Tomb Raider: An Uncharted Journey
Developer(s) Crystal Dynamics (Concept: Tomb Raider)
Naughty Dog (Creator: Uncharted; main developer)

Nixxes Software (PC portion)

Publisher(s) Square Enix

Sony Computer Entertainment

Designer(s) Mike Brinker

Kurt Margenau

Director(s) Noah Hughes

Bruce Straley

Writer(s) Rhianna Pratchett

Neil Druckmann

Platform(s) PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) 2017
Genre(s) Third person shooter, Action Adventure, Co-op
Mode(s) Single Player


Media Blu-ray Disc(PS4 Retail release) Download (PC Steam digital release)

Tomb Raider: An Uncharted Journey is a 2017 crossover Action Adventure, Third-Person Shooter game co-developed by Crystal Dynamics and Naughty Dog and published by Square Enix which releases for the PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive. It is set between Rise of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, the third installment in the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot saga from CD, the eleventh Tomb Raider game and the fifth installment in the Uncharted series.

The game takes place immediately following the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider where Nathan "Nate" Drake (Nolan North) meets Lara Croft (Camilla Luddington), now fully-enshrined as the legendary Tomb Raider. The game's story is centered largely around the two titular legendary explorers, meeting for the very first time, with lots of character development and in-game interactions between them as they learn to co-exist to battle the mercs hunting them for what they know and supernatural forces beyond their recognition together.


The game starts out with a cinematic cut scene in the Florence Cathedral in Italy. Now married to Elena Fisher, Nathan Drake retrieves an ancient artifact hidden inside the vault: Relic of Joan of Arc, said to contain the remnants of the French saint. However, he is ambushed by mercenaries, who try to steal the relic from him. Nate escapes with the relic and makes his way back to the resort. However, along the way, he finds a gagged Victor Sullivan being held at gunpoint by a mercenary named Markus Knight, who orders him to hand the relic in order to spare his life. Nate complies. However, him and his henchmen escort with his bound wife, Elena via helicopter.

Nate desperately chases after them and latches onto the chopper as they try to take off into the sky. While battling Markus in the air after breaking into the chopper, Nate accidentally shoots the pilot in a scrum, setting it into freefall. Nate eventually breaks his grip off his gun and fatally wounds Markus after several shots. However, the falling chopper sends his wife, Elena sliding towards the open escape hatch. Diving the other way, Nate barely catches her with one hand as she's about to fall to her presumptuous death. However, Markus shoots Nate in the leg as he attempts to lift her, causing him to drop Elena many feet below. Markus escapes via parachute while a devastated Nate is left to endure the crash landing.

Mourning the apparent loss of his beloved wife, Nate is shown getting drunk at a bar, visibly depressed as he sits there, drinking the night away. However, he is confronted by his close friend, Sully. Arranging to meet another close friend of his, he hands Nate a photograph of a young, pony-tailed brunette in a blue-gray tank top: a fellow explorer/researcher like himself named Lara Croft, exploring the ancient ruins of Tikal, Guatemala with her remaining friends from the Endurance shipwreck.
"Wow, she's better-looking than I thought. Any crazy ex-boyfriends I should know about?"
"Actually, she's never been the social type."
"Oh, playing hard to get? I think I can manage."

The next day, Lara arrives in the Guatemalan jungle of Tikal with her friends Joslin and Jonah. They set up up a camp site, while Lara arms herself as she gets ready to venture through the ruins and journey one of the many Mayan temples with her friend, Kaz Weiss-sister of Alex Weiss-who informs her of an ancient artifact buried within. However, they are ambushed by members of the Trinity, a group of mercenaries targeting Lara's crew for their discovery of Yamatai and the Lost Colony of Roanoke and Drake's for his discovery of El Dorado-which they later discovered and relocated to an uncharted Pacific Island-led by Angus Cheverell, a middle-aged assassin, and Raven, his feminine, dark-haired aid.

The Trinity mercs swarm the island along with their pack of guard wolves accompanying them. Lara, using stealth, wits and resourcefulness-which includes equipping a looted sniper rifle from one of their dead bodies with the silencer she tactfully uncapped from her pistol after quietly taking him out with her bow when she runs low on arrows-navigates through the jungle, quietly taking out enemy mercs along the way while protecting her friend. Kaz is spotted when they approach the Mayan temple, however, the mercs are distracted when a plane comes landing nearby. In the distraction, Lara hurriedly grabs Kaz as they sneak inside. Nate Drake, along with Sully, take out the swarming Trinity mercs after leaving the plane and enter the temple from the other side.

