Toilet 52 is the 2016 short film written by CLTwins15.


9:50 AM The Film begins in a house, An Office Worker named Melanie (Haley Bennett) get ready to go to work, She has some coffee in her kitchen but feels kinda bloated in her stomach but she's okay and go to work.

10:00 AM; Melanie walked in just in time and walked to her collagues who are having a cup of coffee, She's been offered by her lover, Alex (Michael Cera) for some coffee which she agrees, He tell her to be ready for their date which she forgotted that it was today and agreed to be ready.

11:00 AM; Melanie walked to her cubicles with cup of water from the water filters, She drinks too much but manage to hold it by lunch. She feels her stomach but manage to hold it. Her friend, Jenny (Karen Gillan) saw her feeling unwell and offer to take over for her while she gone to the bathroom but Melanie kindly decline which Jenny okay with it.

12:00 PM; Melanie decided to get a can of cola from the cola machine, After she drinked it, she've discovers that coke was expired last week and she feels her stomach and walked back to her cubicle. Jenny discovers that she've been drinking the expired cola and convinces her to hold it. Melanie got to try.

1:00 PM; Melanie feels her bloated again and drink another water before her boss (Drake Bell) walked by and tell her that she can go home, Melanie couldn't hold it and run to the bathroom.

Melanie runs to the elevator to next floor and go upstairs to get to the girls bathroom, but she discovers that there's now a line to the bathroom, She saw the boys bathroom has no line and empty so she run to the boys bathroom to go. She feels better but she founded out that a boy walked to another stall next to her. She discovers that the text she've sent is to her lover next to her.

1:30 PM; The 30 Minutes went by and Alex has left, Melanie have enough time to continuing to go, She finishing up her toilet business and discovers the toilet paper has the bit of a few. she grabbed the tissues from her purse to wipe up before flush the toilet and go home.

7:00 PM; After arriving home, Melanie feels that her toilet business isn't done and discovers that coke gave her diarrhea and unable to go to the toilet because Alex arrived for the date. 

7:45 PM; At the fancy resturant, Melanie feels her stomach after the food she've eaten and run to the bathroom, She grabbed the stall and has diarrhea. She finally finished and wipe up with Toilet Paper and flush.

9:50 PM; Melanie arrived home after her date and get ready for bed after stomach feels better as the credits roll.

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