan somehow stops in his tracks and looks back towards Todd, he realizes what he had just done as Todd takes three steps forward, falls forward and drops dead.

Ryan: TODD!!!!!

Before he can even get to his aid, Red shoots him in the leg causing him to fall while looking at Todd's body. But he got up quickly and hopped out of the alleyway with Mac and Sonny, coming back to get him away.

After silence rolls throughout the alleyway, Red motioned the rest of the goons to go after them......

......until Kingpin stopped them all.

Kingpin: Leave them be.......for now.

Red: You sure, Vince?

Kingpin: He needs to see who his TRUE friends, the ones who gave him everything he had.....and so much more.

By the next few minutes, Sonny and Mac led Ryan into yet another alleyway, leaving the van behind as they laid down near the wall across from a dumpster while they tried to catch their breath, breathing heavily.

Sonny: Did you even know what you were getting us into?! You just got Todd killed!

Ryan: How was I supposed to know he had more then just a few goons?! How was I supposed to know what to expect?!

Sonny: You were the one so POSITIVE, so devoid in common sense, so lacking in craps to give about OUR well-being that you just HAD to drag us into this fucking mess yourself?!

Ryan: I am NOTHING like what he said my father was. I was only doing what I thought was right.

Sonny: Apparently, leading us to three member gang meeting was Suicide and great thinking on your behalf.

Mac: Every gang has at least over three to seven members, so it shouldn't be a surprise!

Ryan: It's just----ARGH!!!

He gets up and kicks the dumpster, clearly furious as he was forced to literally run away from the one responsible for doing his parents in (as he believed) and asks himself......

Ryan: You can't escape your past, you can only hope to avoid or outrun it for so long......but it'll always find you when you least expect it.......and.......*sighs*'s just NOT fair. Can the day get any worse?

It always depends on which direction you choose to take it.

They (Ryan, Mac, Sonny) heard a voice from the right of them and saw an outlining shadow of a woman leaning against a wall in the same alleyway they were in.

Ryan: Who are you? And how do you expect me to listen to what you have to say?

Cause we both have something in common: just like any natural born civilian, you, just like myself, are willing to right the wrongs that are sentenced to us.

Ryan was confused completely, but the way she was speaking made it seem like she wasn't as dangerous as the asshat they JUST encountered.

Ryan: I'm listening.

Sonny: Woah woah woah. Ryan, do you really want to trust this....this......? I don't even know. But what makes you believe she has anything useful to say?

The shadowy image slowly moves its head SLIGHTLY almost as if it was staring directly at him.

I don't.

Ryan: Then what's the point of telling me something that I already know?

Finally, the shadowy image mustered the courage to reveal itself from behind the dumpster and show its face and more or less, it's identity.

A 6'0" tall, middle-aged woman with rather curly hair and wearing all black.

Upon seeing her face, Sonny almost caught a seizure from his own astonishment.

Sonny: Y-you......

Willow: Me.

It's at that moment Willow grips onto Ryan's shoulder and ushered this......

Willow: They always say that when life gives you lemons, just fuck 'em. Cause appearances can be deceiving and they're not sweet, especially since the cost of a loss is too heart-aching for one person to have to experience. That isn't sweet, either. You know what it feels like to have everything seemingly ripped away from you; just for ONE predicament. But not anymore. You must head into the place you've long dreaded to head towards and dig yourself a hole so deep that not even you will be able to recognize what feat you've accomplished. It's only just a matter of time when the calm before the storm approaches. You'll find your answer there......where I couldn't find it.

She then lets go of his shoulder and while it looked like she was starting to walk away  from him.......

.....what she really does is stick her hand out and offer it to him. A handshake or a trap?

Willow: But first, you must find PEACE.

Its now clear that she's offering him a chance to come with her. Now strangers come in many shapes and forms, and while Willow was ABSOLUTELY no exception, something about all she's said and her demeanor in general rubbed Ryan in the right way......

......sort of.

Sonny: Ryan. Do I need to remind you how she is?

Ryan: I'll be alright. Just get out of here, both of you.

It was at that moment that he psychologically urged himself forward as he......

......shook Willows hand.......

......before she then disappeared into the shadows of the alleyway as Ryan tailed behind, leaving Sonny and Mac looking at each other confused and such.

Meanwhile; back at the Jensen residence.......'s 10:21 at night........

.......and for clearly obvious reasons, Britney was unable to get some sleep. The fact that almost every cop and detective has been tasked with finding and hunting down Ryan to the point of running him down like a rabid dog was rather intoxicating for her to think about.

Britney: Argh.......ugh.......ARGHHH!

By the time she finally bolted up off her back from the bed, she inadvertently knocked her alarm clock over and jumped  out of bed. She decided that if most of the United States Law Enforcement were already in the case, she'd find out if the closest person to her would also be involved.

She wanted to check on what something her mother left behind.......specifically on the kitchen table.

As soon as she made her way there, without attracting much attention, her eyes shot over to her mothers pocketbook standing as vertically straight as it could possibly be......with the lights centered over it.

When it comes to blatantly obvious things like this, the ONLY way thing that could possibly run through her mind is one of those secret spy cliches: whenever you try and take something you need, they'll be someone waiting for you to catch you slipping.

Unwilling to take that big of a risk, Britney simply dumped any and all accessibles out of her mothers pocketbook on the table, scoured through whatever she dumped on there and eventually found some......

.....file papers.

Britney: What in---No, you did not.

Despite what everything else in her brain was already telling her, she went against it as she took the papers in the living room and sat in the comfy chair with a flashlight in hand.

By the time she opened the files and looked through every single scrap of paper in the file,  nothing but shock overcame her face as her initial thoughts from earlier came true.

Her mother was, in fact, involved if not briefed on the case against Ryan.....

Britney: There is no way.

Ah-ha-ha! Got ya!

The voice startles Britney out of the seat as she quickly scatters to the light switch and turns it on.......

........only for her to see that it was when her mother Janet hiding in plain sight in the  exact same room.

Britney: Why??

Janet: Noticed you weren't acting very much like yourself. Besides, you're always uptight about the papers, honey.

Britney: Well; yeah, because of......what I just saw here.

As soon as she grabs the file and shows her the papers......

Janet: Hey!

......Janet snatches the files back away from her.

Janet: That's classified information, baby.

Britney: It's not classified if it has anything to do with Ryan, ok? Nobody's been taking his side since it happened and how I find your OUR house......and you don't bother telling me a damn thing about it?

She had a point.

Janet: *sighs*.......Britney.....I....I know what you're thinking. But it's not true.....ok? Honestly, I really don't think Ryan has anything to do with murdering his parents. Nothing from what I read here makes any lick of sense to me, and I had to go over this at least four times each morning since I got it to see if I missed anything.

Britney: And you didn't.

Janet: Of course I didn't.

Britney: Then why do you even have this?

Janet: What was I supposed to do, reject it? I've practically been on my bosses radar since I screwed the pooch with him and after all the offenses I've gotten, I'm about inches away from being fired.

Before Britney could add more to the conversation, there's knocking on the door from the front of the house and as it echoes through both of their eardrums, they both end up looking at each other.

Janet: I'll.....We'll finish this later.

Despite the completely obvious shift in tone in her voice when she said that, Britney wasn't ready to let the matter go to waste. Yet, she nodded at her.

Soon enough, Janet answered the door to find.....

Wilson: Janet.

Janet: Argh......Wilson. Wha—what time is it, 10:30?

Wilson: Close, 10:31. Look, I was hoping I could speak to your daughter. For what we know and YOU know, she knows about the escaped convict that we've been pursing for a while now. I need to ask her a few questions.

Janet: Escaped suspect? You mean Ryan Geraldo?

Wilson: Yes.

Considering the fact that she was a detective as well, although she had her doubts about it, she didn't want to give her up flesh and blood.

So she did the only thing she felt was necessary.

Janet: I'll get dressed....and I'll get the files, so we could discuss this at the station.

Wilson: Sure you don't wanna let me in?

Janet: Not on my watch, Smokey.

She shuts the door.

Over at the Wisconsin Police Department only a few minutes later, both Janet and Wilson were, in fact, going over the details given to them provided in the file regarding the case.

Janet: I'm being serious with this, ok? It's painfully obvious how much work we're putting into this. We arrest the guy, put him in jail to await sentencing and as soon as he escapes, we just—

Wilson: Take another look.

He points her down to one of the pictures in the file again as her eyes revolve over to the picture that shows the back wall of the prison being destroyed in regards to the bomb from that day.

Wilson: He did escape, but probably not the way he wanted to go. And look at his face as he looked up to the camera. The fact that he looks so quick to scurry away tells me that he's either had this planned......

Janet:.....or he was just scared shitless. Even so, Ryan wouldn't have had the time to call up any relations on his behalf to even try to bail him out. For all I know, that's not him.

Wilson: Janet.

She turns over towards him.

