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Opening Credits

  • Tom Cat: ♪Hop on the Detective Agency Tour Bus.♪
  • Jerry Mouse: ♪Go where the water giggles grow.♪
  • Spike: ♪For snaggles are blooming and belly laugh blooming.♪
  • Barney Bear: ♪And have lots of fun as you go even.♪
  • All: ♪Honk, honk, honk here comes the bus chunk, chunk come hope please it won't forget it rhymes at last singing in another first song please♪
  • Junior: ♪It's the Detective Agency Tour Bus don't pass the Canyon bye♪
  • George: ♪When you have hello I heard so the echo comes back good-bye!♪
  • All: ♪Honk, honk, honk here comes the bus chunk, chunk come hope please it won't forget it rhymes at last singing in another first song please♪
  • Droopy: ♪Hop on the Detective Agency Tour Bus go where the wild giggles grow.♪
  • Dripple: ♪For stickers are blooming and belly laugh blooming and have lots of fun as you go!♪
  • All: ♪Hop the Detective Agency Tour Bus so hop on the Detective Agency Tour Bus and have a good time, have a good time as you go!♪

Act I

[The movie begins at the end of the movie, Tyler, Hayley, Charlie, Christine, Mike, Jeannie, Gary and Jane are throwing things at each other on Tyler and Hayley's 16th birthday so Tom and the boys also trying to catch Jerry and the girls]

  • Jeannie: Run! Run! Run!
  • Tyler: C'mere!

[Hayley and the girls begin to hit the boys with their weapons]

  • Tyler: WAIT!!! Hold on a minute.
  • Hayley: What do you mean Tyler?
  • Tyler: I mean, what happened if it's like an adventure like we met Tom and Jerry and you take Jane to the Porta Potty? Well, remember?! We saved the world from Taylor who's in jail forever! Remember? Okay that's it! REWIND!

[The Movie Rewinds back to the Beginning where Tom and Jerry ruined their house]

  • Mammy Two Shoes: Tom!! Look what you did to the damn house! I've got the house cleaned and you're playing your old tricks on that mouse again! That's it! Tom, Jerry, get out of the house. I'm moving out! Come on Spike!
  • Spike: Right, Mammy!

[Mammy and Spike got in the car and drive away, Spike sticks his tounge out at Tom and Jerry. Tom took Jerry to the City to find a new home but then they sleep in the streets. But then a Teenage girl walking home with her older twin brother]

  • Hayley: I know it's going to be the best summer ever Girls. Mom and Dad will let me throw the end of the school year wild party.
  • Tyler: Are you kidding? Hayley! Charlie, Gary and Mike are planning to pee in the forest!
  • Hayley: Ew! Disgusting!
  • Tyler: I know, weird.
  • Hayley: Tyler, We're going to throw that Party and will be awesome.
  • Tyler: Like Jane has a Stomach Ache since Preschool?
  • Hayley: That's the one! Look You're Cool and I'm Nice.
  • Tyler: Look tomorrow's the last day and then, We'll adopt something.
  • Hayley: Like a Pet?
  • Tyler: Yes!

[Tom and Jerry start to follow Hayley and Tyler Dalton. Hayley's phone start to ring.]

  • Hayley: Hello?
  • Hayley: Hey, Charlie.
  • Hayley: Do you wanted to speak my brother?
  • Hayley: OK, fine.
  • Hayley: Tyler.
  • Tyler: What?
  • Hayley: Your number one best friend wanted to talk to you in my phone again. [gives her phone to Tyler]
  • Tyler: Sup Charlie?

[Hayley's another phone starts to ring]

  • Tom Cat: Who are they?
  • Jerry Mouse: I don't know.
  • Hayley: Hey Christine. Look just because we're have a crush on an hunky boy doesn't mean we're enemies. We're best friends. Remember we pull a prank on Jane and see her running to the toilet? 
  • Christine: I know, we were there. Where is your other phone? Mine was my black phone. 
  • Hayley: My twin brother is talking with your twin brother in my black phone, again.
  • Tyler: That Prank was Epic! I Know it was 13 years ago! That's way we met Gary, Mike, Jeannie and Jane! 
  • Christine: they Have Tylering and Charlieing.
  • Hayley: Taking shortcuts and No doing work.

[At Charlie and Christine's house]

  • Charlie: Dude! I Know Jane and Gary were our enemies and now our best friends! Remember?!

[Flashback when Tyler, Hayley, Charlie and Christine first met.]

  • Young Tyler: Hey dudes, I'm Tyler and this is my twin Sister Hayley.
  • Young Charlie: Sup Bra, I'm Charlie and this is my Twin Sister Christine. Newbies right?
  • Young Hayley: Yeah. That Girl Jane has a weird problem with animals.
  • Young Christine: Oh, it's her stomach ache. She really ran to the bathroom but not school toilets.
  • Young Tyler: Never?
  • Young Christine: The Principal told her that she dont have to. The Principal is her Daddy.
  • Young Hayley: Well Christine, you have became my best friend Forever!
  • Young Tyler: You're now my new best friend charlie.

[Flashback ends]

[At Detective Agency, The Group at their office]

  • Nibbles: Guys, we gonna set up on an journey to find Tom and Jerry.
  • Tiny Bulldog: How are we gonna do that?
  • Screwy Squirrel: We gonna drive the Detective Agency Tour Bus.
  • Barney Bear: We should go there.
  • Drippy: How are we gonna do that?
  • Frankie DaFlea: We can't use the GPS to find Tom and Jerry.
  • Peep: Alright!
  • Dripple: Great idea!
  • Droopy: We gonna find Tom and Jerry. Where are they?
  • Puggsy: There are going to a different city! They are with two teenagers, Hayley and Tyler Dalton.
  • Nibbles: Hayley and Tyler Dalton? 
  • Puggsy: They are twin brother and sister.
  • Nibbles: Oh!
  • Quacker: Let's go!

[The group head it to the Detective Agency Tour Bus and George drives the Detective Agency Holiday Tour Bus to find Tom and Jerry]

[In the morning, Tom saw Tyler and Hayley walking to their last day of school]

  • Tom Cat: Hey, Jerry, where did they are going?
  • Jerry Mouse: I think it's school.
  • Tom Cat: Did they accept school grounds it has no pets on school grounds?
  • Jerry Mouse: Yes. Our friends will find us.
  • Tom Cat: You're right. Let's go!

[Outside of School, Tom and Jerry saw Tyler and Hayley walk inside]

  • Jerry Mouse: I think i'll sneak inside and follow them, you'll stay here.
  • Tom Cat: Okay.

[Jerry open the door and sneak inside] [Tom's worried and walk inside] 

  • Principal Gunnerson: NO ANIMALS ALLOWED.

[Tom got thrown out of the school and walked back of the city]

  • Tom Cat: I'll wait until Jerrry to come back. 

Act II

In School. Four friends, Tyler, Hayley, Charlie and Christine were looking at the clock.

  • Mrs Cross: Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one. Marcus Aurelius.

[The bell finally rings]

  • Charlie: Tyler, we did it bud! School's out for summer and this means hanging out!
  • Tyler: I know, this is flippin' awesome!
  • Hayley: Come on! Mom and Dad maybe overprotective! We had no friends since we were kids!
  • Christine: We're your friends since me and Charlie moved in next door. Just look at him! He's a Rebellion!
  • Charlie: Oi!
  • Christine: And look at your brother! He's kinda... uh...
  • Tyler: Fabulous?
  • Mike: Hey dudes, I've heard there's no school!
  • Gary: Well no school we're doing a new idea!
  • Jane: Move! Move! MOVE!!
  • Jeannie: Jane!
  • Tyler: What's with her?
  • Jeannie: Her bladder. Remember?
  • Tyler, Hayley, Charlie, Christine, Mike and Gary: Oh!
  • Jeannie: I'll go help her!
  • Mike: Let's go
  • Gary: Wait up. 

[Hayley and Christine see Jerry and Tyler pick him up.]

  • Hayley: What are you doing in here, little guy?
  • Tyler: If he's here, that means that cat's in the middle of the city! I'll put him in the jacket and we'll find the cat!
  • Hayley: Good idea!

