Total Drama Supreme is an adult animated comedy show and the seventh season of Total Drama. It stars in the Total Drama film series and is a sequel to Total Drama Pahkitew Island. It is rated TV-MA for Language, Violence, Sexual Content and Injuries. It's sequel is called Total Drama World Race, which is a remake of the Ridonculous Race. It is directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Unlike the fanfiction of the same name, this is an alliance only season and we start having new contestants.


It's season 7 but things are different. Gwen and Trent got back together in season 3, Ezekiel was never a zombie, Dave never went bald and was never left on Pahkitew Island, and Mike keeps his personalities but don't worry, Mal is gone.


  • Chris: "Now we have Sorry by Sky and this is for Dave."

(everyone turned to Dave)

  • Dave: (glares) "Why should I listen? I'm not her boyfriend."
  • Cody: (touching Dave's shoulder) "Dave my little brother, please she's doing this for you. Also, she's been talking about you a lot."
  • Keith: (suspicious) "She has?"
  • Dave: (annoyed while ignoring Keith) "Why should I care?"
  • Cloud: (talking to Dave) "You should give her a chance. She's been crying about you. And she keeps on saying she's sorry."
  • Dave: (groans) "Ugh, fine. Brothers, you can help her." (Cody, Trent, Harold, and Geoff gave a thumbs up)

(Sky later appears on a piano in a dress, the drama brothers play the music)

  • Sky: (sings) "Dave, I'm sorry, so sorry. Sorry like a flower after the first frost. And I'm sorry, like a mitten that's been dropped and feels so lost. Oops, I really messed up. At least I fessed up."
  • Dave: (glares) "You didn't fess up, you said it in your audition tape and it got caught on national T.V."
  • Shawn: (interrupts and Dave and Sky look at him) "It's international, Dave, Total Drama is seen all over the world."
  • Dave: (frowns) "Shawn! Ugh!"

(Shawn goes away)

  • Sky: (continues singing) "But I'm sorry, so sorry. Sorry like a surfer who's busted her board! And I'm sorry like the band when they played a wrong chord... (Cody does actually play a wrong chord, he smiles sheepishly at that) Oops, I really screwed up. I never told you the but."
  • Dave: (frowns) "Yelled at me and rejected me on international T.V., huh? In front of all my friends!"
  • Sky: (continues singing) "But I'm sorry, so sorry! Dave, I really think we could be together. (Dave just rolls his eyes in response) You're so cute when you react to germs, that I just giggle and blush! And if you give me one more chance... (smiles and cheers) I'll do my happy, happy cheer!"
  • Dave: (smiles a little bit) "You are pretty cute when you cheer. (but realize what he says and facepalms) Aw, no, no!"
  • Sky: (continues singing) "Dave, you're the one I want. If not, then I must date your older brother Cody. The reason I yelled at you was because I thought you were acting so arrogant and selfish but you wanted to impress me. (Shawn has a guilty face for giving Dave terrible advice) I betrayed you because Jasmine told me to. (Dave and Shawn glare at Jasmine, who grins sheepishly) I couldn't tell you the but because Chris always interrupted me and tried to split us up."

(Dave glares at Chris)

  • Dave: (sighs) "Fine, I'll listen to you. What is the but?"
  • Sky: (continues singing) "The but is that I'm too focus on the money to pay for my sister's care and my ex-boyfriend Keith was abusive. He slapped me and put my sister in a coma. (Dave show a sympathy look and, along with everyone, glares at Keith) I dumped him because he talked trash about you. Ever since then, I can't stop thinking about you. When you stepped on that mine field, I was devastated because you could've been killed. I thought Amy was right that I might not get a chance because you hate my guts. (Dave glares at Amy, who shrugs) I only came back for you. And I'm so incredibly, wildly, madly, crazily... Oh, so completely, infinitely, beyond... Sorry. (after the song ends and receiving claps, Sky starts crying and begging) Please, Dave, come back to me. I love you."

