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Total Drama Island
is a 2013 live-action comedy film based of the Cartoon Network Television show of the same name and was released on July 4, 2013

The movie stars Elizabeth Gillies, David Henrie, Drew Roy, Devon Werkheiser, Jennifer Stone, Brenda Song, Ariana Grande, Doug Brochu, Taylor Lautner, Nikki Blonsky, Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Justice, Josh Hutcherson, Spencer Locke, Adam Hicks, Raven Goodwin, Avan Jogia, Hayden Panettiere, Lucas Till, Dan Curtis Lee, Lindsey Shaw, Blake Michael, Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson

Total Drama Island is Rated R for Gross Humor, Sexuality and Language.

It was distributed by Dimension Films.


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Twenty-two different contestants arrive on the island to find that they will be living in a run down summer camp for eight weeks. They are divided into two teams, and they learn the rules of the competition they will be taking part in. Later, Chris announces that their first challenge, jumping off a cliff, will soon begin.

The two teams face off in their very first challenge: jumping off a thousand foot cliff into a small safe zone in shark-infested waters and building a hot tub out of materials they find in crates at the base of the cliff. As the Screaming Gophers bond rather quickly, the Killer Bass already find themselves falling apart from the start. While Courtney messes up everything for the team, she is saved when most of them find Ezekiel's sexist comments to be worse, leading to him getting voted off.

The two teams set out on a twenty kilometer race that wasn't actually the challenge, only to compete in a challenge to stay awake the longest. At the end the final five that stay awake, being Heather, Trent, Gwen, Eva, and Duncan, it all comes down to Gwen and Duncan and Gwen barely wins. Heather forms an alliance with Lindsay and Beth, and then manipulates the Killer Bass into voting off Eva by stealing her MP3.

The two teams participate in a five round game of dodgeball. Duncan takes a nap during the game causing the rest of his team to suck without him. The Screaming Gophers dominate at first (with no help from Noah), but then the Killer Bass have a turnaround when Duncan is awakened. While the game is going on, Tyler and Lindsay have a secret date that Heather soon discovers. Ultimately, Harold gives the Killer Bass their first win, and Noah is voted off for not contributing at all to the team.

The two teams participate in a talent show and the rivalry between Heather and Gwen grows rapidly after the former reads an entry on the latter's diary about her crush on Trent. In the contest, Justin and Trent do great for their team while DJ and Bridgette do horrible. After several strong acts and two disasters, the Bass need a miracle to win, but are able to pull it off with Harold's unexpected talent. To save herself from inevitably being voted off, Heather gets some of the other Gophers to vote off Justin by either being crazy or by bribery.

The two teams must spend an entire night alone in the woods in the contest for this episode. Katie and Sadie get lost, ultimately failing for their team with Katie getting voted off in the process. Also, Courtney shows affections for Duncan. Meanwhile, Owen and Izzy pull off a prank, which calls a bear over to the Gopher's camping area.

After the previous episode's elimination, a discussion of fears evolves into a fear-facing challenge thanks to some eavesdroppers. Most of the campers conquer their fear, but a few others don't fare as well. Bridgette, Courtney, and Tyler lose the challenge, but even though this is the second time for the girls to screw things up, Tyler is the one voted off from not being able to face his fear, and for the fear in question (of chickens) being rather weak.

The two teams take their canoes to a nearby island and build rescue fires on it. Cody manages to help Gwen and Trent bond. Unaware of the consequences, Beth picks up a cursed idol and curses their team. DJ gets over another fear of water, and Geoff gets injured by a splinter. The Gophers lose thanks to Izzy giving advice to the other team, which leads in her elimination.

The two teams compete in a paintball competition with members of each team are divided into "hunters" and "deer". Beth attempts to rebel against Heather, but that only leads to the team losing. Heather then flips out at her team, and is sure that Beth will get voted off. However, neither Beth nor Heather are voted off, because since Cody had gotten mauled by a bear, he was voted off instead, even though not everyone voted for him.

The two teams compete in a cooking challenge. Harold's attitude towards hygiene prompts Duncan, Geoff, and DJ to constantly prank him. Meanwhile, on the other team, Heather and LeShawna's conflict reaches a boiling point when the former takes the leadership role for the challenge. Heather makes them all due strenuous tasks and eventually Leshawna (with the help of Lindsay) locks Heather in the freezer. In the end, the Gophers lose, and Beth is voted off after the team figures out she cursed them.

The thirteen remaining competitiors take part in a three part competition where they must put trust in their teammates. Geoff and Bridgette learn that they can easily trust each other. But DJ loses his pet and trust in his best friend, Geoff. Duncan reveals his soft side to Courtney. Sadie is voted off after the Killer Bass lose, partly due to repeatedly hitting Courtney as part of the challenge even after the challenge ended.

