Total Drama All-Cast is the 2nd season of the spin-off series in the Total Drama Film Series. It's a sequel to Total Drama The Next Generation. It's rated TV-MA, so kids do not read.

New Characters

  • Bruce Anderson (voiced by Brian Geraghty) - New host and son of Cody and Kelly. Age: 30.
  • Gordon Ramsay (voiced by Himself) - Celebrity chef. Age: 80. Dies in episode 9.
  • Cindy McGrady - The daughter of Brady and Beth. Age: 16. She is a parody of Sidney Prescott.
  • Gray Smith - The son of Mal and Amy. Age: 16. The Main Protagonist Villian. (Love Interest: Ruby)
  • Ruby Urban - The daughter of Trent and Gwen. Age: 22. The Main Deuteragonist. (Love Interest: Gary)
  • Jayden Stonehammer - The son of Keith. Age: 28. The Hidden Main Antagonist of the show. He is actually a parody of Billy Loomis.
  • Lorenzo Burromento (voiced by Drake Bell) - The son of Carlos Burromento. Age: 16. He is a parody of Drake Parker.
  • Chet Burromento (voiced by Josh Peck) - The step-son of Carlos Burromento and step-brother/best-friend of Lorenzo. Age: 18. He is a parody of Josh Nicholas.
  • Hayden Matthews - The son of Rodney and Sadie. Age: 19. High school quarterback and wears a varsity jacket.
  • Storm Parker - The daughter of Cloud and cousin of Alex, Alvin, Brody, and Carrie. Age: 17.
  • Doug McKnight - The son of Owen and Izzy and older brother of E-Scope. Age: 23.
  • Mitchell Allen - The daughter of Junior and Taylor and older sister of Marty. Age: 18.
  • Tusk Wilkins - The son of Beardo and Eva. Age: 23.
  • Gabriella Daniels - The daughter of Mike and Zoey and older sister of Devin. Age: 26.
  • Ernesto Miller - The son of Tyler and Lindsay. Age: 18.
  • Veronica Beareguarde - The daughter of Violet Beareguarde. Age: 18.
  • JD Mendoza - The son of Sam and Dakota. Age: 20.
  • Abby Delacruz - The daughter of Chowder. Age: 19.
  • MacArthur Morrison - The daughter of Justin. Age: 22. (Main Interest: Brody)
  • Jacques O'Halloran - The son of Josh O'Halloran. Age: 36.
  • Chad Cowen - The son of Max and Scarlett. Age: 28.
  • Ellen Blackwood - The daughter of Zane and Kitty. Age: 25
  • Crystal Smith - Daughter of Manitoba Smith and Svetlana. Age: 18. (Main Interest: Shaggy)
  • Mickey - Son of Steven the intern. Age: 13.
  • Mildred McClain - Daughter of Chris and Blainley. Age: 26.
  • Annie - Daughter of Beardo and Eva. Age: 24.
  • Steve - Son of Scott and Amy. Age: 27.
  • Josee O'Halloran - Daughter of Josh O'Halloran. Age: 31.
  • Stone MacArthur - Son of Brick and Jo. Age: 22. He is replacing Carmen because she's in military school.
  • Alan Anderson - Son of Cody and Sammy. Age: 17. He is eldest child of them.


  • Ryder: "What's up, Ryder McClain here. Welcome to season 2 of our spin-off series. We've got last season contestants competing and their parents are too. Even my dad is competing but at least uncle Don too. However, we already knew London died and Ian is still in jail. (he then sees Carter's buzzcut and laughs) Carter, 2 years and your hair hasn't grown back? Man, sucks to be you, right now. (everyone laughs too, earning a glare from Carter, Alejandro, and Heather) Anyway, we have new contestants. Gray Smith, the son of Mal and Amy."

(Gray Smith arrives and yes, he looks like that Astral-BTLM's OC from DeviantArt. Just as suspected, a few others glare at him and judge him from who his father is. Gray looked saddened by that but didn't show it and stayed away from everyone. However, Alex, Winter, Marty, and Tamara saw his expression and only saw that his eyes seem to show pain and sadness)

  • Mike: (shocked) "Mal had a another child? However, this child looks sad about this mention."
  • Zoey: (upset) "How come we weren't informed of this?"
  • Devin: (nervous) "So I have another cousin/half-sibling? Alright."