[In the town, Tyler and Hayley see Tom in the alleyway,]

  • Tyler: Hey dude, come here.
  • Hayley: Wow, a cat! Now, we'll have twice the pets!
  • Tom Cat: You bet.
  • Jerry Mouse: Yeah
  • Tyler and Hayley: Holy crap, they talk!
  • Hayley: But...How?!
  • Jerry Mouse: Well, our friends can to.
  • Tyler: Who are your friends' names?
  • Jerry Mouse: Spike, Nibbles, Quacker, Muscles Mouse, Topo, Tiny Bulldog, Puggsy, Frankie DaFlea, Droopy, Drippy, Dripple, Peep, Barney Bear, Benny Burro, Joe Bear, Screwy Squirrel, Napoleon, George and Junior.
  • Tyler: Alright, I get the point.
  • Hayley: Don't tell me that you heard about Jane's bathroom business, right?
  • Tom Cat: Yeah. So, how did you know?
  • Tyler: Lucky guess.
  • Hayley: Come on Tyler, let's take these guys home.
  • Tyler: Good idea. 

[At home, Tyler is seen watching television. In the kitchen, Hayley gives both Tom and Jerry some food.]

  • Hayley: There you go, you two. I'm Hayley and by the way, that boy you followed is my older twin brother, Tyler.
  • Tom Cat: Yes.
  • Jerry Mouse: I thought Tyler is her boyfriend
  • Tyler: What? No! we're twins! so are Charlie and Christine.
  • Jerry Mouse: Oh!, I thought they are boyfriend and girlfriend too
  • Tom Cat: They are not, Jerry.

[Charlie and Christine walk into the living room]

  • Christine: Hey guys, sorry I... oh my gosh! look at you cute things I ever saw!

[Christine hugging Tom]

  • Tom Cat: Hey! Let me go!
  • Charlie: Hey Tyler! You, Me, Mike and Gary with a Whole afternoon watching the Yu-Gi-Oh!: Team-X! Epliouge!
  • Tyler: I've been dying to see it for the entire month!
  • Charlie: Me Too!
  • Christine: Hey, look, a cute mouse.
  • Jerry Mouse: I thought Hayley and Tyler are girlfriend and boyfriend.

[Everybody stop talking and look at Jerry]

  • Jerry Mouse: And I thought you are Charlie's girlfriend
  • Tom Cat: Oh, brother.
  • Tom Cat: I think Jerry did not know Hayley and Tyler and Charlie and Christina are twins.
  • Hayley: Her name is Christine not Christina.
  • Jerry Mouse: Or Christina Aguilera.
  • Tom Cat: Thanks, meatball.
  • Charlie: Meatball?
  • Tom Cat: Sometime, I call him Meatball because he is a brown mouse

[Tom Cat smiles at Jerry Mouse]

  • Jerry Mouse: Oh, brother
  • Charlie: Anyway... Tyler, are you exciting to see Cillian Darcy in Action in Yu-Gi-Oh!: Team-X?
  • Tyler: Yeah! Oh man! Friendship is Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! series crossovered in Live Action and Animated Series!
  • Tom Cat: What's Yu-Gi-Oh! Team X?
  • Christine: It's a best yu gi oh live action series! Our favorite character is Twilight Sparkle! 
  • Jerry Mouse: I beg you pardon, Twilight Sparkle comes from Friendship is Magic, not Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Hayley: It's a flippin' crossover series!
  • Jerry Mouse: So, what's your point on that show? It's boring!

[Tyler picks up Jerry Mouse and open the bin]

  • Jerry Mouse: Hey.
  • Tyler: You are boring!
  • Jerry Mouse:  Hey!

[Tyler throws Jerry Mouse to the bin and close the bin] [Tyler puts the box on top of the bin]

  • Tyler: What about the bin, is the bin, boring?
  • Jerry Mouse: Come on! Let me out. This smell funny
  • Charlie: What about learn your lesson, never say Yu-Gi-Oh!: Team-X is boring, Just say Yu-Gi-Oh!: Team X is Awesome!
  • Jerry Mouse: Ohhhh!!! I hate the bin
  • Tyler: Yu-Gi-Oh!: Team-X is the best series in the world!
  • Charlie: Yeah!
  • Tom Cat: Man, how many story arcs?
  • Tyler: 9! the Nineth is the epliouge. Man! it's going to be awesome! The 3- Parter Finale! Cillian Darcy Versus Twilight Sparkle!

[Hayley saw Alan Taylor in the window who he is looking]

  • Hayley: Hey!, You!, the blonde guy
  • Alan:  Me?
  • Hayley: Yes, you
  • Tom Cat: Who is he?
  • Tyler: No idea
  • Jerry Mouse: Can I get out of the bin? Hello?
  • Alan: Is your parents here, right now?

[Phil talking in the phone and walking in the kitchen]

  • Phil: Laura, listen, Hayley and Tyler is at home with me and Charlie and Christine with them.
  • Phil: And a wired blonde guy outside....

[Phil saw Alan outside and drops the phone]

  • Laura (voice): Hello? Hello? Phil? Where are you?
  • Laura (voice): Hello?
  • Alan: Hello, can you let me in? I wanted to see your house.

[Phil, Tyler, Hayley, Charlie, Christine and Tom Cat in shocked face]

  • Laura (voice): Phil, are you OK? Phil? Let me talk to Hayley
  • Laura (voice): Hayley, Sweetie, don't let him in the house. He's dangerous for you kids.

[Phil opens the door to Alan]

  • Alan: Hello! I am Alan Taylor the future number one millionaire in the world and im here to make an offer.
  • Tyler: Hey, Dad. Who is this?
  • Alan: It's Alan Taylor the future number one millionaire in the world. I'm offering you a thousand grand to sell this house.
  • Hayley: What?!
  • Phil: Look Mr. Taylor, i know you're making good offers but the answer is No.
  • Alan: I understand. sorry about ruining your privacy.

[Phil closes the door and saw the phone that he dropped]

  • Phil: It's okay Laura, He's gone.
  • Laura (voice): Oh thank you. Are the Kids okay?
  • Phil: they're safe.
  • Laura (voice): We need to throw a party for Tyler and Hayley for their birthday.
  • Phil: Let's throw them a sweet 16 party. we need to keep it a secret.
  • Laura (voice) Good idea.

[Phil hung up the phone and walk outside of the door.]

  • Phil: Kids, i'm going to meet up with your mom!
  • Tyler and Hayley:  Okay Dad!

[Phil closes the door and walked to the City.]

  • Tom Cat: Okay Who're Mike, Gary, Jeannie and Jane?
  • Tyler: Well Gary is a epic dude who done scams! He's our best pal!
  • Charlie: So's Mike, he done good things for me and Tyler.
  • Hayley:  Jeannie is a good friend of mine and Christine. She's a three years older than us. She told us that she has a fallout with her older sister.
  • Christine: and Finally Jane is our good best friend but... she has a fear of animals.
  • Tom Cat: Why What Happened?
  • Christine: If She touch the animals, she actually go to the toilet for poopy. Ew. She has Using-Toilets-in-School Problems 
  • Tyler: I know. But us along with Mike and Gary, we pull a laxative prank on Jane and made her running to the girls toilet.
  • Hayley: It was Awesome run.
  • Charlie: Tyler! Team-X Series Finale Arc is starting!
  • Tyler: Alright!

[Alan, Tin, Pan, Alley, Kyle the Cat, Butch Dog, Meathead, Lenny, Mighty McWolf and Stinky Jr. McWolf spying on the kids with his camera]

  • Alan: The kids are alright but the father of Hayley Dalton and Tyler Dalton are the worst man person, I ever meet.
  • Tin: Yes. He is, Alan.
  • Pan: We will have our revenge.
  • Alley: What are you going to do about?
  • Alan: Phil Dalton don't wanted my money, I forced him to get my money to himself.

[Tyler and Charlie run onto the couch to watch T.V. and Tom joined.]

  • Tyler, Charlie and Tom Cat: 3...2...1!
  • Tyler: hey! you want to watch, Tom?
  • Tom Cat: Yes, please.
  • Charlie: Then welcome aboard!
  • Hayley: What about Jerry? He is still in the bin.

[Jerry kicking inside of the bin]

  • Jerry Mouse: I am been in the bin for hours. Hello? HELLO?

[Mike and Gary Barged inside with the food while Hayley's getting Jerry out of the Bin]

  • Mike: is the Final Duel starting?
  • Charlie: Almost!

[Hayley take Jerry to the sink and clean him]

  • Gary: But the Duel's isnt on yet doof head. Who's the Cat?
  • Tyler: This is Tom. Tom this is Mike and Gary.
  • Tom Cat: Hi
  • Hayley: Hey Christine, wanna stayed over tonight? we'll do makeover.
  • Christine Sure. We can watch T.V. in the basement because those four bozos are watching Team X series finale part 1!
  • Tyler, Charlie, Tom Cat, Mike and Gary: Quiet!

