Total Drama Young Hawks is a crossover of Total Drama, Naruto, South Park, Young Justice, and Storm Hawks.


While Chris has left the show, Naruto has became host of the show and got back the old contestants while getting new contestants.


(Naruto appears on a street and in front of a bus, driven by Stan Marsh, who is wearing a bus driver hat. The bus is called, "Stan Mobile")

  • Naruto: (smiling) "Hello, this is your new host Naruto Uzumaki-Sarutobi. We got the original contestants from last season (we see the original ones waving) but we are probably now focusing on new contestants, starring Connor Kent."

(Connor arrives off the bus, he is a 17-year-old Smallville high school student with black hair, a blue t-shirt that has a Superman symbol on it, blue sweat pants, and red shoes. He waves)

  • Connor: (waving) "Yo, what's up? (he then high fives Naruto) Naruto Uzumaki-Sarutobi? Holy s**t, you're a legend man."
  • Naruto: (snickering) "Thanks for the compliment but watch your mouth. Next is Tim Drake and his adoptive older brother Richard Grayson."

(Tim Drake is a 14-year-old with black sweat pants, black t-shirt, and black jacket with rolled up sleeves while Richard Grayson is a 17-year-old with blue jeans, black shirt, and sunglasses. They high five Conner)

  • Richard: (curious) "Hey Connor, any woman luck?"
  • Connor: (sighs) "Nope."

(Tim pats his shoulder)

  • Tim: (showing sympathy) "Keep trying man. (he sees Naruto being confused so he explains it) Him and his girlfriend Megan had a falling out because she puts her enemies in a catatonic state and tried to make him not remember their argument. He's been girl searching ever since."
  • Naruto: (flinches) "Ouch. (then he smiles at the next contestant) But hey, here comes Cassie Sandsmark."

(Cassie is a 14-year-old with a blank tank-top and blue jeans. She sees Connor)

  • Cassie: (smiling) "Hey, tough guy."

(Connor turns around and looks annoyed but then blushes at her. Naruto, Stan, and Wally smirk at this)

  • Naruto: (smirking) "100 bucks says they're gonna date."
  • Stan: (agreeing) "Same here."
  • Wally: (smirking) "You're so on."
  • Naruto: "Anyway, next is Aerrow."

(Aerrow is a 15-year-old with a red shirt and dark blue sweat pants. When he gets off the bus, him and Connor shake hands)

  • Connor: (smiling) "Hi I'm Connor."
  • Aerrow: (also smiling) "Good to meet you."
  • Naruto: (continuing) "We also have Arty. Not the goddess of the same name. (Arty is a 15-year-old with brown boots, blue jeans, green rolled-up sleeved jacket, and blonde pony-tail. When she gets off the bus, she punches Wally on the arm) Next up is Zatanna. (Zatanna is a 18-year-old magician with white jeans, purple tank-top, and long raven hair. When she gets off the bus, she magically teleported to the others, much to their surprise) They don't call her a magician for nothing. Next we have Jennifer Woods a.k.a. Jenny the Killer. (Jenny is a 13-year-old with red shoes, blue shorts, a white hoodie with red short sleeves, a carved smile, and long black hair. When she gets off the bus, she jokingly threatens Arty, much to Naruto's amusement) Wow, she lives up to her name. Next up is cutest contestant ever, Sammy Williams."

(Sammy Williams is a 8-year-old with pink sweat pants, pink t-shirt, green eyes, and some mysterious blood on his eyes. When he got off the bus, he showed a nervous blushing look at a smiling Jenny while some of the girls found him adorable. He then frowned at Zatanna)

  • Zatanna: (frowning) "Is there a problem kid?"
  • Sammy: (also frowning) "No but I don't wanna be near a magician."

(Jenny whispers to Cassie)

  • Jenny: (whispering) "He hates magicians."
  • Sammy: (shaking his head) "Don't trust them."
  • Jenny: (explaining) "Ever since David Copporfield made the statue of liberty disappear."
  • Sammy: (annoyed) "Shame on him."

(now Zatanna gets in Sammy's face and grabs his front collar)

  • Zatanna: (annoyed) "Look kid, there ain't gonna be a problem if you can at least be nice."
  • Sammy: (nervous) "I am nice and I will be. (then Zatanna smiles kindly and let's go. He just stands next to her) Sorry, I just don't like magicians."
  • Zatanna: (smiling) "It's okay. I'm Zatanna. How years old are you?"
  • Sammy: (nervous) "Eight. (he hides behind Cassie's leg) Are you gonna hurt me?"
  • Cassie: (smiling) "Oh goodness no. What have you ever done to me, sweetie? I'll never harm you. You're safe with us."

(Sammy sighs in relief and sees Jenny. He walks towards her and hugs her, which she returns. Naruto smirks)

  • Naruto: (whispers to himself) "Soon. Pretty soon. (he then focuses on the introductions) Coming up next is Barbara Gordon. (Barbara wears a Gotham Academy school uniform. She waves and starts hugging Tim, earning thumbs up from Connor and Richard) We also have Lagoon Boy."