Wilson: Relations or not, we still have a job to do. So far, everything we got points all of the blame directly to Ryan. As far as I'm concerned, as long as he's still out there........until we can find evidence that proves otherwise.......he's still a major threat to all of us.

Morbus: And God knows what type of schemes he may have in store next.


........would have to be the word Janet was thinking hearing her partners talk about this. She knew she had to remain professional but at the same time..... was Ryan.

She knew him just as much as Britney does, and even especially longer than Wilson and Morbus do. She looked down shortly and briefly, concocting some sort of idea in her head due to her rapid fire bursts of eye movement contorting from left to right.

THIS, more than likely, wasn't going to end well for her career, but she knew damn well that this wasn't right.

Janet: Let's make this clear: I'm not disputing against this. I'm not picking sides here. I'm just saying that this seems WAY too fishy. I don't like the fact that he was straightforward through the whole conversation. I don't like the fact that he threw his lawyer out the building.......and I ESPECIALLY don't like the fact that the polygraph gave a completely bullshit response to all of that. For all we know he could've just been nervous and not only that, I'm not a fan of polygraphs.......

Wilson: You're a fan of statements, that's been exaggerated multiple times, but......

Janet: No "buts", ok? I know this is required and all that but you've seen the news....where all of these innocent men, women and children are getting mauled by people LIKE us for even the smallest offenses......and yet they're the ones receiving the punishment while the real culprits are wandering out to do as they please. For the victims sake, I wanna get my hands on Ryan so I can get his side of the story myself. Just to prevent him from potentially suffering the fate of all those who couldn't find justice themselves.

She takes the file papers back and simply waited for a reaction out of both Wilson and Morbus. Doesn't matter which reaction she got, but she REALLY would've liked the more generally positive answer.

Morbus: We already got his side of the story.

Janet: Well, Kevin....lets just say that I know why......a womans required in these situations......

Both Wilson and Morbus look at each other.

Wilson: Let me take this back.......and I'll inform the lieutenant on it, ok?

She nods to him as Wilson walks off towards the lieutenants office, files in hand.


Back downtown in that alleyway with the graffitied tattoo plastered on the wall, there wasn't much to write about in the alleyway at that moment.

In fact, it was more or less what was happening in the small compact safehouse adjacent to the graffitied wall in which the interesting stuff was going down...... zoom into a compressed space in said safehouse where the only light that was on was dangling above the Kingpin himself. There wasn't much to what he was doing for that matter.......

......but a faint rolling sound came across his ears, causing him to turn towards the door. With no other clear vibrations to drown out his earlobes, all he was able to hear was the constant beating of his boot soles making contact with the floor......scraping off the pavement......

.....screeching through every corner of the empty safehouse.

Upon exiting the oppressively empty safehouse to the outside of his alleyway, something FINALLY started to happen which brought a smirk upon his face.

Kingpin: Ah-ha-ha.......

Two vans park up in front of him, with the back doors facing him in reverse. Then there's the sound of chucking doors open as three men and Red pile out the vans and immediately walk to the back of the vans accordingly.

They all opened the back doors simultaneously as entire linear wooden crates and boxes literally dropped from out the back and as soon as they all collided with each other, only about one crate opened up to reveal......



......and STICKY BOMBS.


Kingpin: This all of it?

Men: Yeah.

Kingpin: Every one of these babies were stashed?

Red: Yep, every last scrap of guns, grenades, ammunition, every bit of cold hard steel that was fornicated back home. The pudgy bastards shot as us first, though.

Kingpin: Pity I wasn't there. Would've liked to catch one last glimpse of life in their eyes long enough so they could.......say who REALLY runs this yard.

As the rest of his mobster men organized the rest of the guns from the vans, rather cautious was Vince as he approached the gun crate that cracked open when it crashed down.

I guess "gun" was a bit of a under-bearing, cause it was more than that.

This was a .338 Lapua sniper rifle.

How could he tell that?

Basically by looking at the ammunition provided for said gun. As he took only ONE bullet from the ammo-box WITHIN the crate, and snapped it into the mechanism of the gun, everyone took a HUGE step away considering how much of a kick this gun has.

Taking a step back.......

......and aiming the sniper steadily......

.......he quickly zipped himself around towards his henchmen, causing them to get out of the way as he fires the Lapua, launching the bullet out the weapon as it shattered a lightpost.......

......scaring off a few birds perched on the rooftops.

Talk about fulfilling utter contentment. The sheer smirk that overcame his face wasn't close to enough in explaining how gleeful he was about this......especially after taking a quick sniff from inside the gun, confirming the gun recently having been fired.

Kingpin: Bonanza.

Placing the Lapua back in the crate for the others to store back for now, he brings Red off to the side for a little Mano e Mano chat.

Kingpin: Based on all that we have here, it should be enough to smuggle out of here before the summer solstice......this Sunday.

Red: Again, depends on how much we have. For all we know, we might have to make TWO trips back to back. And you mean to tell me you're not afraid?

Kingpin: Only To losin', my boy. Only to losin'.

Red: You'll wish you took that back.

Kingpin; Hmmm?

Red: Two of our 9 sticky bombs......AWOL. They're gone.

This left an utterly confused yet clearly frustrated look on his face......yet it didn't stay that way for long.......


Back at the station, Janet was doing all that she could to make herself useful while she awaited a response as to whether or not she'd be able to go on her own and figure out the true story behind Ryan's conviction.

Yet, everytime she got anxious, she couldn't help but to stare blindly at Wilson inside the lieutenants office, almost as if she was just a kid in line waiting to get just ONE SCOOP of ice cream.

But during that overly long, oppressively boring wait, she did discover something......of some importance.

Upon looking up the news articles about the Geraldo case online and skimming through some news articles, she saw the typical stuff that news articles normally display whenever something interesting pops up.

No surprise there.

However...... of the articles that CNN had put on their own personal website had actually managed to catch something rather interesting: the video footage of Ryan escaping from his exploding house.

Only this time it was from another camera angle and this time, it ACTUALLY showed more than what was originally given to the police. This new footage of the event actually showed a van on the outside of said house across the street and after said House was sent to smithereens, the van takes off.

......and if that wasn't intriguing enough, way before the van took off, the person who was inside said van was recording the entire thing......and it's face was visible the entire time.

Janet: Oh, I gotcha now.

Wilson: Ants in your pants?

The voice startled her slightly yet it still caught her interest. This was the moment when she was going to get her answer.

Janet: I-I guess I wasn't fond in staying in the same place for a long time. But what else do you expect when you're waiting to hear back from your boss?

Wilson: You do know he's been rather skeptical of letting you back out there?

Janet: Yeah.

Wilson: But on the other hand, you were one of the few out there who were more than determined enough to try hardest to get here, so......

After very brief moments of silence, Wilson handed the file papers back over towards Janet as he held out it towards her.

Janet: You mean he actually—

Wilson: Yeah, I insisted a couple times.....and he actually went forward with it. But if you're wrong or if you mess up, he says this is YOUR ass on the line here, ok?

Hearing those words only deepened her determination to prove and reveal the truth. It didn't matter to her whether she lost her job in the process, for she had already done her fair share of years in the Homicide unit.

She basically said what had to be said.

Janet: Yes. Tell the Lieutenant I said "Thank you".

As she takes the file papers from him and shakes his hand feeling rather murky, she takes off just as Morbus reappears right behind Wilson.

Morbus: You think she knows what she's doing?

Wilson: She's definitely resilient, I'll give her that.

As she walks down the hall and downstairs to exit, down onto the mild and soothing relaxing sound upon the Stevens Point portion of the Wisconsin River.....

.....comes utter silence.......

......which is briefly interrupted by the coming sound of rolling tires. The Goodyear durable tires of a 2007 Ford Freestar Cargo Van parking alongside the sidewalk squeaks very faintly.....

.....before Willow steps out of said van.

Willow: We're here.

It's not long before Ryan steps out of the passengers seat 💺(shotgun) of said van, and quickly looks at the environmental surroundings around him......for he had visited this area countless times before.

Ryan: Stevens Point.

Willow just nods back towards him before slowly walking up close to the river and leaning herself, rather awkwardly on the railing. For all that Ryan could fathom upon, even after following her up there, there wasn't much to this.

It appears that she brought him here, to help him re-Center and refocus everything that was needed to help him better understand what was happening.

Ryan: Why bring me here?

Willow: Peace. Humidity. Timidity. You get all of those here.

He'd be lying if he said he didn't feel that way. Something about glancing out over the river and seeing his own reflection through the ripples of the waves brought a feeling of......tranquility over him.

The first he's felt in a while since being framed.

Ryan: I'll admit.....I do feel a little better.

Willow: Its always essential for the troubled youth to find their place in which they're able to achieve even a slight measure of collective consciousness within not only themselves, but with those......who have suffered along side them.

Collection consciousness: a fundamental sociological concept that refers to the set of shared beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and knowledge that are common to a social group or society.

