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The contestants' reactions to the Total Drama Film Series.


(the contestants were in a theater and sitting down next to their lovers: Cody/Sammy (who is wearing blue just to tell her and her sister apart), Dave/Sky (much to the former's dismay but wisely chose not to argue), Shawn/Jasmine, Ezekiel/Allison, Trent/Gwen, Harold/Leshawna, Cameron/Scar, Brady/Beth, Geoff/Bridgette, DJ/Dawn, Mike/Zoey, and Jason/Courtney are in the first row. Alejandro/Heather, Duncan (whose wrists are taped to the arm rests and ankles are taped to the leg rests)/Amy, Lightning/Anne Maria, Max/Scarlett (who is wearing a straightjacket), Brick/Jo (they are not even arguing), and Scott/Courtney are in the third row. The others are in the fourth row. A young man appears on stage and gets everyone's attention)

Total Drama Island (live action movie)

(when Ezekiel (movie) first appears, the girls (reaction) glare at him but Ezekiel (reaction) gets irritated)

  • Ezekiel (reaction): (irritated) "Oh come on, that was like a few years ago and I apologized for it."
  • Cody (reaction): (agreeing) "He's right, you need to stop holding grudges."

(later when they get into their swimsuits, they get confused by Cody (movie)'s swim shirt)

  • Cody (movie): (worried) "What?"
  • Bridgette (movie): (curious) "Isn't it going to get wet?"
  • Cody (movie): (nervous) "I...I like to have my shirt on when I go swim."

(everyone (reaction) else become worried)

  • Cody (reaction): (worried) "I hope it's nothing bad."

(later, Heather (movie) refuses to jump)

  • Heather (movie): (crossing her arms) "I'm sorry but there's no way I'm doing this."
  • Beth (movie): (confused) "Why not?"
  • Heather (movie): (annoyed) "Um hello, national T.V.? I'll get my hair wet."
  • Gwen (movie): (raising her eyebrow) "You're kidding, right?"

(everyone (reaction) roll their eyes at that excuse)

  • Damien (reaction): (annoyed) "Yeah, sis always makes that lame excuse."
  • Heather (reaction): (angry) "Shut it, Damien."

(however, Lindsay (movie) agrees with Heather)

  • Lindsay (movie): (agreeing with Heather) "If she's not doing it, I'm not doing it."

(everyone (reaction) looked at Lindsay (reaction) with confusion but only to see her face-palm, not liking the memory of helping Heather (reaction). Heather (movie) smirks at this)

  • Heather (movie (thought)): (smirking) 'Hmm, possible alliance.'

(however, Leshawna (movie) growls at her)

  • Leshawna (movie): (growling) "Oh you're doing it!"
  • Heather (movie): (arguing) "Says who?"
  • Leshawna (movie): (arguing back) "Says me! I'm not losing this challenge 'cause you got your hair day, you spoiled little daddy's girl."

(Noah (movie) smirks, seems to be amused by their fight, the boys (movie) gulp as Lindsay (movie) steps back in fear)

  • Heather (movie): (still arguing) "Back off, Ghetto-glamour, too-tight-pants-wearing, rap-star wannabe!"

(the girls (movie) gasp)

  • Leshawna (movie): (arguing back) "Mall-shopping, ponytail-wearing, teen-girl-reading, peeking in high school prom queen!"

(everyone (reaction) else cheers for her but Heather (movie) smirks)

  • Heather (movie): (smirking) "Well, at least I'm popular."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) gasp)

  • DJ (reaction): (surprised) "Oh snap!"
  • Duncan (reaction): (laughing) "Oh ho, major friction on the Gophers team at day one."
  • Brandon (reaction): (annoyed) "Shut up you stupid pervert."

(Leshawna (movie) and Heather (movie) get into each others' faces angrily)

  • Leshawna (movie): (angry) "You're jumping!"
  • Heather (movie): (arguing) "Make me!"
  • Cody (reaction): (shrugging) "Well, you asked for it."

(everyone (reaction) else agreed with him. Leshawna (movie) grabs Heather (movie) and throws her off the cliff. Later, Ezekiel (movie) questioning losing)

  • Ezekiel (movie): "I don't get why we lost, eh."
  • Cody (movie): "Why do you say that?"
  • Ezekiel (movie): "Because your team are the ones that have more girls."

(this makes everyone (movie and reaction) gasp too)

  • Ezekiel (reaction): (terrified) "Oh no, not again."
  • Bridgette (movie): (angry) "What's that supposed to mean?"
  • Eva (movie): (also angry) "Yeah, enlighten us."
  • Ezekiel (reaction): (panicking) "Dude, shut up, shut up."
  • Ezekiel (movie): "My dad once taught me that guys are stronger and smarter than girls, eh."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) face palms)

  • Ezekiel (reaction): (feeling bad) "Sorry girls, I was stupid that time. I'm actually here to apologize for that. I now know better because I got some offensive emails. Forgiveness, please?"
  • Bridgette (reaction): (understanding) "Don't worry, you'll be taught about the real world."

(Cody (movie) and Noah (movie) face-palm in response)

  • Cody (movie): (whispering) "Dude, you just signed your own deathwish."
  • Geoff (movie): (worried) "He did not just say that, did he?"

(Duncan (movie) laughs, making everyone (reaction) glare)

  • Brandon (reaction): (glaring) "Is there something funny?"

(however, Duncan (reaction) ignores them and continues watching)

  • Ezekiel (movie): (still continuing) "Dad wanted me to help girls out in case they can't keep up."

(Noah (movie) restrains Eva (movie) while Cody (movie) restrains Bridgette (movie))

  • Bridgette (movie): (struggling) "Let me go, I wanna show him who's stronger."

(everyone (reaction) are surprised by Cody (movie) and Noah (movie)'s grip)

  • Bridgette (reaction): (surprised) "Cody, how are you and Noah able to restrain me and Eva?"
  • Cody (reaction): (shrugging) "I don't know."

(Noah (reaction) doesn't know either. Later, Trent (movie) and Gwen (movie) were having a conversation, making Trent (reaction) and Gwen (reaction) smile)

  • Trent (movie): (curious) "What do you have against Cody? He wanted to help you out but you were rude to him."
  • Gwen (movie): (sighs) "I don't hate him. I just hate his crush on me. Especially his awful winking and cheesy lines."
  • Cody (reaction): (sighs) "I know Gwen, I know."

(Sammy (movie) rubs his back in comfort. Trent (movie) winces)

  • Trent (movie): (winces) "Harsh."
  • Gwen (movie): (smiling) "However, I see him as a little brother. An annoying one but a little brother nonetheless."

(this makes Trent (movie) and everyone (reaction) smile at her)

  • Cody (reaction): (smiling) "Thanks Gwen."
  • Gwen (reaction): (also smiling) "You're welcome, little brother."

(this makes them laugh, even Cody (reaction))

  • Cody (reaction): (chuckling) "Yeah, I fell into that one."

(however, Trent (movie) and Gwen (movie) are wide-eyed in shock to see a nude sleep-walking Owen walk pass them. Everyone (reaction) groan as they cover their eyes)

  • Cody (reaction): (disgusted) "I'm really scared for life now."
  • Michael (reaction): (agreeing) "That's the most disgusting thing I ever saw."
  • Justin (reaction): (muttering) "I did not need to see that."
  • Trent (reaction): (also muttering) "Imagine seeing it live the first time."

(in the confessional, Owen (movie) is nervous)

  • Owen (movie): (nervous) "Did I mention I ate the entire table of it's maple syrup and baked beans? (then he sheepishly explains) Funny thing about baked beans... they make me sleepwalk."

(everyone (reaction) glares at Owen (reaction) in annoyance for not informing them that)

  • Owen (reaction): (sheepishly smiling) "Sorry, I forgot that would happen."
  • Trent (reaction): (annoyed) "Well Owen, thanks to that, me and Gwen were scarred for life."
  • Gwen (reaction): (also annoyed) "We didn't need to see that."

(later, they see Duncan (movie) prank Harold (movie) by using the 'Hand-in-cup' trick. Duncan (movie) laughs)

  • Duncan (movie): (laughing) "Oh gross, it worked, dude peed his pants."

(Harold (movie) covers his pants in embarrassment. This causes Harold (reaction) and the others (reaction) to glare at a laughing Duncan (reaction). However, Bridgette (movie) gets payback by spilling soda over the punk's lap, making him pout in embarrassment and causing the others (both movie and reaction) to laugh. However, they get confused by Cody (movie) and Noah (movie)'s screams)

  • Owen (reaction): (confused) "What happened?"
  • Both of them (both reaction): (both embarrassed) "Nothing!"

(Izzy (reaction) giggles, knowing exactly what happened. Later, they see Justin (movie) being horrified)

  • Justin (reaction): (explaining) "I did find Owen but I wish I didn't."
  • Justin (movie): (horrified) "When you guys told me that Owen was naked, I didn't believe you at first...Now I wish I did... (he shivers a little bit but shakes it off) I found him on top of a beaver dam and now he's in the shower with his clothes..."
  • DJ (movie): (sighs) "That's good. I was worried about him."

(later, the Gophers (movie) groaned, catching the Bass (movie)'s attention)

  • Duncan (movie): (curious) "What about you guys?"
  • Heather (movie): (groaning) "Owen farted all night. It reeked so badly."

(everyone (reaction) winced at that)

  • Duncan (reaction): (mutters) "Okay, I think that is worst than Harold's snoring."

(however, Scar (reaction) throws a popcorn bag at Duncan (reaction). Later, Harold (movie) is being laughed at for his fake mustache)

  • Harold (movie): (confused) "Okay what?"
  • Geoff (movie): (snickering) "Dude, someone messed with your face last night."

(Harold (movie) picks up a spoon and sees his reflection but smiles)

  • Harold (movie): (smiling) "Sweet stache. I'm a man now."

(Scar (reaction) giggled at her brother's reaction, which is smiling proudly and puffing his chest out in front of a smiling Leshawna (reaction). In the confessional, Geoff (movie) is holding a marker and laughing)

  • Geoff (movie): (explaining) "I know it's really mean. However, there are two reasons: One, so he can impress the ladies. Two, payback for keeping us up all night with that loud snoring."
  • Geoff (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah dude, it's really annoying."
  • Harold (reaction): (looking sheepish) "Sorry man, medical condition."
  • Cody (reaction): (shocked) "Wait a minute, that was you?"
  • Geoff (reaction): (sheepish) "Yeah, I couldn't handle his snoring."

(later after Heather (movie) insults the Gophers, Damien (movie) appears out of nowhere)

  • Damien (movie): (serious) "Heat-chan, be nice...Or do you want Alpha S-51 prank?"

(Heather (movie) paled at that comment, leaving Heather (reaction) shocked while the others laugh. Later, Bridgette (movie) smirk at Harold (movie))

  • Bridgette (movie): (smirking) "Hiya Harold! Want to make it more interesting?"
  • Harold (movie): (nervous) "Um...What?"

(everyone (reaction) pities him while Bridgette (reaction) gets excited)

  • Trent (reaction): (worried) "Oh boy."
  • Bridgette (movie): (explaining) "If I get one out with a ball, I get to take you surfing with me without any resistance. The more players I get out, the more chances I get to surf with you."

(Harold (both movie and reaction) gulps nervously while Bridgette (reaction) cheers)

  • Bridgette (reaction): (cheering) "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!"
  • Scar (reaction): (giggling) "Poor Harold will never survive."

(Chris (movie) smirks)

  • Chris (movie): (smirking) "That's a good idea! I approve it! I have a surfing room that you can use!"

(Harold (both movie and reaction) pales while Bridgette (both movie and reaction) cheers. Chris (reaction) laughs and high-fives a chuckling Chef (reaction))

  • Chris (reaction): (laughing) "Oh I would totally do that!"

(in the confessional, Harold (movie) starts screaming as he clutches his head)

  • Harold (movie): (screaming) "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

(this makes everyone (reaction) laugh at a blushing Harold (reaction))

  • Scar (reaction): (laughing) "Scream all you want but it's never going to stop."
  • Harold (reaction): (whimpering) "But sis-"
  • Scar (reaction): (stern) "No buts, mister. You're gonna surf with her and Cody after this and that's final."
  • Harold (reaction): (sighing) "Yes sis."

(she smiles and pats her brother's head. Later, they see Harold (movie) trying to compete)

  • Harold (movie): (serious) "DJ, give me your ball! (DJ (movie) looks confused) Bridge wants surfing time!"

(the chuckling DJ (movie) passes the ball to Bridgette (movie), making everyone (reaction) laugh while Harold (reaction) glares at DJ (reaction))

  • Geoff (reaction): (laughing) "Aww dude! That is just plain mean!"
  • DJ (reaction): (shrugging) "I think more of it as helping a girl out."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (cheering) "Yeah!"

(later, Cody (movie) swings a ball and throws it at DJ (movie). It misses but flies back and hits him in the butt. Chris (both movie and reaction) and everyone (both movie and reaction) are surprised)

  • Chris (movie): (surprised) "That is one tough ball to dodge!"

(however, the only one who wasn't surprised was Trent (movie), who was smirking. In the confessional, Trent (movie) explains)

  • Trent (movie): (explaining) "It should probably be mentioned that at school, Cody is on a few sports teams. Also, there's plenty more where that came from."

(back in the game, Cody (movie) dodges a ball and picks one up. He rubs it against his shirt causing visible static, uses his thumb to pinpoint the target, and throws it. Katie (movie) starts running away from the ball but she smacked into the wall and hit. Chef (movie) whistles that she is out. Everyone (reaction) else are impressed)

  • Sammy (reaction): (impressed) "Nice moves, Code-Meister."

(Cody (reaction) breaths on his fingers and rub his chest with them, making her giggle. Cody (movie) walks to his team and high fives Trent (movie), both of them smiling. In the confessional, Gwen (movie) grins)

  • Gwen (movie): (grinning) "Oh my god, I might be a goth but even I found that awesome."

(Gwen (reaction) shrugs in agreement at that. Later after hearing Courtney (movie) declaring Harold (movie) and Tyler (movie) expendable, they were offended)

  • Harold (reaction) and Tyler (reaction): (both offended) "OI! WHO THE H**L ARE YOU CALLING EXPENDABLE?!"
  • Courtney (reaction): (guilty) "I'm sorry, that was the old me."

(luckily, Bridgette (movie) called her out on that)

  • Bridgette (movie): (angry) "That's really low, even for you. He just doesn't have to slam it on the floor. Tyler is in love with someone, nothing wrong with that. Heather is already forbidding that, why do you have a problem with it?"

(then Courtney (movie) went eye-wide at realizing what she said)

  • Courtney (movie): (eye-wide) "Wait, I didn't mean to say something so harsh."
  • Geoff (movie): (annoyed) "Change of plans, we're not using Duncan because he's fake sleeping. I now can hear him making fake snores. He doesn't snore."

(then they went eye-wide and glare. The said team (reaction) glared at Duncan (reaction), who got nervous)

  • Geoff (reaction): (glaring) "Dude, you fake slept? Just to stay out of the challenge?"
  • Bridgette (reaction): (agreeing) "That's just weak."
  • DJ (reaction): (also agreeing) "Not cool, dude."
  • Brandon (reaction): (glaring) "Any volunteers for who wants to beat Duncan up after this?"

(everyone (reaction) raised their hands, making the punk pee his pants. Later, Duncan (reaction) makes a sexist remark at Courtney (reaction), who is helping with the tent)

  • Duncan (reaction): (smirking) "So what's for dinner woman? I'm starving."

(she turns to glare at him while Tyler (movie) frowns in disappointment, Harold (movie) shakes his head in disapproval, Geoff (movie) rolls his eyes in annoyance, and Bridgette (movie) scowls in disgust. All the other girls (reaction) are angered while the boys (reaction) frown in disapproval)

  • Leshawna (reaction): (angry) "Oh h**l no, he did not just say that."
  • Gwen (reaction): (also angry) "He's seriously asking for it."

(they all agree)

  • Courtney (movie): (angry) "You don't expect me to answer that, do you?"
  • Duncan (movie): (confident) "It shows my manly side."
  • Courtney (movie): (smirking) "What manly side?"

(Duncan (movie) looks shotdown while the others (movie) laugh and yell, "OHHHHH". This makes the girls (reaction) cheer for Courtney (reaction) and the guys yell "OHHHHH" at an angry Duncan (reaction))

  • Leshawna (reaction): (cheering) "You go girl."
  • Scar (reaction): (agreeing) "You tell him sister."

(later, the Gophers are wondering why the Bass are at the campfire)

  • Owen (movie): (curious) "Why are you guys here?"
  • Bridgette (movie): (explaining) "Duncan let out Harold's red ants as a practical mean joke but it backfired and invested the cabin. (they all glare at Duncan (movie)) Right now, were waiting for the ants to clear out."

(the former Bass members (reaction) glare at Duncan (reaction))

  • Duncan (reaction): (sheepishly smiling) "My bad."

(Beth (movie) offers some green Jell-O but Courtney (movie) nervously declines. Beth (reaction) then remembers)

  • Beth (reaction): (recalling) "Oh right, you are afraid of Jell-O."

(this makes Mara (reaction), Scar (reaction), Brady (reaction), Carlos (reaction), Michael (reaction), Cole (reaction), Greg (reaction), Paula (reaction), Jewel (reaction), Melody (reaction), Damien (reaction), Graydon (reaction), Zane (reaction), and Cloud (reaction) to laugh)

  • Courtney (reaction): (annoyed) "Not Jell-O! Only the green kind."

(Duncan (reaction) laughs as Courtney (reaction) glares at him. Later, Tyler (movie) comforts DJ (movie) over his fear of snakes)

  • Tyler (movie): (feeling sympathy) "I feel you. Chickens give me the creeps, dude."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) stares at Tyler (both movie and reaction) in confusion)

  • Gwen (movie): (confused) "You're afraid of chickens?"
  • Duncan (movie): (chuckling) "Wow, that's really lame, man."

(Tyler (reaction) frowns at Duncan (reaction))

  • Tyler (reaction): (frowning) "Dude, you have an embarrassing fear so you have no room to talk."
  • Duncan (reaction): (scowling) "Shut up!"
  • Dave (reaction): (frowning) "Tyler, no offense but a fear of chickens is ridiculous."

(Tyler waves it off, not even bothering to defend himself. Later in the confessional, Damien (movie) is seen chuckling guiltily)

  • Damien (movie): (chuckling guiltily) "My Alpha-S51 prank was the one that gave Heat-chan a fear of sumo wrestlers."

(then he full on laughs. Heather (reaction) glares at a laughing Damien (reaction))

  • Heather (reaction): (glaring) "Stupid idiot."

(later, everyone (reaction) are waiting to hear Duncan (movie)'s fear)

  • Duncan (movie): (sighs) "Uh, Ce...Celine Deon music store standees."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) laughs at an angry Duncan (both movie and reaction))

  • Duncan (reaction): (angry) "Oh f**k you all!"
  • Dave (reaction): (laughing) "Oh, the big bad Duncan is afraid of a standee."
  • Sky (reaction): (mocking) "Oh were gonna get ya Dunky."

(they high five)

  • Cody (movie): (snickering) "Ex-squeeze me? I didn't quite get that."
  • Trent (movie): (chuckling) "Dude, did you just said Celine Deon standees?"

