Total Drama Pahkitew Island is a 2020 Canadian-American comedy film. It stars Daniel Radcliffe, Elizabeth Olsen, Nathan Kress, Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, and James Franco.


After Wawanakwa gets destroyed, Chris (Christian Potenza) finds a new island and invites new contestants. Meanwhile, a gymnastic (Victoria Justice) has trouble liking a guy (Nathan Kress) who likes her but after rejecting him, he is getting close to going crazy. When some dirty secret is revealed, he feels betrayed and instead wants his best-friend Shawn (Daniel Radcliffe) to win.


Due to Wawanakwa getting destroyed in the previous film, there's a new island called Pahkitew Island but there are no cabins, no mess hall, and no spa hotel. Only the confessional has been brought. Also, there are new contestants.

On a plane, the new contestants are: Shawn (Daniel Radcliffe), Jasmine (Elizabeth Olsen), Dave (Nathan Kress), Sky (Victoria Justice), Ella (Miranda Cosgrove), Topher (James Franco), Sammy (Emma Watson), Amy (Emma Roberts), Sugar (Jillian Bell), Leonard (Kevin Hart), Beardo (Anthony Anderson), Rodney (Danny McBride), Scarlett (Alison Pil), and Max (Reed Alexander). They get on the island and the teams are formed. Shawn, Dave, Sky, Ella, Sugar, Leonard, and Beardo are the Confused Bears while Jasmine, Topher, Sammy, Amy, Rodney, Scarlett, and Max are the Floating Salmon.

The first challenge is to build a shelter. In the end, the Floating Salmon won but the Confused Bears lost due to Leonard suggesting a wizard castle. Beardo feels bad for not helping but Dave notices and sympathetically decides to help him.

At the elimination ceremony, Leonard is voted off and has to take the Cannon of Shame. Beardo thanks Dave, who gives him a thumbs up. Sugar is devastated by this and vows revenge.

The next day, Sammy and Jasmine go foraging for food.

In the forest, they encounter Shawn and befriend him. He gives them tips on foraging but also develops a crush on Jasmine.


  • Daniel Radcliffe as Shawn - One Of The Main Protagonists of the film.
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Jasmine - The Main Deuteragonist of the film and Shawn's girlfriend.
  • Nathan Kress as Dave - One Of The Main Protagonists of the film, Shawn's best-friend, and Cody's younger brother.
  • Victoria Justice as Sky - The Anti-Hero Antagonist of the film.
  • Miranda Cosgrove as Ella
  • James Franco as Topher
  • Emma Watson as Sammy
  • Emma Roberts as Amy


The previous films' cast members make cameo appearances as past contestants.


(while Sugar is making Scuba bear spit out stuff, they see Cody's shoe)

  • Dawn: (confused) "Hey, is that Cody's shoe?"

(then an angry Cody comes over and picks up his shoe before glaring at Chris)

  • Cody: (angry) "You brought me here for demonstration but decided to make me get attacked just for laughs?"
  • Chris: (laughing) "Oh yeah, that was funny."

(then Cody sighs)

  • Cody: (annoyed) "It's official. My life is nothing but pain."

(at a prison, Duncan is watching this and agrees with Cody)

  • Duncan: (agreeing) "I hear ya twerp, I hear ya."

(then back to the show, Cody sees Dave)

  • Cody: (confused) "David?"
  • Dave: (also confused) "Big bro?"

(this the others interested, even Chris)

  • Chris: (wondering) "You two related?"
  • Cody: (explaining) "Yeah, he's my younger brother. (this makes Shawn, Sky, Sugar, and Ella go eye-wide in surprise) He's the one who made a cameo in World Tour and I hope he wins."
  • Dave: (smiles) "Aw, come here big bro."

(they share a family hug, making Shawn, Sky, Ella, and Dawn smile at the family reunion. Later after Sky rejects Dave, she receives a glare from Shawn)

  • Sky: (confused) "What?"
  • Shawn: (angry) "Oh you're a real piece of work aren't you? That was really low, even for you."
  • Sky: "Hey, it's not my fault that I don't like him back."

(after hearing that, Dave runs away and Shawn angrily slaps her, much to the shock of Sky and the others)

  • Sky: (shocked) "He what?"
  • Shawn: "I told him that you wouldn't date him because you don't date quitters. He was upset that you on another team. Then he got even more upset that you betrayed him."
  • Sky: (now upset) "I yelled at him because he was taking it too far. And I betrayed him because Jasmine told me to."
  • Shawn: (annoyed) "JASMINE!"
  • Jasmine: (defensive) "Hey, I was mad at you, remember?"