That concept was among the two strangers for they shared a similar path, unbeknownst to Ryan, before. However, it wouldn't be long before things would get interesting.

Ryan: So.....r-referring back to earlier, what makes you say we're similar to one another?

The woman plucks off a cigarette to the side before turning slowly over to Ryan's right and emphatically saying......

Willow: We both seek the same thing, Ryan.

Ryan: And what would that be?

Willow: Tranquility.

Ryan: You mean that as in the state of trying to stay peaceful or clam, right?

She only nods briefly before leaning on the rail with him, taking this time to explain.

Willow: It was as this moment......of MY life that everything took a turn for the worst. I was at your age, with that same charisma of having all of the possible accomplishments under my belt sometime in the near future.......and I really wished that stuff went down the way that it should've.

Ryan: So I take it, something like this happened to you too?

For what it was worth, it was something that Ryan just had to know but the response that came out her mouth once she turned towards him only made his situation all the more complicated.

Willow: KINGPIN.

Ryan: W-what?

Willow: I served my time for what HE did. Back then, fingerprint technology, blood samples and DNA evidence wasn't very strong, so back then......I knew it was it for me. You, on the other hand, are either extremely lucky or completely ill-determined to do what I was unable to accomplish.

It was clear Ryan was unable to piece together what Willow was trying to say at this second but......thinking back to his recent confrontation with the Kingpin and his fathers past activities years ago, it seemed......

.....a little fishy. But there was a pattern merging here and it was more or less the EXACT SAME pattern as before.

Now fully understanding the complexity of this situation, Ryan simply pressed himself next to Willow before briefly tapping her on the back.

Ryan: Hey.

She turns towards him.

Ryan: I don't know how......but I will get him......for both of us.

This caused Willow to smile very slightly as she took ahold of Ryan's hand and gripped it, in the same way some preachers would do their prayers.

Janet: Ryan?

A few seconds after hearing the voice, he turned around to face Janet who was clearly some distance away. She was breathing very mildly and the fact that there was some abrupt yet barely visible detection of sadness in her eyes made it be known about this simple and obvious truth:........

Willow: Her eyes tell the story.......she remains an ally to your cause.

Ryan: No kidding.

Cutting away from the beautiful scenery of the river and back into the rigid humid atmosphere in the busy part of the city (specifically in Madison), there was a lot happening on the road more than there was on the sidewalk. There was no rush hour happening, in which there shouldn't be one at night and yet out of all the cars on the road......

......only one of them was apparently in a hurry.

That car just so happened to be Janet's, with her behind the wheel and Ryan and Willow stuck in the backseats.

Janet: much does she know?

Ryan: From what I've heard these last few hours, it's safe to say she knows the culprit......just as much as I do.

Her eyes bolted wide open.

Janet: Y-you know?

As she looks back at Willow momentarily as she stops at a red light, Willow sets up straight and tells her.

Willow: Vincent Morris Geraldson. Likes to be considered a Kingpin to his gang and everyone else who so happens to run into him. He's done weapon deals, contract killings, drug deals, illegal smuggling. You name it, he's done it all.

Janet: Ok, I'm intrigued. When did you first run into him?

Willow: Long time ago. Merely decades ago in Detroit.

This response made Ryan had a revelation: back before he encountered "Kingpin" for the first time, he told his friends the story about why his father stopped working with the bad men he was working with. But now, it was starting to gel together in some areas......

......especially that event when he was involved in that car crash that almost killed him.

Bastard tried to kill me.......

Janet: Well.......

Hearing Janet's voice knocked him out of his thoughts 💭.

Janet: Perhaps maybe we can bring in some more witness statements before we make an official decision.

Ryan: What witness?

All she did was smirk.

Janet: You'll see.

She turns back around to face the road just as the light went green again, signaling them to go.


Cracks of thunder reigning above the night sky made Willow look up outside of the window, as it appeared to catch her interest to some degree. But really, all it was drizzling rain.

Ryan: Hey.

She looks back towards him.

Ryan: Don't tell me you're scared of a little lightning?

Willow: I'm not overly fond of what follows.

Ryan snickers a little bit at the remark, remembering where it came from, just as Janet's phone 📱 began vibrating in her pocket. She was more than positive that it was either the lieutenant or Wilson calling to get an update on WHAT or more or less HOW she was doing. As she took her phone out and saw who ACTUALLY was calling her, she perked up a small smirk before answering.

Janet: Yeah?

Janet, it's me.

Janet: Ok, I'm listening. Where are you?

Perched up at the hospital, outside of Room 228, alright? Second floor.

Janet: Well, that's—

I don't think he'll make it.

Janet: What?

Doctor told me what types of injuries he's had. Broken tissues, brain damage, punctured lungs.....I-I don't even know anymore.

Janet: My god......

Please just—just get here.

Janet: Right, ok. Listen, he's with me right now.

He? Y-you—you mean—?

Janet: Uh-huh, we're on our way over to you.

It's been weeks since it happened, Janet. If he saw me, I don't think he'd be able to—

Janet: Trust me, he'll understand. Why wouldn't he?

  • sighs* Get him here. He needs to have one last chance with him.

Janet: Ok, we're on our way.

As soon as she hangs up, Ryan got a little suspicious over what she was just talking about. It didn't seem like the normal type of conversation that would take place between supposedly other detectives.......

......or maybe it wasn't?

As if his suspicions weren't already on high, Willow had to grasp onto his shoulder and inform him, indirectly that.....

Willow: Perhaps he didn't fully waste them after all.

After well over 30 minutes on the road, Janet's van finally came to a stop at a nearby hospital as she steps out of said van and immediately heads to go inside. But then she turns around to see Ryan get out to, once again, observe.

Once again, it was rather difficult NOT to recognize his surroundings especially the hospital dead center in front of him.

Ryan: St. Mary's?

Janet: Just stay behind me, ok?

As instructed, he almost did follow Janet inside of the hospital......but not before he realized Willow wasn't tagging along.

Ryan: Uhhh, wait. Are you—

Just as he turned around to see whether or not Willow was going to come in with them, she vanishes out of nowhere........and there was no other traces of her to be found.


Ryan: Y-ye-yeah. I'm coming.

Still confused about that sudden disappearance on Willows behalf, but unwilling to let it completely obstruct everything else, Ryan finally entered the St. Mary's hospital.......

......and quickly loses his sense of direction.

So he just did the logical thing at go up to the front desk and speak with the desk clerk.

Desk Clerk: Hey, how can I help you?

Ryan: Actually, that's kind of the issue. I'm just a little—

He then feels a tug on his shoulder.

Janet; Don't worry, he's with me.

She holds out her detectives badge up to her, informing her that she is FAR from an ordinary guest.

Janet: Detective Janet Jensen from the Wisconsin State Police Department. I need to speak with the doctors in Room 228; it's very important.

Desk clerk: They're on the third floor.

Janet: Thank you.

Almost immediately after getting directions, Janet led Ryan over to the side of the hallway near the elevators.

Ryan: Can I get some answers now, please?

Janet: Don't worry. I have something in store that might brighten up your mood a little bit?

Ryan: What are you talking about? The past few days have already been a clusterfuck of false allegations and rumors and just......just......all around........I—

Once again, frustration was sinking in.

Ryan: I've practically seen as many surprises from THIS then I normally receive on my birthday. What surprise could possibly top this cherry on a shit sundae?

The response that he was expecting to hear from Janet.......wasn't what he was expecting to hear (let alone SEE) at all. She brought her head down for a brief second, indicting bad news was coming his way. But as soon as she shot her head backs up at him......

.....she smiled.

Upstairs, specifically via elevator, both Janet and Ryan causally walk through the hallway, with Ryan getting a near distinct feeling as if he was walking alone......and the only sound he'd be able to hear is the repetitive heels clicking down from his shoes.

Janet: Eyes closed, ok?

Ryan: Alright, alright, what's up? Come on.

Finally, they stop.

Janet: 'em.

He does......and what he sees in front of him instantly refills his hope and his heart with joy.......

......his mother, Sophie still alive and well in a chair right outside of Room 228.

I think.....miracle.....was more or less the only word I could've used to describe that moment. I don't know how......I mean, I really thought she was gone but......*chuckles*......there she was.

Still breathing.

Ryan: Wha—M-Mom?

He takes a few quick steps and then starts running. Somehow, Sophie knew when to look right as she looks up and sees her son making a beeline towards her.

Ryan: Mom!

Sophie: Ryan!

She hugs him tightly as if it was the first time she's seen him in almost forever.

Sophie: Oh, my baby! What happened to you?!

Ryan: I was gonna ask the same thing! How did you—? He shot you, I saw him!

Sophie: Guess I got LUCKY. But while that madman's back was turned, I had to get out. I didn't mean to leave you but I had to. But again, I guess I got lucky there too. Barely managed to get me and you father out in time.....but then......


