Total Drama Unfinished Business is a non-canon season of Total Drama.


(at the music stage, Chris appears in his suit and tie)

  • Chris: "First, we have Team Destroyers. Their teammate Dave is playing "Sky is a big fat b***h.""

(everyone becomes eye wide at that name but Sky just glares)

  • Sky: (angry) "Dave, don't you dare sing that song! (Dave: WELLL) Don't do it! (Dave: WELLLL) I'm warning you! (Dave: Okay) I'm so sick of him!"

(then suddenly they hear a piano playing and Dave singing)

  • Dave: (singing) "I know whatcha thinking what Dave's been drinking, that girl was smoking hot. Yes, I could've f****d her but no, it's an affair because there's one thing she is. (he is thrown a microphone) To score one boy be just fine but two boys is not fine. It's a truth you can't refuse. Sky is a big fat b***h. (Sky's knuckles turned white) She's a bitch to all the boys and girls. Including that guy in the life jacket (Shawn), that cheerleader in a prom dress (Sammy), that musician with the hand print (Trent), that little boy with the gap tooth (Cody), and that red head genus who's kind of cute (Scarlett). Sky's a big fat b***h. (he touches Scarlett's cheek, making her blush but Sky's looking like she's gonna turn into the Hulk soon) On Monday, she's a (Chorus: b***h.) On Tuesday, she's a (Chorus: b***h.) Wednesday through Saturday, she's a (Chorus: b***h!) And on Sunday, just to be different, she's a super, king, k********a, (Chorus: B****H!) Especially to a boy with parent issues. (Chorus: B***h.) Talk to all the people around the world. It goes something like this. (then stepped to the side to show Heather, Ezekiel, and Harold in Chinese outfits singing the song in Chinese. Then stepped to the side again showing Trent, Scarlett, Shawn, and Gwen in French suits singing the song in French. Then once again, Dave to the side, showing Owen, Noah, Courtney, and Cody in Dutch outfits singing the song in Dutch. Then Dave stepped to the side, showing Chef, Anne Maria, and DJ in African outfits singing the song in African. Then stepped to the side, he is back on stage) 2,3,4. (Chorus: she's a two-timing manipulative b***h who uses boys for her perverted job and never one boy to choose) I'm sorry Ella, let's make amends. Shawn, are we still best-friends? Send Leonard down the laundry shoot. (Chorus: because don't underestimate her, she will cheat on you) I really mean it, Sky is a big, fat, ugly, (wait

for it) B*******************H! (he then puts his hands up and says, "cha". Eric Cartman and a few people clap at this but Sky just glares. Scarlett then comes up and hugs Dave, causing him to drop his elbow in victory) This song also promotes South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut. Rated R but it's the best film ever. BOOM!" (Cartman then gives Dave an autograph. However, Dave is forced to run when Sky starts running after him but Ezekiel and Noah stop this by restraining her. Cartman starts sheading tears)

  • Cartman: (sheading tears) "Thank you. I think Dave is the winner and the prize for him is getting to Cody's team, who have now won the challenge. (the team cheers with Dave while Sky's team groans) Sierra, you are on the Sky's team for non-stop stalking Cody. (Sierra angrily goes to Sky's team) Sierra and Topher are on the chopping block and the loser going home is... Topher."
  • Topher: (enraged) "What? Me? But why?"
  • Cartman: (explaining) "For beating up Cody and costing your team the challenge."

(then security comes and grabs Topher)


(when Chris brings back Dave, who has a buzzcut and is wearing a coat made out of bear skin, Sky is irritated)

  • Chris: (smiling) "Nice buzzcut."
  • Dave: (sarcastically) "Thanks for being so obvious."

(Noah smiles at the sarcasm)

  • Noah: (smiles at Dave) "I think we're gonna be friends."
  • Dave: (smiles) "Oh my gosh, you're Noah."

(they shake hands)

  • Cody: "Hey I'm Cody, ladies man."
  • Dave: "Nice to meet you but I don't need advice about girls."
  • Cody: (shocked) "What, why?"
  • Dave: "Did you see Pahkitew Island?"
  • Cody: "Oh yeah, I did. It's because of her?"

(Cody points his finger at Sky)

  • Dave: (irritated) "Yeah, because of that traitor."
  • Sky: (glares) "It's not my fault that you would never listen to me."
  • Dave: (argues) "It is. You fed me to a lion, yelled at me and rejected me, used my feelings for the finale, and you lied to me. You never told me you had a boyfriend, who you cheated on."
  • Sky: (also arguing) "You wouldn't listen to the "but"."
  • Dave: (still arguing) "And you know what's worst, you left me on that dangerous island to die. You only make enemies."