(everyone (except Duncan, Amy, and Chris) all cry sadly at this)

  • Dave: (going to Sky but becomes calm) "No Sky, (at first, she was gonna cry but then she is hugged by him) I'm sorry. (this shocked everybody) I should've listen to you. Maybe I was going a little bit hard on you. I almost hurt you in the season six finale. I can never forgive myself. (then glares at Chris) I'll never forgive you Chris, you turned me into a monster and made me try to hurt the one I loved."
  • Chris: (grinning) "Hey, it's not my fault you weren't meant to be."

(Dave gets enraged and punches Chris in the face, causing people to cheer)

  • Dave: (turns to Sky) "Thank you Sky, I forgive you. Besides, maybe I was just disappointed in you for your mean actions but I now don't hate you for it."
  • Sky: (smiling) "You don't hate me?"
  • Dave: "Of course. I only hate Chris and Keith. I guess Keith was a jerk this whole time and he didn't even care about you."
  • Sky: "Dave, that's why I love you. You're better than him."
  • Dave: (smiles sweetly) "Sky, we can be together again. I love you."
  • Sky: (also smiles sweetly) "I love you too."

(they kiss and their friends or family clap but Keith glares)

  • Chris: (has a black eye from Dave) "And the score is... (a screen appears and gives the song a 97%) 97%. Anyway, next up is What Makes Our Life Beautiful by The Drama Brothers and Total Time Rush."
  • Dave: "I don't sing but yeah I made a band."
  • Sky: "Good luck Dave."

(Dave then appears with The Drama Brothers with Topher as a member and Geoff as The Talent. Ezekiel, Shawn, and Beardo join in)

  • Chorus: (singing in the background) "Oh oh whoa." (4 times)
  • Cody: (singing) "You're insecure, don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walked through the do-o-or. Don't need make up."
  • Shawn: (singing) "I'm lookin at you."
  • Cody: (singing) "To cover up."
  • Ezekiel: (singing) "You lookin at me."
  • Dave: (singing) "Something about you's got me goin crazy."
  • Harold: (singing) "Everyone else in the room can see it. (Ezekiel: Don't worry about thing) Everyone else but you." (Ezekiel: I'll worry girl)
  • Chorus: (singing) "Baby, you light up my world like nobody else, the way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell."
  • Topher: (singing) "You don't know oh oh, you don't know your beautiful."
  • Shawn: (singing) "Can't fight how I'm feelin inside."
  • Chorus: (singing) "You'll understand why want you so desperately, right now I'm looking at you. (Shawn: Feels right girl, just gimme a sign) You don't know oh oh, you don't you're beautiful. (Dave: She's beautiful, unusual, the prettiest thing) Oh oh whoa." (2 times)
  • Trent: (singing) "So c-come on, you got it wrong. To prove I'm right, I put it in a so-ong. I don't know why, you're being shy." (Ezekiel: Girl, you're so fly)
  • Dave: (singing) "I knew from the minute that I looked in your eyes. I'm into you, no one else compares to you. Just do what you do."
  • Geoff: (singing) "Everyone else but you." (Shawn: I'll worry girl)
  • Chorus: (singing) "Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. But when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell."
  • Topher: (singing) "You don't know oh, oh. You don't your beautiful."
  • Chrous: (singing) "If you only saw what I could see. You'll understand why I want you so desperately. Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe. You don't know oh, oh. You don't your beautiful. (Dave: She's beautiful, unusual, the prettiest) beautiful."
  • Dave: (singing) "Beautiful, unusual, the prettiest thing. Beautiful, unusual, the prettiest thing. She's beautiful, unusual, the prettiest thing. Something about you's got me going crazy."
  • Harold: (singing) "Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. The way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell." (Ezekiel: No we don't have to have to leave tonight)
  • Topher: (singing) "You don't know oh, oh. You don't your beautiful."
  • Dave: (singing) "Can't how I'm feeling inside."
  • Chorus: (singing) "The way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. But when you smile (Shawn: Feels right girl, just give me a sign)
  • Topher: (singing) "You don't know oh, oh. You don't your beautiful."
  • Chotus: (singing) "If you only saw what I could see. You'll understand why I want you so desperately. Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe. You don't know oh, oh. You don't your beautiful."
  • Dave: (singing the last note) "She's beautiful, unusual, the prettiest."

