Total Drama World Race is the 8th and final season of the Total Drama Film Series. Unlike the original series, there's a new but nicer host with fair rules and much more safer challenges in which the show is actually now a race around the world. It is a sequel to Total Drama Supreme.


  • Michael J. Fox as the voice of Don McClean - The new host of the show and Chris' rival/younger brother.


  • The Outcasts: Cody (voiced by Michael Cera), Sammy (voiced by Emma Watson), and Ezekiel (voiced by Nicolas D'Agosto) - Three friends have been treated as outcasts throughout their whole lives. Fate: Cody and Sammy get married at age 25 while Ezekiel also gets married to Allison Beauregarde and the two married couples live together in a mansion-like apartment.
  • Mother and Daughters: Violet Beauregarde (voiced by Chloe Grace Moretz), Mrs. Beauregarde (voiced by Missi Pyle), and Allison Beauregarde (voiced by Emma Bell).
  • The Twins: Dipper and Mabel.
  • The Goths: Ennui and Crimson
  • The Reality T.V. Pros: Owen (voiced by Jonah Hill) and Noah (voiced by Aziz Ansari).
  • The Sisters: Emma (voiced by Mae Whitman) and Kitty (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - Two actual sisters who have differences. Kitty is nice and trusts her competitors, including her boyfriend Zane but Emma is rude, selfish, bossy, and does not trust the competitors because Noah dumped her for her bossiness, she also starts a rivalry with Zane. However, Emma starts to later learn that other teams can be nice.
  • The Homies: Lightning (voiced by Texas Battle) and Anne Maria (voiced by Kelly Brook).
  • The Stars: Josh (voiced by Bill Hader) and Blainely (voiced by January Jones) - They we're the main villains of the season but we're replaced by Chris in the finale.
  • The Surfers: Geoff (voiced by Andrew Garfield) and Bridgette (voiced by Emma Stone) - The main protagonists of the season.
  • The Classmates: Dwayne Junior (13-year-old) and Taylor (18-year-old).
  • The Acrobats: Sky (voiced by Victoria Justice), Zane (voiced by Jerry Trainor), and Dave (voiced by Nathan Kress) - The secondary protagonists of the season. Zane was introduced in Total Drama Supreme as a cameo.
  • The Farmers: Scott (voiced by Dave Franco) and Rodney (voiced by Danny McBride) - They are stepbrothers living on the same farm but hate each other.
  • The Rappers: Harold (voiced by Erik Knudson) and LeShawna (voiced by Rihanna).
  • The Rockstars: Leon (voiced by Jack Black) and Jude (voiced by Christian Potenza).
  • The Animal Lovers: Dawn (voiced by Evanna Lynch) and Ella (voiced by Miranda Cosgrove) - Two vegans who befriend each other because of their love for animals.
  • The Geniuses: Scarlett (voiced by Jacqueline Maclnnes) and Courtney (voiced by Erica Durance).
  • The Role-players: Sugar (voiced by Jillian Bell) and Leonard (voiced by Kevin Hart). Two live-action role players who are disliked for being annoying. Their the first players voted off.
  • The Host Rivals: Chris McClean (voiced by Christian Potenza) and Frank Mainer (voiced by Rob Riggle) - Their the second players voted off but Chris returns as the main antagonist of the finale. Fate: Chris was arrested for all various crimes while Frank Mainer was also arrested but instead for the murder of Chef Hatchet.


