Total Drama Domination is a anime season of a another Total Drama Timeline. Warning: this might be for mature.


Cody and Bridgette start liking each other while Geoff helps pair them up. Meanwhile, they start finding ways to get rid of a new villain alliance.


(Chris, Don, Chef, and Blaineley appear)

  • Chris: "Hey what's up? Welcome to the new Camp Wawanakwa, where contestants from Total Drama will be in a crossover with contestants from that other show The Ridonculous Race, which is completely stupid. (Don glares at Chris) First up is Devin and my former daughter Carrie, Best Friends turned Lovers."

(they arrive and they are a 20-year-old couple who were childhood friends then turn into lovebirds)

  • Devin: (waving at Don) "Hey Don."

(Don waves, which causes Chris to glare in jealousy)

  • Carrie: (wondering) "Isn't this the show where heartbreaks happen because of a sadistic host?"
  • Chris: "Yep. Now anyway, next is my disgrace of an ex-son Cody, who is back after getting rejected several times because his ex-crush started dating a criminal and being a failure."

(Cody just groans which gives him a pat on the back by Devin and Carrie, who glare at Chris in disapproval while Cody glares at Chris in hatred)

  • Don: (disapproving) "That's really harsh you know."
  • Blaineley: (angry) "What the h**l's wrong with you?"
  • Cody: "Why can't Chris be a nice host like you?"
  • Chris: (shrugging) "Next is Courtney."

(Courtney arrives and smirks evily at Cody)

  • Courtney: (smirking) "Hey twerp, how you doing?"
  • Cody: (grins) "Fine, thanks for asking."

(everyone becomes surprised of how he handled that insult)

  • Cody: (crossing his arms) "I know me and her aren't on great on great terms but I really feel bad for her. She just got cheated on by Duncan. We both hate that guy so much. I guess I can handle a little abuse from her. Also, I should apologize for showing no sympathy."
  • Chris: (still surprised) "Okay... Next up is Dave, the normal guy who is afraid of germs. (Dave appears and stands with the others) Also here's his ex-crush, Sky."

(Sky nervously waves at Dave but he frowns and walks away)

  • Sky: (upset) "This is not gonna be easy. However, it shouldn't be because I treated him badly."
  • Chris: "Next we have Bridgette, the currently single surfer girl."

(Bridgette just stands with Cody and she stares at him)

  • Cody: (defending himself) "Don't worry, I'm not asking for any girl."
  • Chris: (smirking evily) "Not even Gwen? Who is here with Duncan right now."

(the couple are kissing but Cody just groans and starts getting upset. However, Gwen notices this)

  • Gwen: (feeling guilty) "Oh my g*d, sorry Cody."

(Cody ignores her and walks away making the others glare at the couple. Bridgette comforts Cody over it)

  • Sky: (feeling guilty) "Poor Cody. He reminds me of Dave. However, Cody and Gwen turned out okay while me and Dave didn't. I was voted off last time for mistreating Dave and I never got to say sorry to him."

(Don then angrily gets in Duncan's face)

  • Don: (angry) "Listen up bub. I've seen you on this show. Chris and Chef might tolerate you but I don't. I'm giving you a lot of penalties for your behavior. If you make any bullying moves or cause trouble, I'll send you home like sending coal to bad bratty kids. You got that. (Duncan rolls his eyes but nods) Okay. Stand over there and stay out of trouble."

(Duncan goes but gets hit with a rake, making everyone laugh. He growls and throws the rake away)

  • Chris: "Also we have Izzy."
  • Izzy: (cheering) "Woo-hoo, Izzy's back. (but then realizes something) Wait, WHERE'S MY ZEKE?!"
  • Chris: "Here he comes."

(Ezekiel arrives but is nervous and hides behind Izzy who affectionally pats his head)

  • Courtney: (angry) "Izzy. What are you doing with that sexist pig?"
  • Izzy: (explaining) "Don't worry, I taught him about the real world after we bonded at Playa de Losers."
  • Ezekiel: (agreeing) "H**l yeah, my Izzy."

(then they both start making out. Cody, Dave, and Devin smirk at Bridgette and Carrie who were annoyed)

  • Cody: (smirking) "We told you."
  • Dave: (also smirking) "Yeah, we did."
  • Devin: (also smirking) "Also, I think I hear $50 bucks coming."

(the two girls angrily pay them)

  • Chris: "Next up is-"

(he is interrupted by a happy Dave)

  • Dave: (happy) "Ella."

(Dave happily hugs Ella, who hugs him back. This makes Sky upset)

  • Dave: (happy) "Okay, I'm dating Ella."
  • Ella: (happy) "At last, I am with my prince."
  • Sky: (upset) "He choses a princess over me? (then she gets serious) No, I'm not letting this happen."
  • Chris: (frowning) "Okay, we have Ella, who I was going to introduce before I was interrupted."

(he glares at Dave, who just smirks and laughs)

  • Dave: (laughing) "Snooze you lose, jerk."

(this made a few people laugh)

  • Chris: (annoyed) "Next, we have zombie nut Shawn."

(Shawn arrives and gets a high five with Dave)

  • Shawn: (smiling) "What's cooking, good lookin?"
  • Dave: (also smiling) "Nothing cooking, home skillet."
  • Duncan: (raises his eyebrow) "Home skillet? No one says that no more."
  • Cody: (grumbling) "Says it from the guy who steals love lives."
  • Duncan: (angry) "What was that?"

(Gwen also looked at him)

  • Cody: (nervous) "Nothing. Just saying from the guy who scored two in the babeolympics."

(Gwen believed him and smiled but Duncan gave the 'I have my eye on you' sign and then closed his fist, much to Gwen's annoyance)

  • Don: "Moving on, we now have Mike and Dawn, who are now a couple. We also have Zoey and Cameron."

(Mike and Dawn arrive holding hands while Zoey looks jealous and Cameron looks happy for them but see everyone's surprised faces so Mike explains)

  • Mike: (explaining) "Me, her, and Cameron were hanging out at Zoey's house but we heard Zoey confessing to liking Duncan in All Stars and thinking my disorder is stupid, she even insulted my personalities and said I was pretending to have a disorder just to get attention. (they gasped and glare at Zoey, who was stunned that Mike hated her that much) I got sick and tired of her selfishness so I dumped her and decided to angrily run away while Dawn went after me. When she found me, I went to her house and we talked until she claims I had her. I smiled and she did too so we both just shared a kiss and became a couple. (the nice guys put thumbs up while the girls blush at this) Cameron even made a fake marriage proposal for us to be an actual couple. (they laugh at this and this made Cameron a little bit blush) However, Scott confronted us and threatened to r**e Dawn. I got defensive and tried to punch him but he grab my arm and threatened to break it. Dawn tried to stop him but he just smacked her away and just laughed at her crying face while he kicked Cameron in the face and slammed him into a wall. (they gasp at that and show sympathy for Dawn and Cameron. However, Zoey smirked at that) I saw their reactions in shock but then I glared at Scott, balled up my fist, and by the time he turned, I knocked him out in one punch. (they clap for him) When I saw her, I just asked if she's okay and she answered yes before she hugged me. After her parents called the cops on Scott and he was taken away, her parents approved of me and thanked me for knocking that jerk out. We became a new famous couple and we lived happily ever after, the end."

(nice people claps for his story)

  • Cody: (smiling) "Good job Mike. You just stood up for yourself and Dawn."
  • Bridgette: (being proud) "I'm so proud of him."
  • Cameron: (happy) "That's why it's great to be friends with him."
  • Zoey: (angry) "I came back to spend time with Mike but he leaves me for her? I will get him back one way or another."
  • Chris: "Moving on, we have Scott."

(Scott arrives but receives disgusted glares and slap to the face by Bridgette)

  • Bridgette: (disgusted) "That was for Dawn."

(then he sees Mike and Dawn, who glare at him. Scott shrugs and walks towards the others but is hit with a rake, making him grumble and throw it away while the others laugh)

  • Don: "Next, we have Greg, Gwen's younger brother."

