Total Drama World Tour is a 2017 Canadian-American live-action survival musical romance comedy film starring Michael Cera, Adam Driver, Emma Roberts, Seann William Scott, Mila Kunis, and Ellen Page. It is rated R for Bad Language, Brief Nudity, and Some Violence.


At a cabin, Cody (Michael Cera) is disappointed about losing but Chef's friend Hun (Donny Osmond) decides to help and they start his training. During the song "Be a man", he is put through harsh training. Despite Hun's yelling and attempts to make him give up, Cody doesn't stop. At home, Cody stands up to his abusive step-father Frank Mainer (Rob Riggle) and leaves home in which he now lives with his brothers Geoff (Andrew Garfield), Trent (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), and Dave (Nathan Kress) and is reunited with his real parents.

A few months later, Total Drama Action is hated for it's ending and now there's no season 2 but they ask for season 3 and ask the host Chris McLean (Jerry O'Connell) to make a good ending. Cody is in a band called "The Drama Brothers". Cody is shown sympathy by everyone as they agree to be mad at Gwen (Mila Kunis) for rejecting him several times and injuring him. The whole cast is on the red carpet and are invited to Celebrity Manhunt. When Chris tries making "Total Drama Dirt-bags", Cody sees D.J.'s bus and gets an idea. They go to catch up but crash into the grand canyon. They survived but are lost. Geoff, Trent, Justin (Channing Tatum), and some others go to get help while Cody and the others stay and camp out. They find a house but it's isolated and they run away. The others are rescued by Chris and he reveals that there was no "Total Drama Dirt-bags" but reveals that there is a season 3. They all celebrate their return.

At the airport, Chris and Chef (Samuel L. Jackson) named the season, "Total Drama World Tour" and Chef gets the idea of a musical per episode, which Chris agrees. When the bus comes, the contestants are: the now heroic and serious ladies-man Cody, the grumpy goth Gwen, the party guy Owen (Jonah Hill), the sarcastic Noah (Aziz Ansari), the bossy C.I.T. Courtney (Danielle Panabaker), the juvenile punk Duncan (Seann William Scott), the incredible jock Tyler (Orlando Bloom), the loveable dumb princess Lindsay (Anna Faris), the surfer gal Bridgette (Emma Stone), the loveable jock DJ (Arlen Escarpeta), the homeschooled praire boy Ezekiel (Nicolas D'Agosto), Cody's nerdy best friend Harold (Erik Knudson), Harold's rap star girlfriend LeShawna (Rihanna), the big diva Heather (Emma Roberts), the insane Izzy (Brie Larson), the crazy Total Drama fan and stalker Sierra (Ellen Page), and the flirty but handsome Alejandro (Adam Driver). They are introduced to the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, despite Owen's fear of planes. (the Total Drama World Tour theme song plays but with the Nightcore voice)

On the plane, LeShawna goes to the bathroom but finds out that there's a camera in there again, much to her frustration. Chris has everyone sing "Come fly with us." Cody and Courtney end up convincing Gwen and Duncan to sing. Chef orders them to stop singing but is accidentally heard calling Chris an idiot. Chris frowns and claims to go to commercial. Back to the show, Izzy thinks Cody and Sierra look cute together. Cody sees Gwen but she walks away. Cody tries to get ready to win. Him and Bridgette talk about Gwen but he realizes that Gwen rejecting him caused her to be hated by others, even though she deserves it for being so mean to Cody. Sierra reveals Cody's last name as Anderson and he was born in the 1990's. Cody is glad to have a fan-girl but is weirded out that Sierra is crazy over him. Cody mentions coming back for Gwen and wanting to share the money with her. Chef then announces that their landing in Egypt.

In Egypt, Chris is dressed as an Egyptian and has an intern carry him. He reveals the first challenge is to make it across the finish line and whoever made it across with others together will be on a team. When the challenge starts, Cody sees Gwen climbing with Duncan and Courtney. He wants to climb with them but when he can see that she's annoyed by them, he tries to climb down. However, he is about to fall until Bridgette saves him. They reached the top with Alejandro and Lindsay. He feels victorious but Bridgette accidentally hits him with a sign, causing him to roll down the pyramid. Bridgette sees this and surfs down to check on him. He is fine but realizes that he is on a team without Gwen. He sees Duncan getting angry about singing and deciding to quit. However, Cody is upset about not being on a team with Gwen but he is okay with his team being Harold, Bridgette, Lindsay, LeShawna, and DJ. Their team name is Team Victory and they have won the first challenge. Their next challenge is to head to the Nile river with a reward they get and to cross it. They later sing another song called "Mating Time" in order to calm down the dangerous insects that just killed the intern. The song however was accidentally interrupted by Ezekiel and everyone now runs. Cody and his team are lost but Harold reveals their stick is a dividing rod. They make it to the Nile and make their boat but are forced to sing a song again because they didn't finish the song they sang. The team and the other teams (except a sympathetic Cody) glare at Ezekiel for interrupting the song. The new song is called "Rowin' Time" and they sing it until Team Victory won due to Ezekiel accidentally feeding the stick to a crocodile, causing his team to be mad at him.