(Duncan (movie) just cowers and hides his face. Near the campfire, Paula (movie) smirks at Graydon (movie))

  • Paula (movie): (smirks) "Is this true?"
  • Graydon (movie): (shrugs and explains) "Yeah, it was because of a prank gone wrong involving an aquarium, shaving cream, a lighter, gasoline, a Celine Deon standee, and a ceiling fan."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) just laughed harder. Later Tyler (movie) gets scared by a fried living chicken that is still alive, much to Cody (movie)'s confusion)

  • Cody (movie): (muttering) "What the f**K?"

(in the confessional, Cody (movie) questions this)

  • Cody (movie): (confused) "How the h**l can you fry a living chicken without killing it?"
  • Noah (reaction): (also confused) "Is that even possible?"

(Chef (reaction) just chuckles, making Brandon (reaction) smile)

  • Brandon (reaction): (smiling) "Dude how did you deep fry a chicken without killing it? That is so cool."

(he fist pumps with Chef (reaction))

  • Chef (reaction): (shrugging) "Sorry but I don't even know. I'm just that good."

(Brandon (reaction) nods. Later, Harold (movie) faces ninjas (movie) and brings out nunchucks. He swings them but accidentally himself in the head and collapses. This makes Duncan (reaction) laugh)

  • Duncan (reaction): (laughing) "He can't even beat ninjas?"

(however once the ninjas (movie) move forward, Harold (movie) jumps forward and knocks them out)

  • Harold (movie): (smirking) "Booya."

(he then leaves with a smirk on his face while everyone (both movie and reaction) look on in shock. However, Scar (reaction) giggles at their reactions. In the confessional, a smirking Harold (movie) knocks his head and only metal clangs are heard)

  • Harold (movie): (smirking) "Bullies have punched me so many times in the head, I can no longer be knocked out like that. That's why I'm a 'Hard Head'."

(he laughs at his own joke while his friends (reaction) also laugh. Later, they see Cody (movie) looking annoyed of Chris (movie))

  • Cody (movie): (looking annoyed) "I'm seriously starting to question Chris's sanity in leaving me with a live bomb."
  • Brandon (reaction): (agreeing) "I hear ya because it's really illegal for Chris to leave you with that."

(later, Bridgette (movie) decides to face her fears by imagining a "surf talk" to Harold (movie))

  • Bridgette (movie): (smiling) "So surfing is like a fun sport to do when in water. (Harold (movie) nods, completely listening) While surfing, you just wait for the waves come by."

(everyone (reaction) was impressed by this but she was interrupted by an explosion, catching everyone (both movie and reaction)'s attention. Cody (reaction) groaned, knowing what that was while Sammy (reaction) feels bad for him. At the site of Gwen's fear, Chris (movie), Trent (movie), and Michael (movie) were digging Gwen (movie) out but hear the explosion)

  • Trent (movie): (worried) "What the h**l was that?"
  • Chris (movie): (smirking) "I think that was the sound of Cody failing his challenge."

(a wide eyed Cody (movie) is covered in smoke and dust. Bridgette (movie) walks by but screams and runs away. Cody (movie) just falls to the ground on his back. Cody (reaction) rubs his head nervously at Bridgette (reaction))

  • Cody (reaction): (nervous) "Sorry Bridgette."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (sighs) "It's fine. Yes I freaked out but no harm done."

(later, Chris (movie) aims a gun in the air)

  • Chris (movie): (smiling) "Get ready, get set, (he shoots it) Paddle! (the campers start paddling as he looks on with a grin but then a hawk falls down in front of his feet, making him worried) That's gonna leave a lot of angry emails."

(Chris (reaction) groans at this)

  • Chris (reaction): (groaning) "I know it was a pain. I hate it when the PETA gets in my face. Even overzealous members. Should've used blanks."

(the others (reaction) rolled their eyes while all animal lovers glare at the one time host. Later, Duncan (movie), DJ (movie), Courtney (movie), and Cody (movie) are dressed as deer)

  • Duncan (movie): (irritated) "This sucks. I hate being a deer."
  • DJ (movie): (smiling) "I don't know about y'all but I'm outta here."

(he then gallops on his arms and legs while his teammates look on in shock. Everyone (reaction) else are also looking in shock)

  • Duncan (reaction): (muttering) "Oh yeah, I forgot he did that."

(in the confessional, Cody (movie) is asking the questions)

  • Cody (movie): (shocked) "How did he manage that?"

(in another confessional, DJ (movie) smirks)

  • DJ (movie): (smirking) "Sorry but y'all wouldn't believe me if I told you."
  • Mrs. Joseph (reaction): (agreeing) "You seriously wouldn't."

(later, the Killer Bass are making partners while a smirking Trent (movie) and Owen (movie) wink at a smirking Courtney (movie))

  • Courtney (movie): (smirking) "Okay here are the teams: Harold, Bridgette, and Cody are on pasta. Duncan is on the dessert. Geoff is on something else. DJ is on cutting the cheese."

(Harold (movie) gulps while Bridgette (movie) cheers at the chance to start "surf talking" with him, much to his annoyance. Harold (reaction) groans in annoyance while everyone (reaction) else snickers. Courtney (reaction) is given a low-five from a snickering Leshawna (reaction), Bridgette (reaction), and Scar (reaction). Cody (reaction) decided to reassure him)

  • Cody (reaction): (sympathetic) "At least you didn't say the cutting the cheese part. You should've watched what you said."

(Harold (reaction) nodded at that, he did deserved getting laughed at for that. Later, DJ (movie) helps Duncan (movie) and Geoff (movie) prank Harold (movie). He first carries a bucket of water)

  • DJ (movie): (smiling) "Hey where do you guys want this bucket of wat- (he randomly splashes the water on Harold (movie)'s pants) Oops!"

(this action makes everyone (reaction) gasp in shock, mostly Mrs. Jospeh (reaction) who is very disappointed in her son)

  • Katie (reaction): (shocked) "DJ, you were in on it?"
  • Sadie (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, you seem to nice to do something like that."
  • Mrs. Joseph (reaction): (disappointed) "I'm very disappointed in you, Devon Joseph."

(DJ (reaction) just sighs in regret, not really defending himself. Later, Harold (movie) comes back with shorts on, which makes the team (except Bridgette (movie) and Cody (movie)) gasp in disgust)

  • Harold (movie): (annoyed) "Ok, who took all my pants?"

(Bridgette (movie) and Cody (movie) frowns at the pranksters. Duncan (movie) appears on his side)

  • Duncan (movie): (snickering) "Dude, put some pants on."
  • Harold (movie): (annoyed) "Then give me back my pants and leave me alone!"

(however, Duncan (movie) continues laughing while Bridgette (movie) and Cody (movie) show sympathy for Harold (movie) and glare at Duncan (movie))

  • Bridgette (movie): (angrily whispering) "Stupid punk and his pranks."
  • Scar (reaction): (agreeing) "I hear ya."

(she then glares at Duncan (reaction). However, Harold (reaction) is irritated by something else)

  • Harold (reaction): (irritated) "What's wrong with them? I'm wearing shorts. That can't be worse than a speedo."

(everyone (reaction) else agrees. They are also glad that Harold (movie)'s not wearing a speedo but they also don't get what's wrong with shorts. However, Duncan (movie) looks confused)

  • Duncan (movie): (confused) "Wait a minute, did he say his pants were stolen?"
  • DJ (movie): (also confused) "Yeah, he did."
  • Geoff (movie): (also confused) "I didn't steal them and you guys didn't steal them neither. Then who did?"

(then a confessional shows Chris (movie) holding a basket of pants and smirking)

  • Chris (movie): (smirking) "If that doesn't stir up drama then I don't know what it is."

(Harold (reaction) and a few people (reaction) glare at Chris (reaction), who just laughs. Bridgette (movie) becomes curious and Cody (movie) explains)

  • Cody (movie): (explaining) "Someone's framing Harold of leaving underwear on the floor so those idiots pranking them to teach him a lesson. I'm not in on this because it's plain bullying but I should've warned him."

(Bridgette (movie) frowned at this information. They then see Harold (movie) go into the boys cabin and put on some new pants, unaware that the three pranksters put hot sauce on them. Harold (reaction) face palms)

  • Harold (reaction): (annoyed) "I should've known."

(Harold (movie) feels relieved)

  • Harold (movie): (relieved) "That's more like it. (then he winces in pain) My biscuits are burning. (he then runs to the docks and jumps in the river before giving a sigh of relief but gets angry) Idiots!"

(Scar (reaction) comforts Harold (reaction) over that. Later, Geoff (movie) gives Harold (movie) some sandwiches while Trent (movie) watches. Harold (movie) eats one but is confused)

  • Harold (movie): (confused) "Why does this sandwich taste like laundry? (he investigates it but only to find underwear in it, causing him to spit it out in disgust) Oh gross."

(he drops it and runs out of the kitchen in tears. Duncan (movie), Geoff (movie), DJ (movie), and Courtney (movie) laugh but Bridgette (movie) and Cody (movie) glare at them. Scar (reaction) throws popcorn bags at the pranksters for that. Trent (movie) angrily storms in)

  • Trent (movie): (angry) "YOU A**HOLES STOLE MY TEAM'S F**KING SANDWICHES SO YOU CAN PUT F**KING UNDERWEAR IN THEM?! (they stop laughing and look in fear when an angry Owen (movie) comes in) If you three don't want to spend the rest of your time on the island in a cast, you're gonna replace those immediately!"

(they nod in fear and plan to replace the sandwiches while Bridgette (movie) was sent to comfort Harold (movie) and Cody (movie) explains to them what's happening, earning frowns from them. Later, Geoff (movie) and DJ (movie) hear Harold (movie) crying about his misfortune, making them feel bad)

  • Geoff (movie): (feeling bad) "I think we pushed it too far."
  • DJ (movie): (agreeing) "Yeah man. We messed up."

(Geoff (reaction) and DJ (reaction) put their heads down in shame)

  • Geoff (reaction): (sighs) "Bridgette used to get mad at me for that."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (angry) "And I still am."

(they see Cody (movie) and Bridgette (movie) glaring at them in disapproval)

  • Cody (movie): (glaring) "Way to go, guys."
  • Bridgette (movie): (also glaring) "Yeah. For now on, stay away from us until you stop picking on Harold. (she then goes in the cabin to see Harold (movie) crying. She goes over and comforts him) There, there Harold. You did not deserve that."
  • Harold (movie): (crying) "I hate it here. I just wanted to show my skills and make friends but instead, you guys hate me. You all think my pain is funny. What have I ever done to you?"

(Scar (reaction) comforts Harold (reaction) while Cody (reaction) is glaring at the former team in disgust)

  • Cody (reaction): (glaring) "What do you guys have against him? (they don't answer) No answer. Courtney and Sadie, what was so funny about that poor guy getting pranked?"
  • Courtney (reaction): (guilty) "He would only participate if he gets to pick on Harold."
  • Cody (reaction): (frowning) "That's far from fair."

(the nice people (reaction) agree. Geoff (movie) and DJ (movie) see Duncan (movie) laughing and they glare at him in disgust but then Geoff (movie) smirks)

  • Geoff (movie): (smirking) "Dude, I got an idea."

(he whispers it to DJ (movie), who also smirks. They then whisper it to Harold (movie), Cody (movie), and Bridgette (movie), making all of them smirk at Duncan (movie) who falls asleep on his bed)

  • Duncan (reaction): (scared) "What're you planning?"
  • Harold (reaction): (smirks) "You'll see. The punk will pay."

(the next morning, Trent (movie) and Owen (movie) are sleeping peacefully until they hear a scream)

  • Trent (movie): (annoyed) "What is that idiot doing now?"

(they walk outside but only to see Duncan (movie) in nothing but his embarrassing pajamas screaming, making them and everyone (both movie and reaction) laugh. Harold (reaction) and Cody (reaction) high five)

  • Cody (reaction): (laughing) "Dude, that was satisfying."
  • Harold (reaction): (agreeing) "I know right."

(Harold (movie), Cody (movie), Bridgette (movie), Geoff (movie), and DJ (movie) come by on a canoe and they are laughing at the guy)

  • Harold (movie): (laughing) "Hey Duncan, having fun? (Duncan (movie) just glares and shows a middle finger. Harold (movie) then wash off the underwear and it's revealed to belong to Duncan (movie)) Dude, these are yours. Next time: don't frame someone."
  • Duncan (movie): (begging) "Fine. I won't do it again. Nor will I ever pick on you. I swear."
  • Geoff (movie): (shrugging) "I believe him."
  • Bridgette (movie): (agreeing) "Yeah, payback's done."
  • Cody (movie): (also agreeing) "He's learned his lesson."

(DJ (movie) nods)

  • Harold (movie): (smirking) "Okay Duncan. (he throws Duncan (movie)'s clothes but they land in the mud, much to Duncan (movie)'s dismay) Geoff and DJ, I forgive you guys."

(they hug, making Bridgette (movie) and everyone (both movie and reaction) say aww. Later, DJ wonders where Bunny (movie) is, much to Harold (movie) and Bridgette (movie)'s concern)

  • Harold (movie): (concerned) "Oh, Bunny? I'll go get him."

(he runs off randomly but is actually not telling DJ (movie) something. In the confessional, Harold (movie) is worried)

  • Harold (movie): (worried) "I can't tell him that Bunny got eaten by a snake, then eaten by a eagle, and swallowed by a shark."

(this makes everyone (reaction) shocked)

  • Trent (reaction): (shocked) "Wait...what?!"

(then they see a flashback that shows Harold (movie) wasn't lying. Everyone (reaction) looks at Geoff (reaction) and Bridgette (reaction), who sigh in disappointment)

  • Bridgette (reaction): (explaining) "It's true. The bunny was sitting on a chair but got eaten by a snake, then an eagle took it, and they were both swallowed by a shark. We couldn't tell DJ because he would be devastated."

(DJ (reaction) is saddened)

  • Duncan (reaction): (commented) "Man that is some bad luck. However, I get the feeling we'll see him again."

(they are all confused but then they see something shocking. At the docks, Duncan (movie) is fishing but sees Bunny (movie), covered in bloody germs)

  • Duncan (movie): (not caring) "Let me guess, you got eaten by three animals under Geoff's watch? (Bunny (movie) nods) DJ's gonna get upset when he finds out."

(everyone (reaction) was stunned)

  • Geoff (reaction): (stunned) "He's alive?"
  • Duncan (reaction): (sighs) "Yeah and I didn't care."

(however, DJ (reaction) was too happy while Bunny (reaction) nods. However, Duncan (movie) grabs the struggling pet and forcefully puts him in his pocket. In the confessional, Duncan (movie) smirks)

  • Duncan (movie): (smirking) "If DJ f**king wants that f**king little s**t back, he'll f**king complete this f**king challenge."

(he then laughs evily. Everyone (reaction) glares)

  • Brandon (reaction): (glaring) "You trouble making son of a b***h."

(later, Duncan (movie) and Geoff (movie) are hanging out until an angry Harold (movie) comes out and is holding some s'mores made out of underwear)

  • Harold (movie): (angry) "Who made s'mores out of my underwear?"

(Duncan (movie) is laughing, making Harold (movie) and Geoff (movie) glare at him. Everyone (reaction) are also glaring at Duncan (reaction) who is laughing)

  • Duncan (reaction): (laughing) "Oh, I remember that."
  • Brandon (reaction): (glaring) "Dude, you went back on your word?"
  • Duncan (reaction): (smirking) "Duncans don't make deals with nerds."

(Harold (movie) angrily throws it but it lands near Courtney (movie), who is disgusted by this and glares at Harold (movie). However, Bridgette (movie) comes to the rescue)

  • Bridgette (movie): (explaining) "That's just chocolate. (then she glares at Duncan (movie)) Because someone made s'mores out of his underwear."

(however, Duncan (movie) still laughs, making them glare. Courtney (reaction) then realizes something)

  • Courtney (reaction): (realizing) "So that wasn't feces?"
  • Noah (reaction): (sarcastic) "Did it even smelt like it?"
  • Courtney (reaction): (annoyed) "Shut up. I didn't know he was pranked."

(everyone (reaction) rolled their eyes at her. Later, Duncan (movie) offers Harold (movie) some apple juice)

  • Duncan (movie): (fake sympathy) "As an apology for the whole underwear thing, we got you some apple juice."

(Harold (movie) heard what Duncan (movie) said but showed a sad look and took it anyway)

  • Harold (movie): (sad) "Thanks. (he stretches, breathes faster, and drinks it but spits it out in disgust) That's not juice."
  • Duncan (movie): (laughing) "Oh my mistake dude. I must've switched it with kitchen grease."

(Harold (movie) just runs outside and throws up, making everyone (both movie and reaction) glare)

  • Cody (reaction): (glaring) "Dude, not cool."

(however, Geoff (movie) is confused)

  • Geoff ((movie) thought): (confused) 'Wait a minute, Harold's allergic to apples.'

(Duncan (reaction) realizes something)

  • Duncan (reaction): (realizing something) "Hey party boy's right, last time you said you were allergic to apples."

(this makes everyone (reaction) look at Harold (reaction))

  • Harold (reaction): (explaining) "I thought no one would care about what happens to me, so I would've done the world a favor."

(his friends (reaction) gasp at this, now realizing what's going on)

  • Brandon (reaction): (shocked) "Harold?! You tried to commit suicide just to end your pain?! How could you try to do that?! It's not the way man."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, you can't do that. We know you're upset but we didn't expect you to do that."
  • DJ (reaction): (also agreeing) "Not cool, dude. Not cool."

(then they see Scar (reaction) slap Harold (reaction))

  • Scar (reaction): (angry) "I can't believe you. That was dangerous. That's not how you end the pain. (she then hugs him and cries) Don't ever do that again."
  • Harold (reaction): (crying) "But none of them cared last time. They all just stood there watching it. Even Bridgette the nice girl never defended me. I was devastated that no one even cared and I was now realizing I'm an outcast. I just thought they would be relived."

(everyone (reaction) cries in sympathy. Trent (movie) gets angry and has DJ (movie) grab Duncan (movie))

  • Trent (movie): (glaring) "Now, I'm only asking this once, Duncan. What is your beef with Harold?"
  • Duncan (movie): (scoffing) "He makes it too f**king easy."

(however, this makes everyone (both movie and reaction) glare)

  • Brick (reaction): (disgusted) "I'm really glad I wasn't on All Stars because I never want him on my team."
  • Dawn (reaction): (agreeing) "Me too. Seriously, that's a lousy excuse to pick on someone."
  • Trent (movie): (still angry) "Now, I'm a pretty easy going guy. I can be your best friend and I tolerate a lot. But one thing I will not tolerate is a bully. And Duncan, for the past couple of weeks, you have strait-up been f**king torturing the poor guy while Courtney acted like a non-caring b***h and picked on him too. If I ever catch you or Courtney doing this s**t again, then you're a*s will be sent home due to injury or karma's gonna go bite you in the a*s."

(DJ (movie) drops Duncan (movie) to the ground and Trent (movie) is earned claps from everyone (both movie and reaction). Courtney (reaction) was shocked)

  • Courtney (reaction): (shocked) "You all think I'm a bully."
  • Trent (reaction): (explaining) "You've been yelling at him and didn't care that he was being bullied."