(Greg arrives but receives a glare from Duncan)

  • Duncan: (angry) "YOU!"
  • Greg: (smirks) "What up, Dudcan? (then he smiles at Cody) Hey Cody, nice to see you."
  • Cody: (smiles back) "You too man."
  • Don: "Also we have Damien, Heather's kind-hearted younger brother."

(Damien arrives but receives glares from Duncan and Gwen. However, Greg greets him)

  • Greg: "Hey, I'm Greg."
  • Damien: "Nice to meet ya."
  • Don: "Next up we have the master of mad skills, Harold."

(Harold arrives and receives high fives from his friends)

  • Harold: "Booya, Harold is back."
  • Don: "Next we have Junior, the only cute and youngest contestant of Total Drama alongside Cody."

(Junior arrives, receives hugs from girls, and high fives from guys)

  • Devin: (smiling) "What up homie?"
  • Junior: (also smiling) "Nothing much."

(then Carrie hugs him)

  • Carrie: (smiling) "Hey, little homie. (then she kisses his cheek, earning some wolf whistles from the boys, which makes them blush. Carrie glares at Devin, who was joining the wolf whistling) Devin."
  • Devin: (sheepishly smiling) "Sorry homie."

(Ezekiel snickers)

  • Ezekiel: (snickering) "Whipped, eh. (however, Izzy hits him upside the head) Ow."
  • Izzy: (annoyed) "What was that, my Zeke?"
  • Ezekiel: (nervous) "Nothing, eh."
  • Damien: (snickering) "You're whipped too."
  • Chris: "Up next we have Scarlett."

(Scarlett arrives and kisses Shawn, earning a thumbs up from Dave)

  • Don: "Also we have Lindsay."

(Lindsay arrives and hugs Harold)

  • Harold: (smiling) "Lindsay."
  • Lindsay: (also smiling) "Harold."

(they kiss)

  • Don: "Wow, that's T.V. right there."
  • Cody: (agreeing) "Yeah, if only I could've done that."

(Bridgette pats his shoulder)

  • Bridgette: (smiling) "Some day you will."
  • Cody: (sad) "Doubt it. I loved Gwen but lost her to Duncan. (then he calms down) Well, time for me to shine."
  • Dave: (agreeing) "You said it. I was looking forward to actually winning. No more girl crushes because I actually have a girl."
  • Cody: (chuckling) "Yeah. I also heard that Chris can't find one because he got divorced. (then starts quietly laughing) Typical Chris."

(this earned him a glare from Chris as everyone else laughs at that joke. However, Don and Chef whisper to Chris)

  • Don: (whispering) "$30,000 dollars says that Cody will be dating Bridgette."
  • Chef: (also whispering) "No way man, $20,000 says he'll be dating Courtney."
  • Chris: (also whispering) "Deal but $10,000 bucks says he'll be dating Gwen or Kendall."

(however, Cody is serious)

  • Cody: (serious) "However, I'm not here for a relationship. I'm here to win and make friends. I'm not the so-called pervert anymore. For far too long, some of my teammates treated me like a sidekick but now not anymore. I'm getting even."
  • Dave: (agreeing) "Yeah, Sky treated me like a throw away prize and toy. It's time we get even with those that wronged us."
  • Harold: (also agreeing) "I hear ya, my team used to pick on me, laughed at me, and didn't care if I died. I'm also getting even."

(their fellow victims also agree and cheer)

  • Don: (continuing) "Then we have Cody's older sister Sammy."

(Sammy arrives and hugs Cody)

  • Sammy: (smiling) "Little brother."
  • Cody: (also smiling) "Big sister."

(the others say "Aww". However, Amy arrived and glared at the siblings)

  • Chris: (smirking) "Here is Amy, Cody and Sammy's abuser."

(the nice contestants booed at her and she flipped them off before Ezekiel spits on her)

  • Ezekiel: (angry) "B***h."

(everyone was shocked by this and Amy was so angry that she gave him a fine)

  • Amy: (angry) "Here's a $20 fine. (however, Ezekiel crumpled it up and ate it. Amy gave him another fine) Here's another one."

(Ezekiel crumpled it up again and ate it again. He also flipped her off)

  • Ezekiel: (angry) "Go f**k yourself, you mole-faced, f****t-a** b***h."

(Amy was stunned while Cody and his friends start laughing and Izzy cheers him on. Even mean people like Duncan, Scott, and Zoey were laughing)

  • Cody: (laughing) "Oh man, I wish it was recorded. Oh wait, it is."
  • Sammy: (laughing so much that she falls off her seat but is still laughing while kicking her legs)
  • Nice Contestants: (laughing)
  • Amy: (swearing up a storm and due to some kids watching this, we have to censor it)
  • Bridgette: (worried) "Where did Zekey learn such language?"

(once the laughter stops, Amy gets enraged)

  • Amy: (enraged) "YOU LITTLE B*****D! HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME!"

(however, Ezekiel still flips her off)

  • Ezekiel: (annoyed) "Eat my fudge, f**k nut."

(they still laugh but later calm down when Kendell McLean arrives)

  • Chris: (smirking) "Here comes my favorite daughter Kendell McLain, who is here to teach her deadbeat former brother a lesson."

(they all were confused so Sammy explains)

  • Sammy: (explaining) "I was at a party but the drinks were spiked so I didn't drink. However, Amy dragged Cody to her room. When I went there, she was r****g him. However, I knocked her out and got Cody out of there. When we were outside, I comforted him and he thanked me while explaining to me that he ran away from home. I followed him to his house and saw him trying to explain to his parents that he was r***d but they instead slapped him and accused him of lying before telling him to go to his room. They instead were more focused on his biological sibling Kendell McLean, who happens to be a disrespectful brat. They gave Cody's birth rights to her, disowning him. (the nice people gasp and feel bad for Cody while Carrie patted him on the back in sympathy) When I heard this, I was angry but Cody heard them, yelling that he hates them, and ran away from the house. I found him and comforted him but we found some sibling adoption papers and I'm now legally his sister. I also disowned Amy for being a r****t. Me and Cody spend our eternal lives as siblings and lived happily ever after, The End."

(their friends clap for them but still cry for Cody. Don angrily punches Chris)

  • Don: (angry) "You b*****d. You're nothing but a monster."
  • Chris: (smirking) "So what? I could've edited the show to make Cody look like a pervert who stole Gwen's bra."

(however, Bridgette holds up the tape and breaks it in half)

  • Bridgette: (smirking) "Oops."

(Cody smiles and hugs Bridgette)

  • Cody: (smiling) "Thank you, Bridge. (then he realizes what he's doing and let's go of the blushing surfer girl) Sorry."
  • Bridgette: (smiling) "It's okay."
  • Bridgette: (confessing) "Okay fine, I'm in love with him. The way he flirted with me on the first day was just so romantic and made me blush. My goal here is to be his girlfriend. Unlike that b***h Gwen, I like Cody for who he is."
  • Dave and Courtney: Dave: (Dave is smiling while Courtney is scowling) "I told you. Give me the $90."
  • Courtney: (scowling) "Fine here. (she pays him) D**n you Bridgette."

(Dave laughs while Courtney still scowls)

  • Ezekiel: (confused) "Why are people making bets, eh?"
  • Devin: (shrugs) "Because we got nothing better to do."
  • Gwen: (angry) "Bridgette, keep your hands off my Cody."

(Kendell arrives and she is a 22-year-old spoiled brat that acts like a whiny child and is a big fan of that critically panned T.V. show Caillou. She has red hair, wears a red t-shirt with a yellow tank top on, a yellow skirt, and black shoes. She glares at Cody)

  • Kendell: (glaring) "Ugh, why are you here? This is my show, not yours."
  • Cody: (also glaring) "I hate you too, you little s**t. I bet Carrie and her boyfriend would defeat you and your boyfriend. (then he smirks) Oh wait, you don't have one."

