Total Drama Island is a 2010 American comedy film. It is a live-action remake of the cartoon series Total Drama and is the first installment of the New and current timeline. It is rated R for Language and Brief Nudity. It is distributed by Sony/Columbia Pictures. The sequel is called Total Drama Action which was hated but got a most liked sequel called Total Drama World Tour.


The film starts with 29-year-old Chris McClean (Jerry O'Connell) as the host of a reality show with dangerous challenges, an outhouse confessional, and unsafe food.

The contestants are: the shy wannabe Beth (Olivia DeJonge), loveable jock DJ (Arlen Escarpeta), grumpy goth Gwen (Mila Kunis), party loving Geoff (Andrew Garfield), beautiful airhead Lindsay (Anna Faris), rude popular rich girl Heather (Emma Roberts), trouble making punk Duncan (Seann William Scott), clumsy jock Tyler (Orlando Bloom), mad skilled nerd Harold (Erik Knudsen), nice guy musician Trent (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), Malibu surfer Bridgette (Emma Stone), sarcastic schemer Noah (Aziz Ansari), sister wannabe Leshawna (Rihanna), twins Katie (Lily-Rose Depp) and Sadie (Harley Quinn Smith), homeschooled prairie boy Ezekiel (Nicolas D'Agosto), techno geek Cody (Michael Cera), scary bodybuilder Eva (Selma Hayek), fun loving Owen (Jonah Hill), C.I.T. Courtney (Danielle Panabaker), and crazy maniac Izzy (Brie Larson).

The first challenge is to jump off a cliff into the lake. Everyone notices Cody wearing a shirt but he doesn't tell them why he never shows his chest. Only Courtney, DJ, and Beth don't jump.

The next challenge is to build a hot tub but the Killer Bass lose due to not working together.

At the mess hall, at first Courtney is targeted to be voted off but is saved when Ezekiel accidentally offends the girls by questioning about how the Screaming Gophers won. Cody had to restrain Bridgette from attacking Ezekiel while Noah restrains Eva.

At the boys cabin, the three boys make a deal that Ezekiel will be voted off but they are unknowingly filmed by Duncan. However, Ezekiel fails to apologize to Eva, who just brutally beats the homeschool until he starts bleeding but he's saved by the others and the team gets angry at her.

At campfire ceremony, the girls are glaring at a nervous and inured Ezekiel while the boys (except Duncan) secretly pity him. Duncan just jokingly claims that Ezekiel has a lot to learn about the real world. After the votes are cast, Chris announces that Eva is eliminated, much to the girls' shock. The boys explain that Eva went too far with the beating, even Heather wouldn't go that far. The girls understand but Eva gets angry at this and tries to harm Ezekiel again only to be taken away by Chef. However, Duncan reveals recording of the deal, shocking Bridgette and the girls. At first, they were mad but Cody and Noah apologize to Bridgette and the other girls by convincing them that Ezekiel was just homeschooled and raised differently. They also develop a hatred against Duncan.

The next week later, Chris has them to a run around the island. In the confessional, Courtney was glad Eva's gone due to the angry girl throwing suitcases out of the cabin and breaking one of the locks on a bathroom door while Harold was in there. After the whole run, he then has them eat entire buffet of food. He then finally reveals it's part of his plan to make them sleepy for the real challenge, the Awakeathon where the contestants will have to stay wake and the last one standing but if they fall sleep, they're out.

During the challenge, Owen's the first one to fall asleep. Trent and Gwen talk about Cody and Gwen admits she doesn't feel the same way about him but sees him as a little brother. However, Owen starts sleepwalking naked, much to Trent and Gwen's disgust. In the confessional, it's revealed that beans make Owen sleepwalk. Throughout the challenge, stuff happens: Duncan pranks Harold by doing the hand in cup trick but is disliked by his teammates for that, Cody and Noah both scream for unknown reasons, DJ knocked himself after tying himself to stay awake, and Justin was caught sleeping with his eyes painted while Heather's little brother Damian (Reid Scott) is caught losing a demonstration bet with Gwen's little brother Cole (Jesse Eisenberg) by sleeping with his eyes open. Eventually, it's down to Gwen and Duncan. However, Duncan was caught sleeping in the stall and Gwen is declared the winner.