(later, they see Duncan (movie) turning off the boom box, drawing some gasps from the campers (both movie and reaction))

  • Graydon (reaction): (shocked) "Dude, are you crazy?"
  • Duncan (reaction): (shrugging) "Hey, someone had to do it."

(however, they still hear the music as Duncan (movie) blinks at it and, along with everyone (movie) else, glances at Trent (movie), who was humming the song with his eyes closed and still doing the Thriller dance. Geoff (movie) chuckles at this. In the confessional, Geoff (movie) laughs)

  • Geoff (movie): (laughing) "Dude has a few weaknesses. And Thriller is one of them."

(in the next confessional, Trent (movie) is dancing around in the stall, still humming the song)

  • Chef (reaction): (smirking) "Kid got taste I can give him that."

(later, they see the next challenge)

  • Chef (movie): (announcing) "For your next challenge, you will complete a three hundreds word essay about how much you love me. (everyone (both movie and reaction) roll their eyes) Anyone who falls asleep or fails to complete the challenge will be eliminated."
  • Brandon (reaction): (annoyed) "You actually wanted them to write that? How is that training?"
  • Chef (reaction): (explaining) "It shows respect to your commanding officer. And it teaches you to work under pressure with a task you do not enjoy doing."
  • Duncan (reaction): (rolling his eyes) "Yeah right."
  • Chef (reaction): (angry) "WHAT WAS THAT?!"
  • Duncan (reaction): (scared) "Nothing."

(later, they see Harold (movie) about to go to bed but sees peanut butter on it)

  • Harold (movie): (annoyed) "Aw guys. (this caught everyone (movie)'s attention) Gross."

(this makes Duncan (movie) laughs)

  • Duncan (movie): (laughing) "Now that's a good waste of peanut butter. Nice one Courtney."

(they all see Courtney (movie) giggling which made Bridgette (movie), Gwen (movie), and Leshawna (movie) glare at her. Everyone (reaction) else also glare)

  • Brandon (reaction): (shaking his head) "Not cool."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (agreeing) "That was a real low blow."

(however, they see Courtney (movie) about to some more food while Bridgette (movie) smirks at her)

  • Bridgette (movie): (fake worried) "Okay, that's enough."
  • Courtney (movie): (complaining) "Oh come on, I'll just have one more. (she then munches it but burps it out and doesn't feel good) Oh, I don't feel so good."

(her cheeks puff up and she runs outside while Bridgette (movie), Harold (movie), Gwen (movie), and Leshawna (movie) laugh at this and high-five. Everyone (reaction) else also laughed, much to Courtney (reaction)'s despair. Later, they see Harold (movie) and Courtney (movie) are on the chopping block)

  • Chris (movie): "And the safe person is... Harold."

(this makes Duncan (movie) and Courtney (movie) shocked but Harold (movie) just smiles and gets his marshmallow while Bridgette (movie) doesn't look shock, which everyone (reaction) notices)

  • Courtney (reaction): (shocked) "Bridgette? You knew what Harold did?"
  • Bridgette (reaction): (explaining) "I didn't like how you treated Harold and so I think he deserves to do payback on you."
  • Courtney (movie): (angry) "What?! You guys voted for Harold over me?"
  • Chris (movie): (sarcastic) "Yes, yes, it's all a shock."
  • Chris (reaction): (shaking his head) "Not really."
  • Courtney (movie): (furious) "This is impossible. I demand a recount."
  • Duncan (movie): (irritated) "Uh dude, I know for a fact that three of us didn't vote her off. (however, Chris (movie) ignored him and snapped his fingers to have Chef (movie) help him drag Courtney (movie) to the dock of shame while they ignore her ranting. Duncan (movie) is left angry) Who ever did this is gonna pay."

(however, he doesn't see Harold (movie) smirking. A flashback shows all the times he was abused by Duncan (movie) and Courtney (movie). However, another flashback shows him giving Chris (movie) and Chef (movie) the evidence about the food raid but when he leaves, Duncan (movie) tackles him and carves a scar on Harold (movie)'s left femur. This made everyone (reaction) gasp at this and it becomes louder when Harold (reaction) shows them the scar)

  • Brandon (reaction): (angry) "Duncan, you sick son of a b***h! You'll pay for this!"

(then Duncan (movie) smirks at Harold (movie))

  • Duncan (movie): (smirking) "This is why you're parents died. Because they don't want a little failing s**t like you. No wonder your older brother Gary started that fire because he wanted your existence to end."

(he then evily laughs as Harold (movie) cries. Everyone (reaction) gasp at that insult and showed their sympathy for Harold (reaction), who cries as Scar (reaction) hugs him in comfort. However, a confessional shows Harold (movie) getting angry)

  • Harold (movie): (angry) "That's it Duncan. You crossed the line. (he writes a vote for Courtney (movie) and looks sympathetic) I'm sorry Courtney but you going home is the only payback against him."

(then we see him at the campfire smirking as he burns the votes)

  • Harold (movie): (smirking) "Yes, victory is mine."

(he blows it out, turns them into ash by stomping on them, and leaves. This scene makes Courtney (reaction) looks shocked)

  • Courtney (reaction): (shocked) "You didn't rig the votes?"
  • Harold (reaction): (shaking his head) "I lied about it just to save the others from your wraith."

(she nods in understanding. However, Chris (movie) suddenly appears on T.V.)

  • Chris (movie): (smirking) "Hey Court, you watching this? (this gets Courtney (reaction)'s attention) We know what Harold did but do you wanna know why we allowed it? Well, we were told about the food raiding. We missed out on desert so you miss out on money. Payback, best medicine."

(then he sadistically laughs before the confessional ends, making Courtney (reaction) scream angrily and beat up Chris (reaction). When she was done, she was no longer angry. In the confessional, Trent (movie) is stunned)

  • Trent (movie): (stunned) "Woah, now that's a lesson. Never mess with Harold."

(everyone (reaction) agreed. Bridgette (movie) does the outro)

  • Bridgette (movie): (agreeing) "Will Duncan find out? Hope not. Will Harold feel guilty? Defiantly. Will he confess? He will. And will we find out why he drinked the fake apple juice? I'm hoping he didn't lie. Find out next time on Total. Drama. Island."

(Chris (reaction) frowns at his ending speech being stolen which Brandon (reaction) rolls his eyes at)

  • Brandon (reaction): (rolling his eyes) "You weren't there so someone had to."

(later when the flag challenge is introduced, Harold (reaction) and Heather (reaction) went worried)

  • Harold (reaction): (worried) "Oh no. I was hoping that I don't see that again."
  • Heather (reaction): (also worried) "Oh man, I remember this now."
  • Cody (reaction): (annoyed) "Why're you complaining? Me and the others at the hotel are the ones watching the reruns."
  • Ezekiel (reaction): (agreeing) "I hear ya, eh."

(later, everyone (reaction) sees Harold (movie) looking guilty)

  • Bridgette (movie): (worried) "What's wrong?"
  • Harold (movie): (looking guilty) "A part of me is relieved that Courtney doesn't boss me around anymore but another part feels guilty for taking it out on her. Guys, can you please forgive me? I swear to never do that again."

(Owen (movie), Bridgette (movie), Gwen (movie), and Leshawna (movie) both smile and shake hands with him. Courtney (reaction) looks at Harold (reaction) with a kind face)

  • Courtney (reaction): (kindly) "It wasn't your fault. We should've got him to stop."

(later during the flag challenge, Heather (movie) tries to sabotage Harold (movie))

  • Heather (movie): (smirking) "No rules, guppy, you know what that means?"

(she turns around and prepares to cut the rope)

  • Harold (movie): (groaning) "Aw, come on, Heather! (however, he blinked when he sees a low branch coming towards her and his eyes get widen) Hey, watch out."

(she gets confused but it's too late, the tree branch rips her top off and exposes her breasts to a now gaping Harold (movie). Everyone (reaction) goes eye wide at this)

  • Duncan (reaction): (laughing) "There she blows!"
  • Ezekiel (reaction): (scared) "Eep! A word of warning would've been nice, eh!"
  • Damien (reaction): (annoyed) "I didn't need to see that."
  • Heather (reaction): (also annoyed) "Hey, I never wanted that to be shown."

(Scar (reaction) covers Harold (reaction)'s eyes while Mara (reaction) does the same to Brady (reaction) and Kelly (reaction) does the same to Cody (reaction). Later at the elimination ceremony, Harold (movie) and Duncan (movie) are on the chopping block)

  • Chris (movie): (serious) "Harold, you bailed for unknown reasons."
  • Harold (movie): (shaking his head) "You don't wanna know."

(Brady (reaction) chuckles)

  • Brady (reaction): (chuckling) "Well, I know. (however, Scar (reaction) hits him upside the head) OW! What the h**l, Scar?"
  • Scar (reaction): (annoyed) "Shut up Brady. Also, what have I told you and Harold about the language?"
  • Chris (movie): (shrugging) "Duncan, you bailed for no reason, abused Harold for no reason, and then bailed because you were getting your a** beat by a-"

(he is interrupted when Duncan (movie) threatens him)

  • Duncan (movie): (grumbling) "That stupid c**t was determined."
  • Chris (movie): (smirking) "Which is why you're safe. (Duncan (movie) smirks as he gets the marshmallow while the others (movie) gasp in shock) Harold, you're done like dinner."

(he sighs as he gets up and goes to pack his stuff. Once he does, he high fives Geoff (movie), fist bumps DJ (movie), and hugs Bridgette (movie). Later after Leshawna (movie) was done chasing Heather (movie), Bridgette (movie) was still confused)

  • Bridgette (movie): (confused) "Why is Duncan safe?"

(then she sees him smirking, making her glare. Everyone (reaction) also realized this)

  • Brandon (reaction): (realizing something) "Wait a second, Bridgette's right. Duncan probably did get voted for."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, I voted for Duncan because he picks on Harold and cost us the challenge for no reason."
  • Geoff (reaction): (also agreeing) "We all voted for Duncan. He might've been my friend but he goes way too far."

(DJ (reaction) agrees. This makes everyone (reaction) glare at Duncan (reaction))

  • Courtney (reaction): (glaring) "You little cheating son of a b***h."
  • Duncan (reaction): (defensing himself) "Hey, you shouldn't accuse me. I probably didn't do anything."
  • DJ (reaction): (frowning) "We'll just see."

(then Bridgette (movie) enters the camera room and her friends (movie) are with her. However, they see a video of Duncan (movie). In the confessional, Duncan (movie) opens the voting box and steals the votes for him. He then puts Harold (movie) votes in the box)

  • Duncan (movie): (smirking) "That f**king nerd should f**king learn his f**king place. What a f**king idiot. He f**king needs to f**king learn that not everybody f**king cares about his f**king a**. He'll always be a f**king loser. It's been f**king fun but time for his f**king a** to f**king go. With him out of the f**king way, no one will be f**king saved from my f**king pranks and they will pay more f**king attention to me now since this f**king loser piece of s**t is f**king gone. Bye, bye, Napoleon Shynamite."

(he then evily laughs as the video ends. The nice people (reaction) glare at Duncan (reaction))

  • Brandon (reaction): (angry) "You son of a b***h, you cheated just to get rid of Harold for wanting to stand up to you."
  • Judette Rugg (reaction): (agreeing) "That's just low."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (also agreeing) "I can't believe you!"
  • DJ (reaction): (also agreeing) "Not cool dude."

(Scar (reaction) then angrily slaps him but is restrained from beating him up)

  • Scott (reaction): (scoffs) "Why are you so defensive of Harold? What are you, his mom?"
  • Scar (reaction): (enraged) "NO, I'M NOT HIS MOM, YOU DUMB B*****D!"
  • Courtney (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, don't be rude."
  • Scott (reaction): (guilt-ridden) "Sorry."

(the nice contestants (movie) were angered)

  • Bridgette (movie): (angry) "That son of a b***h."
  • Lindsay (movie): (scared) "Oh my god! He's crazy!"
  • Leshawna (movie): (agreeing) "I'll say...With an ugly ego."
  • Geoff (movie): (serious) "Yeah. Listen, we can't let Duncan know that were onto him. All we can do is play along until the next challenge then we'll work together to get that cheater off the island."
  • Trent (movie): (nodding) "Agreed. Poor Harold did not deserve that."

(they all nod in agreement)

  • Gwen (reaction): (surprised) "Wow, a two-team alliance."
  • Trent (reaction): (shrugging) "Can you blame us? Harold didn't deserve that."

(later, Owen (movie) starts eating some meatballs, making DJ (movie) stare at him)

  • Chris (movie): (explaining) "Well technically you're right Owen but these are gonna special."
  • Chef (movie): (smirking and holding one of them) "It's Beef Testicles Bourguignon."

(a short cut showed a crying bull covering his head with his hands before cutting back to the challenge and showing Owen (movie) with a disgusted look)

  • Owen (movie): (disgusted) "Testicles?"

(he accidentally pukes on DJ (movie))

  • Owen (reaction): (sheepish) "Sorry."
  • Dave (reaction): (sympathetic) "It's alright, Owen. No one likes that stuff either."
  • Shawn (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, I wouldn't do that to my bovine brother."

(later, they see Lindsay (movie)'s reaction to the disgusting pizza)

  • Lindsay (movie): (disgusted) "Ew, I hate anchovies."

(this makes everyone (both movie and reaction) look at her but Brandon (reaction) agrees with her)

  • Brandon (reaction): (agreeing) "I hear ya Lindsay. That stuff is gross."

(Owen (movie) shrugs with a smile, making everyone (reaction) shocked)

  • Cody (reaction): (chuckling) "Owen sometimes likes to eat everything."
  • Noah (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, I once saw him ate half a shower curtain."
  • Dave (reaction): (shocked) "Are you kidding me?"
  • Noah (reaction): (shaking his head) "No, I'm not."
  • Owen (reaction): (defending himself) "It had pictures of cupcakes on it."

(later, they see a confessional about Geoff (movie)'s opinion on the soup)

  • Geoff (movie): (confused) "Pretty sure they used the gross s**t from Chef's bathroom floor."
  • Chef (reaction): (chuckling) "A little true."

(those who ate that soup got disgusted from hearing that and nearly threw up. Later after seeing the returnees (movie), Izzy (reaction) happily hugs Ezekiel (reaction))

  • Izzy (reaction): (cheering) "Yay, we're back on, my Zeke."
  • Ezekiel (reaction): (smiling) "Yeah."

(everyone (movie) was shocked to see who it was but also shocked that Ezekiel (movie) is happily giving Izzy (movie) a piggyback ride)

  • Izzy (movie): (excited) "Yay, we're back on, right my Zeke?"
  • Ezekiel (movie): (nodding) "Right on, eh."

(later, Owen (movie) is unsure about Duncan (movie)'s alliance)

  • Owen (movie): (nervous) "Jeez, I'm not sure..."

(Duncan (movie) narrows his eyes at him. The next scene horrified everyone (reaction), Duncan (movie) is sadistically holding Owen (movie) over a large ledge)

  • DJ (reaction): (worried) "Duncan, that's a bit much."
  • Duncan (reaction): (shrugs) "Last time, I used a small ledge but now, it's a large ledge. I guess it's true that my counterpart is more sadistic than me. I'm even terrified of him."

(they all agree with him in fear. Owen (movie) starts panicking)

  • Owen (movie): (panicking) "Okay, okay, okay! We'll form an alliance."

(Duncan (movie) lifts him up and puts him down. Later when Chef (movie) looks for Duncan (movie), Gwen (movie) decides to talk to Owen (movie))

  • Gwen (movie): (curious) "I wonder where Duncan and Leshawna are hiding."
  • Owen (movie): (nervous) "How should I know? It's not like the guys are forming a guys alliance or anything! (then Gwen (movie) looks at him with a raised eyebrow) Okay, they are forming one but I am not part of it... (she kept staring and he grasped his head) Okay, you broke me! There is an alliance and I joined it! I'm not supposed to tell you but I did! There! Are you happy?"

(Duncan (reaction) glares at Owen (reaction) in annoyance)

  • Duncan (reaction): (annoyed) "OWEN!"
  • Owen (reaction): (scared) "Sorry! I'm bad at secrets!"
  • Trent (reaction): (pointing out) "Well you did force him in."
  • Duncan (reaction): (grumbling) "Not liking this at all."

(later at the elimination pit, Duncan (movie) and Owen (movie) cover their noses at Bridgette (movie)'s skunk scent)

  • Chris (movie): (serious) "I have two marshmallows on this plate and it represents the three on the chopping block. Owen, you accidentally blurted out the boys alliance to Gwen. (Owen (movie) bows his head in shame) Bridgette, you are seen as a threat for being a beloved contestant and you got sprayed by a skunk. (Bridgette (movie) sighs) Duncan, you rig the votes to get Harold out of the game. (Duncan (movie) shrugs, making the nice contestants glare) However, it's obvious that Owen and Bridgette are safe."

(he throws them their marshmallows while Duncan (movie) looks shocked. Everyone (reaction) cheers and smirks at a angry Duncan (reaction))

  • Brandon (reaction): (smirking) "Bye, bye, Duncan."

(later after Lindsay (movie) is eliminated, she snaps at Heather (movie))

  • Lindsay (movie): (angry) "You know what? Everyone is right about you. That you're a two-faced, backstabbing, lying, little s**t-smearing b****y twat from Hell who f***s over any g*****n competition. (she gave the middle finger while saying it. Heather (movie) and everyone else (both movie and reaction) went eye wide in shock but Gwen (both movie and reaction) just smirked at this) I'm glad to not be your BFF because you are a two-faced, backstabbing, lying, little s**t-smearing b****y twat from Hell who f***s over any g*****n competition. (Heather (movie) then glares at her while a duck (movie) also looked on in shock) And guess what, I rather be staring at Owen's butt than shopping with you. And P.S., your shoes are so cringe."

(Heather (movie) gasped in shock from that but everyone else (both movie and reaction) laughed at this and cheered her on. However, Harold (reaction) just nodded)

  • Harold (reaction): (nodding) "So that's what she said."
  • Cody (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, too bad they censored it out."

(later, Gwen (movie) tries to trap a duck but fails because it beeps and super speeds like roadrunner. She is left shocked)

  • Gwen (movie): (shocked) "...The f**k?"

(everyone (reaction) were also shocked)

  • Trent (reaction): (confused) "How the h**l did that happen?"

(Gwen (reaction) shrugs, also not knowing. Later, they see Harold (movie) trying to find teams)

  • Harold (movie): (smiling) "Hey guys, can I come too?"
  • Courtney (movie): (angry) "No, you'll only slow us down."

(Duncan (movie) nods in agreement. Everyone (reaction) glared at her)

  • Scar (reaction): (angry) "You know he was trying to help."
  • Courtney (reaction): (remorseful) "Sorry but I was still mad at him for what he did."
  • Harold (reaction): (sighing in sadness) "I understand."

(in the confessional, Duncan (movie) is snorting)

  • Duncan (movie): (snorting) "What a f**king dufus. Can't he take the f**king hint that we're still f**king p****d off at him? He f**king thinks we're going to f**king sweep the f**king rigs under the f**king rug. Wrong."

