Tom and Jerry is a 2015 live-action CGI comedy adventure film featuring the cat-and-mouse duo Tom and Jerry. This film stars Chloe Grace Moretz and Asa Butterfield.


Tom and Jerry force to work together and team up with sophomores Hayley Dalton, her older twin brother Tyler and their best friends to save the world from the evil rich worker, before it's too late.

Meanwhile, a new group of detective agency all set up on a journey to find Tom and Jerry.


The movie begins where Mammy Two Shoes leaves to go shopping, Tom was left alone in the house. As Jerry sets a trap on Tom, Tom was chasing Jerry that wake up Spike in his nap and Spike end up chasing Tom for waking him up. After Mammy Two Shoes came home from shopping, She kicked both Tom and Jerry out of the house for wrecking her house and she moves into a different city with Spike in the wheelchair (hurting his leg during Tom and Jerry chase). Tom starts heading off and take Jerry with him to make it up to him (unlike the features film), But then, they saw a teenager girl with strawberry blonde hair named Hayley walking down the street with her older twin brother named Tyler while talking to their best friends on their phones. They started to follow them before they lost them.

The next day, Tom and Jerry living on the street as homelessness then Tom and Jerry woke up and saw Hayley and Tyler, the same person who they saw on the street. Tom and Jerry start to follow Hayley and Tyler again to school for their last day for summer. Jerry went inside of the school then Tom follow him before bring stop by the teacher and Tom is getting kicked out by the teacher. Meanwhile, everybody is happy after finishing their last day at school. Tyler went to the arcade–with his best friends, Charlie, Mike and Gary–while Hayley, Christine, Jeannie and Jane are planning to get a makeover at their favorite salon. But then Tyler and Hayley saw Jerry again and hide him in Tyler's jacket until they'll get home. After walking home, Hayley found Tom and take him to their house to be home after living on the streets.

At home, Hayley gave Tom some food and Jerry some cheese to eat and they can talk after Phil gave them some talking pills. But then, the Millionaire appeared named Alan Taylor appeared who offered the family $100000 for exchange the house. But they refused, Alan leave and planning to take over the world by building the destructinator. At night, he got Carrie, Phil and Laura–who are hypnotized–to work for him. He used them to throw the garbage out. Carrie throws the garbage out on her kitchen, Phil throw the garbage out on Tyler and Hayley's bedroom and Laura throws the garbage out on the pond. Droopy Dog and his identical twin brother Drippy watch them throw the garbage out in the weird way. Droopy saw Tom and Jerry sleep and Droopy tell Drippy they need Tom and Jerry help.

The next morning, Phil and Laura wake up in their bed without knowing what happening to them at night. Tyler and Hayley wake up and found a big dump of garbage in their bedroom. Charlie and Christine wake up and saw a big dump of garbage is left on their kitchen. Mike and Gary came to Charlie and Christine while Jane and Jeannie came to Hayley and Tyler and ask what happened. Hayley get suspicious with her parents and the recycling was dump. Tom woke up along with Jerry shocking Jane due to fear of animals that cause her to have to gets a huge stomach ache and has to go to the toilet if the others remembered since preschool. A little grey mouse who Droopy send named Nibbles arrived at The Dalton's house. Tyler open the door and saw Nibbles who is waving hello to Tyler. Then, Tom and Jerry went to the door and saw Nibbles outside. Hayley and Tyler welcomes Nibbles to their house.

While Tyler and Hayley cleans up, Tom and Jerry starting to like the twins as their good owners. Charlie and Christine start talking to them as friendly to them, Mike brought more food for the others and more toilet paper for Jane if she about to have another stomach ache again. Gary and Jeannie are planning to make breakfast to begin their summer holiday and Gary feed Nibbles with some food. Everybody learn today is wierd day. Then they take the recycling out, more wierd is getting strange when the recycling man dump the recycling out of the road.

Tyler and Hayley founded out that their birthday is in 28 days. Phil and Laura discover that it's about rejected Alan's offer and their Neighbour Carrie told them that He's threatening to rule the world. After Breakfast, Christine and Mike cleans up and then Carrie appeared and saw the Kids hanging together as best friends. Phil saw Tom and Jerry eating and remember the game where he, Laura, Tyler and Hayley played called catchs the mouse that Jerry was there makes them happy.

Alan Taylor appeared and tell them that the world domination is cancelled but then, He hypnotises Phil, Laura and Carrie onces again and kidnapped Tyler, Hayley, Charlie, Christine, Mike, Gary, Jeannie, Jane, Nibbles, Tom and Jerry and sent to an island called Learn-a-Torium Land. Tyler and Hayley plans to escape with their friends. Tom comes up with a plan with Jerry that the only way to escape and get back home is to Join forces Jerry accept. Meanwhile, Nibbles try to call for help to Droopy but fail to pick up.

