Train of Death is a 2015 American horror-thriller-slasher film starring Rumer Willis, Camilla Belle, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and Katie Cassidy.


A sorority sister goes to Paris and is meeting her other sorority sisters but leaves and gets on the wrong train and is killed. The sorority sisters are waiting for their sorority sister but leave also get on the wrong train she did that leads them to nowhere, now a man wants them dead and its up to them to survive the night before they are all killed one by one.


The film begins with a sorority sister named Jamie White waiting for her other sorority sisters to go to Paris. A man comes out named Frank telling her if she's coming or not and she gets on the train and leaves, when the train leaves Jamie sees a sign saying Paris and is confused, Frank drags her by the hair and she is stabbed in her chest. Jamie's sorority sisters wait for her and Frank tells them that he is leaving and the sisters get on the train. Shannon bumps Danielle and calls Danielle a weak bitch and she starts crying, Maria, Hannah, Julia, Kristen, Rosa, Amber, Carly, Samantha and Irene try to calm her down. Shannon goes to the bathroom with Kelly. Kelly tells Shannon that she should stop being mean to Danielle and Shannon disagrees and Kelly leaves the bathroom.Frank comes into the bathroom and smashes Shannon's skull into a wall, Kelly hears this and Shannon's corpse is thrown out the bathroom and Kelly screams. Frank attacks Kelly and smashes her skull with a hammer. Meanwhile, the other sorority sisters are talking and laughing, Beth hears something and goes to check. Beth goes to the other part of the train where Kelly and Shannon were and Frank finds her and she asks him where Kelly and Shannon are and he tells her he killed them and Beth runs. Frank catches up to her grabs her and attacks her. Frank throws Beth off the train and lands on the train tracks, Beth is then hit by another train. Chloe and Megan see this and run, Frank stabs Megan in the heart and Chloe is stabbed in her head. Helen goes to find Shannon, Kelly, Beth, Megan and Chloe and runs into Frank and he snaps Helen's neck and drags her body into his hideout. Holly, Emma, Gwen, Jill, Katie and Mary go to smoke, Frank sees this and goes to them. Frank tells them to stop smoking and they don't, Frank shoves a cigarette down Holly's throat, lights a lighter and burns Jill's mouth and smashes her skull on a pole, He chokes Emma to death, He slits Gwen's throat, He stabs Katie in the back several times and throws Mary around the train. Andrea and Ashley hear this and go to check on the girls, Andrea is stabbed in her mouth and Ashley is stabbed deeply in her stomach.

The sorority sisters hear the noise and Maria, Julia, Hannah, Amber, Kristen, Rosa, Carly, Bree, Irene, Amy, Audrey, Nancy, Bella, Jade, Anna, Molly and Marnie go to check on the noise while Alyson, Samantha, Kathy, Rachel, Aimee, Danielle and Maggie stay behind. Frank comes in where Alyson, Samantha, Kathy, Rachel, Aimee, Danielle and Maggie are, he comes up behind Kathy and stabs her in her neck with an axe, he stabs Rachel in the back with the axe and he stabs Maggie in the head with the axe and Danielle, Samantha, Aimee and Alyson escape Frank. They run into the other sisters and tell them that Kathy, Rachel and Maggie are dead and Audrey starts crying for her sister's death and wants revenge from Frank. Bree is then decapitated with the axe and the girls escape. Aimee is seperated from the group and Frank hits her in the head and sets her on fire and she starts screaming. The sisters hear her scream and go to search for her, they run into Frank and Maria hits him in the head with a fire extinguisher and they run away. Alyson, Amber and Julia seperate from the group and run into Frank again, Frank opens a door and it sucks Amber and Alyson out of the train killing them, Julia holds onto a pole, Frank leaves her and she closes the door and runs to find the group, Jade is running and is seperated from the group and sees Kelly's corpse and starts crying, she turns around and Frank is behind her. Rosa, Samantha, Carly, Irene and Amy also seperated from the group and see Jade hanging from the ceiling, they start screaming and crying and they are locked in by Frank. Maria, Hannah, Marnie, Kristen, Audrey, Nancy, Bella, Anna, Danielle and Molly are looking for the others and they run into Julia and she tells them that Alyson and Amber are dead, the sisters decide to split up into two groups (first group: Maria, Kristen, Hannah, Audrey, Julia and Marnie, second group: Nancy, Anna, Danielle, Molly and Bella) to find the rest of the sorority sisters. Rosa, Samantha, Carly, Irene and Amy are trying to break down the door, Rosa finds a fire extinguisher and breaks down the door with the fire extinguisher and run to find the others. Maria, Kristen, Hannah, Julia, Audrey and Marnie run into Rosa, Samantha, Carly, Irene and Amy and they all hug and run to tell the others. Nancy, Anna, Danielle, Molly and Bella, Frank comes up behind Nancy and stabs her in both of her eyes, he stabs Anna in her throat and Molly, Bella and Danielle run and lock a door and hide in another part of the train. Frank breaks down the door and Frank pulls Bella out under the chair and stabs her in the neck and sees Molly and guts her and he leaves and Danielle runs to tell the others.