[At night, the kids were sleeping after the three parter is over, Phil, Laura and Carrie throw their garbage all over the houses and into the streets]

  • Tin: Really, that is your plan, Mr. Taylor
  • Butch Dog: What? What's wrong?
  • Alan: Phil Dalton going to sue me of stalking his family when he going to found out.
  • Pan: Sort out, sir. He and Laura Dalton will kill you.
  • Alley: So, sir, what you put at them.
  • Alan: With that.

[Alan show Tin, Pan, Alley, Kyle the Cat, Butch Dog, Meathead, Lenny, Mighty McWolf and Stinky Jr. McWolf his made eyeplug)

  • Alan: This is my Eyeplugs. We can use it to charge up our destructinator for world domination.

[In the Morning where Hayley woke up]

  • Hayley: TYLER!!!!
  • Tyler: What?! What is it?
  • Hayley: Look at this garbage!
  • Tyler: Man, things gone weird today.
  • Charlie: Even the Streets!
  • Mike: How did this happened?

[Jeannie and Jane walked inside of the kitchen]

  • Jeannie: Hey Guys
  • Jane: Hi Hi Guys... AHHHH! ANIMALS!!

[Jane hide behind Jeannie dued to her fear of animals]

  • Tom Cat: Who? Us?
  • Jerry Mouse: We are the animals here.
  • Christine: Jane, come on you need to stop using your house toilet and in september, you really have to start using public bathrooms.
  • Jane: I can't, Dad forbid me to use them until tomorrow.
  • Hayley: Dont worry, I can able to teach you how to use them after my.. wait a minute.. OMG
  • Tyler: Alright! it's our birthday month! only 28 days to go!

[Jane got another stomach ache and run to toilet]

[Tyler gives Hayley a Hi-Five]

  • Tom Cat: you two were born on the 29th of july?
  • Tyler: Yeah. I'm older well like 19 seconds. Right?
  • Hayley: Yeah.
  • Charlie: Last year at school, We accidentaly done a laxative prank on Hayley instead of jane.
  • Hayley: Me?! oh yeah, i remember. But i forgave you two for done that.
  • Jerry Mouse: How did you that?
  • Hayley: They infused laxative in my soda.

[Jane came out of the toilet]

  • Jane: Whoo. Sorry for using your restroom
  • Tyler: I dont think i can use it anymore.
  • Hayley: That's it, Jane, let's go. and guys, clean up this mess.
  • Jane: wait where are we going?
  • Hayley: The Girls Toilets at the Mall which you're going to use it with me.

[Hayley grabs Jane's Hand and walked outside]

  • Mike: Tyler, Jeannie let's get cleanning. Gary, Christine you too need to go to the store to get some food. We're cooking breakfast.
  • Christine: Good Idea.

[Gary walked outside of the door while Christine skipping like a little girl] [Phil and Laura were waking up after working late]

  • Phil: Ah! My Head. I'm tired of all the hard work
  • Laura: (Yawns) I know, let's get rest for now.
  • Phil: Alright.

[Phil and Laura go back to sleep]


[At the Mall, Hayley's still grabbing Jane's arm and take her to the public bathroom]

  • Jane: Ow! Ow! Ow! Hayley, flippin' stop! Okay, i thnk i am a little too far for using your toilet.
  • Hayley: A Little?! You waited until school's over all year! So now, You're going to use a public toilet. With me.
  • School Principal/Mr. Gunnerson: Mrs Dalton. One of my favorite students with my daughter.
  • Jane: Hi, Dad.
  • Hayley: Hey. Look, I'm here to take Jane to the Public Toilets and i promise i will...
  • School Principal/Mr. Gunnerson: Go ahead. I'm fine with it , she need to stop go home to use it all the time.

[Hayley and Jane went to the lift]

  • Jane: Bye, Dad
  • School Principal/Mr. Gunnerson: Bye, Jane.

[School Principal/Mr. Gunnerson went to his car and saw Alan look at it]

  • Alan:  Is that your car, sir?
  • School Principal/Mr. Gunnerson: Who are you?

[Alan smile at School Principal/Mr. Gunnerson]

  • Alan: I'm Alan Taylor. Who are you?

[School Principal/Dan Gunnerson left embarrassed in shocked face and Alan smile at Dan]

[Hayley pushes Jane who's covering her butt and really gotta go in the bathroom stall and Hayley locked the door]

  • Jane: Hayley! What the hell are you doing?
  • Hayley: You have less time, before you drop anchor on yourself.
  • Jane: Hayley, I won't go and i told you to...
  • Hayley: Wait be quiet.

[the famillar legs walked to the stall behind them and the woman locks the door]

  • Hayley: [whisper] quick, just hold it.
  • Mrs Cross: i can hear you.

[Hayley climbs up and saw Mrs Cross who's using the stall]

  • Hayley: Mrs Cross. Hello. sorry about that.
  • Mrs Cross: it's fine, but what are you and jane doing here at the mall?
  • Hayley: well you see...
  • Mrs Cross: you dont have to explain, I need to tell you the truth.
  • Hayley: What is it?
  • Mrs Cross: Jeannie's my younger Sister.
  • Hayley: Your sister?
  • Mrs Cross: She's really mad at me for the last six years since my mom and dad died. I tried to make up to her and she didnt listen to me, then I moved here in the city, without my sister and i got a job as the history teacher. I'm comng to your house later on to end this feud against her. Well thanks for talking. Oh and by the way, My first name is Tara

[Mrs Cross flushed and walked out of the bathroom and Hayley jumped down]

  • Hayley: Okay jane... Jane! i'll wait outside

[Hayley walked outside and feel her butt too]

  • Hayley: oh oh...

[Hayley went into the stall and went to the toilet]

[Hayley locks the door inside]

[At home, Tyler, Mike, Charlie and Jeannie are finally finished Cleaning]

  • Tyler: Guys, We're finally cleaning the entire home before breakfast. 
  • Mike: Yep! 
  • Charlie: Wait until...

[The Phone Rings and Tyler answers it]

  • Tyler: Hey Hayley?
  • Hayley: Tyler, look, I'm in the bathroom with jane and i have some news. Such Bad News!
  • Tyler: What is it?
  • Hayley: You Know Mrs Cross?
  • Tyler: Yeah? 
  • Hayley: She's Jeannie's Older sister.
  • Tyler: Didn't she graduate college?
  • Hayley: She graduated last year! Remember? She's on her way to your house to talk to Jeannie right Now.
  • Tyler: What? But, We're... Great, Dont worry, we'll go warn Gary and Christine at the store. See you later!

[Jane flushed her toilet and so's Hayley and washed their hands] [Jeannie's sitting on her couch, Tom walked to her]

  • Tom Cat: Hello.
  • Jeannie: Hello.
  • Tom Cat: I'm Tom, and that mouse you saw is Jerry.
  • Jeannie: I'm Jeannie Cross. Nice to meet you.
  • Tom Cat: What's Wrong?
  • Jeannie: Today's the anniversery of me and My sister were fighting, I'm really mad at her.
  • Tom Cat: Why would she do that?
  • Jeannie: She always like teaching school students, everyone likes her because she's very popular and super smart. But one day, i accidentally drop her favorite diploma down the toilet and she's very furious at me. I ran away from home and that's why... i met Tyler and Hayley.

[Hayley and Jane walked inside right before Tara came]

[Alan in the School Principal's car spying on the kids with his camera] [School Principal sleep in the back of the car]

[A grey mouse (Nibbles) walk in the street to looking for Hayley's house]

  • Hayley: Jeannie, your sister's on her way right now. Guys i... wow this place is spotless.

[Gary and Christine walked in with some food]

  • Gary: okay, i got food, and some more toilet papers for jane if she goes again.

[Tara Cross (who's holding Jeannie's favorite cupcakes) knock the door] [Tyler anwsered it and open the door but then slam the door]

  • Tyler: Guys, it's Mrs Cross.
  • Jeannie: What? My Ex-Big Sister? She's Here?! oh I'm outta here!
  • Mrs Cross: Tyler, don't be scared of me

[Alan watching Mrs Cross and the kids]

  • Tyler: I am shocked to see you, Tara.
  • Tyler: I mean, Mrs Cross.

