I am currently writing a mystery horror novel series with my sisters that I titled Titan Troop


Main characters

  • Roland: the protagonist. He was orphaned at age 7 and for the rest of his life lived with Chris Bail, aka the Coondude, who acted as a father to him. When he was 14, he established the Titan Troop, and is currently its leader. 
  • Corva: a girl who was supposed to be the empress of Hell, but she fled when she was 11 and was discovered by Roland around ten months later. Her father is Satan and her mother is Lilith (she abandoned Corva after she was born). Growing up, she ate dead animals and was raised as Satan's protege, despite him using her as a weapon against love.
  • Vinny: a green-skinned boy who can change himself into anything. He is from a poor family in New Orleans. When New Orleans became uninhabitable, Vinny got left behind and bitten by a black mamba. Instead of killing him, it turned his skin green. When Roland discovered his shapeshifting abilities, Vinny knew he found a home. 
  • Starlite: a girl from planet Limberwisk of the Lactic Ball galaxy. She was banished from Limberwisk at age 12 for screwing up on a ceremony (Limberwisk has very stern laws) and was discovered by Roland when she fled crying into his yard. Starlite learned the human language by cuddling and nuzzling Roland, whom she loves deeply. 
  • Cyril: a Muslim who escaped Syria when the country was plagued with war. When he was an orphaned refugee in Vermont, he discovered he was an expert at coding and cybernetics. He and his artificial intelligence was discovered by Roland at age 14, and so he became part of the Titan Troop.


  • Sicarius: the person who shot Roland's parents and is preparing to take Roland as his next victim. He is the series's primary antagonist and appears in every installment. 
  • Satan: Corva's father who used her as a protege her whole life. Ever since Corva escaped his clutches, he has been plotting for revenge, since he is the King of Hell. 
  • Darklite: Starlite's vengeful older sister who has intimidated Starlite her whole life, but since Roland came along, he's been calling her a "bitch". 

Supporting characters 

  • Jaiden: a rich girl who gets abducted by Sicarius for her wealth in every novel. She is rescued by Roland every time.
  • James: Jaiden's boyfriend who worries for her excessively.
  • Petra: a girl with the ability of taking earth elements to control and move them. 
  • Dodger: aka Flora, she is a streetwise thief who befriends Roland. 


  1. Titan Troop: Trouble in Tokyo
  2. Titan Troop: Chaos in Cairo
  3. Titan Troop: Lost in London
  4. Titan Troop: Rescue in Rome 
  5. Titan Troop: Bustling in Bangkok
  6. Titan Troop: Mystery in Moscow
  7. Titan Troop: Outbreak in Oslo 
  8. Titan Troop: End in Empathy 
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