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The ultimate team battle of the female fighters begins!
―Box art for the backside

Touhou Azure Trilogy is a fighting video game (based on its elements from the Touhou fighting video games) in the Touhou Project series. This fighting game is for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and Steam. This fighting video game has been released on November 1, 2019.


The gameplay of Touhou Azure Trilogy is similar to that of the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise and Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball FighterZ. Using Spell Cards act in the same behavior as hyper combos. Up to two players can now battle it out by using 3-9 fighters. During gameplay from other fighting games in the Touhou Project series, it has new features called Azure Rage and Creature Instinct. Azure Rage is a new power-up where it boosts the player's attack and defense power for a short amount of time. It also enhances all of the special moves and Spell Cards, too. While Creature Instinct is a new attack where the player can either merge with or transform into the spirit of a creature and start attacking in the form of each Spell Card. In Story Mode, the player can battle throughout the land of Gensokyo, completing the chapters, recovering the two crystals, the Azure and Scarlet Crystals and defeating the mysterious guardian herself, Nowel Diastasis (who appears from the Fly-System game, Magical Battle Arena and later Magical Battle Arena NEXT) who holds the Scarlet Crystal that makes her special abilities more powerful in her possession. As the Azure Crystal and the Scarlet Crystal join together, they become the perfect Violet Crystal. When defeating Nowel in her first two forms, a possessed Hieda no Akyuu will appear in front of her and try to remove the Violet Crystal from her in order to prevent further corruption, but immediately fails as the permanent transformation rages as Nowel threatens to use the Violet Prison signature move as a Spell Card to trap Akyuu so that she can absorb her to reach her final form, whom Reimu and Marisa (in their Azure Rage forms) must defeat. In Arcade Mode, the player can battle through eight stages, with Shadow Kosuzu serving as the sub-boss of the ninth stage and Nowel Diastasis, on the tenth and final stage. This mode features the grade meter. Winning a round raises the grade by 0.2 (0.4 upon delivering the final blow to an opponent using a Spell Card, 0.6 upon finishing a round in 60 seconds or less, 0.8 upon either getting a first attack or a perfect win and 1.0 upon getting a first attack and a perfect win). Only the highest grade level gets shown. Players can still continue upon losing on a stage, but the grade lowers by 0.5, any consecutive continues upon losing on a single stage lowers the grade by 1.0.

This grade meter varies the grade level as it follows upon the completion of Arcade mode:

  • Rainbow Star (8.1-9.0)
  • Three Stars (7.1-8.0)
  • Two Stars (6.1-7.0)
  • One Star (5.1-6.0)
  • A (4.1-5.0)
  • B (3.1-4.0)
  • C (2.1-3.0)
  • D (1.1-2.0)
  • E (0.2-1.0)

In Versus Mode, players can battle it out in 3-9 on 3-9 battles. The player can even battle the computer player and watch two computer players go head-to-head. In Mini-Games, players can play any of the four mini-games that appear as bonus stages in Arcade Mode. In Tournament Mode, players can battle it out in a 3-on-3 single elimination bracket on a tournament tree. The player can give the tournament title a name. In Ghost Battle, the player can defeat many Ghost characters to unlock various items and collecting Gensokyo coins to spend at the shop. In Training mode, the player can freely practice combos against an AI-controlled computer player, and also complete training missions in that mode. In Network Battle Mode, an internet connection and a Nintendo Switch Online Membership subscription are both required for players to play online.

Game Modes

  • Story Mode
  • Arcade Mode (3 on 3)
  • Survival Mode
  • Versus (3-9 on 3-9)
    • 1P vs. CPU
    • 1P vs. 2P
    • CPU vs. CPU
  • Tournament Mode
  • Mini-Games
  • Ghost Battle
  • Network Battle
    • Online Versus (3-9 on 3-9)
    • Ranked Battle (3-9 on 3-9)
  • Training
    • Practice
    • Mission Training


All of the characters return from each fighting game in the Touhou series, with Nowel Diastasis (who appears from Magical Battle Arena) serving as the first exclusive character to appear in this fighting game. Fighting newcomers who are new to this fighting game do not. New DLC characters are released by the end of 2021. On March 12, 2020, the first DLC character pack was announced and has been released on March 27, 2020. On October 29, 2020, the second DLC character pack was announced and has been released on November 13, 2020. On February 5, 2021, the third DLC character pack was announced and has been released on February 12, 2021. On July 9, 2021, the fourth DLC character pack was announced and has been confirmed on July 16, 2021. The fifth and final DLC character pack was finally announced on October 1, 2021 and has been released on October 22, 2021. So far, no further DLC character packs are planned to be released. DLC exclusive characters, Suigintou (from the Rozen Maiden series), Glitter Lucky (from the Pretty Cure series), Ladybug (from the Miraculous Ladybug series), Peach (from the Super Mario series), Zelda (from the Legend of Zelda series) and the Inkling Girl (from the Splatoon series) have all been confirmed as of August 2, 2019 and the first three are the first to be released on December 8, 2019. Peach, Zelda and the Inkling Girl for the Nintendo Switch version have been confirmed and released on December 11, 2019 along with Suigintou, Glitter Lucky and Ladybug. The seventh DLC exclusive character, Illyasviel von Einzbern (from the Fate franchise) was announced on August 14, 2020. Her reveal trailer was narrated by the Fate character herself, Rin Tohsaka. Illyasviel was eventually confirmed on October 2, 2020 along with the Sacred Legacy DLC costume pack. The eighth and final DLC character, Miyu Edelfelt (another exclusive DLC character from the Fate franchise who was seen in a silhouette) was announced on October 1, 2021 and has been released on October 22, 2021 along with the fifth and final DLC character pack. Characters highlighted in bold are hidden characters, while italics describe DLC characters.