(a guitar and drum beat ends the song and everyone (except Keith) cheers for them)

  • Chris: "The score is 100%. Dave wins."
  • Sky: (hugging Dave) "Great job honey."
  • Dave: (hugging her back) "Thanks babe."

(they kiss but Keith finally snaps, takes off his jacket, and takes out a gun, which is noticed by Cody)

  • Cody: (worried) "LOOK OUT, HE'S GOT A GUN!"

(Dave and Sky panic while Keith smirks and gets ready to shoot but someone with a gun shoots him in the arm, saving the couple. That person is officer Vest, from Bellevue East High School)

  • Officer Vest: (aiming at Keith) "Get down on the ground."

(Keith gets down on the ground and other cops handcuff him)

  • Cop #1: "Keith Stonehammer, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have no right to an attorney, one will be provided for you. You're under arrest for attempted murder of Dave and Sky. Also, for sexual abuse."
  • Cop #2: "Is everyone alright?"

(they nod their heads)

  • Officer Vest: (smiling at the contestants) "Don't worry, you're all safe now. (then glaring at Keith) Take that punk away and confiscate his gun. (they put him in a police car and confiscate his gun as evidence. Officer Vest glares at Chris) What were you thinking? That guy's dangerous. One of these days, you are so going to prison for a long time. But for now, (then he looks serious at the camera) JUSTICE IS SERVED!"

(then he gets in the police car and drives away)

  • Zoey: (confused) "How did a police car get on the island?"

(everyone shrugs)

  • Brandon: (shrugging) "Like h**l if I know."


(Sky talks to Cody)

  • Sky: "Cody, I'm tired of Dave hating me."
  • Cody: "Why does little bro hate you?"
  • Sky: (sighs) "It started in season 6, he had a crush on me and I liked him back but I came to win and I didn't want to be distracted. Then, I was switched to another team, that's where Jasmine told me to betray Dave and I did. During the merge, he tried to impress me by acting tough but I yelled at him and rejected him. He voted himself off. I felt so guilty after I heard he was doing it for me. (she starts crying) I can't believe I was so mean to him. Then in the finale, at first, me and him were doing fine when I kissed him but then that b**tard Chris just showed my audition tape and revealed that I had a boyfriend back home. (she still cries) Now, Dave hates me and he sabotaged me. Then this season, when I asked about his black eye, he didn't tell me and asks why I should care. I broke up with Keith because he was being mean and trash talking Dave but Dave didn't believe me and wanted to stay away from me. Then during the hide and seek game, I tried to talk to him but he didn't want to and refuses to forgive me. Then during the swimming challenge, Amy claims I might not get a chance with you or Dave because Dave hates me and you are only interested in Sammy and Ella. In the Star Wars challenge, he called me an annoyance."
  • Cody: (sympathy look) "I'm so sorry. (becomes angry) I can't believe that b**tard Chris did that to you. Also, just ignore that b***h Amy. (then smiles) You know what, I'm gonna hook you up with Dave."
  • Sky: (smiling and wiping her tears) "Really?"
  • Cody: (shrugs) "I did it with Trent and Gwen, I'm sure it might work for you guys."

(Sky smiles and shakes Cody's hand. Later on a truth or scare challenge, Chris asks Dave two questions)

  • Chris: (smirking) "Question 1: what's your deal with germs?"
  • Dave: (explaining) "When I was a child, I was hospitalized with a bacterial disease that nearly killed me. I've been afraid ever since then."