(back to the show)

  • Ryder: (continuing) "Next we have Ruby Urban, daughter of Trent and Gwen. (Ruby appeared and also looked like another one of Astral-BTLM's OCs from DeviantArt. She went to her family and hugged them, which Gray noticed and flinched at) We also have Cindy, daughter of Brady and Beth."

(Cindy is a beautiful 16-year-old girl who wears a white shirt with a blue skirt)

  • Cindy: (sees Devin) "Hello, how's Carrie?"
  • Devin: (sadly) "She dumped me."

(everyone are shocked especially his parents, Mike and Zoey)

  • Alex: (shocked) "Woah, what?"
  • Devin: (explaining) "It started when I came home, I met Toni at a shop and we hanged out. But Carrie accused me of having an affair. Then when we went on a trip into a forest, I accidentally dropped her and she was left attacked by animals. I instead saved Toni but when Carrie saw us, she angrily yelled at us, dumped me, and hit me. Toni comforted me. When Carrie started bullying Toni, Rath came out and tried to kill her but Toni managed to calm him down. Me and her started dating ever since. Her parents even like me"

(Tyler and Lindsay nod in agreement while Mike and Zoey comfort their son but Alex and Cindy just glare at Carrie)

  • Alex: (glaring) "That's really low, even for you. Man, I was right. You are mean."
  • Carrie: (shocked) "You feel bad for him? He's the idiot who's dating another girl."

(now it's Devin and Toni's turn to glare)

  • Toni: (crossing her arms) "At least, I wouldn't hurt him. You're a monster."
  • Devin: (agreeing) "Yeah, Carrie. (Carrie is shocked) You can't hurt me anymore because I don't like you anymore. (everyone starts cheering) Trent and Gwen, sorry about Rath. He's over protective."

(they waved it off)

  • Ryder: "Alright, next we have Doug McKnight, son of Owen and Izzy."

(Doug is a 23-year-old mall cop with a buzzcut, sunglasses and a security outfit)

  • Doug: (waving at E-Scope) "Hey sis."
  • E-Scope: (waving back) "Hey bro."
  • Doug: (hugging Owen and Izzy) "Mom, Dad"
  • Duncan: (wide-eyed) "Oh no, a cop."
  • Ryder: "Next up is JD Mendoza, son of Sam and Dakota."

(JD is a 20-year-old gamer with brown hair, a white coach hat, a white sports jacket, and white sweat pants)

  • JD: (playing his video game) "Hey. (sees Sam and Dakota) Hi mom and dad."

(they hug him)

  • Ryder: (frowns about being ignored) "Moving on, we have Gabriella Daniels, daughter of Mike and Zoey."

(Gabriella is a 26-year-old girl with red hair, a red t-shirt, and grey shorts. Devin hugs her)

  • Devin: (happy) "Sister."
  • Gabriella: (happy) "Brother. (then sees Mike and Zoey) Mom, dad. (the four relatives hug each other, making Alex and Lucy say "Aww") Hugs for all."

(she then hugs Alex, causing him to smile and blush while she smirks at a jealous Winter and Carrie)

  • Gabriella: (smiling) "Yes, even I'm in love with him. He's so cute and adorable."
  • Winter and Carrie: (both angry) "THAT B***H!"

(back to the show)

  • Ryder: (sheading tears at Devin's family reunion) "Family reunion. Moving on. (then becomes worried for Marty) Uh oh, Marty, you better look out because your older and bossy sister Mitchell is here."

(Mitchell is an 18-year-old brat with red hair, a dress, and purple jacket)

  • Marty: (terrified) "Oh no."
  • Mitchell: (glaring) "Where is my brother?"

(Marty hides behind Alex and Tamara)

  • Devin: (pointing at a wrong direction) "He's at the dodgeball court."
  • Mitchell: (buying it) "Okay thanks."

(she leaves and Marty sighs in relief)

  • Marty: "Thanks man."
  • Devin: (thumbs up) "No problem homie."
  • Ryder: "Next up, Lorenzo and Chet Burromento a.k.a. The Stepbrothers. They are the sons of Carlos Burromento."

(Lorenzo is a 16-year-old tanned teen with long purple hair, a purple gamer t-shirt, and blue pants. Chet is a 18-year-old teen with orange hair, a light purple t-shirt, and blue shorts. Lorenzo and Chet are playing air guitar)

  • Lorenzo and Chet: (both singing) "STEPBROTHERS!"