[Jeannie accidentally bumped into Tyler]

  • Jeannie: Sorry, Tyler...
  • Mrs Cross: Hi, Jeannie.
  • Jeannie: Tara, what are you doing here?
  • Mrs Cross: I just want to say how sorry i am for what happened 6 years ago. I didnt made you run away. Jeannie, for the past 6 years, i moved into this city. Do you think you can give me a second chance?
  • Jeannie: Booooooo!

[Jeannie walked away from her]

  • Alan: So that must be Jeannie Cross's Older Sister. Oh we are so going to hypnotize her like him!

[School Principal talk in his sleep] [After Tara left, Tyler and the others were making breakfast]

  • Tyler: So you're saying that Jeannie knows Mrs Cross?
  • Hayley: Yes. She is Jeannie's older sister.
  • Tom Cat: Guys, Jeannie told me that she ran away 6 years ago after Tara was angry at her for got that high school graduation diploma wet.
  • Tyler: She ran away?
  • Mike: Yes.
  • Gary: How did she ran away?
  • Tom Cat: Told you, She left her that 6 years ago after high school diploma.
  • Mike: That's not very nice.
  • Tom Cat: she told me it was an accident

[Jeannie walked inside of the house]

  • Jeannie: Is tara gone?
  • Tyler: Yep. now Tell us, why did you left your sister?
  • Jeannie: Six years ago, My sister was very Cute, Pretty, Super-Smart and Popular after she graduated high-school. 

[Flashback Begins Six Years Ago after Tara graduated High-School, She totally forgotted to pick up her Sister]

  • Young Tara: Jeannie! I am so sorry!
  • Young Jeannie: What for?
  • Young Tara: I totally forgotted to pick you up from school! Listen, i want you to stay here while i go get some things from the store.

[Tara walked outside and left her bedroom door open] [Jeannie walkes in and saw her high school diploma]

  • Young Jeannie: How did Tara got her high school diploma?

[Jeannie pick it up and Accidentally drop it in the toilet after Tara came back and saw the wet diaploma that makes her furious at Jeannie]

  • Young Tara: This is the Worst thing you ever done and the worst thing you ever did and i hate you! You're Grounded for the summer! YOUR ROOM NOW!!!

[Jeannie ran upstairs, goes to her room, lays on her bed and cries under her pillow] [At night, Tara went to bed, Jeannie left a note that she never want to see her again, She jumped out of the window of her room and ran off] [In the Morning Tara walked inside of her Room]

  • Young Tara: Jeannie, I'm sorry for hurting your feelings yesterday. I deserve to be a bad girl. Look, I know you're not talking and extremly mad at me. 
  • Young Jeannie: (Voice) Dear MY TERRIBLE BACKSTABBING SISTER! By the time you're reading this i've left home forever. I want to say it's your fault and i never wanna see you ever again! SO THIS IS GOODBYE FOREVER! Your EX-Sister, Jeannie.

[Tara was sad that what have she done to her own Little Sister and decided to sell the house and move to a new city and the flashback ends]

[Nibbles knock at the door]

  • Tyler: Huh?

[Tyler open the door]

  • Nibbles: Hello.
  • Tyler: Who are you? Well?
  • Jane: Oh no... not a grey mouse...
  • Tom Cat: why?
  • Hayley: The sea animals causes her to pee, bunnies cause her to poop, Furry Animals gave her a stomach ache, and finally the mouses cause her to...
  • Jane: Explosive Diarrhea! See you two later!
  • Hayley: Oh no! dont worry. There's a Pay Toilet down the road.
  • Christine: I'll Take her.

[Christine takes Jane to the Pay Toilet]

  • Nibbles: I'm Nibbles. My group sended me to find Tom and Jerry.
  • Tyler: Well Come in!
  • Tom Cat: Nibbles? What are you doing here? 
  • Nibbles: I'm here to find you two. Listen, if you two don't want to come back, that's okay.
  • Jerry: We're here to come back.
  • Nibbles: Really?
  • Tom Cat: Yes.

[Christine walked inside without Jane]

  • Hayley: Why are you doing here? Shouldnt you be with Jane?
  • Christine: She reveal that She was the one who made us poop since we were eleven!
  • Hayley: Oh, now i remember that! she done that to me. We couldnt hold it.
  • Tom Cat: Look, Nibbles. Tyler and Hayley let us stay for a while. But dont worry i will...
  • Tom Cat: See you later Nibbles! we're staying!
  • Nibbles: I understand! See you later!

[Phil and Laura walked inside with their best friend Carrie (Charlie and Christine's Mom)]

[Nibbles walk before Alan grab him with his hand]

[Nibbles calling for help and send a message to his group]

  • Carrie: Hey you two.
  • Charlie and Christine: Hey Mom.
  • Laura: Only 28 Days left for you 16th Birthday!
  • Tyler: Mom hey...We found two animals, a Cat and a Mouse, so we were thinking that...
  • Hayley: Can we keep them?!
  • Laura: Really? as an Early Birthday Present? Sure! Remember you two play chasing the mouse, Tyler, you always a cat who's amazing, cool, awesome, fun and popular. and Hayley, you play as the mouse when your brother is the cat... Where's Jeannie and Jane?
  • Tyler: Jeannie left home because she was angry and refusing Mrs Cross's apology and Jane's at the pay toilet dued to diarrhea. ew!
  • Phil: Wait, Mrs Cross know Jeannie?
  • Hayley: They're Sisters. Look, Something's weird going on outside today.
  • Phil: Sisters? i heard that you taught your friend use the public toilet.
  • Hayley: No, Dad, I mean something is very weird today outside, not about Jane and her potty trips or Mrs Cross trying to make up to Jeannie.
  • Carrie: Of course! Alan Taylor behind all this!
  • Tyler: wait! hold on! Hayley, Christine. you two poop since we're in middle school where we meet Jeannie and her Ex-Sister?
  • Hayley: How do you know about Alan Taylor anyway?
  • Carrie: Remember?
  • Tyler: Charlie and Christine's Mom has some psychic powers. She was in the CIA that where Mom and Dad met them.
  • Hayley: Anyway, Continued Tyler.
  • Tyler: Oh Right, Hayley, Christine, you two poop yourself in middle school where we first met Jeannie and Gary?
  • Hayley: Tyler, stop saying poop. I dont want to walk about it!
  • Laura: Of Course, I remembered that day, April 1st 2008.
  • Hayley: You do?
  • Laura: Remember?

[Flashback in class where Hayley and Christine desperatly need to go to the bathroom]

  • Tyler (voice): Oh yeah! I remember, Hayley and Christine need the toilet so badly
  • Hayley (voice) : Shut up! Tyler
  • Young Hayley: Come on...  Please hurry up...
  • Young Christine: Hayley! I dont think i can hold it much longer!
  • Young Hayley: Dont worry! We'll make it to the toilet, Who am i kidding! Sorry Mrs Cross! me and Christine gotta use the bathroom!
  • Young Mrs Cross: Go Ahead.

[Young Hayley and Young Christine running towards the Girls Bathroom while Covering their Butts] [Jeannie grab their hands and run]

  • Young Jeannie: I know the way!
  • Young Christine: Who are you?! Nevermind and why are you dress like a boy?
  • Young Jeannie: It's called a tomboy and i'm one of them and i played sports. So Shut up!
  • Young Hayley: Can you really hurry up?! We really need to use the bathroom so badly.

[Young Jeannie arrive to the girls bathroom and walked inside]

  • Young Jeannie: I Live in the Apartment alone all by myself. so Shut up and just go already. I'm Jeannie by the way and What's your name?
  • Young Hayley: Hayley Dalton.
  • Young Christine: Christine Cummingham.
  • Young Jeannie: Nice to meet you, G'bye!

[Hayley and Christine ran into the bathroom and lock the doors] [Christine put the paper towel on the toilet in her stall before she sit down before she sit down she gave hayley one before putting their pants down to do their toilet emergency and finally they sat down] 

  • Young Christine: [screams]
  • Young Hayley: Christine! Stop Farting quickly! we're trying to pooping considerate!
  • Young Christine: It's not pooping! we've diarrhea! we're sick! we really are!

[the female vice principal walks in the girls bathroom and saw two girls in the stalls]

  • Vice Principal: Are you girls alright?
  • Young Hayley: No... We got diarrhea! we're really sick!
  • Vice Principal: That's it, get outta the stalls you two, you need two weeks off school due to your sickness, I'll call your parents and take you two home.
  • Young Christine: Oh she's my neighbour.
  • Vice Principal: I'll tell the janitor to clean two stalls and i will call your parents to take you home. Let's go.

