Total Drama Return Of The Island is the final season in the original Total Drama Timeline. This is rated TV-MA.


Cody, Ezekiel, Dave, Junior, or Harold will not be paired with Bridgette but she'll act like a sister-figure to them.


(Chris appears, wearing a brown suit jacket, along with his best friend Chef, now wearing a red tracksuit)

  • Chris: "Our first camper is normal turned rebound boy and police officer Dave. (25-year-old Dave arrives, now wearing a dark green shirt with an army jacket and his hair's grown back, but is not happy) What's wrong Dave? Girl troubles."
  • Dave: (annoyed) "Shut up Chris. Oh and it's David."
  • Chris: "Whatever. Anyway, here comes your ex-crush and failing fitness guru Sky."

(28-year-old Sky arrives, now wearing a black sweater)

  • Dave: (waving) "Hi Sky. (Sky just glares at Dave for no reason, leaving him confused) Okay."
  • Chris: (smirking) "T.V. couples. Are they ever a good idea?"
  • Sky: (glares) "Shut the f**k up, Chris."

(Dave and Chris show wide eyes at this)

  • Chris: "Okay, here comes brave ladies man and investment banker Cody."

(26-year-old Cody arrives, now wearing a green vest with a green shirt over the top and cargo pants)

  • Cody: (smiling and laughing) "Who's ready for the Codemeister?"
  • Dave: (also smiling) "Yo, it's me David."

(they fist bump before Cody looks at Sky)

  • Cody: (wondering) "Hey, isn't that your ex-crush?"
  • Dave: (answering) "Yeah but she's been glaring at me ever since she arrived."
  • Chris: (interrupting) "Next is Samey, duchess of Canada and David's wife."

(25-year-old Sammy arrives, now wearing a red t-shirt and black skirt)

  • Dave: (glaring at Chris) "It's Sammy, you jerk."
  • Sammy: (smiling) "Oh hey David sweetie. Nice jacket."
  • Dave: (also smiling) "Thanks honey." (they kiss and Sky just glares in jealousy)
  • Chris: (laughs at Sky's jealousy) "What's wrong Sky, jealous? (Sky just glares while Cody laughs and high fives Chris) Next up is Queen B turned nice girl and Prime Minister Heather."

(29-year-old Heather arrives, has her ponytail back, she wears black pants, a red t-shirt, and is now nicer)

  • Heather: (waving at Cody) "Hey Cody."
  • Cody: "Hey Heather."
  • Dave: (bowing) "Greetings Prime Minister."
  • Heather: (waving off) "Don't bow, officer."
  • Chris: "Anyway, please welcome new contestant and Starbucks owner Devin."

(27-year-old Devin is an angry man with mental problems who has black spikey hair and a goatee, he is also wearing a yellow hoodie with yellow sweat pants and drinking a coffee from Starbucks)

  • Devin: (acting tough) "What's up fools?"
  • Sky: (smirking) "Hey loser."
  • Devin: (thinking an idea) "Well, well, if isn't Heather 2.0. Whatdya doing, princess? Breaking hearts?"

(then starts laughing)

  • Sky: (angry) "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!"
  • Devin: (not caring) "You heard me."
  • Chris: "Next contestant, sexist homeschool turned lovable sweetheart and lumberjack Ezekiel."

(26-year-old Ezekiel arrives, he's not a zombie anymore but also no longer wears his hat)

  • Ezekiel: (rapping) "Zeke's in the house and wants to be on a team with the strong girls."

(everyone are just confused)

  • Cody: (surprised) "Whoa, he's changed."
  • Dave: (also surprised) "And he's not a zombie anymore."
  • Chris: "Anyway, next up is beautiful singer and Ezekiel's wife Ella."

(24-year-old Ella arrives, Ezekiel smiles)

  • Ezekiel: "Hey honey."
  • Ella: "Hello, dear. (they kiss before she sees Dave) Hey David."
  • Dave: (waves at Ella) "Hi Ella."
  • Chris: "Anyway, next up is another new contestant, Taylor."

(29-year-old Taylor is blue-haired girl with a black tank top and black skirt)

  • Taylor: "Whatever."
  • Devin: (drinking Starbucks coffee) "Rough day?"
  • Taylor: (gasping) "Is that Starbucks? (Devin nods) Can I have it? (Devin gives it to her) Thanks."
  • Devin: "Whatever."
  • Chris: "Anyway, next up is Carrie, Devin's ex-fiance."

(27-year-old Carrie is a blonde that wears pink track suits)

  • Devin: (groans) "Oh great, Blondielocks."
  • Taylor: (laughing) "Nice one Devin."
  • Devin: (nervous) "Uh thanks."
  • Devin: (shocked) "Wow, not many people would accept my insult."
  • Chris: "Next up is zombie nut and private investigator Shawn."

(25-year-old Shawn arrives, wearing a trench coat and private I hat)

  • Shawn: (waving at Dave) "Hi officer Dave."
  • Dave: (high fiving Shawn) "Hello Shawn but call me David."
  • Chris: "Next up is popular genus and world inventor Cameron."

(25-year-old Cameron arrives, now wearing a blue hoodie with green strings on it)

  • Dave: (sees Cameron) "Hey, I'm David."

(However, Dave is pushed away by Sky, who now receives a glare from Cameron)

  • Chris: "Next up is surfer girl and marine biologist Bridgette."

(28-year-old Bridgette arrives, now wearing a pink hoodie)

  • Bridgette: (sees Dave) "Hey, are you alright?"
  • Dave: (rubbing his head) "Yeah, I'm David."
  • Bridgette: "I'm Bridgette. Now, who did that to you?"
  • Cameron: (pointing at Sky) "Her."

(Bridgette glares at Sky, who just glares back)

  • Chris: "Next up is party boy and construction worker Geoff."