On the plane, Ezekiel votes for himself to show how guilty he is for costing the challenge while the others vote for him. Before elimination, Duncan is pushed out of the plane due to quitting earlier. At the elimination room, Chris announces that Ezekiel is the second person voted off. Ezekiel apologizes to the team for his performance and apologizes to the girls for his past remarks. The girls (except Heather) forgive him and hug him for good luck. He then takes the fall of shame where he lands safely at home and is cheered for by animals for a safe landing.

Back on the plane, Cody still mourns Ezekiel's elimination. He also is upset that he's not on the same team with Gwen. He decides to hang out with Bridgette and DJ. He was sad that he tried his best but Gwen ignores him. Alejandro has been flirting with Bridgette and Lindsay but Cody could tell that Noah didn't trust Alejandro. Noah warns Cody that Alejandro might be up to no good. Chris then appears announcing they're going to Japan, much to Cody and Harold's excitement. Chef then barges in while wearing some Chinese monk robe but Harold accidentally irritates him with the facts of his clothing. The angry Chef chops the exit down with a katana, causing everyone to fly out. They decide to sing "Before we die". When the song ends, they land safely but Heather, Courtney, and Gwen blame Harold.

Inside an unknown location, the first challenge is a giant pingpong ball machine: whoever gets the most points wins but Chris accidentally says balls and this causes everyone to burst out laughing, much to his annoyance. Cody and Bridgette will do it for Team Victory, Sierra will do it for Team Amazon, and Alejandro will do it for Team CIRRRRH. During the challenge, Bridgette accidentally vomit on Cody (sorry Cody but that's for the Codette fans), Sierra got hurt by a panda, and Alejandro made it safely. Team Victory won most points but there was bad smell from the ball. Next challenge is a commercial for a rotten candy fish snack which makes Alejandro puke. Team Amazon got first place, Team CIRRRH got second place, and Team Victory lost the challenge but they're still allowed to have Ramen Noodles. Harold voted himself off because of Alejandro. Cody now begins to not trust Alejandro.

On Team Victory, Cody is becoming close to Bridgette and the team. They treat him like family. Cody has Harold's yo-yo and gives it to LeShawna. He also hangs out with DJ but finds out that the guy is probably cursed since Egypt. He also sees Alejandro looking suspicious. The plane stops in the Yukon.

In the Yukon, Cody and the others are shivering but Courtney gives them an idea by hugging for warmth. Cody tries Gwen but she refuses so Bridgette decides to hug Cody (once again, that's for the Codette fans). Chris announces the challenge: the first one is to jump on giant ice pieces in order to cross a frozen river and the second is to make it to the finish line with the whole team. During the challenge, Bridgette is in trouble and Cody saves her, earning a kiss from her on the cheek. In the confessional, Cody and Bridgette hope that Geoff forgives them. Cody then sees Gwen in trouble and tries to help but gets frozen in the river and is confronted by a polar bear. Bridgette saves Cody and goes to Alejandro. Cody sees Bridgette about to kiss Alejandro but he sees Alejandro getting her tongue stuck on a pole and leaves her there. Cody is shocked by the action and tries to save her but gets his hair stuck on a pole. Chris has Team Amazon perform a song called "Stuck to a pole!" Sierra tries to save him but Gwen orders her not to. However, Sierra disobeys her and saves Cody, she also cures him of the cold form. Cody responds by thanking her but he must help Bridgette. However, it's too late, Team Victory lost. In the elimination room, Cody and Bridgette are on the chopping block. Bridgette is eliminated but Cody manages to hear her say, "Alejandro is evil!" Cody now is getting suspicious of Alejandro. In the confessional, Alejandro admits he's evil and plots to get rid of everyone, including Cody. However, Cody hears this and plans to get rid of that guy. He also promises Harold and Bridgette that they'll be avenged.

In first class, Noah invites Cody and wants a talk with him. Cody warns him that Alejandro is evil. They form an alliance to get rid of him while Heather decides to help them because she is well aware that Alejandro is evil. Alejandro tries to talk to Cody but he doesn't trust him. The plane lands in New York.

In New York, Sierra reveals Chris' secrets which makes everyone laugh but Heather is suspecting Alejandro to be plotting something. While Cody is climbing a rope for the challenge, he falls into the statue of liberty's chest until Sierra saves him. In the cockpit, Cody thought he was gonna die in there but Chef cheers him up by reminding him it was a great way to die and Cody agrees with a laugh. On the statue of Liberty, Sierra also reveals that Chris once owned a cooking show but got cancelled after only one episode, that message makes everyone laugh and an embarrassed Chris claims he was going through a phase. After escaping from a alligator which is webbed by Spider-Man (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal), Sierra reveals Chris was in a boy band called "Fame Town" but this causes Cody, Courtney, Gwen, DJ, Owen, Heather, and Chef to laugh at him in the confessional. However, Chris is irritated and angrily orders Sierra to be quiet. Cody and Heather see Alejandro smirking and now they suspect he's behind this. In the end, Heather's team got 1st place, Cody's team got 2nd place, and Alejandro team lost but it's a reward challenge and no elimination. Team Victory manages to have pizza as a warning. Cody told Noah about Alejandro and the alliance continues.