Playable Characters

Character Bio
ReimuHakurei Artwork.png
Reimu Hakurei
  • Title: Shrine Maiden of Paradise
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: An all-around shrine maiden who has the ability to defend the land of Gensokyo.
MarisaKirisame Artwork.png
Marisa Kirisame
  • Title: Ordinary Black-Magic Girl
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: An oriental magician with magical danmaku powers.
  • Title: Evil Spirit from Beyond
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A vengeful ghost who lives for a very long time.
Orange Artwork.png
  • Title: Lotus Land Story's Technical Youkai
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A youkai who is considered a technical character.
Kurumi Artwork.png
  • Title: Vampire Girl
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A lake guardian who is very skillful at fighting.
Shinki Artwork.png
  • Title: Makai's God
  • Type: Power
  • Description: A fighter who is slow on speed, but a powerful fighter.
Rumia Artwork.png
  • Title: Youkai of the Dusk
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A chipping youkai who can manipulate the darkness.
Cirno Artwork.png
  • Title: Little Ice Fairy
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: An ice manipulator who may lack power, but awesome at handling the speed.
MeilingHong Artwork.png
Hong Meiling
  • Title: Chinese Girl
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A skilled fighter who's techniques are great for fighting.
Patchouli Knowledge.png
Patchouli Knowledge
  • Title: The Unmoving Great Library
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A witch who does NOT lack too much speed, but very easy to control.
SakuyaIzayoi Render.png
Sakuya Izayoi
  • Title: Perfect and Elegant Maid
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A maid who's fast on throwing battle knives, but poor power.
Remilia Scarlet Artwork.png
Remilia Scarlet
  • Title: Eternally Young Scarlet Moon
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: An eternal vampire who is considered a technical fighter.
Flandre Scarlet Artwork.png
Flandre Scarlet
  • Title: Sister of the Devil
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A fighter who's fast on speed with poor control.
AliceMargatroid Artwork.png
Alice Margatroid
  • Title: Rainbow-Colored Puppeteer
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A technical battler who can control dolls.
Youmu Artwork.png
Youmu Konpaku
  • Title: Half-Human Half-Phantom Gardener
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: She may become a gardener, but also a fencing instructor.
YuyukoSaigyouji Artwork.png
Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • Title: Dreaming Ghost
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: The ghost "princess" head of Hakugyokurou who can manipulate souls has technical skills.
Yukari Yakumo
  • Title: Border of Phantasm
  • Type: Power
  • Description: A powerful, but slow fighter with really good control.
Suika Ibuki
  • Title: The Little Pandemonium
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A fastest fighter with excellent agility and poor control.
Reisen Udongein Inaba Alternate.png
Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • Title: Red Eyes of Madness
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A technical fighter who works to protect Eirin and Kaguya.
Aya Shameimaru Artwork.png
Aya Shameimaru
  • Title: Traditional Reporter of Fantasy
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A technical fighter who's NOT that strong, but very good on battling.
Komachi Artwork.png
Komachi Onozuka
  • Title: Guide of the Sanzu River
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: This balanced fighter sees an opportunity to make chances of critical hits.
NitoriKawashiro Artwork.png
Nitori Kawashiro
  • Title: Super Youkai Warhead
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A shy kappa who has the power of controlling water.
IkuNagae Artwork.png
Iku Nagae
  • Title: Beautiful Scarlet Cloth
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A messenger of the Dragon Palace who observes the daily mood of the atmosphere.
Tenshi Artwork.png
Tenshi Hinanawi
  • Title: Girl of Bhava-agra
  • Type: Power
  • Description: Powerful on Spell Cards, but poor on speed.
Sanae Kochiya Artwork.png
Sanae Kochiya
  • Title: Deified Human of the Wind
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A wind priestess who is actually a descendant of Suwako Moriya.
Satori Komeiji Artwork.png
Satori Komeiji
  • Title: The Girl Even the Vengeful Spirits Fear
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: This technical fighter manages the ruins of the Hell of Blazing Fires.
Suwako Moriya.png
Suwako Moriya
  • Title: The Highest of Native Gods
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A speedy god who hails from the Moriya Shrine.
Ichirin Kumoi Artwork.png
Ichirin Kumoi
  • Title: The Overwhelming Youkai Ascetic
  • Type: Power
  • Description: Paired with Unzan, she guards the Palanquin ship of her own accord.
Byakuren Hijiri Artwork.png
Byakuren Hijiri
  • Title: The Great Sealed Magician
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A buddhist nun and magician who was sealed away by humans.
MononobenoFuto Artwork.png
Mononobe no Futo
  • Title: Shikaisen of Ancient Japan
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A hermit who practices Taoism and manipulates Feng Shui.
MikoToyosatomimi Artwork.png
Toyosatomimi no Miko
  • Title: Shoutoku Taoist
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A technical saint who spreads buddhism across the country.
Koishi Komeiji Artwork.png
Koishi Komeiji
  • Title: The Closed Eyes of Love
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A technical fighter who tries to destroy her own mind-reading ability.
Kogasa Tatara Artwork.png
Kogasa Tatara
  • Title: The Cheery Forgotten Umbrella
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: An all-around character who loves scaring humans.
Mamizou Futatsuiwa Artwork.png
Mamizou Futatsuiwa
  • Title: The Shape-Shifting Bake-danuki
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A technical character who loves to disguise herself into something new.
Kokoro Artwork.png
Hata no Kokoro
  • Title: The Expressive Poker Face
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A menreiki youkai who relies on her own masks.
FujiwaranoMoku Artwork.png
Fujiwara no Mokou
  • Title: Figure of the Person of Hourai
  • Type: Power
  • Description: Her flame barrages have earned her the moniker "Fire Bird of Gensokyo".
ShinmyoumaruSukuna Artwork.png
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna
  • Title: Descendant of the Inchlings
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: An Inchling who hails from the Shining Needle Castle.
KasenIbaraki Artwork.png
Kasen Ibaraki
  • Title: One-Armed, Horned Hermit
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A hermit who possesses an artificial arm and various special abilities.
Sumireko Usami Full Render.png
Sumireko Usami
  • Title: The Secret Sealing Club's First President
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A magical ESP girl with all-around psychic powers.
Doremy Sweet Artwork.png
Doremy Sweet
  • Title: Ruler of Dreams
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: This ruler has the opportunity of eating and creating dreams.
Clownpiece Artwork.png
  • Title: Fairy of Hell
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A magical fairy who likes to raise her own speed.
  • Title: Almighty Divine Spirit
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A sagacious spirit and sworn enemy of Lunarians.
Joon Yorigami Artwork.png
Joon Yorigami
  • Title: Most-Despicable and Disastrous Younger Twin Sister
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A technical fighter who cannot dash, but has the ability to rob innocent residents of Gensokyo of their wealth.
UtsuhoReiuji TH.png
Utsuho Reiuji
  • Title: Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame
  • Type: Power
  • Description: A powerful hell raven who regulates the hell of blazing fires.
Wriggle Nightbug.png
Wriggle Nightbug
  • Title: Wriggling Bug of Light
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A fighter who's fast on flying with excellent control.
MystiaLorelei Artwork.png
Mystia Lorelei
  • Title: Night Sparrow Apparation
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A night sparrow with an outgoing egocentric personality.
Eirin Yagokoro Artwork.png
Eirin Yagokoro
  • Title: Brain of the Moon
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A medical genius who's very balanced on battling.
Kaguya Houraisan Artwork.png
Kaguya Houraisan
  • Title: Eternal Princess
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: An all-around princess who's amazing fighting techniques blast through victory.
ShikieikiYamaxanadu Artwork.png
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
(also known as Shiki Eiki Yamaxanadu)
  • Title: Supreme Judge of Paradise
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A speedy Yama who judges the dead has excellent move speed.
YuugiHoshiguma Artwork.png
Yuugi Hoshiguma
  • Title: So-Called Unexplainable Phenomenon
  • Type: Power
  • Description: A powerful oni with powerful techniques.
Kagerou Imaizumi Artwork.png
Kagerou Imaizumi
  • Title: The Bamboo Forest's Loup-Garou
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A werewolf who lives deep within the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
EternityLarva Artwork.png
Eternity Larva
  • Title: The Butterfly Fairy who approaches God
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A fairy who embodies the growth, rebirth, and metamorphosis of insects.
Kosuzu Motoori THLW Artwork.png
Kosuzu Motoori
  • Title: Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A number one collector of the demon books in Gensokyo who deciphers books by touching them.
Yumemi Artwork.png
Yumemi Okazaki
  • Title: Fantasy Legend
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A college professor who searches for the mysterious power of magic.
Rin Kaenbyou THLW Artwork.png
Rin Kaenbyou
  • Title: Hell's Traffic Accident
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: One of Satori Komeiji's pets who can carry corpses to the former Hell of Blazing Fires to regulate its heat.
Keine Kamishirasawa
  • Title: History-Eating Half Beast
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A were-hakutaku who acts as the guardian of the Human Village.
YuukaKazami Artwork.png
Yuuka Kazami
  • Title: Flower Master of the Four Seasons
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: This technical fighter loves seasonal flowers that bloom each and every season.
Hina Kagiyama
  • Title: Hidden God's Nagashi-bina
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A Nagashi-bina who gathers the misfortune of humans.
Kanako Yasaka
  • Title: Avatar of Mountains and Lakes
  • Type: Power
  • Description: A current goddess of the Moriya Shrine after defeating its previous resident goddess, Suwako Moriya.
Minamitsu Murasa Artwork.png
Minamitsu Murasa
  • Title: The Ghost Left From the Shipwreck Accident
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A ship phantom who was currently the captain of the Palanquin Ship.
Nue Houjuu Artwork.png
Nue Houjuu
  • Title: The Unidentified Fantastic Flying Girl
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: Behind her mysterious appearance is a prank-loving contrarian.
Hatate Himekaidou Artwork.png
Hatate Himekaidou
  • Title: Modern-Day Spirit Photography Reporter
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: Unlike Aya Shameimaru, she never goes outside for her newspaper research.
Seiga Kaku Artwork.png
Seiga Kaku
  • Title: Wicked Hermit Who Passes Through Walls
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A Wicked Hermit who was being the one who taught taoism to Toyosatomimi no Miko.
Sagume Kishin Artwork.png
Sagume Kishin
  • Title: Goddess Who Invites Unfortunate Slips of the Tongue
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A Lunarian Goddess who does NOT speak too much during battle.
Hecatia Lapislazuli Artwork.png
Hecatia Lapislazuli
  • Title: Goddess of Hell
  • Type: Power
  • Description: A Goddess of Hell who has the ability to have three bodies.
ReisenII Artwork.png
(also known as Reisen II)
  • Title: Top Speed Lunar Rabbit
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: Similar to the other Reisen from Imperishable Night, but with additional top speed abilities.
Toyohime Artwork.png
Watatsuki no Toyohime
  • Title: The Moon Princess Connecting Sea and Mountain
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: Yorihime's older sister who possesses all-around abilities.
Yorihime Artwork.png
Watatsuki no Yorihime
  • Title: The Moon Princess Possessed by Divine Spirits
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A Lunarian princess who is responsible for training the moon rabbits.
RikakoAsakura Artwork.png
Rikako Asakura
  • Title: Scientist Searching for Dreams
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A scientist who has the best top speed of science.
Mai Artwork.png
  • Title: Witch of Ice Magic
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: Similar to Cirno's abilities, she has the best technical ability ever.
Hieda no Akyuu THLW Artwork.png
Hieda no Akyuu
  • Title: Memory of Gensokyo
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A young girl who has the ability to "not forget anything she sees" and records Gensokyo's history.
Elis Artwork.png
  • Title: Devil of Innocence
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A winged fighter who can turn into a bat during battle.
Elly Artwork.png
  • Title: Mugenkan's Gatekeeper
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A fighter who has technical abilities can knock the highlights out of anyone.
Mugetsu Artwork.png
  • Title: Lotus Land Story's Maid
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A maid who is known as the creator of the mysterious dream world.
Gengetsu Artwork.png
  • Title: Lotus Land Story's Demon
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A fastest demon with poor control.
Yumeko Artwork.png
  • Title: Makai Maid
  • Type: Power
  • Description: Shinki's maid who can be found in Makai's Pandæmonium.
Kotohime Artwork.png
  • Title: Princess Dreaming of Beauty in Danmaku
  • Type: Power
  • Description: She may be a princess, but also a police officer.
Louise Artwork.png
  • Title: Makai Person
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: One of the many demons who came out of Makai into Gensokyo during the events of Mystic Square.
Sara Artwork.png
  • Title: Gatekeeper of Makai
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A being who resides in the mountain cave that houses the gateway into Makai.
Yuki Artwork.png
  • Title: Black Witch of Fire Magic
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A witch who resides in Makai has great blazing speed.
Medicine Melancholy Artwork.png
Medicine Melancholy
  • Title: Little Sweet Poison
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: A young doll youkai that lives on Nameless Hill surrounded by poisonous lily-of-the-valley flowers.
Momiji Inubashiri Artwork.png
Momiji Inubashiri
  • Title: The Petty Patrol Tengu
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A white wolf tengu who is extremely fast on sword slashes.
Parsee Mizuhashi Artwork.png
Parsee Mizuhashi
  • Title: The Jealousy Beneath the Earth's Crust
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: An all-around hashihime who guards the bridge between the surface world and the Underworld.
Rin Satsuki Artwork.png
Rin Satsuki
  • Title: Mysterious Coded Battler
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A DLC character who was cut since Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, but came back to join the entire roster.