(28-year-old Geoff arrives, now he has a hair cut which is combed and is wearing a red jacket with red shorts)

  • Geoff: (waving at Bridgette) "Hey Bridge."
  • Bridgette: (hugging Geoff) "Hi Geoffrey."
  • Geoff: (looking at Dave) "Who's your friend?"
  • Bridgette: "This is David."
  • Dave: (waving at Geoff) "Hi. (now looking at Bridgette) Hey Bridgette, did you hear that Ezekiel is now nicer?"
  • Ezekiel: (talking to Bridgette) "Yeah, sorry for offending you or the other girls."
  • Bridgette: (smiling) "Apology accepted."
  • Devin: (waving at Bridgette) "Hey Bridgette."
  • Cody: (asking) "You know him?"
  • Bridgette: "Yep, Carrie's my cousin but she is mean."
  • Chris: "Next up is surfer and factory worker Brody. (Brody arrives and kisses Bridgette, much to everyone's surprise, even Chris and Chef's surprise) Moving on, next up is bossy C.I.T. Courtney."

(Courtney arrives, wearing a black jacket and black skirt, but she is crying at a picture of Mal, which everyone notices)

  • Courtney: (crying) "Oh Mal, I'm sorry for betraying you."

(this makes everyone gasp in surprise)

  • Courtney: (crying and explaining) "No one knows but during All Stars, me and Mal met before and he was in love with me. At first, I wanted him to leave me alone but then I started returning his feelings because he comforted me over the whole Duncan thing. He was gonna marry me but when me and Scott started dating, Mal got angry and wanted revenge. However, I broke up with Scott and got back together with Mal but I accidentally betrayed Mal by threatening to vote him off. The truth is I wanted Gwen gone because I was instead mad at her for assaulting Cody at a Total Drama Reunion and making him leave us. When I learned Mal was gone, I realized that relationships are more important than the competition. So Mal, if you're there, I'm sorry."

(a few people heard this and cried)

  • Cody: (crying) "Courtney, I'm sorry for never helping you out. I hope this season, we can become friends."
  • Chris: (crying from Courtney's story) "Moving on. (then he calms down) Also another new contestant is Ellody, Courtney's cousin."

(Ellody arrives, she sounds and looks like Courtney but has purple hair, wears glasses, and is smarter)

  • Ellody: (waving at Cody) "Hello Cody."
  • Cody: (waving back) "Hey."
  • Chris: "Next up is Scott, Courtney's ex."

(Scott arrives, wearing a red lumberjack shirt)

  • Ellody: (waving at Scott) "Hello Scott."
  • Scott: (shrugs) "Hey."
  • Courtney: (glares at Scott) "Hi shark bait."
  • Scott: (glares at Courtney) "What up b***h? (then he smirks) You miss that gap-toothed moron who hates your guts."

(this makes Courtney cry and run somewhere, everyone was glaring at him in disgust)

  • Chris and Chef: Chris: (both glaring) "Why did we even bring him back? Even I'm mad at him for that comment and I hold a grudge about that toilet part that shall not be named."
  • Chef: (shrugging) "I don't even know why."
  • Chris: (still angered a little by that comment) "Moving on. (he then calms down) Next up is aura-reader Dawn."

(Dawn arrives, now dressed up as Alice from Alice In Wonderland)

  • Dawn: "Hello."
  • Shawn: (waving to Dawn) "Hello honey."
  • Dawn: (waving) "Oh honey, I missed you."
  • Dave: "Hi, I'm Officer David."
  • Dawn: (uncertain) "Oh sorry, didn't watch Pahkitew Island."
  • Shawn: "Don't worry, he's a great guy. Also, nice dress."
  • Dawn: (blushing) "Thanks."

(however, Devin, Dave, Cody, Harold, Bridgette, and Chris were smirking)

  • Chris: "Next up is clumsy jock and successful fitness guru Tyler."

(Tyler arrives, now wearing a Hawaiian shirt and some jeans)

  • Tyler: "Aloha."
  • Dave: "Dude, didn't you used to wear like a tracksuit."
  • Tyler: "I don't wear that no more."
  • Chris: "Next up is sarcastic schemer and senior broker Noah."

(Noah arrives, wearing a purple hoodie and dark blue jeans)

  • Noah: (waving at Dave) "Hey David."
  • Dave: (waving back) "Hello Noah."
  • Chris: "Also we have Multiple Mike."

(Mike arrives, wearing a blue t-shirt, a white vest, and white shorts, and receives a hug from Noah and Dave)

  • Dave: (explaining) "I'm their cousin."
  • Cody: "You mean the one that wasn't allowed to watch Total Drama?"
  • Dave: "H**l yeah."
  • Chris: (annoyed by the next contestant) "Next up is stupid and arrogant jock Lightning."

(28-year-old Lightning arrives, wearing a purple jersey)

  • Lightning: "The sha-champion is sha-here, sha-/N-word/s."

(everyone groans in annoyance)

  • Dave: "Does he ever sha-shut the f**k up? (receives a no from the others and groans) Great."
  • Chris: "Next up is India sweetheart Zoey."

(27-year-old Zoey arrives, now wearing a black jacket with a black skirt)

  • Mike: (happy) "ZOEY!"
  • Zoey: (happy) "MIKE!"

(they start kissing)

  • Chris: (smiling at the next contestant) "Here we have Mikey Jr., son of Mike and Zoey."

(Mikey Jr. arrives, he looks like a younger version of Mike but has Zoey's skin and hair, wears a red t-shirt, and red shorts, and hugs his parents before hugging Cody)

  • Mikey Jr.: (smiling) "Hey Uncle Cody."
  • Cody: (also smiling) "Hey champ."
  • Chris: (annoyed again by another disliked contestant) "Next up is Jersey Shore Reject Anne Maria."

(Anne Maria arrives and glares at Mike, who just sighs)

  • Mike: (begging) "Anne Maria please, I did not kill Vito."
  • Anne Maria: (angry) "Yes, you did."