After journeying through various obstacles within the temple and taking out a panther lurking inside, Lara is met by the sudden arrival of Nate and Victor, who also find the artifact in question: the Relic of the Arctic Circle, missing. Kaz comes out of hiding and is greeted along with her friend, Lara to Nate by Sully. Their relationship starts out rocky, however as Lara initially has trouble gravitating to Nate's cocky, smug attitude and mannerisms, in particular, his incessant bragging about finding the lost treasure of El Dorado. This animosity is exacerbated when he walks in on her swimming during a cinematic cut scene at a nearby lake late at night.
Nate: "Going for a late night dip, and you didn't even invite me?" *dives in after taking shirt off* "Marco!""
Lara: "Ugh. *Walks off in disgust after wrapping herself in a towel*"
— Lara and Nate

However, Nate later confronts Lara, shown sitting down reading her father's journal in her RV. After revealing her father's life's work-and thereafter being separated from her parents, Richard and Amelia Croft, on an expedition-Nate informs Lara of him being sent through the foster care system after he was abandoned by both of his parents and his father's suicide. Lara begins to open up towards Nate upon hearing this, empathizing with him as she, too, suffered through an orphaned childhood after her parents disappeared during an expedition. She later follows Nate to his bedroom after listening to footage from his camcorder out of curiosity. He's shown watching footage of him and his missing wife, Elena, filming their journey to Panama together after recovering Francis Drake's tomb. Lara anxiously sits down and watches with him, sharing the same love of journeying and ancient artifacts as Nate, who masks his look of sadness over his wife's disappearance as they watch.

Lara wakes up the next day, falling asleep right next to Nate while watching his wife, Elena's tape, and is greeted by her Endurance crewmates. Nate agrees to take Lara to a marvelous discovery of his: an ancient kingdom buried underneath the statue of El Dorado-discovered to have been relocated yet again following the events of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune from a map he uncovered-where he promises Lara a "big surprise". They're closely followed by the Trinity mercenaries, led by their two heads: Angus and Raven, in search of the same ancient relics located near the Tomb of El Dorado in a race against time. They are ambushed, however, by hordes of Descendants while in search of the artifacts. After easily taking them out with their honed marksman skills, they scurry around the Tomb of El Dorado, finding the tomb of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. Angus finds her jewel, and completes one fourth of the Taliasman of Boreas he's trying to fulfill. The Trinity mercs follow a trail of foosteps Lara and Nate left to Jonah and Kaz, who blast through all of them as they journey to another tomb located near El Dorado containing the next two artifacts with Joslin following close behind them: the relics of Zetes and Calais, the twin brothers of Cleopatra and sons of Boreas. However, they are ambushed by Angus and Raven, kidnapping them and detaining them on their vessel while stealing the relics and fulfilling three quarters of the Talisman.

During this time, Nate leads Lara right to the tomb of El Dorado, but are swarmed by Trinity mercs. Lara suddenly leaves the scene when they have Nate dead to rights, but hops on her stashed motorcycle and takes them all out, lighting them up with her submachine gun while cycling around them.

"Leaving me high and dry to show off your new toy, real thoughtful, babe."
"My gift from Sully, he told me you'd show me around this place. So, you like?"
"Nice ride, mind if I take err out for a spin later?"
"Don't push it."

Nate then leads her directly to Cleopatra's Underwater Palace secretly buried underneath it. He reveals to her that Cleopatra's Palace is not so much a palace as it is a tomb where the Spanish Conquistadors found and buried her corpse many centuries ago. They are greeted by a swarm of obstacles, eventually coming across a moat. They put on scuba masks and venture through the underwater monastery, killing a couple sharks along the way. They venture through an underwater passage way when they hear something preying on them. Nate and Lara stealthily evade the creature's trajectory when they find a grating leading to the end of the water trail. They are quickly followed by the sea serpent, staunchly chasing them at the other end of the tunnel while Nate and Lara try to pry themselves out of harm's way. Nate and Lara quickly dislodge the grate with their pick axes, unflooding the palace and narrowly escaping the serpent, caught in the impact of the huge rupture as they make their way back on foot. Nate leads Lara through a corridor with ancient Hindu markings on the walls. Reading them aloud to her after translating them-while demonstrating another one of his skills to Lara-he reveals that the creature is none other than the ancient Leviathan from the Holy Bible, the protector of Cleopatra's Palace after being buried here many centuries ago. The creature follows them, however, as they escape through falling platforms while the creature chases them through the corridor. Lara shoots the spiked platform hanging above them, smothering the creature in the process. They proceed right through a crawlspace into a catacombs-like tomb with mummified corpses engraved on the wall when they suddenly come to life and grab Nate. Lara saves Nate, however, they are greeted by swarms of zombified mummies as they emerge from the wall and start swarming Nate and Lara.