Sophie:......the house was gone. I didn't know where else to go, but as soon as I got out, I checked him and myself in......and SHE was the first person I called.

This relieved him.......SO supposedly such a short time. He was almost certain that he had lost EVERYTHING that night because of Kingpin. He thought he'd be lost on his own for possibly forever. But at least now he knows, at least ONE part of his life was still with him despite all the odds.

And he knew just who to thank for that.

Ryan: Thank you.

Janet: All in a days work.

He nodded back at her before turning back towards her mother and asking the only question on his mind......

Ryan: Is he here?

Within a few moments later, all three of them walk into the room of.....his a long and glorious pause in reality set in for Ryan. Despite not wanting to think about it, the fact that it was right in FRONT OF HIM was very disturbing to try and draw away from.

Even more so when he tries to block out what was happening around him......all He could hear was the blurry pixelated voices of Janet and the doctors talking.

Just a few minutes with him.

He's still conscious. You can speak to him now.

Thank you.

As the doctors exited the room, Janet kept Ryan and Sophie back in the corner of the room for only a few seconds as Ryan's mental obstacle course finally began to leave him. Focusing his attention towards his unconscious father, he watched Janet approach him, gripping her hands on the rail of the bed before whispering.......

Janet: Someone's here to see you.

She backs up from him slowly and eyes over at Ryan to approach his father. He had every inconceivable thought penetrate and plague his mind with each step he took as he got closer and closer to that hospital bed.

Ryan: Dad?

Very slowly, and in a very faint matter, his fingers began to twitch in a very compulsive fashion......more or less the same way it would've been if you were getting electrocuted. By the time his hand became functional, it reached over to Ryan's hand and it touched him.

Ryan: Pops, I'm here.

Soon as he felt that familiar touch, Ryan gripped onto him tightly. Watching what little glimmer of light was left in his eyes was very AGONIZING for him to look at. And it was even worse for his mother.

But finally.......

Henry: R-Ryan.......

Ryan: Yeah?

Henry: I—it''s him......

HIM. The word was already fried into my brain since I busted myself out of the penitentiary. But up until then, I had no idea who. But now.......NOW......I knew who he was talking about.

Getting the gist in what he was talking about, Janet quickly took out her phone and remembered the full image video on CNN's article on their website. Before she could show it to him, she needed a quick confirmation.

Janet; Guys, over here.

They went over to her.

Janet: This was the footage that Wilson and Morbus brought to you the first time, right? Ryan: Yeah, this was what got me stuck in this......except this—this wasn't cropped out like it was before.

Sophie: B-before?

Ryan: D-do you think—?

Janet: It gets better. Pause it and zoom in.

He does as instructed and zooms I'm on the paused video. His eyes zips back and forth between him and the black van, but once he got a good enough look at the guy inside of said van......

Ryan: There. That's him.

......his theory appeared to have been confirmed.

Janet: That's the Kingpin?

Ryan just nods firmly.

Ryan: Yeah, that's the man who put us all in this mess.

Sophie just grips onto Ryan's shoulder slowly as she begins to tear up, seeing how much more complicated, how much more personal this entire situation became. It became even more clear when Ryan took the video footage from Janet's phone and showed it right up to his fathers face, just as Henry took one look at the video and just groaned very weakly.

Henry: Why?

Ryan: It's true, wasn't it? Everything he told me about you.....back in Detroit?

The least Henry could do was nod.

Henry: I—I was low on.....savings. No way to get around, no way to provide for your mother......

He weakly eyes over at his wife, who was on the verge of breaking down himself.

Henry: I was willing to sacrifice......and make the type of living that I never wanted you to be apart of......*sighs weakly*......typical Vince......always salvaging.......*coughs heavily*.....

Once again, Ryan grips his hand tight.

Henry: H-he......

Ryan: He what?

Henry: such thing........

Now, THAT was a turning point. The fact that his father just contradicted the very thing he had told him weeks earlier had made no sense. He was basically telling him to go ahead and get Kingpin......which would be easy if Ryan was about getting even and taking revenge.

Well...... WOULD be that way very shortly because Henry's grip started to worsen and his pulse started to fade until it got to the point where Ryan couldn't hold him tightly anymore.

Ryan: Pops, please don't do this. Please, man. C'mon, no! NO!


Henry Geraldo finally succumbs.....which leads to his passing.

That flatline was devastating to hear from a DISTANCE, but having to hear it up close, having to see the one you've loved and cared for all your life pass off in front of you in arguably the most violent way possible......

.......there was no recovering from that.

Sophie: Oh my god, no.......NO!

Heartbroken after seeing her husband pass on after holding for much longer than he should've gone, she couldn't bother trying to look anymore. To her, she might as well be dead already. But Ryan........he was not having ANY of it, as he stormed out the room and prepared to take off.

Sophie: R-Ryan?

Janet: Stop, Stop, Stop!

Ryan: Why you telling ME to stop?! I've spent the last two weeks of my life getting my ass handed to me from those he never heard my side of the story and yet they convinced that it was me.

Sophie: We—we know it wasn't you, ok?

Ryan: That's the point. YOU know, but they don't. If I can't prove my innocence, the rest of the 5-0 won't stop coming after me. Dad—He—

He had to take this moment to look back over at his currently deceased body, resulting in a few tears running down his eyelids.

Ryan: You know what? For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who don't, no explanation is even possible.

He stakes a few brief steps back away from Sophie and Janet before he fully turns around and runs away.

Sophie: Ryan!

Janet: Hey, I got him. Ok?

She nods to her silently and Janet immediately takes off after Ryan as Sophie just breathes in and out like she was hyperventilating, doing her best to block out the pain of just losing her husband.

But she couldn't. As soon as she walked back into his room with the flatline still ringing deep into her eardrums, she broke down into tears and bawled on Henry's dead chest......

.......unaware that someone was watching her from literally just outside the hospital room.

Their intentions.......weren't good.

And things weren't that well for Ryan as well, as he bursts out of one of the few exits out the side of the hospital and then makes a beeline back to the front......

......only to bump into Janet who came out the same way she came in.

Janet: The hells up with you?

Ryan: What, you want a birth certificate?!The bastard killed my father! I don't care how long it took; he finished him, ok?! And I'm just supposed to sulk here and wait for a miracle to happen?! I can't just stay here! I HAVE to find this S.O.B!

Janet: Ryan, don't even think about it, ok? There are other ways to handle it.

Ryan: At this point, my ways the ONLY way to go about this.

He once again walks away from her, as she tails behind her again.

Janet: Hol' Up, who do you think—

Just as she was getting ready to finish the comment.......


An explosion engulfs her car into flames, launching both of them back as the shockwave echos very faintly through the street.

Once they recover and see the carnage ensued, fear was the last thing either one of them had on their mind.

Ryan: Oh god, I'm so dead.

Janet: Not.....yet.

She helps Ryan up to his feet just as another car ends up screeching up in front of the both of them as it quickly came to an abrupt stop.

Who was in said car?

Sonny: Ms. Jensen?

Janet: Sonny!

Ryan: Oh thank God for you, man.

Sonny: The hells up with all that?

They both get into his car and slam the doors shut.

Sonny: Hey, careful with that!

Ryan: Less talking. Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel now!

Sonny: At least tell me what happened!

Ryan: I'll tell on the way back; just go!

Sonny: Why is it so hard to just te—

Janet: Drive!

Unwilling to argue any further, he did just that and drove off, revving further and further away from the flaming wreckage of what used to be Janet's cruiser van.

Unfortunately, there was a brief image of a shadow perched behind the walls of St. Mary's hospital as it stayed directly where it was, only to briefly move its arm up to its ear. But a faint light covering its hand reveals it was holding a phone in its hand.

Detective, I have information for you.

Who is this?

All I can tell you is what I just saw. Other than that; I must remain anonymous.

After a slight pause.....

Ok, fire away.

I just saw the officer from the hospital earlier just jump in a car with that man on the news from the other day.

The suspect?


After another slight pause over the phone.......

Any indication of proof?

The license plate number: TM61-9RDT......

Thank you.

Another hour passed by later, and it was only 4:00 🕓 a.m.......which basically means a lot of people would be asleep by now. That would be the case for Britney, as she was alone at the house and passed out on the couch.

By the time all three of them came in. Sonny slammed the door behind them, waking an exhausted Britney up from the couch, causing her to turn her head over to them.

Britney: Guys?!

Both of them (Sonny, Ryan) panted, covered in sweat as Janet just paced around frantically.

Britney: Ry, what's going on?

Ryan: Asshole has my number at every turn. He knows where I'm at, where I was, possibly even what I'm gonna do next. It's RIDICULOUS!

Britney: What are you talking about?

Sonny: I wouldn't do that. He kept this from me a for a while now. This "guy" seemed to know everything that happened the night that Ry---

Ryan: It wasn't me, dammit! He had people at MY house...they--they shot them and--an---and blew them up! I saw everything!