Later after Justin found Owen and quickly put him in the washroom in disgust, Ezekiel starts coughing up more blood and the team starts getting worried about him. A sad Courtney talks with Ezekiel and he begs her and the others to vote him off.

At the elimination ceremony, Harold and Ezekiel are on the chopping block but Ezekiel is deemed eliminated. Ezekiel is wheeled over to the dock of shame and is sent to a medic.

The next week later, the Bass are tired because Harold snored all night and the Gophers are tired because Owen farted all night. However, everyone laughs at Harold because he's got a mustache written on his face but he doesn't mind it. In the confessional, Geoff reveals he did it to have Harold impress the ladies and to get revenge on him for snoring all night. When Gwen comes in, Heather taunts the Bass so they can accidentally throw food at Gwen but Damien saves the day by threatening to give her an Alpha S-51 prank, which makes Heather pale.

Their challenge is dodgeball, which Duncan and Gwen don't play because their tired and Justin doesn't play because he cares more about his looks. During the challenge, Bridgette declares that if she gets the most players out then she gets to go surfing with Harold which Chris makes an agreement to, much to Harold's fear. DJ makes it worse by giving Bridgette the ball and causing her to finally get the most players out. Later on, Cody proves himself as a sports player by throwing a dodgeball at DJ and making flies towards him like a boomerang. He then rubs a dodgeball on his shirt, puts electricity on it, and throws it towards Katie, getting her out. In the confessional, Trent reveals Cody was on a few sports teams in school. Courtney prepares to bring in Duncan and asks Harold and Tyler to do it because she declares them expendable but Bridgette calls her out on that and Courtney now feels bad because that did sounded harsh. They all decided not to wake him up because not so surprisingly he's fake sleeping just to stay out of the challenge, much to their anger. In the final match, Harold and Owen face each other but Harold proves himself as good dodger by performing Matrix moves, much to everyone's shock. He reveals he learned it from figure-skating. When a ball is thrown at him, he catches it and wins the game, earning respect from his team. Justin then angers his team by claiming they had weak effort and he now becomes a target of elimination because he was being too concerned about his looks and not participating.

At the elimination ceremony, everyone votes for Justin. He angrily insults them and makes a sexist remark about him being better than girls but Cody and Noah throw marshmallows at him and the former claims he needs to learn something respect, making everyone cheer.

The week later, Chris announces a talent show contest and let's the campers make a talent as long as it's legal, much to Duncan's anger.

The Bass let Courtney be the captain. Harold is rejected for unknown reasons, Katie and Sadie are rejected because of their awful dancing, Duncan is not picked because of his criminal record, Tyler messed up with his yo-yo, Bridgette does a hand stand, Geoff skateboards, and DJ is good at dancing and twirling a ribbon. Courtney also volunteers herself because she can do violin. However while performing, Bridgette's leg gets caught in a rope and it causes a stage light to fall on Courtney, injuring her and breaking her violin.

During the challenge, the Screaming Gophers are about to lose due to Heather cruelly reading Gwen's diary out loud to the entire world, much to everyone's disgust. Trent left to comfort Gwen while Cody angrily snatched the diary away and is temporarily keeping it. However, they are saved when Duncan sabotages Harold's act and makes him a target of elimination.

At the elimination ceremony, everyone votes for Harold but Sadie saves him by taking his place in elimination and telling Katie who is really to blame. However, Katie cries over this but Cody surprisingly comforts her and tells her that it's because he was raised by an older sister during his entire childhood. He then explains the reason he loves Gwen is because he thought they can connect due to being rejected and bullied for their status but is well aware that she likes Trent and is okay with this, causing Gwen to tearfully smile at him and the girls to respect him. However, the diary falls out and accidentally opens but Chris takes it and reads about Gwen hating Cody for being a geek. A worried Gwen tries to explain but a betrayed Cody just throws the diary back at her and accuses her of just being like the other bullies who pick on him. Despite this, he does punch Chris and puts him in a coma, leaving Chef in charge of the show.