[Hayley and Christine flushed the toilet and make their potty emergency unfinished] [Flashback end]

  • Hayley: So there you have it, i got sick because of Jane made us eat the laxative muffin she offered. The Vice Principal gave us two weeks off.

[Alan carry Jane's father, hold Nibbles and knock the door] [Jane walked in through the back door with a toilet paper on her shoe with Jeannie]

  • Tyler: huh... why did you two came in like that?
  • Jeannie: It wasn't lock.
  • Jane: It was open.
  • Hayley: Jane! why did you gave me and christine those laxative muffins 5 years ago?!
  • Jane: What makes you say that i give you and Christine those laxative muffins?

[Alan groan and knock the door hard]

  • Hayley: You offered us two muffins at lunch five years ago and it was spiked with laxative!

[Alan kick the door and break the door]

[Everyone look at Alan with Jane's dad carrying and holding Nibbles]

  • Jane: Is that my dad?
  • Alan:  He just fall, don't worried, he is OK

[Jane's dad fall to the ground]

  • Alan: He is fine.
  • Jerry Mouse: Why he is holding Nibbles?
  • Phil: Laura, you see that?, he just talk!!
  • Tom Cat: I know he can talk, Mr Dalton.
  • Alan: You got two talking animals.
  • Nibbles: Three.
  • Alan: Anyway, time for you six kids and three animals to spend the rest of your lives in my camp!
  • Hayley: Wait? What?

[Alan's Minions Kidnapped them and throw them in his van]

  • Tyler: Say, Mr. Taylor, who these minions with you?
  • Alan: Tin, Pan, Alley, Kyle the Cat, Butch Dog, Meathead, Lenny, Mighty McWolf and Stinky Jr. McWolf. Now send them to learn-a-torium camp and lock them in their cells!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Hayley: Oh no.
  • Tyler: Oh man.

[While Tin's driving the Van, Hayley and Christine are angry at Jane for spiked their muffins with Laxative, Tyler, Charlie, Mike and Gary are bored, Jeannie's ignored Mrs Cross's Phone Calls, Emails and Text Messages] [The group sees Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Hayley, Christine, Jane, Tyler, Charlie, Mike, Gary and Jeannie are kidnapped]

  • Quacker: Guys, Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Hayley and those six teens are kidnapped by Alan Taylor and his goons!
  • Joe Bear: We got to stop them.
  • Napoleon: We have to help Them!
  • Muscles Mouse: We have a big idea.
  • Topo: Come on.
  • Benny Burro: To the Detective Agency Tour Bus!
  • Screwy Squirrel: Let's go!

[Quacker and the group are head it to the Detective Agency Tour Bus and George drives the Detective Agency Holiday Tour Bus to follow them] [But then they lost them]

  • Barney Bear: We lost them.
  • Junior: What do we do?
  • George: We can use the GPS to find them.
  • Benny Burro: Good idea.
  • Peep: Let's go.

Act IV

[Back in the van there's an argument between Hayley and Jane about what happened five years ago]

  • Hayley: This is your fault! i mean it Jane! you got us sick by gave us a laxative muffin!
  • Jane: You're right. I'm the one who give you all laxative muffins.
  • Hayley: you got us sick! why did you do that to us anyway?
  • Jane: Because I just found those laxative muffins. I don't know where it came from!
  • Hayley: you know what? you and i are no longer friends because the terrible prank! we're through!

[Tom walk over to Jane who's siting on a bucket]

  • Tom Cat: Hello. I'm Tom.  
  • Jane: Hi Tom, I'm Jane Gunnerson. 
  • Tom Cat: Look, why are you scared of animals?
  • Jane: 10 Years ago, some bully force me to touch a donkey that causes me to run to the bathroom and then... I met Hayley and Christine as my best friends, I also met Tyler and Charlie before i meet Mike and Gary. 

[Jerry walk towards them]

  • Jerry Mouse: Jane is it? tell me, What's wrong with Charlie and Christine?
  • Jane: In the past, Charlie and Christine have a bad childhood because of their Father name Carver, He's very Abusive.

[Flashback Begins in the Past where Christine's been slapped by their father Carver after He stormed upstairs while She's crying]


[Flashback end]

  • Jerry: What happened to him?

[Christine crawl over them]

  • Christine: He died from Cancer.
  • Jane: Christine, i'm sorry for pulling a laxative prank on you and hayley... some bullies forced me to do it.
  •  Christine: It's okay. I deserve to be pranked on. Best Prank Ever.

[Hayley walked over them]

  • Hayley: I was joking to end our friendship, But Really?! Giving us Diarrhea?! that's Silly!
  • Jane: I know it's silly! We should do that again at school.
  • Hayley: Good idea!

[Jeannie's on her iphone and deleting some messages and pictures of her and her Sister] [Nibbles walk towards her]

  • Nibbles: I'm Nibbles

[Jeannie scream and the driver going wrong way] [Tyler look through the window and saw a female spy who works for Alan Taylor]

  • Tyler: what the...! guys look! that mysterious female spy...

[the female spy took off her mask and shocked the teens along with tom, jerry and nibbles]

  • Jeannie: Tara! i knew it was her all along!
  • Hayley: I guess you're right.
  • Tom Cat: I thought Tyler like her when he saw her
  • Tyler: What?
  • Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse (sing): Tyler love Tara Cross, Tyler love Tara Cross
  • Tyler: No, I don't. I thought it was another woman
  • Hayley: One question?
  • Jeannie: When i get out, i will knock her out cold!
  • Christine: Jeannie. Calm Down!
  • Tyler: What is it, Hayley?
  • Hayley: If Mrs Cross's working for Mr Taylor, why is she a school teacher?
  • Tyler: Because she is a undercover spy?
  • Jeannie: Idiots! It's her part-time job. She's works at the full-time teacher and that's her part time job! She is still so dead, I mean it!

[They heard Tara's footsteps towards the back of the truck and open the door] [Jeannie crawled so angrily towards her]

  • Jeannie: You huge older backstabbing big mouth know-it-a sonofa..! I'm going to..!
  • Tom Cat: What's wrong with her?
  • Christine: She has Anger Issues. She insults bullies for us.
  • Mrs Cross: Jeannie. Just give me a minute.
  • Jeannie: You've got no minute you backstabbing traitor. And guess what? Thanks to you, Mom and Dad hates me and loves you! I'm Jealous because of you! You can forget me if you what and dont bother talk to me FOREVER!
  • Mrs Cross: What...
  • Jeannie: I am no longer your sister, goodbye forever.

[Jeannie closes the truck's door, She went to the corner where she could be alone]

  • Jerry Mouse: Her parents hates her?
  • Jane: They trusted and loves Mrs. Cross instead of Jeannie.
  • Jerry Mouse: What? What happened?
  • Jane: Their parents abuses her since she was 4. They died when she turned 7. Jane and Jeannie always fighting. After she ran away, My dad adopted her as her adopted daughter. 
  • Jeannie: I have to serve her father and protect his daughter as my friend.  
  • Jane: She's always been there for me as my best friend.

[Flashback begins where Mike, Gary and Jane saw Hayley and Christine walking home feeling sick]

  • Young Jane: Those poor two. I felt bad for them. 
  • Young Mike: It's okay.
  • Vice Principal: Jane, I saw someone running through the halls.
  • Young Jane: Jeannie helps them?! Man, she's a good friend.
  • Young Jeannie: Jane... I'm sorry. 
  • Vice Principal: I can't believe you broke the rules of mine. You're leaving me no choice. I'm sorry Jeannie. You're expelled.
  • Young Jeannie: Expelled? What for? 
  • Vice Principal: You broke the middle school rules by ran through the halls to the girls toilet. I'm going to call your Parents.
  • Young Jane: My Dad adopted her and protecting me. Her Parents died since she was 6.
  • Vice Principal: Oh. Really?
  • Young Jane: Yes.
  • Vice Principal: I'm...I'm sorry for hurting you Jeannie. If you dont want to go back to your sister, that's fine.