In the elimination room, Sierra gets to open the first big apple and collects candy from it for Cody, Courtney only gets apples, and Heather finds a meat grinder but throws it out.

In the aftermath, Geoff and Bridgette are still together and instead show anger towards Alejandro.

In Germany, the teams try singing a quiet song but Sierra accidentally causes an avalanche by screaming about Cody. After the avalanche, everyone are now mad at Sierra. The first challenge is stuffing raw meat into a giant grinder, making Team Amazon glare at Heather for throwing the smaller one out while Leshawna annoys Team Victory by bossing them around. The second challenge is dancing on a challenge called, "Slap, Slap Revolution" and Cody makes Sierra volunteer to wear the penalty clothing but Chris wants Cody to. However, Cody burns it and Alejandro is randomly given a new one, much to Cody, Noah, and Heather's amusement. Team Amazon wins but Leshawna manages to slap and beat up Heather for all her past actions. However, Team Victory lost again.

In the elimination room, LeShawna got voted off, much to her shock. Before she got out of the plane, Alejandro betrays her and lets her fall but Cody notices this.

In the Amazon, Gwen accidentally jinxes her team. When Cody ends up separated from his team, he gets captured along with Amazon. While Gwen searches through his stuff, she finds X-Ray glasses. Heather mockingly asks what color are Cody's underwear and when Gwen puts the glasses on, she freaks out and throws them into the fire. Cody confesses that Sierra stole his underwear. However, he managed to get free and got reunited with his team before they won the challenge.

In Paris, Sierra was upset because Cody snuck in the confessional and voted for her. Now, he has to apologize in order to get her to stop crying. Team Victory lost but must have a tie-breaker challenge. Lindsay loses and is voted off.

On the plane, Sierra confesses she wasn't really upset, she was pretending but Cody hears this and he is p****d. He manages to tell the other teams about this.

In Newfoundland, Team CIRRRH and Team Victory both won in a tie but Cody is switched to Team Amazon and DJ is switched to Team CIRRRH. However, him and the others were weirded out by DJ and Tyler kissing cods and make an agreement of how this is why Noah's cousins aren't allowed to watch the show.

On the plane, Owen is wondering whether him and Izzy should break up or stay together. Cody is happy to be with Gwen on the team but she still rejects him.

In Jamaica, Chris didn't pay gas money. They decide to do a swimming challenge and Team Amazon won. DJ is eliminated and Cody is the only former member of Team Victory left. Also, Izzy is out due to injuries.

On the plane, Cody once again fails to get Gwen's attention but he sees Alejandro laughing at DJ's elimination, much to his anger.

In the aftermath, Geoff and Bridgette are hosting a telethon. However, Chris' wife Blaineley (January Jones) appears and is also hosting. The peanut gallery are hired to answer some phone calls from people who are donating money. They succeeded and got the money for the plane. They also got money for the damage of the studio.

In London, Cody got caught by Jack the Ripper but Gwen won the challenge. Jack was revealed to be Duncan and he is on Team CIRRRH.

On the plane, Cody tried to congratulate Gwen but she rejects him. Noah is voted off and Cody vows to avenge him. Meanwhile, Cody and Tyler hang out but hear noises in the confessional. They check it out but are shocked to see Duncan and Gwen kiss. Cody runs to economy class and cries about the incident while Tyler comforts him.

In the confessional, Cody finally snaps and gives up his crush on Gwen. He vows to avenge Courtney's honor by eliminating Duncan and Gwen but this makes him go insane and angry.

The next day, Cody and Tyler agree to keep the affair a secret but warned themselves that Tyler isn't good with secrets.

In Greece, Cody wants to win the money for Courtney. Cody just ignores Gwen or glares at her. During the final challenge, Cody finally confesses that he saw Duncan and Gwen kiss, this outrages Courtney. When Duncan hits Courtney, Cody punches him and hugs Courtney in comfort. Courtney orders Cody to lose and he listens, losing the challenge. However, Duncan punches him in the stomach for ratting him out and punching him but Cody beats him up. He then offers him a chance to admit his guilt and quit the show but Duncan selfishly refuses so Cody brands a skull mark on Duncan's chest. Gwen gets angry at Cody and threatens to beat him up while calling him a little shrimp but Cody angrily uses cuss words at her and scolds her for abusing him. He then stands up to her and takes Trent's side of the breakup. He also declares that he hates her and doesn't love her anymore before Sierra angrily slaps Gwen for her betrayal. In the elimination ceremony, Cody and Courtney vote for Gwen but are disappointed when Gwen doesn't get eliminated. He then sings "Cody's Lament" where he breaks down in sadness at Gwen's betrayal, making the others (even Alejandro and Heather) cry.

