Traffic: Pippi and Equestria Girls Edition is a video game for the Windows PC. It is a spin-off of Zoltan Szabo's Traffic Screensaver, and is based on the 2024 animated film Pippi & Equestria Girls, specifically the episode "Pippi in Toyland". The game was developed and published by Hasbro Interactive. It was released in North America, Australia and Europe in 2026.


Within the game, the player creates their own train and populates the world of Toy Train. Players can also create their own stock list with .stb file. The player has the ability to modify enemies and turn them into friends or allies, after stunning them. The game features a two-player VS. mode. There are over 20 levels in total. Unlike the original game's bosses, the hero now needs to stun the boss and wipe the boss' shadow goo with the stylus to inflict damage.


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This Game is used Style Savvy: Styling Star Clothes


  • Traffic: Pippi and Equestria Girls Edition is inspired by Lionel World Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails and Lionel Trains: On Track.
  • The Traffic Stock list as the 2016, as well as Lionel, Marklin, MTH, K-Line, Trainstation, etc. appears
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