(they high five)

  • Brody: (clapping) "Yeah, I think they just found a friend."
  • Ryder: (laughing at this) "Moving on, we have Hayden Matthews, son of Rodney and Sadie. (Hayden is a 19-year-old quarterback with brown hair, a red varsity jacket, and blue pants. He hugs Rodney, Sadie, Haley, and Amber) Also, we have Ernesto Miller, son of Tyler and Lindsay."

(Ernesto is a 18-year-old Soccer player with brown hair, a head band, a red Soccer shirt, and shorts. Toni, Tyler, and Lindsay hug him)

  • Toni: (introducing) "Oh hey Ernesto? This is my boyfriend Devin."
  • Ernesto: (waving) "Hey."
  • Devin: (also waving) "S'up?"
  • Ryder: (smiling) "Also we have Veronica Beareguarde, daughter of Violet Beareguarde."

(Veronica is a 18-year-old rich girl with blonde hair and pink jumpsuit. She meets Ernesto)

  • Ernesto: "Hey I'm Ernesto."
  • Veronica: (blushing) "Hey."
  • Ryder: "Moving on, we have Tusk Wilkins, son of Beardo and Eva."

(Tusk is a 23-year-old weight lifter who looks like his father but wears his mothers old clothes. He walks over and drops his bag on Duncan's foot, hurting it)

  • Duncan: (jumping around) "Ow. What the f**k is in there? Dumbbells?"
  • Tusk: (smirking) "Yeah."
  • Eva: (laughing) "That's my boy."

(Beardo just puts a thumbs up. Then Carter looks at Thunder)

  • Carter: (frowning) "He's all yours, amigo."
  • Ryder: (laughing at Duncan's pain) "Alright, next up is Storm Parker, the daughter of Cloud."

(Storm is a 17-year-old Olympian with black hair, a purple tank-top, and black pants)

  • Storm: "Hey."
  • The boys: "Hey."

(she then hugs Alex and Alvin)

  • Storm: (smiling) "I missed you guys."

(she then kisses them on the cheek, making them blush)

  • Ryder: "Here's Steve son of Scott and Amy."

(Steve is a 17-year-old farmer with orange hair, a red lumberjack shirt, black fingerless gloves, and black pants. He sees Scott and waves)

  • Steve: (smirks) "Hey dad. (Scott smirks and pats the boy's head while he turns his head to Amy and smirks) Hey Amy."

(Amy glares and hits his head but he still smirks, which Gray notices and smirks at. Steve notices and decides)

  • Steve: (smirking) "Hey, brother."
  • Gray: (agreeing) "Hello brother."

(they hug each other and everyone was shocked, which irritated Steve)

  • Steve: (irritated) "Yes, I'm aware of who his father is but I don't care. When I spend time with him, he never mentions his father."

(everyone stayed silent)

  • Ryder: "Also here's MacArthur Morrison, the daughter of Justin."

(MacArthur is a 22-year-old police cadet with brown hair, a police hat, and cadet clothes)

  • MacArthur: (wearing sunglasses and starts acting tough) "What up b*****s?"

(Brody blushes and looks love struck, which is noticed by Geoff and Bridgette and they just smile at their son's expression) (confessional)

  • Brody: (lovestruck) "I like her a lot."
  • Thunder: (scoffs) "Sha-please, you ain't better than these sha-/N-word/s."

(everyone gasps and glare at Thunder)

  • Tom: (glares) "You haven't changed a bit, have you?"
  • Thunder: "Nope because it's true that I'm better then any sha-/N-word/s."
  • Tusk: (angrily punches Thunder) "How dare you offend the race of our people."
  • Alex: (smirks) "Wow, way to take one for the home team, sha-spaz."

