Time Left is a 2016 American science fiction action thriller film directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who also directed Gravity. This films stars Eliza Bennett and Selena Gomez with Kevin Bacon, Diane Lane, Daniel Craig, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg also stars.


A young detective and a troubled college student found themselves in the race against time when they are affected by mysterious past that could threating to tell the truth about their real life.



  • Eliza Bennett as Annie Norrison/Emily Dalton/A young detective who has special wristband after helicopter crash learn the truth about her life.
    • Livvy Stubenrauch as Young Annie Norrison/Emily Dalton
  • Selena Gomez as Nina Sebastian/Chloe Dalton/A troubled college student has a dark, dangerous secret and past in her life.
    • Mackenzie Aladjem as Young Nina Sebastian/Chloe Dalton
  • Kevin Bacon as Peter Dalton/A detective who was wanted to have revenge on the person who kills his wife and his daughters 13 years ago and Annie and Nina's biological father.
  • Diane Lane as Lindsay Dalton/Peter's wife who hiding in witness protection for 13 years, used to be lawyer before her attack and Annie and Nina's biological mother.
  • Daniel Craig as Kane/A dangerous, mysterious man who has been coming into Annie and Nina's life and years later, he is looking for them. 
  • Julianne Moore as Alma Sebastian/Nina's adopted mother and Tara's mother.
  • Clark Gregg as Tony Norrison/Annie's adopted father.
  • Jennifer Grey as Samantha Norrison/Annie's adopted mother.
  • Taissa Farmiga as Mia Norrison/Annie's 16-year-old adopted sister and Tony and Samantha's daughter.
  • John Slattery as TBA/A mystery man from Kane's past who also looking for Annie and Nina for 13 years
  • Luke Vanek as Eddie Norrison/Annie's adopted brother, Mia's brother and Tony and Samantha's son.
  • Ella Bleu Travolta as Tara Sebastian/Nina's 13-year-old adopted sister and Alma's daughter.
  • TBA as Radio Bill (voice)
  • TBA as Radio Ted (voice)


The Opening Scene

  • [Taylor Swift - Shake It Off playing]
  • Radio:..shake it off, I shake it off.
  • Radio: Shake it off, I shake it off,
  • Radio: I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off (you've got to),
  • Radio: I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off,
  • Radio: I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off.
  • (Sony logo)
  • (Song end)
  • (Columbia Pictures logo)
  • Radio Bill (voice): Good morning, New York City!
  • Radio Ted (voice): This is Radio Bill and Ted going to rocking this morning.
  • Radio Bill (voice): That was Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.
  • Radio Bill (voice): To shake it off at 7 o'clock in the morning.
  • (Radio Ted eats a donut)
  • Radio Ted (voice, eating a strawberry doughnut): Mmmm... I love doughnut.
  • Radio Bill (voice): Ted, what are you doing?
  • Radio Ted (voice): I am eating strawberry doughnut.
  • Radio Bill (voice): At 7 o'clock?!
  • Radio Ted (voice): What's wrong with me, eating a doughnut at 7 o'clock?
  • Radio Ben (voice): Let me tell you.
  • (Village Roadshow Pictures logo)
  • Radio Bill (voice): At 7 o'clock, we eat breakfast not yummy doughnut.
  • Radio Bill (voice): That doughnut you has been eating has sugar.
  • Radio Ted (voice): So, I am not allow to eat sugar food in the morning?
  • Radio Bill (voice): You can't eat sugar food like doughnuts in the morning.
  • (Escape Artists logo)
  • Radio Ted (voice): I am not the person who got a crush on Taylor Swift.
  • Radio Bill (voice): Oh don't you start, Ted.
  • Radio Ted (voice): You love Taylor Swift.
  • Radio Bill (voice): Will you shut up?
  • Radio Ted (voice) (mock as Radio Bill): My name is Bill, I love Taylor Swift.
  • Radio Bill (voice): Ted, I warned you...
  • (Black screen)
  • Radio Ted (voice): Bill love Taylor Swift, Bill love Taylor Swift.
  • Radio Bill (voice): Will you shut up?

Annie meet Linsday Dalton for the first time

  • (Annie knocks the door 3 time)
  • Annie: Hello? Lindsay?
  • Annie: Mrs Dalton!
  • Lindsay (inside): Who is it?
  • Annie: My name is Detective Norrison.
  • Annie: I am NYPD detective.
  • Lindsay: Has anybody know about this?
  • Annie: No, only me.
  • Annie: You wanted me to visit you and I don't know who you are.
  • Lindsay: Do you know Detective Peter Dalton?
  • Annie: Yes, I...
  • (Annie in a shocked face)
  • Annie: Peter is your husband.
  • Lindsay: Yes.
  • Annie: But you are dead.
  • Lindsay: That's what everybody think.
  • Annie: You was stabbed.
  • Linsday: I lost my daughters. My good daughter was shot in the head by her sister and my other daughter got stabbed by her betrayal.
  • Annie: What do you mean?
  • Linsday: Chloe got herself killed.
  • Annie: How?
  • Linsday: After she shot her sister, the person who Chloe worked with stabbed her.
  • Annie: Why?
  • Linsday: They got bored of her.
  • Annie: Who?
  • Linsday: I don't know.
  • Annie: So, can I come in?
  • Linsday: I am not sure this is a good idea.
  • Annie: Why?