(Chef shoots a tranguilizer dart at her and saves Mike, who sighs in relief)

  • Chris: (angered by the next contestant) "Next up is angry gothic b***h Gwen."

(27-year-old Gwen arrives, wearing a black shirt with a skull on the stomach)

  • Cody: (glaring at Gwen) "Hey Gwen."

(Gwen just grabs his arm and threatens him but Dave interrupts)

  • Dave: "Hey f**k off. (Gwen just drops Cody) Yeesh, what's her f**king problem?"
  • Chris: (happy about the next contestant) "Next up is nice guy Trent."

(27-year-old Trent arrives, now wearing a light green shirt with a power button symbol on it)

  • Dave: (waving at Trent) "Hey, I'm David."

(Sky pushes Dave away)

  • Trent: (helping Dave up) "You alright?"
  • Dave: "Yep."

(Trent then starts glaring at Sky)

  • Chris: (annoyed by the next contestant) "Next up is bad boy, bully, and camp b*****d Duncan."

(28-year-old Duncan arrives, wearing a biker jacket and has a nose ring, and is escorted by police guards. Once he is on deck, they release his handcuffs and drive away)

  • Duncan: (fistpalms and smirks) "What up little s***s and w****s? (Cody just glares at him) What the f**k's a matter s**t brains? Mad that I f**ked Gwen and you didn't?"
  • Dave: (glaring) "What an a**hole."
  • Bridgette: (agreeing) "Yeah, at least Cody doesn't cheat in a relationship."
  • Courtney: (disgusted) "I can't believe I dated this a**hole."
  • Duncan: (looking at Shawn) "What's up zombie nut? You missed your blonde w***e?"
  • Shawn: (glaring at Duncan) "Hey, it's the right thing to do like even cheering for your girlfriend. (now smirks) Oh wait, you don't have one."

(Chris, Chef, and the contestants just go "OOH" but Sky doesn't)

  • Dave: (giggling) "That was one wicked a*s burn. Suck on that, Duncan."
  • Chris: "Next up is loveable jock and chef DJ. (28-year-old DJ arrives, now wearing a chef outfit, and receives a hug from nice people) Also another new contestant and youngest competiter Junior. (20-year-old Junior arrives, he is now a handsome young man and is dressed as a pizza delivery guy he receives blushes from the girls and high-fives from the boys) Next up is abusive and disgusting farmer girl Sugar."
  • Sugar: "The beautiful Sugar is here."
  • Dave: "Ew, in her mind I'll say."

(most of the contestants laugh at his joke but Sugar glares)

  • Chris: (amused by the joke) "Next up is mean twin b***h turned sweetheart Amy."

(26-year-old Amy arrives, now wearing a green shirt and a red skirt)

  • Amy: (waving at Sammy) "Hey Sammy."

(Sammy just glares making Amy sigh sadly)

  • Chris: "Next up is loyal and proud military cadet turned military commando Brick."

(28-year-old Brick arrives, now wearing a camo life vest with black marks on his body)

  • Brick: (sees Amy) "You alright, ma'am?"
  • Amy: (sees Brick) "Yes I am, it's just Sammy hates me but I love her. She's my sister."
  • Brick: "Don't worry, I believe you."

(Amy smiles)

  • Chris: "Next up is Austrailan giant Jasmine. (Jasmine arrives) Okay, here comes our first gay contestant and fashion shop owner, Tom."

(33-yeaar-old Tom arrives, he's wearing glasses and has a pink t-shirt)

  • Tom: (waving) "Hey, what's up?"
  • Duncan: (laughing) "Wow, a gaywad."

(glares we're given to Duncan while Tom slaps him)

  • Tom: (glaring) "You better shut up or I'll murder you."
  • Duncan: (laughing) "Like that s**t scares me."

(Devin restrains Tom)

  • Devin: (frowning) "Don't. This a**hole ain't worth it."
  • Chris: (also angered by Duncan's comment) "Next up is scientific genus turned maniac Scarlett."

(Scarlett arrives, she has her evil look and she now wears a black tank top)

  • Devin: (confused) "I thought she was in a mental hospital."
  • Chris: (shrugging) "Anyway, here comes Harold."

(Harold arrives, now wearing a blue sweater)

  • Harold: "Hey Cody."
  • Cody: "Hey Harold."

(they high five while Harold glares at Gwen)

  • Harold: (glaring) "Hey goth w***e."

(that made Gwen mad)

  • Chris: "Next up is Katie, Trent's wife."

(Katie arrives, wearing a green version of her outfit, and hugs Trent, shocking everyone)

  • Sky: (shocked) "Oh no. Are those two... MARRIED?!"
  • Chris: "Aw sweet love. Next up is second gay contestant Jacques."

(Jacques arrives, he is a blond ice dancer with a black track suit and purple vest)

  • Tom: (smiles at Jacques) "Hi, Jacques."
  • Jacques: (also smiling) "Hi, Tom."
  • Chris: "Next up is Sadie. (Sadie arrives, wearing a red version of her outfit, but has a stern look and flips off everyone, making them glare at her) We also have Emma, Noah's wife."

(Emma arrives)

  • Noah: (smiles) "Emma."
  • Emma: (also smiling) "Noah."

(they hug and kiss)

  • Chris: "Also here's Topher, wannabe me and talk show host."

(Topher arrives, now wearing a purple shirt)

  • Topher: (smirking) "Look out for the Topher experience."
  • Chris: "Next up is Kitty, Emma's sister. (the sisters hug) Next up is Leshawna, Sassy girl and rapper."

(Leshawna arrives)

  • Leshawna: (smiling) "Yo, what's up? Leshawna's back in house."

(however, Harold shakes his head, still not forgiving her. Anne Maria interrupts)

  • Anne Maria: (being arrogant) "Oh please, you call that class. I don't think a big and loud hippo like you could win."

(the contestants gasp in fear, even Chris and Chef are scared)

  • Harold: (scared) "Big mistake. I remember the last time I accidentally said that, she almost killed me but I was lucky DJ and Bridgette were there to stop her."

