Tod and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures (also known as The Buena Vista Sequel Series) is an eightth episode miniseries and the second spin off series to Buena Vista. After the events of Marian and Tod - The villainous duck Flintheart Glomgold schemes on taking over the enchanted forest and become the richest duck in the world. Tod the Fox and his family moved into Scrooge McDuck's mansion after Scrooge risked his life to save his pilot Launchpad McQuack from a hunter. As Twilight Sparkle the Pony and her friend Spike the Dragon set off on a series of misadventures - They (along with Tod and Launchpad) met new friends who joined forces with them to defeat Glomgold and his cronies. The heroes brought happiness to the enchanted forest.


  • The Rescue of Spike
  • A New Home
  • The Hunt and The Showdown
  • The Ernie and Bert Story
  • Meet The Fraggles
  • The Road Trip
  • The Jungle
  • The Return of The Fox and The Hound
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