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Toothless vs Danger Mouse: League of Justice is a American/British animated/traditionally/live action film directed by Allias Salmon.


Toothless must face four challenges: Danger Mouse, his lieutenant and the bad guys, an epic conclusion, the asteroid and a collision course.


  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Toothless, a night fury.
  • Tim Curry as Danger Mouse, the main antagonist.
  • Jay Baruchel as Deadpool, a mercenary with a really big mouth.
  • Idris Elba as Allias, a smilodon.
  • Jack Black as Po, a panda.
  • Simon Pegg as Buck, a fearless weasel.
  • Ray Romano as Manny, a woolly mammoth who is brave, jolly, cheerful, funny, protective, respectful, bold and emotional, also gentle and cute.
  • Richard E. Grant as Bradley
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Shangri Llama, a llama who helps Allias and the gang.
  • Chris Sanders as Stitch, an alien koala/dog.
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson as Neil DeBuck Weasel, a weasel who tells the gang how to stop Danger Mouse and the baddies.
  • Dennis Haysbert as Master Ox
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme as Master Croc
  • Emma Thompson as Captain Amelia, a cat/human hybrid. She is one of Allias' team who helps Toothless stop Danger Mouse. 
  • Michael Wincott as Scroop, a spider/crab hybrid
  • Patrick Dempsey as Kenai
  • Jeff Bennett as Denahi
  • Fred Tatasciore as Master Bear
  • Stephen Kearin as Master Chicken
  • Drake Bell as Ethan, a mammoth.
  • Nicki Minaj as Steffie, a mammoth.
  • Adam DeVine as Penfold, Danger Mouse's sidekick.
  • Adam DeVine also voices Julian, a mammoth and Manny's best friend, he is funny like him.
  • Heather Morris as Katie, a mammoth.
  • America Ferrera as Astrid, a woman and Allias' daughter.
  • Bryan Cranston as Li Shan, a panda.
  • David Hyde Pierce as Delbert Doppler, a dog/human hybrid
  • Sam Elliott as Butch, a dinosaur.
  • Josh Gad as Louis, a molehog
  • Randall Duk Kim as Oogway
  • Seth McFarlane as Peter Griffin, Ted and Brian, a dog.
  • Nick Frost as Milo, a dino bird/human and one of the antagonists.
  • Willem Dafoe as Audrey Rameriz, a dino bird/human.
  • Max Greenfield as Mole, a fat dino bird/human.
  • Martin Short as B.E.N
  • Lily Singh as Misty and Bubbles
  • J.K Simmons
  • Saoirse Ronan



  • Toothless has the same design from How to Train Your Dragon.
  • This is the crossover of How to Train Your Dragon, Marvel, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age, Danger Mouse, Treasure Planet, The Good Dinosaur, Ted, My Little Pony, The Lion Guard and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  • Danger Mouse and Penfold have the same design from Danger Mouse.
  • Helga have the same design from Atlantis: The Lost Empire but with red gem on her neck and bare hands.
  • Amelia, Delbert Doppler, B.E.N, Morph and Scroop have the same design from Treasure Planet.
  • Ethan, Steffie, Katie, Meghan and Dumb Mammoth from Ice Age 4 will appear in this movie.
  • The film is similar to Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Ice Age: Collison Course and Kung Fu Panda 3.


  • Narrator : This Year.
  • Toothless : We must stop Danger Mouse.
  • Narrator : Comes an epic comedy.
  • Buck : Oh, hello mammals.
  • Narrator : Of All time.
  • Toothless : Buck what are you doing here.
  • Buck : It's just the begining in my friends, the mother of all asteroids, screaming towards us, we go to that crash site. Search for clues and then figured it out how to stop it. Who's with me!
  • Homer Simpson : Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin reporting for duty. Ha-ha, doody (laughs)
  • Butch : Oh, boy.
  • Julian : Wow, we look so cool.
  • Dumb Mammoth : Double burn!!!!.
  • Po : Does that look like a problem to you?
  • Astrid : A rock? Why would that be the problem?
  • Deadpool: Hi there! Don't forget to watch Deadpool 2! Whoop, whoo-oo, whoop!
  • (A meteor crashes)
  • Po : AAAAH!!!. You're so pretty.
  • Toothless : Ha ha ha.
  • Allias : Cool.
  • Toothless : Will you three quit it, oh,
  • Narrator : Toothless, Po, Allias, Manny, Buck, Captain, Astrid, Li Shan, Kion and Arlo.
  • Toothless : Do you mind.
  • Denahi : BUTTSUCKER!!
  • Narrator : Get ready.
  • Blu : Run!!!!.
  • Narrator : For the wild adventure coolest trip ever.
  • Delbert : Where are we.
  • Rainbow Dash : Here he is, the master of meditation, The supreme sovereign, the Shangri Llama!!!!!
  • Po : This is the guy who's gonna save us.
  • Shangri Llama: Yes, but first downward dog, caterpillar, funky chicken, jiggly jelly, mash potato.
  • Po : THIS IS AWESOME!!!.
  • Ethan : Lucky shot.
  • Deadpool: Hey baby, wanna see my gun?
  • Astrid: Not interested, Wade. You're too gross.
  • Helga Sinclair : You must be, Toothless the night fury.
  • Toothless : How about you spare me the chit-chat.
  • Allias : Incoming!
  • (Everyone runs from the dangers)
  • Manny : Hurry.
  • Buck : What did they do to you.
  • Ted : You don't wanna know.
  • Deadpool: Finally! I can swear! [BLEEP]!!! What the [BLEEP]!!! It's okay for him to swear, but not me?!? I'll give you something to bleep! [BLEEP] you!!
  • (Zeng faints)
  • Narrator : Toothless Vs Danger Mouse: League of Justice.
  • Peter : Hey, sounds like it's slowing down, yep it's definitley over. Except for that one.


