Total Drama: The Return to Wawanakwa is a 2016 remake season of the Total Drama Film Series. It is hosted by the human Predator drill instructor Chef.


(the episode starts with a hunter named Ezekiel waking up and finds himself falling out of the sky. He manages to activate a parachute and lands safely. He looks around and finds that he's in a jungle)

  • Ezekiel: (serious) "Where the h**l am I? (then another person lands safely and it's a woman that Ezekiel knows) Heather, you alright?"

(she turns and sees him)

  • Heather: (nodding) "Yeah, I'm alright Ezekiel. (they hug each other but let go and start wondering) Where are we?"

(he shrugs his shoulders and doesn't even know. They another person land and her parachute's name tag calls her Gwen)

  • Gwen: (annoyed) "Who the f**k threw me out of a plane? (she then sees them) Who the f**k are you?"
  • Ezekiel: (serious) "Ezekiel."
  • Heather: (also serious) "And I'm Heather, his girlfriend."

(another person arrives and it's another woman. Her nametag calls her Courtney)

  • Courtney: (being polite) "Hi, I'm Courtney and I was a former C.I.T."

(another person arrives. His outfit's nametag calls him Mike)

  • Mike: (serious) "Name's Mike. Obviously we're in a jungle but why?"

(they find another person and he happens to be a 14-year-old kid. His nametag calls him Cody. He is struggling with a backpack stuck to a tree but Heather gets him out)

  • Cody: (smiling) "Thanks. (Heather nods) My name is Cody and I'm 14 years old."

(they understand but another person arrived and he looks vert smart. His parachute calls him Harold)

  • Harold: (smiling) "Hello, I'm professor Harold. (Cody takes his math sheet and completes it) All the answers are correct. (he pats Cody's head) I'm so very proud of you."

(the others smile at this while they meet another woman and her nametag calls her Leshawna)

  • Leshawna: (smiling) "Sugar, you should be a smart student. I'm Leshawna."

(they shake her hand. Then they hear a woman making a Tarzan yell and see her swinging on a vine. She lands and Harold smiles at her)

  • Harold: (smiling) "Izzy. (they hug each other) What're you doing here?"
  • Izzy: (shrugging her shoulders) "I don't know Harold."
  • Mike: (curious) "You two know each other?"

(they nod but hear someone coming and it's a blonde woman. Mike knows her and helps her out)

  • Mike: (concern) "Lindsay, are you okay?"
  • Lindsay: (smiling) "I'm alright, Mikey."

(they snicker at the nickname while he frowns at them. They spot another person but she seems to be talking on her phone and her nametag calls her Beth. However, they don't bother to meet her)

  • Mike: (annoyed) "Let's not meet her. (however, they encounter a person named Scott and he's sniffing cocaine) Hey, cocaine ruins people, you know?"
  • Scott: (scoffs) "F**k off, Pointdexter."

(Leshawna interrupts them)

  • Leshawna: (serious) "Let's get into some thing hasty."
  • Scott: (scoffs) "Whatever. Stay out of my way, you fat /N-Word/."

(they gasp at this and glance nervously at Leshawna, who was angered at that racism. Beth heard the remark and put away her phone, knowing what's gonna happen)

  • Beth: (chuckling) "He did not just say that."

(they frown at her for chuckling but still get nervous at the angry Leshawna, who is being restrained by Ezekiel)

  • Leshawna: (angry) "Let me at him, Let me at him."
  • Ezekiel: (serious) "Calm down, okay. You can kill him later. (she calms down but she is still angry. He then glares at Scott) And you? (he slaps upside the cheek) You need to watch you mouth."

(however, they hear another sound and meet a very dangerous man named Duncan, who seems to have gotten out of a prison)

  • Duncan: (smirking) "Nah dude, let it happen. (they frown at him) Name's Duncan. I'm kind of famous. Number 2 on C.I.A.'s most wanted list."

(Mike and Ezekiel recognizes him and are mad at him. Mike punches the guy in the face)

  • Mike: (angry) "I've heard of you. You deserve the death penalty."
  • Duncan: (smirking) "You're just mad that a lot of people died by my hand and the reason is why the f**k not. But still, we should get the guy in the tree."