(Sky slaps Dave)

  • Cody: (interrupting the fight and defending Dave) "I don't care Sky if you don't like him, just leave him alone and stop blaming him. (Sky is shocked while Dave is happy) I've seen you on Pahkitew Island, you used his feelings because you're a selfish person who cares about nobody but yourself. You're always blaming Dave for your fault. No wonder he hates you."

(Sky just appears shocked while everyone just claps. Ella appears)

  • Ella: (happy) "Hi Prince David."
  • Dave: (happy) "Hey Ella."
  • Ella: (then she looks sad) "I heard what happened. I'm so sorry."
  • Dave: "It's not your fault, I should've dated you. At least, you don't lie to me or cheat on a guy."

(Sky greets Ella)

  • Sky: "Hi Ella."
  • Ella: (frowns) "Hey Sky."
  • Sky: "You know, don't you?"
  • Ella: "How could you treat him like that?"
  • Shawn: "You should've seen Cody earlier, he scolded Sky for that."

(Gwen arrives but Cody frowns)

  • Gwen: (waving at Cody) "Hey Cody."

(Cody ignores her and walks away, Dave sees this)

  • Dave: (putting a hand on Cody's shoulder) "Dude, I know you're upset."
  • Cody: (sighs) "At least she didn't yell at me but she did use me."

(Cody takes a handful of candy from his pocket while Gwen laughs)

  • LeShawna: (raising an eye) "What's so funny?"
  • Gwen: (laughs) "Cody, you're 19 years old and you still have a sugar-tooth?"
  • Cody: (singing) "Seasons come and go but I'll never change."

(Dave, Ella, Gwen, Shawn, Bridgette, and LeShawna laugh in response. Duncan arrives)

  • Duncan: (smirking) "Hey pasty."

(Gwen glare at Duncan)

  • Gwen: (frowns) "I can't believe I dated him. (then smirks at Cody) At least you liked me."

(Cody frowns and leaves, leaving Gwen confused. Duncan is shocked at this)

  • Duncan: (shocked) "Dude, did you just frown?"
  • Gwen: "Cody, what's wrong?"

(he just ignores her. However, Sky notices him and puts an arm around him)

  • Sky: (flirting) "Hey, maybe later we can go by the pool and take a swim. See what floats."

(however, he shrugs her off)

  • Cody: (annoyed) "Just keep your d**n arm off me. (then he closes his comic book) And quit trying to read my comic."

(Sky still smirks but this makes Gwen glare at her, even Duncan is disgusted. Trent arrives but he frowns at Gwen which Dave notices. He asks Cody)

  • Dave: (curious) "What's wrong with them?"
  • Cody: (explaining) "Well, in season 1, they liked each other. I liked her too but she rejected me like several times. You know during the canoe challenge, she hit me in the kiwis with a paddle."
  • Dave: (wincing) "Ouch, that hurts."
  • Cody: (still explaining) "Anyway, I managed to get her and Trent together after I saved him and Lindsay."

(the girls say, "aww")

  • Bridgette: (admiring Cody) "That is very sweet of you."
  • Cody: (still explaining) "Anyway, there was a bet I had with Owen and Gwen helped me out by giving me her bra, so he lost the bet and had to do my chores. (Owen groans at the mention of that) But in season 2, something bad happened."
  • Dave: (feeling bad) "What happened?"
  • Cody: (still explaining) "She dumped Trent. (Dave gasps) In season 3, I tried to win her feelings but she choose Duncan. During the Austrailan challenge, she tried to trick me into voting off Courtney but it failed when Duncan threw a Dingo at me. I ended up voting for Sierra. Sierra thought I would give her a chance but I won't because she doesn't leave me alone. After all six seasons ended, I found out about Gwen's trick and started not liking her anymore."
  • Dave: (feeling guilty) "That's rough buddy. (Dave pats Cody's back in sympathy. Dave also looks at Trent) I'm so sorry you guys went through that."
  • Trent: (shrugging) "At least, she didn't use me."
  • Dave: (still feeling guilty) "But dude, that question was so uncalled for. Anyway, I think Cody knows what Sky did."
  • Cody: (showing sympathy) "Yeah man. When I saw you, I started seeing myself. You have helped Sky but she just threw away your feelings for a stupid contest. She's even worse than Gwen and Heather. No wait. She's both of them combined. Also, she even got away with it."

(Lightning arrives, much to everyone's annoyance)

  • Lightning: (smirking) "Hey, what up dude?"

(he was talking to Sky, who is irritated)

  • Sky: (irritated) "I'm a girl."
  • Lightning: (confused) "Who's a girl?"

(the three boys laugh at this. Sky decides to flirt with Cody)

  • Sky: (flirting) "So how have you been doing?"
  • Cody: (annoyed) "Fine."
  • Sky: (still flirting) "So I heard Gwen used you. That's really low. Maybe you'll find a new one."

