This is a time reset of Total Drama Pahkitew Island.


(at Playa de Losers 6, Dave is trying to ignore Sky but she won't stop begging)

  • Sky: (begging) "Come on Dave, I'm sorry. Can we just start over?"
  • Dave: (angry) "No Sky, for the last time I don't forgive you and I never will. Also, stop sending me pictures of you in sexy outfits. I wish I never loved you."

(Sky gasp and tells Jasmine, who just glares. Shawn, Ella, Dawn, Noah, Cody, Bridgette, Ezekiel, Izzy, Topher, and Don look worried for him. He starts hanging out with Gwen, Ennui, Crimson, Noah, Devin, and Carrie while he eats the food made by Cody and DJ (Ennui and Crimson are civilians))

  • Gwen: (annoyed) "Well, you should've listened to her."
  • Dave: (glares) "F**k off, weird goth s**t. (sighs sadly) Life is pain."
  • Ennui and Crimson: (both agree) "Amen to that."
  • Dave: (confused) "Aren't you guys goths?"
  • Crimson: (shrugging her shoulders) "We decided to quit that."
  • Dave: (sighs and shrugs) "Guess its not my business."
  • Gwen: (annoyed) "Seriously, if you would've listened to her then you wouldn't be sad."
  • Dave: (angry) "I said f**k off, weird goth s**t. Besides, you did that same stunt to Cody and Trent. They loved you but you instead used them to stay in the game and you choose a selfish a**hole over them. H**l, you even cheated on Cody. I hope you go to h**l."

(Gwen then angrily tries to slap Dave but is stopped by Noah. A few others glare at Gwen)

  • Carrie: (angry) "You had no right to do that."

(Dave decides to go to his room but is stopped by Sky)

  • Sky: (getting upset) "Please Dave, I love you. I wanted to tell you but I got interrupted or I didn't get the chance to."
  • Dave: (getting angry) "Sky, I told you like several times. We are through."
  • Sky: "But I broke up with Keith, now we can be together."

(she holds his hand but he yanks it away)

  • Dave: (sheading angry tears) "I've been kicked out of high school, my mom is in a asylum, my deceased dad's money insurance is gone, and everyone hates me. It's all because of you. I said it before and I'll say it again. I don't forgive you and I never will. We are done forever."

(Sammy just takes an upset Dave to his room while Sky starts becoming upset)

  • Sky: (upset) "Listen Dave, I am sorry. I just want you to forgive me and be with me. (however Dave shrugs her off and goes to his room ignoring her crying but Sky gets angry and slaps him, much to Sammy's horror. Sky then becomes eye widened and is horrified) Oh my gosh Dave, I'm so sorry."

(however, angry tear-sheading Dave punches her, elbows her, kicks her, and pushes her into the wall, making Sammy shocked that he beat a girl)

  • Dave: (angry) "Listen and listen good. I'm tired of your pathetic lies. You are nothing but a two-timing s**t. I told you once and I told you twice, I am not going back together with you and that's final. Can't you leave me alone? Your not my girlfriend, you'll never be my girlfriend, and you have no shot of beating me or dating me. GOT IT?!"

(Dave leaves with Sammy while Sky is left heartbroken. Later in Dave's room, Dave and Sammy watch the T.V. but sees Ella upset on the 6th episode of Pahkitew Island)

  • Dave: (wondering) "Why was Ella upset?"
  • Sky: (on the T.V. worried) "Ella, what's wrong?"
  • Ella: (on the T.V. crying) "It's Dave! I thought that he loved me but it turns out that he prefers you; (Sky gasps excitedly) maybe even more than any other girl here."

(Dave becomes eye-widened and shocked)

  • Dave: (shocked) "Oh my gosh Ella, I'm sorry. (Sammy comforts him) Also, what the h**l Sky, you're not showing any sympathy for that poor girl? (then when they see the part where Sugar admits causing Ella's elimination, they get mad) That's so unfair Chris, she didn't break the rules. She just did something you didn't like. No wonder past competitors have stop coming on this show. Also, Sugar is gonna pay for writing that note. (they also see Amy smirking evily after fake crying to make Samey look bad, which angers them) That mole faced b***h, I'm glad she got eliminated. (then they see Jasmine telling Sky to betray Dave and Sky claiming Dave will understand) Jasmine is so gonna pay too. Also, I didn't understand Sky. (then they see Beardo upset after being voted off) Maybe I was hard on that guy. (then they see Chris causing Topher's elimination) What a jerk. (then they see Sky claiming she likes him and that she messed up big time) You really did messed up. Also, how come you like me when you don't return the feelings."