New Playable Characters

Only guest characters (who appear as DLC characters) appear as newcomers, with the first exclusive character, Nowel Diastasis appearing as the non-playable final boss of both Arcade and Story modes, but comes back playable when players purchase the first DLC character Pack as of March 27, 2020. The first three exclusive DLC characers, Suigintou, Glitter Lucky and Ladybug have all been confirmed as of December 8, 2019. Peach, Zelda and the Inkling Girl appear on the Nintendo Switch version as of December 11, 2019. The seventh exclusive DLC character, Illyasviel von Einzbern from the Fate franchise (who's design was based on Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya) was announced on August 14, 2020 and has been released on October 2, 2020 along with the Sacred Legacy DLC costume pack. Miyu Edelfelt (who's silhouette was seen in the trailer for the fifth and final DLC character pack) was announced on October 1, 2021. She has been released on October 22, 2021 along with the fifth and final DLC character pack.

Character Bio
Nowel Diastasis transparent.png
Nowel Diastasis
  • Title: Magical Fly-System Guardian
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A magical guardian of the dimension who's powers remain a mystery...
Suigintou Render.png
  • Title: The 1st Rozen Maiden
  • Type: All-Around
  • Description: A Rozen Maiden who's black feathers can pierce through victory.
GlitterLucky Artwork.png
Glitter Lucky
  • Title: Happy-Go-Lucky Leader of the Glitter Force
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: The leader of the Glitter Force who's mission is to bring happiness to Jubiland.
Ladybug Render.png
  • Title: Superhero of the Lucky Charm
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A super heroine who can chop her way through with her lucky charm.
FateKaleidliner IllyaEinzbern.png
Illyasviel von Einzbern
  • Title: Magical Ruby Girl
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: One of the Caster-Class servants who was summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru. She differs from her Fate/stay night counterpart in many different ways.
Fate Kaleid Liner Miyu Edelfelt Artwork.png
Miyu Edelfelt
  • Title: Magical Sapphire Girl
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: One of the Caster-Class servants who was summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru. She is the complete Holy Grail from the world in which the Class Cards originated.
Peach SMP.png
(Nintendo Switch version)
  • Title: Princess of Toadstools
  • Type: Technique
  • Description: Mushroom Kingdom's Princess with technical abilities.
PrincessZelda TWWHD.png
(Nintendo Switch version)
  • Title: Princess of Hyrule
  • Type: Power
  • Description: While holding the Triforce of Wisdom, her ultimate weapon can seal her opponents away.
InklingGirl Render.png
Inkling Girl
(Nintendo Switch version)
  • Title: Part Kid, Part Squid
  • Type: Speed
  • Description: A member of the Inklings who can paint the entire battlefield.