(they see a nearby lake and there's a guy stuck upside down on the tree. His parachute's nametag calls him Keith. He starts shouting for help but this makes some of them laugh. However, Gwen was not amused)

  • Gwen: (serious) "Stop struggling. Get yourself down."

(however, Mike finally got enough and shot the branch, causing Keith to fall in the water. Everyone looks at Mike, who just shrugs)

  • Mike: (shrugging) "He was taking too long."

(Keith then stands in water and clothes are now wet. He looks at them)

  • Keith: (relieved) "Thanks."
  • Duncan: (curious) "Who the f**k are you?"
  • Keith: (explaining) "I'm Keith, a doctor. I was on my way to work but some light appeared and I woke up here. Can someone please tell me what the f**k is going on?"

(they don't know how to answer that. However, another person appeared and it was a woman named Sky. She came to Keith and hugged him)

  • Sky: (serious) "Keith, what's going on?"
  • Keith: (nervous) "I don't know, dear. (then he looks at the others) This is nurse Sky, my wife."

(they hear another noise and a young man named Dave pops out. He then hears a noise and sees it's Shawn. They hug each other)

  • Dave: (relieved) "Shawn, thank g*d you're here."
  • Shawn: (nodding) "I know, man. (he looks around) Where are we?"

(Dave shrugs but they hear some struggling and Cody checks it out. He finds that it's his babysitter Bridgette but she is wrapped in some parachute strings. She sees him and mumbles for help. Cody gets the message and uses a pocket knife to cut the ropes. Once she's free, she sighs in relief and hugs Cody, who hugs back)

  • Cody: (happy) "Bridgette, I'm glad to see you."
  • Bridgette: (also happy) "Hi sweetheart, I'm happy that you're safe. (she kisses his forehead but looks curious) Where are we?"
  • Cody: (explaining) "In a jungle."

(however, they see some guy named Geoff struggling. He manage to get free but lands on a tree, which hits his kiwis. Bridgette is amused by this but then another noise is heard and outcomes a man named DJ, who smiles at Leshawna)

  • DJ: (smiling) "Hello Darling."
  • Leshawna: (also smiling) "DJ!"

(they hug each other and start kissing, much to the nice peoples' happiness. However, they hear a noise and a lawyer named Emma pops out. She hugs Dave and Shawn)

  • Emma: (happy) "Good to see you two again."

(she kisses them. However, a woman named Sierra appears. Cody hides behind Bridgette, who protects him from her)

  • Cody: (scared) "It's her."
  • Bridgette: (serious) "I know."


  • Chris McLean (Deceased) - The Superior of the show and the true Main Antagonist.
  • Chef Hatchet (Deceased) - The Host of the show and another member of the Yautja.