(his friends say "OOOOHHHHH" at her while she glares at him but Gwen then comes towards Cody)

  • Gwen: (annoyed) "Cody, this girl is my friend and I want you to get along with her."
  • Cody: (glaring) "No, not after what she did to me. You were there for me too when that happened but you want me to get along with her? No way."
  • Gwen: (upset) "But Cody-"
  • Cody: (interrupted) "No. Gwen, I love you and all but I'm never working together with her. Sammy's one of the only sisters that love me and took care of me."

(Sammy smiles and becomes happy when Topher arrives)

  • Don: (smiling) "Here comes my son Topher."

(Topher hugs Cody and Sammy while Don also hugs them but everyone was shocked)

  • Sky: (shocked) "No f**king way, your Don's son?"
  • Topher: (nodding) "Yep and don't worry, we're nothing like Chris. Sammy informed us of what Chris did. Excuse me for a moment. (he went up to Chris and kicked him where the sun don't shine) That's for sabotaging me in Pahkitew Island and disowning your own son for no reason."

(Cody and Sammy cheered for him and hug him. When the cheering is done, Don continues the introduction)

  • Don: (continuing) "Here comes Amber McLean, Chris' ex-daughter."

(Amber arrives and she is a 18-year-old musician who loves rock-n-roll. She has blue hair with a ponytail, a black tank-top, black sweats, and black boots. She glares at Chris and Kendall while sighing sadly at Cody, who didn't want anything to do with her)

  • Amber: (explaining) "I only came on this show just to make it up to Cody and reunite with him. It's not gonna be easy."
  • Greg: (shocked) "Woah, Cody is Amber's younger brother? (then he smiles) Maybe he can ask her to perform at the amphitheater for a concert."

(Chris continues the introductions while recovering from the kick to the groin)

  • Chris: (continuing) "Now we have Jakub McLain, my eldest son and Zoey's new boyfriend."

(Jakub arrives and he is a 29-year-old criminal with blonde hair, a stubborn, a blonde chin hair, a red tank top, black leather jacket, black jeans, and black shoes. He kisses Zoey, much to the others' disgust)

  • Mike: (disgusted) "Get a room you two."
  • Dawn: (also disgusted) "Such an ugly aura."
  • Cameron: (also disgusted) "I did not need to see that."

(however, Zoey accidentally lost a piece of paper and it went to Gwen, Dawn, and Bridgette. It was a plan to date Jakub, Mike, Cody, and Duncan at the same time. They were angered by this and didn't want her anywhere near them. They also are close to Cody and didn't trust Zoey)

  • Zoey: (confessing) "I actually like four boys in a relationship with me. I have Jakub right now but soon I will take Mike from that b***h Dawn, Cody from that w***e Bridgette, and Duncan from that s**t Gwen."
  • Dawn: (angry) "Stay away from Mike and Cody."
  • Bridgette: (also angry) "How dare that b***h try to steal Cody."
  • Gwen: (also angry) "She better stay away from Duncan and if she gets her hands on my Cody. (she punches her hand and says "Bla-Bam" but then smiles at the Cody part) My Cody. Has a nice ring to it."

(Chef continues the introductions)

  • Chef: (continuing) "Here comes Brick MacArthur, our favorite army cadet."

(Brick arrives and his friends salute him, which he returns)

  • Brick: (saluting) "Brick MacArthur reporting for duty, sir."
  • Chef: (serious) "At ease, soldier. Go stand with the others."
  • Brick: (nodding) "Sir yes sir."

(Brick goes to stand with the others and the nice contestants shake hands with him)

  • Chef: (continuing) "Now here comes my son DJ Hatchet."

(DJ arrives and shares a hug with Cody)

  • Cody: (smiling) "Good to see you DJ."
  • DJ: (also smiling) "Good to see you too Cody."

(the other nice contestants also share a hug)

  • Don: (continuing) "Here comes Clark McLain, reporter of the Daily Planet."

(Clark arrives and he is a 27-year-old reporter who looks like a teenager with black hair, glasses, a blue Superman t-shirt, blue jeans, a black reporter hat, and notepad. Clark went up to Cody and hugged him)

  • Clark: (smiling) "Good to see you Cody."
  • Cody: (also smiling) "You too, Clark."
  • Don: (continuing) "Next up we have Jane McLain, a high school teacher."

(Jane arrives and she is a beautiful 25-year-old young adult with long black hair, a gorgeous smile on her face, a black and white striped shirt, a white short sleeved jacket, and white jeans. She went up and hugged Cody. She kept kissing his head)


(Junior sees Carrie in a green bikini sunbathing while Cody is in his swim trunks and with Bridgette in her blue two-piece swimsuit sleeping in his lap)

  • Junior: (blushing and sighing) "Wow, she is so hot."
  • Cody: "She's already taken."
  • Junior: "Don't worry, I won't ruin that."

(Duncan arrives)

  • Duncan: (smirking) "Hey kid, $50 says you steal her bikini top."
  • Junior: (nervous) "I don't know if I should."
  • Cody: (touching Junior's shoulder) "You shouldn't because it's wrong and illegal."
  • Duncan: (holding up money) "Money don't lie kid, so what do you say?"
  • Junior: (sighing in defeat) "Fine, I'll do it. (he sneaks up to Carrie but whispers) Sorry Carrie."

(Junior steals her bikini top)

  • Carrie: (looking at her chest) "Hey what the?"
  • Devin: (worried) "What's wrong homie? (then sees Carrie's chest and blushes) Woah, where's your bikini top?"
  • Carrie: (sees Junior) "Junior? (then sees her bikini top and glares) Hey, give that back."

(she chases after him but he evades capture and shows the top)

  • Junior: (showing it) "I did it."
  • Duncan: (paying him $50 but takes the top) "Wait until Gwen wears this."

(Junior glares at Duncan in response but sees an angry Carrie still running, so he starts running. Later, the others see Carrie glaring at a nervous Junior, making Bridgette, Harold, Trent, Dave, and Shawn look at Cody)

  • Dave: (curious) "What the h**l's wrong with her?"
  • Cody: (explaining) "At the beach, Duncan paid Junior $50 to take Carrie's bikini top and he did but Duncan kept it and started waiting until Gwen wears it."

(they frown at this explanation. Kitty wonders about Junior)

  • Kitty: "Hey kid, don't I recognize you?"
  • Junior: "I don't know, maybe."
  • Kitty: (gasped) "Wait a second, when I was 8, I babysat you."
  • Junior: (gasped) "Oh no, you're my former babysitter."
  • Kitty: (happy) "Junior, it's been so long."

(Kitty hugs Junior and is happy but Junior isn't. Duncan and Gwen start talking with Jakub, Geoff, and DJ)

  • Duncan: "Hey listen Jakub, Gwen gave us new plans: leave Cody alone, get rid of Courtney, and start causing trouble."
  • Jakub: "Uh dude, why leave Cody alone?"
  • Duncan: "She's friends with him."
  • Gwen: "And you should keep him out of this. Let's have an alliance with him to vote off Courtney."
  • Geoff: "But he feels bad for her because Duncan cheated on her."
  • Gwen: "But she did bad stuff to him."
  • Jakub: "He found out about the alliance earlier but he said no."

(Gwen just groins in annoyance. Later, Duncan sees Cody, Trent, Dave, Devin, and Junior hanged upside down)

  • Duncan: (evil laughing) "Well, well, I guess I got five losers. (he steals Junior's baseball cap and notices Cody has Courtney's necklace) What have we here? Courtney's necklace."

(Duncan takes the necklace)

  • Cody: (eyes widen) "Hey, give that back Duncan."
  • Duncan: (smirking) "Finders keepers. Maybe I'll destroy this right in front of her."
  • Cody: (glaring) "You wouldn't dare."
  • Duncan: (evil laughs) "I would. Later gents. (he leaves but first looks at Cody) Oh and P.S., Gwen says I'm a better kisser."

(his evil laughing causes the five boys to glare at him. Later DJ, Tom, Brick, Carrie, Bridgette, and Kitty find the boys)

  • Kitty: (worried) "You guys okay."
  • Junior: (annoyed) "Fine, fine, no thanks to Duncan."
  • Cody: (angry) "Ugh, I hate him so much."
  • Trent: (also angry) "Me too."
  • Dave: (also angry) "How dare he leave us hanged upside down on a dirty tree."
  • Devin: (also angry) "He also paid Junior to steal my girlfriend's bikini top."
  • Carrie: (shocked and enraged) "It was Duncan's idea, huh? Oh, I'm gonna kill him."
  • Cody: (serious) "Let's get him."