At night, Cody is still heartbroken but decides to at least get revenge on Heather. He then asks Harold, Geoff, DJ, Tyler, Trent, and Gwen's older brother Michael (Yuri Lowenthal) to help him out with a prank, which they agree to. They go into the Gopher girls cabin and dump red ants on Heather, causing her to run out of the cabin and scream as she tries getting them off. They laugh and high five with each other while all the girls now respect Cody for standing up for Gwen and he goes to bed with a smirk on his face.

The next morning at the mess hall, everyone is still laughing at Heather's bite marks but then hear an announcement to prepare for the next challenge.

At the front entrance of the forest, Chef reveals the next challenge is to go camping in the forest but warns them that there is bears.

Back with the Screaming Gophers, Gwen is trying to talk with Cody but he ignores her again and starts to get angry at her. Heather suggests they vote Cody off for dumping red ants on her but Gwen angrily reminds her that he's upset about the diary incident.

Back with the Killer Bass, they go to their campsite and set up the tent but Duncan is still annoying them with his arrogance and sexist comment while talking about his manly side. However, Courtney just asks what manly side, getting laughs from the others. Then DJ comes back but brought back a pet and tells them they eat or drink because the river is too far away and the berries are poisoned.

Back with the Screaming Gophers, they are hungry and get annoyed when the camera crew are accidentally torturing them with pizza but luckily, Owen brought back some fish and they start cooking it. Not to mention, Cody secretly took 3 pizza boxes from the delivery guy. However, they noticed that Beth and Izzy are missing but a bear comes by to eat their food only for Cody to reveal it's Izzy because he gave food to a bear hours ago and reveals that she still has the tag, causing them and even Heather to start laughing.

Back with the Killer Bass, they sit around the campfire and start eating some pizza they found from the forest but get disgusted when Duncan starts drinking beer and eats pot stew. He then tells a story about his criminal days.

In a flashback, a younger Duncan and his friends Mal Smith (Christian Coulson), Greed McGrady (Evan Peters), Jose Burromuerto (Domhall Gleeson), Scott Cooper (Dave Franco), Keith Stonehammer (Nico Tortorella), and Lightning Andrews (Texas Battle) are in a hotel and gearing up for a heist they're pulling but Scott is in the bathroom and Keith is getting annoyed by this because he drank a bottle of laxatives this morning. Then they talk about the story of Jack the Ripper but Keith stops the story when Scott is finally done and Keith uses the bathroom. They then get their masks and start the heist by having Mal kill Muriel McGrady, Harold's mother. However, they get in a car crash, that caused Lightning to hit his head on the window and knock him out. Scott and Jose run from the van but get in a fight over the money until Scott wins the fight by throwing Jose over the bridge to his death. Despite being stunned by what he did, he still ran away and escaped. Mal, Duncan, an unconscious Keith, and a knocked out Lightning get surrounded by the R.C.M.P. led by Cody's father Hank Anderson (Luke Evans), who orders them to get out of the car. Duncan is ordered to surrender by Mal and he does so. Mal also gets out but opens fire on them and kills Eustace McGrady, Harold's father. However, they return fire and gun down Mal. They then arrest Duncan and Keith while sending Lightning to the hospital.

Back in the present and even scares them with a hook, much to their anger and irritation. Besides that, Harold starts sheading tears at the mention of the couple's death and reveals himself as their son, earning sympathy from the others. However, an actual bear appears, causing Duncan to pee his pants and climb up a tree. Luckily, Harold feeds the bear and has it go away. Harold and Katie refuses to help Duncan get down and claims that he has to stay there until the morning as revenge for sabotaging Harold and getting Sadie voted off.

At a bear cave, Beth gets scared but the bear is nice enough to let her stay with it until the morning.

The next morning, the Screaming Gophers are having a good morning and Izzy pets a sleeping Cody, who is sleeping on her because she's still wearing her costume. After he wakes up, they pack everything up and race to the finish. The Killer Bass woke up but were laughing because Bridgette was cuddling with Harold and even Geoff found this funny. The two woke up blushing and apologizing to each other while glaring at the ones who are laughing. Duncan wanted to laugh but ended up falling down the tree and hits his manly area on a branch, as a laughing Katie is recording. Then a groaning Duncan asks in a funny voice "Who put that branch there?" before falling face first into elephant s**t, causing the whole team to burst out laughing. Then Katie stops the recording and sends it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other websites. She and the team high five at this but find that the map got destroyed by the bear earlier. However, they use Harold's compass to find the finish before leaving but the Screaming Gophers make it. However, Chris notices they're missing a member but Heather uncaringly thinks Beth got eaten by wolves, much to everyone's disgust. Lindsay slaps Heather and scolds her for not caring about her teammates but only to calm down when Beth arrives safe and sound, much to the nice people's relief. However, Heather yells at her for causing them the challenge but Cody stands up for Beth and tells Heather to shut up.