(back to the show, Leshawna is trying to kill her but luckily Noah and Ezekiel are restraining her from doing that. However, Chris defused the situation)

  • Chris: "Alright, alright, that's enough. She's not worth it. (Leshawna calms down but still glares at Anne Maria, who just smirks) Next up is Lindsay, the hot brainiac."

(Lindsay arrives, wearing a red shirt and blue jean shorts, and starts hugging Tyler. Sadly, they broke up but are still on good terms)

  • Lindsay: (happy) "Oh Tyler, I missed you."
  • Tyler: (also happy) "I missed you too, Lindsay. And yes, I'm about happy you're new relationship."

(Dave, Shawn, Cody, and Ella say "aww")

  • Chris: "Moving on from the reunion, next up is Owen, most popular fun guy ever and police chief."

(Owen arrives, wearing a brown t-shirt but his plant symbol stays blue, and hugs his friends)

  • Owen: (happy) "Hey guys, what's up?"
  • Cody: (also happy) "Nothing much."
  • Chris: (smiling) "We have a vegan named Laurie. (Laurie arrives and shakes hands with Bridgette and Dawn) Also, we have Keith, a new contestant and Lindsay's husband."

(Keith arrives, he's wearing a sleeveless jacket and earrings, and high fives Dave)

  • Keith: (smiling) "S'up David."
  • Dave: (also smiling) "Nothing much Keith."

(then he kisses Lindsay)

  • Keith: (smiling) "Hey babe."
  • Lindsay: (also smiling) "Hey Keith."
  • Chris: (frowns at the next contestant) "Next up is Alejandro, Heather's abusive ex."

(Alejandro arrives, wearing a red suit jacket, and glares at Heather, who is defended by Devin and Harold)

  • Devin: (stern) "F**k off."
  • Shawn: (agreeing) "Yeah man. Go celebrate sadistic holidays or whatever."

(however, this makes Sky smirk)

  • Sky: (smirking) "How do you celebrate the holidays when you're trapped in a bunker, Shawn?"

(however, Shawn thinks of a comeback)

  • Shawn: (smirks back) "How do you celebrate valentine's day when no one loves you?"

(she just looks stunned by that remark but everyone else goes, "OOH")

  • Dave: (laughing) "Two burns in a row? Man, what are the odds?"

(back to the show, everyone is done laughing while Sky glares at Shawn for that remark)

  • Sky: (annoyed) "Pfff... says the guy who has a stupid fear of zombies. EVERYONE LOVES ME! H**L, EVEN JUNIOR LOVES ME! AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!"

(Shawn just put his arms up and smiles but then shows a glance at Junior, who shrugs. Sky smiles at him and pats his head, much to Carrie's jealousy)

  • Carrie: (jealous) "Oh please, Junior had a crush on me and now this season, I'm giving him that wish but you just attract him. I wanted to be friends but now, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!"
  • Sky: (smirking) "Sorry Carrie but I'm prettier than you and I'm starting to develop a crush on Junior. I mean he's adorable. Also, Duncan is my crush too. He has every right to pick on Harold for being so weak and awkward."

(back to the show, Chris is trying his best to prevent the girls from stalking Junior)

  • Chris: "Moving on, we have Mary, Ellody's ex-partner."

(Mary arrives but her and Ellody glare at each other)

  • Ellody: (explaining) "Mary didn't really want to partner with me for the race. She actually wanted Scarlett but she was in some asylum so I was picked for the race."

(this makes everyone glare at Mary)

  • Chris: (smiles at the next contestant) "Next up we have Dakota, Tyler's wife."

(Dakota arrives, wearing her intern clothes, and kisses Tyler)

  • Dakota: (smiling) "Sam was fine with it. He decided to dump me in order to save me from embarrassment."
  • Ezekiel: (wincing in sympathy) "That's sad, eh."

(a few others agree with him)

  • Chris: (frowns at the next contestant) "Here comes bossy man-wannabe Jo."

(Jo arrives and frowns at Chris)

  • Jo: (frowns) "Shut the f**k up Chris. (then she smirks at the others) Seriously, you give me these weak little s***s? They'll never beat me. (they all glare at her but when she trips into some random elephant poop, they all decide to laugh at her. She spits it out and frowns) What the h**l kind of elephant lives here?"
  • Devin: (smirks) "A karma elephant. Now here's the part where we throw our heads back and laugh. Ready?"
  • Tom and Jacques: (both smirk) "Ready!"

(they throw their heads back and laugh, angering her even more)

  • Chris: (laughing) "Moving on. (then he becomes worried for Cody about the next contestant) Uh oh, Cody needs to hide because Sierra is here."

(a scared Cody hides while Sierra arrives but she slaps Dave)

  • Dave: (sheading a few tears) "What was that for?"
  • Sierra: (angry) "Stop pretending to be nice. You're a mental nutcase who wants everyone else to feel sorry for you when it's your fault that you got voted off and that Sky doesn't love you. No wonder you got disowned."

(Dave sheds a few tears, causing Bridgette and Taylor to hug him in comfort while everyone else (except Sky and some other mean people) glare at Sierra in disgust)

  • Devin: (disgusted) "She can't do that to my nerds."
  • Taylor: (agreeing) "Yeah, only you can do that to us."

(however, Izzy stand up to Sierra and kicks her into manure, much to the others' amusement)

  • Dave: (smiling) "Thanks Izzy."
  • Izzy: (also smiling) "No problem Davey."

(then everyone sees Dave sheading a few tears)

  • Dave: (sheading a few tears) "Only my parents have called me that right before that car accident. The truth is I wanted to move to a different place because my aunt hates me and disowned me for not winning."

(this causes some sad reactions)

  • Owen: (crying) "WHY?!"
  • DJ: (also crying) "That is just messed up."
  • Mike: (glaring) "That is why I hate my mom. She's always horrible towards David."