(Later, Gwen confronts Cody)

  • Gwen: "Hey Cody, do you want to be in an alliance with me, Duncan, Jakub, Geoff, and DJ?"
  • Cody: (wondering) "Who are we voting off?"
  • Gwen: "Courtney, Heather, and Harold."

(Courtney glares at Gwen)

  • Cody: (sighs) "No."
  • Gwen: (shocked) "What? Why?"
  • Cody: (explaining) "One, I feel bad for Courtney and think that you need to apologize. Two, Heather has changed her ways and hasn't done anything bad this season. Three, Harold didn't do anything wrong at all and you guys are just wanting to torture him for no d**n reason."

(Don arrives)

  • Don: "Cody, who do you give immunity to?"

(Gwen whispers to Cody)

  • Cody: "Gwen, Harold, Heather, Courtney, and Bridgette."

(Gwen and the others, especially Courtney, show shocked faces)

  • Gwen: (shocked) "What, seriously?"
  • Duncan: (also shocked) "What the h**l?"

(then Cody goes up to Duncan)

  • Cody: (yells for Lorenzo) "Ready with that standee, Lorenzo?"
  • Lorenzo: (carrying a standee and holding a thumb up) "Ready."
  • Cody: "Alright, NOW! (Lorenzo shows Duncan the standee and scares him while Cody glares at the punk) Now some unfinished business. (cracking his knuckles) This is for feeding me to a dingo. (punches Duncan in the face and takes Sam's game guide away from Duncan) This is for voting off Bridgette. (jabs Duncan's eyes with his fingers and takes Bridgette's ponytail away from Duncan) This is for hanging me and the boys upside down. (rams his elbow on Duncan's head and takes Tyler's headband away from Duncan) This is for torturing Harold. (gives Duncan a wedgie and takes Harold's glasses away from Duncan) This is for bribing Junior to steal Carrie's bikini top, even stealing his baseball cap. (spanks Duncan with a paddle and takes Carrie's bikini top away from Duncan) This is for stealing Courtney's necklace. (slaps Duncan across the face and takes Junior's baseball cap away from Duncan) Oh that reminds me, I'll be taking that. (takes Courtney's necklace from Duncan and smirks) Thank you. Oh and this is for cheating on Courtney during World Tour."

(kicks Duncan in the kiwis and everyone is shocked to hear him stand up for Courtney but happily get their stuff back)

  • Carrie: (hugging Cody) "Thanks Cody."
  • Junior: (also hugging Cody) "Yeah man, you're the best."
  • Cody: (hugs them back) "No problem."

(he then sees Gwen shocked)

  • Gwen: (shocked) "Cody?"
  • Cody: (nervous) "Gwen, I'm sorry but..."

(luckily he was interrupted when an angry Chef appears with a meatball launcher)


(this made everyone cringed while Cody, Devin, and Lorenzo gave scared later sheepish looks)

  • Devin: (sheepishly smiling) "Well then allow me to say this; arrivederci! (then starts running before turning to Cody and Lorenzo) Let's skedaddle guys!"

(the two boys also run away with the angry co-host hot on their trail. Later, Dave is confronted by Sky)

  • Dave: (curious) "What is it Sky?"
  • Sky: (nervous) "I want to apologize for how I treated you last season. My head was totally in the game but now, I want to be your girlfriend. So what do you say?"

(Cody, Devin, Lorenzo, Junior, Trent, Harold, Noah, and Ella were seeing this and was waiting for his reaction. Dave sighs)

  • Dave: (sighs) "I'm sorry Sky but I can't be your boyfriend."
  • Sky: (frowning) "WHY NOT?!"
  • Dave: (explaining) "Because I've moved on. I love Ella. She was the only girl that ever loved me for who I am. She calms me down with her singing. She doesn't care about the money and wouldn't dump me for it. She would be happy if I confessed that I care about her more than money. You on the other hand would just not stand being around me and dump me for not caring about the contest or money. Heck, you even insulted my friend's dream. Sure a zombie bunker could be ridiculous but it became cool. However, Jasmine and Sugar's dreams are very terrible. You're just not the right girl. Ella is more nicer and beautiful. I don't know why Sugar hates her. Also, Ella's a better singer."

(they all just got amazed that he rejected Sky. However, she gets upset and punches him)

  • Sky: (upset) "How could you just move on?"

(however, he runs away from her and finds Ella, who is smiling)

  • Ella: (smiling) "Did you mean what you said back there?"
  • Dave: (nodding) "Yes I did. Ella, I love you and I will never dump you for Sky. You love me for me while I feel the same."

(they kiss, making their friends clap for them but Sky sees this and is heartbroken. Later, Zoey sees Sky crying in bed)

  • Zoey: (showing sympathy) "What's wrong Sky?"
  • Sky: (still crying) "It's Dave."
  • Zoey: (still comforting her) "What about him?"
  • Sky: (still crying) "He kissed Ella after me and him had an argument."

(Zoey gasped and tells Shawn, Scarlett, and Jasmine)

  • Shawn: (surprised) "I'm happy for them but I don't believe he would hurt Sky."

(Scarlett agrees)

  • Jasmine: (angry) "When I find Dave, I'll slap some sense into him."
  • Shawn: (stopping Jasmine) "Whoa, there must be a good explanation for this."

(Later, Shawn and Scarlett warn Dave)

  • Shawn: (worried) "Dave, you better run from Jasmine."
  • Dave: (confused) "What's going on?"
  • Scarlett: "She knows about you and Ella."
  • Dave: (wide-eyed) "Oh crud."

(Later, Sky, Amy, Dave, and Stacy are on the chopping block)

  • Chris: "Dave you're on the chopping block for rejecting Sky."
  • Dave: (defending himself) "Hey, I'm already dating Ella, who you try to vote off for singing."
  • Chris: "Whatever. Amy, for r**ping Cody. (everyone glares at Amy, who doesn't care) Stacy, for being annoying. (everyone glares at Stacy) Sky, for punching Dave and freaking out. (Sky looks upset) However, you and Dave are safe. (Sky and Dave happily catch their marshmallows while Shawn, Noah, Dave, and Ella glare at Sky but are happy that Dave's safe) Campers, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to... (While dramatic music plays, Stacy and Amy glare competivly at each other but Chris grins evily) Amy."

(everyone all sigh in relief that Stacy is eliminated)

  • Don: (sighs in relief) "Thank goodness."

(they take her to the flush of shame while everyone (except Gwen) glares at Amy)

  • Bridgette: (glares) "You might've gotten lucky but this ain't over."
  • Amy: (flipping her off) "Whatever."

(when Amy takes a shower, Bridgette, Carrie, Junior, Sammy, and Dave tapes a sewer hose to the shower and start giggling)

  • Carrie: (giggling) "Ready, my little homie?"
  • Junior: (also giggling and winking) "Ready."

(Junior turns the handle and Amy is heard screaming while the four pranksters start laughing at her misfortune. At Cody's cabin, Cody is sitting on his bed looking at a 8muses version of Total Drama and he is smiling at it but hears the door open and quickly hides the phone. However, he hears screaming coming from the shower and snickers at this)

  • Cody: (snickering) "You guys put sewage in the shower?"
  • Bridgette: (winking and laughing) "Yep."

(Cody also laughs in response. The next morning, Chris greets the campers)

  • Chris: (grinning) "Good morning, campers. (then, Chris sniffs and gags at Amy's scent) Oh mother of Latino, what's that stinch?"
  • Amy: (crosses her arms and is annoyed) "I was having a good shower until some people put sewage in the drain."

(The pranksters, along with everyone, just laugh in response, while Duncan angrily comes in with no Mohawk)

  • Duncan: (angry) "Alright, who cut off my Mohawk?"