(then they see the aftermath talking about his behavior with Sky being upset)

  • Sky (on the aftermath): (upset) "He told me that bad stuff happened to him was because of me. When I was trying to reason with him, he shrugged me off so I slapped him anger but I was horrified. So I tried to apologize but he angrily punched me, elbowed me, kicked me, and pushed me into the wall. Then he called me a two-timing s**t and then he repeated what I said to him after that Juggy Chunk challenge."

(everyone gasps but Ella tries to calm Sky down)

  • Ella (on the aftermath): (trying to control the situation) "Now, now, Dave has been through a lot. I mean Cody has been rejected by Gwen but he was so nice to her. However, I can't believe Dave is becoming an angry person."
  • Dave: (he turns off the T.V. and sighs) "If there was a way to prevent this from ever happening."
  • Sammy: (agreeing) "I wish that too."

(then Dawn appears and freaks out them out, Dave falls off the bed and hits his head)

  • Dave: (rubbing his head) "Ow. Don't do that."
  • Dawn: (smiles sheepishly) "Sorry. (then goes to her serious face) Now, I heard you two want to fix everything. Well guess what, I have this."

(Dawn shows a magical snow ball and Dave is amazed)

  • Dave: (amazed) "Amazing. What is it?"
  • Sammy: (also amazed) "Yeah. It's beautiful."
  • Dawn: (explaining) "It's a magical snow ball. It's here to help give you two a chance to go fix everything. How do you think Ezekiel fixed everything? But be careful, you must not reveal the upcoming events. (they nod their heads and take the snow ball) Push the button and you will go back to the beginning of Pahkitew Island. (they push the button and start teleporting) Good luck Dave and Sammy."

(then when Dave wakes up, he is at his house and his brother Noah wakes him up)

  • Noah: "Come on man, you have to audition for Total Drama."
  • Dave: "Oh right. (in the garage, Dave makes his audition but instead shows a nice personality. Later, he is given a paper that shows his invite, he gets excited) Aw yeah."

(however, this time original contestants will compete too and some personalities are changed)

Chapter 1

(on the plane, Dave sees Max and Sky)

  • Sky: (smirks evily at Max) "You want some gum?"
  • Max: (evil glare) "Your sharing won't save you from evil. (then randomly takes the gum) But yes thank you." (then he eats the gum)
  • Sky: (snickering) "3, 2, 1."
  • Max: (coughing up and spitting out the gum) "Cinnamon, there's no need for you to be that spicy."
  • Sky: (laughing) "Fooled you."

(Dave starts laughing, making Max glare and making Sky blush)

  • Dave: (still laughing) "This guy is so weird."

(however, he stops when Leonard points a wand at him)

  • Leonard: "I know every magic trick."

(Dave then moves to another spot but sees Ella)

  • Ella: (happy) "I think you need a song."
  • Dave: (smiling) "Maybe. Anyway, name's Dave but you can call me David."
  • Ella: "I'm Ella."

(then Ella starts singing but is interrupted by Amy)

  • Amy: (yelling) "Hey, will you shut up!"

(Dave defends Ella and glares at Amy)

  • Dave: (glaring) "Back off, loud mouth."
  • Amy: (angry) "Samey, switch places. (then she sees Jasmine) Ah, a giant."
  • Jasmine: (glaring) "Are you and me gonna have any problems?"
  • Dave: (whispers) "Crikey, someone's grumping. (Jasmine hears this and punches Dave in the eye, causing him to fall on the floor and moan in pain) Ow. What the h**l?"
  • Jasmine: (angry) "Are you and me gonna have problems?"

(Lightning steps into the scene)

  • Lightning: (scoffs) "Sha-please, like he's scared of a girl like you. (Jasmine angrily knees him in the kiwis) Sha-dang that hurts."
  • Dave: (agreeing) "Yeah man but you shouldn't make that comment."
  • Lightning: "Why? It's true."