After taking out the mummified Descendants, Lara steps on a contraption which activates a capture net that drags her to the rim of the pit. More mummy Descendants start crawling the walls, swarming her as she fights tooth and nail to escape. Nate eventually saves Lara, levitating himself via platform after activating a switch to get there. He shoots the swarming Descendants, then the noose holding the net while their platform falls. Nate unties Lara, however, the contraption activated another switch that unlocked a gate in front of them, from which a giant plesiosaur emerges in a nearby moat. After killing the plesiosaur, Nate discovers a relic buried right underneath the El Dorado statue: the familiar Joan of Arc relic, his gift to his ex-wife, revealing that the Descendants originally found near El Dorado merged together with the mummified remains as a result of said artifact. They are then swarmed by two gigantic spiders. They kill them both together, then obtain an ancient artifact after entering the front of the temple: the Relic of the Arctic Circle. Nate shares his vast knowledge of mythology with Lara, revealing that it belongs to Khione, Goddess of Snow and sister of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. They are now very close after all their interactions together, but Lara is attacked and abducted when they make it out. Nate tries to save Lara, but is attacked by Markus and held at gunpoint while they escort her to their ship.

Lara, now joining her captive friends, is tortured by Raven, trying to pry answers out of her after snatching the Relic from her, completing the Talisman, but she refuses to speak. Nate soon comes to her rescue, though, after snatching a cargo plane with Sully, who flies Nate to their captive vessel while he takes out any enemy planes/boats via gunship. He then dives via parachute onto the Trinity ship, taking out mercenaries as he navigates through. He follows Lara to the dock, where he is confronted by Markus, his wife's killer. After killing Markus, he unties Lara and escapes with her, swimming out into the ocean and making their way onto the shore of the Island of Samoa together.

After once again making their way on foot, Nate notices Lara practicing a few Judo attacks. When asked about it, Lara reveals, in playable flashback form, that she was taken under from a clan-set during the timeline of Rise of the Tomb Raider-after narrowly escaping a torture camp of the Trinity-the group of mercenaries hunting her for her knowledge and discovery of Yamatai-known as the Tribunal, led by Art Ducasse-a young, muscular tall man with black hair-who her best friend, Sam, introduced to her. They fled her to their dojo/hideout in China, located just outside the Himalayas, after being extracted from the Trinity. Wanting to build her strength and fulfill her potential, Art would teach her the art of Jiu-Jitsu. Lara would go through the motions, slowly learning it in various small (playable) sparring intervals and grew an affection for him due to his efforts. After various training regimes, their dojo was found and discovered by the Trinity and subsequently attacked, with Lara once again barely making it out with her life.

Setting back to the game's present timeline, Lara reveals to Nate, in an emotional, almost hyperventilating tone, that the two people she loved more than anything in the world-Sam and Art-died that day. Nate hugs Lara and empathizes with her, having, too, lost the person he cared for most, in which he reveals to her his ex-wife, Elena's fate. The two, now drawn even closer together, sharing yet another common bond, venture through Samoa, taking out more Trinity guards along the way, who learn of their location, in various gunfights. They eventually reach a control center and contact the others and the authorities, but are attacked by Angus and Raven and imprisoned in a Samoan jail.

Lara would spend her nights continually practicing her learned Jiu-Jitsu arts in her cell after enduring various torture regimens, which included waterboarding, drowning her head in water and lashing via whip. Now pushed to the peak of her abilities in her torturous conditions, and constantly envisioning the images of torture and Art's inspirational words while teaching her various Judo arts in her mind, Lara continued to practice Judo in her tiny cot, using the memories of her various sparring regimens to guide her. She eventually masters it after much practice, motivated from her endless torture while in this prison and her burning desire to free Nate and herself, triggered by the apparent loss of her other close friend, Sam, also in playable flashback form:

After scurrying the Himalayas and Mt. Everest, going through various polar bears, Siberian tigers, death traps set up by the Trinity and Trinity mercs along the way, Lara unravels another marvelous discovery: Mt. Everest is not, in fact, a mountain, but an active volcano, a fact the Trinity had successfully covered up for years. Attempting to sacrifice Sam to the volcano, Lara envisions saving her from them as it begins to erupt. She remembers Sam sliding away, falling off the high cliff, and Lara diving from a foot rope off the edge of Mt. Everest to catch her many feet down. Lara then plays those final haunting images in her mind as Sam slips from her fingertips and supposedly falls to her death. Forever distraught by those lasting images, Lara uses memories of her journey with Nate, who she's also becoming increasingly close to, to motivate herself to master her learned Jiu-Jitsu technique and free each other from this hellish Samoan prison.

"I've already lost everyone I've ever loved, and dammit to hell, I'm not gonna lose you, too, Nate, I won't let me."

Lara ends the night punching the nearby wall, letting out an angry howl before passing out on her cell bed. She wakes up the next morning, dragged out by Raven and various men. Lara is tied down in a chair torture , however, Lara breaks free, and takes out her torturers, Raven fleeing as she takes out of the last of her men. After donning a new uniform on the nearby wall-a black Samurai-styled, 2-piece latex outfit with a padded, short-sleeved vest top, jeans and arm guards-Lara navigates through the prison, taking out prison guards and escaped inmates along the way before reaching Nate's cell block at the far end of the prison. Raven puts a bag over Nate's head and straps him to an electric chair, threatening to electrocute him if he doesn't reveal his crew's location. However, they are met with the emphatic arrival of Lara.