Sonny: Ryan, you sure their were people at your house? Cause the news showed a footage of you running out just before it blew up and they were no traces of other people around.

Ryan: IT WASN'T ME!!!!!

Hearing this frantic and uncontrollable rant bursting out of his mouth would've made anyone think he was mentally deranged or completely insane. But really, he just had one of the worst days of his life. Seemingly aware of that. Britney got up from the couch and held on to him to try and calm him down......although there was a wide margin of a chance that it wouldn't work out well.

It's as if Ryan wasn't sure who or even IF he can trust anyone anymore cause apparently at this moment in time, there was no stopping anyone from just walking up and flat out accusing him. For all he could care about, he just wanted this to be OVER.

That's when the phone rang.

Janet: You boys sit down, ok? I'll get it. Ryan did what she asked as he was really getting aggravated and just about ready to pull his hair out.


Janet: Sir, I know, but it—Could you just listen for a sec? It makes sense. It was all unfinished business to him, and adding Ryan into the mix would've given him the possible alibi if needed to—Oh my—You don't really think I PLANNED this, right? I mean—I'm what?! Sir, I—*sighs*......

Everyone couldn't help but to hear that outburst from the kitchen, but none of them was all so suddenly worried than Britney herself as she literally walked into the kitchen just SECONDS after hearing the outburst.

Whether they knew what was happening or not, one thing WAS clear: Janet just got fired from the Wisconsin State Police Department.

Britney: Oh my god......Mom?

Janet: I'll—-ugh.....I-I'm sorry, Britney but I need to step out for a little bit.

She ends up brushing past her own daughter, but Britney ends up grabbing her by the arm, stopping her from going any further.

Britney: What happened?


Janet: I got fired.

Britney: For doing what you were told?

Janet: It was a misunderstanding, yet they wouldn't listen, ok? Apparently, they thought I helped him escape after what happened at the hospital.

Britney: Is it true, though?

Janet: In some ways, yes. But like I told you before Britney, it's not what you think. I don't think Ryan had anything to do with this. In fact, I KNOW he had nothing to do with this. It's just....not only is he's NOT the type of person who would suddenly do something as senseless and unforgiving like that, but the rest of the WPD won't take my word for it. So believe me, you're not alone on that.

Britney: Then why doesn't it feel that way?

Janet: Trust me, my gut kept telling me the same thing, but I knew what my daughter told me.......and I believe her.

It took a while for said statement to get through to her, but Britney slowly started to perk a smile as she went over and hugged her mother.

Janet: *sighs* Thank you.

The two eventually pulled off the hug as she simply placed a kiss on Britney's cheek and then slowly walked out of the door.

Sighing heavily, Britney just went back towards the couch and sat down next to Sonny and Ryan. As for Ryan, the blank expression plastered over his face just made it all the more obvious what he was feeling right now.

Key word: Obvious.

Sonny: Hey---

Ryan: Stop.

Sonny: Hey, I'm not asking you much. Just......are you—

Ryan: Don't.

Sonny: Don't what?

Ryan: I know what you're gonna ask me: "Why does this mean so much" or "How come this is so important to you"?

Sonny: Considering the fact that I never got the full story and you spent the last few hours trying to get yourself killed, I can definitely say you're right. I was going to ask that.

Britney: Then let him explain; pressure isn't gonna help him.

Silence was given to Ryan for a few seconds, for that he was all he needed to calm himself and get out what he needed to say.

Ryan: Well, long story short: this is partially my fault.

Sonny: What; just because you got injured, and your dad quit because of it?

Ryan: No, it's because I kept the truth hidden under lock and key for practically all my life and not ONCE did I let anyone know the true story be told. I was positive that if anyone DID find out; it'd be the last I'd see of him. Ironic if you think about it, because Vince didn't want to let him go either.

Britney: Vince?

Ryan: Give me a second, ok bae?


Ryan: *sighs* That isn't the only reason why they killed them, but they still did what they did......then again, they don't know what they started. Even when I was in Detroit, Mom and Dad were my rocks in a world that wasn't there for me and never will be. When it started to drown me, they got me out of the riverside every time. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

Talk about an revelation. It made sense to both Britney and Sonny as to why he decided to put himself through this. But at least, now they knew HOW much it meant and what it symbolizes to him.

Britney: other words, it kills you to know that you're suffering for their mistakes and their wrongdoings when nobody deserved to suffer here.

Ryan just nodded firmly.

Sonny: That's all that matters in the end. Making a last stand, huh?

Once again, silence invaded the living room.

Sonny: So are we gonna do this or what?

Ryan: Hmm?

Sonny: You heard me. I can get Austin down here in no time flat. He's still got his gizmo's up and running.

Ryan: Yeah, well so did Todd.

Once again.....silence.

Sonny: Oh......I'm sorry about him, man.

Ryan: Don't be sorry, it's on me.....But trust me when I tell you, I'm gonna make sure Kingpin pays for that.

Britney: This Kingpin isn't like the bad guy from Spider-Man and Daredevil?

Ryan: No, Brit. He's a REAL mobster. His full name is Vincent Morris Geraldson......and apparently, my dad was the one who orchestrated most of the tasks that he had for my Dad. But since he's had me, he finally realized what was more important in life. So Vince ordered my parents murder and set me up to cover his tracks. That son of a b__ch is my only lead to clear my name.

Sonny: And how are you gonna do that? Are you gonna kill him??? They'll lock you up again for that, and we'll have to bust you out again.

Ryan: I can't tell you that for su—Wait.

"......and we'll have to bust you out again." He wasn't expecting to hear that, but he did. And yet it took about a minute to piece together what he meant, as he flashed back to when he got busted out of the penitentiary in the first place.

It made sense now.

Ryan: You and Austin......y'all got my out of jail that time?

Sonny: Let's just say---

  • clears throat*

He immediately turned his attention towards Britney who just pumped her eyebrows up like it was the Peoples Eyebrow and then held up her Apple Watch.

Britney: I wasn't willing to wait long enough to see you again.

Almost immediately, he grabs Britney in a tight hug and in almost no seconds flat, Britney hugged him back tightly like she had received a big ol' jolly Teddy bear for the first time. She was glad to have her Knight in shining armor back in her arms, let alone, her sight again.

All of a sudden......

  • banging on door*

Police! OPEN UP!

Sonny: Oh my fucking......

Ryan: Gotta be kidding me. They must've tracked down your license plate.

It's the only thing I could think of. Look. I'm gonna get out the back and hide. Brit, you and Sonny keep the Po-Po occupied until they're gone.

Sonny: Easier said than done, all. But I ain't sure as hell letting you go again.

Ryan: Exactly, ok? I'll be seeing ya.

Just as Ryan came close to running off....

Britney: Ry!

He looked back towards her direction as she grabs him by the shirt and kisses him all of the sudden.

As she pulls off from it.......

Britney: I love you.

Ryan: Love you too.

Then Ryan made his way to the back window in Brit's kitchen. He was about to get out, but then he saw a broken glass cabinet that had the SAME shape as the tattoo on Red.

He was curious about that symbol being in his girlfriends house and just as he was about to touch the broken glass, he heard a noise from behind him and he immediately turned around and backed up. Ryan really couldn't believe who he saw.

Ashlyn (Chloë Grace Moretz): Surprise.....surprise......

Ryan: Son of---Why you---You supposed to stay 500 feet away from me!

Ashlyn chuckled as she paced around Ryan and played around with her knife.

Ashyln: I know.....not quite what you were expecting. Am I right? Huh? I bet you were expecting some criminal mastermind or a prostitute or any of those other jackasses involved. But thing is this world is dangerous and unpredictable. You never know when something will just.....*pulls his face to hers and licks his cheek*.....rain ashes all over you. *pushes him away* But not this time. No more lies. No more false faces. The person you're looking right here. Sorry to disappoint you, Ry. was just little ol' me.....

Ryan: All this was you....You're the one who set me up?

Ashlyn: Jackpot. *smirks at him* Well....yeah. I pulled most of the reins. Just think of it as MY way of sweet, sweet revenge.

Ryan: Revenge?? What the hell you talk--*sighs* Look, I'm sorry about what happened to YOUR father. We all did what we could for him. I mean, I knew you were a little out of it, but KINGPIN?! Why the hell would you tag along with that monster?!

Ashlyn: YOUR FATHER WAS THE REAL MONSTER, RYAN!! Ever since he worked with the Kingpin, my family have been nothing but mere toys. He sold my mom to piggish perverts and he murdered my father during some stupid gambling. All this wouldn't be happening if it WEREN'T FOR HIM!!!!

Ryan: And my mom and me??!! Was it our fault too??!!!

Ashlyn: It doesn't matter whether you had a part in it or not. Point is you let your family destroy mine and you never told nobody the truth. And to think WE had a future together, you threw all of that out the god-damn window! You just left me to die!

Ryan: Cause you crazy! Why do you think I got the restraining order?!