[Flashback ends]

  • Jerry Mouse: Wow.
  • Hayley: that day was terrible. She apologies to me and we accepted it and promise we will be best friends forever
  • Jeannie: You know... forget my sister. You three to deserves to be my best friends forever and we will find our way....
  • Mike: Open Window!!
  • Tom Cat: Really?!
  • Mike: Yeah! We need someone small. Jerry, Nibbles. Thanks for volenteer. Now i want you two to get the window open so we can get outta here.
  • Jerry Mouse and Nibbles: Wait, What? Us?
  • Mike: Yes! we're counting on you both to get all of us out.
  • Jerry Mouse: We're do it. Let's go, Nibbles.
  • Nibbles: Right.

[Jerry and Nibbles snuck through the open window and open the door where the teens and tom fell out] [Jerry and Nibbles Jumped on towards Charlie and Jeannie]

  • Mike: Now let's get outta here

[The Teens begin to run back to the city and Tom and Jerry saw their old house that hasn't been sold]

  • Charlie: You two know that house?
  • Tom Cat: It was our home. I cant even look at it.
  • Spike: There you are!
  • Tom Cat: Spike... That's it... Here i go!

[Tom begin to fight Spike].

  • Jeannie: What's wrong with Spike?
  • Jerry Mouse: He's hypnotised by Taylor.
  • Spike: What? No? I am OK, but I am not right now because of that stupid cat and his werid cheese mouse ruined my life.
  • Jerry Mouse: How did you leave Mammy at the different city?
  • Spike: She turned and disowned on me, she never wanted to see me again for some man she meets and start dating! His name is Tony Smith.
  • Tyler, Hayley, Charlie, Christine, Gary, Jeannie, Mike and Jane: Mr Smith our Gym Teacher?!!!
  • Spike: Yes. I have to leave Mammy and decide to join the detective agency. Our friends are....
  • Hayley: Nibbles, Quacker, Muscles Mouse, Topo, Tiny Bulldog, Puggsy, Frankie DaFlea, Droopy, Drippy, Dripple, Bernie the Swallow, Swampy Fox, Peep, Barney Bear, Benny Burro, Joe Bear, Screwy Squirrel, Napoleon, George and Junior.
  • Tyler: We know your friend's name.
  • Spike: Thanks. I'm here to help.
  • Spike: But, first.... 

[Spike punch Tom and strangle Tom very hard]

  • Spike: You ruining my life, you broke my fall, you little catfish!
  • Tom Cat: You ask for it!

[Tom punch Spike and strangle his neck]

  • Tyler: It's Angry Dad all over again!

[Hayley saw Mammy behind Tom and Spike when they are fighting]

  • Hayley: Oh no
  • Tyler: What?
  • Hayley: Jerry, she is used be your owner
  • Jerry Mouse: Oh no, Tom, Spike
  • Tom Cat and Spike: It wasn't my fault, he start it!
  • Jerry Mouse: BEHIND YOU!!!
  • Tom Cat and Spike: Huh?

[Tom Cat and Spike saw Mammy]

  • Tom Cat and Spike: Mammy, it's that you?
  • Mammy Two Shoes: Yes. it's me. Hello Jane.
  • Jane: It's you... Mom! I haven't see you since when you left us
  • Hayley and Tyler: Mom?!
  • Jane: She is not my real mother, she's my half-mother. Same Dad, Different Mom.
  • Hayley: Mammy Two Shoes is your half-mother?!
  • Jane: Yes. Mom, I though you died... you havent seen me since my birth.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: Jane, I'm okay, it's just, me and your father decide to break up after your birth. 
  • Hayley: She give birth to you.
  • Jane: Well, not really
  • Hayley: What?
  • Jane: Half-mother is different mother
  • Hayley: Oh, OK
  • Hayley: So, Miss Jane Two Shoes-Gunnerson, you got two mom.
  • Jane: My real mother died and my other mom who my dad used to dated.
  • Jane: And my last name is not Two-Shoes, Dalton
  • Hayley: Listen to me, Jane, you are not her daughter or half-daughter
  • Hayley: She could be your step-mother or adoptive mother
  • Hayley: She is not your half-mother, nobody EVER heard of half-mother
  • Hayley: So!, get this into your stupid big head, Gunnerson!

[Hayley slaps Jane in the face and all gasp]

[Jane run away and cried]

[Hayley walk behind and saw Mammy Two Shoes in angry face at Hayley]

  • Hayley: Congratulation, Mrs. Two Shoes
  • Hayley: You are going red.

[Hayley smile]

[Mammy Two Shoes growl and Hayley stop smile]

  • Jeannie: She's your best friend Hayley! Look, we made our Best Friends Promises. No Turning Against Each Other!
  • Hayley: Look, I have to end the promise.
  • Jeannie: Jane has expend her lives! All of hers.
  • Hayley: She only have one!
  • Tyler: I think Jeannie's right!
  • Jeannie: Please, Hayley?
  • Hayley: Let me think, guys, but first, I got some business with Red Hulk.
  • Hayley: Look, Mrs. Big Shoes
  • Mike: I'll go talk to Jane.
  • Christine: We'll go.

[Manny Two Shoes in angry face and growl loud] [Mike and Christine walked off to the city]

  • Hayley: I don't care if you are Jane's mother, but a half-mother
  • Hayley: What is half-mother?

[Hayley continue to talk]

  • Nibbles: Mammy is about to explosive
  • Tyler: Oh no
  • Christine: Your sister will be toast
  • Tyler: I know

[Back in the City, Jane kept walking so sadly]

  • Mike: Jane! I'm sorry for hurting you.
  • Christine: We didnt know that we made a mistake.

[Jane got shocked that she saw her past incarnation who's looking at Alan's mansion]

  • Mike: Who's that?
  • Jane: Guys, you must run!
  • Christine: But who is she?!
  • Jane: Look! You never see her before!
  • Mike: We never saw that one before! But we don't understand!
  • Jane: We're the one who betray the good.

[Mike and Christine got scared and ran off] [Jane's past incarnation walked towards her]

  • Jane: [Whispers] Who are you...?
  • Past Jane: My name is Jane
  • Jane: But, I am Jane.. you're my past incarnation... but you're my secret.
  • Hayley: My name is Hayley Dalton and I am not letting some big fat bully coming after me.

[Mammy Two Shoes turn red and everybody hide]

[Hayley's talking continues]

  • Mike: Please, tell your sister to stop.
  • Tyler: I think it is too late
  • Hayley: (shouting), WHAT YOU ARE DO, YOU BIG TWO SHOES HEAD, MRS!!!!

[Mammy Two Shoes grab Hayley and Hayley scream]

  • Tyler: Manny!
  • Charlie: Our Closest Friend? What's up man?! Haven't see you since you moved old timer!

[Mammy Two Shoes look at Charlie and Mike]

  • Charlie: He say it
  • Gary: Charlie!
  • Hayley: HELP!!

[Mammy Two Shoes hold Hayley chasing Mike and Charlie and Mike and Charlie run and scream] [But then Hayley, Charlie and Gary saw Jane who's talking to her secret and Hayley starting to feel shock and scared]

  • Gary: Who's that?
  • Hayley: Let's go back to the others... Please.
  • Charlie: What about you?
  • Mammy Two Shoes: She is stay with me.
  • Hayley: Oh man. Mrs Two Shoes, Listen, i know that mysterious Figure! That's Jane's previous incarnation! She's the one who made a deal with an enemy.
  • Jane: You are my secret.
  • Past Jane: What i did, I did without the choice.
  • Jane: I know... but not in our generation, In the Name of peace and sanity. for our names. Let's go Alan Taylor's evil Lair, Alone.

[Jane head to the Lair with her Past Self; Manny Two-Shoes arrives]

  • Manny Two Shoes: Hey, Mom.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: Son, is that you?
  • Manny Two Shoes: Yes. It's me.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: Oh and sorry for doing that Hayley, I'm only messing with you.
  • Hayley: I didnt know you're Jane's half mother.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: You can say I am her step-mother, Okay?
  • Hayley: Okay.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: So Manny. Who send you here?
  • [Maria Two Shoes, Mina Two Shoes, Marcus Two Shoes and Marco Two Shoes arrives]
  • Maria Two Shoes: It was us.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: Maria, Mina, Marcus, Marco, is that you?
  • Mina Two Shoes: Yes is us.
  • Marcus Two Shoes: We are your siblings to help you.
  • Marco Two Shoes: We gonna work together.

[At the Mansion, Jane and her previous life snuck inside]

  • Past Jane: Your book said that Alan's a billionaire and he gots his own private army!
  • Jane: This way!