(Jasmine is about to attack them but is stopped by Shawn)

  • Shawn: "Woah, woah, calm down. (turns to Dave and Lightning) You okay?"
  • Dave: "Yeah, I'm Dave."
  • Shawn: "I'm Shawn."

(Sky jumps in)

  • Sky: "I'm Sky."

(she blushes at Dave but he looks away and meets Beardo)

  • Beardo: (beatboxing) "Hey, I'm Be-Air-Do."
  • Dave: "I'm Dave. (then he sees Cody, Bridgette, Ezekiel, and Izzy) Hey guys."
  • Cody: "Hey Bridgette, this is Noah's brother."
  • Bridgette: "Hi."
  • Dave: "Are you two dating?"
  • Cody: "Yeah. Even Ezekiel and Izzy are dating."

(then Dave sees Sammy)

  • Dave: (smiling) "Hey Sammy."
  • Sammy: (also smiling) "Hey Dave."

(Topher appears)

  • Topher: (imitating Chris) "New guy meets two couples and reunites with old friend. Wow, what a first day. Hello new guy, I'm Topher."
  • Dave: "I'm Dave."

(then Rodney just shoves them, making them glare at him)

  • Topher: (glaring) "Hey man, watch it."

(then Sky helps Dave up)

  • Sky: "Are you okay?"
  • Dave: "Yeah. (then notices Gwen and Courtney having an argument) Hey, weird goth s**t and beautiful counselor-in-training."

(Gwen glares at him but Courtney smiles at him)

  • Topher: "Yo where's Chris? (asks Sugar) Hey, have you seen Chris?"

(Sugar just threatens him but Dave interrupts)

  • Dave: (protecting Topher) "Hey back off hillbilly."
  • Scarlett: (stopping the fight) "Oh please don't fight."
  • Dave: "But Mrs. Hillbilly over here assaulted my friend."

(Scarlett believes this and saves Topher before Chris appears)

  • Chris: (smirking) "Hello oldies and newbies, ready for some fun?"
  • Topher and Ella: (both excited) "Yes."
  • Chris: (annoyed) "Huh. A couple of keeners. I'm sure a little pain and starvation will fix that. (happy) Let's get started. This aircraft stinks and is equipped with two emergency exits, here and at the end of the cabin. At said exits, you will find parachute packs. (knocks on box) Only half of them contain actual parachutes, the other half contain surprises which will be utterly useless while falling from the sky"
  • Sky: (hanging from the rafters and laughing) "Like we ever need them!"
  • Chris: (shrugs) "Who knows? This season is full of surprises. (pulls out a remote) Like this!" (blows up engine)

(the contestants start screaming and running around grabbing parachutes before jumping out of the blimp)

  • Topher: (excited) "THIS IS SO GREAT! (laughs) You've really outdone yourself, Chris! (chuckles and offers parachute) Parachute?"
  • Chris: "Oh, no thank you."
  • Dave: (realizing something) "Wait a second, (he touches Chris but it's a hologram) it's a hologram."
  • Chef: (panics) "What?! Why ain't I a hologram?! (touches through hologram and gasps) ABANDON SHIP!" (grabs parachute from Topher and jumps out of blimp)
  • Topher: (impressed) "Nice anticipation!"
  • Chris: "Thank you."

(then Topher sees Dave, Shawn, Sammy, Ezekiel, Izzy, Cody, and Bridgette glaring at him)

  • Topher: (confused) "What?"

(they just jump out of the blimp while Topher does the same. Contestants and Chef falling)

  • Owen: (opens parachute and is happy) "Yes."
  • Noah: (opens parachute and sighs in relief) "I guess life doesn't hate me."
  • Cody: (opens parachute but a pepperoni stuff-crusted pizza comes out. However, Cody is happy) "At least I got pizza."
  • Bridgette: (opens parachute but only flowers come out which Cody grabs and gives them to Bridgette, making her blush) "Aw thanks honey."
  • Dave: (opens parachute but feathers come out, annoying him) "Ha, ha, very funny."
  • Shawn: (opens parachute but hot dogs come out) "Normally, I like hot dogs. Right now, not so much."
  • Scarlet: (opens parachute but a blanket comes out and she uses it to catch Shawn) "Got you, little cutie." (this makes Shawn blush)
  • Topher: (opens parachute but balloons come out) "Oh man." (however, they act like a parachute, much to his relief)
  • Ella: (opens parachute but a teddy bear with a parachute comes out) "Oh I'm glad you're safe little bear."

