Genre Adult animation, adventure, black comedy, comedy-drama, cringe comedy, fantasy, musical comedy, observational comedy, parody, satire, science fiction
Created by Aleks J. Hudock
Starring Conrad Vernon, Jenny Slate, Frank Welker, Brian Posehn, Stephanie Sheh, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Rebecca Shoichet, Jim Cummings, Will Arnett, Seth MacFarlane, Johnny Yong Bosch, Max Gilardi, Gilbert Gottfried, Paul Reubens
Opening Theme "Welcome to Toonime"

composed by The Back Hand Cola Company

Location Back Hand Animation Studios

Baltimore, MD

Country Of Origin United States
Number Of Episodes 92 episodes (in total)

2 holiday specials

Running Time 2006-present
Original Channel: Fox
Original Air Date December 13, 2005 (pilot episode)

February 26, 2006

Produced by Back Hand Animation Studios

20th Century Fox Animation

Directed by Aleks J. Hudock
Toonime is a Japanese-American adult animated television series created by Aleks J. Hudock and produced at Back Hand Animation Studios, a division of The Back Hand Cola Company, for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series was inspired by differences between American and Japanese styles of animation and is portrayed in a more parodical, comedic manner otherwise including serious topics involving fantasy and science fiction. Set in the fictional city of the same name where cartoon and anime characters live in a non-segregated timeline, Toonime centers on the adventures of the show's main characters Ditzy Dawg, a foul-mouthed, sarcastic, cowardly, cross-dimensional, yet otherwise loyal and good-hearted cartoon dog, and Mika Yotoneko, a jolly, carefree, immature, adorable, playfully mischievous anime neko girl. Due to its carefully-timed inappropriate scenes, great scripting, comically dark narrative and farce humor, Toonime was met with positive reviews upon release and received widespread popularity mostly from Japan and the United States, as the series evolved into a media franchise during the second season. The series has released two film adaptations - Toonime: Segregation (2009) and Toonime: Corruption (2015), along with video games, merchandise and music albums.



  • Ditzy Dawg: voiced by Conrad Vernon. Ditzy is the main protagonist of the series. He is an anthropomorphic old-school cartoon dog based off of cartoon characters from the Golden Age of Animation, such as Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat and Bugs Bunny. Ditzy lives with Mika and Anoos. Throughout the series, Ditzy provides comic relief and satire with his personality, as he is very sarcastic and openly ill-tempered. He is also potty-mouthed, cynical, talkative and sometimes timid. But while he is usually a miserly individual, Ditzy is in no way intended on making people feel bad and is actually a caring, loving person. Ditzy has been occupied as the comic relief protagonist with the use of one-liners, sarcasm, profanity, fourth wall breaks, pop culture references and sometimes word play.
  • Mika Yotoneko: voiced by Jenny Slate. Mika is the deuteragonist of the series. She is a character depicted as a "neko girl", a popular anime cliché and is based on those types of characters including Neko from K. Unlike Ditzy, Mika is more allocentric, optimistic and joyful. She is rarely, if ever, in a bad mood and never seems to have problems adapting to new changes. She lives with Ditzy and Anoos, whom she loves and cherishes and considers to be potential friends. However, Mika's cheery attitude makes her incapable of knowing that Ditzy is normally miserable. Mika is also shown to be a nudist, as she sometimes takes off her clothes, but never expose her privates.
  • Anoos: voiced by Frank Welker to make dog noises. Anoos is the tritagonist of the series. He is an old-school cartoon Dalmatian, like Ditzy, but is not anthropomorphic and is based off of the Disney character Pluto. Anoos is portrayed and regarded as Ditzy's pet and original companion back before they met Mika. He is incredibly loyal to Ditzy and Mika. However, due to the irony that Ditzy owns Anoos because he's a dog owning a dog, they are considered to be frequently deprecated because of their reputation, mostly by Tybalt.


  • Clumsy: voiced by Jim Cummings. Clumsy is Ditzy's adoptive elder brother and, like Ditzy and Anoos, is based on a Disney character, his inspiration being Goofy. Clumsy is often incredibly stupid and neurotic, but at the same time is easygoing, lighthearted and nurturing. Like Mika, he is generally unaware of his grouchy mood. Sometimes, Ditzy and Clumsy have held grudges against each other, but still care about each other no matter what as brothers. Like Ditzy, he is an anthropomorphic cartoon dog.
  • Pigge Ernest: voiced by Brian Posehn. Ernest is Ditzy and Mika's best friend and influence. He is based off of Mouse Fitzgerald from the Adult Swim series 12 Oz. Mouse, appearing as a crudely-drawn anthropomorphic cartoon pig. Ernest is an alcoholic pig who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and is generally regarded as the town drunk. He is also shown to be completely lazy and will get a short attention span from his alcoholism. Ernest has also been occupied as a racist, as he has held grudges against Pixel immigrants apparently due to bad history he had with them. Although he is flawed, he is caring and supportive overall.
  • Miyabe Aikaenao: voiced by Rebecca Shoichet. Miyabe is based off of characters from school-life anime, wearing a typical high school outfit seen in said genre of anime/manga. Miyabe is occupied as a wealthy magazine model as well as a spoiled brat. She, like other spoiled aristocratic children, is shown to be incredibly narcissistic, rotten, sarcastic, snobby and self-entitled. Like Tybalt, she often deprecated and picks on Ditzy and Anoos, again regarding the "dog owning a dog" irony. She has also proclaimed herself the arch-rival of Mika. On occasion, Miyabe has been shown to break down into a sociopathic drama queen whenever she is punished or she feels wronged. Despite her spoiled attitude, she has actually sympathized with Ditzy on rare occasions, unlike Tybalt.
  • Sakura Wasimotaki: voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard. Sakura is based on the character Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail, who was also voiced by said voice actor in the English dubbed version. Sakura is a female master thief and weapons dealer who runs a weapons shop located in the rural areas outside of Toonime. She came from a tragic background with her family The Wasimotakis, as her father (her only parent) died in a tragic accident and moved to an orphanage run by an abusive caretaker before she managed to escape and adapted her life on her own as she moved to Toonime and dedicated her career to selling weapons, making deals with trading merchants and stealing valuables. Sakura often speaks in a serious tone and has no sense of humor.
  • Wonderman: voiced by Will Arnett. Wonderman is based off of comic book superheroes such as Superman and Batman. He is meant to occupy himself as the "superhero" protecting Toonime from harm. But underneath his heroic qualities, Wonderman is egotistical, intimidating and unpleasant. He is also incredibly flirtatious and irrational. However, Wonderman is able to detect if he has done wrong and will go at lengths to fix his mistakes, despite his egocentrism.
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