(everyone winces in sympathy)

  • Chris: "Question 2: Dave, are you adopted?"
  • Dave: (sad) "Yes. (everyone was shocked) My real family were athletes called the DeSantos but I only wanted to be a intelligent genius. However, they were disgusted by that and started treating me like a slave in order to make me change my mind. This went on until Cody's family saw this and called 911. The DeSantos were arrested for child abuse and child neglect. They lost their hero status and are seen as villains. That's why I don't like athletic stuff."

(everyone looked sad, even Alejandro, Heather, Jo, Lightning, and Scott felt bad for him. Chris asks another question, not caring about the kid's tragic past which angered all of them)

  • Chris: (smirking) "Question #3: Dave, who do you the most?"
  • Dave: (angry) "It's (Sky is worried but he points at Chris) YOU!"

(the contestants and Chris look at Dave)

  • Chris: "What why me?"
  • Dave: (angry) "Because it was you who turned me into a monster. (calm) Sure I'm mad at Sky for lying to me and being greedy but I don't hate her for it. (Sky is happy to hear that but Dave doesn't stop) I hate everything about you Chris, you're a sadistic, abusive, heartless b*****d who ruins relationships and taunts people about them. No wonder they hate you."

(Chris doesn't know what to say but everyone cheers)

  • Gwen: "You go Dave."
  • Dave: (angrier) "Also, you even abuse animals, I love animals. (the nice contestants say "awe") You also abuse your fans. Like Topher and Sierra. Know what, Topher's a better host than you. (Dave is now done and everybody just cheers but Dave still talks to Chris) Oh and this is for Trent, Gwen, Cody, Courtney, Sammy, and Sky."

(Dave punches Chris and everyone cheers. Later, Amy harasses Sky and slaps her, making her cry in front of everyone who are shocked)

  • Jasmine: (concerned) "SKY!"

(Amy laughs while Sky cries until Dave shows up)

  • Dave: (see's Sky's face and gasps) "Who did this to you?"

(Sky points to Amy and Dave glares at the mean twin)

  • Amy: (smirks) "I did something for you. You're welcome."

(Amy just stand there shock but then everyone just starts clapping for him. Later in Dave's dream, he sees a deviantart version of Sky crying while the deviantart version of Dave just smirks evily)

  • Dave: (worried) "What's wrong?"
  • Deviantart Sky: (crying) "Your counterpart hit me."

(Dave gasps and glares at his counterpart)

  • Deviantart Dave: (smirks evily) "Hey, at least she got the message."

(Dave then sees Deviantart Sky near a cliff)

  • Deviantart Sky: (crying) "Goodbye Dave.

(Dave then tries to stop her but is too late and she dies. He later holds her body in pain and agony)

  • Dave: (suffering) "No please, I'm sorry. Don't leave me."

(he then sees people, even Deviantart versions of Ella, Cody, Trent, Geoff, and Shawn, glaring at him in disguist.)

  • Deviantart Ella: (angry) "You're a monster. Why did I ever love you?"
  • Dave: (still suffering) "NO PLEASE! NOOOOOOOO!"

(in reality, Dave wakes up from this horrible dream horrified. Dawn enters his room)

  • Dawn: (worried) "You okay?"
  • Dave: (upset) "No. (then starts thinking about the good times with Sky) What have I done? Sky, I'm sorry."

(Dawn comforts Dave. DJ is also worried)

  • DJ: (worried) "What happened man?"
  • Dave: (explaining) "I had a dream about Sky's counterpart crying. She was crying because my counterpart hit her. (DJ and Dawn gasp in horror) Then I angrily scolded him for that but I also saw Sky committing suicide. (another gasp is heard) Then everyone started glaring at me and Ella regretted liking me. (then he starts sheading tears) Sky, I'm sorry."

(DJ and Dawn hug Dave in comfort. The next morning, everyone sees Dave upset and Chris likes it)

  • Chris: (smiling) "Aw, tears. Makes the morning great."

(then Dave throws a tray at him)

  • Dave: (angry) "F**K OFF MCLEAN!"
  • Chris: (frowns) "Hey, chill crybaby."
  • Dave: (angry) "I SAID F**K OFF!"