Assist Characters

Some of the characters have their own assist character.

Assist Character Description
Sariel Artwork.png
One of the two assist characters for Mima.
Konngara Artwork.png
One of the two assist characters for Mima.
Daiyousei Artwork.png
Assist character for Cirno.
Assist character for Patchouli Knowledge.
Prismriver Sisters Artwork.png
Prismriver Sisters
Assist characters for Alice Margatroid.
RanYakumo Artwork.png
Ran Yakumo
One of the two assist characters for Yukari Yakumo.
Chen Smile.png
One of the two assist characters for Yukari Yakumo.
Tewi Inaba.png
Tewi Inaba
Assist character for Reisen Udongein Inaba.
Th123 Catfish.png
Giant Catfish
Appears in both of Tenshi Hinanawi's Spell Cards.
Th135 Unzan.png
Assist character for Ichirin Kumoi.
Soga no Tokijo.png
Soga no Tokijo
Assist character for Mononobe no Futo.
ShionYorigami Artwork.png
Shion Yorigami
Assist character for Joon Yorigami. While tagging along with Joon, she robs innocent residents of Gensokyo of their wealth by bringing them misfortune.
Renko Usami.png
Renko Usami
One of the two assist characters for Sumireko Usami.
Maribelhearn Artwork.png
Maribel Hearn
One of the two assist characters for Sumireko Usami.
Glitter Sunny Artwork.png
Glitter Sunny
One of the four assist characters for Glitter Lucky.
Glitter Peace Artwork.png
Glitter Peace
One of the four assist characters for Glitter Lucky.
Glitter Spring Artwork.png
Glitter Spring
One of the four assist characters for Glitter Lucky.
Glitter Breeze Artwork.png
Glitter Breeze
One of the four assist characters for Glitter Lucky.
Rin KaleidoRuby PRISMA.png
Rin Tohsaka
(Kaleido Ruby)
Appears in Illyasviel von Einzbern's Level 3 Spell Card.
Luvia KaleidoSapphire.png
Luviagelita Edelfelt
(Kaleido Sapphire)
Appears in Miyu Edelfelt's Level 3 Spell Card.
Daisy SMP Artwork.png
(Nintendo Switch version)
One of the two assist characters for Peach.
Rosalina MPTop100.png
(Nintendo Switch version)
One of the two assist characters for Peach.
Phantom LoZPH Artwork.png
(Nintendo Switch version)
Assist character for Toon Zelda.
Callie and Marie Splatoon Artwork.png
Squid Sisters
(Nintendo Switch version)
Assist characters for the Inkling Girl.

Non-Playable Characters

Each non-playable characters make cameos on various stages, victory animations and character endings.

  • Nowel Diastasis (Final Form)
  • Letty Whiterock
  • Lily White
  • Shizuha Aki
  • Minoriko Aki
  • Kisume
  • Yamame Kurodani
  • Nazrin
  • Shou Toramaru
  • Kyouko Kasodani
  • Yoshika Miyako
  • Wakasagihime
  • Sekibanki
  • Benben Tsukumo
  • Yatsuhashi Tsukumo
  • Seija Kijin
  • Raiko Horikawa
  • Seiran
  • Ringo
  • Nemuno Sakata
  • Aunn Komano
  • Narumi Yatadera
  • Mai Teireida
  • Satono Nishida
  • Okina Matara
  • Eika Ebisu
  • Urumi Ushizaki
  • Kutaka Niwatari
  • Rinnosuke Morichika
  • Kanaria
  • Suiseiseki
  • Souseiseki
  • Shinku
  • Hinaichigo
  • Kirakishou
  • Barasuishou
  • Glitter Heart
  • Glitter Diamond
  • Glitter Clover
  • Glitter Spade
  • Glitter Ace
  • Tikki
  • Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir
  • Alya Césaire/Rena Rouge
  • Nino Lahiffe/Carapace
  • Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee
  • Sabrina Raincomprix
  • Nadja Chamack
  • Hawk Moth
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Toad
  • Toadsworth
  • Toadette
  • Link
  • Tetra (appears as Zelda's form in her character intro during gameplay and ending)
  • King of Red Lions/King Daphnes
  • Hilda
  • Ravio
  • Yuga
  • Off the Hook
  • DJ Octavio

Character Unlock Criteria

Playable characters can be unlocked by following their method in Arcade Mode, while Kosuzu Motoori can be unlocked by following her method in Story Mode. Eternity Larva can still be unlocked when playing 100 Versus Mode matches even if the player hasn't followed the other unlock method for Arcade Mode.

Character Unlock Method
Utsuho Reiuji Complete Arcade Mode once.
Wriggle Nightbug Complete Arcade Mode with 5 characters.
Mystia Lorelei Complete Arcade Mode with 10 characters.
Eirin Yagokoro Complete Arcade Mode with 15 characters.
Kaguya Houraisan Complete Arcade Mode with 20 characters.
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu Complete Arcade Mode with 25 characters.
Yuugi Hoshiguma Complete Arcade Mode with a ranking of one star or higher.
Kagerou Imaizumi Deliver the final blow to all of the opponents using a Spell Card in Arcade Mode.
Eternity Larva Complete Arcade Mode with a ranking of two stars or higher or finish 100 Versus Mode matches.
Kosuzu Motoori Complete all chapters in Story Mode.

Creature Instinct Forms

Each character from the Touhou Project series (including exclusive characters from other series) have creature instinct forms which can be activated by pressing the buttons simultaneously when the Creature Instinct meter gets full: 1, 2, 3, and 4 (Microsoft Windows)/Square, Triangle, Circle and X (PlayStation 4)/A, B, X and Y (Nintendo Switch and Xbox One). This is a homage to show how fighters can transform into creatures in Eighting's Bloody Roar series. Some characters have humanoid versions of their creature forms and can share forms with various exact characters.

