What if Total Drama Redux ended in two ways?

Chapter 6

(Dave and Sky sees Trent)

  • Sky: (asking) "Oh hey guys! You have any luck?"
  • Trent: (shrugging) "Nope. Tyler is climbing this tree to see if it's up there."
  • Dave: "Trent, I got a question for you."
  • Trent: (curious) "What is it?"
  • Dave: (asking) "Who's Gwen?"

(Trent gave a very funny look)

  • Trent: (amazed) "What did you just ask?"
  • Dave: "I asked who's Gwen."
  • Trent: "How'd you find out about her?"

(Dave then looked at Tyler but felt bad for the jock. However, he thought of someone)

  • Dave: (pointing at Amy) "Ask the mole faced sister hater."

(Trent and Sky shot glares at Amy, who was confused. Trent then angrily punched the tree, causing Tyler to scream in fear and land on Amy)

  • Trent: "Sorry Tyler but thanks for landing on Amy."
  • Tyler: "Why are you mad at her?"
  • Trent: (angry) "Because Amy told Dave about Gwen."

(then Tyler also glared at Amy just to avoid suspicion)

  • Amy: (confused) "What? I did not."
  • Dave: (fake glaring) "Liar. We already know you abused Sammy but now you're spreading secrets about Trent."
  • Tyler: (also fake glaring) "Yeah, what's wrong with you?"

(they leave Amy confused while Tyler thanks Dave)

Chapter 8

(when Izzy is announced eliminated, Dave stands up)

  • Dave: (explaining) "Chris, I'm volunteering to take Izzy's place in elimination. (everyone gasps then he breaks down crying) I've had it with this show because my teammates hate me for no reason, my new crush Ella might not like me anymore, and my greedy, selfish ex-girlfriend Sky dumped me for caring about her more than winning. (he then glares at Sky) You're the reason why I voted myself off and the reason why you don't love me anymore. No wonder Keith dumped you. You're a greedy, selfish, and traitorous b***h who doesn't care about the people that helped you or the people you hurt. I wish I went back in time and instead choose Ella. She has been sweet to me and I want to be with her. I regret not choosing her. She tells the truth and is just so innocent. She can call be Prince David anytime she wants. If she asks me to date her, I'll say yes and I will marry her. (the other team is hearing this and Ella is stunned) Ella, if you're hearing this. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for me. (Ella smiles at that and goes over to hug him) Ella, I'm gonna tell you everything that happened."

(he then tells her and the others everything, causing them to glare at Sky)

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