At the elimination ceremony, Beth is sadly eliminated, making sniffle and cry as Cody and Lindsay comfort her and wave her goodbye. Heather just insults Beth and thinks she was useless but Cody then cusses Heather out and is glad that he and Lindsay didn't vote Beth off, making the said girl smile and kiss Cody's cheek. Blushing but smiling at this, he gives her a hug and gives her Heather's marshmallow that he stole from her.

Back at the cabins, Cody is asked by Lindsay to hang out with her and Tyler which he answers yes to. They also purposefully lock Heather out and smirk at this as they give a toast to Beth and vow to avenge her.

At the campfire pit, Bass and Gophers are sitting together because Owen stank up the Gophers' cabin and Duncan released Harold's red ant farm as a practical joke in the Bass cabin. Courtney is offered green jelly but nervously declines. However, DJ freaks out at the gummy worm in the jelly and they have a share fest about their fears: DJ has a fear of snakes (which he got from seeing a snake in his family's restaurant bathroom as a racist joke), Tyler has a fear of chickens (much to everyone's confusion but then he gets sympathy when it's revealed that as a child, he got attacked by a very dangerous chicken named Nugget), Noah is afraid of dodgeballs (which is the reason why he sometimes didn't participate during most of the said challenge and it came from being hurt a couple of times by those), Harold is afraid of ninjas (because a group of hitmen that were dressed as ninjas tried to kill him and his family), Heather is afraid of Sumo Wrestlers (because of Damien's Alpha S-51 prank), Gwen is afraid of being buried alive (because of some popular snobs doing that to her as a sick racist joke), Lindsay is afraid of walking through a mine field in heels (because she tried to walk to her older sister Paula but accidentally went into a minefield), Owen and Izzy are afraid of flying (because they were survivors of a plane crash, much to everyone's sympathy), Geoff is afraid of hail (because some golf balls fell from the sky and start pelting him), Bridgette is afraid of being left alone in the woods (because she and her family were camping but she got lost), Katie is afraid of bad hair cuts (because her hair stylist turned her hair into a mullet as a cruel joke), Cody is afraid of time bombs (because an angry student tried to blow up the school with one and all the mean students and teachers forced Cody to defuse it under pressure, causing Lindsay to hug him), Duncan is afraid of Celine Dion standees (much to everyone's amusement and they laugh even harder because it came from an embarrassing prank gone wrong), Trent is afraid of mimes (because he and his mom went to the carnival but he got lost and was being chased by white painted figure pretending to be him), Courtney is afraid of green jelly (because someone sneezed into her salad and she mistook it for green jelly, making everyone groan in disgust), and Leshawna is afraid of spiders (because she saw a giant spider themed villain and saw how it killed people). They see the eliminated contestants share their fears: Eva is afraid of losing (making them frown), Ezekiel is afraid of his dad (because the man is a sexist child abuser who beat up Ezekiel, r***d his sister, and killed his mom during Ezekiel's childhood and is the one who made Ezekiel a sexist, causing all the sympathetic girls to hug Ezekiel in comfort. Even Heather, Eva, and Courtney feel bad for him), Justin is afraid of ugly people (getting glares from everyone), Sadie has the same fear as Katie (same reason), and Beth is afraid of being covered in bugs (because sexist bullies pushed her into a pool filled with bugs and laughed when she cried, earning her a sympathy hug from Ezekiel while Izzy, Cody, and Lindsay both plan to find those guys and prank the living h**l out of them). Before they go to bed, Katie still hugs Cody and Harold for comforting her.