"I'M RIGHT HERE, YOU BASTARDS! YOU WANT ME?! COME AND GET ME! *fans hand back at herself, in a "Bring It On" gesture*"

Lara takes out each of the 12 men accompanying her with QTE-triggered Jiu Jitsu attacks/throws she mastered in her numerous days in her cell, letting out an emphatic yell after decapitating the last of her henchmen. Huffing and puffing, Lara is soon congratulated with a clap from Raven.

"Well played, Miss Croft, in fact, I think I sense a little... too much Croft in here."

Lara is stunned when her doppelganger suddenly appears before her. After defeating her evil clone in a rough battle using her newly-mastered, now Black Belt-caliber Jiu Jitsu skillset, Lara picks a loose gun off the ground and frees nate, shooting his straps on the electric chair. They are met by the arrival of Sully and Co., who escorts them to the crew's new ship parked along the shore, which Nate uses to wow Lara as a surprise after handing her a mouth piece for contacting each other should they ever split again.

"I've got a little surprise for you, Lara. No peaking! *approaches ship* Feast your eyes."
"Wow, incredible! This looks nicer than the Endurance ship my crew used to sail."
"My treat, I thought I'd make it up to you for being a pompous ass earlier."
"And for being a pervy stalker?"
"Yeah, that, too. By the way, did I forget to tell you how stunning you look in that new outfit?"

They then set sail for Tonga when Nate agrees to continue to go tomb-mining with Lara. Nate is in a room, holding a picture of his late wife, Elena. His eyes swell up in tears, still distressed over her untimely demise, when he stumbles across a journal entry from Lara.

"About all those "cute guys" Sam was writing about in her journal, I would just like to clarify that there was never really anything there between any of us. A little playful banter, a little tension here and there, but nothing ever really came out of any of it. I don't know, I just felt like there was something missing from all those boys I've had the pleasure of meeting with Sam.

All I've ever wanted was a special someone who's willing to venture out into the open world with me, someone who shares my love of exploring the ancient realms of the world, an ancient history guru like myself.

But more importantly, a man who's not afraid to take risks, a man who's willing to risk life and limb for me as I have Sam and all the others time and time again. In all my years of excavating ancient ruins, I've yet to meet this person.

But maybe he's still out there somewhere. Who knows? Maybe one day, I'll luck out and find him while searching ancient tombs and relics, purely by incident, of course...

Or maybe he'll find me. "

—Lara (VO)

Nate then confronts Lara on the dock, who is seen shooting targets with her bow. After Lara informs Nate that civilizations have used it as a survival tool for centuries, she hands it over to Nate, who uses it to practice his aim and archery skills with it.

"Mind if I give it a try?"

However, their ship is hit with a sudden rupture as it starts to shake. Lara is then pulled off the edge of the ship as "something" grabs her and attempts to pull her under. Nate heroically slides down the floor of the tilted ship and grabs Lara, catching her before she's dragged off the edge. Nate hoists Lara up just as she kicks the creature's arm away and frees herself from its grasp. After saving Lara, they are ambushed as hordes of Descendants leap onto the ship's dock from all sides, showing their true colors. Lara and Nate take them out when "something" mysteriously rips their ship in two, just as it happened aboard the Endurance. They fall into the water and start blasting more of the Descendants in the ravine when Sully rescues them in a support boat. They continue their destination towards the ancient Mariner's Cave when Trinity boats emerge and start chasing them. Lara and Nate start shooting at the enemy boats from both sides while Sully drives when something catches their eye as a plane arrives just as they are entering the Mariner's Cave. Nate and Lara grab Sully just as Angus fires a rocket at their ship from the chopper hanging above them, narrowly escaping as it hits. 

An avalanche suddenly hits the cave entrance, freezing both Nate and Sully when Lara narrowly escapes. Lara observes the bodies of both men in their icy prison and puts both hands on the big block of ice smothering them, horrified by their fate. Lara proceeds through the now frozen Mariner's Cave, going through a number of mazes and obstacles along the way, including swimming through freezing water after prying open the now icy moat with her pick axe, and escaping from a woolly mammoth chasing after her on an artificially-created icy pathway. Lara, using her wits, rolls out of the way after noticing a path many feet down below, and sends it crashing into an icicle that pierces it's skull, then shoots the icy platform at her feet, lowering herself to the pit below. She stumbles across a tyrannosaur skeleton, which mysteriously reanimates into a live arctic tyrannosaur. Lara kills the revived dinosaur and proceeds through a passage way, seeing the Relic of the Arctic Circle placed inside the statue of Khione, Goddess of Snow. Lara is stunned as it mysteriously comes to life as a Thrall in the form of a live statue avatar.  