She pushed him into the broken glass cabinet, causing more of the fragments to fall and she got up all over him.

Ashlyn: You know.....A long time ago, you always used to tell me, "Focus on what I want to achieve, and it'll happen" But tell me: do you know what I want now, Ry? Huh? Do you? I. Want. You. Dead.

She pulls up her knife and attempts to stab him.

Ryan caught her arm with the knife, but Ashlyn pulls her arm away and tries to stab him again. Ryan continued to push it back until he completely pushed her out the window.

And then silence......

He ran out the room to see if Britney or Sonny were still there and guess what? They weren't.

Ryan: Son of a---

We then cut to the station where Britney sits across Boris and Wilson.

Detective Wilson: Apparently, from what we know at this point, you've been lying to us. Now, I really don't like it when people lie to me. In fact, it really pisses me off.

Britney: I haven't lied about anything.

Detective Wilson: Seriously? You're doing it again. The last time you talked to us, you said you never saw Ryan at all that night.

Britney: I didn't.

Detective Wilson: We have two witnesses, saying that they saw you pick him up in your Hissan at a quarter to nine.

Britney was now worried. She knew what the truth was, but the detectives were so relentless.

Britney: Uhh.....

Detective Wilson: Listen, Britney. We have more then enough to pin this on not just Ryan, but possible even you. So if you REALLY don't having anything to do with this, explain yourself.

Sonny: Listen, Detectives. I--I take full responsibility. She and Ryan are close but she had nothing to do with it. Britney was there, yes, but she didn't know.

Borris: Bullsh**!

Wilson: Alright alright, just calm down. Are you saying you're Ryan Geraldo's accomplice? And Britney here is his girlfriend, who had no idea? Brit, don't you watch tv?

Britney: Never any news. *Whispers to Sonny* What'd you doing??

Sonny: *Whispers* Getting you out of here.  

Borris: She's lying.

Wilson: Well, all she's told us is that she never saw him and now Sonny here is saying pretty much the same thing. If they're lying, how can you tell?

Borris: *Leans close to her face* Cause it's always the quiet ones.

Britney: Get away from me.

Wilson: Look, I just talked to Jensen before I came in here and I agreed that we don't have enough evidence to keep them here overnight unless time contradicts itself.

Sonny: What?

Boris: Seriously?! Again?!

Wilson: Stay out of this. looks back at Britney and Sonny Alright, for now.....go home. We may speak again, but until then, you're free to go.

Sonny and Brit were stunned; they didn't know what to say. One cut later and they soon went outside the station.

Britney: That was easier than I thought.

Sonny: Guess we got lucky.

Kingpin: Or have you?

They turned over to see the Kingpin's men pointing their guns at them as he grinned while pulling off his glasses. Eventually, he made eye contact with Britney.

Kingpin: So, you must be Britney. Ryan's squeeze. I must say, you are beautiful.

Britney: What's it to you, you creep.

Sonny: Brit. That's the guy who murdered Ryan's parents. He even murdered Mac and set him up.

Britney: You're behind all this??!!!

Kingpin: No, dear. Old Henry had a dept to pay, yes, but the rest was a favor. 

Sonny: From who? Why would YOU need a favor?

All of a sudden, both of them were knocked out from Ashlyn.

Ashlyn: That would be me.

She then looked at Kingpin with a smirk. She walked up to him and gave him a kiss.

Ashlyn: Everything's set up, right?

Kingpin: You know how I roll, Ash

Ashlyn: In that case, let's get this over with.

Kingpin ordered his men to drag Sonny and Britney into their cars as the drove off.

Meanwhile; Austin was playing a game online his laptop as Ryan barged in.

Ryan: Austin!

Austin: Woah! Ryan......

Janet (Detective Jensen): What's he doing here?

Ryan didn't know Janet was in the room with them. He looked surprised at first.

Ryan: Ms. Jensen.....hey......

Janet: I thought you were locked up.

Austin: He was, but for the wrong reasons. You've heard of a Kingpin?

Janet: Like from Spider-Man?

Ryan:*sighs*......does a Vincent Morris Geraldson ring any bells?

Janet: You mean the one who----Oh no, no, no, no, no......I gotta tell Wilson.

Ryan: No!! If Wilson knows I'm here, he'll definitely bring backup with him. The Kingpin and who he's working for have the evidence to prove my innocence. And if they lock me up again, we may never get them.

Austin: Wait wait wait. The Kingpin's working with somebody?

Janet: Apparently so. But why would---

The phone rang and Ryan answered.

Ryan: Hello?

Kingpin: Still on the run like your father, Ryan? How typical of you.

Ryan: The hell you want now? Does your boss have you cleaning up her mess or does she need me to do it?

Kingpin: Always had something to say. Again, just like your father. Don't worry. I won't put you to waste just yet. But on the contrary, I have a specific proposal for you.

The line was silent for a brief moment and then Ryan heard another voice over the phone.

Britney: Ryan!!

Sonny: Get your ass down here, man!!!

Ryan: Where are you?

Kingpin: *over phone* You want them? I'm normally not fond to Gavin guests around, but for you, my boy, that's an exception. I'll send you the coordinates.

Ryan: I'm putting an end to this.

He hangs up and then smashes the phone.

Ryan: Oh my g--That f**king.....Son of a--

He starts the beating on the door.

Janet: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Relax! That ain't gonna solve the problem!

Ryan: I know.....*breathing heavily*.....but why can't they just leave us alone? He's got Britney as well.

Janet: He WHAT?! Son of a b**ch.....I'm sorry, Ryan, but I'm gonna have to tell Wilson about this.

Riley (Kimberly Elise): That won't do you any good, you know?

Janet heard her sister, Rileys voice from behind her as she turned around.

Riley: I didn't really have any issues with your job, but now this is ridiculous.

Janet: Then how would you handle it?

Riley: Peeling wigs, stepping on caps, just go gangster on them......

Austin: So basically, just going over there and tear s**t up?

Riley: I don't know what's stopping you.

It wasn't a really cautious move, but at this point, they were low on options.

Ryan: *sighs and gives Janet his phone* Call him.

Reluctantly, Janet did just that.

Janet: Wilson. Something's come up and I need your help. But, you need to know something that I think will surprise you.

She stepped out the room to continue the phone call leaving Ryan, Austin and Riley inside.

Ryan: I'm gonna rip his mother f**king throat out for what he's done. And Ashlyn.....

Austin: Ashlyn??

Ryan: Oh yeah. I forgot. Just found out that Ashlyn had the Kingpin assassinate my parents. Apparently, my father killed hers and he sold her mom to some horrible people. It's driven her over the edge and now she's lost her damn mind.

Austin: But....I never figured Ash....

Ryan: She's just confused. There must be a way to bring her back to her sanity. We'll figure out something.

Riley: said her mom was being sold. Sold to who?

Ryan: I rather not find out. Why you concerned?

Riley: Cause I heard she's committed to some hospital somewhere.

Ryan: What??

Riley: I used to know her and it's the truth that her daughter was out of it. But I think she's still held up there.

Austin: She is. I looked her up online at the time after Ashlyn went off the radar and guess what? They found her mom in the gutter somewhere. They had her under surgery since then and she's still breathing.

Ryan knew at this moment that this was the opportunity he needed to turn it all around.

Ryan: We're gonna go for the slow, methodical approach, alright? Austin, I need you to look up that hospital and find her. And while you're at it, *turns to Riley*, you're going with him. Janet and I are gonna get them back. Just send me that address when you find it.

Austin: You got it. I can give the Kingpins location too if you want.

Ryan: You do that.

Ryan then stepped out of the room to see Janet waiting for him.

Janet: He's in. You ready?

Ryan: *nods* It's time to rewrite history.     

We then cut to when Britney and Sonny are tied up inside a jet as Kingpin stands right in front of them. His men have guns pointed right to Sonny and Britney's heads

Sonny: You have some explaining to do, bud.

Kingpin: I have nothing worth revealing to you. At least not 'till Ryan is taken care of.

Britney: should know better then to count out my man. He'll make it. He'll come.

Ashyln: Trust me, he will. I'm counting on it.

That's when they see Ash come out from the other side of the jet where Kingpin was.

Ashyln: Missed me?

Sonny: Ash? I heard what happened to you and all, but this is crazy. Ryan wouldn't make his dad's mistakes....

Ashlyn: SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

She slapped him silly and Sonny became a little dizzy.

Ashlyn: I don't have time to deal with lowlives.

Kingpin: I wouldn't make her upset.

Britney: *to Kingpin* Now why would you care?

Ash then crouches down in front of Britney and pulls out her knife.

Ashlyn: Cause none of you know what it feels like to lose everything you've earned, everything you've had in life. People like you would SAY you understand, but you don't. NO ONE DOES. That's one of the main reasons why Ry is no longer of any use to me. It was clear that I was just wasting my goddamn time with him. You've got no one to rely on, but your own merit.