  • 1. Ezekiel (Hospitalized) - The Central Protagonist Villain of the show and the hunter of the group. Things that have changed: He's the human member of the Yautja. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Crimes: Murder of a billion criminals.
  • 2. Heather (Cheated out of the game) - The huntress of the group. Things that have changed: She falls in love with Ezekiel and they are engaged before the show. Crimes: Dancing in a illegal club.
  • 3. Gwen (Presumed Deceased) - The cultist of the group. Things that have changed: She dates Cody because she wants to marry him to please her death god but she forms a rivalry with Courtney for his heart. However, she cheats on him with Duncan and currently wants to make it up to him. She is voiced by Megan Fahlenback. Crimes: Kidnapping children and then murdering them for being disrespectful brats.
  • 4. Courtney - Things that have changed: She has fallen in love with Cody for who he is and for now helping her with her problems. Crimes: Drunk driving (not her fault).
  • 5. Mike (Winner) - The investment broker of the group. He is voiced by Brad Swalie. Crimes: Robbing banks.
  • 6. Cody - The youngest member of the group. Things that have changed: He dates Gwen but she cheats on him and he is heart broken that he doesn't want a girlfriend until Courtney is there for him. Also, he starts suffering abuse from Bridgette and is forced to snuggle with her because he cares about her. Also, Cody is now a 14-year-old little boy. He is voiced by Levi Miller. Outfit: Green t-shirt, red sweat pants, and black shoes. Crimes: Illegal gambling for food, drinks, shelter, and etc (reasonable due to being on his own).
  • 7. Harold (Stranded) - The professor of the group. Things that have changed: He's in a relationship with Izzy. He is voiced by Michael J. Fox. Outfit: Black shirt that says "Math", a grey beanie, a green hooded leather jacket, black jeans, and brown shoes. Crimes: Hacking into government database (accident).
  • 8. Leshawna - The librarian of the group. Things that have changed: She's married to DJ. Crimes: Contempt of court.
  • 9. Izzy (Runner-Up) - Things that have changed: She's in a relationship with Harold. Crimes: Spray painted Mount Rushmore.
  • 10. Lindsay (Injured) - Things that have changed: She is in a relationship with Mike. Crimes: Thrift shopping.
  • 11. Beth (Disqualified) - Things that have changed: She's a rude and heartless beautiful popular girl that bullies people. Crimes: 3 counts of assault on a officer.
  • 12. Scott (Deceased) - The Columbian of the group and has a rivalry with DJ. Crimes: Racist atrocities.
  • 13. Duncan (Deceased) - He's the terrorist of the group. Outfit: Prison jumpsuit. Crimes: Murder, attempted murder, r**e, terrorism, and etc.
  • 14. Keith (Deceased) - The doctor of the group and the Hidden Main Human Antagonist. However, he is later revealed to be a sociopathic serial killer. Outfit: A white doctor jacket, a red tie, white suit shirt, white suit pants, and white shoes. Crimes: A billon counts of murder and 2 counts of attempted murder.
  • 15. Sky (Arrested) - The nurse of the group and Keith's wife. Crimes: A billon and 2 counts of kidnapping.
  • 16. Dave - Sky's ex-fiance. They dated but he was revealed to be bi-sexual and he was cheated on for that. He also is revealed to have been one of two sole survivors of their killing spree. Crimes: Assault and attempted murder of Keith.
  • 17. Shawn (Cheated out of the game) - The stoner of the group. He also is revealed to have been one of two sole survivors of a killing spree. Crimes: Driving a van full of marijuana and smoking a marijuana cigarette.
  • 18. Bridgette - She's the pedophile of the group. Things that have changed: She dumped Geoff and is abusing Cody. However, she does a little bit defend him from Duncan and is revealed to love Cody but is more yandere about it. After Geoff's elimination, she showed her kind-hearted sisterly love to Cody and stopped abusing him for a while. Crimes: Molesting Cody.
  • 19. Geoff (Arrested) - He's the r****t of the group. Things that have changed: After they break up, he becomes a r****t and starts stalking the girls, much to their disgust. He's voiced by Joe Hernandez-Kolski. Crimes: Multiple counts of r**e.
  • 20. DJ (Comatose) - The Jamaican of the group. Things that have changed: He's the member of a Jamaican cartel and has a rivalry with Scott. He's also married to Leshawna. Crimes: Drug trafficking.
  • 21. Emma (Quits) - The lawyer of the group. Crimes: Evidence fraud.
  • 22. Sierra - The stalker of the group. Crimes: Breaking and entering while violating various restraining orders.


