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Toilet Girl is a 2016 short film starring Emma Watson. It written by CLTwins15.


While driving a desert to her new home. Emily decide to stop the car and decided to the abandoned rest area for powdering her nose.

Emily decided to go to the changing room's toilet and pulled down her skirt and underwear to go. She discovers that she drank too much water. She try to get it out but she has a fear of doing it and ran out of the bathroom to wait for her emergency to come out.

After the first fifteen minutes, Emily feels her belly as she thinks it's coming out, she ran to the porta potty in the ladies bathroom and wait. Emily feels worried and saw a potty. The bottom of the potty is cut off. She walked to it to sit down without pull down her skirt.

Thirty minutes later. Emily decided to go back to her car until, she dropped the keys in the changing room, she ran back to get them and finally got them.

While Emily's walking out of the bathroom, she feels her stomach and couldn't hold it much longer and unable to move to she ran to the bathroom and discovers that the bathroom has an upstairs outhouse.

She went in and finally go before she exploded. Emily heard the police coming for her with a certificate.

The chief walked in and saw her legs, he slipped the certificate to her stall that is. "I Hereby, Emily Shay, to own the rest area as her private bathroom." Emily finally feels better and shocked that there's no toilet paper.

Emily smiles and walked back to her car so she can drive off but she just laugh but she just need to pee but she can hold it when she gets to her new home.


  • Emma Watson as Emily Shay ,girls who has Urgent Needs.


Toilet Girl 2, Toilet Girl 3, Toilet Girl 4, Toilet Girl 5 and Toilet Girl 6 are the five sequels to this film.


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