The next morning at the mess hall, Chris has woken up from his coma with a black eye and announced that everyone has to face their worst fear, making everyone groan because they now remember the whole share fest thing was recorded. Chef gives Tyler a cooked chicken but everyone gets confused when a still living chicken pops out and scares Tyler.

During the challenges, some people conquer their fear like Harold beat all ninjas with nunchucks, Heather kicked a sumo in the groin, Trent managed to outrun a mime, Gwen managed to stay calm in her coffin for about 10 minutes, Noah defeated a couple of people in dodgeball, and etc. but Cody failed to defuse a paint bomb (which only got him covered in ashes and dirt), Bridgette was accidentally scared by Cody (as the said boy faint on his back in exhaustion), Geoff just ran off screaming, Leshawna got scared of Chef in a spider's costume (much to her team's annoyance since it was obviously fake), Duncan just punched the standee, and Courtney couldn't jump in (much to her team's understanding because the green jelly looked gross). The Screaming Gophers win and the Bass were left glaring at Duncan for not confronting his ridiculous fear.

At the elimination ceremony, Tyler is unfairly eliminated by Duncan rigging the votes because of having a fear of chickens. However, Lindsay hugs and kisses Tyler, earning thumbs up from the nice people. He then gets on the boat and yells "Booyah".

The next morning, the Bass prank Duncan for his misdeed by locking him in a outhouse with a standee. They then hear another announcement to come to the docks.

At the docks, their challenge is to portage their canoes to Boney Island, the deadliest island in Muskoka. However, Geoff annoys everyone by asking about portage until Chris explained to him what portage is. Before they get to the canoes, Chris warns them that everything on the island is cursed. However, Katie had gotten back from the bathroom and didn't hear anything about the warning but still went to her team.

At the canoes, Cody decided to partner Trent and Gwen up while he goes with Lindsay and Noah. Harold shares a canoe with Geoff and DJ while Bridgette partners with Courtney and Katie. Duncan doesn't get a partner because of his behavior getting irritating towards his team. Heather is partnered with Leshawna (much to their dismay) and Izzy is partnered with Owen (making them smile). Chris uses a gun to start the canoeing but accidentally kills a Hawk. However, he's more worried about angry emails from animal lovers or the P.E.T.A.

At Harold's canoe, Geoff tells Harold and DJ about a gift he gave to Bridgette but Harold laughs and calms down to explain to him that was corny and too forward, which also explains why Bridgette is avoiding Geoff.

At Cody's canoe, the three friends talk about their time but Cody nervously tells them that he's in a pickle himself because Owen betted him if Cody manages to get Gwen's bra then he'll do Cody's dishes for about a week. However, Gwen heard this and glared at Cody, who raised his hands in defense but then they notice a fog and realize they're at Boney Island.

On Boney Island, they start racing to their checkpoint.

With the Screaming Gophers, Trent and Lindsay step into quicksand but Cody saves them, much to Gwen's appreciation. Lindsay hugs Cody for that and Trent pats Cody on the back.

With the Killer Bass, they were doing fine but Geoff trips and breaks his ankle. He begs them to go on without him and Duncan just selfishly tries to but Harold demands they're not leaving him behind on his watch. He then bandages the broken ankle and they carry him.

At the checkpoint, both teams make it but the Bass lose a point because Duncan was using a lighter, making the team glare at him. Unknown to them, Katie accidentally picks up a cursed tiki doll due to not hearing the warning earlier and due to the curse, Duncan frames her of setting the oars on fire. The Screaming Gophers won due to Izzy using her homemade fire starter. The team had to paddle back to the island and the Screaming Gophers won while Chris announces they will have the elimination right now but before Katie can be eliminated, R.C.M.P. helicopters arrive to try and arrest Izzy, who blows one of them up with a bazooka and then kisses Owen before she starts running away with crazy laughter. Due to this, Chris now decides to make a team switch. Heather volunteers Cody to be switched and Duncan volunteers Katie to be switched. The switch is made, Cody is on the Killer Bass and Katie is on the Screaming Gophers but first, Katie kicks Duncan's kiwis for framing her, much to everyone's amusement. However, everyone is surprised when Gwen gives Cody her bra for helping her and Trent out, making him blush but also smirking as an annoyed Owen who goes to clean Cody's dishes. Harold, Bridgette, Geoff, and DJ welcome Cody to the Bass.

