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Time Lord
Time God Armor
The Armor of Aelos is one of the 12 Time God Technologies made by the Time Lords worn by the highest rank in its civilization, the Time God
Biological Information
Homeworld Gallifrey
Biological Information
Height 6'0" (Average)
Skin Color Varies
Military & Political Information
Ranks Time God
Notable Individuals Samuel Hayden
Image Gallery

The Time Lords were a highly advance civilization native to the planet of Gallifrey, and were among the most intelligent among the species of the Universe. The Time Lord perished in the Time War against the Galra Empire 5000 years before their attack on the planet Altea and its civilization, the Alteans.

However, Time Lord are actually Ascended race of Gallifreyans upon reaching a certain state of their lifespan, typically about 1500 years. And MUST achieve a certain condition on mind and its physical body.

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