At the Island, Tom and Jerry explain the plan to Tyler that their escaping will take part in.

  1. Tom and Jerry will build a raft with Tyler with some logs and some ropes around the island.
  2. Hayley and Christine can hunt some food down for the adventure 
  3. Mike Gary and Jeannie will get the scissors to cut don the rope
  4. Jane and Charlie will grab some supplises for the journey.

So then, They will make it work to their next part of their plan. Tyler can help out. So they make a great plan by working together to save the world.

At the office, Alan is working his machine very well and hired all the adults even Phil, Carrie and Laura to build it and make the world into the new Battlefield call Taylor ia the villainess war. So at Night, Tom and Jerry are building a raft with Tyler while the others are getting the other supplies. Meanwhile, the adults dump the rubbish out to the river with Alan and the bodyguards watch them. Tyler, Hayley, Charlie, Christine, Mike, Gary, Jeannie, Jane, Nibbles, Tom and Jerry finished their raft and About to escape the island to head back to the city and gonna get there by 7 days.

7 Days Later, The Heroes arrived back home and see the city empty and Tom saw Spike and later attack him for payback. Jane feels her stomach again and about to hold it and she finally completed her stomach ache for good and now, She feels tom and overcome her fear. Tom and Spike fight and Mammy Two Shoes–who is hypnotized by Taylor–controls Spike to stop fighting but Tyler grabbed Spike and end the fight. Spike told them that Alan got an evil machine that can take over the world and guided them to the lair. 

During the big day of the ceremony, Alan Taylor shows everyone his "bad side" and declare war around the World. While Tyler saw the planes destroying the landmarks and the cities, Alan saw the Heroes escaped and begin his powers by starting up with the destructinator to destroy them but they've survived after the bullets missed. Spike guided them to his detective agency–who amazed the heroes. Spike apologies to Tom and Jerry after the move, He left her to find them and then he's very happliy to see him again after two days. So they will make to team up with the detective agency to save the world once again. Carrie, Phil and Laura are freed from being hypnotized and discover that they really are held hostage by Alan and now they founded out that the kids are alright.

10 days later, on the 18th of July, Tyler and Hayley are practices their fighting and use their reverse spell to bring back Mammy two shoes. Mammy decides not to get a pet. She likes to live alone with no pets. She was about to walk away before Alan kidnapped her. Tom and Jerry decide to join forces with their friends. Tom and Jerry manages to get to the lair to defeat Alan with Tyler and Hayley's help and rescue Mammy. Alan saw and tell them that they're too late. Hayley saved Mammy's life and rescued her. Charlie fought the Minions with his sword along with Christine–who fought the female guards. 

While Tom, manage to turn off the machine and save the world. Alan's about to Kill Tyler and Hayley. Then Phil and Laura saved their children's life. The Police arrested Alan and Tom and Jerry saved the world.

10 days later, Hayley and Tyler celebrate their 16th birthday and got Tom and Jerry as their own pets. Jane congratulate them and accidentally put her hand on Tom as he got a huge stomach ache again. Tyler and Hayley got into the argument along with Tom and Jerry, Charlie and Christine, Mike and Gary, Jeannie and Jane as they about to catch each other for fun as the movie ends.

In a post-credits scene, Commander of Space-Time Police Nick Gordon visits Dalton at home, telling them, who warns them of Space Crime Organization Makuu, Space Crime Syndicate Madou, Fushigi World Fuuma, Megabeast Empire, Waller Empire and Criminal Syndicate Metos, who explains to them that something is wrong and Gash Jumon, Renzo Ichijo, Kal Hyugu, Denby Igan, Sage Karasukumo, Dail Sawa, Justus, Yottoko Jo, Diane, Helena and Sergio arrives, and explaining that they wants to discuss the "Space-Time Police Initiative", But in the future, the Future Jane Gunnerson appeared and been told by the monks that she must shave her hair, but then She begin to regenerate into her twelfth life and said the words, Nick Gordon... I've Changed and ready for battle.