Chef forces the teams to go through several difficult obstacles designed to make the campers quit. Duncan provokes him enough to be sent to "The Boathouse", where he hooks up with Courtney. Afterwards, the Bass lose, and Harold rigs the votes to vote out Courtney for revenge on Duncan's various pranks through this episode and the last.

Chris has the contestants paired off for the next immunity contest, a series of Extreme Sports Challenges. Harold is voted off for getting distracted in the tie-breaker after seeing Heather's breasts, but manages to confess his love for LeShawna before he leaves.

The two teams are divided up with the guys on one team and the girls on the other. They must eat many varieties of disgusting food in order to win an awesome prize. Ultimately, Owen wins for the guys, but the challenge didn't have an elimination anyway.

The two teams are officially dissolved and two campers that were previously eliminated, Izzy and Eva, return to the game. The campers then face an excruciating torture challenge with individual immunity at stake for the first time. LeShawna wins the challenge, while Eva is voted off right on her return for her temper.

The eleven remaining campers are off on a scavenger hunt for keys, and Heather manages to frame Trent in an effort for getting him and Gwen to break up. LeShawna convinces everyone to vote for either Trent or Heather, yet the latter gets invincibility. Trent is voted off as a result.

The campers play an extreme game of Hide and Seek with Chef who hunts them down one by one with a huge water gun. Duncan starts an alliance with the other three remaining guys. LeShawna and Heather win invincibility for winning the challenge and finding a hidden person respectively. Meanwhile, the new Guys Alliance votes off Bridgette, due to her athletic skills and kind personality.

The final nine compete in a bike-themed race challenge. Lindsay finally leaves Heather's alliance, but is automatically eliminated due to failing the challenge from a technicality.

The campers go through a challenge where they are stalked by a psycho killer to see who can last the longest. Gwen gets the win for finding and defeating a real killer, but DJ is eliminated for running away from someone (Heather in a mud mask) who isn't a killer.

The campers square off in a challenge where they must trap a specific animal they get. Gwen wins invincibility while Duncan and Heather set up a temporary alliance. Izzy is voted off for her mental instability after shooting Chef and Heather with a tranquilizer dart.

The six remaining campers are split into three teams of two and must compete in various challenges using teamwork. Some groups have trouble working together, while Gwen and Geoff start a friendship. Once the triathlon is finished and all three teams tie, nobody gets the immunity. However, Geoff is voted off for his niceness.

The host goes to Playa Des Losers, and here, the former contestants get a chance to talk about the final five. The host then makes a shocking revelation: The eliminated campers will be voting the next camper off. With a chain started by Katie and Sadie, LeShawna is voted off due to a rule placed by Chris.

After a huge flood, the campers float away to a "deserted island" and try to fend for themselves while dealing with the dangers there, as well as enduring each other. Meanwhile, the hosts are having a day of relaxation on the same island. While the four campers are separated at first, they eventually wind up back together again. Before reuniting with the others, Owen undergoes a mental breakdown and starts imagining a coconut as a real person. Due to this, the coconut is voted off.

The campers are stuck in the middle of the woods. The challenge, hosted by Chef since Chris is gone, is to race back to camp and tag a totem pole, with the remaining four contestants divided by gender. Owen loses his chance at winning due to his eating habits, and Duncan is voted off by Chef's decision, since he liked Owen more.

The three remaining campers participate in a series of dares that were made up by the eliminated campers. Owen and Gwen make a temporary alliance against Heather, but it's a dare by Lindsay and a technical loophole that ends in Heather getting automatically eliminated from the game.

The final two campers participate in one last challenge for the grand prize, with all of previously eliminated campers watching and contributing. With the help of Izzy and Lindsay, Owen gets the win.

After a decision from Owen, Chris has all twenty two campers go out for a hunt for a million dollars. However, a large chain of events lead to the prize getting eaten and fourteen of the contestants tieing. Chris then declares that the people who tied will compete in the series's second season, Total Drama Action.


  • Elizabeth Gillies as Gwen
  • David Henrie as Trent
  • Drew Roy as Duncan
  • Devon Werkheiser as Cody
  • Jennifer Stone as Beth
  • Brenda Song as Heather
  • Ariana Grande as Izzy
  • Doug Brochu as Owen
  • Taylor Lautner as Justin
  • Nikki Blonsky as Sadie
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Katie
  • Victoria Justice as Courtney
  • Josh Hutcherson as Tyler
  • Spencer Locke as Lindsay
  • Adam Hicks as Harold
  • Raven Goodwin as Leshawna
  • Avan Jogia as Noah
  • Hayden Panettiere as Bridgette
  • Lucas Till as Geoff
  • Dan Curtis Lee as DJ
  • Lindsey Shaw as Eva
  • Blake Michael as Ezekiel
  • Ryan Reynolds as Chris MacLane
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Chef Hatchet


The movie received critical acclaim and it received 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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