  • 22nd Place: Sierra (Cause of elimination: Stalked Cody and did horrible stuff to him until he was rescued by the others and they voted her off. (Episode 1))
  • 21st Place: Shawn (Cause of elimination: Sky rigged the votes, causing his elimination. (Episode 2))
  • 20th Place: Sky (Cause of elimination: Her actions were exposed and she was arrested for cheating. (Episode 3))
  • 19th Place: Scott (Cause of elimination: He tried to kill DJ but Ezekiel tackles him from behind and kills him by ripping out his spine and skull. (Episode 4))
  • 18th Place: Beth (Cause of elimination: She was being rude and heartless so the aftermath show voted her off. (Episode 5))
  • 17th Place: Leshawna (Cause of elimination: She suffered from some hard work and her friends decided to help her out by voting her off out of mercy and pity. (Episode 6))
  • 16th Place: Emma (Cause of elimination: Sacrificed herself to keep her biosexual lover Dave in the game by quitting. (Episode 7))
  • 15th Place: Dave (Cause of elimination: Bridgette gets the choice to eliminate whoever she wants and eliminates Dave because him and Cody went against her. (Episode 8))
  • 14th Place: Geoff (Cause of elimination: Is arrested for sexually assaulting Courtney. (Episode 9))
  • 13th Place: Gwen (Cause of elimination: Gwen kidnapped Cody and tried forcing him to be with her but Bridgette saves Cody and pushes her into the waterfall. (Episode 10))
  • 12th Place: Heather (Cause of elimination: Keith tampers with the votes, which gets Heather eliminated. (Episode 11))
  • 11th Place: Lindsay (Cause of elimination: Is beaten up by Duncan, to the point she is too injured to play. (Episode 12))
  • 10th Place: DJ (Cause of elimination: He sacrificed himself by pulling out grenades and blowing himself and some xenomorphs up. However, he's alive and is safely in the hospital. (Episode 13))
  • 9th Place: Duncan (Cause of elimination: Tries to take over the show and is about to kill Harold but Ezekiel aims a plasma cannon at him and shoots him with it, making him vanish into a bloody cloud with pieces falling down. (Episode 14))
  • 8th Place: Bridgette (Cause of elimination: Courtney convinces the remaining contestants to vote off Bridgette for abusing Cody. (Episode 15))
  • 7th Place: Harold (Cause of elimination: Stay behind and fights Yeti. However, Harold strikes the creature's torso, killing it and winning the fight. He then remains on the land. (Episode 16))
  • 6th Place: Cody (Cause of elimination: Randomly selected for elimination. (Episode 17))
  • 5th Place: Courtney (Cause of elimination: People at Playa des Losers were tricked into accidentally voting her off. (Episode 18))
  • 4th Place: Keith (Cause of elimination: He tries to kill Mike but the hero manages to grab a pistol and guns down the serial killer. The mortally wounded man claims he's the f**king devil but Mike dismisses this by telling him to shut the f**k up and then finishes him off by shooting his forehead, ending the killing spree and avenging innocent victims. (Episode 19))
  • 3rd Place: Ezekiel (Cause of elimination: Ezekiel suffers from some injuries and decides to apologize for his sins but Mike and Izzy forgive him and they save him. After causing the Xenomorph Queen to get sunk into a ocean, Ezekiel is picked up by the Predators and taken to the hospital. (Episode 20))
  • 2nd Place: Izzy (Cause of elimination: After Mike wins the challenge by killing the Ultimate Predator, Izzy is eliminated from the contest and is sent home. (Episode 21))
  • 1st Place: Mike (Cause of winning: Manages to kill the Heruka and finds a helicopter escort that picks him up. (Episode 22))


(during the first day, Cody and Bridgette walk together)

  • Cody: (curious) "What did Geoff ever do to you?"
  • Bridgette: (sighing) "Me and Geoff used to date but he became an a**hole and only wanted s*x. He then accused me of liking little kids instead of him and he also has been flirting with other girls. I finally dumped him but he became worst."

(she then sits on her knees and cries but Cody hugs her)

  • Cody: (being nice) "He was wrong to do that. You're a beautiful, attractive woman who deserves someone who cares."

(Bridgette smiles and hugs him back)

  • Bridgette: (smiling) "Thanks sweetheart. (then she stands up and she wraps her arm around his shoulder) You know what, let's be friends and have a team together. (then she notices that he's nervous) What's wrong, sugar?"
  • Cody: (nervous) "I'm not use to older girls. I'm nervous about being with them."

(Bridgette chuckles)

  • Bridgette: (chuckling) "I will help you out. Just me and you."

(then they continue walking while Ezekiel, Heather, Mike, and Lindsay catch up to them and join their walking)

  • Ezekiel: (smirking) "Count us in. We're welcome to let the kid join us."
  • Heather: (happy) "That's a great idea, sweetie. (they kiss and smile at Cody) Stick with us kiddo."