Character Creature Form
Reimu Hakurei Red and White Wolf
Marisa Kirisame Vulture
Mima Great Ghastly Spider
Orange Fox
Kurumi Great Black Bat
Shinki White Dragon
Rumia Silhouette of a Giant Rat
Cirno Polar Bear Cub
Hong Meiling Tiger
Patchouli Knowledge Great Pink Rhinoceros Beetle
Sakuya Izayoi White Humanoid Cat
Remilia Scarlet Great White Bat
Flandre Scarlet Great Scarlet Moth
Alice Margatroid White Rabbit
Youmu Konpaku Green Dragon
Yuyuko Saigyouji Polar Bear
Yukari Yakumo White Tiger
Suika Ibuki Silhouette of a Reindeer
Reisen Udongein Inaba Pink Rabbit
Aya Shameimaru Raven
Komachi Onozuka Scythe Spider
Nitori Kawashiro Great Penguin
Iku Nagae Purple Dragon
Tenshi Hinanawi Great Catfish
Sanae Kochiya Green and White Wolf
Satori Komeiji Pink Cat
Suwako Moriya Great Yellow Butterfly
Ichirin Kumoi & Unzan Giant Armadillo & Cloud Dragon
Byakuren Hijiri Harpie
Mononobe no Futo Gray Tiger
Toyosatomimi no Miko Golden Humanoid Cat
Koishi Komeiji Black Cat
Kogasa Tatara Great Cyan Teddy Bear
Mamizou Futatsuiwa Great Raccoon
Hata no Kokoro Demonic Fox
Fujiwara no Mokou Phoenix
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna Red Lion
Kasen Ibaraki Bald Eagle
Sumireko Usami Raven Dragon
Doremy Sweet Ghastly Tapir
Clownpiece Great Orange Spider
Junko Giant June Bug
Joon & Shion Yorigami Great Wasp & Great Morpho Butterfly
Utsuho Reiuji Raven Dragon
Wriggle Nightbug Great Firefly
Mystia Lorelei Great Sparrow
Eirin Yagokoro Black Rhinoceros Beetle
Kaguya Houraisan Pink Dragon
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu Kangaroo
Yuugi Hoshiguma Unicorn
Kagerou Imaizumi Black Wolf
Eternity Larva Great Green Butterfly
Kosuzu Motoori Nine-Tailed Fox
Yumemi Okazaki Great Red Teddy Bear
Rin Kaenbyou Red Cat
Keine Kamishirasawa Silhouette of a Buffalo
Yuuka Kazami Flower Cat
Hina Kagiyama Scarlet Wasp
Kanako Yasaka Great Scarlet Ape
Minamitsu Murasa Hydra Swan
Nue Houjuu Great Black Teddy Bear
Hatate Himekaidou Great White Butterfly
Seiga Kaku White Lion
Sagume Kishin White Cheetah
Hecatia Lapislazuli Black Dragon
Rei'sen Pink Rabbit
Watatsuki no Toyohime Purple Cheetah
Watatsuki no Yorihime Lavender Lion
Rikako Asakura Pink Hawk
Mai Ice Falcon
Hieda no Akyuu Crystal Dragon
Elis Scarlet Bat
Elly Red Spider
Mugetsu Light Blue Cat
Gengetsu White Eagle
Yumeko Red Cat
Kotohime Purple Vulture
Louise Great White Dove
Sara Pink Eagle
Yuki Raven
Medicine Melancholy Great Red Moth
Momiji Inubashiri Red and White Tiger
Parsee Mizuhashi Dolphin
Rin Satsuki Silhouette of a Malaysian Beetle
Nowel Diastasis Purple Dragon
Suigintou Dark Blue Raven
Glitter Lucky Great Pink Butterfly
Ladybug Giant Ladybug
Illyasviel von Einzbern Pink Falcon
Miyu Edelfelt Great Purple Butterfly
Peach Giant Pink Goomba
Zelda Nine-Tailed Pink Fox
Inkling Girl Giant Inkling Squid


The four hidden stages can be unlocked by completing chapters throughout Story Mode. So far, there are 30 normal stages (with the Concert Stage of the Sun counting as part of the version 5.5.0 update), 4 hidden stages and 10 DLC stages, making it a total of 45 stages to choose from. Some stages will have a day-night cycle that runs according to the console's internal clock.

  • When the clock is set at 6:00 AM - 3:59 PM, the "Daytime" background for various stages is featured.
  • When the clock is set at 4:00 PM - 6:59 PM, the "Sunset" background for various stages is featured.
  • When the clock is set at 7:00 PM - 5:59 AM, the "Night" background for various stages is featured.

Alternately, the player can select the background of the stage by holding both buttons of each controller (keyboard for Microsoft Windows):

  • 1 + 2 (Microsoft Windows)
  • L2 + R2 (PlayStation 4)
  • ZL + ZR (Nintendo Switch)
  • LT + RT (Xbox One)

Stages highlighted in bold are hidden stages, while italics describe DLC stages.