On the plane, Cody and Courtney start bonding and are sad that they got betrayed by the ones they loved. Realizing they care about each other, they develop a relationship. Tonight, an angry Courtney dumps Duncan, who has a black eye because of the beating from Cody, and kicks the jerk in the kiwis. Courtney decides to flirt with Cody in order to make Duncan and Gwen jealous but was horrified by why Cody wears a shirt all the time. He has a scar on his heart due to Frank stabbing him but Cody survived because he had Lazarus syndrome injected inside him. The plane is attacked by U.F.O.'s and now just stops on Area 52.

On Area 52, Duncan gets hit by a laser and only Cody and Courtney laugh. During the challenge, Cody and Courtney sing "Boyfriend Kisser/Heartbreaker", which is starting to offend Gwen. However, Sierra throws pebbles into the minefield to help them make it. In the facility, Cody is still upset about not getting his revenge but Courtney cheers him up by claiming if they lose, Gwen will be gone. Cody agrees to lose challenges until they get rid of Gwen. They purposely try to sabotage their team. While Cody kicks an alien pod, it shocks him and he stops but it unknowingly releases an alien clone called Frydo (voiced by Andy Serkis). However, Courtney is being outnumbered by an army of corrupt Black Ops unit led by Frank and they prepare to capture her so she can be a slave but Cody finds some web shooters and uses it to subdue the bad guys. When he goes against Frank, he secretly records evidence of the abuser's crimes but still manages to web him to a wall and sends the recoding to a few allies he has. They also get attacked by an alien robot (voiced by Bill Hader) but Cody destroys it with Anakin's lightsaber and then finds a magic carpet which he uses to travel the world with Courtney as they reprise the song "A Whole New World". When they get back to the challenge, they confess their love for each other and share a kiss. They win the challenge and are glad that Duncan lost. They go to the elimination room but are upset when Tyler gets voted off. However unknown to everyone else, Cody's alien clone sneaks onboard.

They later decide to have "fun" in the confessional. When an annoyed Chris shows the video, Gwen finally becomes jealous and decides to try and get Cody back. However, they can't land the plane because Frydo is sleeping in the landing gear.

In Australia, Cody and Courtney decide to have fun torturing Duncan and Gwen. However, when Duncan feeds Cody to a dingo, Gwen saves him and dumps Duncan. Cody and Courtney forgive Gwen but Duncan swears revenge.

At the elimination room, Heather is eliminated.

In Sweden, Cody built a boat that resembles Courtney's face. Although they didn't win, Courtney finds it sweet. However, no elimination.

In the aftermath, Blaineley shipped Bridgette to Sibera and starts replacing her. Geoff wants revenge so he decides to humiliate her and not finish on time so she won't get paid. He starts with singing, "Her real name isn't Blaineley", which reveals her name is Mildred. The aftermath challenge is a second chance so they can come back to the show. At the end, Geoff succeeds and Trent is chosen back to the show.

In Niagara Falls, the contestants are about to die in a waterfall but Cody manages to save the day. They all glare at Chris for almost killing them but are happy to realize it's the merge. At the amphitheater, Chris announces that Trent is back, much to Cody, Gwen, and Owen's happiness while Duncan is upset. When Trent meets Cody and Gwen again, him and Gwen are back together, thanks to Cody. Trent also punches Duncan in the face for the previous actions. Chris reveals the challenge is a wedding challenge. The partners chosen are: Cody and Courtney, Trent and Gwen, Alejandro and Sierra (just to annoy him), Duncan and Owen (just to make Duncan wear a bride dress). The first challenge was for the "groom" to guide his "bride" to her dress. Everyone laughed at Duncan's dress. Cody and Courtney came first, Trent and Gwen came second, Alejandro and Sierra came third, Owen and Trent came fourth. The second challenge is that the "groom" will carry their "brides" over a rope. Duncan and Owen just argue but this causes them to fall off the rope (don't worry, they're still alive). Alejandro and Sierra try but he loses on purpose because he got annoyed. Cody and Gwen win while Trent and Heather get second place.

In the elimination, Owen is sadly voted off. While eating burgers, Cody and Trent warn Courtney and Gwen that Alejandro is evil and she agrees to help deal with him.

In China, their challenge is to race on the wall of China. Cody, Trent, and Gwen work together but lose when they didn't ring the gong. The second challenge is eating gross food but Cody catches Duncan cheating and that Duncan is also in an illegal alliance with Chef. Chris decides to make a deal: if Cody wins and Duncan loses then Cody will get immunity but if Cody loses and Duncan wins then Cody will have to be Heather's love slave and suffer her abuse. However, Cody wins.

In the elimination room, Duncan is voted off for cheating and making an illegal alliance. However, he first reveals the obviousness of Alejandro and Heather's relationship, the whereabouts of Frydo, Gwen's secret attempts to vote against Cody during TDI, and that Don McClain was supposed to be host. He then starts begging for forgiveness but Gwen refuses and has Cody and Trent kick him out for the bad things that has happened.

In first class, Sierra tries to use love tea on Cody but is stopped by Trent and Gwen. Trent dips it in a oil barrel and burns it with Duncan's lighter before throwing it out of the plane. Sierra angrily swears revenge on them and that Cody will be hers. As she leaves, Trent mutters "What a psycho." and Gwen agrees to that.