(however, Geoff (movie) and Bridgette (movie) motions Harold (movie) to come over to them. This makes Harold (reaction) smile at them)

  • Harold (reaction): (smiling) "Thanks guys."

(they smile too. Then they see Heather (movie) trying to be on teams)

  • Heather (movie): (smiling) "Hey guys, can I come?"
  • Ezekiel (movie): (shrugging) "Sure-"

(however, he was interrupted when Lindsay (movie) and Beth (movie) grab his arms)

  • Beth (movie): (shaking her head) "No thanks, we have only enough members if only one of them agrees not to talk bad about girls."

(Ezekiel (movie) nods quickly and shows a sad look at a depressed Heather (movie). Ezekiel (reaction) felt bad for Heather (reaction))

  • Ezekiel (reaction): (sympathetic) "Sorry Heather but they were still p****d at you for the alliance."
  • Heather (reaction): (waving it off) "It's alright, I had it coming."

(however, Harold (movie) felt bad for her and looked at Geoff (movie) and Bridgette (movie) for permission. They smiled and they gestured Heather (movie) to their side. In the confessional, Heather (movie) was grateful)

  • Heather (movie): (grateful) "That was really nice of him."

(in another confessional, Harold (movie) explained)

  • Harold (movie): (explaining) "I know she has done wrong but she deserves a second chance like Ezekiel."

Total Drama Island Epilogue

(after the show, the contestants (movie) confront their families (movie). Harold (movie) is given hugs from his older sister Scar (movie), who shows a thumbs up)

  • Scar (movie): (thumbs up) "I'm proud of you for getting revenge on that jerk. Anyway, welcome home honey."
  • Harold (movie): (smiling) "Thanks sis."

(his friends (reaction) says, "awes" to this. Harold (reaction) smiles at Scar (reaction), who smiles back)

  • Harold (reaction): (smiling) "Seriously thanks sis."
  • Scar (reaction): (also smiling) "No problem."

(at Duncan (movie)'s house, he is given glares from his family (movie))

  • Duncan's mom (movie): (angry) "Duncan Myers, you're grounded. No lighters for two weeks."
  • Duncan (movie): (shocked) "But mom-"
  • Duncan's mom (movie): (interrupting) "No buts mister, I didn't raise you to be a bully, cheater, or liar. Up to your room now, young man."

(she grabs Duncan (movie)'s ear and pulls on it to take him to his room. Everyone (reaction) laughs at him, making him show the middle finger. At Noah (movie)'s house, Cody (movie), Geoff (movie), and Ezekiel (movie) are hanging out with him)

  • Noah (movie): (annoyed) "Do you have to live here?"
  • Cody (movie), Geoff (movie), and Ezekiel (movie): (all nodding) "Yes."

(Noah (movie) sighs and lets them in, making everyone (reaction) curious)

Total Drama Action (2013 film)

(Duncan (movie) has one more phone message)

  • Scott (movie) message): (nervous) "Hey Duncan, it's Scott Dawson. You know we met when I accidentally parked in your spot and you called me a "country d**k". Yeah, Chris actually said no to you being on season 2. Sorry."

(the audience (reaction) recognize him as Scott (movie). Duncan (movie) becomes disappointed)

  • Duncan (movie): (disappointed) "What? He said no. But I'm supposed to get revenge on Harold and possibly kill another finalist. (then he puts down his pistol and takes out a detonator) However, I should relax."

(he then gives the 4th wall a wink and presses the detonator, causing his apartment to shake and a soft boom to be heard. Everyone (reaction) are horrified)

  • Chef (reaction): (horrified) "Oh my god."

(another message is heard)

  • Scott (movie) message): (laughing) "Hey Duncan, it's me the "Country D**k". Those guys were such jokers because they meant yes. They will let you on. Good luck man."

(later, everyone (both movie and reaction) reacts to Trent (movie)'s comments with a gasp)

  • Trent (reaction): (facepalms) "I should not have said that."
  • Duncan (movie): (scowling) "Not cool man, not cool at all."

(later, Trent (movie) and Leshawna (movie) have a Hawaiian dance off)

  • Leshawna (movie): (smirking) "Prepare for a world of pain, son."
  • Trent (movie): (also smirking) "Bring it."

(they then start dancing but Trent (movie) stops for a moment when he sees Leshawna (movie)'s dancing and is horrified by it. Everyone (both movie and reaction) else has the same feeling but Harold (both movie and reaction) smiles)

  • Leshawna (reaction): (irritated) "What is wrong with my dancing?"

(in the confessional, DJ (movie) frowns)

  • DJ (movie): (frowning) "Yeah, I bet I know Leshawna's real nickname back home. (then he puts his hands on the desk and smirks) Le-BOMB-Ba!"

(in the next confessional, Heather is also frowning)

  • Heather (movie): (also frowning) "Prima-bellarin-no."

(Leshawna (reaction) glares at them. In the next confessional, Harold (movie), however, smiles)

  • Harold (movie): (smiling) "Two words: FUN KY. (then he notices the camera man staring at him) What? I love it."

(Leshawna (reaction) smiles at Harold (reaction) for the compliment. Later, Duncan (movie) and Courtney (movie) fight in the ball pit but Courtney (movie) has Duncan (movie) in a head lock and he sees something)

  • Duncan (movie): (terrified) "Shark. SHARK!"

(however, Courtney (movie) pulls out a spoiled diaper and smirks)

  • Courtney (movie): (teasing) "Oh, it's the big bad diaper shark. (she shoves it in his throat) Eat it, Duncan."

(this makes everyone (both movie and reaction) laugh at Duncan (both movie and reaction). He spits it out and glares)

  • Duncan (movie): (annoyed) "Alright, that's it. Bring it. (he makes a hand signal to come at him but this encourages Courtney (movie) to tackle him. When he gets up, he finds a baby bottle) Who the h**l lives here? A f**king daycare center?"

(he throws the bottle away but picks up a toddler)

  • Toddler (movie): (scared) "Mama?"

(Chef (movie) takes the kid and goes to find the mother. Everyone (both movie and reaction) glares at Chris (both movie and reaction))

  • Courtney (reaction): (angry) "Why the h**l was a f**king child in there?"
  • Chris (reaction): (defending himself) "I don't know."
  • Chris (movie): (wide eyed) "Wait, was that Ryder? Ryder McLean?"

(this surprises everyone (both movie and reaction))

  • Brandon (reaction): (surprised) "I'm surprised they didn't call child services."

Total Drama World Tour (2017 film)

(after Spenser (movie) causes Harold (movie) to be scared, an angry Facebook message came from Brandon (movie))

  • Geoff (movie): (worried) "An angry Facebook message?"

(later, they see Gwen (movie) finding X-Ray glasses)

  • Gwen (movie): (confused) "X-Ray glasses? Why do you have these?"
  • Cody (movie): (shrugging) "I didn't know that was in there and I don't think it really works at all."
  • Heather (movie): (teasing) "What color are Cody's undies?"

(Gwen (movie) smirks and puts the glasses on but screams and tosses them into the fire)

  • Gwen (reaction): (annoyed) "IT HAPPENED AGAIN?!"
  • Sierra (movie): (giggles) "Oh, that's easy, he doesn't have any."
  • Cody (movie): (sighs) "Because you stole them all."

(everyone (reaction) frowns at this information)

  • Brandon (reaction): (frowning) "I guess that explains why he wasn't wearing any underwear."

(later in the confessional, Sierra (movie) confesses about pretending to be sad)

  • Sierra (movie): (giggling) "I wasn't really sad. I just needed my Codykins to notice me. I mean he would do the same for Gwen. Wow, playing hard to get seems to really work."

(this makes everyone (reaction) glare at Sierra (reaction))

  • Brandon (reaction): (glaring) "Oh yeah, she did it in real life too."

(this makes them glare even more)

  • Gwen (reaction): (glaring) "You lied to us?"
  • Courtney (reaction): (also glaring) "And used Cody?"
  • Heather (reaction): (also glaring) "I even find that harsh."

(however, they see Cody (movie) overhearing and glaring)

  • Trent (reaction): (smirking) "What have we here? Looks like someone's onto you."

(in the confessional, Cody (movie) is angered by this)

  • Cody (movie): (angry) "I can't believe her. I would never do that to Gwen. Never. She would deserve better than that. You know, there's a thing called restraint and that's how me and Gwen are friends sometimes. I'm confused about that since she just yells at me. Just because it's a competition, doesn't mean we have to be enemies. Anyway, it's a good thing I had a tape recorder that recorded her confession and I showed it to all the teams. You don't know how P'D they are."

(everyone (reaction) knows and they really are mad at Sierra (reaction). Later, everyone (both movie and reaction) reacts to DJ (movie) and Tyler (movie) kissing cods with disgusted looks)

  • Noah (movie): (disgusted) "No wonder my little cousins aren't allowed to watch this show."
  • Owen (movie): (agreeing) "Yeah man, your aunt's right to block this show. It's gotten way out of control."
  • Cody (movie): (also agreeing) "I hope David is not watching this."
  • Dave (reaction): (disgusted) "I am and I agree that this scene is not appropriate for children."

(later, Cody (movie) and Tyler (movie) are moving boxes)

  • Cody (movie): (smiling) "Thanks for helping."
  • Tyler (movie): (also smiling) "No problem. (however, he hears some noises coming from the confessional) Cody?"
  • Cody (movie): (nodding) "I heard it too."

(they go to check it out. Cody (reaction) and Tyler (reaction) gasped in horror)

  • Cody (reaction) and Tyler (reaction): (both scared) "Oh no."

(they then make it to the confessional door but finds it opened)

  • Tyler (movie): (confused) "Why's the lock busted?"
  • Cody (movie): (shrugging) "I don't know."

(they then open it and see Duncan (movie) and Gwen (movie) kissing, making them and everyone (reaction) gasp)

  • Dave (reaction): (worried) "Oh no. Poor Cody had to see that."
  • Geoff (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, this is not good."

(Brandon (reaction) balled his fists in anger. Then they see him crying in economy class, making Owen (movie) and Tyler (movie) worried)

  • Owen (movie): (worried) "You okay man, what's wrong?"
  • Cody (movie): (crying) "Nothing. Just leave me alone."

(he does while Tyler (movie) comforts Cody (movie). Bridgette (reaction) and Courtney (reaction) comfort Cody (reaction) while Dave (reaction) and a few others (reaction) are glaring at Gwen (reaction) in disgust)

  • Dave (reaction): (disgusted) "I can't believe you."
  • Shawn (reaction): (agreeing) "How could you do that."

(in the confessional, Cody (movie) is enraged)


(everyone (reaction) was impressed that he defended Courtney (reaction). In the next confessional, Tyler (movie) also is upset)

  • Tyler (movie): (upset) "I can't believe them. They backstabbed Cody and Courtney. Seriously, Cody was nice to Gwen but she just ditches him for a stupid criminal. Wow, she has bad taste in men. I mean, Trent is a good choice but Duncan? What does she see in him?"

(the next day, Cody (movie) and Tyler (movie) talk about it)

  • Cody (movie): (serious) "When we give the signal, I'll tell everyone. Got it?"
  • Tyler (movie): (nervous) "Dude, I'm bad at secrets."
  • Cody (movie): (serious) "Don't worry, I'll make sure you keep it a secret. Also, I'll handle Duncan. I have a score to settle with that f****r."
  • Tyler (movie): (agreeing) "Yeah, I want you to deal with that b*****d. He's so gonna pay."

(they handshake on it. Owen (movie) notices this)

  • Owen (movie): (curious) "What's going on?"

(they tell him everything and he gets disgusted before making a handshake with them. Alejandro (movie) and Duncan (movie) entered but was surprised to see Cody (movie) there)

  • Duncan (movie): (scowling) "What the f**k are you f**king doing here, you f**king little s**t?"
  • Cody (movie): (smirking) "No need to be hostile, buddy. I'm just hanging with Tyler and Owen. What's new with you?"
  • Duncan (movie): (angry) "We are stuck on this side!"
  • Cody (movie): (glaring) "Hey, I can hang out with them all I want!"
  • Duncan (movie): (angry) "Get the f**k out of this side, this f**king instant!"
  • Cody (movie): (arguing) "No! F**k you!"
  • Duncan (movie): (also arguing) "F**k you!"
  • Cody (movie): (also arguing) "And f**k you right back, you f**king inmate!"
  • Tyler (movie): (calming down the situation) "Just go back to the other side. Don't keep your team waiting."
  • Cody (movie): (bowing) "Yes indeed. Excuse me, gentlemen."

(Cody (movie) smugly goes to his team's side while giving the finger to the angry punk, much to Tyler (movie) and Owen (movie)'s amusement. Everyone (reaction) was getting amazed by Cody (movie)'s bravery)

  • Shawn (reaction): (amazed) "D**n, Cody's got some b***s."
  • Dave (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, no one could do that to Duncan and live to tell the tale."

(Duncan (reaction) indeed wants to kill Cody (reaction) for that. Later before the challenges, Sierra (movie) looks worried about Cody (movie) and Tyler (movie))

  • Sierra (movie): (worried) "What's wrong with you two?"
  • Cody (movie): (sighs) "There's something you need to know."

(he whispers to her everything and she gets mad. In the confessional, Sierra (movie) is disgusted)


(she angrily punches the camera and leaves while the audience (reaction) were stunned that she cares about him that much. Later after Gwen (movie) wins the challenge, she talks to Duncan (movie))

  • Gwen (movie): (scared) "Duncan, we have a problem."
  • Duncan (movie): (curious) "What? (she tells him everything and he was shocked) Are you f**king kidding me?! No f**king wonder he was so f**king p****d this morning."
  • Gwen (movie): (worried) "What do we do?"
  • Duncan (movie): (sighs) "I don't f**king know. Oh s**t, this is f**king bad."

(they go to the others. Gwen (reaction) could understand)

  • Gwen (reaction): (understanding) "She must be really scared."

(everyone (reaction) agrees. Later when the final Greek challenge starts, everyone (reaction) recognized it)

  • Harold (reaction): (grinning) "Hey, I recognized this round. This is where Cody punched Duncan in the face upon the reveal."
  • Sierra (reaction): (also grinning) "Oh yeah and he got fans for that."
  • Duncan (reaction): (annoyed) "Don't remind me."

(later, they see Cody (movie) finally going to confess)

  • Cody (movie): "I saw DUNCAN AND GWEN KISS!"

(everyone (movie) gasps, even Alejandro (movie) and Heather (movie))

  • Courtney (movie): (shocked) "They what?"
  • Cody (movie): "They kissed right in front of me. I'm heartbroken as you."
  • Percy (movie): (nodding) "It's true, I have a recording of it."

(he then shows a video of it. Courtney (movie) then glares at Duncan (movie) and Gwen (movie))

  • Courtney (movie): (angry) "HOW DARE YOU! (sheds tears) How... how could you."

(Duncan (movie) slaps Courtney (movie), making everyone (both movie and reaction) gasp)

  • Duncan (movie): "Oh shut the f**k up princess."

(however, this makes Cody (both movie and reaction) angry)

  • Cody (reaction): (angry) "Oh h**l no, I did not just see that."

(Cody (movie) punches Duncan (movie) in a fit of rage, earning claps from everyone (both movie and reaction) while Percy (movie) just smiles in satisfaction)

  • Bridgette (reaction): (cheering) "You go Cody."
  • Leshawna (reaction): (also cheering) "You showed that a**hole who's boss."

(later after Cody (movie) forfeits the challenge, he gets punched in the stomach by Duncan (movie))

  • Duncan (movie): (angry) "That's for babbling your mouth out and punching me. Nobody cares about that s**t. I just wanted a fling with her to get Gwen's attention. If it's a miracle, she'll kill herself."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) gasp at this and goes to help but are blocked by Percy (movie))

  • Percy (movie): (stern) "This is the boy's fight, not yours. He can handle himself. Duncan needs to be taught a lesson."

(they reluctantly back down. Cody (movie) gets an angry look on his face and out of nowhere chokes Duncan (movie) by the neck)

  • Cody (movie): (angry) "You should've went to Courtney, this humiliation could've been avoided. (then gives a serious look to the others) Owen restrain Gwen. Tyler, restrain Duncan when the time comes. (they nod and Gwen (movie) is restrained. Cody (movie) then runs up and gives Duncan (movie) a much brutal beating, much to everyone (both movie and reaction)'s horror while Percy (movie) is satisfied. However, he becomes merciful) However, I believe in mercy. You have a chance. Admit your fault now and I'll stop."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) were praying to Duncan (movie) to do it. However, Percy (movie) smiled)

  • Percy (movie): (smiling) "Wow, your friend is pure good person. He showed mercy to his fallen enemy. He has my respect."
  • Chef (movie): (nodding) "I hear ya. He's a real soldier."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) smile at this and are also glad that the boy is merciful)

  • Geoff (reaction): (smiling) "Good job Cody."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (also smiling) "I'm so proud of you."
  • Brick (reaction): (saluting) "I salute you soldier."
  • Jo (reaction): (nodding) "You got guts I'll give you that."

(however, Duncan (movie) decided to care about his pride)

  • Duncan (movie): (angry) "F-F**K YOU!"

(he then spits blood in Cody (movie)'s face. Everybody (reaction) gasp at Duncan (reaction))

  • Everybody (reaction): (stunned) "HOW COULD YOU!?"
  • Brandon (reaction): (disappointed) "This is what I'm talking about. Duncan is nothing but a coward and sadly, brute force has to be used. He's done nothing but dishonored himself. So, Cody has to give him the final lesson."

(this makes them worried that the guy they know and love is becoming a brutal person. Cody (movie) wipes the blood off with a blank look and gives a nod to Tyler (movie), who runs to Duncan (movie) and restrains him. Cody (movie) then rips Duncan (movie)'s shirt off)

  • Cody (movie): (serious) "You've made your choice. Remember this moment as your greatest mistake, Duncan. Because you'll carry it for the rest of your life. Just one more attack to finish this. (he snaps his right fingers and then his left fingers to signal the interns (movie) for something. They give him a skull symbol branding iron and a bucket of heat then they bow as they walk away) An example and a symbol of your defeat and punishment. (he then takes the branding iron out of the bucket and aims it at Duncan (movie)'s chest) Feel the burn."

(he then brought it at Duncan (movie)'s chest, branding him. They all are horrified while Percy (movie) and Chef (movie) just stare at this but even they are shocked by this. The punk then lets out a scream and then passes out as the branding iron comes off, revealing a branded skull mark on his chest. Everyone (reaction) sigh in relief that it's over.)

  • Duncan (reaction): (scared) "Are you gonna do the same thing here?"
  • Cody (reaction): (shaking his head) "Nope. You already got your punishment in All-Stars by getting arrested. Consider yourself lucky. Also, I'm not really brutal."

(Duncan (reaction) sighs in relief while the others are glad that they don't have to do it here)

  • Courtney (reaction): (relieved) "Thank god. I might hate Duncan now but that punishment was way too far."
  • Cody (reaction): (agreeing) "Indeed, I'm sorry that they had to see that."
  • Brandon (reaction): (defending Cody) "You did give him mercy but he rejected it. He only has himself to blame."