(Sammy is holding onto Amy's leg screaming)

  • Amy: (opens parachute and is relieved) "YES! (turns to Sammy and is annoyed) Um, what do you think you're doing? You have your own parachute, right? USE IT!" (kicks Sammy off)
  • Sammy: (opens parachute but a tiara falls out. However, she's happy) "Oh yeah. (then realizes she's falling) But oh no."

(then Topher saves her, making the two blush)

  • Sugar: (opens parachute) "Yes."
  • Chef: (opens parachute but only food comes out and is annoyed) "Oh, that's just wrong."
  • Jasmine: "The annoying Koala once said, cluck to the platypus for luck!" (opens parachute)
  • Gwen: (opens parachute) "Yes."
  • Beardo: (opens parachute but a chicken falls out) "WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH."
  • Rodney: (opens parachute) "Finally."
  • Sky: (opens parachute but a cat comes out, making her gasp excitedly. She tries to catch it but fails and whines) "OH! DARN! I missed my prey! (crosses arms and pouts) That's just PURR-FECT! (laughs) I made a funny!"
  • Lightning: (opens parachute) "Sha-yeah."
  • Ezekiel: (opens parachute but a bee's nest comes out) "Uh oh."
  • Izzy: (opens parachute but a mouse comes out) "Oh come on."
  • Courtney: (opens parachute but a baby raccoon comes out. However, she hugs him) "Oh, Mr. Whiskers." (Mr. Whiskers smiles and cuddles against his owner, who also smiles)
  • Max: (opens parachute) "Yes, evil lives."

(contestants land on the island while Topher and Sammy save Cody, Bridgette, Dave, Shawn, Scarlet, Ella, Beardo, Sky, Ezekiel, Izzy, and Courtney until Chris arrives but Chef is irritated)

  • Chef: (annoyed) "You didn't give me a parachute?"
  • Chris: (shrugging) "I didn't and I forgive you. (this causes Dave and his friends to glare in disapproval at Chris' disregard of Chef's safety. He then turns to the contestants) Anyway, welcome to Pahkitew Island. On the right, everyone who has actual parachutes. Owen, Noah, Amy, Sugar, Jasmine, Gwen, Rodney, Lightning, and Max. Your team will be the Pimapotew Kinosewak."
  • Dave: (translating while chuckling) "Which in Cree means Floating Salmon."
  • Chris: "Oh, (chuckles) then I guess you're the Floating Salmon. (this causes them to show annoyed glares at Dave, who sheepishly shrugs) Those without chutes. Cody, Bridgette, Dave, Shawn, Scarlet, Topher, Ella, Samey, Beardo, Sky, Ezekiel, Izzy, and Courtney."
  • Sammy: (nervous) "My name is Sammy."
  • Chris: (sarcastically) "Oh, really? Cause from what I've heard, Amy says everyone calls you "Samey" just like how the name spells."
  • Dave: (protests) "But Chris, can her team call her Sammy."
  • Chris: (shrugging) "Whatever. (then went back to team naming) Anyway, your team is the Waneyihtem Maskwak."
  • Dave: (translating) "Which in Cree means Confused Bears."
  • Chris: (annoyed and ripping the note card) "This is what you get for using a free online translator!"
  • Chef: (scoffs) "My bad." (walks away)
  • Chris: "Anywho, seeing as there's nowhere for any of you to sleep every night, we think your first challenge should be... to build your own shelter." (walks away)
  • Sugar: (pouting) "Oh, muffin tops! I'm too tired for that! (she sits on a rock but Beardo makes a fart noise which makes him, Dave, Shawn, Cody, Ezekiel, and Topher laugh) That was not me!"

(however, Chris interrupted her)

  • Chris: (annoyed) "HEY, FART MONSTER! I WAS TALKING! (then he returned to his smirk) Anyway, each team may take supplies from the common area before they begin to build. But, these supplies are guarded by Chef, armed with the Tennis Cannon."
  • Dave and Shawn: (both confused) "The Tennis Cannon?"

