Tomb Raider is an upcoming action adventure film based on the 1996 video game of the same name. It is the third adaptation of the Tomb Raider series of games in film, after 2001's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and it's 2003 sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, both of which starred Angelina Jolie as the protagonist, Lara Croft. This reboot stars Kate Beckinsale as Lara Croft, along with Chris Evans, Rosamund Pike and Christopher Eccelston in supporting roles. Tomb Raider was directed by Len Wiseman and scored by Trevor Morris. 


The film opens in India. Tomb raider Lara Croft and Dr Mark Willard visit the ruins of an ancient Indian temple once inhabited by the Infada tribe. They find an artifact which they recognize as the Infada Stone, said to give those in its possession supernatural powers. Willard tries to steal the stone, resulting in a fight between him and Lara. William grabs the stone and mutates into a horrific spider-like creature. Lara shoots the Infada Stone, embedded in Willard's chest, causing him to explode.

Returning to her hotel, Lara goes to take a shower but is interrupted when she finds a woman waiting in her room for her. The woman introduces herself as Jacqueline Natla, the head of Natla Technologies. Natla asks for Lara's help in recovering an ancient artifact called the scion from a tomb in Peru. Lara agrees and departs for Peru, where she meets up with her local guide Carlos. They travel up to the snowy Peruvian mountains, where Carlos brings Lara to the entrance of the lost tomb of Qualopec. Carlos explains to Lara that Qualopec was said to be one of the three rulers of Atlantis. Suddenly, the duo are attacked by a vicious pack of wolves. Carlos is killed, but Lara is saved when the wolves are killed by a sniper rifle. Lara turns to see two men, Jerome Johnson and Kold Kin Kade, who claim that Natla sent them to protect Lara. They stand guard at the entrance of the tomb while Lara goes in.

Lara navigates her way to the center of the tomb and finds Qualopec's skeleton sitting in a throne, along with the scion. Once she removes the scion, Qualopec's skeleton crumbles to dust and the chamber begins to flood. Lara manages to escape just in time, but when she exits the tomb she finds that Kade and Johnson are gone. Suddenly, she is fired upon with a sniper rifle and she realizes that they are trying to kill her. The gunshots trigger an avalanche, which kills Kade and buries Johnson alive. Lara offers to dig him out in return for information; he obliges, explaining that Natla has hired three tomb raiders to retrieve the three scion pieces from around the world, but has also sent some of her men to kill them afterwards and take the artifacts. Lara then coldly walks away, leaving a terrified Johnson to freeze to death.

Lara goes to Chicago and breaks into Natla's office, housed in a large skyscraper owned by Natla. While this is happening, Natla attends a meeting held by the leaders of the Illuminati secret society, of which Natla is a member. It is revealed that the planets are about to align, something the Illuminati have been waiting five thousand years for. Natla has been placed in control of their scion project, and assures the other leaders that it is going according to plan. Stepping out of the meeting room, Natla tells her right hand Manfred Powell to move ahead with the drilling phase of their plan. Back in the office, Lara discovers a journal owned by a medieval monk, Brother Herbert, which reveals that the location of the second scion piece is under the Greek monastery of St Francis. Lara leaves just before she is caught by Natla's guards.

Lara heads to St Francis' and uncovers a second hidden tomb, which is revealed to be the tomb of Ticohan, the second Atlantean ruler. Lara retrieves the second scion piece, and puts it together with the first. This causes her to go into a trance, where she sees a vision of Atlantis. When Lara comes to, the scion is grabbed out of her hands by the cocky French treasure hunter Pierre Dupont. Lara chases Dupont out of the tomb while she tries to convince him that Natla has betrayed him. He refuses to listen and when Lara becomes caught in a death trap, he chooses to leave her behind. Nonetheless, Lara manages to escape just in time. She witnesses Dupont meeting up with Powell, who takes the scion from him before Larson Conway, Powell's henchman, guns Dupont down.

Guided by her vision, Lara makes her to the final tomb in Egypt, where she meets Alex West, an American adventurer and the last person hired by Natla to find the scion. They make their way to the center of the tomb and deduce that this is the lost city of Kahmoon. Upon their discovery of the final scion piece, the duo are confronted by Powell and Conway. Powell takes the scion and leaves, giving Conway orders to execute Lara and Alex. However, Lara knocks the gun out of Conway's hand and Alex tackles him over a ledge. Lara tries to help Alex up while Conway accidentally sets of a booby trap which fires an arrow into the back of his head.

After escaping from the tomb, Lara and Alex decide to team up to try and figure out what Natla is planning. While Alex investigates the activities of Natla Technologies, Lara reads into the history of Atlantis and learns that the three scion pieces make up a new object called the Triangle of Light. The Triangle of Light, according to legend, has the power to raise the Atlantean army, although this is only possible when the planets are in alignment, which occurs only once every five thousand years. Now aware of the Illuminati's true intentions, Alex traces the location where most of Natla Technologies' man power is being concentrated; a small, isolated island in the Black Sea. Lara and Alex head there to stop the Illuminati's plot.

When they arrive at the island, they learn that Natla's mining operation has partially unearthed the Great Pyramid. Natla herself then arrives, along with Powell and the Illuminati leadership. They enter the Great Pyramid and Natla announces that she will soon have the powers of a god. With that, she combines the three scion pieces together to form the Triangle of Light. Natla uses the Triangle to kill the Illuminati leaders by turning them into skeletons. She uses the Triangle to activate the various centaur statues around the temple, animating them and turning them into real creatures. Natla and Powell ascend to the top of the temple, leaving the mine workers to their doom at the hands of the centaurs.

Lara and Alex race to the top of the temple while fighting their way through the centaurs. They reach the top just as Natla gathers enough energy to raise the Atlantean army. Lara fights Natla for the Triangle while Alex fights Powell. Powell eventually escapes while Lara and Natla fall over the edge. As they dangle from the precipice, Alex helps Lara up, who in turn offers her hand to Natla. Natla, however, instead makes one last attempt to grab the Triangle, causing her to plunge to the bottom of the pyramid. Lara and Alex jump out the pyramid just as it explodes, killing Natla.

A short time later, Lara is showing in another hotel room, but when she steps out, she finds Powell waiting for her. Lara notices her gun sitting on the table, but Powell pulls his own gun on her. Before he can shoot her, Lara removes her towel. Powell is distracted long enough to allow Lara to pick up her gun and shoot him to death. A naked Lara then turns at looks straight down the camera, asking “Haven't you seen enough?” before she fires her gun into the camera, ending the film.


  • Kate Beckinsale as Lara Croft, tomb raider.
  • Chris Evans as Alex West, an American adventurer.
  • Rosamund Pike as Jacqueline Natla, the film's main villain.
  • Christopher Eccelston as Manfred Powell, Natla's right hand man.
  • Jason Clarke as Larson Conway, a hitman who works for Powell.
  • Francois Cluzet as Pierre Dupont, a French treasure hunter.
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