(however, Gwen (movie) hugs Duncan (movie) and glares at Cody (movie))

  • Gwen (movie): (angry) "How many times do I have to tell you? I don't love you and I never will. If I ever see you beating up Duncan again, I'll beat you myself like the little shrimp you are."

(the nice contestants (both movie and reaction) glare at her for that comment while Percy (movie) and Chef (movie) shake their heads in disgust but then they see Cody (movie) standing there emotionlessly with a few tears running down his cheeks and clenching his fists at mention of that nickname)

  • Cody (movie): (angry) "What the f**k did you just call me?"
  • Gwen (movie): (annoyed) "I called you a shrimp."
  • Cody (movie): (enraged) "I HATE THAT NAME! NO ONE CALLS ME SHRIMP! ESPECIALLY SOME SELFISH, TWO-TIMING, BACKSTABBING EMO LIKE YOU! (then he starts angrily crying) I don't know you anymore. Gwen, you broke my heart. You're not the same Gwen that I knew anymore. What happened to the one that always helped others and loved Trent? I thought we were friends but you used me. You treated me like a sidekick and then betrayed me. It's over, we're done and this time for good. Stay away from me. I hate you."

(then he walks away as Sierra (movie) glares at Gwen (movie) and slaps her)

  • Sierra (movie): (angry) "Stay away from Cody. He's suffered worst than anyone. You're just like Frank. Sure I stalk him but at least I care when some traitor breaks his heart. No wonder, his fans hated you."

(she then walks away as the others (movie) glare at Gwen (movie). Percy (movie) walked towards her)

  • Percy (movie): (glaring) "If my wife was here, she would declare you a disgrace to her hunt. You broke a man's heart. Be lucky that he doesn't hurt girls."

(he walks away. The nice contestants (reaction) agreed and frowned at Gwen (reaction). In the confessional, Cody (movie) looks upset)

  • Cody (movie): (upset) "To all those who are terrified, I'm sorry that you all had to see that. I just got sick and tired of his cowardice. I did give him mercy but he wouldn't stand down. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the a**."

(in the next confessional, Heather (movie) was still terrified)

  • Heather (movie): (terrified) "Can't believe I'm saying this but I miss the old Cody. This new version of him was just brutal. What happened to the same boy who used to be a ladies man? (however, she also understood) Oh well, if only Duncan wasn't being a coward, this wouldn't have happened."

(in the next confessional, Sierra (movie) sighs)

  • Sierra (movie): (sighing) "Sorry, I can't tell you all what happened to him. However, we could just guess that he's sick and tired of being mistreated."

(a few people (reaction) bow their heads in shame at realizing they weren't always there for him. Dawn (reaction) sighs)

  • Dawn (reaction): (explaining) "When he said that his parents don't remember his birthday, that probably means that they never spent time with him. They seem to always be too busy for him. He wants someone who cares about him for who he is. He acts cool to hide the pain."

(they now feel bad for him. Later after hearing Cody (movie)'s sad song, the nice contestants (both movie and reaction) start crying. In the confessional, Gwen (movie) starts crying)

  • Gwen (movie): (crying) "Cody, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

(everyone (reaction) sees Gwen (reaction) crying)

  • Gwen (reaction): (crying) "What have I done? Cody's my friend but I'm treating him like a sidekick. How could I? I'll never forgive myself."

Courtney (reaction): (also crying) "We all didn't treat him right at all. I hope he forgives us." (later, they see Courtney (movie) finding Cody (movie) in the Cargo Hold)

  • Courtney (movie): (wondering) "What are you doing here?"
  • Cody (movie): (upset) "Getting away from Gwen."
  • Courtney (movie): (sighs) "Same thing."
  • Cody (movie): (angry) "How could she pick a criminal over me?"
  • Courtney (movie): (now crying) "I feel your pain."
  • Cody (movie): (upset) "No, you're right about me, I am useless."

(everyone (reaction) gasp at this)

  • Brandon (reaction): (worried) "Don't think that man."
  • Courtney (movie): (feeling bad) "I'm sorry I treated you like that."
  • Cody (movie): (curious) "Are you going to dump Duncan?"
  • Courtney (movie): (confident) "Yes."
  • Cody (movie): (smiling) "Well, you should kick him in the kiwis."
  • Courtney (movie): (smirking) "Yeah, I well. Thank you for beating him."
  • Cody (movie): (also smirking) "Your welcome. He deserved it. Harold's right, Duncan's a jerk."

(everyone (reaction) nods in agreement)

  • Courtney (movie): (feeling guilty) "You know what, I should forgive Harold. But I should apologize for being so mean to him. What I did to Harold was wrong."
  • Cody (movie): (pointing out) "He only voted you off to get back at Duncan."

(Courtney (reaction) agrees)

  • Courtney (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, it's Duncan's fault I got voted off. It wouldn't have happened if he just left Harold alone."
  • Harold (reaction): (guilt-ridden) "I'm still sorry for that."
  • Courtney (reaction): (waving it off) "It's okay Harold, no harm done."

(they now start holding hands and smile at each other. Everyone (reaction) else smirks)

  • Brandon (reaction): (smirking) "What do we have here?"
  • DJ (reaction): (also smirking) "I think I know."

(Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie) then smirk)

  • Courtney (movie): (smirking) "I've got an idea."
  • Cody (movie): (also smirking) "Me too. Duncan stole the girl of my dreams, so I'll steal his."
  • Courtney (movie): (still smirking) "Gwen stole my admirer, so I'll steal hers."

(then they kiss, earning cheers from everyone (reaction) cheers while Cody (reaction) and Courtney (reaction) blush and smile. Later, Courtney (movie) confronts Duncan (movie))

  • Duncan (movie): (smirking) "Hey Princess."
  • Courtney (movie): (angry) "Don't call me that. I'm here to dump you. No wonder Harold hates you. (she goes to leave but comes back) Oh and this is for cheating on me."

(she kicks Duncan (movie) in the kiwis, earning cheers from Cody (movie), Tyler (movie), and Owen (movie). Everyone (reaction) also cheers)

  • Bridgette (reaction): (cheering) "Go Courtney."
  • Scott (reaction): (also cheering) "That's my girl."

(later Courtney (movie) is confused by Cody (movie)'s hatred of his step-father)

  • Courtney (movie): (confused) "Why?"
  • Cody (movie): (sighs) "You wanna know why I wear an undershirt?"
  • Courtney (movie): (nodding) "Yes, I do."
  • Cody (movie): (sighs) "Alright but don't say I didn't warn you."

(everyone (reaction) starts paying attention)

  • Izzy (reaction): (interested) "Let's see."

(Cody (movie) lifts up his shirt and reveals a scar on his chest/heart, making her gasp. Everyone (reaction) else were also horrified)

  • Geoff (reaction): (horrified) "Oh good lord."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (crying) "Oh my god, poor Cody."
  • Courtney (movie): (horrified) "He did that to you?"
  • Cody (movie): (crying) "He's a monster, I hate him."

(Courtney (movie) then hugs Cody (movie). Everybody (reaction) felt bad for him)

  • Brandon (reaction): (worried) "His stepdad's abusing him."
  • Dave (reaction): (angry) "That child-abusing b*****d. If he was real, I would do what Cody did to Duncan."

(the nice contestants (reaction) agreed)

  • Courtney (movie): (angry) "He can go to Hell for this."
  • Cody (movie): (smiling) "Thank you Courtney. I don't know why Duncan would cheat on a nice, beautiful girl like you."

(everybody (reaction) says, "Aww". Courtney (reaction) smiles at Cody (reaction))

  • Courtney (reaction): (smiling) "Thanks Cody."
  • Cody (reaction): (also smiling) "You're welcome."

(Courtney (movie) blushes and hugs Cody (movie), making Duncan (movie) and Gwen (movie) jealous)

  • Duncan (movie): (angry) "Why would you mention that, Cody?"
  • Cody (movie): (smirking) "Because at least I'm not the one who leaves my underwear on the floor and drops the soap in the prison shower."

(everyone (reaction) yells, "OOHHHH." at an annoyed Duncan (reaction))

  • Courtney (movie): (laughing) "You just got burned."

(Duncan (movie) just fumes in anger)

  • Cody (movie): (smirking) "What a jerk."
  • Courtney (movie): (agreeing) "I know right?"

(Courtney (movie) kisses Cody (movie)'s cheek, making Duncan (movie) and Gwen (movie) angry. However, Courtney (movie) is curious)

  • Courtney (movie): (curious) "How did you survive?"
  • Cody (movie): (shrugging) "Lazarous Syndrome."

(in the confessional, Duncan (movie) was stunned)

  • Duncan (movie): (stunned) "I knew she hated me but I didn't know she hated me that badly. Seriously, flirting with Cody and dating him? He's even allowed to touch her in areas that I'm not allowed to touch. What does he have that I don't? Look Cody, the reason I cheated on her was because I'm sick and tired of her trying to change me into a nice guy, not wanting any sex, making a list of mistakes, and I just lost interest."

(this makes everybody (reaction) gasp and glare at Duncan (reaction), who just shrugs while Courtney (reaction) runs to Cody (reaction) for comfort and he glares at the punk. In the confessional, Cody (movie) is angered)


(he then punches the camera. Then Cody (movie) explains to Courtney (movie) about the step dad's actions)

  • Cody (movie): (explaining) "He broke some classic games I had, strangled me with his arm, had his 20-year-old beautiful wife rape me, tricked me into drinking beer, made me accidentally hack a government database, shoot the ground in front of my feet, killed some pets I had, tried to ship me to boarding school, raped one of my female friends, blaming me for messes, having an unwanted hatred of African Americans, calling me vulgar and racist words, forbidding me from having fun, claiming I would be a failure, carving a scar on my chest/heart, always shooting at me with a shotgun when I'm always running from home, just watching as I get beaten up, and he made me watch horror movies in order to get me traumatized."

(everyone (reaction) were stunned and horrified. Not to mention, flashbacks show that really did happened)

  • Brandon (reaction): (stunned) "That man belongs in jail."
  • Chef (reaction): (angry) "An unwanted hatred of African Americans? Why are people getting racist?"

(Courtney (movie) was shocked)

  • Courtney (movie): (shocked) "Shouldn't he be in jail?"
  • Cody (movie): (frowning) "Yeah but he hangs out with a corrupt cop called Officer Myers, Duncan's father. (then he smirks) I got payback by breaking his radios, setting his cars on fire, blowing up the garage, videotaping evidence of his crimes, replacing his drink with p**s, and s**ting in his shoes."

(Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie) laughed at that while the friendly people (reaction) laugh too. Later when Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie) are riding on a magic carpet, they hear a familiar song in the background which makes the girls (reaction) cheer)

  • Katie (reaction): (smiling) "I love this song."
  • Sadie (reaction): (also smiling) "Me too."

(then they hear the song bell so Cody (movie) starts singing)

  • Cody (movie): (singing) "I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering, splendid. Tell me princess, now when did you last let your heart decide? I can open your eyes. Take you wonder by wonder. Over side ways and under on a magic carpet ride. A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view. No one to tell us no. Or where to go. Or say we're only dreaming."
  • Courtney (movie): (singing) "A whole new world. A dazzling place I never knew. But when I'm way up here. It's crystal clear. That now I'm in a whole new world with you."
  • Cody (movie): (singing) "Now I'm in a whole new world with you."
  • Courtney (movie): (singing) "Unbelievable sights. Indescribable feeling. Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling. Through an endless diamond sky. A whole new world. (Cody (movie): Don't you dare close your eyes) A hundred thousand things to see. (Cody (movie): Hold your breath, it gets better) I'm like a shooting star. I've come so far. I can't go back to where I used to be."
  • Cody (movie): (singing) "A whole new world. (Courtney (movie): Every turn a surprise) With new horizons to pursue."
  • Courtney (movie): (singing) "Every moment, red-letter."
  • Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie): (both singing) "I'll chase them anywhere. There's time to spare. Let me share this whole new world with you."
  • Cody (movie): (singing) "A whole new world. (Courtney (movie): A whole new world) That's where we'll be. (Courtney (movie): That's where we'll be) A thrilling chase."
  • Courtney (movie): (singing) "A wondrous place."
  • Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie): (both singing) "For you and me."

(when they get back to Area 51, they smile at each other)

  • Cody (movie): (smiling) "I love you Courtney."
  • Courtney (movie): (also smiling) "I love you too Cody."

(they share a kiss, making the audience (both movie and reaction) cheer. Later, they see Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie) make out in the confessional)

  • Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie): (both making out and teasing Chris (movie), Duncan (movie), and Gwen (movie)) "Ha ha, we're making out and you can't stop us."

(they laugh at their immaturity and continue making out. Everyone (reaction) roll their eyes in amusement or annoyance)

  • Chris (reaction): (annoyed) "Oh grow up you two."

(after Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie)'s make-out session)

  • Chris (movie): (annoyed) "Hello campers."
  • Sierra (movie): (concerned) "What's wrong Chris?"
  • Chris (movie): (frustrated) "Two certain people made this place R rated. (Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie) just laugh) I'll show the video but not to the audience. (he shows the contestants the video: Alejandro (movie) and Heather (movie) hold their puke in, Chef (movie) covers Owen (movie)'s eyes, Sierra (movie) is shocked, Duncan (movie) and Chris (movie) are annoyed, and Gwen (movie) is jealous while Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie) continue to laugh, making him glare at them) Seriously, this show is PG rated."
  • Cody (movie): (smirking) "But I guess it's promoted to R rated."

(everyone (reaction) yells, "OOOHHHH." to an annoyed Chris (reaction). Courtney (movie) laughs while Chris (movie) just angrily cusses in a grumbling tone but Chef (movie) gives Cody (movie) a thumbs up. In the confessional, Duncan (movie) is angry)


(next confessional shows Cody (movie) smirking)

  • Cody (movie): (smirking) "You see I have 10,000,000,000 hot fan girls who have sneaked into my room to see me and I let it happen because I have something called respect. I love girls for who they are and the same was to Gwen before her betrayal. Now I feel the same way for Courtney. However, you only have 1 fan girl and are so unattractive that even a hooker wouldn't have sex with you."

(then he laughs. Everyone (reaction) else are also laughing at Duncan (reaction), who is p****d off. Later before the sheep challenge, Cody (movie) smirks)

  • Cody (movie): (smirking) "What was that, Duncan? (this got everyone (both movie and reaction)'s attention) No, I don't think that Heather is a crazy bipolar b***h who f***s p***s for money and wears a rug for a wig. I also don't think that she should change her ugly personality and b***h a** attitude that makes her f**k her own little brother. And I also don't think that she has POOR FASHION SENSE!"

(Heather (movie) gasps angrily and scowls at Duncan (movie))


(she lunges at Duncan (movie) and gives him a beating (off-screen), as Team Chris (movie) winces. In the confessional, Cody (movie) bursts in laughter)

  • Cody (movie): (laughing) "Best part is I got away with it."

(everyone (reaction) else also laugh and give him high-fives but Heather (reaction) scowls at that insult and Duncan (reaction) gets annoyed about the beating. In the next confessional, Sierra (movie) was smiling)

  • Sierra (movie): (smiling) "Insulting Heather and using Duncan as a scrap coat? Oh, I'm so proud of him. He even got away with it. (then she sighs sadly) Gwen, why can't you just love Cody? He was right there and you just blew it."

(in other confessionals, Chris (movie), Chef (movie), Owen (movie), and Courtney (movie) are laughing. Later, Gwen (movie) saves Cody (movie) and hugs him, much to his and Courtney (movie)'s shock)

  • Courtney (movie): (shock) "Why did you save Cody? I thought you wanted him to leave."
  • Gwen (movie): (shaking his head) "No I don't. He's one of my best friends and I can't live without him. I was such a foolish b***h to leave Trent and reject Cody. I also was such a foolish b***h to steal your loved one. I'm sorry. Please, I want another chance. You guys were right, it was Duncan who stood in my way."

(Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie) hug her)

  • Cody (movie): (smiling) "Thanks Gwen. I'm glad to forgive you."
  • Courtney (movie): (also smiling) "So am I."

(everyone (reaction) says, "awe")

  • Lindsay (reaction): (smiling) "That's so sweet."
  • Leshawna (reaction): (agreeing) "You're telling me."
  • Ella (reaction): (also agreeing) "So friendly."

(later, they see video recording of Alejandro (movie)'s actions. First, he puts a stop sign on top of the pyramid for Bridgette (movie) to get and smirks when Cody (movie) gets hit, making Cody (both movie and reaction) and everyone (reaction) glare)

  • Cody (reaction): (angry) "So that's where it came from."

(second, he gives Harold (movie) advice about bonking a crocodile on the nose, which explains Ezekiel (movie)'s elimination)

  • Ezekiel (reaction): (angry) "So that's why Harold gave me that advice."

(third, he is also convincing Harold (movie) to be bossy before later tricking him into quitting)

  • Harold (reaction): (frustrated) "And that's why I hate him."

(fourth, he is seen tricking Bridgette (movie) into trying to kiss him but leaves her stuck to a frozen pole)

  • Bridgette (reaction): (furious) "Womanizer."

(fifth, he convinces Sierra (movie) to talk about Chris' life)

  • Sierra (reaction): (annoyed) "I should've known he would trick me into irritating Chris."

(sixth, he encourages Leshawna (movie) to lead her team)

  • Leshawna (reaction): (enraged) "I'm saving a slap for him."

(later, they see Sierra (movie) stopping the elimination ceremony)

  • Sierra (movie): (serious) "Wait, I wanna do something for Cody. (she runs inside the plane and takes a chocolate cake out, unaware that the candles are fire crackers) Happy Birthday Cody. I made it myself."

(Cody (movie) smiles at this while everyone (reaction) else also smile)

  • Brandon (reaction): (smiling) "That was very sweet of her."

(however, Cody (movie) notices a trail of oil and panics)

  • Cody (movie): (panicking) "SIERRA, LOOK OUT!"
  • Sierra (movie): (confused) "What?"

(Frydo (movie) leads an evacuation while Chris (movie) and the others get behind cover as the plane explodes)

  • Brandon (reaction): (surprised) "Everyone's probably surprised that she survived that."

(everyone (reaction) agrees. Chris (movie) and the others stand up and head towards the plane)

  • Cody (movie): (panicking) "Sierra!"
  • Chris (movie): (also panicking) "My beautiful plane!"

(everyone (reaction) rolls their eyes at him. Cody (movie) finds Sierra (movie) and holds her in his arms. She is covered in some black ash and her ponytail looks burnt)

  • Cody (movie): (worried) "Are you okay?"
  • Sierra (movie): (crying) "It was chocolate, your favorite."

(later after Cody (movie) causes Alejandro (movie) to slide down the volcano, Cody (movie) picks up the Alejandro (movie) statue and aims towards the volcano)

  • Cody (movie): (serious) "This for everyone in my life that have suffered. (he then throws it into the volcano and it perishes, making him cheer) YES, YES, YES!"
  • Chris (movie): (announcing) "And the winner is... Cody Anderson!"

(everyone (both movie and reaction) cheer, except Duncan (both movie and reaction) and Heather (both movie and reaction) who just sneer)

  • Trent (reaction): (cheering) "Way to go big brother."
  • Gwen (reaction): (also cheering) "Yeah, you beat him."

