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Not to be confused with RMS Titanic.

Titranic (or Titranic A.S. / Titranic Animation Studios) was a former term given to the corporation LeapFrog, beginning in 1800.

The animation company lasted until they split up into two separate corporations on January 1, 1830, with the original Titranic form being renamed to LeapFrog (Leap Incorporation), creating it the main company, whilst the other half being renamed to LeapFrog Animation.


Unofficial debut (1799)

In 1799, Transylvanian archaeologist and nature researcher Johann Michael Ackner claimed that Titranic Animation Studios made its first ever debut at a nearby former building, however this turned out to be false as Carmen the First stated her business had nothing to do with the structure whatsoever.

Carmen's mother stated that the building originally belonged to an organization based on terrorism, having a similarity to the ISIS. The organization's name is unknown due to financial problems with the owner. It is known that the organization ran from c. 1707 until its permanent end in April 1724.

Founding (1798; 1800)

In 1798, Carmen Dile I created an ideal plan to start a business based off her mother's former pet named St. Leape Froge. Carmen's mother thought naming her business something similar felt less zealous for the fact that her pet frog died, which would probably make it more apathetic, so Carmen then had no choice but to finalize coming up with the name "Tritanic".

Although, Carmen I felt that the name Tritanic sounded less effectual and incorrect by standards, so then she had to go with the name Titranic.

The company was officially founded on January 1, 1800 in the United States, including worldwide, being named Titranic Animation Studios.

Split up

30 years later, on January 1, 1830, after its founding, the well-known business was separated into 2 different companies (LeapFrog Animation and LeapFrog [main company]), after corporate owner changed the company's name to its current famous label. Employees working at Titranic migrated to LeapFrog, whilst original workers migrated to LeapFrog Animation.

Present day

Nowadays, the name Tritanic has basically been vanished from existence, although the term is still being discussed about in modern LeapFrog-based speeches and whatnot.
Even though the former company is now gone, it is still a part of today's LeapFrog's history.