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Timon And Pumbaa Is An American Animated Comedy/Action/Buddy/Adventure Film Directed By Raja Gosnell. Based On The Lion King Franchise, The Film Is About Timon And Pumbaa, And No Other Lion King Characters Appear, Just The Title Characters. The Film Was Released On June 18, 2011 To Positive Reviews. 


Timon And His Friend Pumbaa Are Struggling To Search For Grubs And Water Due To A Drought They Are Told By The Gods To Embark On A Journey To The Hollow World Filled With Dinosaurs, Dragons, And Other Monstrous Creatures To Retrieve A Magical Rock So Their Home Won't Suffer Scarce Grubs And Water For All Eternity. But They Will Have To Avoid And Escape A Troll Cult In Order To Get It.


Timon (Nathan Lane) And His Buddy, Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella) Live In Peace And Happiness In Their Home In The Jungle. Thanks To The Phrase "Hakuna Matata". They Feed On Grubs Every Single Day Of Their Lives. But One Day, A Troll, King Hopa, (Patrick Stewart) Uses His Evil Magic To Cause All The Grubs To Disappear And A Drought That Could Spread Across The Globe, Which Could End All Life On Earth As We Know It.  Several Antelope, And A Rhino, Are Laying Down, Exhausted And Are Waiting For Water. Timon Searches Desperately For Water And Food, But A Chimpanzee, William, (Samuel L. Jackson) Wants To Search So That He Can Be A Legend. Timon And William Start To Do A Rock Paper Scissors Fight, With Timon Winning. William Then Joins The Antelopes And Rhino, Disappointed.

Nearby, A Large Sinkhole Opens, Which Timon And Pumbaa Thought It Was Water Bursting Out Of The Wasteland. William And A Tiny Ant Named Simply Tiny, (Daran Norris) Investigate The Sinkhole. But Then, Out Of Nowhere, Sevral Velociraptors And A Dragon Chase The Trio Away As A Stampede Of Dinosaurs, Dragons, And Other Creatures Chases After Timon And Pumbaa. Meanwhile, 2 Trolls, Og And Eg (Sylvester Stallone Wayne Knight) Dig A Hole And Puts Magical Earthquake Seeds In It And Buries It, And Teleport Back To Their Home. Back In The Stampede, The Protagonists Feel A Rumble, Timon Asks If Pumbaa Is About To Fart, Pumbaa Says "No" As A Large Quake Insues, Causing The Trio To Head To High Ground As The Earthquake Is Mixed With A Very Large Tsunami That Sweeps Them Away. Later At Night, Timon And Pumbaa Awake And Are Glad That Their Alive. Then, A Gigantic Cloud Appears And The Gods Like Zeus, (Corey Burton) Poseidon, (Clancy Brown) And Apollo (Hank Azaria) Tell Timon And Pumbaa That The World Could End And That The Last Hope For The Earth Is To Retrieve A Magical Stone. According To The Gods, The Stone Can Rebuild The World In A Matter Of Time And Will Definitely Bring Back Water And Food. Timon And Pumbaa Both Agree As They Build A Wooden Boat. When That's Done, The Buddies Set Sail. Meanwhile, William And Tiny Lead A Herd Of The Dinosaurs, Dragons, Monsters, Antelopes And The Rhino On A Migration So They Can Find Food And Shelter Before The Trolls Destroy The World.

The Next Day, Pumbaa Wakes Up Timon Because He Found A Grub, One Single Grub. The Two Fight Over It Until They Hear A Loud Bellow. The Kraken Attacks The Wooden Ship With Its Tentacles. The Trio Luckily Escape And Swim Towards A "Glow" Nearby, But Then, They Realise That The "Glow" Is Actually A Glowing Purple Waterfall, Which Is Located In A Hollow World. In A Town, A News Reporter Named Benny (Shia LaBeouf) Is Kidnapped By Og And Eg As The Town Crumbles Thanks To Hopa's Evil Magic. In The Undersea Kingdom Of Atlantis, Whom It's Citizens Are Marine Animals, Is Lifted From The Sea And Is Tossed To A Desert By Hopa's Magic.

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Voice Cast

• Nathan Lane As Timon

• Ernie Sabella As Pumbaa 

• Patrick Stewart As King Hopa, The Main Antagonist

• Samuel L. Jackson As William, A Chimpanzee

• Daran Norris As Tiny The Ant

• Sylvester Stallone As Og The Troll

• Wayne Knight As Eg The Troll

• Corey Burton As Zeus

• Clancy Brown As Poseidon

• Hank Azaria As Apollo

• Shia LaBeouf As Benny

(More Coming Soon)