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Tom and Jerry: Mystical is the 2018 live-action/CGI-animation crossover adventure film.


Tom, Jerry and the Dalton twins going holiday at New York City. When they are in New York, Tom, Jerry, Hayley and Tyler, meet Tabitha Smith and her friends and her family. When Tom, Jerry and the Dalton twins start to bond with characters from Mystical, a evil king threating to attack New York City.


After feeling down when their friends turned on them for rich and popular kids at school, Tyler and Hayley decided that they can stay in New York during Christmas holiday with their pets to see their half-mother and half sisters but Molly decided to see Phil and share her Christmas with Phil and rest of their family. Penny welcomed the twins to their penthouse apartment but the twins wasn't feeling happy to join.

On December 21, Tyler and Hayley decided to run away from home with their pets to New York City to not let anybody know. When Phil and Laura went to see Molly and her daughters, the twins, Tom and Jerry pack their stuff after they was left home alone.

When Tyler, Hayley and their pets was about to going to airport, Tyler and Hayley watch their fromer friends playing poker with their new popular friends at Charlie and Christine's house. After watching their ex-friends, Tyler and Hayley walk away and feeling sad with Tom and Jerry watch them.

On the arrival to New York, Hayley has to go to the toilets because she wasn't feeling well after her friends hang out with those rich kids. Hayley starting to broke down in tear, Tyler stop his motorbike at the shopping mall so Hayley can use the bathroom.

In the Bathroom, Hayley's in the bathroom stall dued to her feeling sick, her stall right to Tabitha Smith who has strong peroid. Hayley hear Tabitha feeling scared. But then the bathroom wall fell down on the floor like cardboard and Tabitha recognize Hayley as she saved the world from Tara Cross with her Older twin brother. Hayley run away before she can tell her who is she.

At the penthouse, Penny and Jenny were making souffles which they got the recipe from Past Jane who's still Tyler and Hayley's friend right before they come up and Penny want them to have a best christmas ever by let them cheer up. Penny and Jenny decided to go to New York City to found Tyler, Hayley, Tom and Jerry.

Tyler and Hayley arrived with Tom and Jerry who're upset about the inccident, Nicole Davis begin to flirt Tyler but Hayley barged in and told her to leave Tyler alone. Hayley, Tyler, Tom and Jerry run off with Tabitha watch them.

At night, Tyler saw some Cigarettes and go outside to the terrace for a smoke. Penny saw him smoke a little, so she walked outside to have a chat with him. Hayley's sitting on the couch eating the tub of ice cream with a spoon while watching t.v.

In the Morning, Hayley walk to the town before she bumped into Tabitha, Hayley apologies to her for running off. Tabitha forgives her back in the toilet, Hayley introduces herself which Tabitha knows who are the Dalton Twins are. They are the fraternal twins who've saved the world from villains from taking over the world. She's a huge fan towards her skills. Hayley impressed that she knows but she dont need friends anymore.

At the bar Tyler drinking a bottle of whiskey in depress after Charlie's betrayal and saw the thirteenth incarnation of Jane Gunnerson for the first time. She's been very nicer and cheerly begin to flirt towards him.

Back at home, Phil and Laura were talking to Carrie and Carver that Charlie and Christine lied to Tyler and Hayley about their friendship, so Carrie decided to ground them for three months. Molly told Phil and Laura her daughters moved to new york before They found out the twins and their pets gone there for the holidays.

In the Principal's office, Principal Gunnerson is very furious at Jeannie, Mike and Gary for hurt Tyler and Hayley's feelings, He assign them to community service for the next year after Christmas.

Back at the bar, Tyler who got drunk the Thirteenth Jane offered 5 boozes is in the Bathroom with her to kiss.