(his family laughs at this. Carrie giggles at the joke and blushes which makes Alex nervous and Devin, Toni, and Winter suspicious while Cody and Gwen start looking nervous)

  • Cody: (nervous) "I think there's now a personality switch. Instead, young boy rejects the goth."
  • Gwen: (also nervous) "Did she took a liking to him?"
  • Alex: (disgusted) "Ew no, I don't like Carrie like that. She's my cousin. And FYI, I have a girlfriend."
  • Cody and Sammy: Cody: (serious) "Don't worry kiddo, that girl is not allowed to date you."
  • Sammy: (confused) "But I thought they hated each other."
  • Trent and Gwen: Gwen: (disgusted) "Oh my gosh, my daughter has a crush on our nephew."
  • Trent: (also disgusted) "Gross. I thought she hated him."
  • Carrie: (blushes) "I know were cousins but it's true, I love him. This season, I will respect him and probably date him. Also, the reason I like him is because I found out that I was harsh but don't worry, I will win his heart. (then shows a determined smirk) Just watch."
  • Devin: (annoyed) "Oh h**l no, don't tell me that she has a crush on him. That's f**king disgusting because they're related."
  • Winter: (glares) "I don't make threats but she better stay away from Alex or else she will have to meet mister bear."
  • Lucy: (angry) "No way. I forbid her from ever dating him."
  • Gabriella: (possessive) "If she goes near him, she's dead."
  • Gray: (disgusted) "I don't want to hear about my cousins having a relationship."

(back to the show)

  • Thunder: (flirting with Elsa) "Hey sha-babe, wanna hang by the hot tub some time?"
  • Elsa: (creeped out) "No thank you, I have a boyfriend."
  • Thunder: (still flirting) "He doesn't have to know."

(Topher, Ella, and Alvin saw this and glare at him. The third person decided to react)

  • Alvin: (glares) "Hey farmer boy, give me that shovel. (Gray glared at him for what he called Steve but the latter calmed him down and was more then happy to oblige so he gives their cousin the shovel as Alvin marches towards Thunder and hits him with the shovel off-screen, making everyone flinch. He shows a satisfied smirk while Thunder just goes dizzy and passes out with a red shovel mark on his face) That really is satisfying."

(everyone claps and Alvin bows before giving the shovel back to Steve, who also satisfied but a little annoyed by what happened to his shovel)

  • Ryder: (thanking Alvin) "Thank you Alvin for shutting that racist up. (Dave and Sky nod and pat their son on the back) Anyway, next up is Jacques O'Halloran, son of my Uncle Josh, making him my older cousin. Also he's the new oldest contestant ever."

(Jacques is a 36-year-old ice dancer with combed blonde hair, a black ice skating jumpsuit, and a purple vest)

  • Jacques: (waving) "Hello, my fans out there. Wish me luck."
  • Ryder: (annoyed by Jacques) "Moving on, we also have Ellen Blackwood, Kat's sister."

(Ellen is a 25-year-old law student with black hair, red shirt, orange jacket, and black pants. She glares at Gabe, causing Kat to glare at her)

  • Carrie: (annoyed) "Yeesh what's her problem?"
  • Ellen: (angry) "Hey go talk to your midget boyfriend."

(Carrie, Alex, Cody, Sammy, and their extended family (except Amy) glare at her. Even Gray was angered because he might act like a jerk but he at least cares about his family)

  • Ryder: "Wow a relationship between a 13-year-old boy and a 20-year-old girl, that makes a good fanfic."

(Carrie blushes at a nervous Alex)

  • Gray: (protests) "No way, that's f**king disgusting."
  • Ryder: (glaring) "Watch your language. (Gray rolled his eyes) Anyway, here's Crystal Smith daughter of Manitoba Smith and Svetlana."

(Crystal is a 18-year-old Australian with brown hair and wearing Jasmine's outfit)

  • Devin: (facepalms) "Not even asking."
  • Mike: (agreeing) "Me neither."

(however, Shaggy smiles and blushes at Crystal)

  • Shaggy: "Hey, I'm Shaggy."
  • Crystal: "I'm Crystal, mate. (then she sees Gray) Good eye cousin."

(he just gives a greeting nod to her)

  • Ryder: "Anyway, meet Jayden son of Keith Stonehammer."

(Jayden is a 28-year-old delinquent that looks like Jordan Cross. Alvin, Dave, and Sky cringe at his last name)

  • Alvin: (worried) "Stonehammer? As in mom's abusive ex?"
  • Jayden: (sees Cindy) "Hey, I'm Jayden."
  • Cindy: (blushing) "Hi, I'm Cindy."