(Cody was getting uncomfortable while Dave and Trent show sympathy. Later, during the volcano challenge, Cody confronts Topher)

  • Cody: (scolding) "What's the big idea hurting Dave?"
  • Topher: (smirking) "Because he's annoying."
  • Cody: (thinking of a comeback) "Just like your stupid girlfriend?"
  • Topher: (angry) "What did you say?"
  • Cody: "That your girlfriend is so annoying."

(Topher angrily punches Cody but held back by Tyler and Dave. Later, Chris chooses Cody to either tell the truth or do a scare)

  • Chris: "Cody, who do you hate and tell us why?"
  • Cody: "I hate Sky. Because she used Dave and lied to him. She's trying to make him look like the bad guy but he's the victim, not Sky. Also she cheated on her boyfriend Keith with him. Dave's like me, rejected and hurt on T.V. (Gwen shows a guilty face) I also hate Duncan because he bullied my friends, stole the girl I liked, and fed me to a dingo. (however, Duncan feels guilty for that) I also hate Gwen because she used me during World Tour just so she can be safe. (Gwen then shows a heartbroken face) I also hate Sierra because she pretended to be heartbroken during Paris just to make me feel bad."

(Gwen, Courtney, Heather, Duncan, Trent, Samey, Dave, Scarlett, Shawn, Izzy, Bridgette, Tyler, and Ezekiel are now glaring at Sierra)

  • Gwen: (angry) "You lied to us?"
  • Courtney: (also angry) "And you used Cody?"
  • Sierra: (fake crying) "He hurt me, he really did. (her collar shocks her) I guess I deserved that."
  • Ezekiel: (also angry) "No kidding."
  • Dawn: "The only reason why is because she doesn't love Cody. She pretended to just so he can look like a bad guy but I know her trickery."
  • Tyler: (surprised and angry) "Woah, that's a low blow."

(Sky is up)

  • Chris: "Sky, are you better without Dave?"
  • Sky: "Yes. (Sky is then shocked by the lie detector) How is that a lie?"
  • Chris: "Because you only needed Dave's help to win but now you can't because he hates you."

(Dave is up)

  • Chris: "Dave, why do you hate Gwen?"
  • Dave: (angry) "Because she's just like Sky, a selfish manipulator who uses someone's feelings for what they want. Seriously, she rejects the guy for like 3 seasons while he's done nice things for her. And instead of giving him a chance, she just goes to Duncan. Nobody even likes Duncan. Heck, I don't even like him. Seriously, I think she's a selfish hypocrite who should go to h**l, which is where Sky was born."

(Gwen and Sky glare at him)

  • Chris: "Dawn, what do you think of Dave?"
  • Dawn: "He's a poor soul who needs help. He has anger issues because his parents wanted him to be an adult. Girls only dated him to make other boys jealous. He was picked on his whole life. On season 6, his friends abandon him and didn't comfort him when Sky yelled at him. Chris left him on an island with a bear. I give him my sympathy."

(everyone (except Sky) shed tears)

  • Bridgette: "Oh my gosh, that was wrong of his parents. There supposed to protect him, not treat him like an employee."
  • Dave: (crying) "It's true, they never loved me. They wanted to sign me up for adoption. (he lifts up his shirt, showing a few scars to people, who gasp in shock) And I did love Sky, I even didn't care about the money and I would give it up for her. But she didn't feel the same way, it turns out she takes credit for herself and wouldn't share the money. She also blames me. I'm a laughing stock because of her. I was beaten up for no reason, thanks to her."

(everyone glares at Sky while Ezekiel is up)

  • Chris: "Ezekiel, do you hate girls?"
  • Ezekiel: "No way."

(nothing happened)

  • Chris: "Are you sure? You did say sexist comments."
  • Ezekiel: "That's why I'm here. To apologize for what I said. I was given very cruel emails by angry fans and they harassed my parents. I wanted to apologize in season 3 but the game went to my head and Team Victory voted me off. Also, you turned me into a zombie so I couldn't apologize. I already apologized to Bridgette. Because I confess, I have a crush on her. (everyone gasps while Bridgette blushes) But there's no way she would like me for what I said. I didn't confess because Geoff might beat me up. I'm sorry to all girls."

(Bridgette smiles and blushes while everyone (except Sky and Geoff) say "awe")

  • Bridgette: "Ezekiel, thank you."
  • Beth: "I knew you were so sweet."
  • Lindsay: "I'm glad that you are forgiven."
  • Ezekiel: "But girls, I promised to never say those comments again. Bridgette, I promise to never flirt with you. Chris claims that if I act cool, you'll like me. (Bridgette glares at Chris and slaps him) Wow, I guess I was right this season that girls are strong."