(Lagoon Boy is an arrogant fish-skinned swimmer wearing a orange Hawaiian shirt, gymnastic shorts, and socks with sandals. He then sees Connor and glares at him. Sammy frowns at him)

  • Sammy: (frowning) "Hey leave Connor alone."
  • Lagoon Boy: (scoffing) "Oh please, you ain't worth my time you little s**t. Why don't you go back to Jenna Arkenshaw."

(Sammy just hugs his legs in fear at that name while the others glare at the guy. However, Sammy remains confident)

  • Naruto: (sighing) "Don't worry, he'll be voted off if he makes any moves. (then another boat arrives) Hey, here comes Ara Devi."

(Ara Devi is a 18-year-old beautiful witch with black hair, a black dress, and black fingerless gloves. A few of the guys started gawking at her while the girls glare at her)

  • Naruto: (smirking) "Not too shabby."

(he then winks. She then walks towards Sammy, who doesn't notice her)

  • Devi: (smiling) "Are you okay?"
  • Sammy: (smirking) "I'm always okay. (he then turns around to see her and is nervous to see how she looks) Uh wow. You're one of the most hottest angels I've ever seen in my life."
  • Devi: (smiling) "Aw. Why thank you, sweetheart. You're such a charmer. (she gives him a hug, making him blush) I bet a lot of girls love you. (she gives him a kiss on the cheek and stands up) You wanna stand next to me? (he nods and stands next to her but they see Lagoon Boy glaring) What's your problem?"
  • Lagoon Boy: (glaring) "I don't know why you're interested in a little s**t like him. Only a w***e would."

(this makes the guys gasp while the girls glare, even his girlfriend Megan found that very offensive. Devi walks up to him and slaps him)

  • Devi: (offended) "That's for calling Sammy a little s**t and this is for calling me a w***e. (she kicks his kiwis and he collapses to the ground in pain as she smirks) Next time, watch what you say."

(the nice guys and girls start laughing at this. Devi smiles at Sammy and hugs him, making him blush. The girls glare in jealousy while the guys chuckle at the reactions)


(after Sammy is put on a team of girls, he starts blushing and frowning while the girls are glad to have him)

  • Jaina: (cheering) "Ya, we get to raise him."
  • Cassie: (agreeing) "I hear ya, he will be our little sensitive boy."

(they then hold him in the air, much to his embarrassment)

  • Sammy: (embarrassed) "Did you put me on this team just to make me nervous?"
  • Naruto: (smirking) "Nope."

(Sammy doesn't believe him but is stopped when Jaina hugs him)

  • Jaina: (smiling) "Come on baby, give me some love. You are so adorable."

(Sammy groans while Naruto starts to see him as a favorite contestant. Later when Tup makes remarks, Sammy makes a comeback)

  • Sammy: (smiling) "At least they don't wear a grey shirt that says they love pink."

(this makes her look at him)

  • Tup: (frowning) "How did you know that, you little s**t? (Sammy says nothing but he smirks, making her angry) Were you watching me the whole time?"

(she then growls and storms off. Later after Ulrich and Aleta's make out session, the contestants find out that Sammy saw the whole thing)

  • Sammy: (confused) "What was that?"
  • Jaina: (curious) "What was what? (he then whispers to her everything, making her eyes widen) Uh I will tell you at night, okay sweetie."

(later after Crystal deliberately throws her dodgeball at Wally and makes him wince in pain, Sammy gets angry)

  • Sammy: (angry) "What's wrong with you, lady?"
  • Crystal: (acting sheepish) "Oops, slipped."
  • Sammy: (angry) "That's a lie. I saw you looking at him because he was waving at someone on my team. Why are you such a b***h?"

(everyone gasps at his language due to his age. Crystal gets enraged)

  • Crystal: (enraged) "Excuse me?"
  • Sammy: (angry) "You heard me. You're nothing but a big, spoiled little daddy's b***h. You just take s**t that ain't yours and abuse it. Now stay out of everyone's f**king business."

(all the girls were shocked by such language. Crystal wanted to kill the kid but Tyler blew his whistle and disqualified her for hitting someone that was out. Aleta snapped out of her shock and angrily grab Sammy's shoulder)

  • Aleta: (angry) "Who taught you such language?"
  • Sammy: (nervous) "I took a sacred oath not to tell the girls."
  • Aleta: (serious) "Well, I'll find out who taught you and when I do, they are in so much trouble."

(she walks away while Jaina sighs in relief and winks at Sammy, who smiles at her. The guys notice this and he explains it)

  • Sammy: (explaining) "She got mad at Lagoon Boy so much, she was cussing up a storm. She found out what I heard and I promised not to tell anyone."

(Jaina hugs him for that)


  • Reaction to Lagoon Boy beating up Sammy:
  • Sammy: (crying) "I don't think it was such a good idea coming here."
  • Jenny: (angry) "That fish head is looking for a beat down."
  • Jaina: (enraged) "No one beats up our Sammy and gets away with it."
  • Zatanna: (furious) "I hate it when jerks like Lagoon Boy beats up our poor Sammy."
  • Reaction to Ulrich and Aleta's make out session:
  • Cassie: (angry) "Guys, Sammy is too young to see that."
  • Odd: (annoyed) "Great, now we have to explain to him about that."
  • Sammy: (confused) "I don't know what they're doing. (then he smiles) But I feel happy for Ulrich."
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