Total Putrid Splendor is the second studio album of Mexican Extreme Metal band Black Autumn, released in 1991, this album features a mixture between Doom and Black Metal style, such as slow tempos in instruments, shireik/lament vocals, distored guitars, abussive use of samples/keyboards and slow drumming, the album was released under Evil Metal Records. The album is also well known for its extremily explicit lyrical content, such as Suicide, Depression, Self Harm, Nihilism, etc.

Track Listing

  1. Inflict Pain (On You...) (4:52)
  2. Nights of Opression (5:36)
  3. Mother of Depression, Womb of Desolation (11:23)
  4. Hanging (4:12)
  5. Life is Nothing Compared to Death (8:56)
  6. Love Song (7:23)
  7. In "Love" with Life (Death) (4:36)
  8. Laments from A Bleeding Heart (15:39)
  9. Blood Tears (1:23)
  10. Love, God of Suicide (4:23)


  • Aleskei Bayle - Vocals, Laments & Bass
  • Miguel Bayle - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Mateo Araya - Keyboards & Samplers
  • Christian Sanchez - Drumms
  • Roberto Martinez - Bass
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