The next morning, the girls are annoyed because Heather using the bathroom to shower and they have to pee but Harold and Cody decide to pick the lock on the door and the girls go in there.

At the campfire pit, they are given a can of beans for breakfast and that the challenge is to go paintball hunting. For the Bass, Harold, Geoff, and Bridgette are given blue paintball guns and for the Gophers, Owen, Lindsay, Katie, and Leshawna are given orange paintball guns. The rest are deer, much to Duncan and Heather's annoyance. However, Bridgette does not seem to like hunting but Harold reminds Heather is a deer, making her smirk sinisterly.

In the forest, the four Bass deer spilt up but are shocked when DJ gallops on his arms and legs like an actual deer. Heather forced Katie to go get her some chips but Noah stands up for Katie and tells Heather off. Noah and Katie both hang out but notice Noah has berries in his pocket and it attracted a bear. Noah stays behind to distract the bear while Katie escapes and gets help. Chris decides to quickly end the challenge due to this.

Back at the infirmary, a bandaged Noah is being nursed by Katie and Heather blames him for the loss but he then flips her off and Katie slaps Heather. Then they laugh when Duncan and Courtney had gotten antlers stuck together but he makes an inappropriate comment about it. However, Courtney kicks his groin for that, causing more laughter. The producer then sadly informs them that due to Noah's injury, he's out of the contest and Heather's safe. Before he leaves, Katie kisses Noah's cheek for saving her and she gives him a phone number, making Cody cheer for his friend but still sad to see him go. Him, Harold, Geoff, Bridgette, and DJ comfort Katie over her new boyfriend leaving the show.

The next day, Cody is picking up some underwear from the floor and is wondering who keeps putting it there but Duncan accuses Harold because the mentioned boy's name is stitched on it. After Harold goes to take a shower, Duncan, Geoff, and DJ plan on teaching Harold a lesson but Cody refuses because he thinks it's plain bullying.

In front of the mess hall, Chris announces the challenge is to cook a decent meal and serve it to Chris. They then get weirded out when a dolphin was driving a truck full of food but Bridgette innocently waves at it.

With the Killer Bass, they do an Italian theme and Geoff is declared head chef. However, Duncan lies about having a tomato allergy just to flirt with Courtney, who is not happy to be near him because of how he's stalking her but she does pair Bridgette and Harold up just to give him surfer talk, much to his annoyance. Throughout the whole challenge, Duncan and the two pranksters start picking on Harold and won't leave him alone until he takes blame for the underwear thing but Duncan goes way too far by giving him some underwear sandwiches and it causes the team to hate Duncan right now.

With the Screaming Gophers, Heather declares herself head chef and wants to do a Hawaiian theme. Katie suggested they make a chocolate cake but out of no where, Heather snaps at her to not make it. However, Heather gets her eyebrows burned and when she orders them to get her make up kit, they lock her in the freezer. Trent then gets mad when it's revealed Duncan stole his sandwiches and used them for a prank. He then had him replace those or else there's gonna be an elimination by injury.

In the dining hall, they serve the food to Chris and declares the Bass the winners. Heather gets angry but notices Katie's tiki idol and Chris harshly yells at Katie to get out of the mess hall, much to everyone's disgust.

At the elimination ceremony, Katie is disqualified for unknowingly picking up a cursed idol but first, she decides to get rid of it. At the docks, she is reunited with Sadie and Noah, much to everyone's happiness.

Back at the Bass cabins, Geoff and DJ feel guilty for how they treated Harold while Cody and Bridgette are comforting him. However, they smirk when they get an idea and tell them about it.

The next morning, Trent and Owen hear a scream outside and at first, they thought it was Duncan pulling another prank but only to laugh when it turns out that Duncan is on the docks in his embarrassing pajamas and it's revealed by Harold that Duncan was framing him. Defeated, Duncan promises to stop what he's doing but is left embarrassed. Harold then makes amends with Geoff and DJ, much to everyone's happiness.

At the mess hall, everyone was laughing at Heather's blue skin, much to her annoyance and anger. Only to be told to report to the next challenge.