At the Penthouse, Hayley's nearly going goth and grab the pack of cigarettes to smoke. Jenny saw her and give her six bottles of beer to cheer up. When Hayley is walking in the street with the beers, Hayley got attacked by group of teenagers before Tabitha's brother, Tyler Smith rescue her. But then, Hayley's friend and Timmy's sister Tina punched Tyler Smith in the face. Tina hugged Hayley when she begins to cry. Tina told Hayley, she is safe and then Tyler Smith start to argue with Tina and ask her why she punch him. Tina introduces Tyler Smith to her friend Hayley Dalton, she and Timmy were going to Austrilia for Christmas but their flight got cancelled. Hayley explains to Tina that Christine, Jeannie amd Jane dumped her as their best friend, Tina knows that because they had a chat with their parents.

At the bar's bathroom, Tyler's hungover and felt asleep, Timmy Smith walked inside draw a moustache on his face with a marker. Timmy take sleeping Tyler to Tabitha Smith's house, Timmy put Tyler in the garden and left him. When he woke up, he hits Mason Smith, Tabitha and Tyler Smith's dad with the empty glass bottle and mistaken Mason as Charlie that he begin to hates him so much.

At the penthouse, Jenny and Penny founded out that Tyler is taken to Tyler Smith's sister's house. Tabitha and Tyler Smith wake up and saw their dad fighting Tyler in the garden.

Tyler Smith begins to laugh and then Tyler punched Mason in the groin. Hayley, Timmy and Tina arrived and saw them fighting. Tyler attacking and hitting Mason with cricket bat then his wife, Marisa stopped him. Tyler shout he got Charlie before Tabitha told him, he attack her dad. Mason threatened to strangled him but Marisa demand him to stop, apologising Tyler about his embarrassment moments and Tyler apologising Mason for attacking him after mistake for Charlie. Mason forgives him and the last time they made him fight like that is the kids posted a video on Youtube about him pooping his pants in his sleep known as Beddy-Time Daddy Poo Poo which is the real classic viral video over 1.000.0000 views. Tyler kinda starting to like Tyler Smith, Tabitha reveals that he's her oldest brother. Tyler reveals that Hayley's his twin sister.

Back at home, Phil and Laura forces Charlie and Christine to call Tyler and Hayley on the phone but They refused to apologies to them for their betrayal, Carver called Tyler and Hayley on the phone but they cant answer the phone. Phil knows what Charlie and Christine did was very wrong but Charlie don't care and Christine begins to cry that She really misses Hayley for real so She ran out of the house and walk to the park.

At the park, Jane felt sad that Jeannie, Mike and Gary got community service, Christine explains that Their betrayal causes Tyler and Hayley to run away to New york. Jane got shocked so Christine decide to make it right as a good person by going to New york.

At a nice warm Resteruant, Tyler, Hayley, Timmy, Tina, Tyler Smith and Tabitha having a brother-sister night out. Tyler and Hayley saw Christine and Jane who're walking inside. Hayley gain anger towards them, Christine apologies to Hayley for turned against her, Hayley forgives her and Jane but they won't forgive Charlie, Mike, Gary and Jeannie for being jerks. Jane told them that they don't have to forgive them.

At the Penthouse, Penny and Jenny saw Christine and Jane making up to Tyler and Hayley, so they let them stay over for christmas.

Tyler returned with Timmy from getting drunk again with Tyler Smith to the penthouse that it's finally here that Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Outside, a stranger man took a photo of Tyler, Timmy and Tyler Smith in the penthouse. He call his boss, King Axel The Great about Tyler, Timmy anromise a big surprise on Christmas, something deadly.

In the morning, On Christmas Eve, Tyler and Hayley felt better after their sadness and be in their good mood again, Penny made them some of her christmas pancakes for breakfast. Tabitha spent a night with Tyler Smith, Hayley looked at her amulet which is beautiful. 

Christine, Jane, Timmy and Tina spent the night in the bathroom where Tina sleeping on the toilet while she has to poop a little, and Christine, Jane and Timmy sleep in the shower with their pants down. Meanwhile, when he is working on his plan, King Axel The Great found out Tabitha and Tyler Smith's secret about his dad. King Axel call their men to stalk Hayley, Tyler, Tabitha and their friends to uncover some truth and secrets about them to order to steal their lives.