(Cody smiles and nods as he leans his head on Bridgette, who rubs it. The other group saw this and Gwen was jealous)

  • Gwen: (jealous) "Cody should be mine. (then she smiles) He's just the most adorable and cute boy I have ever seen. That's what makes him the best."
  • Sky: (nodding) "I hear ya, he's really cute. I hope you get him."

(the two friends just hang out and continue walking. Later Cody sees a camera and picks it up but Duncan tackles him and beats him up before giving the kid a scratch on his cheek with a pocket knife)

  • Duncan: (angry) "Don't touch my f**king camera, you f**king little s**t. I'm gonna f**king kill you."

(however, Bridgette knocks him out with a stick but grabs Cody and pins him to a wall)

  • Bridgette: (angry) "What did I tell you about touching random things?"
  • Cody: (scared) "Not to."
  • Bridgette: (stern) "Not to. But you're lucky that I'm gonna be soft on you. Now don't do it again."
  • Cody: (nodding) "Yes ma'am."
  • Bridgette: (calming down) "Good. Now, let me check your injuries. (she checks them and grabs him) Come on, the team's waiting."

(he follows along and they reach the team, who are concerned for Cody)

  • Ezekiel: (worried) "Holy s**t, what the h**l happened to you?"
  • Bridgette: (scoffs) "Duncan."
  • Izzy: (worried) "Cody sweetie, you've got to watch out for him."
  • Bridgette: (upset) "I hate Duncan so much. (they agree. However, Bridgette notices the scratch) Oh honey, your cheek. (she then brings out a tissue and starts wiping the wound, making Cody flinch) I know it stings, sweetie. Just hold still. (she's done and she kisses the wound. She then puts a band aid on) There. Better? (Cody nods) Good. Now be careful. Okay? (Cody nods again and she hugs him) I don't what would happened if he did worst."

(the others smile at this. Later during elimination, Bridgette grabbed Cody)

  • Bridgette: (glaring) "Remember, we are going to vote who I vote for, got it? (Cody nods) Also, I'm going to snuggle with you. One more thing before I go. (she licks Cody's cheek and smirks) I love this job."

(however, they were spotted by a disgusted Ezekiel. Later after Shawn's elimination, Cody was on his way to comfort Dave but found the security room and checked it. He saw a video of Sky and played it. The more he watched it, the more disgusted he was because she rigged the votes. He then took the tape and sent it to Chef. He left the package on the front door step, knocked on the door, and then ran into him and Bridgette's room. She was irritated that he was late but he calmed her down by cuddling into her and they fell asleep)

  • Cody (thought): (serious) 'Get ready Sky, you won't get away with this.'

(later on Day 3's morning, Chef woke up and stretched. He went to the package, opened it up, and watched the tape. When he watched it, he was p****d off. When Don saw this too, he was not too pleased either but Chef calmed him down)

  • Chef: (serious) "Let them get energized first and we'll make the announcement. In the meantime, call the authorities. Sky is disqualified and under arrest for illegal cheating."
  • Don: (nodding) "Yes sir."

(he picked up the telephone and pressed the phone number for the authorities. Later at the mess hall, Cody was tired but was waiting for the announcement to be made. However, Bridgette got worried)

  • Bridgette: (worried) "Cody, why aren't you eating?"
  • Cody: (tired) "I was working last night, I couldn't be able to comfort Dave and Emma. Anyway, I'm waiting for the cheater to be revealed because there were cameras everywhere. When I was going to talk in the confessional, I saw the camera wasn't broken so the culprit wasn't smart."

(they nodded at that and Sky got nervous. Then an announcement came on)

  • Chef (voice): (serious) "Attention campers, your challenge will be in a moment so enjoy your breakfast. However, there's no elimination tonight. (they cheer at this) Meanwhile, the reason is because last night nurse Sky had violated a strict rule, which happens to be no cheating. An anonymous camper has given video evidence that she is responsible for rigging the votes last night. (the nice people, mostly Dave and Emma, glare at Sky) Since it's against the rules, She is under arrest. (then he puts on the dramatic music until he finally announces the eliminated contestant) Sky, you've been put under arrest. Report to the dock of shame. That is all."