(later, they see Alejandro (movie) crawling on the sand in Hawaii)

  • Alejandro (movie): (angry) "Hey, don't walk all over me. You know this isn't over, I will get my revenge. (then he sees the lava coming down, making his eyes wide) Oh no."

(then it splashes down (off-screen), making him scream in pain as everyone (both movie and reaction) winced at that)

  • BrandonKR (reaction): (curious) "Dude, how did you survive that?"
  • Alejandro (reaction): (shrugging) "I don't even know."

(however, Cody (movie) and Courtney (movie) sit down on a deck to watch the sun while Trent (movie), Gwen (movie), Owen (movie), Izzy (movie), Harold (movie), Leshawna (movie), Tyler (movie), Lindsay (movie), Geoff (movie), Bridgette (movie), Beth (movie), DJ (movie), Ezekiel (movie), Katie (movie), Sadie (movie), Justin (movie), Eva (movie), and Dave (movie). They are singing the last song, "I wanna be famous.", making the heroes (reaction) smile)

  • Dave (reaction): (happy) "Happiest ending ever."

(they all agree. Later, they see the mid-credits scene)

  • BrandonKR (reaction): (realizing) "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that."

(the scene shows Alejandro (movie) getting robot parts put on him while Chris (movie) is dressed as Darth Sidious)

  • Chris (movie): (complaining) "Let's get this over with already. It's freezing over here. At this rate, I'm probably gonna need another sleeve blanket. (then we see Chef (movie) randomly pushing buttons) You sure you know what're doing Chef? (he just shrugs and continues) Well, as long as he signs the release forms, were golden. (then they slowly move down a robot helmet as Alejandro (movie) just stares at it before it is put on him. We then hear him making a Darth Vader breathing. Then the metal table slowly rises until it stops at Alejandro (movie) being on his feet) Al, can you hear me? (Alejandro (movie) then turns his head to Chris, who takes out a piece of paper) Were gonna need you to sign some paperwork that legally doesn't involve the show of your little 'lava accident'."
  • Alejandro (movie): (robotic voice) "Chris, the million dollars? Is it safe?"
  • Chris (movie): (sheepishly smiling) "Oh yeah, Cody won that. It's gone."
  • Alejandro (movie): (robotic shouting) "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

(then the screen turns black but we hear Chris (movie) laughing)

  • Chris (movie): (laughing) "Spas."
  • BrandonKR (reaction): (curious) "Yeah, George Lucas is so gonna sue Chris."
  • Dave (reaction): (curious) "Al, what was that like?"
  • Alejandro (reaction): (shivering) "You don't wanna know."

Total Drama Revenge Of The Island

(in the confessional, Mike (movie) confesses something)

  • Mike (movie): (confessing) "I have a Multiple Personality Disorder. I'm trying to control their behavior but they don't listen to me."

(Dave (reaction) was smiling)

  • Dave (reaction): (smiling) "Dude, I knew you had it. Seriously, that's awesome."

(Mike (reaction) smiles. Later in a flashback, Chef (movie) is serving Cameron (movie) a plate of linguini covered in butter with red sauce and mutant turkey, which Cameron (movie) is disgusted by)

  • Cameron (movie): (disgusted) "Ew, what is this stuff?"
  • Chef (movie): (grinning) "Turkey butter-lini. Enjoy your nap. (then he went eye wide at the slip up and corrected himself) I mean meal."

(he then gave a chuckle as Cameron (movie) looks suspicious at the slip up but still ate it anyway. Cody (reaction) and Dave (reaction) grimaces)

  • Cody (reaction): (grimacing) "That just ruins pasta."
  • Dave (reaction): (agreeing) "Amen."
  • Brandon (reaction): (cringing) "I prefer meatballs but the butter is okay."

(back to the present, Cameron (movie) explained the inclusion)

  • Cameron (movie): (explaining) "Turkey makes you sleepy and Mutant Turkey makes you fall asleep. (then he was impressed) That's just genius."

(Mike (movie) nodded in agreement to that. Everyone (reaction) was impressed)

  • Scar (reaction): (impressed) "Nice job, Cameron. You're really smart."

(she winks at him, making him blush. Later when Chris (movie) announces a safe challenge, he steps in one of Scott (movie)'s traps and is flung into the out house)

  • Zoey (movie), Cameron (movie), Lightning (movie), and Scott (movie): (disgusted) "Eww."

(however, everyone (reaction) else laughs at this while Chris (reaction) glares)

  • Brandon (reaction): (laughing) "Oh yeah, I remember that."

(Courtney (reaction) and Lightning (reaction) high-fives Scott (reaction), who we already know was responsible for that)

  • Scott (reaction): (smirking) "It was worth it."

Total Drama All Stars

(Duncan (movie)'s introduction on the team picking)

  • Don (movie): (angrily explaining) "Duncan. In season 1, you picked on Harold for no reason, rigged the votes to get him off the show, and you're also a sexist and racist pervert. In season 2, you cheated the whole season. In season 3, you cheated on Courtney, slapped her, tried to kill Cody with a dingo, and forced Chef in a alliance to help you cheat. I hereby put you on the Villains Team."

(Duncan (movie) walks to his team but the nice contestants (both movie and reaction) booed at him so he flipped them off. Later after Gwen (movie) gets hurt in the pancake challenge, Duncan (movie) decides to comment)

  • Duncan (movie): (commenting) "Woah babe, you don't look so good. (Gwen (movie) snickers and points at him) What? (he turns around to face the camera and it's shown that his lips are bruised and puffy from the mouse trap and obstacle course. He touches them only to wince in pain) Yowch!"

(the nice contestants (reaction) laugh at this)

  • Cody (reaction): (laughing) "Duncan looks like he has lipstick on."

(in the confessional, Duncan (movie) comments on them)

  • Duncan (movie): (commenting) "I'm not one to complain about my looks but man, check out my lips! It's like two worms having a street fight down there!"

(in the next confessional, Gwen (movie) is cracking up)

  • Gwen (movie): (cracking up) "Ok, I know it's mean but did you see his LIPS?! It's like two sun dried gummi worms down there!"

(she laughs even harder. Later in Chris (movie)'s recording studio, the first camera has a familiar pale white man in a business suit and has no face or ears. Brandon (reaction) keeps the screen paused and points at the first camera in shock while a few others (reaction) were also shocked)

  • Brandon (reaction): (shocked) "Do you see what I'm seeing?"
  • Dave (reaction): (also shocked) "Yeah man."
  • Cody (reaction): (also shocked) "I see him."
  • Brandon (reaction): (sighs) "I hope the producers would do something about him."
  • Ezekiel (reaction): (confused) "Who is he?"
  • Brandon (reaction): (explaining) "Slenderman. He's a Creepypasta legend who just appears out of nowhere and he seems to be a ghost. From what I've heard, he's the owner of the Creepypasta mansion. On Earth 1, he's retired now and it looks like he made a cameo."
  • Geoff (reaction): (adding) "Anyway, the producers were investigating him and only know that he's a scary legend."

(in the confessional, Slenderman (movie) waves at the audience)

  • Slenderman (movie): (waving) "Hey guys, just thought I could make a cameo."

(Brandon (movie) shakes his head in amusement. Later in the confessional, Alejandro (movie) explains his plan)

  • Alejandro (movie): (smirking) "She trusts me. Ha! Soon I will have my revenge for the dishonor she brought upon my family name! Once this gorgeous face is rid of that gorgeous face, I will win it all!"
  • Harold (reaction): (snickering) "I don't think his family name could be dishonored, gosh. Considering what his name means, anyway. (they are all confused so he explains) Alejandro's last name, Burromuerto, means dead donkey."

(this makes them burst out laughing at Alejandro (reaction), who glares)

  • Geoff (reaction): (laughing) "Dude, you're s******g me!"
  • Jo (reaction): (also laughing) "I don't believe it. I don't even have to come up with an embarrassing nickname anymore, he's already got one!"
  • Noah (reaction): (confused) "Wait a minute, his dad's a diplomat, though. How the h**l does a guy with that last name get anywhere in public?"
  • Harold (reaction): (smiling) "Money."
  • Katie (reaction): (adding) "And gorgeousity."
  • Alejandro (reaction): (shrugging) "Not many people are bothered by the last name."

(later Larry (movie)'s egg hatch, Alejandro (movie) smirks at the Heroes (movie) but then shows a surprised look at a baby plant with Chris (movie)'s face on it)

  • Alejandro (movie): (surprised) "What the f**k?"

(then Chris (movie) just innocently whistles while Chef (movie) looks creeped out. Everyone (reaction) else have the same reaction)

  • Brandon (reaction): (creeped out) "No one shall dare ignore this resemblance."
  • Trent (reaction): (shivering) "Is that-Chris' head on Larry's body?"
  • Geoff (reaction): (grossed out) "Oh man, that is sick and not in a cool way."
  • Dave (reaction): (shuddering) "Ok, moving on from the 'oh god that is sooo wrong' factor, how did this happen?"
  • Jo (reaction): (explaining) "Well, when a man and a plant love each other- (she then eye widen) No, I'm not gonna finish that joke, it's so wrong."
  • Noah (reaction): (confused) "Well, yes but-how. I mean, Plants don't have-"

(he was interrupted when Cody (reaction) gave him a sign to shut him up)

  • Cody (reaction): (instructing) "No, just no."
  • Lindsay (reaction): (confused) "I don't get it. (Tyler (reaction) whispered to her everything) Oh my god, ewewewewewewew."
  • Topher (reaction): (adding) "Is that legal? I'm sure that's not legal."
  • Dawn (reaction): (sighs) "Chris has committed enough sins against nature that this doesn't shock me. I hope that the young flytrap doesn't have it's father's greed."
  • Dakota (reaction): (shrieking) "Ew. Chris is sick."

(in the confessional, everyone (movie) are reacting)

  • Mike (movie): (eyes wide) "Wait a minute, how is that possible? There's no way Larry could've conceived a baby... (then speaks slowly) that looks like Chris... (his eye twitches) Oh... oh, g-god. OH G-" (he then projectiles vomit onto the wall)
  • Zoey (movie): (on her knees, vomiting in the toilet)
  • Cameron (movie): (grossed out) "That's just wrong!"
  • Courtney (movie): (also grossed out) "Jail is too good for him. He belongs on a padded room on an isolated island. He can play out his terrifying imagination and no one would have to see it."
  • Scott (movie): (creeped out) "Huh. That's... really f****d up."
  • Chef (movie): (still creeped out) "I think jail broke him."
  • Chris (movie): (defending himself) "Just for the record, I, Chris McLean, did not have anything to do with Larry. I don't know how Larry made a baby with my face on it. I wasn't involved at all! (then he smiles) I think I made my point."
  • Gwen (movie): (on her knees, vomiting in the toilet. Then she looks up at the camera with tears in her eyes) "...WHYYYYYYYY?"

(Trent (reaction) comforts Gwen (reaction) as them and everyone (reaction) glare at Chris (reaction))

  • Brandon (reaction): (annoyed) "Yeah, you need a mental hospital."
  • Sam (reaction): (nervous) "Let's just forget this ever happened."
  • Everyone (reaction): (agreeing) "Agreed."

(later, they see Scott (movie) in the confessional showing fear of Mal (movie))

  • Scott (movie): (scared) "Oh no, we're in trouble now. When I was in juvie, I met someone who looked like Mike but was also a prisoner and was running the place. Back then, that prisoner called himself Mal and he is bad news. (then he sees a shovel) Is that the shovel that I hit Mike with? (then he went eye-wide and realizes what he has done) Oh no, what have I done? I got to warn the others."

(he leaves the confessional. Scott (reaction) also showed remorse)

  • Scott (reaction): (remorseful) "I caused this. If I didn't hit Mike with a shovel, none of this would've happened."

(everyone (reaction) were also shocked that Scott (reaction) caused this. Later, they see Carlos (movie)'s turn at the fighting challenge and it lands on someone who disliked)

  • Carlos (movie): (worried) "Oh no, not him. (then the opponent appears and it's revealed to be Jose (movie), Alejandro (movie)'s abusive older brother. They all gasp at this while Carlos (movie) gives a sneer) Jose."
  • Alejandro (movie): (scared) "Oh no, it's him. My biggest fear."

(Carlos (movie) has a lightning axe while Jose (movie) has a black-purple glowing machete. They fight but Jose (movie) starts mocking him)

  • Jose (movie): (smirking) "Stop now. You and Al will never be as good as me. Besides, he did eliminate those unattractive losers and s***s to show them that they are disgraces. Even that unattractive s**t Melody."

(this makes everyone (both movie and reaction) glare at him)

  • Brandon (reaction): (annoyed) "He's bigger jerk than his little bro."
  • Carlos (reaction): (agreeing) "I know. He's the reason why Alejandro cheated."
  • Melody (reaction): (angry) "Did that a**hole called me unattractive? Me? UNATTRACTIVE?! Oh, you beat the living s**t out of him for me."
  • Carlos (reaction): (nodding) "Don't worry, I think I'm already going to kick his a**."

(however, Carlos (movie) snaps and punches Jose (movie))

  • Carlos (movie): (angry) "That's for calling him Al. (then another punch) That's for always hogging the bathroom. (then another punch) That's for calling Melody unattractive. (then another punch) That's for replacing his soap with urinal cake."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) are grossed out)

  • Don (movie): (grossed out) "Okay, that's just gross."
  • Brandon (reaction): (agreeing) "I hear ya."

(then Carlos (movie) is about to give Jose (movie) the final punch)

  • Carlos (movie): (angry) "And this is for turning him into the jerk that he is today. (he then punches Jose (movie) one last time and lets him go unconscious. Carlos (movie) puts his foot on Jose (movie)'s back and claims victory, getting cheers from the heroes) How the mighty have fallen."

(the Heroes (both movie and reaction) and Alejandro (both movie and reaction) clap for him. Later, they see Duncan (movie)'s turn at the fighting challenge and it lands on Harold (movie), who comes to the fighting ring with nunchucks)

  • Harold (movie): (smirking) "Booya."

(his friends (both movie and reaction) cheer for him)

  • Leshawna (movie): (cheering) "Come on string bean. Show that punk who's boss."
  • Leshawna (reaction): (agreeing) "What she said. You can do it Harold."
  • Scar (reaction): (smiling) "Do it for big sis."
  • Chris (movie): "Harold will be fighting for the Heroic Hamsters."

(the two rivals (movie) stand on the fighting stand and smirk competitively at each other while they get their weapons)

  • Harold (movie): (smirking) "Prepare for karma, Dudcan. I've been waiting on this day since your two-timing abusive a** came onto this show."
  • Duncan (movie): (also smirking) "F**king bring it the f**k on, Doris. (however, he sees his weapon is a giant Q-tip, much to his annoyance) What the f**k? You gotta be f**king s**ting me."

(however, everyone (both movie and reaction) else laughs at his dilemma)

  • Duncan (reaction): (annoyed) "I f**king call total f**king bulls**t on that."
  • Brandon (reaction): (smirking) "Too bad. (he snickers a bit) I'm loving this."

(Duncan (movie) angrily breaks it and throws it away but finds a red electrified double-ended saw blade. He smirks and picks it up. Everyone (both movie and reaction) else glares at this)

  • Greg (movie): (glaring) "Yo Chris, that's total bulls**t."
  • Chris (movie): (shrugging) "Too f**king bad, so f**king sad."

(they glare at him for allowing this. The two rivals (both movie and reaction) fight)

  • Duncan (movie): (smirking) "What the f**k's wrong Doris? Did that fat /Censored/ f**king dump your a**? Or is Cody f**king having a f**king nerdy day like you? H**l, I should probably f**k that /Censored/ b***h right f**king in front of you."

(this makes everyone (both movie and reaction) gasp and glare in disgust. Cody (movie) and Noah (movie) had to restrain Leshawna from assaulting Duncan (movie). However, an angry Harold (movie) breaks Duncan (movie)'s weapon and punches him in the face)

  • Harold (movie): (glaring) "That's for stealing Gwen from Cody and Trent. (pokes the eyes) That's for peeping on Bridgette and Courtney. (slams elbow on head) That's for trying to feed Cody to a dingo. (kicks his mouth) That is for calling me Doris. And this is for cheating on Courtney during World Tour."

(he then kicks Duncan (movie) in the kiwis, causing him to sit on his knees. Then Harold (movie) finishes him off by knocking him into boxes that fall on the delinquent, making everyone (both movie and reaction) clap and cheer while Duncan (both movie and reaction) is in disbelief)

  • Cody (movie): (clapping) "Way to go buddy."
  • Trent (movie): (also clapping) "I knew you could do it."
  • Bridgette (movie): (also cheering) "Nice job."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (agreeing) "I'm so proud of you Harold."
  • Scar (reaction): (also agreeing) "Me too."
  • Leshawna (movie): (also cheering) "That's my man."
  • Scar (movie): (also cheering) "That's my little brother."

(however, he steps on a trap and a boot kicks his kiwis, making him moan in pain as the others (both movie and reaction) laugh. Later after Duncan (movie) announced what he's planning, Chris (movie) questions Duncan (movie))

  • Chris (movie): (confused) "I beg your pardon?"
  • Duncan (movie): (smirking) "Say hello to my little friend!"

(he took out a detonator and pressed it then an explosion is heard. This got everyone (reaction) else's attention)

  • Topher (reaction): (shocked) "Holy s**t, was that an explosion?"
  • Rodney (reaction): (also shocked) "Yeah, what happened?"
  • Chris (reaction): (horrified) "Aw s**t, not again."
  • Zoey (movie): (worried) "What the h**l was that?"

(Chris (movie) used his binoculars and was horrified to find his home destroyed, much to everyone (reaction) else's satisfaction)

  • Chris (movie): (horrified) "MY COTTAGE!"

(he then cried in horror and despair. The destroyed place looks more like a mansion instead of a cottage)

  • Leshawna (reaction): (scoffing) "That looks too big to be a cottage."
  • Scarlett (reaction): (smirking) "Still, that was great."
  • Duncan (reaction): (cheering) "I know right. Finally got my revenge on him."

(Courtney (movie) took the binoculars and saw what it looked like)

  • Courtney (movie): (annoyed) "That's not a cottage, that's a mansion."

(Duncan (movie) cheered sadistically at what he did)

  • Duncan (movie): (cheering) "Yeah, take that, McLean! That's what you f**king get for calling me f**king soft!"

(he throws the detonator at Scott (movie), who winces and glares at him)

  • Scott (movie): (glaring) "Not cool, man. Not cool."
  • Duncan (movie): (smirking) "Yes it f**king is, dirt boy. Because I'm a f**king villain! Suck it, McLame!"
  • Chris (movie): (sad) "So many pictures of me, gone! All, all gone!"
  • Chef (movie): (sympathetic) "Don't worry, we'll build you another home. (he then took out his phone) I'm gonna make a quick call."
  • Chris (movie): (angry) "Do you know how many statues of me were lost in that explosion? Five! (he then glares at Duncan (movie)) Duncan Myers, you are officially banned for life from competing on Total Drama ever again for blowing up my property and rubbing it in my face!"
  • Duncan (movie): (shrugging) "Worth it."