Hayley meet Tabitha's boyfriend, Brandon and Kyle Robinson in the shop when buying food for Christmas. They start to talk about Tabitha's life and past. Hayley told Tabitha that he's cute and she's agreed on that.

Day 2 since their community service, Mike and Gary were picking up trash while Jeannie won't start until new years day. But instead, Dan appeared that he decided to decressed their punishment to one week. But to do that, They must find Jane and Christine by tomorrow night with a help from Charlie.

Tyler Smith shows Tyler and Timmy that how boys can do awesome explosions like his favorite Dynamites. But then The Stranger appeared and knock the boys out cold.

On the journey to New York, Mike, Gary, Jeannie and Charlie drive to New York but then, They got knocked out by a mysterious villain who took them to King Axel's death course Kingdom. 

While waking up inside of the castle, Tyler, Hayley, Tom and Jerry saw Charlie, Jeannie, Mike and Gary got imprisoned with them, Tyler manage to beat him up after Christmas. King Axel introduce himself along with the Stranger.

Tabitha and Tyler Smith shocked that he's still alive, Hayley ask who's the Stranger, Brandon appeared and answer that question that he is a evil strange man who wants to destroy magic in Tabitha's amulet but fails, every time, he try. Hayley shocked about that, King Axel announces that he has time enough for them to get their new bodies, get outta earth and steal Tabitha's amulet along with their friends.

The Tornados arrived and the dangerous monsterous meteor showers to destroy the entire City, Everyone shock and run away. Phil, Molly, Laura, Dan, Carrie and Carver saw an evil castle and manage to get over there.

The Stranger took Tabitha's Amulet and open the eye of doomsday, King Axel decided to betray the Stranger by stealing his life and start taking Tyler and Hayley's lives. After their lives are absorted, Tyler and Hayley are now in their only life, King Axel became a master and The Stranger's finally dead.

Mike and Gary manage to save Tyler and Hayley before they prevent their upcoming deaths and they're okay. King Axel begin their fight against Tyler, Hayley and Tabitha for one last time.

Charlie shot Axel in the leg, Tyler saw him and that he shot him that he's very sorry for betraying them. Mike, Gary and Jeannie also apologies for what they did. Tyler and Hayley can forgive them later. The Eyes begins to suck everything, The others grab something to hang on and Tyler shot him in the Eye.

The Castle begin to Explode and everyone unable to find their way out and Tyler and Hayley fell to the New York Cemetery and saw an talking stone that they met since they were 10, he told them that they have 7 years to live. Hayley remembers that year that they kept it a secret. The Talking Stone tell them that they can spend the rest of their lives in the 20th century starting with the 1930s. Charlie and the others appeared along with their parents who begin their worried. Tony appeared and force them to do gym for the three weeks, But Tyler and Hayley refuse to do it due to their death that makes everyone shocked and cry. Hayley want Charlie and Christine to take good care of Tom and Jerry and finally forgives them as friends.

Tyler and Hayley said their final words Tom and Jerry... Goodbye! And they vanished forever and their tombstone saids that they died in 2012 that makes everyone cry and Dan fired Tony and his boss fired Dan.

A month later Charlie and Christine and the others returned home, Carrie tell Charlie that he done the right thing and unground him, Phil and Laura decided to move and adopt a child, Christine welcomes Tom and Jerry to their new home and have fun with Charlie and Christine, and the Film ends.