Sonny: Then why are with this bastard?

Ashlyn stood up, blew her hair back and took a deep breath.

Ashlyn: *Turns to the Kingpin* Because.....him. He was the only thing that showed me support and care and he promised me my vengeance. He made sure that I'll make every single one of you all pay.

Britney: Ash...Ryan is not his father. No way is he in the sense that he would follow in his footsteps. But you....

Ashlyn: I. Don't. Give. A. F**k.

Then there was silence.

Kingpin: My dear......

Ash then turned towards him with a look of annoyance and frustration in her eyes.

Ashlyn: You know what? I'm sick of bullsh**ting with you two. Tape 'em up for me, will you? I don't wanna hear them squeal.

Kingpin nodded with a smirk and snapped his fingers, letting his men know to take care of it.

Sonny: Ash, this is gonna cost you! You don't want this to come back and......*muffled*

Before Sonny could say anything else for that matter, he was already gagged and so was Britney.

Kingpin: Now.....all we need is the man of the hour.

A cut later, we cut to Wilson and Jensen leading a bunch of SWAT vans to the destination that Austin sent Ryan. Ryan was in the backseat of the cruiser.

Wilson: So kid, you know where they heading?

Ryan: *scoffs and looks at his GPS phone* For a Kingpin, he sure acts like a coward. He's at the airport.

Jensen: Trying to escape the state?

Ryan: Looks that way.

He then gives Janet the phone.

Wilson: Here, kid.

And he hands him a gun.

Ryan just stares at it, but he eventually takes it.

Wilson: A parting gift. If your dad was still here, he would've wanted you to finish this.

Ryan again, looks at the gun.

Later, they arrived at the airport and they all walked side by side. Soon enough, the confrontation begins as they stood in front of the Kingpins men. They were guarding a huge jet behind them.

Jensen: I'm only gonna ask you this once, you sorry sons of b**ches. Give me back my daughter now!

Wilson backed Jensen up behind him as the jet opened it's door and the Kingpin and Ashlyn came down arm in arm. Ryan's frown grew deeper as he continued to stare at them.

Kingpin: Ah-ha! Just in time for the grand finale. You can say I've been expecting you.

Wilson: Wish I could say the same. You've avoided us for a long time now. Tell your men to stand down.

Kingpin just scoffed as Ryan steps forward.

Ryan: Where are they?

Kingpin: In the back. But before we get down and dirty.....let's talk business.

Ryan: No. Let me and Ash talk business. I'll deal with your ass in a minute.

Ashlyn was aware of the S.W.A.T behind Wilson and Jensen, but she really didn't care as she walked down the stairs of the jet.

Ashlyn: Did your brain fall out of your head? You've already lost, Ry. Your family wasted 7 years of our time and for what?

Ryan: This needs to stop, Ash. I know what my father did to your family was wrong in every sense of the word, but he changed. I know you can do so as well.

Ashlyn: For what? Living in your shadow with everything you've worked for taken away? I'd be changing for the worst. No way, traitor.

Ryan: Listen to me, my dad caused me grief too! When I found out what he was doing, it almost cost me my life. There's not a day that passes by when I go back and think about how much I impacted him. Trust me, I know what it's like!

Ashlyn: You only knew cause I killed your parents. You NEVER understood my pain before then!

Janet: You just confessed to two counts of capital murder, young lady.

Ryan: *to Janet* Hey, I got this.

There was silence for a brief second as he turned around and saw Willow looking at him from a corner as she winked at him.

He turned back around and continued his point.

Ryan: No, Ash. You're wrong. I thought you died too when your dad did! I couldn't find you cause of my restraining order......but..... Your mother is still alive.

Ashlyn: Ughhh.....the lies! When are you gonna stop with that?!

Wilson: No. He's right. Your mother is enlisted at the hospital and is being checked out from special treatment as we speak.

Ashlyn's eyes opened up when she heard that.

Ashyln: You--you mean....she's alive???

Kingpin: Would it even matter?

Ashlyn: *Turns to him* What??

Kingpin: Your mother wouldn't be in the position she's in if it weren't for Ryan's dear ol' Pops, remember?

Ashlyn took time to think about it.

Ryan: Don't listen to him, Ash. You gotta trust me on this one.

Kingpin: You lost everything because of him, my dear.

Ryan: Ashlyn. It's not too late.

Wilson: Ashyln, stand down before you do something nasty.

Ashlyn sunk into her thoughts it drove her crazy, but then...........She took a gun from one of Kingpins men and starting shooting. Ryan got out of the way as Wilson, Jensen and the S.W.A.T began to fire back while momentarily taking cover as well. Kingpin just casually went back inside the jet.

Jensen: We should've thought a little more bout this before, you know? Strategically, he's gonna end up outnumbering us!

Wilson: Yeah. Him and what ARMY?!

More gunshots rang across from them.

Jensen: I'm getting my daughter back, you stay here with them.

Wilson: Yeah. Leave me with the grunt work. I got this. *fires a couple shots and ducks cover again*

Jensen made her way through the ruckus and shot some more of his men. Eventually, she found Ryan perched behind a cargo bin.

Ryan: Ms. Jensen!

Jensen: Ryan, you know this is on you, right?!

Ryan: I get it, ok?

He peeks out of the corner and sees the jet still stationary on the runway. That's when Janet turns him around.

Janet: Thinking what I'm thinking?

Ryan: Uh-huh.

Janet: Alright.....on my mark.......1......2.....3! Go, go, go!

With her signal, Ryan sprinted and made a beeline towards the jet with Jensen right behind him, providing backup.

Eventually, they made it to the jet. But they didn't find anyone on board....or so they thought.

Jensen: Damn it! Played RIGHT into his hands!

Ryan: hear that?

Jensen eventually perked her ears and she heard some muffling behind the back door of the jet. Unfortunately, someone jumped at her from behind and tries to smother her. Jensen gutted him and flipped him over as she pointed his gun at him and he stood up with his hands up.

Red: *chuckles* Bet I was the last person y'all wanted to see again, right?

Jensen: Spare me the bullsh**. You're under arrest.

Unfortunately, Red's luck ran out as Ryan came up from behind and low-blowed him where the sun don't shine. He squirmed in agony as Ryan and Jensen stood over him.

Ryan: That was for Dad. And this.....*kicks him in the head*.....was for Mom.

As Jensen cuffs Red, Ryan approached the door cautiously again and when he yanked it open, he found what he came for.

Sonny: *muffled*

Britney: *muffled*

Ryan: Honey, I'm home.

Britney: *Muffled in joy*

Ryan: It's alright, baby. We're here.

He rips the duct tape off her face and Britney relaxed again.

Britney: Ryan, thank god.

He kissed her and let Janet get her out the chair.

Britney: Mom? You came too?

Janet: Now, you know I wouldn't leave my only daughter behind, right?

She let her up and then they hugged.

Sonny: *Muffled and yelled*

Ryan: It's alright. *Pulls the tape off him*

Sonny: You didn't have to come, Ry.

Ryan: And let him kill you? Don't be ridiculous, man. I'm getting you guys out of here.

Jensen: Alright, right out here.....

As soon as they walked out, however, they were confronted.

Kingpin: *Points a gun at him* I wouldn't recommend that.

Jensen: *Pulls out her gun* Actually, I would. Stand down!

Ryan and Jensen stood face to face as Sonny and Brit just watched helplessly

Kingpin: Just like your father.....Sneaky. But sloppy. Although, I do admire your bravery young Geraldo. But where exactly was it when we shot your parent's brains out? Hmm?

Ryan: You just proceed too quick. Now it's personal.

Ryan takes out his gun and points it at him too

Britney: Ryan, no!!!  

Sonny: Why you stopping him? Do it, Ry!

Now Ryan was conflicted. As Janet put her gun down and stepped back, Ryan started to shake with the gun in his hand.

Kingpin: What do you plan to do with that? Besides piss me off?

Sonny: What are you waiting?!

Britney: Don't force him. Put it down, Ry!

Meanwhile, outside.....The gun fire still raged on as Ashlyn was hiding, behind the jet. She was still confused about what Ry said and wasn't entirely sure what to do anymore.

Ashlyn: *thinking* Was Ry right? Is Mom really alive? Ugh....Why should I believe him? His father is the reason why I lost my family. But then again.....I wasn't entirely sure if Mom was dead. I didn't bother to---So maybe if....Ooh......

Soon enough, the gunfight ended with half of the Kingpin's men dead and the other half captured and arrested. Eventually, S.W.A.Ts surrounded the jet.

Kingpin just smirks and slowly drops his gun to the floor, but Ryan still hiss his pointed at him.

Kingpin: Don't you wanna know the truth about your father?

Ryan, with one hand on the trigger, cocked the hammer of the gun back.

Jensen: Ryan, please stand down.

Sonny: Screw him, Ry! Shoot his ass!

Britney: No!

