Time Of Our Lives is an 2016 romantic musical-comedy-drama film starring Kristen Wiig as the main protagonist, Holly.


In 1985, Holly, a young adult diva, performs I Will Survive with her friend Mindy until she puke, loosing their fame.

Sometime in 1989, she falls in love to Walter and both got married, they had a daughter in 1991.

31 years later, Holly, now an accountant, still friends with Mindy, who is now an teacher, and best friends with Jody, Andrea, Andie and Hattie and Jody's gay brother, Alex. When they said they want to be famous. She said she was famous in 1985 but Mindy vomited, loosing their fame. The 5 friends sings Material Girls, causing Christine begging her to be a singer.

The next day, Holly and Walter tries to suprise Christine


The Plastics

  • Kristen Wiig as Holly Martin, a former pop singer who wants to be famous again
    • Anna Kendrick as Adult Holly
    • Dove Cameron as 22-year old Holly
  • Sandra Bullock as Jody Wallace, Holly's best friend who wants to be a singer like her friend
  • Tina Fey as Mindy McAllister, a smart teacher who is friends with Holly and wants to be a singer like her.
    • Anna Camp as Adult Mindy
    • Audrey Whitby as 22-year old Mindy
  • Lucy Punch as Andrea Watson, a British woman who wants to be popular like Holly
  • Jim Parsons as Alex Wallace, Jody's flamboyant and gay brother
  • Mellisa McCarthy as Andie, Holly's friend
  • Rose Byne as Hattie, Holly's friend

The Common G&B

  • Jamie Lynn Spears as Christine Martin/The Country Girl of The Rapper Girl, Holly and Walter's older daughter who dreams she wanted to be like her mom.
  • Ashley Roberts as Judy Brackett/The Pop Girl, Holly's friend and a aspiring cook who wants to be a singer
  • Taylor Momsen as Lucy Bueller, Christine's classmate and friend.
  • Emma Roberts as Mia/The R&B Queen, Christine's friend and classmate
  • Ariana Grande as Julie Van Der Tressel/The New Mariah, Christine's good friend and cousin.
  • Skylar Astin as Thomas "Tom" Brackett, Christine's love interest and Judy's brother
  • Johnny Galecki as Nick Brackett, Andrea's crush, Judy's brother and Walter's good friend
  • Simon Helberg as Terrence, Walter's good friend and Mindy's love interest
  • Jonah Hill as Brett Wallace, Jody's brother and Walter's friend


  • Matthew Broderick as Walter Martin, Holly's husband
    • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adult Walter
  • Patrick Stewart as Andrew Van Der Tressel, Holly's father
  • Patrick Wilson as John Van Der Tressel, Holly's brother
  • Helen Hunt as Lucy Van Der Klok, Holly's enemy and the main antagonist
  • Ian McKellan as Edward, Mia's father


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Songs Covered by Actors

The Palstics

  • I Will Survive- Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey
  • Material Girls- Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Jim Parsons, Rose Byne, Sandra Bullock and Lucy Punch
  • Like A Virgin- Kristen Wiig

Junior Plastics

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