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Timothy goes Back to School
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22 minutes


PBS Kids (US)
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First aired

Halloween 2006

Last aired

Christmas 2011

Timothy Goes Back to School is an American animated parody series based on the series Timothy Goes to School. It primarily features a young enthusiastic racoon named Timothy (voiced by Luna), who attends a Dormintorial School called "Hilltop High" along with ten other students (each of which are of different animals), who are mainly his classmates and friends to each other. The class is taught by Mrs. Jenkins, a teacher who enjoys educating and helping her students.

The series aired on YouTube. The series premiered on October 31st, 2006, and aired its last episode on December 30th, 2011.


Below are the characters split up into three groups, children, adults, and miscellaneous.


  • Timothy (voiced by Luna) – A extremely smart raccoon. Although he is the main character of the show, episodes does not alway is centered on him. He is a well-meaning young boy and is the smartest child in the school, generally trying to be a friend to everyone. He wears a blue and white striped shirt, although he wore blue overalls on his first day at school and a red suit on his second day. He is five years of age. He is 15 in the parody.
  • Yoko (voiced by Twilight (Speaking Voice (Season 1).) & Shantae (Singing Voice) and (Speaking Voice (season 2).) – A cat originally from Japan who is maybe typically sweet. She plays the violin well and sees the best in people. Yoko enjoys many aspects of Japanese culture, including sushi and origami, which has occasionally solves problems for her and her classmates. She is Timothy's best friend and they are often seen together. She wears a yellow dress with a red shirt over it. She is 16 in the parody
  • Nora (voiced by Peppa Pig) – A rat who is always a teenage. She is known for being a annoying character this giving her the title "Loud and Occasionally overbearing, not afraid to speak up for her self character in the series". She owns a lizard called Norman who lives in the school. She has an eight-year-old sister, who is in the third grade, named Kate who has not appeared in the show other than as a picture Nora drew of her in "My Family", and an extremely annoying baby brother named Jack-Jack who occasionally appears. She wears a purple dress. She is 14 in the parody.
  • Charles (voiced by Pingu) – A gray mouse who is quieter members of the class. He construct engages his own activities, and he is friends with Lily. As he is the smallest member of the class, he fails at sports, and he is not bothered by this. He wears a red shirt and blue overalls. He is 14 in the parody.
  • Lilly (voiced by Peppa Pig) – A fox who is completely dumb. Lilly has a pet goldfish named Treasure. She is generally extremely stupid, but she remembers the most vital things. Her forgetfulness can often be a source of annoyance to the other characters, and they quickly hate her. She wears a sea green dress with an orange shirt over it and a pair of red tennis shoes. Another good friend of Timothy, Like Yoko and Charles. She is 16 in the parody
  • Frank #1 & Frank #2 (voiced by Pinga and Winnie-the-Pooh respectively) are French bulldog twin brothers who love sports and often speak in unison. The brothers speak in weird voices which suggest they are not particularly intelligent. They are known for arguing, telling jokes, and trying to do their things simultaneously with their signature troll laughter. They are unable to stand being separated and can sometimes be reckless. Their favorite food is franks and beans. Frank #1 is black and wears a blue jersey, whereas Frank #2 is orange and wears a green jersey. They are both 17 in the parody.
  • Doris (Voiced by Pinga (Season 1) And Pingu (Season 2) – A beaver. He is a talented soccer player who seems to have a fear of insects and spiders. Doris has three older brothers: Horace, Morris, and Boris. Doris is clearly the tallest student in his class, though at home, he is teased by her brothers as he is much smaller than they are. Doris appears to be the most avant-garde artist in class, as he believes his abstract art should not look like anything else, as long as it makes him happy. Most of the other characters are impressed by him size and strength. He wears a pink dress. He is 18 in the parody.
  • Fritz (voiced by Flain) – A skunk who is very fond of science and is another one of Timothy's best friends. He leaves for another school in "Dumpin'" and returns soon after in "Dumpin' Part 2" after his mother got a new job. Fritz is also the most clever in the class, and occasionally knows more than the teacher about a particular subject. Fritz reacts poorly to the failure in his experiments and also has a habit towards messiness. He originally wore a yellow shirt with a green necktie, but, upon returning in "Dumpin' Part 2", his tie is replaced by a green multi-pocketed vest. He is 16 in the parody.
  • Claude (voiced by Pingu) – A raccoon who is the main antagonist of the games. Because of this, there is some rivalry between him and Timothy. However, they appear to become good friends because Timothy teaches Claude to swim. He wears a dark green polo shirt and is most often seen with Grace. He is 17 in the parody.
  • Grace (voiced by Sash Lilac) – An upper-class cat who likes things her way. Her interests include dance, especially ballet, and figure skating. She has a quick temper and gets quickly annoyed when mistakes are made and silly questions are asked from the other people in the class. She is seen playing with Claude most of the time. She wears a bright blue dress. She is 17 in the parody.
  • Juanita (voiced by Shantae) – A cat originally from Mexico who only appears in the final two episodes: "Mama leaves the Heart" and "Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!". Upon joining the school, she is very nervous, anxious, and feels insecure without her mother, but she eventually overcomes her nerves. A new pupil to the school, she sees the best in people like Yoko. She has a doll named María and a gecko named Pablo. She is 16 in the parody.


  • Mrs. Jenkins (voiced by Princess Celestia) – A fox and the teacher of the class. Her name was "Miss Abercrombie" before episode 2. She can play the piano well, sing songs and enjoys bird hunting as a hobby. She wears a green coat over a purple dress and a pair of glasses with red rims.
  • Big Frank (voiced by Pooh) – A French bulldog and the single and widowed father of the Frank twins. He speaks in a gentle voice and is very kind, a great dad and encourages his sons. He is seen as good or bad with the machinery and repairs, as he is easily able to make Timothy's bicycle worse in "Red Thunder". He also helps the Franks fix Yoko's bamboo-copter after they accidentally break it. He wears a blue business shirt.
  • Henry (voiced by Luna) – The cheerful janitor, bus driver, and beaver. He wears a blue uniform and was once the student of Mrs. Jenkins back when she was called Mrs. Abercrombie. Despite his appearance, he is not that old. In "Just in Time", he told the class he attended kindergarten 25 years ago, suggesting he is 30 years old.
  • Miss Appleberry (voiced by Peppa Pig) A skunk and the student teacher at Hilltop School who is very cheerful and is sometimes seen with Mrs. Jenkins, mostly on school trips. She usually wears a blue dress. When Mrs. Jenkins sprained her arm in "Get Well Never", she was the substitute teacher.
  • Mrs. Lightfoot – A mouse and the librarian who gives the children their first library cards. She only appears in "No Story, Lots of Problems!".


There are several notable adults and relatives, though many only appear in a couple of episodes (Yoko's mother, Doris' brothers, Nora's baby brother Jack, Charles's Auntie Bea, and the other children's parents). Yoko, Fritz, and Lilly do not appear to have their fathers while the Franks and Claude do not appear to have a mother, however, these situations are never explained on the series.


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Timothy Goes to School was broadcast in the United States on YouTube.

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