(everyone just continues to laugh while Cody winks at the camera and the episode ends, implying that he cut Duncan's Mohawk off. The next episode, the recap starts)

  • Chris: "Yesterday on Total Drama Domination, original and new contestants are doing an all-stars season. My weakling ex-son Cody got in a conflict with Duncan, Gwen's boyfriend."
  • Don: "But with help of Lorenzo and some others, he stood up to Duncan but was witnessed by Gwen. However, Chef interrupted and just unknowingly avoided a conflict."
  • Chef: "And Dave got in a relationship with Ella, which is sweet but not for Sky."
  • Chris: "At the end, I spared Amy for ratings and voted off Stacy for her annoying chit chat."
  • Don: "However, Amy got karma by getting a sewage in the shower for abusing her siblings. Also Duncan's Mohawk is missing because it got cut off by someone."
  • Chris: "Who will go home? And who will win? Find out on TOTAL! DRAMA! DOMINATION!"

(after the opening credits, Cody wakes up but sees Bridgette sleeping peacefully and decides to rub her hair, which makes her blush and smile. He then sees Ella sleeping with a teddy bear and takes a picture of this adorable scene. Then he silently snickers at Topher, who has his chest on the bed, his left arm over his head, his right hand on the bottom of the pillow, and is drooling. He takes a picture of this funny scene. The next part makes him silently laugh uncontrollably, his older sister Sammy has her left leg out of the blanket, her right arm on the pillow, left side of the night shades is opened revealing her left eye, and her night shirt reads, "PIAT D". Cody takes a picture of this then comes to the next room but is scared by it. Shawn is not even sleeping, he's just standing there staring and is holding a cup of coffee. Cody just leaves his room and hangs out with Mike, Dawn, Trent, Junior, Devin, Carrie, Dave, Ella, Harold, and Lindsay but then they hear Bridgette moaning happily)

  • Bridgette (sleeping): (happily moaning) "Come here Cody. My precious Cody. How I love you so much. You are so adorable. Gwen can't hurt you anymore. Oh Cody, we can finally kiss."

(this makes them silently gasp in surprise but Cody shrugs and kisses her on the forehead, making her blush. At the mess hall, Cody is approached at his table by Courtney)

  • Courtney: (sweetly) "I want to thank you for what you did."

(Courtney hugs Cody and sits next to him until Duncan and Gwen arrives)

  • Gwen: (worried) "Cody, I think you hate Duncan?"
  • Cody: (nervous) "No, I was just mad that he stole people's stuff."
  • Gwen: (relieved) "Thank goodness. (but becomes curious) Hey Cody, do you approve of me and Duncan?"

(Cody then becomes nervous while his friends becomes worried but Courtney wants him to tell the truth. He takes one last time to breath and then speaks)

  • Cody: (nervous) "Whatever makes you happy, I'm happy."

(Courtney face palms while the others are surprised. Then Gwen hugs Cody and kisses his forehead. When she leaves, Cody smiles sadly while the others become worried but Jane approaches him and smiles)

  • Jane: (smiling) "I'm so proud of you, little brother."

(she ruffles his hair, softening him up. Then curiosity got to Geoff)

  • Geoff: (curious) "Hey Duncan, why'd you cheat on Courtney anyway? I thought you were a good couple."
  • Duncan: (explaining) "You don't understand what it was like to date her. Yeah, she was hot and all but then she became too competitive and questioned my friendship with Gwen. And don't get me started on her list! Going on and on about how I'm not perfect because of 47 'flaws' that I have! No one is perfect! Why couldn't she accept it?! I was getting tired and sick of her trying to control my life! So I had no choice but to break up with her for good."
  • DJ: (shrugs) "You still should've told her."
  • Duncan: (annoyed) "And what? Get hit in the kiwis?"

(this makes the males think about it and wince at that thought. However, Courtney cries at that information)

  • Courtney: (crying) "But I wanted to change you because I didn't want you in jail. I still cared for you."
  • Duncan: (shrugging) "You put too many limitations on me, you were highly demanding, a**l retentive, and I just lost interest, I guess."

(Courtney becomes shock and more upset but Cody comforts her while he glares at Duncan for that excuse. Actually, a few people are glaring at the punk in disgust, even Martin is disgusted)

  • Martin: (disgusted) "Duncan, that was a low blow."
  • Duncan: (scoffs) "Like you're a saint."
  • Martin: (annoyed) "Well, there's a line that should never be crossed and I take that advice so why don't you think I didn't get voted off. And besides, I'm mean to a few annoying people, not girls."
  • Duncan: (arguing) "Hey, she had it coming for a long time. With her list of things about trying to change me into a nice guy. She can go suck someone's d**k or kiss someone's a*s. Because she's the worst s****y w***e that has ever happened to me."

(everyone gasped at this language, causing Courtney to cry as a few people comforted her. Martin tries to kill Duncan but is stopped by Jane. Later in the dodgeball challenge, Courtney and Sanders sees Cody trying the same trick he used last time)

  • Courtney: "You're using the same trick?"
  • Cody: "Yep."

(however, Cody is electrocuted leaving Courtney and Sanders worried)

  • Courtney: (worried) "You okay?"
  • Cody: (laughs crazy) "That was fun."

(everyone looks at Cody but Izzy smiles)

  • Izzy: "Cool, he's now like me."
  • Scarlett: (explaining) "Guys, I think that electricity is hitting his brain. He must becoming able to get all of our personalities. (gasps) He has MPD."
  • Cody: "Cool, I should try it again. (Cody gets shocked again. He starts flexing his muscles) Aw yeah, Cody is the sha-champion. Sha-yeah."

(everyone groans)

  • Jo: "Oh great, he's turned into Lightning."

(Cody is electrocuted again)

  • Cody: (laughing) "Dude, maybe after this we should party."
  • Geoff: (agreeing) "Aw yeah."
  • Both: (fist bumping) "Boom."

(Bridgette giggles)

  • Bridgette: "That is totally Geoff."

(Cody is electrocuted again)

  • Cody: (whining) "I hope this is clean."
  • Dave: (snickering) "Too much me."

(Cody is shocked again)

  • Cody: (confused) "What am I supposed to do again?"
  • Tyler: (also snickering) "Too much Lindsay."

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: "Experiumius."
  • Dave: (groans) "Too much Leonard."

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: "Maybe we should go to the beach."
  • Bridgette: (cheers) "Yes, he finally got my personality."

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: (speaking Australlian) "Good eye mates."
  • Bridgette: "That's Jasmine or Manitoba Smith."
  • Cody: "Hey shelia, I guess the real treasure is here now."
  • Bridgette: (blushing and giggling) "Oh, thank you."

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: "Hey, how is someone supposed to get a tan around here, huh."
  • Zoey: (groans) "Vito."
  • Anne Maria: (happy) "Vito's back."
  • Cody: "Hey Anne Maria."

(Bridgette cringes of jealousy but Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: (sees a cockroach) "Oh don't worry, you're safe now, little one."

(Bridgette and Dawn say "awe" but Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: "I don't know what to do, eh."
  • Izzy: "Cool, Ezekiel 2.0"

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: "Like oh my gag, this hurts."
  • Sammy: "Oh no, Amy."

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: "We need Courtney for challenges because she was a C.I.T."
  • Courtney: (giggles) "Ok too much me."

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: (cracking his knuckles) "I hate surprises."
  • Harold: "Oh great another Duncan."

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: "Why do I have to get hurt, gosh?"

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: "Yo Duncan, stop being a poo head."
  • Lorenzo: (snickering) "Ok too much us." (Chet laughs in agreement)

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: (singing) "Oh, that's why I love you, baby."
  • Ella: "That's totally me. And I mean the personality."
  • Dave: (smiling) "I know Ella. You and Cody are two of the most innocent contestants ever and would never have an affair."

(Cody gets shocked again then starts beatboxing)

  • Dave: "Too much Beardo."

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: "Hey can I have a taser? Because it's taser time."
  • Sanders: "Too much MacArthur."