  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Hayley Dalton / The main protagonist and a former best friend of Christine, Jeannie and Jane. She's Phil and Laura youngest Daughter and Tyler's younger twin sister. She became Tabitha Smith's new best friend.
  • Asa Butterfield as Tyler Dalton / Hayley's older twin brother and Mike, Gary and Charlie's former best friend. He is Phil and Laura's eldest son.
  • Ana Mulvoy-Ten as Tabitha Smith, a 16-year-old girl, she became Hayley's new best friend because they both have brothers who have a same name.
  • Drew Van Acker as Brandon Powell, Tabitha's friend and love interest.
  • Austin Butler as Tyler Smith, Tabitha's 19-year-old brother 
  • Ansel Elgort as Kyle Robinson, Tabitha's crush.
  • Troian Bellisario as Nicole Davis, a college student in her 20s who is one of Tabitha and Brandon's friend.
  • Sam Worthington as Mason Smith, Tabitha and Tyler's father
  • Kate Beckinsale as Marisa Smith, Tabitha and Tyler's mother
  • Edward Norton as The Stranger
  • Ewan McGregor as Phil Dalton / Hayley and Tyler's father
  • Kate Winslet as Laura Dalton / Hayley and Tyler's mother
  • Jenna Coleman as Past Jane / Hayley and Tyler's friend who helps Penny and Jenny to cheer them up
    • Alanna Masterson as Thirteenth Jane Gunnerson / The good incarnation of the traitorus Jane Gunnerson, She's will meets Tyler and Hayley for the first time.
  • Billie Piper as Penny Chuckles / Tyler and Hayley's half sister and Phil and Molly's daughter who's demonic blonde girl.
  • Emily Kinney as Jenny Chuckles/Phil and Molly's youngest daughter and Penny's younger sister who's also Tyler and Hayley's other half sister. She's has flirtatious personality towards Boys
  • Keke Palmer as Tina Smith / Hayley's friend
  • Tyler James Williams as Timmy Smith / Tyler's friend
  • Regan Burns as King Axel the Great/The Main Antagonist of the film.
  • Linda Cardellini as Carrie Cunningham / Charlie and Christine's mother
  • Robert Joy as Carver Cunningham/Charlie and Christine's father
  • Neil Patrick Harris as the School Principal/Mr. Dan Gunnerson / Jane's father
  • Spencer Boldman as Charlie Cunningham / Tyler's former best friend and Christine's older twin brother.
  • Bella Thorne as Christine Cunningham / Charlie's younger twin sister and Hayley's former best friend.
  • Dove Cameron as Jeannie Cross / Hayley, Christine and Jane's best friend and Hayley's former best friend.
  • Nicholas Hoult as Mike / Tyler's former best friend and Charlie and Gary's best friend.
  • Leo Howard as Gary / Tyler former best friend, Charlie and Mike's best friend.
  • Peyton R. List as Jane Gunnerson / Hayley, Christine and Jeannie's best friend and Hayley's former best friend. At the ending of the movie, Jane is forced to regenerate to her Third incarnation as a punishment for betrayed Hayley.



  • Tyler Dalton: Hey babe, I'm Tyler Dalton
  • Tabitha: I'm Tabitha Smith.
  • Hayley: I'm Hayley Dalton, Tyler's younger twin.
  • Tyler Smith: I'm Tyler Smith, Tabitha's oldest brother.

At the New york Cemetery, Tyler and Hayley being offered, Phil and Laura arrived with the others.

  • Tony: Dalton Twins! Stop Right now! I Mean it! I forbid you two!
  • Tyler: sorry coach, it's... time for us to leave for the 1930s...
  • Phil: Son! Please... Don't you dare leave us for that decade!
  • Hayley: Charlie, Christine. Be good to tom and Jerry. Take good care of them.
  • Charlie: We will... and we made a huge mistake and I'm sorry.
  • Tyler: We forgive you...
  • Carver, Carrie, Phil, Laura and Molly: NO!
  • Jeannie: Tyler, Hayley, Please just come home... we all miss you.
  • Hayley: It's over guys...
  • Tyler and Hayley: tom and jerry.... GOODYBYE!

Tyler and Hayley vanished to the 1930s and their gravestone is Here lies Tyler and Hayley Dalton 27th July 1900 - 25th December 2018.

  • Charlie, Christine, Mike, Gary, Jeannie and Jane: NO!
  • Penny and Jenny: NO!
  • Carver, Carrie, Molly, Phil, Laura, Tony and Dan: NO!
  • Laura: My babies!
  • Charlie: our best friends are now dead!
  • Tony: I'm Sorry!


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Spin Off Sequel

Tyler and Hayley begin their final journey without Tom and Jerry in their own film called Hayley and Tyler Dalton: The Final Time. The Spin off Sequel emarks Tyler and Hayley's penultimate appearances.

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