At the location, Chris points out there's lack of trust on the Bass (because of Duncan abusing Harold) and Gophers (because of Heather's cheating), so he's making a trust challenge.

At the first challenge, it's a rock climbing challenge and the partners are picked: Cody and Harold are picked for the Bass (making them high five) and Gwen and Heather are picked for the Gophers (much to their anger). While Cody and Harold are doing fantastic teamwork, Gwen and Heather are not getting along. However, Harold manages to block Chris' hot sauce gun by surprisingly wearing red glasses and mockingly askes Chris if that's the best he can do, making Duncan angry because he's missing his red glasses. At first, they are doing good but thanks to Heather ripping Gwen's skirt off, Cody got flashed and fell off with him and Harold being hanged upside down, much to their misery. Gwen won but then went to get a new skirt. The rope snapped and the boys fell down painfully but are still alright to compete.

At the second challenge, there is a cook off and the cook has to make food out of a Poisonous Japanese Blowfish, which is said to have killed people and that there is no antidote. Harold and Bridgette won the challenge while also babysitting Bunny but Trent and Lindsay lost and Trent got poisoned. Luckily, Chris was lying about the no antidote part and Trent will be fine.

At the third challenge, there will be apple shooting and the goal is to hit the arrow that is on top of a contestant's head. Harold backs out because of an apple allergy so Cody and Courtney volunteer while Owen and Leshawna also volunteer. DJ wonders where's Bunny but Harold and Bridgette can't tell him that Bunny got eaten by a bunch of animals. However, the bunny survived but is held captive by Duncan for ransom. Owen and Leshawna won but Cody accidentally assaults Courtney with a bunch of apples until they get him to stop. He sheepishly apologizes but Courtney is still mad at him.

At the fourth challenge, the contestant must be blindfolded and has to jump to their partner's arms over a large water puddle full of electric eels. Harold and Bridgette won but Heather and Lindsay lost. However, Cody surprisingly saves Heather and just explains that he doesn't hate her that much but shockingly gets a kiss on the cheek by Heather, who is for once grateful towards him.

At the final challenge, there will be a race down the cliff but the driver has to be blindfolded. At first, Geoff and DJ aren't doing so good but manage to when Harold saves Bunny from Duncan. They cross the finish line but are sadly disqualified because DJ lifted his blindfold up.

At the campfire ceremony, Cody is eliminated for the apple incident. However, he's reunited with Beth and doesn't seem sad about his elimination. He reveals he voted for himself as an apology for the apple incident, which Courtney forgives him for. Trent and Gwen are left saddened by this as the others comfort them.

The next morning, Harold was once again a victim of Duncan, who broke his promise of not pranking Harold.


  • Christian Potenza as Chris McClain - The Overarching Antagonist.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Chef Hatchet - The Main Anti-Hero. Despite disliking the contestants for insulting his food, he does show concern for them and is honorable to vote off Duncan for cheating and causing trouble.


  • Jonah Hill as Owen - The Main Protagonist.
  • Mila Kunis as Gwen - A goth who dates a musician named Trent but rejects a techno geek named Cody.
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Trent
  • Michael Cera as Cody - A techno geek who has a crush on Gwen but she only sees him as an annoying little brother. Also, he's Trent's older brother.
  • Emma Roberts as Heather - The Main Antagonist. Goals: To win the million dollar (failed), to breakup Trent and Gwen (temporarily succeeded until her plot was exposed), and to vote off other contestants (temporarily succeeds but fails to vote off Owen and Gwen).
  • Seann William Scott as Duncan - The Secondary Antagonist who bullies Harold. Unlike the show, he is hated for picking on Harold. Goals: To make Harold's life a living h**l (temporarily succeeded until karma went back at him), rig the votes to stay in the game and cause trouble (temporarily succeeded until he was voted off), and later get revenge on him for voting off Courtney (current).
  • Danielle Panabaker as Courtney - A arrogant C.I.T. who hates losing and thinks she's superior.
  • Erik Knudsen as Harold - Cody's best friend who is bullied by Duncan. Unlike the show, some of the contestants feel sympathy for him suffering abuse from Duncan. Goals: Get revenge on Duncan (succeeded), get away from Bridgette's surfing talk and teaching (always fails), and win Leshawna's heart (succeeded).
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Ezekiel - A protective home-schooled prairie boy but he is disliked for accidentally making sexist comments.
  • Aziz Ansari as Noah
  • Andrew Garfield as Geoff
  • Emma Stone as Bridgette


  • Ezekiel: "I don't get why we lost, eh."
  • Cody: "Why do you say that?"
  • Ezekiel: "Because your team are the ones that have more girls."