[Jane and her previous self snuck inside and saw Jeannie's parents corpse and Charlie and Christine's Dead Father] [But then Manny appeared in front of them]

  • Manny: Hello Jane.
  • Jane: It's you.. Manny! my Half-Brother! man.
  • Manny: You've regenerated.

[At Jeannie's apartment, Tom, Jerry and the teens caming up a plan]

  • Jeannie: Okay, we need a plan to defeat Alan and save home. I've founded out why he wants to take, He want to steal Jane's other lives after her Previous Incarnation made a deal with him.
  • Hayley and Tyler: Really, Jane?
  • Jeannie: Yes, guys
  • Tyler: I thought it was joke.
  • Jeannie: Jane was born with gifted powers and have an ability to change her body twelve times, It's called Regeneration.
  • Tyler: Well she can pop up a new face!
  • Jeannie: Well, Her twelfth life will be the twelfth and final life. She cant regenerate anymore. Really?! Thirteen Jane Gunnersons?! Thirteen silly potty emergency Jane Gunnersons?! That's make no senses!
  • Hayley: I know right?! So she's number...
  • Jeannie: 2. She's the Second Incarnation.
  • Hayley: okay she's the second. Number 2. Get it Number 2? She goes number two remember? Hey how come we havent sees Jane regenerate in the first place?
  • Jeannie: Oh, Right, she doesn't want to you to see her regenerate, When she gets nervous, She poop herself.
  • Hayley: Oh, Right. I just felt bad that... Mike, Gary... Where're Charlie and Christine?
  • Mike: Oh right, that... They decide to follow Jane and her mysterious previous life to Alan's Lair. 

[Back at the Lair, Charie and Christine saw some dead bodies even their father]

  • Christine: Daddy?
  • Charlie: We're making you reformed Dad.

[Mighty McWolf walked inside and saw the Twins]

  • Mighty McWolf: You kids escaped?!!
  • Charlie: We want our Dad Back McWolf! If you wont give him back, i will rip your throat out!
  • Mighty McWolf: What do you mean?
  • Charlie: I'm the R.F's new Employee Doofhead, Either, Give us our Dad or Die!
  • Mighty McWolf: R.F.?! short for... The Rainbow Factory?!!! Sorry, Sir. I can give him back!

[Mighty McWolf ran off to switch off Carver's Tube and He ran off screaming]

  • Jane: Charlie, Christine, you too made a good plan.
  • Carver: Kids...? Charlie? Christine?!
  • Charlie and Christine: Dad!

[Charlie and Christine hug their dad]

[Mighty McWolf scream and run to the kids]

  • Mighty Mcwolf: KIDS!
  • Hayley: Oh no
  • Tom Cat: Let's me, guys

[Mighty McWolf run to Tom and Tom hits Mighty McWolf in the nuts)

[Mighty McWolf groan and fall down]

  • Jane: I dont believe it! you came to help us?

[Charlie and Christine helped their Dad Carver with a help of the Previous Incarnation of Jane]

  • Hayley: What is she doing here?!
  • Jane: She helped us to save the world, oh and Hayley, meet my Half-Brother Manny. He told me that he's a computer hacker.
  • Hayley: Hi Manny. Look, Jane, We just discovered that...

[Past Jane felt a bit pain in a stomach but manage to hold it]

  • Past Jane: Dont worry, i can hold it, now before my regeneration, Alan and i made a deal that i will give him all of my lives for number thirteen but he betrayed me and shot me to death and i begin my regeneration.
  • Hayley: Of course. you still have an allergies of animals!
  • Past Jane: no, it's just my pain. i dont go to the bathrooms. My world Record that i must hold my stomach ache for twenty days. But dont worry, I'll go after this mission of mine is complete.
  • Manny Two Shoes: So anyway, i can able to hack into the Taylor's Manor Main Computer to create the virus!
  • Tom Cat: Okay, looks like we'll do it. We'll save the world

[The Detective Angency Arrived]

  • Swampy Fox: Don't forget us.
  • Barney Bear: We gonna stop Alan Taylor.

[Quackers saw Past Jane and get very scared]

  • Quackers: Guys...! it's her! the one who turned on the good!
  • Puggsy: It cant be...
  • Jeannie: Dont worry, she must protect her lives, she's gifted. Now let's go.

Act V

[In his labortory, Alan's getting ready for his globle domination]

  • Alan: Yes. now that's all the power we need to power up the destrucinator to take over the world!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! 

[the Past Jane and the others arrived to stop Alan]

  • Tyler: Stop it Tylor!
  • Alan: Taylor
  • Tyler: Whatever
  • Alan: What?!! You've escaped my van! and i see the Past Jane has escaped from her death and regeneration!
  • Past Jane: I wont let you do this the entire world.
  • Alan: I want thirteen new lives Jane.
  • Past Jane: What's the time?!
  • Alan: Time enough for me to take over the world, steal your lives, build my fortess and take my minions with me. 
  • Past Jane: More than you, i do know about last chances.
  • Alan: I've wasted all of my lives because of you Jane.

[Tin, Pan, Alley, Kyle the Cat, Butch Dog, Meathead, Lenny, Mighty McWolf and Stinky Jr. McWolf got shock about the truth about Alan]

  • Past Jane: All of your lives?! Nine of you, Alan lied, he wasted his lives and want mine! He also wants my form and this is my body!
  • Lenny: Is it true Alan? you've lied of us?!! You wasted your lives, all of them?!
  • Alan: All of mine are ugly and hideous! They are filthy disgusting things i ever had!
  • Past Jane: It was started since before my regeneration! 

[Flashback to a year before Hayley and Tyler were born, Alan Taylor's making a huge deal with Past Jane]

  • Young Alan: Jane, Listen, i'm nearing the beginning of my thirteenth life, Listen, i need all of your lives, Please, I need to live forever, If you will, i will give you a million dollars. and your 13 lives will be 26. It can be double!
  • Young Past Jane: Deal!

[After few days, Past Jane got escorted by the guards and Alan reveals his evil self]

  • Young Alan: Jane! You've destroyed all of my statues and paintings! Guards! Take her to the electric chair, The Deal's Off.

[Past Jane's about to die and got eletricouted to her death. But then, She's beginning to glow and start regenerated and the flashback ends]

  • Past Jane: So that's it. He made me regenerate.
  • Kyle the Cat: Alan! You Lied to us for forced us to dominate the world! Tom, Jerry! Quick! Do this!
  • Tom Cat: Okay!

[Tom and Jerry end this fight by fighting his robo-guards]

[Jeannie saw her sister AKA her enemy begin her match against her]

  • Jeannie: it cant be...
  • Mrs Cross: You turned down my apology, I'm teaching you a lesson about manners, You're still going to die just like mom and dad.
  • Jenna: Hey! Look! That is our daughter's best friend and her twin brother. Hayley and Tyler Dalton.
  • Jamon: Why is my Tara holding a gun?
  • Mrs Cross: Mom? Dad?

[Everybody looks at Charlie and Christine]

  • Hayley: Charlie and Christine, what have you two done?
  • Charlie: We helped Past Jane to release them.
  • Christine: Jeannie was jealous of Tara and they abused them.
  • Jamon: Past Jane?! No.. you mean her before her regeneration?!
  • Charlie: Yes.
  • James: Jeannie, Beat her up!

[Jeannie fights Tara by beating her up and punched her eye]

  • Jamon: That's my favorite fighter! Atta, girl! Beat up that traitor!
  • Jenna: Go beat up that traitor, Jeannie! We're counting on you!
  • Gary: Everyone! Look outside!

[They saw other ten types of ships from the future and ten future Jane Gunnersons]

  • Hayley: This is amazing! there's now twelve of you Jane!
  • Tom Cat: no... All Thirteen!?!

[Jeannie finished her off with her special move called the triple face butt fist and she won]

  • Mrs Cross: My Teeth! You stupid kid! I will break you when i get out!

[Phil, Laura, Carrie and Mr Gunnerson arrives at the mansion and saw Mrs Cross punched Jeannie]

  • James: Taranne Melody Cross, you stop beating up your sister!

[Max Two Shoes and Mac Two Shoes arrives at the mansion by jumping down the window]

  • Max Two Shoes: Hey, Mammy.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: Max, Mac, it's that you?
  • Mac Two Shoes: Yes. It's us.

[Timmy and Tina appeared and punched Tyler and Hayley]

  • Tyler and Hayley: YOU!
  • Timmy and Tina: YOU!
  • Tony: Dalton Twins, Drop and give me twenty!
  • Tyler: Oh I'll give you twenty!