After defeating the Thrall of Khione, Lara destroys the Arctic Circle Relic, completely unthawing the cavern in the process. However, she begins to see disturbing holographic images of both of her late parents, Richard and Amelia Croft, when she is confronted by Angus. In sadistic fashion, Angus reveals that he is the one who carried out her father's murder at the hands of Trinity many years ago-as alluded to by the holograms-and buried both of their corpses in this cavern, working as a disciple for the late Konstantin, who merely watched her father die. An angered Lara charges after Angus, but is knocked inside her parent's tomb by an accompanied Raven in the process, which begins to slowly fill with sand as she's buried with her parent's corpses. Lara, bereft of air, picks up her mouth piece lying beside her after sliding off of her ear and calls Nate, who has been freed from his icy prison along with Sully after the cavern had unthawed. In a race against time, Nate ventures all the way through the underwater cavern and frees Lara after opening her parent's coffin. Gasping for air, she and Nate are both confronted by a stunning revelation from Sully: a tape-recording with both Sam and Chloe, both pleading for help. After Sully informs them he last saw the two journeying through Paris, Nate tells Lara to grab her bike, claiming he knows exactly where they are. 

Lara and Nate blaze through the streets of Paris on her motorcycle, with Nate shooting and fending off Trinity mercs chasing after them-also via bikes-and blocking their way. They then enter the ghoulish Paris Catacombs, stumbling across many disturbing findings along the way. After completing various mazes, shooting their way through horrific creatures-which include live skeletons, vampire bats and undead ghouls-and surviving various contraptions inside-one of which involves a blood-filled moat from which more ghouls suddenly emerge-they find the bodies of Chloe and Sam, who are both hanging from chains. Discovering that their chains are bound via cuffs, Lara and Nate discover a note suggesting the keys to unlock them are buried somewhere deep within. They stumble across various anecdotes along the way, suggesting that an ancient Antichrist hunted anyone who dared venture through here. Lara and Nate proceed through the tomb, finding writings from Abraham Van Helsing and ancient markings of Vlad the Impaler leading into some kind of chamber, revealing the "Antichrist" to be none other than Count Dracula, Son of the Devil, himself, who emerges from the coffin containing the keys to free their captive friends. Nate and Lara defeat the Vampire King together in a concerted effort-using a combination of looted garlic arrows, stakes, silver-plated R870 rounds, torches and QTE-triggered environmental resourcefulness-then journey backwards after obtaining the keys. Nate and Lara are thrilled to be reacquainted with their close friends after freeing them, especially Lara, who's ecstatic to see her closest friend, Sam, alive and well, revealing that she survived her fall and "someone" had rescued her all those years ago.  

Noticing deep flesh wounds on both of them, Lara takes off with Nate to her father's home to obtain an antidote-having experience in medicine-when Sully arrives with Joslin, and carries them both away. Angus and Raven follow their trail to London, invading the British Museum after being chased by the authorities answering the call from Lara and Nate. Fighting through British police, guard German Shepherds, and a laser security system, they obtain an ancient Norse substance, Eitr, and escape with it. After tracking Lara and Nate's location, they proceed to Croft Manor where they are headed. Lara and Nate appear on her father's mansion lawn, and are stunned to see manor Gargoyle statues sprung to life as Thralls. They journey through Croft Manor after destroying them, completing a number of puzzles eventually leading to the Thrall statues of Zetes and Calais. After destroying the statue thralls of Zetes and Calais-Khione's twin brothers-simultaneously, Nate is abducted via a revolving trap door. The door sealed shut, Lara notices another door right across from it, protected by a safe. Lara mentions that her father owned a decoder ring and ventures throughout the monastery to obtain it, fighting her way through whatever deadly surprises awaits. Lara unlocks the safe leading to a secret staircase and a dome-shaped platform vault in the process. Lara activates the switch, causing it to lower, more Thralls appearing as she does so. After shooting/thrashing her way through more Thralls and safely making it to the bottom, she proceeds into a palace-like dorm with a large pharaoh statue from which the statue Thrall of Cleopatra, the last of the 4 Boreas spawn Thralls, awakens.  

Lara destroys Cleopatra's statue Thrall, but is then met with a chilling omen from afar...  
"You shouldn't be lurking in the shadows."
—Distorted voice
Lara is stunned when a mind-controlled Nate, donning a glowing blue aurora around him, his eyes glaring red, attacks Lara, knocking her off her feet. Nate picks a dagger off the wall and lunges at Lara, attempting to stab her. However, in QTE-triggered fashion, Lara uses her wits and no-give-up attitude and blocks it before twisting Nate's arm and stabbing him in the back with his own blade. Lara then begins to pummel the wounded Nate with clubbing blows, knocking him onto an altar when he tells her to stop, released of his hypnosis.
"It sensed I was in danger, so it released me. "

Having been freed of the Talisman's mind control, Lara leans over Nate's body, her eyes drenched in tears of joy as she holds his hand and utters his name, relieved that he's been relinquished. However, a bunch of armaments suddenly open up and trap Nate's legs. Lara is wounded in the ensuing chaos as a hooded figure punctures her with a bow to the leg from up above. She falls over, yelping and grimacing in pain as Mangus and a group of henchmen lift Nate up and carry him away. Powerless to stop them, Lara can only watch in horror, crying out his name as she watches him being dragged into the throne towards the back of the mansion from his altar.  