In Africa, their challenge is to hunt Frydo down. Frydo has became a feral zombie that looks like Gollum from Lord Of The Rings, much to their horror. Cody and Sierra denies his resemblance to Cody but Heather thinks he smells like Ezekiel. Once Chef unlocks the cage, Frydo runs into the jungle and acts like a wild animal. During the chase, Cody is about to be kidnapped by Sierra but is saved when Gwen tranquilizes her with one of her tranquilizer pellets. Trent falls into some blood berries and goes to near by lake to wash off but is attacked by Frydo. Cody and Gwen see this but are out of ammo. However, Alejandro stole Heather's ammo and uses it to knock out both Trent and Frydo. Chris then orders them to grab Trent and Sierra and to get out of Africa before Frydo wakes up. However, they are unaware that Frydo has woken up and comes back on the plane.

In the elimination room, Gwen is voted off because Alejandro rigged the votes. Before she goes, she kisses Trent and Cody for good luck, much to Sierra's jealousy (well she was only angered by Gwen kissing Cody). Cody and Trent then high five over having been kissed while Courtney smiles at them.

In economy class, they carve a picture of Gwen on the seats and complain about missing her. Sierra gets jealous that Cody misses Gwen.

On Easter Island, the challenge is to collect eggs from stone head versions of the eliminated contestants. When Cody and Trent sees Duncan's stone head, they angrily call it, "Gwen stealer" and Cody kicks it while Trent punches it, causing some eggs to come out. However, they are nice Gwen's stone head while Cody kisses Courtney's stone head, showing that he misses her as Trent smiles. Alejandro finds junk in Owen's stone head and insults it but it burps out an egg. During the challenge, one of Cody's eggs hatches and out comes a bird that his hairstyle. The bird calls him "papa" and hugs him, causing a happy Cody to name him, "Cody Jr." as Trent chuckles happily at this. The next challenge is to bring the eggs back the mother condor and they will probably calm her with a song called, "Condors". Alejandro goes first but falls off and breaks his eggs, losing the challenge. Cody and Trent go second but they also fall off. However, their eggs land safely thanks to Cody's candy basket. Sierra goes third but gets distracted and is thrown off. Courtney goes fourth and has Cody Jr. on her head. The condor attacks but only retrieves Cody Jr. and Courtney wins, much to her friends' happiness. However, Courtney is thrown towards the stone heads and they fall over as Chef just looks confused on how she can be able to knock those down.

In the elimination room, Trent is voted off but not before he gives a secret tape to Cody and Courtney about Alejandro's actions.

In the camera room, they put the tape in and watches the evil events. He then gets angry when he finds out that Alejandro tricked everyone. However, Alejandro secretly made a fake photo of Cody and Heather.

In Drumheller, Sierra is given the fake photo and gets angry. The first challenge is to make some sculptures out of dinosaur bones. Cody made one of Chris, Sierra made one out of dinosaur poop on accident, Courtney made a dinosaur that reveals today is Cody's birthday, and Alejandro makes a T-Rex. Cody and Sierra win and get drill. The second challenge is to dig out and find some missing oil barrels. During the challenge, Cody sees the photo and reminds Sierra this is a picture of economy class, which Sierra never leaves Cody alone in. They found out Alejandro faked it and plan revenge on him. Then they get Courtney help them but Alejandro sabotages them by adding fire crackers as candles to Cody's birthday cake due to an oil trail to the plane.

At elimination, Sierra brings out the cake but fails to notice the trail, despite Cody noticing the trail and warning her to look out. It's too late as Frydo leads an evacuation with the animals. The plane explodes, injuring her. When Cody checks on her, she just said the cake was chocolate while she just glares at Alejandro and sarcastically asks, "Do I look okay?" but her ponytail turns into dust. When Courtney wonders if she's okay, Chris claims she's fine but cares about his plane more than Sierra and unfairly kicks her out of the game in anger, much to Cody's anger and disgust. He's even more disgusted that Alejandro now cares more about the game than Sierra. However, he finds a better way to get rid of Alejandro.

In Hawaiian, another aftermath is about rooting for either Cody, Alejandro, or Heather. Everyone wants to be on Team Cody because he's only one that can defeat the villains. Duncan is on Team Alejandro due to his hatred of Cody while Blaineley chooses Team Courtney out of random. The final aftermath challenge is to give some leis to the animals that represent the final three. Team Cody's animal is a deer due to Cody's kind-heart, Team Alejandro's animal is a jaguar due to his fast intelligence, and Team Courtney's animal is a horse for her courage. In the end, Cody gets a wheel barrel, Alejandro gets a baby stroller, and Heather gets nothing.

Back in Drumheller, Chris is still upset about his plane and doesn't care about Sierra's injuries while Cody is getting her out of the junk pile because her legs got injured. She's put in a wheelchair and must use it to move around. Courtney Cody complaiment Sierra's new look. Chris and Chef then find a helicopter and give GPS's to Cody, Alejandro, and Heather but doesn't give it to Sierra since he's still mad about the plane and is offering to leave her, much to Cody and Sierra's anger and disgust. In the confessional, Sierra officially hates Chris and decides to replace her Chris shrine with a Cody shrine since Cody feels bad for her. Cody uses her help to make a hot-air balloon out of her wheelchair and some other materials.