(the loudspeaker turns off and Sky leaves but glares at Cody because she knows that he ratted her out. Later after Dave's elimination, Bridgette grabs Cody and takes him to her cabin)

  • Bridgette: (angry) "Don't ever go against me again, got it? (Cody nods in fear) Now, I'm sick and tired of you going against me so I will lead and you're going to tell me who set me up? Who blackmailed you?"
  • Cody: (scared) "It was Geoff. He threatened to do something to the girls including you. I caught him peeping yesterday but he threatened to harm me. Anyway, he found out about my secret and threatened to tell the others about it if I don't help him. It was me. I exposed Sky and didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to get hurt. I'm sorry."

(Bridgette thinks for a moment but then let's go and kneels down to Cody)

  • Bridgette: (smirking) "Thanks for the information, sweetheart. You know I care about you. Don't worry about Geoff. Me and the others will deal with him. (she gives him a kiss on the head) Go to sleep. I'll tell everyone else. (he nods and goes to bed in tears. Bridgette sighs at this) Oh Cody, can't you see how much I love you. However, I promised that Geoff will pay for his crimes."

(she leaves to tell the others. Later when Cody and Mike are done seeing what Geoff did to Courtney, they hide and agree on something)

  • Mike: (glaring) "As soon as we lose, that f**king r****t is gone."
  • Cody: (agreeing) "Okay but Bridgette wants me to vote for Harold."
  • Mike: (stern) "Dude, be a tough man and disobey her. Besides if the votes don't work, then we got recording since what he did was illegal."

(Cody nods but they see Courtney crawling while mumbling for help and so they pick her up before taking the tape off her mouth. However, Geoff stands in the way)

  • Geoff: (smirking) "What are you gonna do now, you little s**t? (Cody karate kicks him in the kiwis, causing the r****t to moan) You gave me blue balls, you tease."

(he then falls on his back and the other three run away. They take her to a cabin)

  • Cody: (worried) "Are you okay?"
  • Courtney: (crying) "Yes but he saw everything."

(she cries and they comfort her. Heather hears the crying and comes inside)

  • Heather: (concerned) "What's wrong?"
  • Courtney: (crying) "What happened to you?"
  • Heather: (sighing) "Nothing I can't handle. Now about you, what happened?"
  • Courtney: (crying) "You see what happened was-"

(outside the cabin, Heather angrily leaves and goes to find the others)

  • Heather: (angry) "That f**king psycho is so f**king off this f**king island!"

(she tells the nice campers everything and they agree to vote off Geoff. Later when the challenge was over, Geoff fails to open his treasure chest)

  • Geoff: (annoyed) "My key won't open anything."
  • Chef: (chuckling) "Oh yeah, I made sure that you don't open any chest."
  • Geoff: (angry) "WHAT?! WHY?!"
  • Heather: (enraged) "Because no one likes you, you b*****d!"
  • Ezekiel: (worried) "What's got you so p****d off? (she whispers what happened and he was angry) He went too far this time."

(he makes a plan with them to vote Geoff off. Later at the elimination ceremony, Chris shows the videos)

  • Ezekiel (video): (angry) "Have fun in prison, you f**king psycho." (votes for Geoff)
  • Heather (video): (also angry) "Like I said, he's so off this f**king island." (votes for Geoff
  • Cody (video): (shrugging) "Well, I promised to help Bridgette but I vote for Geoff because I can't stand him right now. No wonder Bridgette dumped that guy." (votes for Geoff)
  • Izzy (video): (enraged) "THAT F**KING R****T THINKS HE CAN GET OFF SCOT CLEAN, HUH?! HELL NO, HE'S F**KING GONE!" (votes for Geoff)
  • Geoff (video): (arrogant) "Whatever, I vote for Harold because he's so annoying and useless." (votes for Harold)
  • Courtney (video): (frowning) "I vote for Geoff because he r***d me. I have a crush on Cody but he would deserve better than that." (votes for Geoff)
  • Gwen (video): (annoyed) "I vote for Heather. I don't care if Ezekiel's dating her, she has to go. I still don't trust her." (votes for Heather)
  • Duncan (video): (smirking) "Finally, I can vote for Harold because he is still weak, annoying, and useless. He deserves to get picked on." (votes for Harold)
  • Bridgette (video): (annoyed) "I vote for Harold. Sure, I used to be his friend but now, he's a total pain in my a**." (votes for Harold)

(there were also votes for either Harold or Geoff as Chef smirks)

  • Chef: (smirking) "However, Harold would be safe anyway. Geoff, you're actually eliminated."