Lara eventually gets up under her own power after pulling the arrow out of her leg-met with a resounding screech-however, the masked figure suddenly flees as she makes it to both feet. Determined to get Nate back once again, Lara ventures through a passage way in the back, destroying more thralls before encountering a side entrance to a cathedral-like room. Lara arrives just in time to see Mangus confront the helpless Nate along with his herald, Raven and begins eavesdropping. Raven, in a shocking turn of events, removes her hood and mask, revealing her true identity as Persephone, Goddess of Death, becoming her vessel via the Talisman of Boreas after Trinity's failure to contain Himiko within Lara's friend, Sam after she helped her escape.  

Lara soon intervenes, holding both of them at gunpoint. However, Raven/Persephone escapes and flees out the back. Lara shoots Nate's armaments and frees Nate. Nate then agrees to pursue the fleeing Persephone/Raven on Lara's orders, insisting that she has some personal business to attend to with Mangus. Lara fights Mangus and emerges victorious in a heartfelt battle, completely distraught by the news of her father. As she's fighting him, Nate follows Persephone out the back door.  
"Catch me if you can."

A field of ether suddenly emerges, destroying the platforms, walkways, etc. behind Nate as he races after Persephone. Nate escapes the energy field and follows her all the way to the front of the mansion. Nate engages Persephone in an emotional battle and seemingly defeats her. Holding Persephone at gunpoint, she smartly fakes Nate out as a large piece of mass falls on top of him from the ceiling. With Nate pinned, a group of Trinity priests swarm the room. Persephone begins reciting a demonization ritual on Nate when Lara arrives. Having retrieved her bow, she pierces Persephone/Raven with a piercing arrow through the skull before she can complete the ritual. Lara scurries around the room as Raven and her men begin to scout her out. In the ensuing distraction, Nate frees himself and angrily drills Persephone into a stake cross on the wall with his dagger. Using the booklet left behind by one of the Trinity priests, Lara begins an exorcism ritual, freeing Persephone from Raven via her own Talisman of Boreas. Now relieved of her immortality, Raven can only watch as she slowly dies of asphyxiation.  

The last of their battles now over, Nate and Lara meet up with Sam, Chloe, Jonah, Kaz and Sully as they are picked up on a cargo ship. Last seen draping each other by the shoulders as they headed out of the monastery, Nate confronts Lara-now wearing an Angel of Darkness-type outfit-both seen glancing each other's direction on opposite ends of the ship's dock. Their bodies drawn close together, they begin to embark in romantic flirtatious talk (dictated by the player's choice of dialogue), chuckling at each other's sly remarks. 

"Thank you for saving me, Nate, oh, and for being my journeyman I've always wanted, it means the world to me."
"First off, you really need to quit leaving your journal entries lying around. And the pleasure's mine. After all, isn't it time somebody saved your life?"
"You know, Nate, I can't stop thinking..."
"If it's about you and Sam, I'm all ears, babe."
"It's complicated, really. For years, she's been the only person in my life who I could turn to to journey with me, cry with me, laugh with me... until the day I met you."
"Go on..."
"That's when I realized, you are the person I've always wrote about wanting to meet in my diary, the man who would do everything for me and always be there with me on my adventures. For years, I've always dreamed of meeting the right person, still holding out that tiny glimmer of hope, and he never came at all... but now, here you are."
"In other words..."
"Basically, what I'm trying to say is... "
"Do tell..."
"...I love you, Nathan Drake."
"It's funny... I've always kinda felt the same way, Lara, since the day we first met. Great explorer minds think alike."

Holding each other close, Lara and Nate share a kiss, their bodies gazing off into the sunset as they have their arms drapped around each other. Sam excitedly records the two making out, which catches their attention as they turn towards her. Asking if she's coming home, Lara tells Sam she's not sure when she's coming back, but if and when she finally does, a new compadre will be joining her and Sam. The two are then confronted by Sully. Congratulating them, Sully informs Lara of an ancient discovery he uncovered with Nate concerning Lara-namely, of her late father, Richard's-hinting at their next big adventure as Nate invites Lara to join them, which she proudly accepts after taking Nate's hand.

"So, what are we gonna name our super explorer kids? You given it any thought yet?"
"Nate, stop it."
"No baby names, really?"

