The country of Toria is a little country with a population of 514120 people.

The people of Toria are unwelcoming towards foreigners and tend to welcome them with indifference. They feel foreigners could restrict the country's well-being.


Toria declared independence from Portugal in 1949, but it was communist, then it became democratic.


Toria itself is mainly covered in lakes and has a calm climate, which has lead to a dispersed population, despite the number of people, which means most of them live in townships.


The country's landscape is quite gorgeous; imposing volcanic lava flows, magnificent wildlife and small, hidden ponds are just a sliver of the appeal Toria has to offer, which is why the country is beloved among foreigners.

Law Enforcement

Toria has strict laws and law enforcement, which is quite normal. The people are unfriendly due to recent destructions, caused by horrible leadership.

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