List of Background Stages

Stage Description
TAT Training Stage.png
Training Stage
A perfect virtual background stage that is used for training mode.
ULiL HakureiShrine.png
Th145Hakurei ShrineAfternoon.png
Th145Hakurei ShrineNight.png
HakureiShrine RedMoon.png
Hakurei Shrine
A stage that is the home of the Shrine Maiden herself, Reimu Hakurei.
SWR MarisaStage.jpg
Forest of Magic
A stage that is truly the home of both Marisa Kirisame and Alice Margatroid.
Misty Lake
A large lake where many fairies and youkai alike appear to gather here.
SDM Lobby.jpg
Scarlet Devil Mansion
An European-style mansion owned by the scarlet devil herself, Remilia Scarlet.
SDM Clock Tower.jpg
Scarlet Devil Mansion (Rooftop)
A rooftop view of the mansion which features the clock tower itself.
Great Library Daytime Stage.jpg
SDM LibraryNight.jpg
Great Library
An enormous library where Patchouli Knowledge and Koakuma live here.
Th145 Bamboo Forest.png
Bamboo Forest of the Lost
A stage where Fujiwara no Mokou lives here assisting any people who get lost, while Tewi Inaba and other rabbits can be seen wandering in the forest.
SWR YoukaiMountain.jpg
Youkai Mountain
A stage that's considered Gensokyo's largest mountain and volcano.
A sacred land where ghosts and phantoms reside after death.
A ghost shrine overlooking the Netherworld, well known among the afterlife realms for its cherry blossom gardens, and many ghosts come to see them every spring.
Moriya Shrine
A shrine dedicated to Shintoism that originated from the Outside world and was transported into Gensokyo by Kanako Yasaka during the start of the events of Mountain of Faith.
TH Underground Geyser Center.png
Underground Geyser Center
A facility under the surface of Gensokyo, under the base of the Youkai Mountain.
Th135 Myouren Temple.png
Th145 Myouren TempleSunset.png
Myouren Temple
A stage where many youkai at the temple training as monks under Byakuren Hijiri in Buddhism.
Th135 Palanquin Ship.png
Th145 PalanquinShipNight.png
Palanquin Ship
A legendary ship that was created by Byakuren Hijiri. So far, it is capable of sailing through the sky.
Th145 Kourindou.png
Th155 KourindouNightBackground.png
An antique store seated between the Human Village and the Forest of Magic, run by Rinnosuke Morichika.
Th145The Divine Spirit MausoleumDay.png
Th145The Divine Spirit MausoleumNight.png
Divine Spirit Mausoleum
This stage welcomes humans aspiring to become hermits, but most of them fail the necessary training.
Th135 Genbu Ravine.png
Th145Genbu RavineNight.png
Genbu Ravine
A ravine named after the legendary tortoise Genbu, and was formed when Youkai Mountain was still an active volcano.
Th135 Palace of the Earth Spirits.png
Th145 PalaceoftheEarthSpirits NightBackground.png
Palace of the Earth Spirits
A mansion situated in the center of what used to be Hell (now Former Hell) in the Underworld, and is near the Former Capital.
Th135 YoukaiTanukiForest.png
Youkai Tanuki Forest
A forest that is usually associated with tanuki and other youkai.
Th135 Human Village.png
Th145Human VillageNight.png
Human Village
A stage where most humans of Gensokyo live.
Th145 Shining Needle Castle.png
Shining Needle Castle
A castle that is located in the sky near the base of Youkai Mountain.
Th145 Outside World.png
Outside World
This stage in reality, the non-fictional world of fact and reality all people live in.
A name of a large, old-fashioned Japanese mansion hidden deep within the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
Dream World
A world that is visited via dreaming and is ruled by Doremy Sweet.
Th155 Hall of Dreams Great Mausoleum.png
Th145 HallofDreamsGreatMausoleum Night.png
Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum
A stage that lies directly underneath the Myouren Temple, and is the setting of the 4th, 5th and 6th stages of Ten Desires.
Th155 Kasen's Hermit World.png
Kasen's Hermit World
Also known as Senkai. This is a sealed secret world suited for hermits, which even Gensokyo did not know of before the events of Ten Desires.
Th145 IncidentShrine.png
Hakurei Shrine's Incident
A stage that was used during the events of Urban Legend in Limbo. The Hakurei Shrine was seen along with the broken Hakurei Barrier and the Outside World.
A background stage that is considered a collection of separate realms existing above the Earth.
Concert Stage of the Sun Background 1.png
Concert Stage of the Sun Background 2.png
Concert Stage of the Sun Background 3.png
Concert Stage of the Sun Background 4.png
Concert Stage of the Sun
A stage that was part of the version 5.5.0 update where the Prismriver Sisters gather to perform on stage.
TAT Azure Crystal Cavern.jpg
Azure Crystal Cavern
One of the two crystal caverns where the gateway to the Azure Crystal is found.
TAT Scarlet Crystal Cavern.jpg
Scarlet Crystal Cavern
One of the two crystal caverns where Nowel Diastasis was the first to track down the Scarlet Crystal.
TAT Ultraviolet Crystal Chamber Stage.png
Ultraviolet Crystal Chamber
A mysterious chamber of the Ultraviolet Crystal where a possessed Kosuzu was once fought here since Story mode.
TAT Ultraviolet Core Stage.jpg
Ultraviolet Core
The final stage hidden inside the portal of the Ultraviolet Crystal Chamber since the final battle against Nowel Diastasis of the Story and Arcade modes.
NField Stage.jpg
An exclusive DLC stage where the Rozen Maidens engage in a battle during the Alice Game.
Jubiland Stage.png
An exclusive DLC stage from the Pretty Cure franchise where Queen Euphoria once ruled here.
MiraculousLadybug Paris Stage.png
Eiffel Tower
An exclusive DLC stage from the Miraculous Ladybug franchise. Parisian teen Marinette Dupain-Cheng lives here.
Ryuudou Temple.png
Ryuudou Temple
An exclusive DLC stage from the Fate franchise. It is a mountain temple on the outskirts of Miyama and it is owned by the Ryuudou family.
SMO Peach's Castle Location.png
Princess Peach's Castle
(Nintendo Switch version)
An exclusive DLC stage from the Super Mario franchise. Princess Peach and many Toads, including Toad and Toadsworth, reside in it.
BotW HyruleCastle.png
Hyrule Castle
(Nintendo Switch version)
An exclusive DLC stage from the Legend of Zelda franchise. It is the seat of Hyrule's monarchical government and the home of the Royal Family of Hyrule.
UrchinUnperpass SplatoonStage.png
Urchin Underpass
(Nintendo Switch version)
An exclusive DLC stage from the Splatoon franchise. It takes place below a highway.
Yoshi's Island Brawl Stage Omega.png
Yoshi's Island
(Nintendo Switch version)
An exclusive DLC stage that is based on Yoshi's Island, home to all of the Yoshis.
GardenofHopeOmega SSBU.png
Garden of Hope
(Nintendo Switch version)
An exclusive DLC stage that is based on the Pikmin franchise. This stage appears to be a main forest level since Pikmin 3.
NintendoLand Stage.jpg
Nintendo Land Plaza
(Nintendo Switch version)
An exclusive DLC stage that is based on Nintendo Land, the video game for the Nintendo Wii U.

Arcade Mode Stage Order

In Arcade mode, players can fight against characters on each stage who originate from each and every Touhou game. In this mode, the player has to blast through each and every stage, including the two bonus stages with Shadow Kosuzu serving as the penultimate boss of the ninth stage and Nowel Diastasis serving as the final boss of the tenth and final stage, which makes it a total of twelve stages. On stages 4 and 8, three random characters who are not yet fought can be challenged against the player. Exclusive DLC characters might have a chance to appear and act as a replacement for non-exclusive and DLC characters whom the player is using and on stages 4 and 8. As a result in this mode, two bonus stages are added as of the version 5.5.0 update in which the player can challenge these two bonus stages or not. They will be shown after the player completes three stages in Arcade Mode. Completing a bonus stage unlocks it in the Mini-Games section.

There are four mini-games to try out:

  • Target Practice
  • Crystal Destroyer
  • Fruit Balloons
  • U.F.O. Abduction

NOTE: Only two mini-games will be shown in Arcade Mode.

List of Arcade Mode Stages

Stage No. Content Characters
1 Perfect Cherry Blossom
Immaterial and Missing Power
Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Print Works
Youmu Konpaku
Yuyuko Saigyouji
Yukari Yakumo
Suika Ibuki
Aya Shameimaru
Komachi Onozuka
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
Kosuzu Motoori
Watatsuki no Toyohime
Watatsuki no Yorihime
Hieda no Akyuu
Medicine Melancholy
2 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Imperishable Night
Double Spoiler
Hong Meiling
Patchouli Knowledge
Sakuya Izayoi
Remilia Scarlet
Flandre Scarlet
Reisen Udongein Inaba
Fujiwara no Mokou
Wriggle Nightbug
Mystia Lorelei
Eirin Yagokoro
Kaguya Houraisan
Keine Kamishirasawa
Hatate Himekaidou
Rin Satsuki
3 Urban Legend in Limbo
Legacy in Lunatic Kingdom
Antinomy of Common Flowers
Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Kasen Ibaraki
Sumireko Usami
Doremy Sweet
Joon Yorigami
Eternity Larva
Sagume Kishin
Hecatia Lapislazuli
Bonus Stage 1 Random Mini-Game N/A
4 Random Encounter 1 Characters who are not yet fought (exclusive DLC characters included)
5 PC-98 series Reimu Hakurei
Marisa Kirisame
Alice Margatroid
Yumemi Okazaki
Yuuka Kazami
Rikako Asakura
6 Undefined Fantastic Object
Ten Desires
Hopeless Masquerade
Double Dealing Character
Kogasa Tatara
Ichirin Kumoi
Byakuren Hijiri
Mononobe no Futo
Toyosatomimi no Miko
Mamizou Futatsuiwa
Hata no Kokoro
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna
Kagerou Imaizumi
Seiga Kaku
Bonus Stage 2 Random Mini-Game N/A
7 Mountain of Faith
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Subterranean Animism
Nitori Kawashiro
Sanae Kochiya
Suwako Moriya
Iku Nagae
Tenshi Hinanawi
Satori Komeiji
Koishi Komeiji
Yuugi Hoshiguma
Utsuho Reiuji
Rin Kaenbyou
Hina Kagiyama
Kanako Yasaka
Minamitsu Murasa
Nue Houjuu
Momiji Inubashiri
Parsee Mizuhashi
8 Random Encounter 2 More characters who are not yet fought since stage 4 (exclusive DLC characters included)
9 Boss Battle Shadow Kosuzu
10 (Final) Boss Battle Nowel Diastasis (1st Phase)
Nowel Diastasis (2nd Form) (2nd Phase)
Nowel Diastasis (Final Form, Hieda no Akyuu absorbed) (Final Phase)