(Lorenzo glares at Jayden in jealousy, which is noticed by Chet)

  • Chet: (patting Lorenzo's back) "You jealous of him, man."
  • Lorenzo: "Yeah and I heard his dad abused Sky."
  • Alvin: (hearing them) "Yeah. I hate Keith for that."
  • Chet: (comforting Alvin) "I'm so sorry."
  • Ryder: "Speaking of Keith, here he comes."

(Sky cringes in fear at her abusive ex)

  • Keith: (patting Jayden's back) "Hey kiddo."
  • Jayden: "Hi dad."

(however, Dave glares at Keith while Alvin does the same)

  • Dave: (angry) "Ryder, what are you thinking about bringing him here? He's supposed to be in jail for trying to kill me and Sky because she chose me over him."
  • Ryder: (sighs) "Sorry Dave but that's the rules.

(however, Gray wasn't happy either)

  • Gray: (scowling) "I do not want that abusive, sociopathic monster near my aunt."
  • Ryder: (continuing) "However, we have Stone MacArthur, son of Brick and Jo."

(Stone MacArthur is a 22-year-old military cadet with a crew cut, a military vest, and black shorts)

  • Stone: (saluting) "Cadet Stone MacArthur reporting for duty sir."
  • Brick: "At ease soldier."
  • Alex: (curious) "Where's Carmen?"
  • Stone: (explaining) "At military school but don't worry, she sent this letter to you about making you promise to be a good soldier."

(he gives him the letter and when he reads it, he sheds tears of joy from reading it. Winter licks the tears away, making him smile. Carrie and Gabriella glare in jealousy. Then another boat appears and a 30-year-old man named Bruce in a white buttoned-up shirt, a grey suit jacket, grey suit pants, grey tie, and black shoes. Some of the females can't help but find him handsome)

  • Bruce: (smiling) "I'm a new host Bruce Anderson, son of Cody Anderson and Kelly Anderson."

(they all look at Cody, who is shocked. He looks at his sister)

  • Cody: (shocked) "Why didn't you tell me we have a son?"

(Kelly shrugged)


(Duncan sees everyone disliking J.D.'s outfit and decides to start drama)

  • Duncan: (smirks evily) "Hey, he's obviously a f**king f*g."

(this makes everyone stop and stare at Duncan, even Gray looked shocked)

  • Gray: (shocked) "Whoa, whoa, that was not what we were implying."

(J.D. glares at Duncan and marches towards him)

  • J.D.: (angry) "Boy, say that s**t to my face, b***h."
  • Duncan: (laughing) "Yeah, like that s**t's gonna f**king scare me."

(then J.D. looks innocently at the camera)

  • J.D.: (innocently) "Don't look."

(the camera turns away as Duncan starts screaming in pain and campers are shown wincing while Lucy blocks Alex's eyes. Later when Alvin hits Jayden's hair, the whistle is heard)

  • Jayden: (angry) "What the h**l do you mean I'm f**king out? That f**king thing hit my f**king hair, not my f**king body."
  • Ryder: (explaining) "Getting hit in the hair counts too."

(this makes an angry Jayden sit down and just glare while Keith also glares at Ryder. Later, Carrie sees Alex shivering)

  • Carrie: "Needs some Warmth?"
  • Alex: "Not from you."
  • Carrie: (now giving puppy eyes) "Oh come on. Please?"
  • Alex: (sighs) "Fine."

(Carrie hugs Alex and secretly blushes)

  • Carrie: (blushing) "Listen Alex, I'm sorry for bullying you. I found how harsh I was and now I love you. We might be cousins but together, we would be great."

(however, Alex is nervous by her information while Devin, Tori, Winter, Alvin, and some of their friends see this and show sympathy for Alex. Later, Carrie lands on a tree branch and gets hit in the kiwis)


(Alex, Winter, Emmet, Lucy, Devin, Toni, Marty, and Tamara laugh at her)

  • Devin: (laughing) "Look, she got "Carrie'd" away."

(an angry Carrie flips him off)

  • Alex: "Actually, she shouldn't question the show's logic."

(Carrie however smiles at Alex, who is nervous. However, Gray gives them an annoyed look)

  • Gray: (scolding) "Alex and Lucy, stop laughing at cousin Carrie. (he is given confused looks) What? She might not be blood related but she's still family. My aunt Sammy married Cody, who happens to be Carrie's uncle. So why do you think she's my unrelated cousin?"