(Cody gets shocked again)

  • Cody: (normal again) "Woah, what just happened? (but then shrugs) Oh well, guess I'll party with Geoff before surfing with Bridgette."

(Geoff and Bridgette smile at this and high-five. Later, Cody was walking by a closet but heard mumbling behind it. He opened it and found Bridgette bound and gagged with tape and stripped to her underwear. They both blushed but he unties her and he smiles)

  • Cody: (smiling) "Are you okay?"
  • Bridgette: (also smiling) "Yes, thanks to you my hero. (she kisses his mouth) That's for saving me. (she notices Cody's "little friend" getting larger and smirks) Like what you see?"

(Cody blushed but then sees what she's looking at and covers it up. She takes him to their cabin to change into their swimsuits and gave a secret wink to Jane, who winks back. Later, Chris asks Gwen a question)

  • Chris: (smirks evily) "Gwen, did you actually love Cody?"
  • Gwen: (annoyed) "Hey, I love him as a little brother. My interaction with him is none of everybody's business."

(however, she gets zapped, much to everyone's shock. Don asks Dave a question)

  • Don: (smiles) "Dave, do you really love Ella with all your heart and soul?"
  • Dave: (smiling) "Yes, I do. Ever since I met her, she was one of the only people who stood up for me. When I was yelled at by Sky, she stood up for me and sang for me. That when I realized that I loved her. When she saw me getting hurt by my a**hole parents, she stood up to them and called the police. I could never cheat on her or break up with her. I have three words for her. (he then looks at Ella) I love you."

(all the girls say awe and Ella hugs him. Chris asks Cody a question)

  • Chris: (smirks evily) "Who was the first person that you and Dave saw naked?"

(Cody and Dave blush at that but Cody answers)

  • Cody: (blushing) "Carrie. Me and Dave had to use the bathroom but we didn't know Carrie was going to use the shower. When we got in, we saw her about to get in and she was so angry at us. Even worse, I accidentally turned the cold water on and Devin came in to kick us out. Carrie had to take us to a eye doctor to get the image out of our head but she was still mad at us."

(Dave nodded at this and Carrie glared at them)

  • Carrie: (glaring) "I still can't believe you two. You didn't have any manners."

(Cody and Dave sweat dropped at her for holding a grudge. Later, Gwen confronts Cody)

  • Gwen: (frowning) "Is this true? You're against me and Duncan?"
  • Cody: (confessing) "No, not against you but yes, I'm against Duncan. I've hated him ever since TDI. He even made you help him commit horrible things this season. He's a total jacka*s who shows no remorse for the people he's hurt. Heck, he didn't feel sorry for Courtney when he cheated on her. He just made a bulls**t excuse to do that. I'm telling you here and now. DUNCAN IS WRONG FOR YOU AND HE'LL NEVER BE TRENT! (Gwen just randomly slaps him. However, she becomes horrified and tries to apologize but Cody glares at her) So this is how it is, huh? You've changed. No wonder I don't have a crush on you anymore. This time, it's for good. You're not the same Gwen I used to know. You're just an evil b***h who chooses Duncan first and my friends second. I was your last friend but now you lost me. I curse the day you ever came to this show. It's over."

(he then angrily leaves her as she cries about losing Cody. Later when Cody is done eating breakfast, Duncan slams him into a wall while everyone sees this and tries to stop it)


(however, they got him off Cody and start nursing the beating injuries. He spits blood in Duncan's face)

  • Cody: (angry) "Why do you care? You didn't care when you cheated on Courtney. She did not deserve that. You just want a girl's body. You're a sexist, racist, lying, traitorous, and cheating scumbag. (some of his friends cheer) Whatever it takes, I'm gonna get a girlfriend and I'm taking you down to the ground. I hope you like toilet water. Oh and this is for everything else. (he punches Duncan in the face, earning claps from Harold, Courtney, Ezekiel, Junior, Devin, and Carrie. However, Gwen seems to be frowing) What's wrong goth girl? Sad, that you lost me? You and everybody should know that you never tried being nice. You hit me in the kiwis and you used the injury excuse to get me voted off. I don't love you anymore, I want you to stay away from me. And take your boyfriend with you."

(he throws Duncan towards Gwen. Later after Cody sings a love song, he reveals his crush)

  • Cody: (explaining) "This certain girl is a surfer who wears a blue hoodie and blonde ponytail. On TDI, Duncan got her voted off just for boys alliance. On TDA, she and her ex were voted off for making out and Duncan claims the people didn't like them. On TDWT, she got stuck to a pole by a greasy eel. This season, she's been making plans to keep animals safe and love them. She also has been there for me and comforted me when Gwen slapped me. (this makes everyone gasp and realize who he likes) That's right, my crush is Bridgette."

(they see Bridgette blushing while Gwen glares at Bridgette, who smirks. Then we see Don and Chef smirking at an angry Chris)

  • Chef: (smirking) "We told ya."
  • Don: (also smirking) "Hand over the $30,000."
  • Chris: (angry) "Fine here."

(he pays them in anger. Bridgette comes to the stage)

  • Cody: (smiling) "Will you be my girlfriend?"
  • Bridgette: (also smiling) "Yes."

(they kiss, earning cheers from their friends but Gwen is heartbroken and jealous. However, Sierra wondered about the slapping)

  • Sierra: (shocked) "Gwen slapped you?"
  • Cody: (explaining) "When she confronted me about disliking Duncan, I revealed I hated him since day one of TDI. He's been nothing but a complete jerk to everyone and told Gwen that Duncan wasn't right for her only to be slapped by her. I realize she's not the same Gwen I knew anymore. She's probably worst than Duncan. I was her friend but she backstabbed me. I did nice things for her and wanted to make her happy but she chose Duncan over me. I now hate her and want her gone. I wish I never had a crush on her."

(later, Cody walks with Bridgette to their cabin but then starts dragging him there)

  • Bridgette: (smirking) "Careful, I'm feisty."
  • Cody: (smiling) "I can handle it."

(they go inside and Bridgette starts taking off her hoodie. Later during a talent contest, Duncan thinks of an idea)

  • Duncan: "I know. (everyone looks at Duncan) Two things: American Pie or Fifty shades of grey."

(the looks now turn into glares)

  • Cody: (glaring) "Pervert."
  • Trent: (agreeing) "I know right, I hope he gets voted off."
  • Devin: "H**l no Duncan."

(Gwen finally snaps and confronts Duncan)

  • Gwen: (angry) "Why suggest that, Duncan?"
  • Duncan: (shrugging and laughing) "Because I like hot girls. Hey, it was funny when we kissed in front of Cody. I mean we weren't aiming for Courtney. That kid needs to learn to get over it. Besides, I've made out with Dakota."

(everyone, especially Gwen, gasps. Gwen now gets angry and kicks Duncan's kiwis)

  • Gwen: (angry) "Cody was right, you're a jerk and a jack a*s."
  • Duncan: (smug) "So that means were through, right?"

(Gwen just angrily cries while the others glare at Duncan. Gwen hugs Cody in sadness)

  • Gwen: (crying) "I'm sorry for not seeing him as a jerk. Now I see why Courtney left him."
  • Cody: (sweetly smiles) "It's okay, I'm just glad to have you back."

(their friends say, "aww". Gwen then hugs Bridgette and Courtney)

  • Gwen: "Will you guys forgive me?"
  • Bridgette: (smiles) "Of course."
  • Courtney: (agreeing) "Sure thing."

(however, Sam glares at Dakota)

  • Sam: (angry) "So that's why you dumped me? Because of Duncan?"
  • Dakota: (nervous) "I can explain."
  • Sam: (angry) "No, stay away from me."

(Mike and Dawn comfort Sam over this. Later, Emma confronts Noah)

  • Emma: (angry) "I knew it, you like other girls."
  • Noah: (nervous) "No wait, let me explain."
  • Emma: (still angry) "Oh save it, we are through, FOREVER!"

(Noah then collapses while Heather can't help but show sympathy for him)

  • Heather: (showing sympathy) "Noah? It's okay. Noah? (Noah just cries while everyone (except Emma, Duncan, and Chris) feels bad for him) Noah?"