(then suddenly Chef shoots Dave in the forehead with a tennis ball blaster, causing Ella and Sky to gasp while Dave glares at Chris)

  • Dave: (rubbing his forehead in irritation) "OW! What the h**l's your problem?"
  • Chris: (shrugging) "I think that was for laughs."

(Chris laughs while Team Maskwak glares at him)

  • Dave: (irritated while holding a ice bag on his forehead) "What is so funny about getting hit in the forehead with a tennis ball? (however, he then explains why him and Sammy are here but typing it is too boring because we already know his sad and tragic story) and that's why me and Sammy are here."
  • Sky: (showing a revenge face) "He will pay for hurting my king Dave."

(back to the show)

  • Chris: "And a direct hit can take you right to the ground. (Max gets hit in the leg with a tennis ball and falls to the ground) Will somebody please help that little boy to his feet?" (Owen helps Max up but falls to the ground again while Chris shrugs and activates the device)
  • Dave: (leading his team) "Quick, let's take cover."
  • Jasmine: (leading her team) "What he said. (her and the team hide in the bushes and popped their heads out) Okay, here's the pla-"
  • Rodney: (interrupts) "Why are we listening to you? You're not leader, princess."

(the team just glare at him. Meanwhile, Dave's team is hiding behind the rocks)

  • Dave: (tunrs to the team and is serious) "Okay, first we-"
  • Sky: (excited) "YEAH! Let's listen to this guy! Totally agree!"
  • Dave: (confused) "O-kay."
  • Dave and Sammy: Dave: (Dave is annoyed while Sammy is laughing) "Yeah, I walked into that one."
  • Sammy: (laughing) "You should've listened to her instead of just quickly agreeing." (Dave just frowns in annoyance)
  • Shawn: (scared) "That Sky girl is crazy and her way of the plan might kill us."

(back to Jasmine's team)

  • Jasmine: (leading the team) "The wood is a most important out there so-"

(Rodney interrupts her)

  • Rodney: (being arrogant) "We know what a piece of wood is, Godzilla. We don't need your weak lady instructions."

(this makes his team glare at him while Dave and Sammy are disgusted by his attitude)

  • Dave and Sammy: Dave: (both disgusted) "Yeah, he's on the chopping block. (sighs) I miss the old Rodney." (Sammy nods in agreement)

(Rodney then goes in but he grabs a soup can while Shawn grabs a bed)

  • Dave: (sighs) "At least Shawn does the right thing."

(Sammy nods in agreement)

  • Rodney: (deadpan) "Yeah, don't really care for any of that mess, just want to get it over with and done. (looks at soup and frowns) Cream of Broccoli? (shrugs) Meh, what the h**l."
  • Topher: (proud) "I'll bring my face."

(at Jasmine's team, they are annoyed at Rodney)

  • Noah: (annoyed) "Seriously? Soup? You grabbed soup?! You can't build a house out of soup!"
  • Rodney: (shrugs) "Hey, don't blame me, you didn't say we had to grab building materials."
  • Jasmine: (irritated) "I was but you interrupted me."

(the team just glare at him. Meanwhile, Leonard isn't helping and instead talking to Sugar)

  • Leonard: "I once build a castle using nothing but a sunflower and an eyelash of dragon."
  • Sugar: (happy) "There is now way we can lose, we've got a wizard on our team!"

(her team face palms. On Dave's team, Sky drags Dave towards the junkyard)

  • Sky: (smirking) "Okay, here's your plan: You go distract Chef while I kick one of the tennis balls towards Chris."
  • Dave: (panicking) "Wait, that wasn't the plan. (Sky ignores him and pushes him. He decides to tag along) Yo ho, I'm right here."

(Chef shoots at Dave, who starts dodging but Sky jumps in the air and kicks one of the balls towards Chris. Sky smirks in victory)

  • Sky: (smirking) "That's for king Dave."

(she laughs victoriously while an annoyed Chris glares but is afraid to do anything to her)

  • Chris: (afraid) "Mental note: Don't hurt Dave at all or in front of her."
  • Chef: (agreeing) "Noted."