(Bridgette hugs Ezekiel)

  • Bridgette: "Thank you Ezekiel."

(Sky was the only girl angry)

  • Sky: (angry) "I never forgive a sexist, even if he apologizes."

(Bridgette glares at her)

  • Bridgette: (glaring) "Sky, stop being mad at him."

(Cody is up)

  • Chris: "Cody, who do you like?"
  • Cody: "I like Dawn."

(everyone is surprised, even Chris)

  • Chris: "Are you sure, you do like a certain goth."
  • Cody: "I'm over that. (Gwen is surprised) Besides she thinks I was an annoying little brother and she uses me. (he then blushes) Dawn was always there for me and she always cares. I think she is a good aura reader."

(Dawn smiles and blushes while Gwen and Sky are jealous. Dave is up)

  • Chris: "Dave why do you care for Scarlett?"
  • Dave: (shows a sympathy face) "Because I feel bad for her. The only reason she likes being called Scar is because her mother gave her that nickname. Sadly she died after Pahkitew Island. That's why Scarlett wanted the money, just to get a cure for her sickness. Also I think she went insane because of Max and I agree with her, he's rude and annoying. It's also really mean to call her sidekick."
  • Max: (evil laughing) "Seriously, her mother died. Wow, that's pathetic. Did your father kick you out because of that?"

(everyone gasps while Scarlett cries and Dave glares at Max)

  • Dave: (angry) "That was really low, even for you."
  • Max: (laughs) "Like I'm scared of you."
  • Dave: (cracking his knuckles) "Wanna bet?"

(Dave grabs Max and beats him up while everyone cheers. Cody is up)

  • Chris: "Cody, why do you want a girlfriend?"
  • Cody: (giving a sad face) "The only reason I want a girlfriend is because the first person to ever sexually get involved with me was my mom. (everyone gasps) She and her husband hate me but behind his back, she cheated on him by r****g me and claiming it's the only way for her to love me. She was wanting me to please her personal desires. My first girlfriend was Angelique and she was cool. Me and her dated but one day, she finally dumped me. She was just using me to make a guy jealous. I decided to look for a girl who wouldn't hurt me. When I saw Gwen, I just wanted to be her boyfriend but she however hated me because she saw me as annoying. Then I was heartbroken when she kissed Duncan. She still rejected me even after every good thing I've done. And then Sierra came and liked me but I didn't like her because she stalks me. She even caused Team Amazon to hate me and instead say mean stuff, like claiming they don't need my help and that they think I'm weak. That's why I didn't help Courtney with her problem because she had never been nice to me. She used to call me a weakling. So me and Harold have a reason to not like her. This season, I got irritated that other boys manage to get dates but I didn't. I just wish to get a girlfriend."

(this makes a few people shed tears. The girls all hugged him)

  • Dawn: (sad) "We're here Cody, we're here."

(Sky is up)

  • Chris: "Sky, how do you feel about Cody?"
  • Sky: (embarrassed) "I love him. (everyone, especially Cody, looks surprised) I want to be his girlfriend but I'm sad that he hates me."
  • Jasmine: (shocked) "Woah, woah, Cody hates you?"
  • Sky: (crying) "Yes. I know why. Because he didn't like how I treated Dave but Dave's the one who didn't want to hear the "but". Please Cody, I care so much about you. I even stopped Sierra from giving you amnesia and making you her boyfriend. (that information earns Sierra another glare) I also dumped Keith. But if you don't love me back, then I'll date Topher."

(even though they don't like Sky, Dave and Cody couldn't help but shed tears. Shawn is up)

  • Chris: "Shawn, do you want to break up with Jasmine?"
  • Shawn: (glares at Jasmine) "Yes."

(everyone, especially Jasmine, gasp)

  • Jasmine: (heartbroken) "Why?"
  • Shawn: (angrily crying) "It's because you cheated on me with Amy."

(Dave, Samey, Cody, Trent, Izzy, and Courtney gasp and glare at Jasmine)

  • Dave: (angry) "You cheated on my best friend."
  • Samey: (also angry) "With my sister."
  • Shawn: (continuing) "Also, you're critizising my best friend. Unlike you, I hate Sky a lot. She used him and you voted for him even after Sky rejected him but I voted for her. (Sky glares at Shawn) Also, it was you who convinced her to throw that horn at him. (Dave glares at Jasmine) How dare you. How could you."

(Izzy hugs Shawn in comfort)

  • Izzy: (showing sympathy) "It's okay. How about I invite you to the Izzy cruise."

(Shawn smiles and hugs back, much to Jasmine's jealousy. Noah is up)

  • Chris: "Noah, who is your secret crush?"
  • Noah: (shrugging) "Courtney. (everyone gasp, especially Courtney) Well I'm sarcastic but I have feelings. I'm well aware that she has done bad stuff in TDA but she has suffered abuse from Gwen in TDWT and TDAS. Also, the way she tricked Anti-Me was awesome."