Kingpin: When he worked with my crew, he was just as ruthless as me. Maybe even more then that. I the word.

Sonny: Jesus Christ, just blow his head off.

Britney: Ry, please baby!

Kingpin: But when he quit, he never begged for his life. Not once.

Jensen: Put the gun away!

Sonny: C'mon already!

Kingpin: All he wanted was a chance with you. He grew soft.

Britney: If you shoot him, I'm gonna lose you! Please!

Kingpin: He was too pathetic.

Sonny: C'mon, don't let him talk about your dad like that. Shoot him, Ryan!

Jensen: Don't let him trick you like that. Just put it down!

Kingpin: You could do better then this, Ry. Don't make the same mistakes your father did. I can make you a rich man. No more school. No more jobs. No more people telling you what to do. Just you, your money....and maybe your sweetheart Britney by your side.

Sonny: Ry, he's trying to punk you. JUST SHOOT HIM ALREADY!!!

Britney: NO! Ryan, I love you.

Jensen: Put it down!!!

Ry stood there, pointing the gun staring at the Kingpin and began to contradict the events of everything that happened. And then his parents voices came into his head. It was something they always used to say to him.

Is it worth it? Is killing really worth what you want or need? No. It isn't. The important thing is to follow your heart. You win some, you lose some. But you'll still live to fight another day.

Everyone was waiting for a response, but they got one.

He moves the gun away and unclipped it in front of him, as the cartridge dropped to the floor.

Kingpin: There ya go.

Sonny: Oh Christ.....

Then Ryan threw the gun at Kingpin giving him and the rest enough time to escape the jet.

Unfortunately, as soon as they got out, they saw all of the dead bodies.

Sonny: Ughh......

The mere sight of all these bodies scattered all over the field deeply disturbed Ryan the most.

Ryan: I....I caused all this.......

All of a sudden, he was tackled by Ash.

Ashlyn: You didn't really think I'd listen to you, right?

But Jensen took her off of him.

Jensen: *to Ash* The hell is wrong with you?!

Ashlyn: You all shut up!!! I've lived my life in so much misery I will not be devised.....

Woman's voice: THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!

That voice left her stunned. She slowly turned around and saw her mom, Joan Malcome (Cameron Diez) coming out of the shadows with Austin standing next to her. Her jaw drops.

Ashlyn: can't b---Mom?!

Joan: Ash, honey....this is not the way to be justified. I never meant to leave you confused in anyway. But Ryan was right. This madness that's overcome you is only breaking our family further apart.

Ashlyn: But---it wouldn't be like that if--

Joan: Ryan had nothing to do with this. You'd be surprised how much your father had to change just to keep us breathing out here. But revenge on someone who had no part in our pain is just....No. Your father wouldn't want this from you and neither do I. It's not the way. I know we raised you better then this, Ash. You should remember you are my daughter and I love you.

Ashyln couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She now knew that Ryan was right about her mother and that there was no need in harming them anymore.

Ashlyn: *Tearing up* I....I....I love you..... 

Suddenly, a pop was heard and Joan was suddenly put down and everyone gasped. As Ashlyn looked over her mothers body, she looked over and saw Kingpin with a smoking gun.

Ashlyn: You.........

Kingpin: I've always hated family reunions. Besides, you're better off without her. You always were.

Ashlyn: You.....YOU BASTARD!!!!!

Then she tackled the Kingpin and tried to choke him out, but Austin and Sonny had to pull her off.

Austin: No, no, no, no.......back off!

Ashlyn: Let go of me!

Sonny: The hell are you thinking?

Ash then pulled another gun from her back pocket and shot at Kingpin 4 times and he dropped to the ground. Austin backed up from her as Sonny took the gun away as she was firing.


Ash slowly turned to Ryan.

Ashlyn: Check. Him.

Ryan went over to Kingpins body and put both fingers on his wrist to check for a pulse. He didn't find one.

He looked up at her and just shook his head, confirming that he was dead.

A sigh of relief came over Sonny as Austin just paced around. Britney and Jensen recuperated and hugged each other yet again.

Ash walks over to where Ryan was and just looked over Kingpin

Ashlyn: Family always comes first.

Ryan: Damn right it does. But I never anticipated I'd pay for my parents mistakes. At least.....not by you. It's just---it's not fair in this world.

Ashlyn: It never is.....

Then out of nowhere, Wilson came up from behind, grabbed her by the arm and placed her against the jet.

Ashyln: *sighs* Oh my god.....

Wilson: Ashlyn Malcome, you're under arrest.

Ryan: Wait, Wilson! She was only a part of this because of some misunderstanding. Let her stand trial to make up for everything. Kingpin was the one pulling her strings.

Ashyln: He pul---but I.....

Austin: Ry, what'd you doing?

Jensen: I don't think we can confirm that. She's charged for three counts of murder and criminal assault.

Ryan: All because he forced her to. Let me pay her fines, so I can rehabilitate her. She was only confused. Please, I ask you of this Wilson.

Wilson: I'm sorry, but Ryan, you let yourself get caught in a whirlwind of innuendo and inconsistencies. You have shown mercy. I will show none.

Ashlyn: Why are you doing this?  

Wilson: It's my job.

Janet: Well, it's OUR job. And since she framed you, Ryan, for murder and just put a bullet in this fellow.....*points at Kingpins body* we ain't letting that slide.

Ashlyn: Oh my......*sighs*......I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU STUPID COPS!!!

Jensen just backed up as Ryan continued on.

Ryan: Ash, listen. You don't deserve this, ok? Like I said, I'm sorry about what my parents did to you. But this isn't what someone like you deserves. Jail time isn't the kind of life for you.

Ashlyn: I would've thought the same thing. But now that I don't have anything or anyone to depend on, other then you guys.....hard time is the only life I have now. *Turns to Wilson* Alright.....take me away.

Ryan: Hol' up.

Ash turned around to face him. And then Ryan went up to hug her as Sonny, Britney and Austin look on. And as expected, Ashyln had to hug him back.

By the time, Ryan broke off the hug, he said.....

Ryan: I'll be seeing you, Ash.

Ash: *smirks and chuckles* See ya around, Ry.

Wilson and Janet then dragged Ash to the cruiser in the distance as Britney went face to face with Ryan and all four of them sat down.

Ryan faced down as they booked her and took her and Britney put her hand on his shoulder.

Britney: I know you wanted to help her. You did great.

Ryan: I just....I thought I could.....

Austin: I know....we'll get her out somehow. I promise.

Sonny: Man, you should feel ecstatic over this, right? I spent weeks trying to track down the murderer and you finally did it.

Ryan: Yeah. But they're still gone. Its bad enough that I won't be able to tell them up close and in person what all of this has come to. You ever get that feeling when you think you just got your heart ripped out? Well, what just happened was the equivalent of having a cut and pouring Tabasco sauce on it. Like pouring salt on a open wound. It takes forever to heal.

Austin: What does that mean?

Ryan stands up and looks at the thunderstorm passing by.

Ryan: It means I'm in my own.

Britney then gets up and stands beside him while holding his hand.

Britney: You're not on your own. You got me, baby.

Sonny: And me.

Austin: Same here.

Britney: And your parents know what you've done and I know they would've very proud of you. Especially your father.

Sonny: Yeah....You corrected his mistakes and we were there standing by you in the end.

Ryan turns over behind him again and sees Willow wink over at him. He slowly starts to smile.

Ryan: Then, I thank God for all of you. Y'all are the only family I have left out here.

It then slowly began to rain and the four of them just stood there. But they all looked over at each other and made a group hug.

The screen slowly zooms out from the airport, goes up into the sky fades to black and then.....

~Cut to credits~


  • Ryan Geraldo
  • Sonny Roberts
  • Britney Jensen
  • Austin Reeves
  • Ashyln Malcome
  • Detective Wilson
  • Detective Janet Jensen


  • Todd - Gets a knife in his back
  • Kingpin - Ashyln shoots him down four times, furious after he killed her mother.
  • Henry Geraldo - Shot several times in the chest right in front of his wife, but bites the dust later in St. Mary’s Hospital

  • Joan Malcome - Kingpin pulls out a smoking gun and shoots her as Ash finally realized the truth


Upon its first week, "Tranquility" was in the top three at the box office. Critics were understandably mixed in criticizing the film as its critical reception on Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a pretty solid "Meh". With only 48% on the Tomato-meter, it's critical consensus reads, "Tranquility benefits from a passable storyline and Jacob Latimores more than stellar performance, even though the narrative is all too familiar for the die hard fans to muster up."

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  • Rag'N'Bone Man - Human
  • Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why
  • Wiz Khalifia and John Cena - Breaks
  • Rudimental ft. Emeli Sandé & Nas - Free
  • Zendaya ft. Chris Brown - Somethin’ New
  • Sick Puppies - You're Going Down
  • Royal Blood - Come On Over

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The film is rated "R" for strong violence and language throughout.

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