(they nod in understanding. Later, everyone witnesses Max's death)

  • Chad: (panicking) "Dad."

(it's too late, Max is dead)

  • Cook: (realizing something) "Actually, this could've been murder. (everyone looks at him) I could see it's eyes, it was intoxicated."

(everyone gasp)

  • Ryder: "Who would do that?"

(Chad is too busy mourning the loss of his father. Later, everyone sees Thunder riding on top of an RV)

  • Alvin: (shouting) "Get down from there, you idiot."

(too late, Thunder falls onto a tree and the RV crashes into him. Everyone gets worried)

  • Stephanie: (worried) "Thunder! (Ryan lifts the RV up and throws it aside) Are you alright?"
  • Thunder: (dying) "No. I'm sha-dying a sha-champion. Sha-yeah."

(he passes out and this causes Stephanie to be depressed by his death. Everyone else feels bad)

  • Ryder: "Two deaths. This is bad."

(they are left to mourn the death of Thunder. Later, everyone opens a RV but sees Ian, making them gasp)

  • Ian: (smirking) "Hey there, b*****s and /N-Word/s. Look who's f**king back."

(they respond with gasps and glares)

  • Ryder: (angry) "Ian, what the h**l do you think you're doing here? We're in the middle of a challenge."
  • Ian: (smirks evily) "Well, I f**king decided to pay the little s**t contestants and my f**king w***e of a mom a f**king visit for a sweet f**king revenge."
  • Ryder: (angry) "Well, get the h**l out of here. You have to stay in jail fair and square."
  • Ian: (smirking) "I f**king think I'll f**king stick around, thank you very f**king much. You see, I grew tired of you cowardly and girly p****s. I have to toughen you up. And you can't f**king vote me off because I f**king have my f**king contract."

(Ian holds up a contract which makes everyone gasp)

  • Ryder: (sighs in annoyance) "Fine. Sorry people but Ian is back."

(everyone says nothing but they still glare at Ian, who smirks evily. Ian then winks at Carrie but she looks disgusted while he doesn't notice the glares coming from Alex, Trent, and Gwen)

  • Ian: (smirking) "I got an idea for the challenge: American Pie."

(an enraged Carrie kicks him in the kiwis)

  • Carrie: (enraged) "B*****D!"
  • Zeke: (interested) "Well, it says 'American' in it's title, maybe it'll appeal to American audience."
  • Annie: (angry) "Shut the f**k up, homeschool."
  • Carrie: (scolding) "Annie, he's right. (before glaring at Ian) But no s*x scenes, got it?"

(Ian just smirks and winks at the camera, much to the audience's disgust. Later, Carrie cries after having her privates being licked by Ian, who's laughing and this gives him a glare from Alex, Cody, Sammy, Trent, and Gwen)

  • Gray: (disgusted) "Ugh that was disgusting. Even for me. Was he this bad before he got arrested?"

(they nod in fear)

  • Ian: (smirks) "That's f**king right b***h, cry."

(Ian continues to laugh but Alex finally snaps, tackles Ian, and slaps him several times, a bloody nose is caused)

  • Alex: (enraged) "STUPID PERVERTED RAPIST!"

(Alex stops when Ian is finally unconscious, shocking everyone but Carrie smiles at her hero. She hugs Alex)

  • Carrie: (sheading tears of joy) "Thank you. My little hero."

(she kisses Alex on the cheek, making him blush)

  • Alex: (smiling) "No matter what happens, I love you. My big cousin. We're family."
  • Carrie: (also smiling) "I love you too."

(they hug each other as everyone says "awe" and Cook joins Tamara and Stephanie in sheading tears of joy. Ian wakes up and holds his nose)

  • Ryder: (clapping) "Nice job Alex."

(everyone cheers for Alex, who is getting hugged by his family)

  • Sammy: (happy) "I'm so proud of you, my son."
  • Alex: (smiles back) "Thanks mom."

(then Bruce gets a call but frowns, making everyone worried)

  • Bruce: (sighs in annoyance) "Bad news: We can't vote off Ian because he just came back. (this makes everyone groan while Ian smirks until Bruce smirks evily) But the good news is Courtney will take good care of him. As punishment, you're gonna clean the bathrooms like your dad did."