[Tyler punched Timmy's face shocking Tina twenty times]

  • Tyler: Dont you dare bully us again!
  • Timmy: We won't. We're sorry for bullying you. We here to help.

[But then, Tom, Jerry, Jane, Past Jane and Manny hacked into the computer and destroy the data for the world domination, Jane felt in pain and manage to stand up]

  • Alan: It's over! my world domination is foiled! but i wont let you!

[Jane's hand's glowing and she's very happy]

  • Alan: Jane! Time to give me all of you lives!
  • Jane: You've wasted yours and now i wont do it, but I am Regenerating!
  • Alan: Everyone! Everyone! Jane Gunnerson is Regenerating! Jane Gunnerson is Regenerating!!
  • Jane: Yes! Regeneration Number 3!
  • Alan: It's too late... i'll die!
  • Jane: It's over Taylor! I Wont let you take over my life, then let's end this!

[Jane use her regeneration energy to destroyed the entire lab and Jane begin to regenerate into her third life] [Everyone got injured after the lab is destroyed, Jane and her past self were missing] [The Polices were here]

  • Police:  Alan Taylor, You're under arrest for trying to take over the world and extend your lives.
  • Alan: What?!! How did you know that?!
  • Police: I've been investigating Jane's previous life's death and now i've founded out it was you! Hey, Aren't you kids friends with Jane?
  • Hayley: Yeah why?

[Previous Jane's Tardis materalised that is shaped like her porta-potty and Present Jane opened the door]

  • Jane: Hey.
  • Hayley: You're alive! Man, i didnt know
  • Past Jane: I Saved her from regenerating and all of my future lives gave her more time, so I took her to 20 seconds.
  • Hayley: Can we look inside?
  • Past Jane: Sure, Yeah. Come in

[Hayley and the Gang came inside of the Tardis and saw that it's bigger]

  • Tyler: It's bigger on the inside! Really Bigger!
  • Past Jane: It's a bit of a porta potty and i'll go sooner. my mission is complete and now i'm heading back to meet my fiance. The Twelfth Cillian Darcy. I kept a face and dont have to regenerate.
  • Jane: Goodbye Jane. Enjoy your future, and enjoy your life.

[The Gang walked out of Past Jane's Tardis and saw dismateralising] [the Police took Alan to Prison for life and every thing is Back to Normal] [Jeannie put a bandage on her eye due to her fall and saw her Parents come towards her]

  • Jamon: Jeannie, We're sorry for abused you, she was very smart and you're a good protector to your friends.
  • Jeannie: How would i never forgive my own parents. You're my dad, and i Promise i'll visit you.
  • Jenna: Your principal told us that you got your own apartment. Feel free to come back and visit us anytime you like.

[Tyler and Hayley saw Mammy Two Shoes, Maria Two Shoes, Marcus Two Shoes Max Two Shoes coming towards her]

  • Maria Two Shoes: Mammy, you have to let Tom and Jerry go.
  • Marcus Two Shoes: You don't need new pets anymore.
  • Max Two Shoes: It was your decision.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: You're right, Maria, Marcus, Max. I will. [To Hayley and Tyler] Tyler, Hayley, you're gonna need two pets. Tom and Jerry are your pets now.
  • Tyler: Thanks.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: I have to decide not to get new pets and decide to start dating.
  • Max Two Shoes: Good decision, Mammy.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: So this is goodbye, Spike?
  • Spike: Yeah.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: So you gonna go with the detective agency?
  • Spike: Yes.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: Goodbye, Spike.
  • Spike: Goodbye, Mammy.
  • Tom Cat: Hey, Spike, I'm sorry for kicking you, hitting you, taking your bone, responsible for your son and everything.
  • Spike: That's what I want it to hear. I accept for your better apology.
  • [Miranda Two Shoes arrives in her car]
  • Mammy Two Shoes: Miranda, is that you?
  • Miranda Two Shoes: Yes is me, Mom.
  • Mammy Two Shoes: Welcome back, Miranda. Like mother and daughter.
  • Miranda Two Shoes: You bet, Mom.
  • Jane: Miranda! you're back!
  • Miranda Two Shoes: Oh Sissy I missed you!
  • Tyler: Jane, you didnt tell us that she's you're half sister?!
  • Jane: Woops!

[Tyler and Hayley chase Jane with their hammers and everyone's beginning to laugh] [On the 28th of July, Tyler and Hayley's 16th Birthday has Arrived and the Gang arrived]

  • Tyler: You guys are here for our 16th Birthday?
  • Spike: Yes we are.
  • Jane: Happy birthday you two! now all i want to say that...

[Jane accidentally touch Tom and got a huge stomach ache again]

  • Jane: Not again!
  • Jeannie: Sounds like the Pooper strikes again!
  • Jane: Please, Jeannie! Shut up!
  • Tyler: Oi! it's not our fault that we made Hayley pooped in her undies.
  • Hayley: It was you boys?!

[Mike put a Mouse trap and SNAP on her Leg]

  • Hayley: Boys... COME HERE! OW!

[The Boys begins to fight against the Girls and Trash the entire house and the Flashback end]

  • Tyler: [narrating] so that's why we were fighting.

Ending Credits

[The Credits begins where Tyler holding his new guitar he got from Mike and Gary and Hayley's about to sing a song that she wrote in preschool with Christine]

  • Tyler: It's okay Hayley. Trust me.
  • Hayley: Okay.

[Tyler starts playing the guitar in front of his friends and family]

  • Hayley: ♪ Call my name, When i was a little girl, I have nobody to play with ♪
  • Tyler: ♪ Inculding me, We are lonely, our drunk dad and annoying Mom ♪--
  • Hayley: ♪ We're lonely and have no friends, We are scared by dad and annoyed by mom?!♪
  • Tyler: ♪ We've bullied on our first day of school by Mike and Gary♪
  • Hayley and Tyler: ♪Even if you break all tomorrow♪
  • Tyler: ♪A week later, We meet another twins♪
  • Hayley: ♪ The twins named are Charlie and Christine! Together we are best friends ♪

[The others appeared with the drums]

Post Credits

[Nick Gordon arrived at Dalton House]

  • Tyler: Can we help you?
  • Nick Gordon: I'm Nick Gordon. There are dark forces, guys. New forces, Space Crime Organization Makuu, Space Crime Syndicate Madou, Fushigi World Fuuma, Megabeast Empire, Waller Empire and Criminal Syndicate Metos. Building weapon could bring end of our time.
  • Hayley: Why should we trust you? But I want your help.
  • Nick Gordon: You would it.

[Gash Jumon, Renzo Ichijo, Kal Hyugu, Denby Igan, Sage Karasukumo, Dail Sawa, Justus, Yottoko Jo, Diane, Helena and Sergio arrived]

  • Gash Jumon: Hello there.
  • Mike: Who are they?
  • Renzo Ichijo: We're the Space-Time Police Sheriffs.
  • Kal Hyugu: We here to tell you about dark forces.
  • Denby Igan: Building a weapon.
  • Sage Karasukumo: We need your friends and two pets help.
  • Dail Sawa: They are working together.
  • Justus: We need your help the Space Crime Organization Makuu, Space Crime Syndicate Madou, Fushigi World Fuuma, Megabeast Empire, Waller Empire and Criminal Syndicate Metos are gonna building a new weapon.
  • Yottoko Jo: That could end.
  • Diane: We gonna work together to stop them.
  • Helena: Once and for all.
  • Sergio: We've come to talk to you about the Space-Time Police Sheriffs Initiative.

[in the Monastery, The Eleventh Incarnation of Jane Gunnerson held captive by the Monks Guards]

  • Head Monk: Thank you my soilders.
  • Eleventh Jane: What do you want?
  • Head Monk: Shave your hair and join us Jane.
  • Eleventh Jane: What for?
  • Head Monks: The enemy.
  • Eleventh Jane: No! I wont!

[Jane kick the Monks and Escape the Monastery with a Bottle of Poision]

  • Eleventh Jane: Mom, Dad, Brothers, Uncle, Friends... Goodbye

[Jane drink the poison and begin to regenerate, Jane begins to scream while she regenerating] [At the Sunset on the Cliffs, The Mysterious Shadow and reveal to be Jane in her Twelfth Life, She pull out her phone and said her first words]

  • Twelfth Jane: Nick Gordon... I've regenerated and ready for battle.

[And that's the end of the Movie]

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