(Noah still cries, so Heather glares at Emma)

  • Emma: "What?"
  • Heather: (glaring) "That was really low."
  • Emma: (glaring back) "Hey, it's not my fault that he's so obsess with other girls and sees other girls. (an enraged Kitty slaps Emma out of rage) What the heck Kitty?"
  • Kitty: (angry) "You deserved that. How could you do that to Noah. He loved you but you dumped him in front of his friends. You know what, I don't want to be your sister anymore."

(Kitty later helps Heather comfort Noah. Later, Heather comforts Noah)

  • Noah: (crying) "How could she dump me?"
  • Heather: (feeling bad) "I'm so sorry."
  • Noah: "It wasn't your fault. She started accusing me of hanging out with other girls."
  • Heather: "What? That's really mean. But I agree, Alejandro did too."
  • Noah: "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. (Heather just cries and he comforts him) You know what, forget them. We don't need them."
  • Heather: (smiling) "You're right."

(Noah and Heather smile at each other)

  • Noah: (blushing) "You have me."
  • Heather: (also blushing) "Will you be my boyfriend?"
  • Noah: (still blushing) "Yes I will."

(Noah and Heather kiss, becoming a couple. Later, Emma makes an alliance)

  • Emma: (angry) "We're voting off Noah, end of discussion."
  • Devin: (glaring) "No way."
  • Carrie: (agreeing with Devin) "We're not voting him off."
  • Sky: (also agreeing) "Yeah, first you dumped the guy, now you're voting him off?"
  • Topher: (also agreeing) "Why don't you leave him alone, you big butt bully?"

(everyone (except Emma) laughs and high fives him but he gets slapped by Emma)

  • Sammy: (glaring at Emma) "Hey, leave my boyfriend alone."
  • Emma: (laughing) "That's your boyfriend?"

(an angry Sammy had to be restrained by Cody and Kitty. At the elimination ceremony, Don gives good news)

  • Don: (smiling) "Good news, due to Noah getting distracted, it does not count as a loss and he is immune. (the nice people cheer while Emma scowls) Also Emma is given a penalty for slapping Topher. (Emma scowls even more and gets a smirk from Topher) Kendell, you're disqualified for flashing Noah and sued for public nudity."

(Kendell starts whining like a brat but Chef grabs ahold of her and Cody cheers at having been freed from his abusive sister. No one scolded him for cheering since they also hated that brat for her attitude. Even Don and Chef hated her while Blaineley is disappointed in her. However, Kendell glared at Cody)

  • Kendell: (glaring) "You little brat. I can't believe you still hate me even after I had sexual intercourse with you."
  • Cody: (rolling his eyes) "That was supposed to be a studying session and you weren't even studying. Besides, you even insulted mom. (he played a recording of that and Blaineley glared at her) I tried to help you study but then you actually r***d me and framed me of doing it to you. You also framed me of burning your arm which I put out the fire. (Blaineley got even more angrier at her daughter for being so ungrateful) At first, I loved you like a sister but now I hate you and hereby disown you. I have had enough of you. You're a selfish, whiny, ungrateful brat who everyone hates and you need to grow up. You need to be responsible for your own actions and you're in your 20s, SO GET A F**KING LIFE! Now if you keep having a foul mouth, you'll get it washed out with soap."

(Kendall got mad and flipped him off but the boat already moves and she is left angry. The next morning at the mess hall, Cody appears, wearing Bridgette's hoodie)

  • Chet: (notices the hoodie and grins) "Dude, did you go round two?"
  • Cody: (grins) "Yep."
  • Lorenzo: (cheering) "Alright man."

(Kitty sits next to Junior, whose annoyed face is noticed by Cody. Later, Cody talks to Junior)

  • Cody: "Dude, why do you hate Kitty?"
  • Junior: (starts crying) "When I was 3, she did some R-Rated stuff to me. (Cody gasps) She was never charged with such a horrible crime. Then everytime I refused, she slapped me and called me a cuss word."
  • Cody: (comforts him) "There, there, don't worry, I got a plan."

(Cody whispers to Junior and they both snicker. When Kitty is not looking, her mouth gets covered by a hand and she gets dragged away. Later at the campfire ceremony, Don gets worried about Kitty)

  • Don: (worried) "Where's Kitty?"

(Cody and Junior start snickering which is noticed by Bridgette, Devin, and Carrie)

  • Devin: (confused) "What's so funny?"
  • Cody: (giggling) "Nothing."

(then he shows his crossed fingers to Junior, who giggles. Chris comes)

  • Chris: (shrugging) "Doesn't matter because she's safe. (Cody and Junior groan much to the others' confusion) Okay, that leaves Emma and Amy."
  • Cody: (whispers to Junior) "I betted Sky that it's double elimination."
  • Junior: (whispers back) "Me too." (they fist bump)
  • Don: "Emma, you became abusive and bossy. Also, you're in a wheelchair and can't talk. (Emma only groans) Amy, you are just annoying. And the person going home is... both of you. It's double elimination."
  • Cody: (cheers) "I knew it. Told you. (him and Junior high-five) $20 bucks, thank you."

(an annoyed Sky angrily pays them while Amy walks Emma to the dock of shame but they start kissing in front of everyone)

  • Noah: (shocked) "I have no comment."
  • DJ: (also shocked) "Don't blame you."

(then suddenly, an angry Kitty arrives, scaring Cody, Junior, and everyone else)

  • Cody: (whispering) "Oh s**t. Wanna sleep at me and Bridgette's cabin?"
  • Junior: (whispers back) "Yeah man."

(they both run away)

  • Devin: (worried) "Kitty, what happened?"
  • Kitty: (angry) "Cody and Junior tied me up."

(a few people gasp)

  • Bridgette: (shocked) "No way, Cody couldn't do that."
  • Spud: (confused) "Wait, where are they?"

(Kitty notices that the two are gone)

  • Kitty: (enraged) "I'll find them if it's the last thing I ever do."

(Kitty angrily starts searching for them. Unknown to them, Bridgette gets chloroformed by a mysterious person and kidnapped. Later at the chemical plant, Cody enters and sees a bound and gagged Bridgette hanging from a hook on top of green chemicals. He goes to save her but sees Jakub holding the rope and looking different. Jakub looks like the new Joker due to his skin being bleached white and his green is dyed a dark green. He is smirking)

  • Jakub: (smirking) "Well, well, look who it is. The hero has come to save the love of his life. How sweet is that? (he playfully lowers the rope and the struggling hostage is panicking) Take off your mask and show us who you are. (Cody reluctantly reveals his identity to them and Jakub laughs) My idiot little b*****d of a brother. Playing the hero, I see? Well now, I don't blame you for liking her. She's hot."
  • Cody: (serious) "Let her go, Jakub."
  • Jakub: (pretending to be confused) "Do you see a Jakub anywhere?"
  • Cody: (sarcastic) "So what do I call you?"
  • Jakub: (shrugging) "Here's the funny thing: no one knows what my J name stands for but it will be great and something more beautiful."

(he then drops the rope and a screaming Bridgette is about to fall in but Cody catches the rope)

  • Cody: (serious) "It's okay, I got you. (however, Bridgette looks scared and tries to warn him to watch out but he's confused because he can't understand her) What's wrong?"

(however, it's too late because Jakub stabs the back of Cody's shoulder but he still holds on and gets her to a safe floor. Then Jakub starts hitting him and taunting him)

  • Jakub: (smirking) "I'm the answer to all your life's questions. Without me, your just a joke... Without a punch line."

(he then tries to hit him but Cody dodges. Jakub ends up falling onto the railing and it breaks, sending him into the green chemicals. Cody could only watch as his arch-enemy falls in and gets burnt by the chemicals. He then remembers Bridgette and goes to her)

  • Cody: (worried) "Are you alright?"

(he unties her and she hugs him)

  • Bridgette: (relieved) "Yes, thank you."