(back to the show, Chris wipes a few tears off his cheeks)

  • Chris: (calming down) "Moving on. Anyway, welcome to Total Drama Return Of The Island, the final season."

(they cheer but Dave gets confused)

  • Dave: (confused) "What the f**k, Wawanakwa is back?"
  • Chris: (explaining) "Yep, it's actually now built back together."
  • Noah: (curious) "Also, what do you mean about Devin and Carrie?"
  • Chris: (explaining) "They were originally engaged to be married. On a hiking trip with Spud and Tom, they ran into wild animals and ran out of there but Carrie was left behind. After getting attacked, Devin tried to apologize but was interrupted and dumped. They've became enemies ever since. (everyone sees Tom confirming it's true and they glare at Carrie) Also, we have another host and his name is Don. (Don appears, wearing a secondary ringmaster outfit, and waves at the contestants) However, the cabins are co-ed. (this causes Duncan, Sky, Carrie, and Sierra to smirk while Dave and Cody high five each other but get worried about the smirks) Here's the sleeping arrangement: Cabin 1 belongs to Dave, Cody, Sammy, Izzy, Tyler, and Dakota. (they high five each other while Cody is relieved about Sierra not being in there) Cabin 2 belongs to Devin, Taylor, Junior, Owen, Kitty, Emma, and Noah. (they shrug) Cabin 3 belongs to Alejandro, Carrie, Duncan, Sky, Sierra, and Zoey."

(they snap their fingers angrily but Duncan and Sky are fine with each other)


(at the campfire ceremony, Zoey glares at a heartbroken Mike as they are in the bottom two)

  • Chris: (announcing) "Mike, you're on the chopping block for accidentally firing at Ezekiel. (a few people gasp at this but Mike is too heartbroken to defend himself) Zoey, you just quickly divorced Mike instead of listening to his explanation. (they all shake their heads in anger and disappointment at Zoey) This is wrong but Mike has been eliminated because he quitted. (his friends gasps while Zoey smugly eats her marshmallow and smirks. Mike just stands up, gets a hug from his friends, a handshake from Chris, a salute from Chef, and walks to the dock of shame. Chris sighs in sadness) Saddest elimination ever."

(they all agree and are left angry at a smirking Zoey. However, she gets heartbroken when her son gets mad too. Later when Dave returns to his team, he is bruised and crying)

  • Taylor: (worried) "Oh my god, what happened to you?"
  • Devin: (also worried) "Yeah loser, what happened?"
  • Dave: (crying) "Sky slapped me and pushed me. I landed on the ground and got mauled by some wild animals. Her, Sierra, Carrie, Duncan, and even Zoey laughed at my pain. Jo decided to go on without me."

(a few people glared at her and Brick was disappointed)

  • Brick: (disappointed) "Sky, you don't deserve a medal. What you did was very unappreciated and abusive. We are supposed to have honor and respect. Tonight, I want you going home."

(everyone else nods. Later after Ezekiel kills a monster with his bow and arrow, they see a holographic moon appear on top of his head and his friends bow)

  • Dave: (serious) "All hail Ezekiel, son of Artemis."
  • Ezekiel: (explaining) "Before I was born, Artemis was on her way to get Zoe and Phoebe out of jail after they were arrested for having a gun in New York. However, that Orion was drugged so he dragged her into an alley and r***d her. After he ran away, she chose to find him later and went to get the girls out of jail. She later found out she was pregnant with me and gave birth to me but she hated me for my parentage and tortured me. Me and Zoe became friends because I saved her from Hercules but then she was corrupted into hating me. However, uncle Apollo helped me escape from the hunt and I'm in hiding from them after being adopted by prairie people. For now on, I played a homeschooled kid who pretended to be dumb by using sexist comments but I feel bad for that because it was out of hatred for the hunt. Now you know why I don't trust girls. (they all nod) I'm sorry for what I said about you girls. All I know is how they hated me. (the girls couldn't help but feel sorry for him. However, they hear a horn being sounded and Ezekiel looks scared) Let's run."

(however, the hunters appear and shot arrows at them. They get captured and they meet Artemis but luckily she doesn't see Ezekiel)

  • Artemis: (glaring) "Where is my little b*****d?"

(however, Dave spits in her face)

  • Dave: (glaring) "I ain't telling you s**t, you child abusing b***h."

(Ezekiel comes to the rescue and shoots arrows at the hunters before confronting Artemis)

  • Ezekiel: (glaring) "Goddess of the Moon, your hunt is bad."
  • Artemis: (smirking) "That's right, we're bad."
  • Ezekiel: (facepalming) "Not bad-good. Bad-bad."
  • Artemis: (rolling her eyes) "Whatever."
  • Ezekiel: (serious) "Your control over my life will stop."
  • Artemis: (angry) "I am your mother and master. Whatever I say goes."

(they glare each other down until they start fighting each other but he does manage to destroy her coat in the process, leaving her in a tank top and this angered her more. In return, she destroys his jacket, leaving him in a t-shirt. They bring out their knives and start sword-fighting with them. However, she manages to subdue him and pins him to the ground)

  • Ezekiel: (struggling) "Can't break free. Can't go intangible and escape."

(he does see a knife near him. Artemis smirks)

  • Artemis: (smirks) "You can't do anything unless I wish it."
  • Ezekiel: (frowning) "Or I do. (he then manages to grab the knife to her in the throat, destroying her immortality) I wish your spirit will take Atlas' place in carrying the sky for all of eternity."
  • Artemis: (shocked) "What? No. I must obey. (then she starts disappearing into gold dust) You will pay for this. PAY!!!!!"

(she then disappears into gold dust. Ezekiel sighs in relief)

  • Ezekiel: (relieved) "If I wasn't such a homeschool, I would've thought of that a long time ago. (then he turns to the remaining hunters) To all the hunters, I found out that your mistress has been dipping you into the river of Lethe just to serve her. (he then gives them their memories back and they start to get scared) Don't worry, Zoe Nightshade will be the new goddess of the Moon and will take you to your families. Also, the hunt is now disbanded. You are free now."