(nobody protested, they agreed with that choice. However, the police (movie) arrive)

  • Police Officer #1 (movie): (glaring) "Duncan, you're under arrest for destruction of private property."
  • Scott (movie): (smirking) "Way to go, bad boy. I hope you being locked up is gonna be a lesson to you."
  • Duncan (movie): (smug) "Yeah right, I'm ruling juvie."
  • Chris (movie): (glaring) "Oh no, you're too old for juvie and you did destroy property. Instead, there's a slammer for you."

(Duncan (movie) went horrified but the officers took him away and he cursed in defeat)

  • Duncan (movie): (upset) "Aw f**k!"

(once Duncan (movie)'s gone, Chris (movie) was relieved)

  • Chris (movie): (relieved) "Justice. Thanks Chef for calling them."
  • Chef (movie): (smirking) "No problem, he needed that."

(they chuckle at that. Cody (reaction) and his friends (reaction) were satisfied by this)

  • Cody (reaction): (grinning) "Don't drop the soap."

(later after defeating Mal (movie), he starts fading)

  • Mal (movie): (scared) "Don't do this. (then he sheepishly smiles) I'm a part of you."
  • Mike (movie): (serious) "Yeah, a part of me that I don't need anymore. (then he starts walking away) Goodbye Mal."

(Mal (movie)'s skin starts cracking and some light is seen)

  • Mal (movie): (angry) "NO, THIS IS MY TIME! MIKE!!!!!!!!!"

(then he breaks apart and explodes into flashing light sparkles. Everyone (reaction) cheers)

  • Brandon (reaction): (cheering) "HEY MAL, SAY HI TO THE DEVIL!"
  • Cody (reaction): (also cheering) "Yeah, see you never."
  • Gwen (reaction): (also cheering) "I'm glad that creep is gone. (they all agree) And it's bye-bye to the b*****d."

Total Drama Pahkitew Island (film)

(when they see Sammy (movie) and Leonard (movie) on alternate teams, Dave (reaction) welcomes her)

  • Dave (reaction): (smiling) "Welcome to my team, Sammy. Don't worry, we'll treat you way better than your team does."
  • Max (reaction): (offended) "Hey."
  • Topher (reaction): (agreeing with Dave) "Quiet Max, Dave's right. Sammy was nice to us and is way better than that b***h Amy. We had that comment coming for never defending Sammy from her abusive sister."
  • Rodney (reaction): (also agreeing) "Yeah, I feel bad for focusing on my own feelings instead of helping Sammy."

(Sammy (reaction) smiled at being respected like that. Later when they see Beardo (movie)'s construction sounds are irritating Dave (movie), Ella (movie) notices and gestures Beardo (movie), who notices too and stops. Dave (movie) recovers and was grateful)

  • Dave (movie): (grateful) "Thank you Ella. (she nodded with a smile. He then looked at Beardo (movie)) And Beardo, please keep the noise down, it's hurting my ears."
  • Beardo (movie): (sheepish) "Sorry, sir."
  • Dave (movie): (waving it off) "It's alright, just keep it down, okay?"
  • Beardo (movie): (nodding) "Yes sir."

(Dave (movie) smiled and nodded at him. Everyone (reaction) smiled at this. Cody (reaction) patted Dave (reaction) on the back)

  • Cody (reaction): (smiling) "That was good of how you handled it."
  • Dave (reaction): (also smiling) "Thanks but I also want to apologize to him for doing it in a harsh way. I was really unfair to him."
  • Beardo (reaction): (waving it off) "It's alright, man. I can see now that it bothers you and I apologize."
  • Dave (reaction): (also waving it off) "It's alright. (held his hand out) Truce?"
  • Beardo (reaction): (smiling) "Truce."

(they shake hands, making Shawn (reaction) and Ella (reaction) smile at Dave (reaction) for becoming a nice guy. They now are thinking that this reaction thing is a good idea. Dave (movie) then got to business)

  • Dave (movie): (serious) "Okay guys, we need a shelter to build. Any ideas?"
  • Shawn (movie): (smiling) "Zombie Shelter."

(he shows the blue prints and Dave (movie) nodded)

  • Dave (movie): (nodding) "Sounds promising. Sammy?"
  • Sammy (movie): (smiling) "House."

(he shows the blue prints and Dave (movie) nodded)

  • Dave (movie): (nodding) "Excellent. (Sammy (movie and reaction) smiled at this) Ella?"
  • Ella (movie): (smiling) "Royal castle."

(she shows the blue prints but Dave (movie) shook his head again)

  • Dave (movie): (shaking his head) "Sorry Ella. I want to accept it but that looks like it could take days, weeks, months, or maybe years to make. No hard feelings?"
  • Ella (movie): (sad) "Sure."
  • Dave (movie): (feeling bad) "Come here. (he hugs her, making her shocked) Maybe when you win the money, you can use it to build your own castle. I will use my half of the money to help you."
  • Ella (movie): (shocked) "Really?"
  • Dave (movie): (smiling) "Of course."

(Ella (movie) smiled and cuddled into Dave (movie). Shawn (movie), Sky (movie), and Beardo (movie) looked at him in respect. Everyone (reaction) also had respect for him)

  • Shawn (reaction): (smiling) "Dave, you should've been the leader."
  • Dave (reaction): (refusing) "But Shawn, I've let my germ phobia and my love obsession get in the way of the game and I wasn't a pleasant person."
  • Cody (reaction): (defending him) "Well, you did live a life where you liked being clean and I can't blame you for hating germs. They have caused some serious conditions."

(Sky (reaction) was also proud of him for that. Dave (movie) then turned to Sky (movie))

  • Dave (movie): (serious) "Sky?"
  • Sky (movie): (smiling) "An apartment."

(she shows the blue prints and Dave (movie) smiled)

  • Dave (movie): (smiling) "That's a good idea. Well done, Sky."
  • Sky (movie): (creeped out) "Uh thanks."
  • Dave (movie): (worried) "Is something wrong?"
  • Sky (movie): (shaking her head) "Nothing."

(Dave (movie) just shrugged. Ella (reaction) shook her head at this)

  • Ella (reaction): (disappointed) "Sky, your other self is pretty quick and harsh in just seeing Dave as a creep."
  • Sky (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, Dave was only agreeing so they can win the challenge."
  • Dave (reaction): (explaining) "Sky, the crush on you started in the second episode when you calmed me down from getting covered in grease."

(Shawn (reaction) nodded at that. Later, they see Amy (movie) crying but it sounds like laughing)

  • Dave (movie): (curious) "Why is she laughing?"

(then Amy (movie) shows an evil smirk, making Dave (movie), Sky (movie), Shawn (movie), Topher (movie), and everyone (reaction) gasp and glare)

  • Ella (reaction): (angry) "I can't believe you."
  • Topher (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, you're an f**king faker."
  • Amy (reaction): (scoffing) "So what if I faked it?"
  • Sammy (reaction): (angry) "You did fake it?"
  • Jasmine (reaction): (also angry) "You should've been voted off, not Sammy."

(later, Sugar (movie) starts a fight with Ella (movie) but Dave (movie) and Shawn (movie) restrain Sugar (movie) from doing any harm. Chris (movie) just shocks them)

  • Dave (movie): (angry) "What the h**l was that for?"
  • Chris (movie): (explains) "For scaring Clucky. And Ella, after what you pulled, I assume that you told a lie."
  • Ella (movie): (shocked) "Lying? But I was just-"
  • Chris (movie): (interrupting) "Enough! I'm thinking we know who's getting voted off when this team loses."

(Ella (movie) sighs in sadness while Dave (movie), Shawn (movie), Sky (movie), Jasmine (movie), Sammy (movie), and Topher (movie) show sympathy and glare at Chris (movie) for being so mean and unfair. Everyone (reaction) are also glaring at Chris (reaction))

  • Dave (reaction): (angry) "I call bulls**t on that."
  • Shawn (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah man, what the h**l?"
  • Chris (reaction): (shrugging) "Whatever."

(they are left annoyed by his attitude. Later, Dave (movie) gives Shawn (movie) advice)

  • Dave (movie): (giving advice) "Hey Shawn, here's the challenge; the objective is to get to the other side of the dock, grab a baton, and use it to attack the other teams' zombies."

(everyone (reaction) looks at Dave (reaction) but only to see him feeling guilty)

  • Dave (reaction): (feeling guilty) "I got to apologize to them. I can't believe I did that."

(Shawn (reaction) and Jasmine (reaction) wave it off. Later after seeing the picnic scene between Dave (movie) and Ella (movie), Dave (reaction) felt bad)

  • Dave (reaction): (feeling bad) "Ella, I'm sorry. I was wrong to reject you like that. Can you please forgive me?"
  • Ella (reaction): (smiling) "It's okay, David. We're just not meant to be."

(Topher (reaction) also forgave him as well since it's not Dave (reaction)'s fault that he wasn't interested. Later after hearing Sugar (movie)'s confession, they glare at Sugar (reaction))

  • Dave (reaction): (angry) "So you voted off Ella. I should've known."
  • Sky (reaction): (also angry) "It should've been obvious. You always hated Ella for no reason."
  • Shawn (reaction): (also angry) "Man, that's cold, even for you."
  • Topher (reaction): (also angry) "You voted off a sweet, innocent girl out of selfish hatred."

(Sugar (reaction) was upset that no one is standing up for her. Ella (reaction) was heartbroken and betrayed by her for costing her elimination. Later after Sugar (movie) insults Ella (movie) for the last time, Topher (movie) finally snaps)

  • Topher (movie): (angry) "SHUT UP! Just shut up, you disgusting, smelly, revolting pig! (everyone (both movie and reaction) was surprised to see him angry) You have no right to talk about Ella like that! She the kindest soul to ever exist and you attack her because you're jealous! (Sugar (both movie and reaction) is shocked but Ella (both movie and reaction) smiled at being defended) Jealous that you'll never be like her in any way, jealous because she's more beautiful, more talented and more pleasant than you! You're nothing more than a selfish, spiteful, stupid swine with an ego the size of the moon who wouldn't know talent if it bit you in the a**! You call yourself beautiful but all I see is a fat b***h who is ugly from the inside out! Well, let me tell you something: Ella here could be Snow White for how unbelievably pretty she is, both inside and out, while you are just a Honey Boo Boo wannabe!"

(everyone (both movie and reaction) were stunned but then clapped for him)

  • Dave (reaction): (cheering) "You go, Topher!"
  • Shawn (reaction): (also cheering) "You show her who's boss!"

(Ella (reaction) hugged Topher (reaction), who hugged her back and gave a kiss on the forehead. Later after seeing Jasmine (movie)'s advice to Sky (movie), everyone (reaction) glares at her)

  • Dave (reaction): (angry) "So that's why Sky betrayed me."
  • Shawn (reaction): (also angry) "Jasmine, just because your mad at me, you have no excuse to sabotage a relationship. We're so gonna talk about this."

(later after seeing what Sky (movie) did to Dave (movie), everyone (reaction) was disgusted)

  • Cody (reaction): (angry) "What the h**l, Sky? You could've killed him."
  • Bridgette (reaction): (also angry) "How could you."
  • Sky (reaction): (defensive) "I was only following Jasmine's orders."
  • Jasmine (reaction): (angry) "Don't drag me into this. I told you to not get distracted but I didn't tell you to leave him to die."

(later, everyone (reaction) sees how Sky (movie) reacts to Dave (movie))

  • Sky (movie): (angry) "You're not my boyfriend. You'll never be my boyfriend. And you have no chance of beating or dating me. GOT IT?!"

(this action makes Dave (movie) fall on the ground and shed tears, making everyone (reaction) comfort Dave (reaction) and frown at Sky (reaction) in disapproval)

  • Cody (reaction): (frowning) "That was really harsh, even for you."
  • Sky (reaction): (defending herself) "Hey, I didn't know he was trying to impress me. I was just angry."
  • Shawn (reaction): (frowning) "You still broke his heart and only cared about winning."

(then they see Sky (movie) just angrily stomp towards the group while Shawn (movie) shows sympathy for Dave (movie) but Max (movie) just laughs)

  • Max (movie): (laughing) "Oh my god, look at his face."

(however, this makes Shawn (movie) glare at Max (movie) in disapproval, while everyone (reaction) show the same looks towards Max (reaction))

  • Max (reaction): "What? He needs to get over it."

(this causes Shawn (reaction) to throw popcorn at him. Later, they see Sky (movie)'s audition tape)

  • Sky ((movie) video): (smiling) "Hi I'm Sky, I'm a gymnastic Olympian and I hope to win. When I do get on the show, I'll miss my boyfriend."

(Dave (movie), Shawn (movie), Jasmine (movie), and everyone (reaction) else gasp at this)

  • Cody (reaction): (angry) "Seriously, she had a boyfriend and cheated on Dave."

(later after hearing Sky (movie) complains about her elimination being unfair, Brandon (reaction) snaps)

  • Brandon (reaction): (enraged) "HOW IS THIS NOT FAIR????!!! AFTER EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE TO DAVE, SHAWN, AND ELLA???!!! GO F**K YOURSELF SKY!!!! SHAWN DESERVES TO WIN, NOT YOU!!! YOU BIG MUIQUISTO BREASTED TWO TIMING B***H A*S CRICKET A*S P***Y A*S S**T A*S MOTHERF****R! WANNA DO SOMETHING?! B***H A*S MOTHERF****R! (this makes everyone shocked by such a vulgar rant while Sky (reaction) gets angry and offended at this) WHY DON'T YOU LET IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM, ACCEPT YOUR LOSS, GO BACK HOME, AND SHUT THE F**K UP!"

(he then breathes in and out as Judette (reaction) and Frah (reaction) calm him down)

  • Judette (reaction): (sympathetic) "It's alright Brandon, just ignore her."
  • Frah (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah we're here."

(they kiss him on the cheeks and he settles happily in their embrace. After calming down, Brandon (reaction) sees Sky (reaction) glaring at him)

  • Brandon (reaction): (explaining) "This is why you weren't forgiven in the finale. When Shawn at least redeemed himself by wanting Jasmine to win, you were angry about losing and acted like a spoiled brat. All athletes would be embarrassed and ashamed of this."
  • Dave (reaction): (agreeing) "He's right, that proved that you cared more about the money than me or anyone else."

(Sky (reaction) looked down at this. Later after Sugar (movie) reveals her misdeeds, they were all angry)

  • Sammy (reaction): (angry) "It was your fault that I got blamed by Amy."
  • Sky (reaction): (also angry) "You caused my relationship with Dave."
  • Topher (reaction): (also angry) "You got me sabotaged."
  • Sugar (reaction): (scoffs) "Yeah, so what? You were just obstacles."

(that made them more angry. Later after hearing Sugar (movie)'s craptry song, everyone (reaction) hated it)

  • Cody (reaction): (disappointed) "That's the worst talent I've ever heard in my entire life."
  • Trent (reaction): (agreeing) "No wonder it's called craptry."
  • Geoff (reaction): (also agreeing) "I would never allow that at my parties."
  • Dave (reaction): (also agreeing) "I'm so glad that I didn't hear that song the first time."
  • Anne Maria (reaction): (also agreeing) "I've heard way better songs than that."
  • Lightning (reaction): (also agreeing) "Lightning's sha-ears need Q-tips after hearing that."
  • Sugar (reaction): (angry) "Hey, that was great. You don't even know any talent."

(however, they chanted no talent to that song, making her more angry)

Total Drama Supreme (T.V. Show)

(when Cody (movie) and Sammy (movie) start flirting, their friends (both movie and reaction) say "awe")

  • Beth (movie): (smiling) "I think they're gonna become a couple."
  • Trent (movie): (agreeing) "Yeah, he's probably found a real girlfriend. No offense Courtney."

(Courtney (movie) waves it off. Later during the first day, Sky (movie) is looking jealous of Dave (movie) sitting with Topher (movie) and Ella (movie), which is creeping him out. In the confessional, he talks about it)

  • Dave (movie): (worried) "She's a yandere, isn't she?"

(in another confessional, Sky (movie) giggled crazily)

  • Sky (movie): (giggling) "Yep, I am. Dave is mine and I can make that happen. I just want to make amends with him. You see, I was horrible to him and should've been honest with him. I broke up with Keith because he was threatening to go near Dave. I no longer for the money or winning, I just want Dave."

(Sky (reaction) smiled and was proud of her other self wanting to make amends. Later during the truth-or-dare challenge, Chris (movie) smirks at Cody (movie))

  • Chris (movie): (smirking) "Cody, did you ever use a condom when making out with Courtney?"
  • Cody (movie): (nervous) "Um, no."

(they all gasp and turn to Courtney (movie), who nods)

  • Courtney (movie): (nodding) "Cody, I'm pregnant."

(they all are shocked)

  • Cody (reaction): (shocked) "I'm gonna be a father."

(later at the mess hall, everyone are still shocked)

  • Cody (movie): (upset) "That was embarrassing."
  • Trent (movie): (shocked) "I can't believe you're gonna be a father."
  • Geoff (movie): (cheering) "Yeah, I'm gonna be an uncle."
  • Dave (movie): (smiling) "Your baby will be beautiful."

(he smiles at them. Later after Dave (movie) and Sky (movie) start kissing, the nice contestants (both movie and reaction) start cheering. Dave (reaction) and Sky (reaction) start blushing and they hold hands)

  • Dave (reaction): (blushing) "Can I date you again?"
  • Sky (reaction): (also blushing) "Yes Dave. I'm sorry for all the bad things I did. I love you."

(they then kissed, much to the nice contestants (reaction)'s happiness)

Total Drama World Race

(after seeing the Classmates (movie), Junior (reaction) and Taylor (reaction) high fived)

  • Junior (reaction): (smiling) "Ready Taylor?"
  • Taylor (reaction): (also smiling) "Ready."

(after seeing The Athletes (movie), they all cheer for them)

  • Dave (reaction): (cheering) "I'm on that show for the first time. I'm with my girlfriend Sky and my cousin-in-law Zane."

Total Drama Film Series Aftermath Finale

(after the couples (movie) are done making out, they still hear kissing. They look behind the bleachers and see Ezekiel (movie) and Allison (movie) making out, causing wide eyes. Paula (reaction) smirks at a groaning Graydon (reaction), who gives her 2 twenty bucks)

  • Paula (reaction): (grins smugly) "Way to go prairie boy!"

(the confessionals shows a lot of reactions)

  • Brandon (movie): (smiling) "I knew about it."
  • Cody (movie): (cheering) "Woohoo, Ezekiel's got a girlfriend."
  • Katie and Sadie (movie): (squealing) "HOW CUTE! EEEEEE!"
  • Harold (movie): (excited) "Awesome!"
  • Izzy (movie): (shrugs) "Meh, saw it coming from a mile away."
  • Junior (movie): (impressed) "Dude almost lucked out as much as me!"
  • Taylor (movie): (cheering) "OMG, you are such a lucky girl, Allison! Ezekiel is yummy, yummy, yummy for you!"
  • Amy (movie): (angry) "WHAT THE F**K'S WRONG WITH THAT B***H?!!!!"
  • Noah (movie): (stunned) "Uh, wow."
  • B (movie): (surprised) "Geez, that's so surprising, it's actually making me talk!"
  • Leshawna (movie): (smiling) "Good choice, ally."
  • Greg (movie): (shrugging) "After Jewel started being nice to me, nothing surprises me."
  • Bridgette (movie): (confused) "I thought he was crushing on ME."
  • Mrs. Beauregarde (movie): (smiling) "That's my little girl."
  • Duncan (movie): (smirking) "Way to be a playa homeschool."
  • Topher (movie): (impressed) "Lucky b*****d."
  • Dave (movie): (relieved) "Finally, he get's a girlfriend."
  • Sky (movie): (surprised) "Didn't see that coming."
  • Shawn (movie): (serious) "Just make sure to protect her from the apocalypse."