  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada - The first challenge: climb 144 flight of stairs or take a elevator and do a sky walk. Then ride a zip line across Lake Ontario.
  • Sahara Desert, Morocco - The second challenge: pick 5 spices from the spice kiosk, ideally Cumin, Cinnamon, Paprika, Saffron, and Ginger. Then eat a stew from the spices you made.
  • Paris, France - The third challenge: whoever didn't drink the stew must draw a caricature of their partner. Next, navigate through the catacombs and find cheese wheels. Finally, ride one of the cheeses down a river and bring it to the Chill Zone.
  • Calanque de Maubois, France - The fourth challenge: whoever didn't draw the caricature swims to get a Travel Tip from the dorsal fin of a great white shark. Then, build a sandcastle of the castle of Versailles.
  • Skaftafell, Iceland - The fifth challenge: listen to Don speaking Icelandic on a speakerbox then run through a field of hot geysers and repeat the statement to Don's beautiful wife that's wearing a swan dress. Then, either eat a traditional Icelandic feast or search and retrieve a fossil in the ice caves.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - The sixth challenge: whoever didn't swim with the sharks must retrieve a travel tip from a mitt full of bullet ants. Next, cross a gorge by any means necessary then find the next Travel tip hidden in a pile of coconuts. Finally, make a Brazilian costume and hand glide to the Chill Zone.
  • Transylvania, Romania - The seventh challenge: whoever is holding the tip must push their partner in a coffin to the grave yard and get their next tip from a grave digger. Then, whoever didn't face the bullet ants must perform a split on a balance beam and then do a somersault onto a vault. Once a coach approves of their skills they must run to the Chill Zone.
  • Hawaii, United States - The eighth challenge: dive into the ocean while wearing your swimsuit and collect a wedding ring. Then, walk across a path of hot coals while carrying your partner, who will dressed in a hula skirt.
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The ninth challenge: either return a serve from the world's toughest tennis launcher or wash an entire column of windows on the Burj Al-Arab. Then, race to the Gold Souk mall.
  • Beijing, China - The tenth challenge: skydive into the Bird's Nest stadium. Then, whoever did not dive in the ocean in Hawaii has to eat skewer of exotic animals cooked by their partner and travel to the Great Wall of China by rickshaw.
  • Oulu, Finland - The eleventh challenge: stay inside a sauna for ten minutes before crossing a semi-frozen river. Then, perform on the air guitar in front of a live audience.
  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - The twelveth challenge: take a selfie while falling over Victoria Falls; take another selfie with a White Rhinoceros.
  • Geelong, Australia - The thirteenth challenge: find a means to escape from a prison cell. Then, build a raft and sail to the Chill Zone.
  • Australian Outback - The fourteenth challenge: clear ten rabbits from a farming field. Then, use a glider to travel to the Chill Zone in New Zealand.
  • South Island, New Zealand - The fifteenth challenge: bungee jump off a bridge and catch a fish with your bare hands (Jump Down) or perform a traditional Maori dance (Jump Around).
  • Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada - The sixteenth challenge: eat an entire pot full of pork and beans to receive the tip at the bottom. Then, whoever is not holding the tip has to ride a mechanical bull for eight seconds.
  • Artic Circle - The seventeenth challenge: whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch must find a ring in the snow and must toss it accurately onto the tusk of a narwhal. Then, build an igloo from the snow and ice.
  • Flores, Indonesia - The eighteenth challenge: get a vial of Komodo Dragon venom. Then, find a special "Total Drama" rug out of a massive pile of rugs.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - The nineteenth challenge: either collect flags on remote-controlled dune buggies in one minute (Dune Buggies) or perform a magic trick (Magic).
  • Acapulco, Mexico - The twentieth challenge: one member of the team must eat a pepper while the other jumps from a cliff to retrieve a tip. The spiciness of the pepper eaten determines how high the jump is. Then, teams must ride burros two miles south to the Chill Zone.
  • Can Tho, Vietnam - The twenty first challenge: a three team "Superteam" must catch six catfish; if one has the zip-it ticket, go to the Chill Zone. Then, the other teams who didn't get the ticket must traverse trap-filled tunnels until you find a Don box with a map to the exit.
  • Siberia, Russia - The twenty second challenge: ice sail to the next challenge site. Then, collect a ball in an underground cavern seven miles beneath the Earth's crust.
  • Darjeeling, India - The twenty third challenge: fill a basket with tea leaves and hand it to a local to receive their next tip. Then, ride the Darjeeling Express and get through multiple train carts to get to the front cart and get out at the station where the Chill Zone is located.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina - The twenty fourth challenge: perform a traditional tango to receive the next tip. Then, whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch must ride on horseback and use a boleadora to tie up their team's emu and take it to the Chill Zone.
  • Nassau, Bahamas - The twenty fifth challenge: search for hidden treasure map to receive the next tip. Then, whoever retrieve the Travel Tip must scuba dive into the ocean and find using the map.
  • New York City, United States - The twenty sixth and final challenge: drive to Empire State building and collect a briefcase at the top. Then, race to the Chill Zone at Central Park. Finally, search for the combination on the briefcase on buoys located in a pond and race to the final Chill Zone.


(Cody, Sammy, and Ezekiel's interview)

  • Cody: (explaining) "Well, I finally got my dream come true. I got a beautiful girlfriend and I hope to be the winner again, like how she won in the last season."
  • Sammy: (grinning) "I can't wait to do this."
  • Ezekiel: (smiling) "H**l to the yeah, we are back yo." (they high five)

(they high-five and hug) (Violet (now 18), Mrs. Beauregarde, and Allison's interview)

  • Violet: "A) I'm really cool. And B) I'm the best at what I do."
  • Mrs. Beauregarde: Me and Violet can be so close and are mistaken for sisters."
  • Violet: (confused) "Wait, what?"
  • Allison: (explaining) "I'm homeschooled like my idol Ezekiel. Don't tell Violet but I have a crush on him."