(they all cheer for him and Zoe appears in a moon chariot. She takes them home. Later when Dave sees Sierra dragging Cody, he gets worried)

  • Dave: (worried) "Oh no, that can't be good."

(then Devin is worried)

  • Devin: (worried) "What's wrong?"
  • Dave: (serious) "Get Chris and Chef. I need to go save Cody while you guys call 911. Got it?"
  • Devin: (confused) "Okay but what's wrong?"
  • Dave: (serious) "It's Sierra."
  • Devin: (eyes wide) "Oh s**t, go. Save him. (Dave nods, takes out his gun, and runs into the cargo hold while Devin goes to Chris and Chef) Chris. Chef. We got a problem. (he whispers everything and they also get worried. After they call 911, they take out their guns and run to the cargo hold before they see Cody running out of it) Is David alright?"
  • Cody: (worried) "I think so but you guys need to help."

(they nod and run down to see Sierra laughing insanely as she threatens Dave)

  • Sierra: (laughing) "I'm gonna kill you which should've been done a long time ago."

(Dave's bleeding hand is about to give out but Chef manages to push her off)

  • Chef: (angry) "GET THE F**K OFF HIM, YOU B***H! YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!"

(he slams her into the wall and punches her temple, knocking her unconscious. Chris and Devin check on Dave)

  • Devin: (worried) "Officer David, are you okay?"
  • Dave: (in pain) "Yeah, I'm kind of fine."
  • Chef: (serious) "911 will be here soon to help give you some medical attention. (he then handcuffs Sierra) And we're placing this b***h under arrest until the cops arrive."

(they nod and Dave is carried out of there. A few seconds later, police arrive and drag Sierra towards their boat)

  • Sierra: (angry) "Let me go! (they shove her in) Let me go, you b*****ds! They are lying to you! I didn't do nothing!"

(they ignore her and drive away as the rambling stalker vanishes from sight while the ambulance employees are treating Dave's wound. Samey and Sapphire went to him and they were worried)

  • Samey: (worried) "Are you alright?"
  • Dave: (nodding) "I'm fine, honey."

(the family hug each other. Later when everyone are stuck in the hole, they see Alejandro but he smirks at them)

  • Alejandro: (smirking) "Mad. Mad. (he yanks the rope out) Good luck down there, fools. Oh and say hello to my brother Jose for me."

(however, Dave and Shawn are not in the hole and they push Alejandro in, while a ladder gets activated. An angry Alejandro tries to kill them but a piece of the ladder breaks and he falls down with it impaling him as everyone looks on)

  • Shawn: (surprised) "Holy s**t."

(however, a dying Alejandro makes a smile on his face with his blood)

  • Alejandro: (dying) "I was...gonna"

(however, he gives one last breath before he passes away from the wound. A few minutes later, firefighters and an ambulance are seen helping them get out of the hole as Chris is running towards them in concern)

  • Chris: (worried) "Are you alright?"
  • Dave: (nodding) "Were fine."
  • Chris: (glaring) "Where's that b*****d Alejandro?"
  • Dave: (serious) "Dead."

(later when Lightning recruits boys, the girls were getting irritated by him)

  • Bridgette: (irritated) "Why can't we do it?"
  • Lightning: (scoffing) "Because you're weak."
  • Bridgette: (sarcastically) "And how am I weak?"
  • Lightning: (arrogant) "Sha-duh, because you're a sha-girl."

(all boys stopped what they were doing and gasped at his comment. They slowly look at Bridgette, who is getting ready to beat this sexist jerk but Brody, Cody, Dave, Ezekiel, and Junior restrain her and tie her up)

  • Bridgette: (struggling) "Let me go, I need to teach him some manners."
  • Junior: (shaking his head) "Sorry but this is for your own good."
  • Bridgette: (begging) "Please."
  • Dave: (shaking his head) "No. Cody, can you please carry her?"

(Cody nodded and put Bridgette on his back like a back pack but they manage to make it a piggyback style)

  • Cody: (smiling) "Don't worry Bridgette, I'll keep you safe. We just don't want you getting arrested for assault and this will be until Lightning's voted off. I will stamp your vote if you want."
  • Bridgette: (nodding) "Okay, I'll behave. Just don't drop me, okay?"
  • Cody: (smiling) "Don't worry, you're tied to me."

(Bridgette smiled and they both agree to be partners. Later at the elimination ceremony, Bridgette is still tied to Cody but she is not upset and just only glares at Lightning)

  • Dave: (shocked) "Wow, she must really hate sexism that much."
  • Cody: (nodding) "Tell me about it, she told me why and I can understand but she's not ready for others to know yet."
  • Bridgette: (smiling) "Glad you kept your promise. I had fun today."

(she gave him a sibling kiss on top of the head and he gave her a blushing smile. Chris arrived)

  • Chris: (sympathetic) "Bridgette, you're on the chopping block for your anger. (she nodded) Lightning, you're on the chopping block for instigating it with your sexist comments. (Lightning arrogantly kisses his muscles) And the one getting voted off is Lightning."
  • Lightning: (shocked) "SHA-WHAT?!"
  • Cody: (smiling) "You had it coming dude."
  • Lightning: (scoffing) "That surfer chick should get voted off for being an angry w***e."

(everyone gasped at this and Bridgette glared at him)

  • Bridgette: (angry) "What did you call me, you little- mph?!"

(she was interrupted when Cody puts his hand on her mouth)

  • Cody: (irritated) "Just get rid of him before he says something else offensive."

(they get rid of Lightning and they untie Bridgette but she still hugs Cody and asks to be given a piggyback ride to the cabin. Cody sighs but does it anyway. Later during the ship challenge, Cody and Bridgette are up)

  • Chris: (smiling) "First we have Codette."