  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Hayley Dalton / The main protagonist and a Good best friend of Christine, Jeannie and Jane due to her Kindness, She's Phil and Laura youngest Daughter and Tyler's younger twin sister.
    • Emily Alyn Lind as Young Hayley Dalton
  • Asa Butterfield as Tyler Dalton / Hayley's older twin brother and Mike, Gary and Charlie's best friend due to his coolness. He is Phil and Laura's eldest son.
    • Ty Simpkins as Young Tyler Dalton
  • Aaron Eckhart as Alan Taylor / A rich worker and the main antagonist who want to take over the world.
  • Ewan McGregor as Phil Dalton / Hayley and Tyler's father.
  • Kate Winslet as Laura Dalton / Hayley and Tyler's mother who's a bit overprotective to her kids and works at the office with her husband.
  • Spencer Boldman as Charlie Cunningham / Tyler's best friend and Christine's older twin brother who's the rebellion.
    • Aiden Flowers as Young Charlie Cunningham
  • Bella Thorne as Christine Cunningham / Charlie's younger twin sister and Hayley's best friend who's very calm and quiet.
    • Taylor Richardson as Young Christine Cunningham
  • Dove Cameron as Jeannie Cross / Hayley, Christine and Jane's best friend, Jane's adopted sister and Tara's younger Sister who's Mad at her Sister because she's better then her own younger sister.
    • Ashley Boettcher as Young Jeannie
  • Nicholas Hoult as Mike Coleman/ Tyler, Charlie and Gary's best friend.
  • Leo Howard as Gary Jenning/ Tyler, Charlie and Mike's best friend.
  • Peyton R. List as Jane Gunnerson / Hayley, Christine and Jeannie's best friend who always have a problem with animals that gave her toilet emergency. She has half-brother what she never had named Manny. Jeannie reveals that she was born with gifted powers that she can regenerate when she died.
    • Alexa Gerasimovich as Young Jane Gunnerson
    • Jenna Coleman as Past Jane Gunnerson/Jane's Secret Previous Incarnation who convinces her to sneak towards Alan Taylor's Lair to investigate.
    • Selena Gomez as Future Jane Gunnerson/Jane's future incarnation from the future who appeared in post credits scene before she regenerates in her twelfth life.
    • Emily Osment as Twelfth Jane Gunnerson/Jane's Future Incarnation that appeared in the post-credits scene.
  • Neil Patrick Harris as the School Principal/Mr. Dan Gunnerson / Jane's father who's the high school principal. He's also Jeannie's adopted father who serves him to protect his daughter and he is Manny's father.
  • Karen Gillian as Miss Taranne Melody "Tara" Cross/Hayley, Tyler, Charlie and Christine's teacher and Jeannie's older sister who work at her school whose kind heart to her sister and her friends, Jeannie reveals to her friends that she was jealous of Tara because she's too cute, extremely popular and super-smart. She is the secondary antagonist. She got arrested for trying to kill her own little sister.
  • Linda Cardellini as Carrie Cunningham / Charlie and Christine's mother which her husband died from cancer when Charlie and Christine were 2.
  • Robert Joy as Carver Cunningham/Charlie and Christine's father and Carrie's husband who's very abusive towards them and died from Cancer when Charlie and Christine were 2. He brought back to life as a kind and caring man
  • Anne Hathaway as Vice Principal
  • Cobie Smulders as Mrs. Jenna Cross / Tara and Jeannie's Mother who cares about Tara more and accidental gave birth to Jeannie. She felt bad for abuse Jeannie and reform along with her husband as a kind parents.
  • David DeLuise as Mr. Jamon Cross/Tara and Jeannie's Father who abuses Jeannie, He likes Tara more than Jeannie. He finally realises that Jeannie was jealous and decide to learn to reform along with his wife as good parents.
  • Tia Mowry as Mammy Two Shoes / Tom and Jerry's former owner she kicked Tom and Jerry out of the house for wrecked her house and moved to a different city. She had a son with Mr Gunnerson, her ex-boyfriend, she reveals that she is Jane's Half-Mother. In the end, she decide not get new pets and she decide to start dating, She let Tyler and Hayley to keep Tom and Jerry as pets. 
  • Terry Crews as Tony Smith / Tyler, Hayley, Charlie, Christine, Gary, Jeannie, Mike and Jane's gym teacher and Mammy's current love interest and Boyfriend. They get married in the ending credits
  • Tyrel Jackson Williams as Manny Two Shoes/Long lost son of Mammy Two-Shoes and Jane's half-brother. He is the minor protagonist who's a Computer Hacker.
  • Chris Rock as Marcus Two Shoes/Mammy's brother and Marco's son.
  • Karan Brar as Marco Two Shoes/Marcus' son and Mammy's nephew.
  • Tyler James Williams as Timmy Smith / Tony's son and Tyler's Rival
  • Keke Palmer as Tina Smith / Tony's daughter and Hayley's Rival.
  • Will Smith as Max Two Shows / Mammy's brother and Mac's father
  • Jaden Smith as Mac Two Shoes / Max's son and Mammy's nephew
  • Zendaya as Miranda Two Shoes /Long lost daughter of Mammy Two Shoes.
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Head of the Monks/The Sequel's Secondary Antagonist who offers the Eleventh Jane Gunnerson to shave her hair to join them but she refuse and drink the poision to regenerate into her twelfth life and working for Space Crime Organization Makuu, Space Crime Syndicate Madou, Fushigi World Fuuma, Megabeast Empire, Waller Empire and Criminal Syndicate Metos.