On a train, Alejandro finds Frydo and decides to use him. Courtney is also on the train and is pretending to read a newspaper but Alejandro appears and has Frydo attack her.

In the sky, Cody and Sierra are contacting Chris through a walkie talkie but Sierra is offended by Chris calling her extra baggage and is being restrained from yelling at him. However, they over hear a reporter warning them that a hailstorm is coming but Chris refuses to warn the others, which annoys Cody and Sierra.

On top of the train, Alejandro and Courtney face each other and sees the hailstorm. Chris forces them to sing "I'm gonna make it." After the song, they reach some motorboats and race to the finish line but during the race, Cody and Alejandro fight each other with swordfishes and Cody wins the race. However, they're out of time.

The next day, Cody and Alejandro are picked for the final two after Courtney quits because she thinks winning got to her head. Gwen and Harold volunteer as Cody's helpers while Heather and Duncan also volunteer as Alejandro's helpers. Their final challenge is to take two sacrifices and throw them into the volcano. Cody is given his wheel-barrel and Alejandro is given his baby roller. They race through on the mountain and must go through booby traps. Duncan tries to sabotage Cody but gets knocked out by Harold as payback and revenge for all the bad things. Heather sees this but is knocked out by Gwen. Once they get to the top, Alejandro verbally abuses Cody and taunts him but Cody finally becomes confident and makes Alejandro slide down the mountain by pushing him on a ice block. Cody then throws his sacrifice into the volcano, winning the challenge and the season as everyone cheers him on. However, two wise men appear and warn them the volcano is gonna erupt because of how pineapples should not meet lava. Frydo attacks them but Cody ducks and it causes the feral alien to fall into the volcano. Chris a little bit laughs at this but also agrees to run. They run and escape Hawaii by getting on a boat while Chris' boat is sunk when Frydo crashes into it, much to everyone's amusement. An injured Alejandro vows revenge but only for lave to come crashing down on him, making everyone wince. However, they see the sunset and sing, "I wanna be famous." but they wonder if they forget someone. Duncan and Heather are seen still in the water but they try to swim away from meteor that is about to crash on them only for the scene cut to static, not revealing what happened to them.

When they reach the mainland, Frank attempts to arrest them but the friendly contestants played a recording of his crimes to the entire world and this causes the soldiers to finally arrest Frank for his crimes, much to their happiness. Cody then uses his money to get a better house and later goes on a date with Courtney as they go to a secret place and make out.

In the mid-credits, Chris puts Alejandro in a robot suit in Star Wars parody way and informs him about the money, much to Alejandro's distress as Chris laughs and calls him a spaz.

In the post-credits, Chris introduces a new cast and welcomes them to a new season.


  • Michael Cera as Cody Anderson - The Main Protagonist of the film. His goal is to win a million dollars to share it with his friends and to get rid of Alejandro. His former goal was to get revenge on Gwen for choosing someone else over him.
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Trent - The Secondary Protagonist of the film and Cody's younger brother.
  • Mila Kunis as Gwen - The Main Deuteragonist of the film and Cody's ex-crush.
  • Ellen Page as Sierra - Cody's stalker who happens to be older then him. Despite being a little pretty, Cody dislikes her for her crazy stalking and the other contestants share his opinion.
  • Adam Driver as Alejandro Burromento - The Main Antagonist of the film and Cody's arch-enemy. His goal is to win a million dollars, sabotage innocent people, defeat Cody, and be better than his brother Jose.
  • Emma Roberts as Heather - The Secondary Antagonist of the film and Alejandro's girlfriend. Her goal is to formerly warn people of Alejandro's true nature but later now to help him win a million dollars.
  • Seann William Scott as Duncan - The Tertiary Antagonist of the film and Cody and Harold's rival. His goal is to make Cody and Harold's lives miserable.
  • Andy Serkis as Frydo - Cody's alien clone and the Quarternary Antagonist of the film.
  • Danielle Panabaker as Courtney - Cody's new love-interest and Duncan's ex-girlfriend.


Nathan Kress does a cameo as Dave, Cody's younger brother and contestant on Total Drama Pahkitew Island. However, Dave is credited as David Anderson in the end credits. Yuri Lowenthal also makes a cameo as the superhero Spider-Man.


(In New York, Sierra interrupts Chris)

  • Sierra: "Oh Chris, I hope you're not sad about your former boyband."
  • Owen: "Woah, woah, Chris was in a boyband?"
  • Chris: (taking off the gas mask) "Moving on."
  • Sierra: "Back in the 80's he was, they broke up after this one song. (begins singing) Making trouble is easy to do, but making you love me is painful."

(Cody and Courtney start laughing)

  • Courtney: (laughing) "You were in Fametown?"
  • Cody: (laughing) "Dude, they suck."
  • Courtney: (laughing) "Oh my gosh, you hate them too?"
  • Cody: (laughing) "Yep and now I regconize Chris. He was in the mullet."

