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Trailer Minder is a 1993 short, starring Wakko C. Goofer and Weldon the IT Guy, that was shown before the feature Cool Runners.

Voice Cast

  • Charles Martinet as Wakko C. Goofer
  • Steve Whitmire as Weldon the IT Guy
  • Kathleen Turner as Diva Farangitis
  • Tress MacNeille as Betty Smith
  • Frank Oz as Sam the Eagle
  • Frank Welker as Bear, Beaver


  • The title card at the start of the film states that this film was made in 1957, the year Nanoboy The Movie was set in.
  • This is one of the two Wakko C. Goofer short films to be rated PG by the MPAA, the first being Foxy Troubles.
  • Much like Roller Coaster Goofer, this Wakko C. Goofer short film ended disastrously. However, unlike the former short, this short's ending is more disastrous; not only do Wakko C. Goofer and Weldon get blasted out of the studio, but they also get injured from crashing into Mount Rushmore (and also losing their clothing in the process) and finally deflating planet Earth.
  • Near the end of the closing credits, you'll see the deflating Earth from the ending sequence, and hear Wakko C. Goofer, Weldon, the beaver, and the bear screaming until they crash off-screen.
  • Michael Studios as seen from the air is the real-life Michael Shires Studios in Burbank, California.
  • This short was filmed at Shires MGM Studios in 1992.

Home video releases



  • The Best of Wakko C. Goofer


  • Nanoboy The Movie: Pentagon Series


  • Nanoboy The Movie: 25th Anniversary Edition