(later during the robbery, Frank (movie) holds Cody (movie) at gunpoint while Hank (movie) aims a gun at him)

  • Frank (movie): (glaring) "Now are we going to make a bargain or what?"
  • Hank (movie): (serious) "Put the weapon down now."

(however, he manages to aim right and pulls the trigger, shooting Frank (movie)'s head. Frank (movie) let's go of Cody (movie) and collapses to the ground)

  • Cody (movie): (surprised) "Holy s**t."

(Hank (movie) reloads his gun and also just stares at the body. After the video ends, Brandon (movie) is saddened by something)

  • Brandon (movie): (sad) "However, Chef Hatchet had died of his gun shot wound. (this makes everyone (both movie and reaction) gasp. Then he gives a salute) Despite hating the contestants, you knew when Chris was crossing the line and didn't approve of it. You would've been a better host. I salute you soldier."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) also salute, making Chef (reaction) shed a tear of joy)

  • Brandon (reaction): (saluting) "Rest in peace."
  • Chef (reaction): (smiling) "I will."

(later, Chris (movie) starts getting mean towards everyone (movie))

  • Chris (movie): (pointing at Cody (movie)) "You and that f**king b***h Samey only f**king became a f**king couple because you were f**king pitied. (Cody (movie) sighs while Sammy (movie) glares) You're so f**king weak that your f**king sister is f**king right to f**king abuse you. (Sammy (movie) cries while Cody (movie) comforts her and glares at Chris (movie). Then he points at Courtney (movie)) You are a f**king pain in the A.*.S. (Courtney (movie) gets upset and is comforted by Gwen (movie), who also glares. Then he says more insults/swears to everyone (movie) before making an evil confession) You f**king think I f**king care about some f**king romance and that other f**king good c**p? F**k no! I care about ratings, pain, torture, and power, you f**king r*****s. (this causes everyone (both movie and reaction) to gasp while Brandon (movie) and Don (movie) glare at him. Then Chris (movie) glares at Don (movie)) You f**king stole my f**king job. Total Drama is about pain, misery, torture, backstabbing, and abuse. Not hugs, kissing, and friendship. So yeah, I'm f**king disowning you. (then he smirks at Brandon (movie)) You are just a f**king geek that will never become a f**king hero and has f**king disappointed f**king God. Even that dead a** b*****d Dennis Keffer is f**king disappointed."

(this makes everyone (both movie and reaction) gasp and they see Brandon (both movie and reaction) angrily sheading tears)

  • Brandon (movie): (angrily sheading tears) "What... the f**k... did you... just say?"
  • Chris (movie): (smirking) "You f**king heard me. I f**king said that you are just a f**king geek that will never become a f**king hero and you have f**king disappointed your dead a** b*****d grandfather Dennis Keffer and God."

(this makes everyone (both movie and reaction) glare at Chris (movie))

  • Hank Anderson (movie): (angry) "That was really low McLean, even for you."
  • Chris (movie): (still smirking) "Says it from the r****d who hasn't f**king seen his f**king b*****d son in a f**king while."
  • Hank Anderson (movie): (angry) "That's because Frank stole that kid from me. And you're through here because you've abused my son long enough. I'm suing you for all those actions you've committed."

(the other parents and siblings agree)

  • Mong (movie): (agreeing) "You stay away from Chowder."
  • Cloud (movie): (agreeing) "You made poor Dave try to hurt my poor baby sister."
  • Margery (movie): (also agreeing) "You voted my daughter off of World Tour just for destroying your plane."
  • Cody (reaction): (glaring) "Oh yeah, Chris that was still really low."
  • Chris (reaction): (shrugging) "Oh whatever."
  • Chris (movie): (not caring) "What the f**k are you all gonna f**king do? F**king beat the f**king s**t out of me?"
  • Brandon (movie): (angry) "Nope but me and Don are."

(then the two men beat up Chris (movie) as everyone (both movie and reaction) cheer them on)

  • Leshawna (reaction): (cheering) "You show him who's boss."

(after the beat up, Tom McGillis (movie) appears glaring)

  • McGillis (movie): (glaring) "Chris McLean, for all the actions you've committed on this show, YOU'RE FIRED!"

(this makes Chris (movie) gasp while everyone (both movie and reaction) cheer)

  • Chris (movie): (shocked) "I can't be f**king fired, I'm the f**king star of this f**king show."
  • McGillis (movie): (shaking his head) "No you're not. The contestants are the real stars, you are one of the most hated characters of all history."

(then SWAT team arrives and grabs Chris (movie) while the mayor (movie) arrives)

  • Mayor (movie): (being serious) "Chris McLean, you are guilty of all charges and sentenced to life in prison."

(this makes everyone (both movie and reaction) cheer while Chris (movie) has a shocked look on his face. Outside, they see Chris (movie) being dragged towards a police van)

  • Chris (movie): (begging) "Oh no, not prison. Not for a famous handsome host. (he is then thrown in and the doors close. He then grabs the bars but glares at everyone (movie)) I will f**king have my f**king revenge you little s***s. (then the van starts driving away) You f**king hear me? I will f**king have my f**king revenge."

(once the van is gone, everyone (both movie and reaction) cheers. Inside, they tear down Chris (movie)'s statue and cheer. However, Geoff (movie) shows a ring to Bridgette (movie))

  • Geoff (movie): (smiling) "Bridgette, will you marry me?"
  • Bridgette (movie): (also smiling) "Yes."

(they share a kiss, making everyone (both movie and reaction) cheer. Later, a bearded Chris (movie) is visited by a smirking Brandon (movie))

  • Chris (movie): (glaring) "What the f**k do you f**king want?"
  • Brandon (movie): (smirking) "Just to inform you that I actually paid the producers to have them get evidence of your crimes and there was no contract of not being involved. They were contracts to having responsibility for these crimes. Also, I'm just a young actor from the South Park film series that you have p****d off."

(Duncan (movie), who was in a cell across from Chris (movie)'s most secure cell, just laughs)

  • Duncan (movie): (laughing) "This is too f**king much."
  • Chris (movie): (gasping) "It's you. Brandon Keffer-Robalik."
  • Brandon (movie): (smirking) "Uh yeah."

(everyone (reaction) else also recognize him)

  • Chris (reaction): (shocked) "It's you."
  • Brandon (reaction): (nodding) "Yep it's me, you ratings loving mother f****r."

(an angry Chris (movie) picks up a gun and aims it at him)

  • Chris (movie): (angry) "You are so gonna f**kin pay, you f**king c**ksucker! Nobody does this f**king s**t to me! You f**king stole my f**king job just to f**king kick me the f**k off my f**king show and f**king save your own f**king a*s! YOU'LL F**KING PAY FOR THIS, YOU F**KING LITTLE TRAITOROUS PIECE OF S**T!"

(he pulls the trigger but it's clicking)

  • Brandon (movie): (smirking) "Oh no bullets. You f**king stupid McLean? Anyway, Duncan has passed his sentence and is gonna be put into Courtney's custody. Sayonara."

(he then closes the secure cell door and laughs at the angry host while getting Duncan (movie) out of his cell)

  • Duncan (movie): (annoyed) "Hey, hey, hey, I can f**king walk by my f**king self, ya know?"
  • Brandon (movie): (stern) "Oh yeah? Well, you got your self a one-way ticket to "Get the h**l out of here Punko" land. Go on! Move it!"

(once they leave, an angry Chris (movie) starts screaming)


(Brandon (movie), Duncan (movie), and guards (movie) hear this but just chuckle)

  • Brandon (movie): (chuckles) "Spas."

Total Drama Presents: A Dramatic Life

(when they see Damian (movie), he gets a handshake from Brandon (movie))

  • Brandon (movie): (smiling) "Damian, glad you could make it. Also, nice job pranking Heather."
  • Damian (movie): (also smiling) "Thanks, she had it coming."

(later when Harold (movie) is team captain, his friends (both movie and reaction) cheer for him but Duncan (both movie and reaction) gets angry)


(the friendly contestants (both movie and reaction), Brandon (both movie and reaction), Marcus (both movie and reaction), Howie (both movie and reaction), Judette (both movie and reaction), and Frah (both movie and reaction) glare at him while the mean contestants (both movie and reaction) look like they want to burst into uncontrollable laughter. Leshawna (movie) stomps up to him)


(he is interrupted when Leshawna (movie) knees him hard in the groin)

  • Leshawna (movie): (smirking) "That, you white son of a b***h."

(Duncan (movie) crumples to the ground whimpering in agony while the nice contestants (both movie and reaction) laughs their a***s off)

  • Brandon (movie): (laughing) "Now that is good TV right there!"
  • Harold (movie): (agreeing) "Agreed."

(everyone (reaction) agrees and cheer for Leshawna (both movie and reaction). In the confessional, Brandon (movie) smiles)

  • Brandon (movie): (smiling) "Leshawna, from all those that have been hurt by Duncan, we thank you."

(the nice contestants (reaction) agree and high five her)

  • Leshawna (reaction): (smiling) "Honey, it was my pleasure. He had that coming."

(later at the elimination ceremony, Brandon (movie) is smiling)

  • Brandon (movie): (smiling) "It's pretty obvious who's going. (the nice contestants (both movie and reaction) nod and glare at Duncan (both movie and reaction)) However, we still have two people on the chopping block. Harold, you're on the chopping block because the mean contestants hate you for reasons unknown and not to mention, you once rigged the votes to kick Courtney off of season 1. (Harold (movie) sighs in regret at this which makes Brandon (movie) give an apology look for mentioning that before glaring with hatred at Duncan (movie)) Duncan, you don't need an introduction of your actions. (the punk just rolled his eyes but then Brandon (movie) smiles) However, we all know who's going home. (he gives a nod to Cook (movie), who nods back. He then throws a marshmallow and Harold (movie) manages to get it while Duncan (movie) is angered) Duncan, you've been voted off for all horrible actions which are mostly bullying, racial slurs, sexist behavior, starting fights, and etc."

(the nice contestants (both movie and reaction) are cheering but Cook (movie) is shocked by the second part)

  • Cook (movie): (shocked) "Racial slurs? Is this about my race?"
  • Brandon (movie): (nodding) "Yep, it was mostly that but don't worry, you get the honor to roughly take Duncan to the flush of shame, even though that's not the elimination device."

(Cook (movie) nods and smirks as he grabs the angered Duncan (movie) over his shoulder)

  • Duncan (movie): (angry) "Whatever, who needs this stupid show anyway. I'm still gonna get back at you little s***s, /N-Word/s, s***s, w****s, and c***s."

(however, an angered Cook (movie) just roughly throws him in the toilet and flushes him down. Later after hearing Dave (movie)'s problem with Sky (movie), everyone (reaction) seems to be worried)

  • Sky (reaction): (worried) "Dave must really be upset."

(later after Courtney (movie) is fine, they hear a baby crying. They see it's a girl and it looks like Courtney (movie). Everyone (both movie and reaction) say "awe" and Cody (movie) hugs them)

  • Cody (movie): (smiling) "Welcome to the world, Ellody."

(Ellody (movie) smiles at her parents and they have a hug with each other. The guys (reaction) smile at this while the girls (reaction) say "awe" and shed tears)

  • Bridgette (reaction): (crying) "That's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

Total Drama The Next Generation

(the future kids (reaction) arrive and they introduced themselves. Cody (reaction) and Sammy (reaction) smiled at meeting their children (reaction), who smiled back at them. Later after seeing Alex (movie), the girls (reaction) say "awe" and the guys (reaction) smile)

  • Cody (reaction): (smiling) "That's my boy."
  • Sammy (reaction): (also smiling) "I'm so proud to see him."
  • Brandon (reaction): (explaining) "He was raised by his uncles and aunts."
  • Lucy (reaction): (cooing) "He's so adorable."

(later after Lucy (movie) is introduced, Cody (reaction) scolds her)

  • Cody (reaction): (scolding) "Now, now Lucy, don't embarrass your brother."
  • Lucy (reaction): (sheepish) "Sorry dad."

(later after seeing Winter (movie), DJ (reaction) and Dawn (reaction) smile at her but they also chuckle at seeing Alex (reaction) crushing on her. The said young man blushed at his crush being revealed but Winter (reaction) giggled. Later after seeing Ian (movie), Courtney (reaction) is horrified but Duncan (reaction) laughs)

  • Duncan (reaction): (laughing) "That's my boy. You kick their a***s."
  • Ian (reaction): (smirking) "Thanks pops."

(he got glares for that but Brandon (reaction) was confused)

  • Brandon (reaction): (confused) "Wait a minute, he was born in 2013? (everyone (reaction) were also confused but then they find out what happened and glare at Duncan (reaction) in disgust) You sick son of a b***h, you should be in jail."

(later after Alex (movie) punches Ian (movie), everyone (reaction) cheers)

  • Cody (reaction): (cheers) "That's my boy."

(later after Carrie (movie) falls into a trap, she recognizes it and glares at Alex (movie), who notices and tries not to laugh)

  • Carrie (movie): (glaring) "I'll get you for this."
  • Alex (movie): (smiling) "But you look cute now."
  • Carrie (movie): (annoyed) "Don't call me cute. (she pokes him, causing him to purr before he tries to silence it. However, she heard and somehow smiled) Did you just-"
  • Alex (movie): (blushing) "No I didn't!"

(he runs away from her but she smirks, causing everyone (reaction) to be shocked and amused)

  • Trent (reaction): (amused) "No way."
  • Sammy (reaction): (cooing) "Aw, so cute."
  • Carrie (reaction): (smirking) "What is it you're hiding from us?"
  • Alex (reaction): (nervous) "Nothing."
  • Carrie (reaction): (stern) "Alex, don't lie to your cousin."
  • Alex (reaction): (blushing) "I hate it when people see me purr. It's embarrassing."

(later after the challenge is over, Alex (movie) tries to get away from Carrie (movie) but she caught onto him and started hugging him)

  • Carrie (movie): (smiling) "Come on, more purr."
  • Alex (movie): (upset) "No, no more purr."

(everyone (movie) was amused by this. Carrie (movie) pats his head)

  • Carrie (movie): (teasing) "There, there, kitty."
  • Alex (movie): (nervous) "Carrie no."
  • Carrie (movie): (grinning) "Carrie yes."
  • Alex (movie): (pleading) "Stop. (she then got him into her embrace and she started petting him, making him purr in embarrassment) I'm so embarrassed."
  • Carrie (movie): (happy) "Aw, so cute Alex."
  • Alex (movie): (annoyed) "I hate you."
  • Carrie (movie): (smiling) "I love you too, my kitty."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) were laughing or cooing)

  • Bridgette (reaction): (cooing) "Oh my gosh, that's so adorable."
  • Lindsay (reaction): (also cooing) "I want to pet him."
  • Carrie (reaction): (smiling) "Yep, he's like my little kitty."

(in the confessional, Ryder (movie) couldn't stop laughing)

  • Ryder (movie): (laughing) "That was so hilarious. Because of that, I'll be issuing purring time for a week."

(in another confessional, Alex (movie) looked so embarrassed)

  • Alex (movie): (embarrassed) "Oh my gosh, I cant believe everyone saw that. I'm so embarrassed. Aunt Bridgette, Aunt Gwen, and Aunt Sky caught me doing it and wouldn't stop making me purr."

(in all confessionals, the girls (movie) keep remarking about Alex (movie))

  • Girls (movie): (cooing) "He's so adorable. I just want to adopt him."

(the girls (reaction) agreed)

  • Bridgette (reaction): (giggling) "I would do that."
  • Gwen (reaction): (agreeing) "Me too."
  • Sky (reaction): (also agreeing) "Me three."
  • Alex (reaction): (embarrassed) "Please don't."

Total Drama All-Cast

(after hearing Devin (movie)'s story about Carrie (movie), Gwen (reaction) looks remorseful towards Mike (reaction) and Zoey (reaction))

  • Gwen (reaction): (remorseful) "I sincerely apologize for my daughter's behavior. I'll have a talk with her when she does that."

(later when everyone (movie) opens a RV but sees Ian (movie), making them (both movie and reaction) gasp)

  • Ian (movie): (smirking) "Hey there, b*****s and /censored/s. Look who's f**king back."

(they respond with gasps and glares)

  • Alex (reaction): (glaring) "Ian!"
  • Lucy (reaction): (also glaring) "What's that b*****d doing there?"

(Carrie (reaction) was one of the most angriest to that mohawked b*****d who kept stalking her and harassing her)

  • Ryder (movie): (angry) "Ian, what the h**l do you think you're doing here? We're in the middle of a challenge."
  • Ian (movie): (smirks evily) "Well, I f**king decided to pay the little s**t contestants and my f**king w***e of a mom a f**king visit for a sweet f**king revenge."

(Courtney (reaction) looked offended while Scott (reaction) and Ellody (reaction) glare)

  • Ryder (movie): (angry) "Well, get the h**l out of here. You have to stay in jail fair and square."
  • Ian (movie): (smirking) "I f**king think I'll f**king stick around, thank you very f**king much. You f**king see, I grew f**king tired of you cowardly and girly p****s. I f**king have to f**king toughen you the f**k up. And you can't f**king vote me off because I f**king have my f**king contract."

(Ian (movie) holds up a contract, which makes everyone (both movie and reaction) gasp)

  • Devin (reaction): (angry) "That's bulls**t!"
  • Carrie (reaction): (also angry) "He can't do this!"

(Ryder (movie) curses at this before relenting)

  • Ryder (movie): (sighs in annoyance) "Fine. Sorry people but Ian is back."
  • Carrie (movie): (angry) "That's bulls**t! He needs to stay in jail where he belongs."
  • Ryder (movie): (shrugging) "I don't make the rules, ma'am. I just follow them."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) says nothing but they still glare at Ian (both movie and reaction), who smirks evily. Zeke (reaction) looked shocked)

  • Zeke (reaction): (shocked) "Wait, he can actually do that, eh?"
  • Antonio (reaction): (upset) "Unfortunately, he can."

(they all groan in annoyance. Later when Alex (movie) stands up for Carrie (movie) by slapping Ian (movie) and shares a family moment with Carrie (movie), everyone (reaction) sheds tears at how beautiful it is)

  • Dawn (reaction): (crying) "That was beautiful."

(Carrie (reaction) hugs Alex (reaction), who blushed)

  • Carrie (reaction): (smiling) "Thanks Alex."
  • Alex (reaction): (also smiling) "No problem, Carrie."

(they hug each other, making everyone (reaction) sheds tears at this)

Audition Tapes

(after seeing Dave (movie)'s audition tape, Brandon (reaction) just laughs)

  • Brandon (reaction): (laughing) "I saw the show before seeing that and I saw him as a nice person who suffered rejection and betrayal."
  • Dave (reaction): (shrugging) "Didn't doubt that everyone will know me as a nice guy."