Character Voice Actor (Japanese) Voice Actor (English)
Reimu Hakurei Minako Kotobuki Cherami Leigh
Marisa Kirisame Ayumi Fujimura Erica Mendez
Mima Ai Kayano Michelle Ruff
Orange Kana Ueda Jill Harris
Kurumi Hitomi Nabatame Carrie Savage
Shinki Mikako Komatsu Carrie Keranen
Rumia Yuiko Tatsumi Hunter MacKenzie Austin
Cirno Yuka Iguchi Sandy Fox
Hong Meiling Naomi Ōzora Colleen Villard
Patchouli Knowledge Yuka Inokuchi Melissa Fahn
Sakuya Izayoi Shizuka Itō Wendee Lee
Remilia Scarlet Mai Gotou Erica Lindbeck
Flandre Scarlet Oma Ichimura Christine Marie Cabanos
Alice Margatroid Misato Fukuen Luci Christian
Youmu Konpaku Megumi Toyoguchi Trina Nishimura
Yuyuko Saigyouji Eri Kitamura Laura Bailey
Yukari Yakumo Miyuki Sawashiro Tara Platt
Suika Ibuki Kae Araki Sandy Fox
Reisen Udongein Inaba Megumi Toyoguchi Stephanie Sheh
Aya Shameimaru Yūko Minaguchi Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Komachi Onozuka Fumiko Orikasa Cindy Robinson
Nitori Kawashiro Hitomi Nabatame Lara Woodhull
Iku Nagae Eriko Nakamura Faye Mata
Tenshi Hinanawi Haruna Ikezawa Kikki Prado
Sanae Kochiya Kaori Nazuka Kate Higgins
Satori Komeiji Harumi Sakurai Hunter MacKenzie Austin
Suwako Moriya Yuiko Tatsumi Alex Cazares
Ichirin Kumoi Saori Hayami Ashly Burch
Unzan Toshiyuki Morikawa Kyle Hebert
Byakuren Hijiri Yū Asakawa Hilda O'Connor
Mononobe no Futo Mayumi Iizuka Sarah Anne Williams
Toyosatomimi no Miko Ayahi Takagaki Kira Buckland
Koishi Komeiji Maaya Sakamoto Erica Lindbeck
Kogasa Tatara Rina Hidaka Natalie Lander
Mamizou Futatsuiwa Sora Amamiya Bryn Apprill
Hata no Kokoro Saori Seto Cristina Vee
Fujiwara no Mokou Rie Kugimiya Trina Nishimura
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna Kumiko Watanabe Erica Lindbeck
Kasen Ibaraki Rie Kugimiya Patti Morales
Sumireko Usami Yui Horie Cassandra Lee Morris
Doremy Sweet Yui Ishikawa Lisa Schulz-Reichart
Clownpiece Rie Kugimiya Debi Derryberry
Junko Junko Takeuchi Veronica Taylor
Joon Yorigami Eri Sendai Karina Norris
Shion Yorigami Yui Ishikawa Kayli Mills
Utsuho Reiuji Haruka Tomatsu Mela Lee
Wriggle Nightbug Marina Inoue Monica Rial
Mystia Lorelei Nana Mizuki Natalie Lander
Eirin Yagokoro Houko Kuwashima Terri McLeod
Kaguya Houraisan Mamiko Noto Kate Higgins
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu Mamiko Noto Stephanie Sheh
Yuugi Hoshiguma Romi Park Erin Fitzgerald
Kagerou Imaizumi Shizuka Itō Kirsten Evergreen
Eternity Larva Ayana Taketatsu Marieve Herington
Kosuzu Motoori Satomi Kōrogi Melissa Fahn
Yumemi Okazaki Ayumi Fujimura Brittany Lee Harvey
Rin Kaenbyou Rika Kanada Jeannie Tirado
Keine Kamishirasawa Satsuki Yukino Nadia Ludwig
Yuuka Kazami Haruka Tomatsu Kira Buckland
Hina Kagiyama Chinami Nishimura Geraldine Miller
Kanako Yasaka Romi Park Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Minamitsu Murasa Mie Sonozaki Carly A. Holmes
Nue Houjuu Sakura Tange Heidi Carver
Hatate Himekaidou Aoi Yūki Reina Carmichael
Seiga Kaku Risa Taneda Kimberly Brooks
Sagume Kishin Rei Haruno Brittney Lee Harvey
Hecatia Lapislazuli Satsuki Yukino Kyra Eastwood
Rei'sen Aoi Yūki Sarah Figueroa
Watatsuki no Toyohime Shino Kakinuma Katie Lundgren
Watatsuki no Yorihime Jun Andō Tiffany Fields
Rikako Asakura Megumi Hayashibara Erica Schroeder
Mai Mai Gotou Ryan Bartley
Hieda no Akyuu Maaya Sakamoto Melody Taylor
Elis Haruna Ikezawa Kikki Prado
Elly Ayane Sakura Trina Nishimura
Mugetsu Rie Tanaka Michelle Ruff
Gengetsu Ami Koshimizu Alex Cazares
Yumeko Yōko Hikasa Julia Slovak
Kotohime Risa Taneda Cristina Vee
Louise Aya Hisakawa Rebecca Collins
Sara Maaya Sakamoto Jessie Sanchez
Yuki Marina Inoue Kara Edwards
Medicine Melancholy Emiri Katō Daisy Carmen
Momiji Inubashiri Aya Endō Jessica Straus
Parsee Mizuhashi Kaori Mizuhashi Felecia Angelle
Rin Satsuki Maaya Uchida Lauren Landa
Nowel Diastasis Yui Ishikawa
Houko Kuwashima (Final Form)
Erica Lindbeck
Laura Post (Final Form)
Suigintou Rie Tanaka Karen Strassman
Glitter Lucky Misato Fukuen Laura Bailey
Ladybug Karin Nanami Cristina Vee
Illyasviel von Einzbern Mai Kadowaki Cynthia Martinez
Miyu Edelfelt Kaori Nazuka Caitlynn French
Peach N/A Samantha Kelly
Zelda Akane Ōmae Stephanie Sheh (character ending only)
Inkling Girl Yūki Tsujii N/A
Sariel Mikako Komatsu Britt Michaels
Konngara Yōko Hikasa Megan Hollingshead
Daiyousei Yukana Stephanie Sheh
Koakuma Yui Ogura Cristina Vee
Lunasa Prismriver Megumi Hayashibara Taylor Daymon
Merlin Prismriver Aya Endō Mandy Libman
Lyrica Prismriver Megumi Toyoguchi Zooey McDonough
Layla Prismriver Aya Endō Paula Perkins
Ran Yakumo Junko Takeuchi Lani Minella
Chen Satomi Kōrogi Monica Rial
Tewi Inaba Kana Asumi Marieve Herington
Soga no Tokijo Emiri Katō Amy Brown
Renko Usami Asami Tano Rachel DeCarlo
Maribel Hearn Kanako Miyamoto Jackie Lastra
Rinnosuke Morichika Yūki Kaji Sean Chiplock
Glitter Sunny Asami Tano Colleen Villard
Glitter Peace Hisako Kanemoto Alex Cazares
Glitter Spring Marina Inoue Danielle Judovits
Glitter Breeze Chinami Nishimura Kate Higgins
Candy Ikue Ōtani Debi Derryberry
Glitter Heart Hitomi Nabatame Debi Derryberry
Glitter Diamond Minako Kotobuki Cassandra Lee Morris
Glitter Clover Mai Fuchigami Melissa Fahn
Glitter Spade Kanako Miyamoto Stephanie Sheh
Glitter Ace Rie Kugimiya Erica Lindbeck
Dina Yuka Imai Kate Higgins
Rin Tohsaka Kana Ueda Mela Lee
Luviagelita Edelfelt Shizuka Itō Lauren Landa
Daisy N/A Deanna Mustard
Rosalina N/A Kerri Kane
Tetra Hikari Tachibana Kate Higgins (character ending only)
Callie Keity.pop N/A
Marie Mari Kikuma N/A