Mia take Annie to the sewer where she meet Kane for first time

  • (Mia and Annie walks in the street)
  • (Silenced text beep)
  • (Mia open her text)
  • (Kane's text - Where is she? I am waiting in the sewer)
  • (Mia writing her text)
  • (Silenced text)
  • (Mia's text - Wait when she is in the sewer)
  • Annie: OK, Mia.
  • Annie: Why we are in the street?
  • Mia: A old woman told me a diamond thief stole her necklace and running to the sewer.
  • Annie: To the sewer?
  • Mia: And she trying to go to the sewer.
  • Mia: But that thing was locked to open.
  • Annie: This thing?
  • (Annie point the manhole cover)
  • Mia: Yes.
  • Annie: The manhole cover?
  • Mia: Yes. And she say the thief drop her necklace and run off.
  • Annie: OK! First, why she wanted me?
  • Mia: She like your special wristband and she think you are the best detective ever.
  • Annie: Oh, OK!
  • Mia: She know about you survived the horrible helicopter crash.
  • (Annie look at Mia)
  • Annie: Thank you.
  • (Annie used her wristband control to open the manhole cover)
  • (Manhole cover open)
  • Annie: It is open.
  • (Annie climb down to the sewer)
  • (Annie land on her foot)
  • Annie: Oh shit! 
  • (Annie groans)
  • (Annie look a necklace in the sewer)
  • Mia: By the way, the necklace is shiny with pearls and diamonds and a bright color.
  • Annie: Okay!
  • (Annie found the necklace)
  • Annie: I found it.
  • Mia: Give me the necklace.
  • Annie: Okay!
  • (Annie gives Mia the necklace as Mia closes the manhole cover with a screwdiver, evilly smiling)
  • (Annie climb back)
  • Annie: You got to be shitting me.
  • (Mia laughs)
  • Annie: Mia, what are you doing?
  • Mia: I hope you rot in the smelly sewer.
  • Annie: MIA!!
  • (Mia walk away)
  • Annie: MIA!!! MIA!!!! HELP!!!!
  • Kane: She is not coming back to save you.
  • (Annie gasps)
  • (Kane walks to Annie)
  • (Annie in shocked face saw Kane)
  • Annie: Who are you?
  • Kane: You are a most beautiful woman I ever see.
  • Annie: Oh, no way!
  • Annie (shouting for help): HELP ME!! SOMEBODY!!! HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!
  • Kane: Save it, Norrison, nobody will save you.
  • Annie: HELP ME!! SOMEBODY!!
  • (Kane behind Annie)
  • (Kane grab Annie's leg)
  • (Annie scream)
  • Annie: HELP ME!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!
  • (Annie letting go of the ladder)
  • (Thud and Annie groan)
  • (Kane carries Annie)
  • Annie: Please, let me go. I am not the person to be kidnapped.
  • Kane: You are wrong, Annie.
  • (Kane grab Annie in the neck)
  • Kane: You are the right person I wanted.
  • Annie: NO!!
  • (Kane hold Annie's both arm and carry her)
  • (Annie grunts and pants)
  • (Annie looks for her gun)
  • Kane: Looking for this?
  • (Kane shows Annie her gun)
  • (Annie gasp)
  • (Kane kicks Annie's gun away)
  • (Annie grunts and kicking)
  • Kane: Annie, I want you to shut up for 3 minutes.
  • (Kane kick Annie in the face)
  • (Black screen)
  • (Annie groan)

Kane threatening Mia after Annie's escape

  • (Kane knock the door 6 times)
  • Mia: I am coming!
  • (Mia walks to the door)
  • Mia: So, how was your date with the monster?
  • (Mia opens the door)
  • (Kane in angry face)
  • Mia: Annie.
  • (Mia giggle at Kane)
  • (Kane punches Mia in the mouth)
  • (Mia fall down to the floor)
  • (Mia groan)
  • Mia: My mouth.
  • Kane: Are you happy now?
  • Mia: I am sorry?
  • Kane: Thanks to you. Your stupid sister escaped and now running off in the middle of nowhere.
  • Mia: So, this was my fault?
  • Kane: And about second ago, you call me a monster.
  • Mia: I say that for Annie, not for you.
  • Kane: I think it's too late.
  • Mia: I am sorry. I can help you.
  • Kane: Look at my help you have got from you.
  • Kane: You are a stupid little shit I ever met. And don't forget, you betrayed on your sister could find out.
  • Mia: I did not mean it! I never wanted to hurt her!
  • Kane: Yeah. You should thought of that before you sold her.
  • (Kane walk away with everyone are watching)
  • (Mia pants and saw Eddie upstairs)
  • Eddie: Mia!
  • Mia: Eddie?
  • Eddie: She was our sister. 
  • Mia: I know... But I feel bad.
  • Eddie: I hate you. I hate you, Mia!
  • (Eddie run to his bedroom)
  • (Mia sit down on the floor)
  • Mia: What I have done?

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  • Kevin Bacon and Diane Lane both starred in the 2000 film, My Dog Skip.


  1. "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift


After the opening scene, it cut to opening credits before go to the hospital scene.

Columbia Pictures presents

In association with LStar Capital and Village Roadshow Pictures

A Escape Artists Production

After the hospital scene, the title (Time Left) is show.

Time Left

Rest of the credits show at the ending credits.

An Alfonso Cuarón Film


  • 123 minutes long
  • Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence throughout, some violent material, disturbing images, language and partial nudity.
  • 12 certificate.
  • It will be distributed by Columbia Pictures with Village Roadshow Pictures and Escape Artists.
  • The Pitch: Lucy meets Push
  • Tagline: TBA
  • Notes: Sony/Columbia Pictures logo open with a song "Skate It Off" by Taylor Swift plays before two radio producer talking. Village Roadshow Pictures and Escape Artists logo plays normal with the talking continued before slowly cut to the opening scene.
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