(Bridgette and the Harold haters were confused while Cody and Ezekiel high five, catching their attention)

  • Ezekiel: (explaining) "What Geoff did today was illegal on the border of USA, Canada, and this jungle and a violation of his parole."
  • Cody: (also explaining) "He's not only been legally eliminated but he's also in legal trouble."

(then they heard sirens and the cops come out to restrain Geoff)

  • MacArthur: (serious) "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have no right to an attorney, one will be provided for you."
  • Sanders: (also serious) "You're under arrest for sexual assault."

(they drag the struggling r****t to a police car)

  • Geoff: (struggling) "Get your f**king hands off me you f**king pigs. I mean you being a f**king cop is like teaching a fat f**king ugly pig and cow how to read."

(they were offended so Sanders kicked him where the sun don't shine with her strong shoe, causing him to bleed. They then put him in the car and take him away)

  • Izzy: (confused) "How did a police car get on the island?"

(everyone shrugged, also not knowing. However, Bridgette was smirking)

  • Bridgette: (smirking) "I'm impressed that Cody has some guts. Also, I will reward him for getting rid of Geoff. (she hugs Cody and kisses his cheek before smiling) You might have disobeyed me but you still helped me with my problem. I'm so very proud of you. You made me happy. (she then showed a very kind-hearted smile and instead of dragging Cody, she picked him up and carried him to her cabin. She put him on the bed and smiled at him) You are such a good boy. I love you. You are my hero. I'm glad to have you around. You deserve to be here."

(they change into pajamas and she hugs him from behind like a teddy bear as she happily sleeps while he feels relaxed and cuddles in her embrace. The next morning, Bridgette comes in the mess hall carrying Cody with her arms while Gwen and Courtney smile at him. Cody smiles and puts his hands behinds head)

  • Cody: (smiling) "Life is good."

(Ezekiel chuckles as the episode ends. Later when Bridgette abuses Cody too far, she kneels down to him and starts kissing him)

  • Bridgette: (smirking) "I love you Cody."

(however, Cody shoots the goo at her mouth, preventing her from kissing him. He then pushes her away)

  • Cody: (crying) "Get away from me."

(he then runs away from her in tears while she rips off the goo and shows a worried look. Later at the elimination ceremony, Courtney hugs Cody while she and the others were glaring at Bridgette, who looks worried at Cody)

  • Chef: (serious) "I already know who's going home. Bridgette, time for you to get out of here."

(however, Bridgette is enraged)


(then it later shows her on the boat of losers but she is wearing a straightjacket and her mouth has been taped shut to stop her rambling. Later when Cody's eliminated, he becomes worried)

  • Cody: (afraid) "Bridgette won't molest me, will she?"
  • Mike: (chuckling) "Don't worry, she promises to behave and is in handcuffs just in case. Her behavior's getting better and she vowed to never mess up again."

(Cody nods and received hugs from the girls. Later at Playa des Losers, a handcuffed Bridgette waves at the audience)

  • Bridgette: (waving) "Hey everyone. I'm sorry for what I did to Cody. I'm no longer attracted to him and instead treat him like a little brother."

(Cody nods)

  • Cody: (agreeing) "Yeah, she's doing better. I care for her. At least, she's safe from Geoff."

(Bridgette hugs Cody)

  • Bridgette: (smiling) "Thanks Cody. I'm glad you got him arrested."
  • Leshawna: (agreeing) "Yeah, I'm glad that creep is in jail."

(everyone agreed)


  • Reactions to Bridgette licking Cody:
  • Ezekiel: (disgusted) "People say I'm crazy? She is sick, molesting a child. I need to get rid of her. No wonder she's here. She's a pedophile."
  • Mike: (nervous) "I know I would be happy for Bridgette if she wasn't too forward or too yandere about her love for Cody. She has to take it easy on him."
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