(Courtney blushes. Gwen is up)

  • Chris: "Gwen, who do you hate the most?"
  • Gwen: "Sierra."

(Chris and Sierra are shocked)

  • Chris: (shocked) "Woah, woah, why her? Don't you hate a certain someone who flirted with you but you rejected him like several times?"
  • Gwen: "No, I don't hate him. After my breakup with Trent and Duncan, I finally see this certain guy as the right one."

(Cody is stunned to hear this. Izzy is up)

  • Chris: "Izzy, who do you like in your so-called "Izzy-Brigade"?"
  • Izzy: "Easy, it's Shawn."

(this makes Shawn surprised and just a little bit blush but Jasmine just now shows a jealous glare)

  • Chris: (surprised) "Boy howdy. First a flirty model, then fatso, and now the zombie nut?"

(Justin, Owen, and Shawn glare at him for those nicknames.)

  • Izzy: (shrugging) "Hey, his girlfriend cheated on him so I was thinking why not. I mean he can be crazy like me. I hope Big O is not sad."
  • Owen: (shrugging) "I'm not. I'm glad you found a new boyfriend."

(everyone (except Chris, Justin, and Sky) says, "aww". Shawn hugs Izzy)

  • Shawn: (smiling) "You're my crazy girl."
  • Izzy: (also smiling) "And you're my zombie boy."

(they kiss, earning cheers from the nice people. Brick is up)

  • Chris: "Brick, what is your favorite food?"
  • Brick: "Chef's cooking."

(Chef sheds a tear of joy but Chris just fake vomits)

  • Chris: (grossed out) "Dude, you eat that garbage?"

(Chef angrily shoots the meatball cannon. Heather is up)

  • Chef: "Heather, here's a question from Lindsay. Why are you such a-"

(Chef wide-eyes at the word but Dave takes it and reads it, becoming wide-eyed)

  • Dave: (shocked) "Woah Lindsay, who can't write this on international T.V. And I thought my cussing was worst."
  • Heather: (scoffs) "No one needs to know why I'm mean."

(Heather gets shocked and everyone laughs, this also makes Chef and Dave fist-bump. Lightning is up)

  • Chef: "Lightning, why did you call Jo a boy?"
  • Lightning: "Because she's strong but I realize she's weak."
  • Jo: (suspicious) "Why's that?"
  • Lightning: "Sha-duh because you're a girl."

(everyone gasps until the girls glare at him. Harold is up)

  • Chef: "Harold, who was your actual first crush?"
  • Harold: "Gwen."

(everyone was shocked but Gwen just blushes. Cody is up)

  • Chef: "Cody, would you rather date Gwen, Sierra, or Sky?"
  • Cody: (annoyed) "Neither of them. Gwen used me in TDWT, Sierra just stalks me and was secretly using me, and Sky cheated on Dave."

(the three girls get upset by this. Duncan is up)

  • Chef: "Duncan, why do you hate Harold?"
  • Duncan: (sighs) "Because he reminds me of my former best friend who framed me for arson of an abandoned store. He abandoned me when the cops came. I tried to run but I tripped and accidentally threw the burning cocktail in the store. Luckily there was no one in there."
  • Dave: (realizing something) "Oh yeah, I read that once."

(Bridgette is up)

  • Chef: "Bridgette, why were you frowning at Geoff during the cooking challenge?"
  • Bridgette: (frowning) "Because he was picking on Harold over some silly incident that morning."

(Cody, Dave, and Ezekiel also frown at Geoff in disapproval while Duncan has a guilty look)

  • Ezekiel: (also frowning) "Not cool bro, not cool eh."

(Cody is up)

  • Chef: "Cody, what are your favorite moments on Total Drama?"
  • Cody: (smirking) "Season 1: Leshawna pranking Heather. (they see a video of Leshawna taping a sewer hose to a shower drain and causing Heather to scream, making everyone laugh at that prank but Heather glares at a smirking Leshawna) Season 2: Courtney hitting Duncan with a guitar. (they also see a video of Courtney hitting Duncan's kiwis with her guitar, making everyone flinch at that) Season 3: me punching Duncan in Greece and Sierra getting bit in the head by an Emu in Australia."