(everyone just laugh at Chris, who glares)

  • Chris: (angry) "THAT'S IT, SIP IT PERMANENTLY!"

(everyone flinches. Later, Alejandro asks Cody something)

  • Alejandro: "Cody, why are you ignoring Gwen?"
  • Cody: "No, I can't answer it. Courtney will be hurt."
  • Courtney: "Cody, just tell us."
  • Cody: "I just can't, you will be heartbroken and it's only painful."
  • Courtney: "Cody, what is going on?"

(he sees Tyler giving the signal)

  • Cody: "I saw DUNCAN AND GWEN KISS!"

(everyone gasps, even Alejandro and Heather)

  • Courtney: "They what?"
  • Cody: "They kissed right in front of me. I'm heartbroken as you."

(Courtney then glares at Duncan and Gwen)

  • Courtney: (angry) "HOW DARE YOU! (sheds tears) How... how could you."

(Duncan slaps Courtney, making everyone gasp)

  • Duncan: "Oh shut it princess."

(Cody punches Duncan in a fit of rage before comforting Courtney)

  • Cody: (hugging Courtney) "There, there, Courtney, I punched him."
  • Courtney: (crying) "I can't believe they betrayed me. Cody, please lose."
  • Cody: (nodding) "I will. Chris, the other team wins by default."

(Chris nods, making Owen and Tyler cheer but feel bad for Cody. Later, Courtney finds Cody in the Cargo Hold)

  • Courtney: (wondering) "Cody, what are you doing here?"
  • Cody: (upset) "Getting away from Gwen."
  • Courtney: "Same thing."
  • Cody: "How could she just pick a criminal over me?"
  • Courtney: (now crying) "I feel your pain."
  • Cody: "No, you're right about me, I am useless."
  • Courtney: "I'm sorry I treated you like that.
  • Cody: "Are you going to dump Duncan?"
  • Courtney: "Yes."
  • Cody: "Well, you should kick him in the kiwis."
  • Courtney: (smirking) "Yeah, I well. Thank you for punching him and giving him a lesson."
  • Cody: (also smirking) "Your welcome. Harold's right, Duncan's such a jerk."
  • Courtney: "You know what, I should forgive Harold. But I should apologize for being so mean to him. What I did to Harold was wrong."
  • Cody: "He only voted you off to get back at Duncan."

(they now start holding hands and smile at each other)

  • Courtney: "I got an idea."
  • Cody: "Me too. Duncan stole the girl of my dreams, so I'll steal his."
  • Courtney: "Gwen stole my admirer, I'll steal hers."

(then they kiss. Later, Courtney confronts Duncan)

  • Duncan: (smirking) "Hey princess."
  • Courtney: (angry) "Don't call me that. I'm here to dump you. No wonder Harold hates you. (she goes to leaves but comes back) Oh and this is for cheating on me."

(she kicks Duncan in the kiwis, which earns clapping from Cody, Tyler, and Owen. Later, Owen and Tyler confront Gwen)

  • Tyler: (worried) "What's wrong?"
  • Gwen: (crying) "Cody hates me and it's all Duncan's fault."
  • Owen: (comforting Gwen) "There, there, don't worry because we're all mad at Duncan."
  • Tyler: (agreeing) "Yeah, this is Duncan's fault. He cheated on a girl. That's just wrong."
  • Gwen: (angry) "Ugh, I can't believe Duncan just cheated on my best friend with me."

(later, Cody and Courtney start talking)

  • Cody: "So, ever thought of being a lawyer?"
  • Courtney: "Yeah, so I could sue Duncan."
  • Cody: "What about my step dad?"
  • Courtney: (confused) "Why? (Cody lifts his shirt up and reveals a scar making her gasp) He did that to you?"
  • Cody: (crying) "He's a monster, I hate him."

(Courtney then hugs Cody)

  • Courtney: "He can go to h**l for this."
  • Cody: (smiling) "Thanks Courtney. I don't know why Duncan would cheat on a nice, beautiful girl like you."

(Courtney blushes and hugs Cody, making Duncan and Gwen jealous)

  • Duncan: (angry) "Why would you question that, Cody?"
  • Cody: (smirking) "Because I'm not a two-timing cheater like you."
  • Courtney: (laughs) "You just got burn."

(Duncan just fumes in anger)

  • Cody: "What a jerk."
  • Courtney: (agreeing) "I know right?"

(Courtney kisses Cody's cheek, making Duncan and Gwen angry. Later, Cody kicks an alien pod but gets shocked and walks away to do other stuff. However, unknown to him, an alien version of him called Frydo is freed from the pod)

  • Frydo: (smirks evily) "Yes, yes, I'm free! I am now free and I will conquer Earth!"

(it laughs evily. Later, after Cody and Courtney's make out session)

  • Chris: (annoyed) "Hello campers."
  • Sierra: (concerned) "What's wrong Chris?"
  • Chris: (frustrated) "Two certain people made this place R rated. (Cody and Courtney just laugh) I'll show the video but not to the audience. (he shows the contestants the video: Alejandro and Heather hold their puke in, Chef covers Owen's eyes, Sierra is shocked, Duncan and Chris are annoyed, and Gwen is jealous while Cody and Courtney continue to laugh, making him glare at them) "Seriously, this show is PG-rated."
  • Cody: (smirking) "But I guess it's promoted to R-rated."