(Ian then gulps and has wide eyes when he sees his mother glaring at him. She then grabs his ear and drags him to the bathroom while everyone smirks at this. Later, Chris sees Miles alive)

  • Chris: (confused) "I thought I killed that b***h."

(however, Don snaps)

  • Don: (angry) "Sounds like some little fella needs to be taught a hard-taught lesson."

(he grabs Chris by the hair and throws him off the plane as everyone just smile at his screams. On the ground, Tom, Ryder, and Miles just smirk)

  • Tom: (smirking) "You know, I kind of don't feel like saving him."
  • Ryder: (agreeing) "Same."
  • Miles: (also agreeing) "That's what he gets for almost killing me. Good thing the ice melted."

(the three just stood there as Chris landed on the ground dead. There were cheers everywhere, Carrie and Gabriella both hug Alex. Later after Alvin returns to the team, they were worried)

  • Zeke: (worried) "What happened to Alvin?"
  • Damien: (upset) "Bad news. Due to being shot in the eye, Alvin's blind."

(they gasped in horror, especially his girlfriend and cousins who yelled, "OH NO!")

  • Greg: (serious) "Good news. We're going to get his sight back."
  • Gray: (nodding) "That's good. Hey after the challenge, I'm getting those spear meter sticks and I'm gonna shove them up Keith's a*s."
  • Greg: (agreeing) "We got some spears and that is a very good punishment."

(him and Damien leave. Later, everyone looks concerned about Alvin)

  • Lindsay: (concerned) "What happened to Ivan?"
  • Ryder: (also concerned) "Yeah good question. Alvin, what did happen?"
  • Alvin: (upset) "I went blind from Keith's shot at my eyes."

(everyone gasps, Dave and Sky's being the loudest)

  • Sky: (crying) "How could Keith do that to my boy?"

(Dave comforts Sky while Cindy confronts Jayden)

  • Cindy: (surprised) "How could he do that? I thought you and him were nice."
  • Jayden: (laughing) "Me nice? Hey, I was just using you so you get me money and help me and Keith hurt Alvin."

(everyone gasps while Cindy slaps Jayden)

  • Cindy: (angry and hurt) "How dare you. How could you."

(Lorenzo comforts Cindy while everyone glares at him)

  • Ernesto: (folding his arms) "Not cool, dude. Not cool."
  • Alvin: (holding some extra meter sticks) "Don't worry, we have a punishment for Keith. We're gonna shove these spare meter sticks right up his a*s."
  • Cook: (nodding in approval) "That's actually a good punishment."

(everyone nods in agreement. Lorenzo comes up to Jayden)

  • Lorenzo: (angry) "This is my punishment for you."

(Lorenzo angrily punches Jayden in the face, earning a clap from everyone. Later, Jayden slaps Toni with a bone right in front of everyone)

  • Toni: (holding her cheek) "Did you just hit me?"
  • Jayden: (smirks) "Yeah, dum-dum."

(Toni then throws two bones at him but he reflects them and causes one to hit her in the eye, causing her to fall into tar. Devin, Tyler, Lindsay, and Ernesto just get worried)

  • Devin: (carrying Toni) "Are you alright?"
  • Toni: (hugging Devin) "Yeah, I think so."

(Devin then marches to Jayden)


(Jayden gets scared and runs away, while everyone else claps. Later, during the sports challenge)

  • Gray: (has an idea) "Hey guys. Girls, you are allowed to slap me but how about fan service. (Ruby angrily slapped him, making him wince) Ouch but I deserved that. Anyway, we got no other choice. We can't do what they do because that's cheating. So it's either getting disqualified for cheating or the only option that I have."
  • Alex: (agreeing) "He's right, I don't want to cheat. (then he is confused) But what fanservice?"

(Gray looked uncomfortable but then shrugged and whispered what it was, making the child blush)

  • Gray: (serious) "Carrie, can you please start this off?"
  • Carrie: (shocked) "Really? (then she shrugged) Okay."

(she gets into her two-piece swimsuit and is posing for Alex, who is about to have a nose bleed)

  • Winter: "Sure."

(she gets into her two-piece swimsuit and makes Alex blush)

  • Tamara: "Good idea."

(she gets into her two-piece swimsuit and makes Marty blush)

  • E-Scope: "H**l yeah."

(she gets into her two-piece swimsuit and makes Zeke blush)

  • Tori: "I wanna join in."

