Town of the Dead is a 2008 American zombie movie.


While on a cross-country road trip, five college girls stop to spend the night in a small Missouri town and when they awaken, they discover that a zombie outbreak has broken out. Teaming up with other survivors, the girls discover that they are completely cut off from the outside world and must deal with not only the zombies, but a psychotic, mentally unstable minister, his equally demented wife, and their followers who believe that this is the End of Days and that human sacrifices must be made to the zombies.

Cast of Characters

  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Stacy (The lead character)
  • Chelan Simmons as Lisa (One of the friends)
  • Crystal Lowe as Amber (One of the friends)
  • Danielle Panabaker as Megan (One of the friends)
  • Scottie Thompson as Trish (One of the friends)
  • William Sadler as Pastor Harold Loughton (A psychotic, mentally unstable minister)
  • Roxanne Hart as Darlene Loughton (Pastor Loughton's wife)
  • Tony Todd as Keith (The manager of the motel)
  • Jared Padalecki as Todd (A motel guest)
  • Jennifer Rubin as Holly (A motel guest)
  • Chandler Canterbury as Tony (Holly's son)
  • Lindsay Crouse as Sheriff Sharon Calvert (The town sheriff)
  • James Badge Dale as Ricky (A police officer)
  • Brad Dourif as Frank (A police officer)
  • Anthony Michael Hall as Paul (A police officer)
  • Brian Krause as Scott (A convenience store owner)


Frank - Mauled by zombies while trying to escape.

Amber - Bitten on the shoulder by a zombie when it bursts through a door. She later re-animates and is hit on the head with an axe by Keith.

Teenage Follower Of Pastor & Darlene Loughton - Shot in the chest by Ricky when the cult confronts the rational survivors.

Ricky - Beaten and stabbed to death by Pastor and Darlene Loughton's followers as a human sacrifice and revenge for the killing of the teenager.

Todd - Eaten by zombies after falling off the motel roof and into a horde.

Trish - Throat ripped out by a child zombie after letting her guard down in the gas station. She quickly re-animates and is shot in the head by Sheriff Calvert.

Pastor Harold Loughton - Decapitated with a machete by Lisa while trying to have Megan sacrificed.

Darlene Loughton - Shot in the head by Sheriff Calvert after she attacks and stabs Lisa in the leg in an attempt to avenge her husband.

3 Followers Of Pastor & Darlene Loughton - Shot to death by Sheriff Calvert and Keith when the cult tries to avenge the Loughtons.

Pastor & Darlene Loughton's Remaining Followers - Killed when a horde of zombies force their way into the church.

Sheriff Sharon Calvert - Bitten on the arm by a zombie after distracting it away from Lisa when the group tries to escape. She later re-animates (off-screen).










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