(then he storms away while DJ and Dawn glare at Chris. Dave then explains to everyone about the nightmare and they were horrified. Cody hugs Dave)

  • Cody: (sympathetic) "There, there Dave. You are not abusive. You would never do that. We're here for you."

(everyone agrees. Later, Chris appears on stage)

  • Chris: "Now one of our visitors is Keith, Sky's abusive ex."

(Keith appears)

  • Sky: (surprised) "Keith."
  • Keith: (waving at Sky) "Aloha, people."
  • Sky: (still surprised) "What are you doing here?"
  • Keith: "Just seeing my old girlfriend perform."

(Shawn and Jasmine are eye-widened)

  • Shawn: "That's Keith?"
  • Jasmine: "I guess that's him."
  • Chris: "Then we have Cloud, Sky's older sister."

(Cloud arrives and hugs Sky)

  • Cloud: "Hey little sis."
  • Sky: "Hi Cloud."
  • Chris: "Then we have, Sky and Cloud's older cousin."

(Zane arrives)

  • Zane: "Hello cousins and hello Dave."
  • Dave: "Sky told you about me?"
  • Zane: "Yeah and she has been mentioning you a lot."
  • Dave: (crosses his arms) "I don't hate her but I'm mad at her. (Sky hears this and sighs while Cloud and Cody comfort her) However, I've had a nightmare about it."

(then they hear more arrivals)

  • Chris: (annoyed) "Everyone, meet my brother Don McLean."

(Don arrives and waves at the contestants)

  • Don: (happy) "Hey wonderful campers. (smells the air and frowns) Aw great, the stench of evil. Seriously Chris, why can't you be like me and pops."
  • Chris: (smirks) "Pain and ratings are more great."
  • Pete: (glares) "Oh really?"

(everyone sees who it is and gasp. Pete looks like Chris but only older)

  • Duncan: (eye-widened) "Is that?"
  • Chris: (scared) "Yep, it's my dad, Pete McLean."

(Pete marches towards Chris and pinches his ear before dragging him away to discipline him. This makes Don, Cloud, Zane, Chef, interns, and contestants laugh)


  • Dave: (horrified about his dream) "So that's what happens if I don't forgive Sky. Well part of me still loves her but another part of me still hates her for how she treated me. This is so hard. What do I do?"
  • DJ and Dawn: Dawn: (both frowning) "That was horrible of you McLean."
  • DJ: (nodding) "Yeah, not cool."
  • Dave: (laughing about Chris getting disciplined) "Wow, Chris is afraid of his own father who still disciplines him. Man, I'm starting to like his father and brother, although Pete looks like Chris but older. Anyway, life is good."



  • Jerry O'Connell as the voice of Chris McLean - The sadistic host and Bigger Bad Antagonist of the series. Unlike his cartoon counterpart, he is not afraid to be seen smoking a Cuban cigar.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as the voice of Chef Hatchet - Chris' angry best friend and co-host/cook. He dislikes the campers because they hate his cooking but is deep down glad that Owen and Brick respects it. He likes the interns because they pick on Chris.
  • Brandon Keffer-Robalik as the voice of the narrator - He does the recap, intro, commercials, campfire ceremony, and ending. Unlike Chris, he is nicer and also enjoys seeing good stuff happen. Just like everyone, he also dislikes Chris for his sadistic and dangerous challenges but he luckily laughs at his misfortune.
  • Kyle Grass as the voice of Albert - A muscular intern. Him and Leon later get in a band.
  • Jack Black as the voice of Leon - A funny intern who likes to be cool. Him and Albert later get in a band. He is revealed to be Spud from the Ridonculous Race.
  • Martin Starr as the voice of Edison - An intern with glasses. Him and the interns later get in a band. He is revealed to be Rock from the Ridonculous Race.
  • Ben Stiller as the voice of Stephen - An intern who was worried about the other interns when they got injured.
  • T.J. Miller as the voice of Pluto Marson - Edison's older brother and doctor of the island.


