Titan Pictures Is An American Film Production and distribution company based in Cleveland, Ohio. It Was Launched In 2014 and it's First Film Was An Adaptation Of Edgar Rice Burroughs The Cave Girl. Titan Pictures Moved On To Create Critically Acclaimed Film Adaptations Of Books And Video Games Such As The Queen Of The Night, (2015) Light We Cannot See, (2016) Gears Of War, (2016) Frogger, (2016) Portal, (2017) Tetris, (2018) And An American Marriage. (2019) Its Latest Film, The Prince Of The Dinosaurs, Is Set For Release On November 15, 2020 After It Was Delayed From A Summer Release Due To The Covid-19 Pandemic. It Will Make Deals With 20th Century FoxPhase 4 Films, Open Road Films, Focus Features, And Lionsgate Starting In 2022.

Company History

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Logo Description

The Logo Has A Pine Tree Being Taken Down By A Giant Cyclops. And The Font Of The Logo Is Similar To Colombia/Tristar Pictures.

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