(Cody, Noah, and the girls gasp while Bridgette and Eva glare at him)

  • Bridgette: (angry) "What's that supposed to mean?"
  • Eva: (also angry) "Yeah, enlighten us."
  • Ezekiel: "My dad once taught me that guys are stronger and smarter than girls, eh."

(Cody and Noah face-palm in response)

  • Cody: (whispering) "Dude, you just signed your own deathwish."
  • Geoff: (worried) "He did not just say that, did he?"

(Duncan laughs)

  • Ezekiel: "Dad wanted me to help girls out in case they can't keep up."

(Noah restrains Eva and Cody restrains Bridgette)

  • Bridgette: (struggling) "Let me go, I wanna show him who's stronger."
  • Cody: (holding Bridgette) "Violence is not the answer. This is getting way too heavy but at least he doesn't think that guys are better at sports."
  • Ezekiel: "But they are."

(Bridgette and Eva just get more angry while Cody tightens his grip on Bridgette)

  • Cody: (worried) "Dude, I shouldn't show sympathy for you but yeah, you better run."

(Ezekiel now realizes what he means and runs away while Eva gets free)

  • Eva: (angry) "GET BACK HERE!"

(Bridgette turns to see Cody, who face is red from being secretly being scared)

  • Bridgette: (looking at Cody) "You let go too."
  • Cody: (worried) "Now now, let's not get too angry. He's homeschooled. He probably doesn't know any better."
  • Bridgette: "Cody, will you kindly let me go? (seeing the angry face on her, Cody lets her go. She kindly pats his head) Thank you. (then turns angry) Wait for me, Eva."
  • Cody and Noah: (worried) "Oh boy."

(later, Cody and Noah make a deal with Ezekiel)

  • Ezekiel: "Okay, I'm gonna vote for myself while you guys vote for me, eh. Okay?"
  • Cody: (agreeing) "Got it."
  • Noah: (also agreeing) "Whatever."

(they shake hands but Duncan is filming them)

  • Duncan: (smirking) "You guys are so dead."

(later, Duncan shows people the video)

  • Bridgette: (curious) "What's that?"
  • Duncan: (smirking evily) "You'll see."

(the video shows Cody and Noah shaking hands with Ezekiel and talking about their deal)

  • Bridgette: (shocked) "No way. Cody's a nice guy."
  • Courtney: (also shocked) "How could he do such a thing."

(later, Bridgette confronts Cody)

  • Cody: (waving) "Hey Bridgette. (Bridgette just crosses her arms angrily, which worries him) What's wrong?"
  • Bridgette: "I don't know. Is it that a nice guy defended a sexist homeschool?"
  • Cody: "Look, I know I didn't let you hurt him but we don't need violence."
  • Bridgette: "The deal with him, I know about it from a punk."
  • Cody: "What? Duncan told you guys, didn't he."
  • Bridgette: "Yes but the real question is why. Why would you do that?"
  • Cody: (scratching his head nervously) "Because he's homeschooled and it means that his teachers are the sexists. They must've poisoned his mind."
  • Bridgett: (calms down) "Fair enough."
  • Cody: "I'm sorry."
  • Bridgette: "Apology accepted."

(later, the girls meet Bridgette)

  • Courtney: (waving) "Hi Bridgette."
  • Gwen: (frowning) "Where's Cody?"
  • Bridgette: "He's fine but he apologized and told me that Ezekiel must've been raised badly by sexist people."

(Cody arrives but hides behind Bridgette)

  • Courtney: (sighs) "Fine, I guess I understand."

(later, Duncan pranks Harold)

  • Duncan: (laughing) "Oh gross, it worked, dude peed his pants."

(Harold covers his pants in embarrassment while DJ and Bridgette glare at Duncan. However, they get confused by Cody and Noah's screams)

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