  • Michael Cera as the voice of Cody - The winner of Total Drama World Tour and the love-interest of Sammy.
  • Emma Watson as the voice of Sammy - Cody's love-interest.
  • Mila Kunis as the voice of Gwen - Trent's girlfriend and Cody's ex-crush but close friend.
  • Nathan Kress as the voice of Dave - Cody's younger brother and Noah-wannabe. He had a distrust of women because of his problems with Sky but it ended when she finally apologized to him and explain why she did it.
  • Daniel Radcliffe as the voice of Shawn - Dave's best friend and Ezekiel wannabe. Unlike his cartoon counterpart, he sometimes smokes weed. Heck, he even disguises his bong as a lamp.
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as the voice of Trent - Gwen's boyfriend and Cody's younger brother.
  • Victoria Justice as the voice of Sky - A Olympian who fixed things up with her love-interest Dave since he hated her for lying to him about Keith. She also is Cody's former love-interest.
  • Miranda Cosgrove as the voice of Ella
  • Jay Baruchel as the voice of Mike - Cody wannabe.
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the voice of Zoey - Mike's girlfriend.
  • Jonah Hill as the voice of Owen - Mike's friend.
  • Seth Rogen as the voice of Sam - Dakota's boyfriend.
  • Katherine Heigl as the voice of Dakota - Sam's girlfriend. She is now currently co-host of the aftermath.
  • Craig Robinson as the voice of B
  • Christian Potenza as the voice of Jude Lizowski
  • Kristin Fairlie as the voice of Jen Masterson
  • Jacob Ewaniuk as the voice of Junior
  • Anthony Anderson as the voice of Beardo - A beat boxer whose beatboxing is disliked by Dave for complicated reasons.
  • James Franco as the voice of Topher - The host of the aftermath and Ella's boyfriend.
  • Jason Segal as the voice of Brick - A military cadet.
  • Dave Franco as the voice of Scott
  • Aziz Ansari as the voice of Noah
  • Kevin Hart as the voice of Leonard

Guest Stars

  • Clarke Duke as the voice of Melvin - Mike's new personality and older brother.
  • Nico Tortorella as the voice of Keith - Sky's physically and verbally abusive ex-boyfriend and Dave's rival. He is currently arrested for attempting to kill them and for abusing Sky. He's also the reason why Sky had been rejecting Dave and one of the reasons why Dave and Sky had a conflict.
  • Danielle Monet as the voice of Cloud - Sky's older sister.
  • Jerry Trainor as the voice of Zane - Sky's older cousin.
  • Michael J. Fox as the voice of Don - Chris' younger brother.
  • Mark Hamill as the voice of Pete - Chris and Don's father.


  • I am not sorry for putting that song in. What Makes You Beautiful was one of the greatest songs I've ever heard.
  • Duncan and Scarlett weren't invited to the show because they are still banned and are in prison.

T.V. Tropes

  • Abusive Parents: It's revealed that Sammy is also abused by her mother and it's the reason why Amy gets away with her crimes but her late father cared about her and hated their abusive relatives. Jo also suffers from this while Dave's real family barely cared about him. Scott and Lightning's respective fathers are not so great either while we also know about Ezekiel's father in the first film.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Unlike her canon counterpart, Taylor is much more nicer and has a good relationship with Junior. She doesn't seem to disrespect her mom anymore and doesn't get mad at anyone for screwing up. Dave is also this since he doesn't let his fallout with Sky get in the way and still acts friendly while Sky has matured since the previous season and now cares more about making amends with Dave.
  • Even Evil Have Standards: When Dave revealed the reason for his fear of germs and his abusive childhood, even Heather, Alejandro, Jo, Lightning, and Scott give him sympathetic looks.
  • Tearjerker: Dave's reason for his fear of germs is very sympathetic along with his real childhood.
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