Chuckling, Nate and Lara are last seen walking off, and holding hands together as the final cutscene comes to a close.


The game features an offline single-player, online and offline multi-player co-op modes, and various "Vs." online multiplayer modes.

Single Player

In the offline Single Player mode, the game alternates between solo missions of Nate and Lara and co-op missions, where the player can control either Nate or Lara with the other being AI-controlled as they navigate through various levels together.


In the game's Co-Op mode (can be played either online in a party or offline with another player), the game's solo missions are played simultaneously in split screen mode (or via system link) while each player controls their selected character (who would otherwise be AI-controlled) during Co-Op missions.


In addition to the interchangable Co-Op mode, the game also has various "Vs" mutiplayer game modes, with the "Rescue", "Deathmatch", "Team Deathmatch", "Free For All" and "Cry For Help" returning from the first game with a new "Descendants" game mode, a third person take on Call of Duty's famous "Zombies" game mode featuring Descendants. It also has a special 4-player "Vs" game mode, "Clash of the Titans", with the game's SP final fight scenes reenacted by humans on both ends, unlocked after beating the game's single-player or Co-Op modes.


  • Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala (Lara, later Nate)
  • Mayan Temple (Nate and Sully)
  • La Isa Del Pacifico (uncharted island near Guatemala; Pacific Ocean):
    • Monastery (Angus and Raven)
    • Cavern (Jonah and Kaz)
    • (Relocated) Tomb of El Dorado (Lara and Nate)
      • Cleopatra's Palace (Lara and Nate)
  • Pacific Ocean (Nate)
    • Trinity ship (Nate)
  • Isle of Samoa (Lara and Nate)
    • Trinity Deathcamp (Lara; flashback)
    • Dojo/clan hideout (Lara; flashback)
  • Samoan Prison (Lara)
    • Himalayas (Lara; flashback)
    • Mt. Everest (Lara; flashback)
  •  Vava'u, Tonga (Lara and Nate)
    • (Frozen) Mariner's Cave (Lara, later Nate)   
  • Streets of Paris, France (Lara and Nate; motorcycle)
    • Paris Catacombs (Lara and Nate)
  • British Art Museum-London (Angus and Raven)
  • Croft Manor (varied)


Main Bosses

  • Leviathan (QTE/contraption boss)
  • Plesiosaur (Lara and Nate)
  • Giant spiders (Lara and Nate)
  • Markus Knight (as Nate Drake)
  • Woolly mammoth (QTE/contraption boss, as Lara Croft)
  • Arctic tyrannosaur (thrall, as Lara Croft)
  • Khione, Goddess of Snow (thrall, as Lara Croft)
  • Vlad the Impaler/Count Dracula (Lara and Nate)
  • Thralls of Zetes and Calais (Lara and Nate)
  • Cleopatra (thrall, as Lara Croft)
  • (Mind-controlled) Nate Drake (QTE, as Lara Croft)
  • Angus Cheverell (as Lara Croft)
  • Raven/Persephone, Goddess of Death (as Nate Drake)

Secondary Bosses

  • Sharks
  • Bats
  • Descendants
  • Trinity mercenaries (flashbacks)
  • Siberian tigers
  • Polar bears
  • Security guards (as Raven/Angus)
  • Jaguars
  • Ghouls
  • Skeletons
  • Gargoyle (statue) thralls
  • Mummy thralls

Quicktime Events

Pacific Ocean

  • (Gunship, as Nate) Press and hold R1 to fire the gun turret and the Analog sticks to move the crosshairs.

Cleopatra's Palace

  • Press the right analog stick repeatedly to struggle out of the Descendant's grip.

Mt. Everest

  • Press the right analog stick repeatedly while in the running animation and then "X" as soon as the circle lights up (as soon as you reach the edge of the mountain) to glide down the mountain ledge. Press "Triangle" as soon as you meet up with the falling Sam to "catch" her.

Samoan Prison (12 mercs):