(they also see Cody punching Duncan, which made them cheer, even Duncan is impressed. Then they also see Sierra petting an Emu but gets bit in the head by it, causing them to laugh at her, much to her anger. Trent is up)

  • Chris: "Trent, was your breakup with Gwen a plan."
  • Trent: (glaring) "Yes. (everyone gasps but he explains) After the paintball challenge, she convince everyone to vote for Cody and made a lie that it's for his injury but is actually wanting to get rid of him due to not trusting him. I was angered and disgusted that I tried to get dumped by her. When me and Heather kissed, I was actually cheering and thanking Heather for setting me free but she got everyone to vote me off. So to avoid having enemies, I pretended that Heather tricked me. At Playa des Losers, I wasn't happy about being with Gwen and instead I was happy that Cody is happy that I'm in a relationship. In Total Drama Action, I pretended to go crazy but the nine obsession story was actually true about the train stuff. I was happy that she got hated but I just randomly thought that the piranha thing was too far and I still feel bad about throwing the challenge. In Total Drama World Tour, I was angry that she wouldn't give Cody a chance and instead went for Duncan. Heck, I felt bad that Cody was tricked into an alliance but Duncan stop this by throwing a dingo at Cody, even though that was brutal. I was relieved that Gwen was voted off. That just made me think that revenge is his now. So that's why I hate Gwen."

(everyone is left stunned that this is true but Cody smiles at him)

  • Cody: (smiling) "Thanks man. And yes, revenge is mine. (then he glares at Gwen) You made everyone vote me off. You are going down."

(Gwen then shivers under the glares)

  • Chef: "Here's a kissing dare: Trent and Sammy, Ezekiel and Bridgette, Shawn and Izzy, and lastly Cody and Gwen. (Trent and Sammy smile so does Ezekiel, Bridgette, Shawn, and Izzy but they feel bad for Cody) And begin. (Trent kisses Sammy on the forehead, making her smile. A nervous Ezekiel kisses Bridgette on the nose, making her blush but causes Geoff to get angry. Izzy kisses Shawn's ear, making him feel better but Jasmine gets angry. Finally, Gwen just kisses Cody on the mouth, shocking him while Dawn is just angry so is Sky) You guys win. Also, Chris wants to make Cody and Gwen a couple."

(this just makes Dawn and Sky plan to kill Chris)

  • Dawn: (angry) "I'm gonna kill Chris."
  • Sky: (also angry) "Not if I kill him first."

(Ezekiel is up)

  • Chef: "Ezekiel, what did you see last night?"
  • Ezekiel: (nervous) "I saw... SCOTT AND LINDSAY HAVING S*X!"

(this shocks everyone)

  • Tyler: (shocked) "You cheated on me with him. (he glares at Scott) You selfish b*****d, how dare you."

(he punches him)

  • Lindsay: (worried) "I can explain."
  • Tyler: (angry) "No, I'm sick of you forgetting about me. That's it, were done. It's over."

(Lindsay cries in shock while everyone else glares at Scott in disgust. Tyler is up)

  • Chef: "Tyler, if you never dated Lindsay then who would you date?"
  • Tyler: (smiling) "Jo."

(Jo smiles and hugs Tyler, who hugs back and making his friends show thumbs up at that. Courtney is up)

  • Chef: "Courtney, what is your true feeling for Cody?"
  • Courtney: "I feel bad for him and only abused him just to toughen him up."

(Sierra is up)

  • Chef: "Sierra, why do you hate Gwen?"
  • Sierra: (angry) "Because she made Cody happy."

(Gwen just flips her off. Duncan is up)

  • Chef: "Duncan, who do you hate the most?"
  • Duncan: (sad) "Myself."

(this surprised everyone. Later, Geoff confronts Ezekiel and Bridgette)

  • Geoff: "Hey Ezekiel. (Ezekiel turns around but is punched by Geoff) That was for Bridgette. (Geoff then confronts Bridgette) You haven't changed one bit after World Tour. That's it were through."

(Bridgette is comforted by Ezekiel while Geoff watches angrily and everyone watches in fear)

  • Sammy: (afraid) "What's wrong with him?"
  • Dave: (agreeing) "I know, right? He's scary now."
  • Cody: (also agreeing) "Guys, maybe our new order is to save Ezekiel."

(Sky confronts Dave and Scarlett)

  • Sky: (annoyed) "Geoff so reminds me of Dave. Always blaming the innocent girls for their faults."
  • Dave: (angry) "Shut up Sky, I'm not like that a**hole and it's your fault I'm angry. You led me on and you used me, you s**t."

(Sky gasps but Scarlett and Cody cheer)

  • Scarlett: (cheers) "You go Dave."
  • Sky: (yells) "SHUT UP SCARLETT!"
  • Dave: (angry) "Hey, don't you talk to her that way. At least she doesn't lie to people before breaking their hearts."
  • Sky: (shocked) "Are you defending Scarlett, the girl who threatened to kill innocent people over a million dollars? What is wrong with you?"
  • Dave: "What's wrong with me is you yelling at a girl who lost her mother."
  • Sky: (scoffs) "Oh please, she probably said that to get sympathy. (Scarlett starts crying) Oh stop crying, I know you. You just want the million so you could enslave us. (Scarlett full on cries. An enraged Dave angrily slaps Sky across the face, shocking Cody and the others. Then she gets angry) WHAT THE H**L DAVE?!"