(pictures are shown and the said two are happy)

  • Bridgette: (smiling) "I support it."
  • Cody: (agreeing) "Me too. (however, there's not many pictures but Cody and Bridgette get an idea) You ready?"
  • Bridgette: (smiling) "Ready. (she takes out a camera and they share a kiss, making fans cheer for this. When they stopped, Bridgette loved it) How can we not be a couple? You're a good kisser."
  • Cody: (shrugging) "I guess the fans only saw us as friends."

(later after Ezekiel saves Mal and Courtney, lightning strikes the ground and out comes Zeus, who scowls at Ezekiel)

  • Zeus: (scowling) "We meet at last, you little b*****d. (he then abuses Ezekiel by striking him with lightning, much to Mal and Courtney's horror. They want to get up and help but they're too injured) It's time to erase Artemis' mistake."

(however, Percy appears and saves Ezekiel. He then takes out Riptide and stabs Zeus, destroying the King God's immortality)

  • Percy: (serious) "I, Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, hereby banish you to the pits of Tartarus for all of eternity for your crimes of attempted murder of a demigod. (the King God then disappears into gold dust before Percy looks at the demigod) No more gods will attempt to kill you. I have faith that you will lead your team. Prove me right."

(he then leaves. Dave arrives and helps Ezekiel carry Mal and Courtney to the medical bay)


  • Dave: (happy) "Well Pahkitew Island sucked but I liked this place better. Cody was scary with his monster abilities but he's awesome, Cameron is great and I'm sorry for voting for him, I love Sammy, Dawn is scary but very kind, Ella is a sweet heart and I regret rejecting her, Sky is a manipulative b***h, Noah is cool with his sarcasm, Emma is allowed to date Noah, Lightning is annoying, Heather is now a total sweet heart, Alejandro was crazy and I'm glad he's dead, Courtney is very sweet, Mal is very kind and gentle once you get to know him, Duncan is a punk and I hate him, Gwen is a stupid emo who needs to apologize to Cody, Sugar is disgusting, Shawn is my best-friend and I'm glad he's back, Jasmine is so bossy but I like her accent, Amy is really honest and sweet, Brick is a great soldier, Izzy is crazy but nice, Lindsay is great to Cody, Bridgette is kind and nice to me, Geoff is a lucky man, Beardo is now cool and awesome, Devin is a scary but awesome leader, Taylor deserves to date him, Carrie is such a Gwen-wannabe, Ezekiel is a great teammate that killed a sexist goddess, and at first, I didn't trust Tyler because he's a jock and I'm not popular but he became my friend and I agree that his second prize is $9000 dollars. This show was a great idea."
  • Cody: (smiling) "Thanks man." (they high five)
  • Cameron: (grins) "I already forgave you."
  • Samey: (blushing) "You are so sweet." (Dave also blushes)
  • Dawn: (shrugging) "I'm used to being called scary."
  • Ella: (appreciated) "Thanks David."
  • Noah: (smirks) "Finally, someone likes my sarcasm."
  • Emma: (smiles) "Thanks David."
  • Lightning: (annoyed) "Annoying? Sha-please, I'm a sha-champion." (Dave facepalms)
  • Heather: (shows a thumbs up) "I'm so glad to be on his team."
  • Courtney: (happy) "Thanks David."
  • Mal: (agreeing) "You rock man."
  • Gwen: (angry) "Did you just call me an Emo? I AM NOT AN EMO, YOU-" (the rest of the sentence was censored due to not wanting to hear that language that wouldn't even belong in a R-Rated movie. Everyone became wide eyed in fear at the bad language, they had Courtney cover Junior's ears)
  • Sugar: (shocked) "But I'm a prom queen." (Dave and the others roll their eyes)
  • Shawn: (smiles) "Good to have you back too."
  • Jasmine: (annoyed) "I am not bossy. (then she smiles) But thanks for the compliment."
  • Amy: (happy) "No wonder my sister loves you."
  • Brick: (salutes) "Soldier, I salute you." (Dave salutes back)
  • Izzy: (smiles) "Thanks, I will date Cody." (Dave pulls a thumbs up)
  • Bridgette: (smiles) "Thanks a lot."
  • Geoff: (laughs) "Alright man." (they fist bump)
  • Beardo: (beatboxing) "Thanks yo."
  • Devin: (nodding happily) "You are so getting free dinner tonight with Sammy." (Dave and Sammy silently cheer)
  • Taylor: (cheering) "H**l yeah, I deserve to date Devin, WOO!" (Dave laughs at this reaction)
  • Carrie: (annoyed) "Oh f**k off, germ boy." (Dave just flips her off)
  • Ezekiel: (rapping) "Yo, yo, thanks homie."
  • Tyler: (smiles) "It's been an honor." (they handshake)

(then Dave turns to the camera)

  • Dave: (smiling) "Well this is it, I'm your winner David and this has been TOTAL! DRAMA! RETURN OF THE ISLAND!!!!"


  • Reaction to Zoey divorcing Mike:
  • Devin: (glaring) "What a b***h."
  • Taylor: (also glaring) "She's worst than Carrie."
  • Reaction to Ezekiel killing Artemis:
  • Chris: (excited) "That was the greatest fight I have ever seen."
  • Zoe: (smiling) "I'm so proud of you Zeke."
  • Eva: (smirking) "Homeschool's got guts, I'll give him that."
  • Chef: (nodding) "That boy was a good soldier. I'm so proud."
  • Reaction to Dave saving Cody:
  • Lindsay: (relieved) "Thank goodness, Cody's alright. David, I want to thank you for saving Cody."
  • Reaction to Lightning's sexist comments:
  • Ezekiel: (shocked) "Dude, what the h**l are you doing? I did the same thing in episode 2 and I got voted off for that."
  • Bridgette: (angry) "That sexist pig! Did he even watch season 1 and found out what happened to Ezekiel? Why can't he just do what Ezekiel did and keep the comments to himself?"
  • Devin: (annoyed) "Even I disagree with those comments. I'm not sexist. I know who will be getting voted off."
  • Tom: (disgusted) "I might be gay but even I know you shouldn't say that to a woman."
  • Reaction to Cody and Bridgette:
  • Cody and Bridgette: Cody: (annoyed) "Thanks to Lightning, I have to carry an older girl around."
  • Bridgette: (scoffs) "Oh please, your younger self would enjoy this."
  • Cody: (shrugging) "He would indeed."