(a few others agreed but Rodney doesn't)

  • Cody: (afraid) "She reminds me of the original Sierra but only crazier. I feel bad for Dave."
  • Sammy: (sympathetic) "Okay, Dave's gonna snap at any moment and I won't blame him because come to think of it, Sky's a control freak who seems to only want him for money and stuff but now she full on wants him as a jungle king."
  • Dave: (shivering) "Look, I appreciate her standing up for me and all but I hope she doesn't become obsessive. I might be nice but I have my limits."
  • Sky: (glaring) "You see that. That's what happens when you mess with King Dave."

(after the first challenge is over, Dave's team already gets to building their shelter. They're building a hotel and doing construction. To make it hilarious, they're wearing construction worker clothes. Dave didn't complain about being dirty and was being good at being a leader. He gave them instructions and promised that when it's done, Ella gets to keep her princess room for giving them this idea from the start. She was excited and worked as hard as she can. The other team saw this and seemed to respect him. In the end, Dave's team won and the other team lost thanks to Leonard making them build a wizard castle. Dave's team celebrated and partied all night while the other team were at the elimination ceremony and glared at Rodney and Leonard)

  • Chris: (smirking) "Here's the bottom two. Rodney, you irritate everyone with your uncaring attitude and sexist comments. (Rodney shrugged, not caring) Leonard, you cost your team the challenge by making them build a weak wizard castle. (Leonard sighed) The final marshmallow goes to... (Rodney was glaring and Leonard was nervous) Rodney."

(Rodney catches his smugly while Leonard sighs in defeat but then cringes)

  • Leonard: (cringing) "I better prepare for a long shower back home."
  • Chris: (annoyed) "Unfortunately, the toilet was destroyed at Wawanakwa. (then he smirks) But I got something better. (they are at a cannon and Leonard is in it with a stunt man helmet) The Cannon of Shame. Make sure to keep that helmet on."

(he presses the button and Leonard is sent flying to a another place)


(in episode 3, Rodney throws a balloon at Chef for no reason)

  • Chef: (angry) "Hey, watch it."
  • Rodney: (flipping him off) "Eat my fudge, buttnut."

(that made Chris chuckle while Chef just glares. Later, Dave encounters Sky)

  • Sky: (giggles) "Sorry king Dave, I thought you were Amy. That witch will pay for insulting you."
  • Dave: (nervous) "Thanks Sky but I want to work with Ella."
  • Sky: (begging) "Oh come on, it will be just us. The Sky barrigade. Please."

(when Sky gives puppy eyes, Dave gives up)

  • Dave: (annoyed) "If that's all you want, okay."

(Sky becomes happy and hugs him, much to his annoyance. Later, in episode 6, Shawn sees Dave has made a romantic picnic)

  • Shawn: "Is this for Sky?"
  • Dave: (surprised) "That crazy girl? No. (then looks love struck) For Ella? Yeah."
  • Shawn: (wondering) "I don't know. You're pretty competitive, amigo. Shouldn't you focus on the challenge."
  • Dave: (still love struck) "I thought about it but I think I would give up money for the girl I love."

(Shawn smiles at Dave for that and nods happily at him. Luckily, Ella came and sat with Dave but Sky was watching this and didn't like what she was seeing. Later in the finale, Chris shows Sky a confessional by Dave)

  • Dave (on confessional): (looks lovestruck) "I'm glad I made that picnic."
  • Sky: "Why show me that? He obviously likes me."
  • Dave: (tries to explain) "Sky, I have to tell you that-"
  • Chris: (interrupting Dave) "Don't worry, she'll know."
  • Dave (on confessional): (still lovestruck) "If I win this money, I might win for my special princess Ella."

(everyone gasp but Sky just stares wide-eyed and shocked)

  • Dave: (afraid) "Oh no."
  • Chris: "Maybe she missed it. I'll replay it for her."

(he then replays it a couple times)

  • Dave: "Sky, I can explain."

(Sky just angrily screams and glares at Dave)

  • Sky: (angry) "That was the reason why you don't like me? Because you like Ella? Ella, seriously?"
  • Dave: (sighing) "I've tried telling you a lot of times but you never listen. I love Ella, not you. Ella loves me for who I am and is always happy for me. You can't take the hint. No means no. I don't love you and I never will."