Toothless meets Helga

  • (Toothless flies home)
  • Toothless : Hello, anybody home!.
  • (The thunder claps and reveals Helga)
  • Helga Sinclair : Toothless.
  • Toothless : Who are you, uh, how the heck did you get in here.

Po and the gang meet the masters

  • Po : Look, there. Master Ox, Master Croc, Master Chicken, Master Bear what are you doing here.
  • Master Chicken : Bocka, Danger Mouse and his minions attacked and Immortan Joe worked for Danger Mouse.
  • Master Bear : STOP!!!. He must be in there.
  • Mater Ox : Good to see you again, panda and who is this duck pelican.

Meet Buck

  • Buck : Oh, Hello, humans and animals!!!!.
  • Po : Who is that.
  • Toothless : Why hello Buck.
  • Buck : You must be the night fury. So we got an unspeakable plan, it's just the beginning my friends. We got an unstoppable force coming ahead, the mother of all asteroids screaming towards us. But I got a plan, we go to that crash site, search for clues and figure it out how to stop them.
  • Kion : What plan, Buck.
  • Buck : Stop a rodent and a blonde with a little thing.
  • Po : You mean Penfold.
  • Buck : You got an idea coming.
  • Manny : Buck, what are you doing here.
  • Buck : We got a another thing coming.
  • Brian : I'm glad you don't see everyday.
  • Buck : We're gonna meet the Treasure Planet characters and tell them how to stop Danger Mouse.
  • Deadpool: You guys do that, I'll go hit on that Astrid Hofferson chick. Time to show her why they call me the merc with a mouth!

Shangri Llama

  • Captain Amelia : What is this place.
  • Po : Well, maybe the mighty dragon warrior have seen Atlanteans crystals in Zootopia or something.
  • Arlo : It's Geotopia.
  • Off screen member : That's right dino boy.
  • Manny : Who's that.
  • Astrid : I feel nauseous.
  • Deadpool: Well, I can help you feel less nauseous if you'd like.
  • Astrid: Do you ever shut up?
  • Rainbow Dash : Welcome to Geotopia.
  • Ethan : Geotopia, names Ethan, and this is Steffie, Peaches, Katie, Meghan and Buddy and my best friend is Julian.
  • Julian : Nice to meet you Dash.
  • Rainbow Dash : Here he is. The master of meditation, The Shangri Llama!!!
  • Astrid : Wow, a llama.
  • Deadpool: Sure, but I bet he is not as good-looking as you, baby.
  • Astrid: Shut up, would you want a fist to the face?
  • Deadpool: How about a fist to my private area?
  • Astrid: Freak.
  • Po : Look at that.
  • Shangri Llama : Greetings heroes, the Shangri Llama will see yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou now!
  • Po : This is the guy who's gonna save us.
  • Allias : New topic, WE'RE ALL ABOUT TO DIE!!!!!!!!
  • Shangri Llama : Well that's not good. Stress is the killer, let's put the past behind us and open our limbs. downward dog!!!!
  • Toothless : Oh, Seriously?
  • Shangri Llama : I'll wait, i have all the time in the world.
  • (Allias, Toothless and Manny do downward dog)
  • Shangri Llama : Caterpillar!!!!!!, funky chicken, jiggly jelly, mash potato!!!!
  • Po : This is awesome.
  • Deadpool: How about I shoot him!
  • (He starts shooting rapidly, but Shangri Llama dodges them all without noticing them.)
  • Deadpool: Dang it! Ran out of bullets, bad Deadpool.

Danger Mouse and Helga's plans

  • Danger Mouse : We have to kill the Night Fury.
  • Penfold : Please I'll know, w-what dragon is!. (Helga smacks Penfold)
  • Danger Mouse : We got an idea, that changes things, Helga, what do you think?
  • Helga Sinclair : Could be better.
  • Penfold : Oh dear. (Helga smacks him again)
  • Helga Sinclair : PENFOLD, SHUT UP!!!

Toothless faces Helga

  • Helga Sinclair : You must be Toothless the night fury.
  • Toothless : And you, must be Helga Sinclair,

Astrid vs Helga

  • Astrid: Toothless, I'll handle her.
  • Toothless: Good luck.
  • Astrid: Thanks.
  • Deadpool: Alright then, go get her, tiger!
  • (Deadpool slaps Astrid in the butt. Astrid blushes, and she punches Deadpool.)
  • Astrid: Never do that again, ever!
  • Deadpool: Worth it!