(Bridgette giggled and hugged Cody)

  • Bridgette: (smiling) "Can I stay like this for the rest of the episode?"
  • Cody: (nodding) "Sure."
  • Reaction to Gwen wishing Cody dead:
  • Cameron: (disgusted) "Even though I'm not fond of him either, that's pretty low, even for her. I get she hates him but that it's a bit extreme."
  • Bridgette: (angry) "How could you wish something like that? You've changed Gwen."
  • Trent: (disappointed) "I don't even know you anymore, Gwen."

Voting Confessional

(Episode 5 votes)

  • Devin: (disgusted) "I vote for Carrie. Not only is she an annoying b***h but she's also a pedophile." (Voted for: Carrie)
  • Junior: (scared) "I want to put a restraining order on her." (Voted for: Carrie)
  • Carrie: (angry) "Devin is in the way between me and Junior." (Voted for: Devin)
  • Dave: (disgusted) "I knew it. I just didn't know when but it happened." (Voted for: Carrie)


  • Episode 1: Sugar is voted off for refusing to participate in the water challenge due to complaining about her looks.
  • Episode 2: Mike quits out of heartbreak due to Zoey dumping him, despite Zoey being the one voted for.
  • Episode 3: Sierra is arrested after Dave saves Cody from her and gives them enough time for Chef to help.
  • Episode 4: Lightning is voted off for being annoying and sexist.
  • Episode 5: Carrie is voted off for forcibly kissing Junior and calling out Devin.
  • Episode 6: Kitty is voted off for wanting to separate Noah and Emma.
  • Episode 7: Cameron is injured during a challenge and is sent home.
  • Episode 8: Scarlett is voted off for trying to kill Sammy.
  • Episode 9: Mary is voted off for betraying Ellody.
  • Episode 10: Geoff is out of the game due to head injury by Alejandro and is in a coma.
  • Episode 11: Alejandro is impaled by a falling broken ladder after trying to kill the contestants.
  • Merge*
  • Episode 12: Zoey is voted off for leaving Mal and Courtney to almost die by a tree.


  • Dave - Main Protagonist
  • Tyler - Secondary Protagonist


  • Mal - Main Anti-Hero
  • Courtney - Secondary Anti-Hero


  • Sky - Main Antagonist
  • Duncan - Secondary Antagonist
  • Alejandro - Tertiary Antagonist
  • Zoey - Quarternary Antagonist


  • Dave and Samey: They are married and have a daughter.
  • Ezekiel and Ella: They are married and Ella doesn't hate Ezekiel for his comments.
  • Shawn and Dawn.
  • Cody and Lindsay.
  • Brick and Amy.
  • Duncan and Sky.
  • Noah and Emma.
  • Devin and Taylor.
  • Mal and Courtney.
  • Jacques and Tom.
  • Harold and Heather.
  • Scott and Ellody.


  • Cody and Dave: Best-Friends.
  • Cody and Trent: Best-Friends.
  • Dave and Shawn: Best-Friends.
  • Bridgette and Cody: Close Personal Friends and Sibling-like figures to each other. Bridgette likes his piggyback rides. It is revealed they once had a crush on each other but chose to date other people. However, she does teasing flirts towards him and giggles when he blushes. She is a fan of the Codette relationship and supports it which Cody agreed with. They even share a kiss for a picture but sadly deny being in a relationship.
  • Cody and Gwen: Former one-sided crush and former friends turned bitter enemies. When a ship between them is shown, they say no to it.
  • Cody and Cameron: Friendly rivals because Cody's past mistakes but become friends later on. When Gwen wishes Cody to be dead, Cameron defends Cody.
  • Cody and Sky: Enemies but Sky does care about Cody and is friendly towards him. When Gwen wishes Cody to be dead, Sky defended Cody. When a ship between them is shown, Cody doesn't support it but Sky does and admits to having a crush on him.
  • Cody and Zoey: Former friends turned rivals but Zoey still likes Cody and is nice to him.
  • Cody and Sammy: Friends. Cody helps her make amends with her abusive sister Amy, who regretted the abuse. When a ship between them is shown, they support it.
  • Cody and Carrie: Enemies because of how she treats Devin. When Gwen wished Cody was dead, Carrie sided with her.
  • Cody and Sierra: Enemies but Sierra has a one-sided stalker crush on him.
  • Devin and Junior: Friends. When Carrie picks on Devin, Junior was disgusted.
  • Devin and Carrie: Former couple turned bitter enemies because of Carrie dumping Devin harshly for something that wasn't his fault.
  • Junior and Carrie: Rivals but Carrie has a crush on him. When a ship between them is shown, Junior hates it and has gotten over his crush on her but Carrie supports it.
  • Dave and Bridgette: Friends and sibling-like figures to each other.
  • Bridgette and Lightning: Bitter enemies because of Lightning's sexist comments.
  • Sky and Lightning: Bitter Rivals and enemies.
  • Sky and Junior: Enemies and one-sided crush from Sky. When Junior is slapped by Gwen, Sky stands up for him and calls Gwen out.
  • Harold and Courtney: Former enemies turned friends.
  • Gwen and Junior: Enemies and Gwen is harsh towards him. When Junior calls her out, Gwen slaps him without remorse.


  • Dave and Sky might change roles. Dave is the hero but Sky is the villain because Dave cares for his friends while Sky abuses Dave and betrays her friends.
  • Yes it's true, Devin, Taylor, Junior, Carrie, Tom, Emma, Kitty, Ellody, and Laurie are from The Ridonculous Race.
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