(Courtney laughs while Chris just angrily cusses in a grumbling tone but Chef gives Cody a thumbs up. Later, Gwen confronts Duncan)

  • Gwen: (angry) "What the h**l, Duncan? You could've killed him."
  • Duncan: (shrugs) "Hey, you're the one that didn't like him. Besides, he had it coming. There's no way a geek like him could get a girlfriend. I can't imagine what you see in him or Trent."

(Gwen angrily slaps Duncan)

  • Gwen: (angry) "You're an a**hole, we are done."
  • Duncan: (shocked) "No, no, you can't just give up on me. We decided to be together forever."
  • Gwen: (angry) "I mean it Duncan, it's over forever."

(later, Chris makes a deal for Cody and Duncan)

  • Chris: "How about a fight between you two? (they nod while Alejandro leaves the table) If Cody wins, he gets immunity for revealing that cheating and is allowed to take two people to first class but if Duncan wins, Cody has to be Heather's love slave and suffer her abuse."

(everyone becomes frightened by this while Heather smirks and mockingly blows a kiss to Cody, who shudders under it)

  • Gwen: (concerned) "Is this even legal?"
  • Chris: (ignoring Gwen's concern and question) "Deal?"
  • Cody: (convinced) "Deal."
  • Duncan: (smirking) "Deal."

(Cody and Duncan glare at each other while the others are betting)

  • Gwen: (betting) "I bet on Cody."
  • Trent: (also betting) "Me too."
  • Sierra: (also betting) "Me three."

(however, Trent and Gwen roll their eyes in annoyance at Sierra because they know why she's betting)

  • Alejandro: (also betting) "My bet's on Duncan."
  • Heather: (also betting) "Mine's too. I'm ready to get a slave."

(Cody and Duncan show competitive glares before the song continues)

  • Cody and Duncan: (both singing) "Manman chi, man, man, chi."
  • Chris: (singing) "They love to eat on the Yangtze. Manman chi, man, man, huh?"

(he is interrupted when Duncan starts throwing up but Cody eats his food successfully and stands on the table to finish the sing)

  • Cody: (singing) "Trent and Gwen are in first class with me and my immunity!"
  • Chris: "Cody wins."

(Cody, Trent, Gwen, and Sierra cheer while Alejandro and Heather pay up in annoyance. Heather also pouts about not having a slave)


  • Cody, Courtney, and Chef: Cody: (both laughing) "They suck. Can't believe I'm saying this but thank you Sierra."
  • Courtney: (laughing) "Oh my g*d, I didn't know you also hated Fame Town."
  • Chef: (laughing) "We are not gonna let him live that down
  • Reaction to Duncan and Gwen:
  • Cody: (angry) "I can't believe she used me like that. And she kissed Duncan right in front of me."
  • Reaction to Cody's outburst:
  • Gwen: (crying) "I'm sorry Cody. Man, he's never gonna forgive me. Neither will Courtney."
  • Cody and Courtney: (making out and teasing Chris, Duncan, and Gwen) "Ha ha, we're making out and you can't stop us." (they laugh at their immaturity and continue making out)
  • Gwen: (wide eyed) "I didn't know Cody hated me that much, flirting with Courtney? (gasp) She's trying to steal my admirer as payback. So, I stole her admirer but now she's stealing mine."
  • Gwen: (cheers) "Yes, Cody forgives me. For now on, I respect him."
  • Duncan: (shocked) "She dumped me for that twerp? (angry) You better watch out Codemeister because I'm coming for you."
  • Trent and Gwen: Gwen: (confused) "What was in that tea and why'd you burn it?"
  • Trent: (explaining) "It was love tea, made in China. It makes a person fall in love with the person who wields the tea. I burned it because Cody is allergic to whatever is inside that tea."
  • Gwen: (shudders) "Good thing he didn't try that on me. (she gets a look from Trent) Don't worry, I never would think that he would do something like that."
  • Trent: (agreeing) "Yeah, he would never do anything like that."


  • While in the T.V. show, Ezekiel becomes a feral zombie. In the film, he quits out of guilt and instead Alien Cody becomes feral.
  • Also in the T.V. show, Cody was on Team Amazon while Ezekiel was on Team Victory. In the film, their team roles are reversed so Cody is on Team Victory while Ezekiel is on Team Amazon. However, Cody gets switched to Team Amazon after the Newfoundland challenge.
  • Also in the T.V. show, Cody gets third place. In the film, Cody gets first place.
  • Also in the T.V. show, Duncan got away with cheating on Courtney. In the film, he finally gets called out by Cody and the nice contestants for that and even gets a brutal beating by Cody.
  • Also in the T.V. show, Cody still protected Gwen and only hated Duncan. In the film, he goes against both of them but forgives Gwen after she saves him from the Dingo.
  • Also in the T.V. show, Cody and Courtney were enemies and didn't feel bad for each other. In the film, they get along and form a relationship.
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