(she gets into her two-piece swimsuit and makes Devin blush)

  • Cindy: "I guess so."

(she gets into her two-piece swimsuit and makes Lorenzo blush)

  • Veronica: "Count me in."

(she gets into her one-piece swimsuit and makes Ernesto blush)

  • Gabrielle: "For Alex."

(she gets into her two-piece swimsuit and makes Alex blush)

  • Ruby: (stern) "I'm going to kill you for this."

(she gets into her two-piece swimsuit and makes Gray blush, much to her shock. However, she smirks and winks at him, making his head red. Later after Alex's team won, he blushes when Winter, Carrie, and Gabrielle hug him)

  • Winter: (smiling) "Good job Alex."
  • Carrie: (also smiling) "You are so creative."
  • Gabrielle: (also smiling) "Nice work cutie."

(Winter kissed him on the mouth while Carrie and Gabrielle kissed him on the cheeks as Devin and the guys give him thumbs up.)


  • Carrie: (worried) "Poor Alex is scared of me. Maybe I'm too forward. No, that's not it. He seems to not trust me. What can I do? I bullied him but started liking him. I need to find a way to calm him down."
  • Gabe: (creeped out by Carrie) "Is this even legal?"
  • Alex: (feeling bad for Carrie) "I don't like her but what just happed to her was really low. Poor Carrie. I can't imagine how violated she feels. (then gets angry) Ian, that stupid creep. No wonder we hate him and his father."
  • Carrie: (blushes about Alex saving her from Ian) "Oh my hero."
  • Ian: (moaning in pain) "D**n, that kid does know how to slap."
  • Cody: (impressed) "Wow, did Bridgette and Sky teach my son how to slap."
  • Gwen: (praising Alex) "Thank you boy, thank you."
  • Courtney: (angry) "Am I mad at Alex? No. I'm mad at Ian. He is so going getting a larger sentence when this is over. Oh and Duncan is going to get it for teaching that boy such bad habits."
  • Reaction to Polyamorous relationship:
  • Alex: (eye-wide) "I've never been in this kind of relationship before but it's seems great."
  • Lucy: (worried) "Why would my innocent baby brother be in that kind of relationship?"
  • Cody: (sheepish) "Yeah, my wife and daughter are gonna be so p****d when they find out but at least it stopped an argument."
  • Reaction to Gray's redemption:
  • Ruby: (shocked) "Since when is he the good guy?"
  • Winter: (happy) "I knew there was good in him."
  • Reaction to Gray blushing:
  • Gray: (blushing) "Okay, I admit it, she does look good in it and I'm falling for her."
  • Ruby: (shocked) "Me and Gray? I thought we hated each other but we're liking each other? (then she blushes) Okay, I love him but I want him to be a nice person."


  • Staci -She would not shut up.
  • Duncan - Homophobic remarks towards JD.
  • Anne Maria - Cared about her hair more then the game. She is mentioned to have died in a lab fire along with Lightning and Ron the Rent-a-cop after they were kidnapped, tied together, and doused with gasoline by Jayden.
  • Amber - To separate her and Haley.
  • Bobby Joe - Still doesn't be quiet.
  • Justin - Cared more about his looks.
  • MacArthur - Accidentally criticized her boyfriend.
  • Mickey - Cursed his team with his bad luck.
  • Crystal - Anger issues and bad leadership.
  • Sam - Bad temper and scary violence.
  • Hayden - Got distracted and crashed his teams cart into a tree.
  • Scarlett - Too smart and dangerous.
  • Max - Mauled to death by an intoxicated moose. His death is later chosen as the elimination for the episode.
  • Violet - She forgot Veronica's birthday.
  • Mildred - Being an annoying and bossy sister to Ryder.
  • Thunder and Annie - Thunder got crushed to death by a crashing RV and Annie was voted off for being to hard on Zeke.
  • Jen - Votes were rigged by Jayden.
  • Dakota - Cared about modeling.
  • Ellen - Abusive towards Gabe.
  • Mitchell - Cutting off Josee's middle finger and sniping Stone's kiwis with scissors.
  • Chris - For his bad strategy. He is later given the intern job.
  • Sugar - Freaked out and made a racial slur.
  • Jacques - He was distracted during the challenge. Good news, Chris dies in this episode.
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