(he hugs her back. Later at medical hall, they shiver when they see a badly disfigured Jakub is still alive but he doesn't look like the Joker. His skin is burnt and he lost his hair. He's in a coma)

  • Bridgette: (shocked) "I still can't believe that he's still alive."
  • Cody: (adding) "Barely. His brain has been damaged so far that he's in a coma. For now on, he's longer a threat. They're taking him to an asylum called Arkham."

(later when is Chris is disfigured and his hair is gone, he manages to find a breathing mask and puts it on, covering his face and destroying his identity. He stands up and becomes a supervillain)

  • Chris: (serious) "Sooner or later, I had to reveal my true self. They will call me... Commander. (he then sees Alejandro and heals him but makes him bow) Become my apprentice. Dark Samurai."
  • Alejandro: (bowing) "Yes, my master."

(they walk to their building for their evil plan to work. Later, Chris gets the cosmic weapon and smirks)

  • Chris: (smirking) "Yes, the cosmic weapon is mine and also the life of your brat. (however, Captain Canada just smirks, confusing him) What're you staring at? (he then sees a blue beam burning his arm and panics) No. No. NO!"

(the blue beam engulfs his body and vaporizes him, leaving his burning mask. The cosmic weapon then falls to the floor but burns through the floor and gets lost at sea)

Mid-Credits Scene

(at the scene of the collapsed building, a bleached white hand breaks out of the rubble and Alejandro manages to get out but then he starts laughing maniacally. He then turns his face to the audience and seems to now resemble the Joker)

Post-Credits Scene

(at Arkham, a comatose Jakub is staring into space but his wheelchair is being rolled by Zoey, who is dressed as a nurse)

  • Zoey: (smirking) "Come on, Mister J. We have a treatment for you."

(she rolls him away)

Betting Pool

  • CodyxBridgette = Price: $30,000
  • CodyxCourtney = Price: $20,000
  • CodyxGwen = Price: $10,000

Voting Confessionals

  • Episode 1:
  • Cody: (angry) "I vote for Duncan, Sky, and Amy. Their actions are both unappreciated." (votes for both Duncan, Sky, and Amy)
  • Bridgette: (irritated) "I vote for Duncan for stealing my ponytail and I also vote for Amy because of her behavior." (votes for both Duncan and Amy)
  • Dave: (annoyed) "I vote for Sky. What she did was just out of line." (votes for Sky)
  • Shawn: (frowning) "Can't they take a hint?" (votes for Sky and Jasmine)
  • Ella: (frowning) "Why can't she be happy for David and why does Sugar have to be so mean?" (votes for Sky and Sugar)
  • Sky: (annoyed) "Despite Jasmine's choice, I won't vote for Dave. I vote for Duncan because he ruined Cody and Gwen's future relationship. I also vote for Ella because she stole my Dave." (votes for Duncan and Ella)
  • Jasmine: (angry) "Who the f**k does Dave think he is? Sky finally notices him but he's moved on? She only ignored his feelings because it was for the good of the team and their image. I'm voting him off unless he stays with her." (votes for Dave)
  • Martin: (shrugging) "I don't know. Hitting a girl in the past is much more harsher and I kind of have morales." (votes for Scott)
  • Jane: (annoyed) "That r**e loving sexist monster has got to go." (votes for Scott)


  • Cody: (glaring about Duncan) "Of course Duncan should realize, this means war!"
  • Devin: (angry about Duncan) "So that's why Junior did that? Duncan is so dead."
  • Junior: (frustrated about Duncan) "First he bribes me, then he hangs me upside down. He is going down."
  • Reactions to Bridgette's crush on Cody*
  • Cody: (surprised) "Holy s**t, Bridgette likes me. (then smiles) Wow, who would've thought."
  • Bridgette: (blushing) "I think Cody heard that. (then she smiles) He really likes me."
  • Reactions to Cody's failed attempt to tell Gwen*
  • Cody: (smiles sadly) "At least, I got that kiss."
  • Bridgette: (feeling bad) "Poor Cody. He's too nervous to tell the truth."
  • Courtney: (sighs) "Cody, I know it's not easy but you have to. Otherwise, Duncan will cheat on Gwen."
  • Reactions to Duncan's excuse*
  • Bridgette: (disgusted) "Duncan, consider yourself GONE!"
  • Mike: (scowling) "I think we've found the new Scott!"
  • Dawn: (also scowling) "He defiantly is worst than Scott!"
  • Cody: (enraged) "Dude, he cheated on a girl because he "lost interest"? It's official, I have to get Gwen away from that scumbag punk wannabe."
  • Geoff: (frowning) "You just "lost interest" in Courtney? That's your reason for cheating on her? Bro that's HARSH!"
  • Tyler: (arms crossed) "What a piece of trash!"
  • Brick: (disgusted) "I would be really, really glad if he's not on my team."
  • Ezekiel: (also disgusted) "Pfff.... who the h**l raised you Duncan? That's shameful, eh!"
  • Devin: (angry) "You should be ashamed of yourself, I'd never do that to Carrie, I'm a gentleman unlike you."
  • Carrie: (disgusted) "No wonder Cody and his friends hate that punk."
  • Junior: (upset) "First, he bribes me into stealing a bikini top. Second, he hangs me and the boys upside down. Third, he steals my baseball cap. Now, he makes a dumb excuse to cheat on a girl. He is going down."
  • DJ: (glaring) "Dude, "losing interest" is a pretty weak excuse for cheating on someone and doing what you did. If Momma was here, she'd slap you silly!"
  • Trent: (shaking with rage) " stupid punk wannabe, S.O.B. waste of skin! "Losing interest" is NOT a reason to cheat on a girl! Duncan, you just dug your own grave!"
  • Don and Chef: Don: (both disgusted) "That's just horrid." (Chef nods in agreement)
  • Clark: (disgusted) "I'm always looking for the story but that's one I don't like to think about."
  • Reactions to Cody scolding Gwen*
  • Gwen: (crying about Cody) "I lost Cody. He was my last friend but he just left me because of my relationship. (then she glares) I will not stand for this. Cody, one of these days you're gonna forgive me and accept my relationship."
  • Duncan: (angry about Cody) "How dare he get angry at her. You are done twerp, do you hear me? You are done."
  • Reaction to Cody and Bridgette*
  • Gwen: (shocked) "Cody and Bridgette? (then she gets angry) What does she have that I don't? She has never even interacted with him in TDI and TDWT. Bridgette, you're going down!"
  • Courtney: (cheering) "Yes. Good job, Cody. You found a girlfriend."
  • Ezekiel: (also cheering) "Way to be a playa, homie."
  • Sammy: (smiling) "I'm so proud of him."
  • Devin and Carrie: Carrie: (both cheering) "I knew he could do it. You're favorite character with mine who sounds like me. (then him and the camera man stare at her making her blush) Just thought I mention that."
  • Duncan: (rolling his eyes) "Whatever, now he can get off me and Gwen's back about our relationship."

Heroes Alliance

  • Brick - Main Protagonist.
  • Cody (becomes the new Dark Paladin) - Main Deuteragonist.
  • Junior (becomes the new Beaver) - Kid Protagonist.


  • Chris McLean (Deceased) and Alejandro (Jokerized) - Main Antagonists. Chris is Pure Evil but Alejandro is rejected from Pure Evil.
  • Jakub (Comatose) - Secondary Antagonist. He is the show's version of the Joker. PE Proposal: Yes.
  • Duncan (Arrested) - Tertiary Antagonist.
  • Scott (Status: Unknown) - Quarternary Antagonist.


  • Cody and Bridgette
  • Junior and Corrine
  • Lorenzo and Pookza
  • Trent and Courtney
  • Noah and Heather
  • Emma and Amy
  • Ezekiel and Izzy
  • Harold and Lindsay
  • Tyler and Leshawna
  • Brody and Macarthur
  • Duncan and Dakota
  • Geoff and Gwen
  • Jakub and Zoey
  • Dave and Ella
  • Rock and Taylor
  • Shawn and Scarlett
  • Cameron and Sky


  • Swag Brothers leader Marcus did the same thing with two fines and did the same gesture to a job coach in the BEST Program but this caused him to be out of a Bowling Lane trip.
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