(Scarlett smiles and hugs Dave)

  • Scarlett: (happy) "Thank you."
  • Dave: (hugs back) "You're welcome."

(everyone (except Sky) go "aww". Later, at Bridgette's elimination)

  • Cody: (stopping everyone) "Wait."

(Bridgette sees him but glares at him)

  • Bridgette: (glares) "Now what."
  • Cody: (shows a sad face) "Everyone, Bridgette's right about what I did. I cheated on the superhero challenge. (everyone gasps) But I didn't want to."
  • Bridgette: (glares) "Then why?"
  • Cody: "Because I didn't want to get disqualified by Chris. He told me to because of some stupid bet between him and Chef."
  • Chris: (laughing) "You think I would vote you off?"
  • Cody: (gasps and turns angry) "You set me up. (everyone now glares at Chris but Cody is more sad about Bridgette) I'm sorry Bridgette."
  • Bridgette: (smiling) "After what Chris did, I forgive you. (turns to Ezekiel) And Ezekiel?"
  • Ezekiel: "Yeah?"
  • Bridgette: "Win for us."
  • Ezekiel: "I will."
  • Bridgette: "Also, I love you."
  • Ezekiel: "I love you too."

(Ezekiel and Bridgette kiss while Cody, Dave, Dawn, Trent, Samey, Lindsay, Owen, Noah, Izzy, Shawn, and even Chef shed tears of joy. Chef then gets a call and hears good news)

  • Chef: (explaining) "Due to Chris cheating, Bridgette's elimination is declared unfair and it means she is still in the game. (everyone cheers while Ezekiel and Bridgette have a reunion hug before they give glares to Chris, who sheepishly smiles) Now, what should we do with you? Besides, you've been fired."
  • Izzy: (excited) "Izzy knows. This might be murder but I say we take him to the flush of shame and have him sent to a dangerous country."
  • Dave: (surprised) "That's the craziest thing I've ever heard of. (then shows an excited face) Let's do it!"

(however, Chef gets another call)

  • Chef: (upset) "However, Katie, due to no participation in the challenge, you are disqualified. (at first, everyone is upset) But she will help us get Chris here."

(they all smirk evily at Chris. They grab him and start taking him to his new fate, where he protests and struggles.[1] Later, French police arrive)

  • Duncan: (confused) "French cops?"
  • French Cop #1: (pointing his gun and using a French accent) "Lightning, we know you're there."

(French police handcuff Lightning and take him away)

  • Lightning: "Lightning's no criminal. I'm a sha-champion."
  • French Cop #2: "You're under arrest for destroying the Mona Lesa."

(Lightning is later driven away. Cody stands in front of everyone, even Dawn)

  • Cody: "I have something to say."
  • Dawn: (angrily groans) "What is it?"
  • Cody: "I want to take Dawn's place in elimination."

(everyone gasp)

  • Dawn: (shocked) "What? Why?"
  • Cody: (sad) "Because I lost you, so I guess I could lose this game. However, deep down even after treating me badly, I still love you Dawn. I'm sorry for kissing Gwen in front of you. But it was because of Blainley, she told me if I don't date Gwen, I'll get eliminated. I don't love Gwen, I love you. But if you don't believe me, then I understand."

(Dave, Scarlett, Trent, Samey, Ezekiel, Bridgette, Tyler, Jo, and Dawn just cry)

  • Dawn: "Wait, Cody. (hugs Cody) I'm sorry for how I treated you, I was just worried that you might've been using me."
  • Cody: (sweetly smiles) "I would never use you. I love you."
  • Dawn: (also smiles) "I love you too."

(they kiss and their friends just say, "aww". Chef comes with good news)

  • Chef: "Good news, due to Lightning's arrest, Cody is still in the game."

(Cody and his friends cheer. Later, Dave and Sky are on the chopping block)

  • Chef: "And the loser is... Sky."

(the villains gasp while the heroes smirk)

  • Sky: (shocked and enraged) "You guys voted for Dave over me."
  • Chef: (sarcastically) "Yes, yes, it's all a shock."
  • Sky: (still mad) "This is impossible, I demand a recount. (reads the votes and just sighs) At least I'll be away from Dave. But as for Cody. (she kisses his cheek, making Dawn glare at her. She then sweetly smiles) I'll miss you."