Motion Capture and Voice Cast

  • Jon Cryer as the motion capture of Tom the Cat
  • Cameron Boyce as the motion capture of Jerry the Mouse
  • Patrick Stewart as the motion capture and voice of Spike the Dog
  • Olivia Holt as the motion capture and voice of Nibbles Mouse
  • Drake Bell as the motion capture and voice of Quacker
  • Hal Sparks as the motion capture and voice of Muscles Mouse
  • Mitchell Musso as the motion capture and voice of Topo
  • Tom Kane as the motion capture and voice of Tiny Bulldog
  • Matthew McConaughey as the motion capture and voice of Puggsy
  • Tom Hanks as the motion capture and voice of Frankie DaFlea
  • Frank Welker as the motion capture and voice of Droopy Dog
  • Ty Burrell as the motion capture and voice of Drippy Dog
  • Vincent Martella as the motion capture and voice of Dripple Dog
  • Jake T. Austin as the motion capture and voice of Bernie the Swallow
  • Jason Segal as the motion capture and voice of Swampy Fox
  • Ashley Tisdale as the motion capture and voice of Peep
  • Billy West as the motion capture and voice of Barney Bear
  • Seth Green as the motion capture and voice of Benny Burro
  • Charlie Sheen as the motion capture and voice of Joe Bear
  • Adam Sandler as the motion capture and voice of Screwy Squirrel
  • Tom Kenny as the motion capture and voice of Napoleon
  • Jeff Bennett and David Henrie as the motion capture and voice of George and Junior
  • Gary Cole as the motion capture and voice of Tin
  • Steven Weber as the motion capture and voice of Pan
  • Gary Anthony Williams as the motion capture and voice of Alley 
  • Ashton Klutcher as the motion capture and voice of Kyle the Cat
  • Will Arnett as the motion capture and voice of Calaboose Cal
  • Ryan Reyonds as the motion capture and voice of Wild Mouse
  • John Goodman as the motion capture and voice of Butch Dog
  • John DiMaggio as the motion capture and voice of Meathead
  • Ty Burrell as the motion capture and voice of Lenny
  • George Lopez as the motion capture and voice of Mighty McWolf
  • Davis Cleveland as the motion capture and voice of Stinky Jr. McWolf

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  • Nibbles, Quacker, Muscles Mouse and the others are gonna open their own detective agency to find Tom and Jerry.
  • Tin, Pan, Alley, Kyle the Cat, Butch Dog, Meathead, Lenny, Mighty McWolf and Stinky Jr. McWolf are working for Alan Taylor.
  • This movie takes part on Tyler and Hayley's 16th birthday and reveals that Jane can regenerate.
  • Mrs. Tara Cross reveals to Hayley that she and Jeannie were sisters and she'll be also working for Alan Taylor.
  • Spike is leaving Mammy and going to join the detective agency to find Tom and Jerry.
  • Charlie, Christine, Jeannie, Mike, Gary and Jane are gonna join with Hayley and Tyler.
  • Tom and Jerry will be founded by the detective agency.
  • Hayley, Tyler, Charlie, Christine, Jeannie, Mike, Gary and Jane are teaming up with Tom and Jerry.
  • Jane will finally overcome her fear but her stomach ache returns at the end of the movie.
  • Hayley and Tyler adopted Tom and Jerry as their birthday presents.
  • Mammy decide not to get new pets. She decide to start dating.
  • Tara and Jeannie's parents died in a hospital. They will brought back to life with a better attitude towards Jeannie.
  • Charlie and Christine's father died in a hospital. He will be brought back to life as a Kind-Hearted Man.
  • Spike, Nibbles and the others are invited to Tyler and Hayley's 16th birthday.
  • Jeannie will finally forgives Tara and her parents for what happened in the past.
  • This movie reveals Mammy, Maria, Marcus and Max are quadruplets.
  • This move also reveals that Miranda is the long-lost daughter of Mammy Two Shoes.
  • Mammy and Tony are going to be a couple.
  • Tony propose to Mammy.
  • Tony and Mammy are getting married.
  • This movie reveals that Manny is the long-lost son of Mammy Two Shoes.
  • This movie also reveals that Manny is Jane's long-lost Half Brother.
  • Jeannie reveals that Jane has Thirteen Lives and Alan Taylor wasted all of his.
  • Jane regenerated to her twelfth life at the post-credits scene.
  • This movie reveals that Monks are working for Space Crime Organization Makuu, Space Crime Syndicate Madou, Fushigi World Fuuma, Megabeast Empire, Waller Empire and Criminal Syndicate Metos.
  • The movie's post-credits scene will tease the "Tom and Jerry: Space-Time Police Sheriffs the Movie" movie.


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