(however, Sky glares at Dave in shock and betrayal while seeing the flashbacks of his past and now becomes determined to have him)


  • Scarlett: (smiling about Shawn) "Aww, I just want to lean down and hug him. His parents must be so proud."
  • Sky: (love struck about Dave) "Oh he is so nice. Okay, I love him. I'm falling for him."
  • Sky: (angry during the finale) "I never had any plans for the money but now I do. I will use it to have animal shelters destroyed right in front of Dave and Ella to see them suffer until Dave agrees to become my king. (then she laughs evily but calms down and thinks about it) But is that too bitter?"

New Roles

  • Dave - (original timeline: The Normal Guy, new timeline: The Nice Guy) This story is about him going back in time because in the original timeline he got kicked out of high school, his mother is put in an asylum, and his father's money is gone all because he is mad at Sky for lying to him about Keith. In the new timeline, he now has the role as the protagonist. He is nice, kind, and supportive. Despite being nice, he doesn't return Sky's feelings for him and instead does not like her. Instead, he is determined to win and to be Ella's boyfriend. His personality is based on Cody and Trent. Audition tape: (in his garage and being polite) "Hi I'm Dave and- (then he notices something on the camera and is disgusted) EEEEWWW! A speck of dirt on the lens?! UGH! Disgusting! (sprays and wipes lens before getting annoyed) Okay, start over! (clears throat and being polite) Hi, I'm Dave and I like to be on your "Total Island thing show". The drama one, "Total Drama!" That's what it's called! (worried) I really should've written down what I wanted to say but the only pen I could find was all chewed up! And not by me! Kind of grossed out thinking about that. (puts on sanitizer and being polite) Anyways, as a competitor, I'd be polite, appropriate towards people. Civilized to new friends, know what I mean? Keep them at their best. Yep, I'm gonna play this okay." Fate: Finally is redeemed and is married to Ella with five kids.
  • Sky - (original timeline: The Athlete, new timeline: The Jungle Queen) In the new timeline, she is the one that has a crush on Dave but it makes her crazy that Dave is now forced to reject her. She only loves Dave because her previous boyfriend Keith has been lying to her and he used to be arrested for inappropriate crimes. However in the finale, when she finds out that Dave likes Ella, she flips out and becomes a yandere towards Dave. She now becomes the final antagonist. Her personality is based on Izzy and Sierra. Audition Tape: (in her room) "Hi I'm Sky, THE JUNGLE QUEEN. (laughs) So anyway, I had a break up with my boyfriend Keith because he's a liar but I did see an audition tape from this nice and sweet guy named Dave. I have a crush on him and I will win his heart. So please, pick me." Fate: Survived the island and kidnapped Cameron. She then had them legally married and handcuffed to each other while having seven kids.
  • Amy - (original timeline: The Mean Twin, new timeline: Queen Hornet) In the new timeline, she is the main antagonist. Just like the original, she abuses her sister just for fun but instead now does it to others, earning a dislike from them. Fate: She is disowned by her family and arrested for child abuse and attempted murder. However, she becomes a lesbian and is married to her cellmate Emma. They have twin sons but take advantage of them to satisfy their own needs until the boys were taken into foster care.
  • Jasmine - (original timeline: The Australian Outback, new timeline: The Angry Girl) In the new timeline, she is a mean girl with bad temper who is disliked by Dave, Shawn, Lightning, and Sky. She and Rodney's relationship because he became abusive towards her and other girls. However, she and the others both want to help each other get rid of Rodney. Her personality is based on Eva and Jo. Fate: Got married to Rodney but also divorced with him and having only one kid. Depressed, she gives up her life and silently blames Scarlett for taking Shawn away from her.
  • Rodney - (original timeline: The Country Boy, new timeline: The Abusive Ex) In the new timeline, he is Jasmine's boyfriend who became a jerk and is in a abusive relationship with her. He flirts with other girls. He even bullies boys like Dave, Shawn, Ezekiel, Topher, and Cody.
  • Shawn - (original timeline: The Zombie Nut, new timeline: The Shy Kid) In the new timeline, him and Dave stay as friends because Dave understands Shawn's fear of zombies but helps him out with it. Also, he's now a little kid whose adored by Scarlet, Bridgette, Ella, and Sky. Audition tape: (sitting on his bed with ice bag on his eye) "Hi, I'm Shawn and I'm volunteering to be the youngest contestant. (then he becomes nervous) Yeah, I got beaten up by Rodney but I'm going to Total Drama to win and get away from that bully. (then he smiles) Anyway, pick me."
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