(when she leaves, Cody wipes off the kiss mark)

Voting Confessionals

(Dave, Max, or Topher)

  • Dave: (irritated and is voting for Topher) "Seriously, he needs to stop. Also, I'm mad at him for beating up Cody."
  • Sky: (angrily voting for Dave) "He has got to let it go. This is so not my fault. Also, he'll ruin things between me and Cody. (she becomes wide-eyed from what she said) I meant Topher. Just a slip of the old tongue. (then she angrily grabs the camera and shakes it) I WANT THAT TAPE BACK, GIVE ME THE TAPE! UGH, HOW DO YOU OPEN THIS THING!"
  • Cody: (voting for Topher and Sky) "That guy is seriously going to pay for beating the living crap out of me. Also, the same punishment goes for that gymnastic pervert."
  • Harold: (voting for Topher) "Well, I don't blame Dave for being so mad at Sky. Also, Topher beat up Cody. Not cool."
  • Gwen: (angrily voting for Topher) "Not only is he annoying but he also beat up Cody. He's worst than Duncan."
  • Duncan: (voting for Topher out of disappointment) "Beating up Cody sounds pretty harsh."
  • Scarlett: (voting for Max) "You know why."
  • Max: (voting for Scarlett) "You know why."
  • Dawn: (voting for Sierra) "I need to keep Cody safe from that psycho."
  • Ezekiel: (voting for Geoff) "I'm worried he'll hurt me."


  • Ezekiel: (sad) "This season, I want to apologize for what I said in season 1, I was given a lot of cruel and offensive emails because of that. I tried to apologize during season 3 but Chris kicked me out and turned me into a mutant. Maybe this season will be my chance."
  • Bridgette: (smiles) "I heard Ezekiel's confessional and I'm so proud of him. I'll make sure he is forgiven."
  • Tyler: (worried) "I feel bad for Ezekiel. He really wants redemption."
  • Dave: (sad) "Poor Ezekiel, he wants redemption for season 1 just like I want to redemption for the finale. What I did to Shawn was not cool. I feel bad that I attacked him for no reason and for giving him bad advice. (then he gets annoyed) But Sky? She can go to Hell for what she did. I got hate mail for what happened to her. F**k her and those selfish fans of hers. This time I'm here to win but making it up to the people that I might have angered? Well, I need to apologize to Beardo and Ella for how I treated them. However, you shall not worry about the Sky problem. I promise to you my fans out there that Sky is going down."
  • Dave: (excited about his performance) "Best. Performance. EVER."
  • Sky: (angry at Dave's performance) "HE DID NOT JUST SING THAT SONG! OH I'M GONNA KILL HIM!"
  • Cody: (laughing at Sky's reaction) "Did you see the look on her face?"
  • Eric Cartman: (crying at Dave's performance) "I'm so proud."
  • Gwen: (upset) "Ugh, I only came back for Cody because I think it's time to give him a chance but now he's gave up on me."
  • Sky: (upset about Cody) "I can't believe Cody hates me."
  • Gwen: (shocked) "He found out that I tricked him in Australia. (angry) Also, I can't believe Sierra tricked us."
  • Geoff: (evil smirks) "Yeah, I'm after Bridgette too. Because I've changed. Not just Ezekiel and Bridgette but also everyone else will suffer."
  • Bridgette: (suspicious about Cody) "Cody handed me popcorn when he got out! There was no way he was still alive! Somethings up, the heroes couldn't have won the challenge. (gasps) Someone's been cheating!"
  • Ezekiel: (blushing about Bridgette) "I love Bridgette."
  • Bridgette: (blushing about Ezekiel) "I love Ezekiel."
  • Dave: (holding a tool) "Yeah, I rigged the votes. Revenge complete. Did I like changing votes? No. Did I want to? No. Did I have to? Yes. Was it worth it? Indeed, it was. However, I'm gonna forget about winning and promise to pay for rigged votes."

The Hosts

  • Chris McClean = The Host. Fired for cheating.
  • Chef Hatchet = Co-Host promoted to Host.
  • Blaineley = Co-Host.

Heroic Angels (blue team)

  • Ezekiel = Main Protagonist
  • Bridgette = Secondary Protagonist
  • Dave = Main Deuteragonist
  • Cody = Secondary Deuteragonist
  • Tyler = Main Tritagonist

Villainous Demons (red team)

  • Geoff = Main Antagonist
  • Sky = Secondary Antagonist
  • Lindsay = Tertiary Antagonist
  • Amy = Quarternary Antagonist
  • Scott = Quinary Antagonist
  • Lightning (arrested) = Minor Antagonist.
  • Topher = Supporting Antagonist


  • Cody and Dawn
  • Dave and Scarlett
  • Ezekiel and Bridgette
  • Harold and Gwen - Gwen gave up on Cody and went to Harold.
  • Topher and Sky
  • Tyler and Jo
  • Noah and Courtney
  • Trent and Samey
  • Shawn and Izzy
  • Duncan and LeShawna
  • Amy and Jasmine


  • [1] It is unknown what happened to Chris.
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