See Also


Character Select Screens

Unused Stages



  • In the beta version of Touhou Azure Trilogy, there were two unused boss stages (seen in the gallery's unused stages section) that appear within this game. However, they were cut before the final release of the game.
  • On the Nintendo Switch version, Touhou Azure Trilogy is going to be released on the same date that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got released in the year 2018. However, as of November 1, 2019, the date was now changed to December 6, 2019.
  • Princess Zelda (who is classified as a DLC character) is playable in her model from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • Illyasviel von Einzbern (who is classified as a DLC character) is playable in her model from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya.
  • Glitter Lucky is the only character to have all of her allies from Glitter Force (who made cameos in her Arcade Mode ending) to join in her Level 3 Super Attack, Ultimate Princess Finish.
  • On the Main Menu of this game, the player who used the character most, gets shown on the screen.
  • Sumireko Usami, Peach and the Inkling Girl are the only playable characters to have two assist characters during gameplay.
    • Currently, Glitter Lucky is the only playable character to have four different assist characters during gameplay.
  • This is the first Touhou fighting video game to:
    • Have this game to be released on two Xbox video game consoles.
    • Have this game developed by Grezzo.
    • Have English voice acting for all of the characters (excluding Inkling Girl).
    • Feature the grade meter in Arcade Mode where the player receives a grade at the end of this mode.
    • Feature palette swap characters as of August 14, 2020.
    • Feature alternate DLC character costumes for each character.
    • Feature exclusive characters (such as Suigintou, Ladybug and Princess Peach).
    • Feature an exclusive character to appear as a final boss in the Arcade and Story modes.
    • Feature the Ghost Battle mode (similar to some of Bandai Namco's Tekken fighting video games) where it can be found in the Main Menu.
    • Feature the Shop where it can be found in the Main Menu.
  • Touhou Azure Trilogy features a variety of alternate costumes for each group of characters:
    • The PC-98 DLC costume pack contains alternate costumes for the characters who first appear in the past PC-98 games (for Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Mima, Orange, Kurumi, Shinki and Alice Margatroid). This DLC costume pack has been released on March 27, 2020 along with the first DLC character pack.
    • The Scarlet Devil Embodiment DLC costume pack contains alternate costumes for the characters who appear in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (for Rumia, Cirno, Hong Meiling, Patchouli Knowledge, Sakuya Izayoi, Remilia Scarlet and Flandre Scarlet). This DLC costume pack has been released on April 17, 2020.
    • The Imperishable Night DLC costume pack contains alternate costumes for the characters who appear in that game of the same name as that DLC costume pack (for Wriggle Nightbug, Mystia Lorelei, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Eirin Yagokoro, Kaguya Houraisan and Fujiwara no Mokou). This DLC costume pack has been released on May 22, 2020.
    • The Flower Power DLC costume pack contains alternate costumes for the characters who appear in Perfect Cherry Blossom, Immaterial and Missing Power and Phantasmagoria of Flower View (for Youmu Konpaku, Yuyuko Saigyouji, Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, Suika Ibuki, Aya Shameimaru, Komachi Onozuka and Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu). This DLC costume pack has been released on June 26, 2020.
    • The Hisoutensoku DLC costume pack contains alternate costumes for the characters who appear in Mountain of Faith, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Subterranean Animism (for Nitori Kawashiro, Sanae Kochiya, Suwako Moriya, Iku Nagae, Tenshi Hinanawi, Yuugi Hoshiguma, Satori Komeiji, Koishi Komeiji and Utsuho Reiuji). This DLC costume pack has been released on July 31, 2020.
    • The Urban Legends DLC costume pack contains alternate costumes for the characters who appear in Undefined Fantastic Object, Ten Desires, Hopeless Masquerade, Double Dealing Character and Urban Legend in Limbo (for Kogasa Tatara, Ichirin Kumoi, Byakuren Hijiri, Mononobe no Futo, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Hata no Kokoro, Kagerou Imaizumi, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, Kasen Ibaraki, Sumireko Usami and Kosuzu Motoori). This DLC costume pack has been released on August 21, 2020.
    • The Sacred Legacy DLC costume pack contains alternate costumes for the characters who appear in Legacy in Lunatic Kingdom, Antinomy of Common Flowers and Hidden Star in Four Seasons (for Doremy Sweet, Clownpiece, Junko, Joon Yorigami and Eternity Larva). This DLC costume pack has been released this fall on November 13, 2020 along with Illyasviel von Einzbern, an exclusive DLC character from the Fate franchise.
    • When purchasing DLC characters, they each come with their own alternate costume.
    • Each of the following DLC costume packs cost $2.99 on each video game platform.
    • The full DLC costume pack contains all of the DLC costume packs which costs $20.99.
    • As of July 9, 2021, the Super costume pack was announced and has been released this fall on September 24, 2021 for each group of characters in their own DLC costume pack. This costume pack involves all characters in their ball gowns, kimonos and animal costumes based on a bunny, cat and a fox. This full costume pack costs $20.99. Their Super costume pack cost $2.99 and the list shows the costumes as it follows:
      • The first Super costume pack for the PC-98 characters has been released on the same date as the Super costume pack's release.
      • The second Super costume pack for the characters who appear in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil has been confirmed on October 8, 2021 and released on October 29, 2021.
      • The third Super costume pack for the characters who appear in Imperishable Night was confirmed on November 5, 2021 and has been released on November 19, 2021.
      • The fourth Super costume pack for the characters who appear in Perfect Cherry Blossom, Immaterial and Missing Power and Phantasmagoria of Flower View was confirmed on December 3, 2021 and has been released on December 17, 2021.
      • The fifth Super DLC costume pack for the characters who appear in Mountain of Faith, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Subterranean Animism was confirmed on January 7, 2022 and has been released on January 21, 2022.
      • The sixth Super DLC costume pack for the characters who appear in Undefined Fantastic Object, Ten Desires, Hopeless Masquerade, Double Dealing Character and Urban Legend in Limbo was confirmed on February 11, 2022 and has been released on February 25, 2022.
      • The seventh Super DLC costume for the characters who appear in Legacy in Lunatic Kingdom, Antinomy of Common Flowers and Hidden Star in Four Seasons has been confirmed on March 11, 2022 and released on March 25, 2022.
      • Exclusive DLC characters that were purchased get an alternate Super DLC costume.