Danielle finds the group and tells them that Nancy, Molly, Anna and Bella are dead, Samantha tells her if she killed the guy and Danielle says no and Frank comes up behind Samantha and stabs her in the head with an axe and Rosa hits her in his head. Danielle and Marnie hide and Frank comes in and stabs Marnie in the head he finds Danielle and he kicks him in the face and runs. Danielle runs into Hannah and Hannah goes nuts and stabs herself to death and falls to the ground dead. Danielle starts crying and faints Irene comes in and is sliced in half by a barbed wire. Danielle wakes up she sees Irene dead and screams and runs. She finds the group and Frank comes in and stabs Amy through her back with an axe. The girls run and hide Frank finds them and Danielle comes up behind him and decapitates him with an axe, the girls stop the train, they get off and walk into the sunset.


  • Rumer Willis as Danielle Randall
  • Camilla Belle as Maria Beckham
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Julia Prescott
  • Kristen Stewart as Hannah Coleman
  • Katie Cassidy as Amber James
  • Amber Heard as Kristen Parker
  • Anna Hutchison as Alyson Nichols
  • Briana Evigan as Rosa Santiago
  • Kristen Connolly as Carly Parker
  • Leighton Meester as Samantha Cooper
  • Amanda Crew as Irene Carson
  • Crystal Lowe as Amy Smith
  • Katharine McPhee as Kathy Benson
  • Shantel VanSanten as Audrey Benson
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Nancy Riley
  • Nikki Reed as Bella Sanders
  • Ashley Greene as Jade Bennett
  • Sarah Roemer as Anna Truscott
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Beth Stewart
  • Chelan Simmons as Marnie Richmond
  • Odette Yustman as Molly Brackett
  • Teresa Palmer as Rachel Ford
  • Caroline D'Amore as Aimee Gerard
  • Leah Pipes as Maggie Reynolds
  • Megan Fox as Megan Perkins
  • Amanda Seyfried as Chloe Morrison
  • Jamie Chung as Ashley Chu
  • Danielle Panabaker as Gwen Nelson
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Emma Potter
  • Rooney Mara as Jill Creed
  • Lacey Chabert as Katie Parr
  • Shaileene Woodley as Andrea MacHenry
  • Emma Bell as Kelly Gilbert
  • Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Holly Webster
  • Katrina Bowden as Bree Andrews
  • Julianna Guill as Mary Miller
  • Amanda Righetti as Helen Cassidy
  • Ellen Wroe as Shannon Tappan
  • Bradley Cooper as Frank Cleveland
  • Megan Park as Jamie White


  • Jamie White- Stabbed in chest
  • Shannon Tappan- Skull smashed into wall
  • Kelly Gilbert- Skull smashed with a hammer
  • Beth Stewart- Hit by a train
  • Megan Perkins- Stabbed in heart
  • Chloe Morrison- Stabbed in head
  • Helen Cassidy- Neck snapped
  • Holly Webster- Cigarette shoved down throat
  • Jill Creed- Burned in mouth with a lighter and skull smashed on a pole
  • Emma Potter- Choked to death
  • Gwen Nelson- Throat slit
  • Kate Parr- Stabbed in back several times
  • Mary Miller- Thrown around train
  • Andrea MacHenry- Stabbed in mouth
  • Ashley Chu- Stabbed deeply in stomach
  • Kathy Benson- Stabbed in neck with an axe
  • Rachel Ford- Stabbed in back with an axe
  • Maggie Reynolds- Stabbed in head with an axe
  • Bree Andrews- Decapitated with an axe
  • Aimee Gerard- Set on fire
  • Alyson Nichols- Sucked out of the train
  • Amber James- Sucked out of the train
  • Jade Bennett- Hanged (Offscreen)
  • Nancy Riley- Stabbed in both eyes
  • Anna Truscott- Stabbed in throat
  • Bella Sanders- Stabbed in neck
  • Molly Brackett- Gutted
  • Samantha Cooper- Stabbed in head with an axe
  • Marnie Richmond- Stabbed in head
  • Hannah Coleman- Stabbed to death (Comitted suicide)
  • Irene Carson- Sliced in half with a barbed wire
  • Amy Smith- Stabbed through her back with an axe
  • Frank Cleveland- Decapitated by Danielle


  • Danielle Randall
  • Maria Beckham
  • Julia Prescott
  • Kristen Parker
  • Rosa Santiago
  • Carly Parker
  • Audrey Benson
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