  • First merc: He swings at Lara with his sword, however, Lara acrobatically rolls beside him and dodges it. She gets up and knocks the sword out of his hands with a Spinning Back Kick . She then cartwheels over the guy's shoulder and tosses him back first into his own weapon's blade with a Hip Throw.
  • Second merc: Take the second merc out out with a Backflip Kick, flinging his sword high in midair before charging and hitting a Tornado Kick that knocks his own sword's blade right into his skull.
  • Third merc: Lara takes the third out from behind with a Jiu Jitsu Rolling Neck Scissors , snapping the guy's throat as they hit the ground.
  • Fourth merc: Swings his staff at Lara after getting up, Lara acrobatically floats over after blocking it and kicks the blade into the guy's shoulder before taking him down with a Kimura Lock, decapitating his arm as blood splurts out of his shoulder.
  • Fifth merc: Charges at the prone Lara with his warhmmer. Lara raises her legs and traps it with her feet, then twirls it back facing towards the wielder with her ankles and kicks it blade-first through the guy's throat.
  • Sixth merc: Tries to flank Lara from her left as he picks his sword up off the wall. Lara smartly knocks it out of his hands with the whip she picked up from the torture chamber. She then twirls over the guy's shoulders and chokes him out with the looted whip before tossing him aside.
  • Seventh merc: Approaches Lara from behind, who smartly looks over her shoulder behind her and rolls forward, picking up the dagger and slices the guy in the chest with it.
  • Eighth merc: Flanks Lara from her right when she twirls and elbows the eighth man in the skull, knocking the dagger out of his hands as it skids near the wall. The merc races for it, however, Lara jumps and hits the guy with a side kick off the nearby wall, then picks the dagger up and takes him out with a series of wing chun-style blows to the chest via both knives. She then takes him down with a swipe to the mouth right her right dagger.
  • Ninth merc: Swarms Lara from behind, however, Lara once again barrel rolls and jams them both into the side of his head after tilting her body.
  • Tenth and Eleventh mercs: Charge at her with daggers, Lara catches them both and jams them into each other's skulls using their own momentum after twirling their arms. 
  • Twelfth merc: Tries to flank Lara from her blind side with an axe, however, Lara catches his hand and counters with a Side Kick . Lara then shows off her acrobatic ability and blasts him with a Butterfly Kick when he is disoriented. The merc regains balance and once again swipes at her skull with his axe, however, Lara catches his hand once again and twirls before hitting him with a Back Kick and then twirling his arm once again. Lara places the merc in a chokehold while pinning the axe blade right against his throat. She then churns his neck against the tip of the axe, slicing his throat in a devastating necksnap


  • Boat: continually press the analog stick to keep Lara from being dragged off the ship.
  • Ravine: after falling into the ravine, if/when grabbed, press the Right analog stick back and forth to struggle out and avoid being bitten.
  • Cavern entrance: press triangle just as the circle icon lights up to avoid getting blown to smithereens.
  • Press Triangle repeatedly to escape the encasing avalanche.

Mariner's Cave

  • (As Lara) Press the Action button repeatedly to avoid being trampled by the woolly mammoth chasing after you. Also press R1 when the circle icon lights up to blast through the ice below and send the mammoth crashing to his death.
  • (As Nate) A mission timer is activated, and you must reach Lara at her parent's tomb and unlock it before the clock hits 0, at which point, Lara dies following a black and white suffocation animation as a cut out of the sand filling the top of her-and her parent's-tomb appears on-screen, smothering her inside.


  • Continually press the analog stick back and forth to avoid being dragged by an undead who creeps out of a corner and tries to drag Lara into its dark crevice, You can also free her by shooting the creature as Nate when the "Help" animation pops up.
  • Press X as the ghouls leap out of the bloody moat and try to attack you from behind to trigger a spinning hacking animation with your dagger, slicing them in midair as Lara/Nate turns to face them.
  • (Fight with Dracula): use the Action Button during QTEs to hit Dracula with a stake after Nate/Lara shoots garlic bows at Dracula in the ensuing distraction, in which he will catch/dodge them. Also when being pinned down in the "struggle" animation (during which time, you also have the option to catch/block his fangs with your bare hands as he lowers his mouth to bite you and counter with a stake/dagger right in the throat, followed by a blast with looted silver-pladded rounds from your Remington shotgun). You can also ignite a batch of flammable substances when Dracula gets close via torches or arrows. The "help" button also appears when your partner is in danger, during which time, you can attack Dracula while pinning him/her down in the "struggle" animation.

Croft Manor

  • Press the Right Analog Stick back and forth to struggle out as Nate tries to stab Lara, then press the Action Button (Triangle) just as the circle icon lights up to stab the mind-controlled Nate.
  • (As Lara) Press the right analog stick repeatedly in order to avoid being swallowed by the ether energy field behind you, and press Triangle to occasionally jump from platforms when activated.
  • (As Nate) While aiming the bow, hold the left analog stick to zoom in/aim the crosshairs and R1 to fire. If successful, it cuts to a cinematic of a lifeless Elena/Raven falling to the floor with an arrow piercing the side of her skull, if unsuccessful, it triggers a Lara death animation and takes you back to the last checkpoint.


  • There have been rumors floating around CD/SE that the "someone" Sam is referring to who saved her life after recovering her body near Mt. Everest in the flashback levels is Amanda Evert or Jacqueline Natla , setting the stage for the third standalone game in the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot saga.  
  • It has been confirmed that there will be a Dark Horse comic book crossover sequel which bridges the gap between Rise of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.
  • Kaz Weiss, sister of Alex Weiss from TR9, was featured in the Dark Horse comics series along with the Trinity.
  • The AOD-styled outfit Lara was wearing in the game-ending cut scene-a pair of army pants and a black tank top-could possibly be a tie-in to her outfit for the potential sequel.
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