(Dipper and Mabel's interview)

  • Dipper: (waving) "Hi, this is Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls. Wish me luck and Wendy, I love ya."
  • Mabel: (smirking) "You still have that crush on her?"

(Dipper shrugs, not denying it) (Ennui and Crimson's interview)

  • Ennui: (smirking) "Our idol Gwen is on a date with that comformist Trent so me and my girlfriend Crimson are gonna compete while they're not here."
  • Crimson: (also smirking) "That's f**king right."

(Owen and Noah's interview)

  • Owen: "Me and Noah met on Total Drama and we're glad to see a few of the old cast."
  • Noah: "I agree, I miss Katie but Izzy is crazy. (eyes-wide from what he said) No offense."
  • Owen: "None taken." (Noah smiles and hugs Owen)

(Emma and Kitty's interview)

  • Emma: "I've been wanting to go to law school but not enough money."
  • Kitty: "She's still stern due to a break up." (Emma glares and Kitty giggles)

(Lightning and Anne Maria's interview)

  • Lightning: (smirking) "This is sha-easy. I would've won but that bubble boy got in the way."
  • Anne Maria: (also smirking) "Don't worry babe, we will win."

(they start making out) (Josh and Blaineley's interview)

  • Blaineley: "I am still upset that Topher took my job because I did too much drama but I will win. So I hired my older brother Josh to help me since he won a silver trophy."
  • Josh: (getting upset) "I don't want to talk about it." (he runs away)
  • Blaineley: (looking worried) "Josh! (smiling again) He hates silver."

(Geoff and Bridgette's interview)

  • Geoff: "I'm glad to be with Bridgette again because we can totally win."
  • Bridgette: (blushing) "Awe, we can win this." (they start kissing)

(Junior and Taylor's interview)

  • Junior: (smiling) "Dad had paired me up with the most popular student in school. We are so going to win this." (they high-five)

(Sky, Zane, and Dave's interview)

  • Zane: "We're tough as nails and we will show you what we got."
  • Sky: "I agree, also Dave came with us, as long as Zane doesn't break any laws."
  • Zane: "I don't mind breaking a few." (Sky and Dave show worried faces but turns happy when she looks at Dave)
  • Sky: "Anyway, Dave it's great were back together."
  • Dave: "I know and the only reason it was hard last season was because on Total Drama Redux you would dump me for only caring about you and not the competition."
  • Sky: "Oh yeah unlike her, I choose to be a girlfriend first and competitor second. However, it might be only good for the soul but not good for teamwork." (they then make out while Zane smiles)

(Scott and Rodney)

  • Scott: (annoyed) "My dad married his mom but we hate each other and their making us do this. B***h."
  • Rodney: (angry) "Don't call my mom a b***h, you d**k." (Rodney pushes Scott but Scott pushes back)
  • Scott: "Shut your a**hole, you p***y." (Rodney then lunges at Scott and tackles him, they get in a fight)

(Harold and LeShawna's interview)

  • LeShawna: "What's up y'all, LeShawna and Harold in the house, we will win this with Harold's mad skills."
  • Harold: "True that, girl." (they kiss)

(Leon and Jude's interview)

  • Leon: "After TDS, me and Albert made a kick a*s rock band. Right now, were contestants. Right Albert?"
  • Jude: "Right." (Jude makes an air guitar while Leon listens to headphones)

(Dawn and Ella)

  • Dawn: "Me and Ella were friends since Total Drama Supreme and we like the new host Don."
  • Ella: "Also, he likes my singing." (Ella starts singing and Don cries with tears of joy)
  • Don: (off-screen) "Thank you Ella. This why I love the original contestants." (Dawn and Ella put a thumbs up.)

(Scarlett and Courtley's interview)

  • Scarlett: "Courtney forgave me for knocking out Noah. Also, I've changed into a good person."
  • Courtney: "Totally, we became geniuses and will use our brains to win." (Scarlett nods her head in agreement)

(Sugar and Leonard's interview)

  • Leonard: "Pahikitew Island was really rough but I might win with Sugar."
  • Sugar: (Sugar hugs him and Leonard smiles) "I'm glad to be with my wizard."

(Chris and Frank's interview)

  • Frank: "It's great to be back on T.V. and were gonna show those meat bags that we will win but Chris got fired from host after his actions ere exposed. I guess we underestimated them, NOT!" (Frank and Chris laugh)
  • Chris: "Even-though my job was taken by Don, my rival and little brother, I will still have fun seeing contestants probably getting hurt." (Frank and Chris laugh again)
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