tourist trap is a 2008 remake of the 1979 horror film of the same name. it stars johnny depp, thomas dekker, katie cassidy, crystal lowe, demi lovato, rooney mara, and cody simpson.


six freinds- eileene (crystal lowe), woody (cody simpson), becky (demi lovato), jerry (thomas dekker), molly (katie cassidy), and tina (rooney mara) are traveling from alabama to florida when their car breaks down and are lured into a tourist trap by mr. slausen (johnny depp), who is obsessed with his museum of wax mannequins. in the tourist trap, he murders them one by one and makes them into wax mannequins to add to his museum.


woody- impaled on a pipe.

eileene- strangled with a scarf.

tina- marshmallow fluff rubbed on face / suffocated.

becky- axe thrown at neck.

jerry- jaw slashed.

mr. slausen- decapitated with saw.


molly LOL

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