(Shawn and Sky still glare at a nervous Jasmine but Shawn still glares at Sky)

  • Shawn: (angry) "You're the most selfish and greedy person I've ever met. I thought you were our friend and ally but you're just a traitor for not taking too much responsibility for your actions. If winning is important to you, then how about focus on other stuff besides that. You should've thought of that, you Heather wannabe b***h."

T.V. Tropes

  • Abusive Parents: Sammy and Amy's mother is just like Amy and hates Sammy to the point of kicking her out of the house
  • Adaptational Heroism: Dave is a lot more nicer and very sympathetic. Instead of being sarcastic and not cheerful, he is actually nice to his team. True, they still annoy him but he doesn't show it to them and is being nice about asking them to stop. In the finale, he actually wants his best friend Shawn to win. Same can be said about Topher as he actually cares about the safety of his fellow contestants and stood up for Sammy and Ella against Amy and Sugar.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: Dave and Cody are revealed to be brothers and it's also revealed that Dave is indeed the same David Anderson who made a cameo in Total Drama World Tour. Also unlike the original version, everyone hates Amy for how she treats Sammy and even make attempts to stand up for Sammy. Also, Dave is well aware of Ella's crush on him and feels bad for rejecting her but Topher loves her and stands up for her.
  • Adaptational Villainy: While the original Sky a little bit cared about Dave and felt bad for her actions, she doesn't apologize for them and even when she finds out Dave is trying to impress her, she still disrespects him. Same can be said about Jasmine, who doesn't apologize for what she did to Dave and Sky but this ends when Jasmine heard about what really happened and forgave the boys.
  • A**hole Victim: Unlike the original show, Amy is fairly voted off by her team after they had enough of her abusing Sammy and costing them the challenge with her selfishness. Sky is also voted off for being harsh towards Dave and lying to him.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Shawn won and is sharing the money with Dave but their relationships with the girls is now bitter. However, Jasmine redeems herself and is back together with Shawn but Dave and Sky are on bad terms.
  • Complete Monster: Scarlett is a sociopathic evil mastermind who hides behind the facade of a young scientist but later turns out to be pure evil and was just using the contestants to help her win. She resorts to death threats and attempted murder just to get her way. Amy isn't any better either with how she treats her younger sister and not afraid to let her die.
  • Even Evil Have Standards: Despite being a selfish and greedy sore loser, Sky was horrified when Chris uses babies for a challenge and points out that it can't be legal. During the said challenge, Jasmine might've acted like a jerk to Dave and Shawn but she was also disgusted and horrified by how Sky left Dave to die and shows sympathy for him. She at least becomes better at the end and apologies for what she did.
  • Everyone has standards: Unlike the original version, both teams are appalled and disgusted by how Amy treats Sammy and call her out for that. They were also horrified when Sammy is mentioned to have lost her father and has been kicked out of the house by her abusive mother for standing up to Amy. When Sky leaves Dave to die during a challenge, Shawn and two members of the other team were disgusted and horrified by what Sky did. When Dave is rejected, Shawn and Jasmine both show sympathy for him and call out Sky for her selfishness towards him.
  • Freudian Excuse: The reason why Jasmine is harsh is because Dave accidentally ruined her and Shawn's relationship by giving Shawn wrong advice for a challenge. However, she was unaware of what Dave did and was not justified in how she horribly treated them but she later realizes her mistakes and apologizes for them. Also, Topher only wants be a host because he also hates Chris for his evil nature and wants the show to have a fair and caring host. Also Sugar is sabotaging both teams because her team voted off Leonard but it's not justified because Leonard deserved to get voted off for costing his team the challenge and Sugar took her anger out on others who didn't had anything to do with it.
  • Heel-Face-Turn: Jasmine has this after the boys reveal what really happened and when Dave apologizes to her for what she did. She now feels bad for what she did and starts her redemption by voting off Sky for her selfishness.
  • Hypocrite: Sky hates bad sportsmanship and gets mad at the rude contestants but happens to be a sore loser herself and doesn't care about it. Shawn calls her out for that when he gets angry at her for how she treated Dave.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Scarlett crosses this by threatening the contestants, attempting to murder the finalists, betraying Max, and once mentioning that she traumatized her own brother by making his toys attack him to the point that he's now in therapy.
  • My God, What Have I Done: Dave suffers this when he saw what he did to Shawn and Jasmine's relationship and remorsefully says this trope in the confessional. He also suffers this again when he unknowingly rejects Ella and finds out that she liked him.
  • Parent Abandonment: Sammy's father died when she was little and she is right now kicked out of house by her abusive mother, who favors Amy.
  • Ungrateful B*****d: Sky shows this by willingly leaving Dave to die during the baby challenge. Sugar ignores Ella's act of friendship and harshly takes her anger out on her for no reason.
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